Funk (& Soul)

Funk, the modernization of soul for dancing, has an upbeat blues rhythm for a father and the Civil Rights Movement for a mother. Funky soul paved the way in the mid-1960s, and several classic James Brown and Meters records defined the new, harder, more electrified sound. The bass player now was not only free but expected to pound, and bass lines became more varied but not overly complex. The drummer now did more than keep time, and drum solos (breakbeats) became commonplace. Finally, in the early 1970s, funk returned the favor by lending its heavier, hipper, harder groove to protest songs, laments, revolutionary rap, sweet, and even Motown.

Funk had about ran its course by the mid-1970s, when most disco set rhythm back a few years into syncopated monotony. Parliament evolved as the ultimate "post-funk" funk band but also epitomized funk's twin liabilities: repetition and tackiness. But revivals continue, and funk has yet to disappear, thanks to several great neo-funk bands. Classic funk can be found also in some of the least likely places, from children's records to very square-looking production (sound-library) pieces created solely for commercial applications other than music consumption.

Buying: An evergreen for DJs, funk exploded in demand thanks to late-20th-century breakbeat sampling. While originals are tough, great reissues and compilations abound.

Funk LPs

9th Street Exit: Be Happy; Solid Foundation E-55101; 1974
9The Bamboos: Step It Up; Ubiquity/Tru Thoughts URLP-187; 2006 (Australian neo-funk; some cuts issued earlier as singles)
6The Bar-Kays: Gotta Move; Stax
7Archie Bell & the Drells: There's Gonna Be a Showdown; Atlantic SD-8226; 1969
9Ben & his Platano Group: Paris--Soul; Barclay/Dare Dare DD-003 (France)
9Black Heat; Atlantic SD-7237; 1972
6Black Heat: No Time to Burn; Atlantic SD-7294; 1974
5Black Heat: Keep On Runnin'; Atlantic SD-18128; 1975
The Blackbyrds -- Soul Jazz--General
8Willie Bobo & the Bo-Gents: Do What You Want to Do; Sussex SXBS-7003 (funk/soul jazz)
7Bohannon: Stop & Go; Brunswick/Dakar DK-76903; 1973/1972
Bohannon: Keep On Dancin'; Brunswick/Dakar DK-76910; 1973
Bohannon: Insides Out; Brunswick/Dakar
6Hamilton Bohannon: Bohannon; Brunswick/Dakar DK-76917; 1975
6Bohannon: Dance Your Ass Off; Brunswick/Dakar DK-76919; 1975 (funk/disco)
6Bohannon: Gittin' Off; Brunswick/Dakar DK-76921; 1975
7Both Worlds: Don'tcha Hide It; TPI 1004; 1974 (funky rock/funk/moog funk; Baltimore private-press; one Hank Levy cut)
6Charles Brimmer: Expression of Soul; Chelsea CHL-508; 1975 (prod. Senator Jones)
6Bottom & Co.: Rock Bottom; Motown/Gordy G6-977-S1; 1976/1975-76 (funk/disco/Moog-space funk)
8Tina Britt: Blue All the Way; UA/Minit LP-24023; 1968 (blues/funk prod. Juggy Murray; compiles singles issued on Veep)
7Charles Hilton Brown: Owed to Myself; Ampex 30200-SD; 1974 (w/Assagai--see Afro-Beat/Afro-Rock; Schema SCEB 907; 2000)
6Brown Sugar featuring Clydie King; Chelsea BCL1-0368; 1973/1972
8Brute Force; Atlantic/Embryo SD-522; 1970
6B.T. Express: Do It (Til You're Satisfied); Scepter/Roadshow SPS-5117; 1974 (disco-funk)
9The Budos Band; Daptone DAP-005 (200? neo funk)
8The Budos Band II; Daptone DAP-011 (neo funk)
7Vernon Burch: I'll Be Your Sunshine; United Artists UA-LA342-G; 1975 (funk/disco-funk; original "Changes" used in film "Report to the Commissioner")
9Carleen & the Groovers; Now-Again NA-5015; 2004/1971-2 (12" EP singles comp/reissue; Right On/The Thing/Can We Rap/Hot Pants)
6Clarence Carter: The Dynamic Clarence Carter; Atlantic SD-8199; 1969 (notable mainly for Duane Allman)
8Jimmy Castor: Hey Leroy, You're Mama's Calling You; Mercury/Smash SRS-67091 (Latin soul; prod. Luchi de Jesus)
6The Jimmy Castor Bunch; RCA Victor LSP-4640; 1972
7The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Phase Two; RCA Victor LSP-4783; 1972
8The Jimmy Castor Bunch Featuring the Everything Man: Butt of Course...; Atlantic SD-18124; 1974
6The Jimmy Castor Bunch Featuring the Everything Man: Supersound; Atlantic SD-18150; 1975
6The Jimmy Castor Bunch Featuring the Everything Man: E-Man Groovin'; Atlantic SD-18186; 1976
6The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Maximum Stimulation; Atlantic SD-19111; 1977
5The Jimmy Castor Bunch: Let it Out; TK/Drive 107; 1978
5Jimmy Castor: C; Long Distance LDR-1201; 1980
4The Jimmy Castor Story--From the Roots; Paul Winley 111 (early/background)
8Nilton Castro: Rhythm & Soul; Vedette Phase 6 VPAS-904; 1972 (Italy; Latin rock/funk)
7Celebration; Motown/MoWest MW-119-L; 1972 (funky soul vocal group)
7The Chi-Lites; Brunswick BL-754197 (soul)
8El Chicles: La La La (Wah Wah WBSLP-007; 2001)
8El Chicles: The Best of; Selection Club (compilation)
7Cold Sweat Plays J.B.; Tokyo Polydor JMT LC-8509; 1989/1988 (James Brown tribute with one original)
6Arthur Conley: Soul Directions; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-243; 1968 (soul)
6Arthur Conley: More Sweet Soul; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-276; 1969 (soul; w/Duane Allman)
8The Counts: What's Up Front That Counts; Westbound WB-1-2011; 1971
6The Counts: Love Sign; GRC/Aware AA-2002; 1973 ("Funk" is a 45-only track from this period)
8Lou Courtney: Skate Now--Shing-A-Ling; Riverside RS-92000/RM-2000; 1967
7Don Covay: Super Dude 1; Mercury SRM-1-653; 1973 (soul)
7General Crook; Wand WDS-697; 1974
6King Curtis: Instant Groove; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-293; 1969 (soul; w/Duane Allman)
8Cymande; GRT/Janus JLS-3044; 1972
4Cymande: Second Time Around; GRT/Janus
7Cymande: Promised Heights; GRT/Janus JXS-7004; 1974
8Betty Davis; Just Sunshine JSS-5; 1973
8Betty Davis; They Say I'm Different; Just Sunshine JSS-3500; 1974
8Betty Davis: Nasty Gal; Island ILPS-9329; 1975
7Tyrone Davis: Can I Change My Mind; Atlantic/Dakar SD-9005; 1969 (soul, some funky songs)
8Dayton Sidewinders: Let's Go Down to Funksville; Funkadelphia PH-1002/Carlco 107; 2002 (singles compilation)
Bo Diddley: Another Dimension; GRT/Chess
Bo Diddley: The Black Gladiator; GRT/Chess
7Bo Diddley: Where It All Began; GRT/Chess CHS-50016; 1972
6Gene Dozier & the Brotherhood: Blues Power; Liberty/Minit LP-24010/LP-40010 (instrumentals; James Brown's "Cold Sweat" & Chipmunks version of "Mustang Sally")
Doris Duke: I'm a Loser; Canyon 7704
7The Duke of Burlington: Flash!; Wah Wah WLP-003; 2000 (reissue comp of their 2 LPs; Latin & psyche elements)
Dyke & the Blazers
6Earl Van Dyke: The Earl of Funk; Motown/Soul SS-715; 1970 ([mostly] live)
The Dynamics: What a Shame; Black Gold BG-5001; 1973
7Earth, Wind, & Fire; Warner Bros. WS-1905; 1971
7Earth, Wind, & Fire: Last Days & Time; CBS KC-31702; 1972
7Earth, Wind, & Fire: Head to the Sky; CBS KC-32194; 1973
6Earth, Wind, & Fire: Gratitude; CBS PG-33695; 1975 (2-LP, live)
Earth, Wind, & Fire post-1975 -- see Disco
Cleveland Eaton -- see Bass
8Ebony Rhythm Band: Soul Heart Transplant--The Lamp Sessions; Now-Again NA 5011-1; 2004/1969-70 (2-LP comp/part-reissue)
5The Edwards Generation Featuring Chuck Edwards: In San Francisco "The Street Thang"; Tight TLPS-401; 1976 (funk-disco)
8The Eliminators: Loving Explosion; Brunswick BRC-7-7001; 1974/1972 (Soul Brother SBCS-4; 1999)
8The Everyday People; Red Coach RCL-6000; 1972 (assoc. w/Kool & the Gang)
8Exit 9: Straight Up; Brunswick/BRC 7-7006; 1975
8The Fabulous Counts: Jan Jan; Atlantic/Cotillion SD-9011; 1969
8Yvonne Fair: The Bitch Is Black; Motown M6-832S1; 1976/1971-75
6Faith, Hope, & Charity; RCA Victor APL1-1100; 1975 (funk-disco)
The Fatback Band; Perception; 1973
4F.B.I.; Good Earth (U.K.); 1976 (Passion/Soul Brother LP-SBCS-8; 2001)
9Ray Fernandez & his Court; Sound Triangle ST-7778; 1973 (jacket: Ray & his Court; Latin soul/funk/Latin/organ)
7Lee Fields: Let's Talk it Over; Angle 3 A3 4-28-79; 1979 (partly reissues singles)
9Lee Fields: Let's Get a Groove On; Desco DSLP-004; 2001?
9Lee Fields: Problems; Soul Fire SFLP-004; 2003?
8Lee Fields: My World; Truth & Soul TSLP-007; 2009 (soul)
8Lee Fields & the Soul Providers: Gimme the Paw; Pure LP-008; 2002?
7The Fifth Dimension: Reflections; Bell 6065 (soul/funky rock)
6First Choice: Armed & Extremely Dangerous; Philly Groove 1400; 1973 (soul)
8Phil Flowers & his Family: Alpha & Omega; Longwood L-20001; 1973 (psyche funk/gospel)
7Phil Flowers & the Inner Connection: Three Little Words; Longwood L-2003; 1977 (soul/spiritual soul)
5Four Tops: Still Waters Run Deep; Motown MS-704; 1970
7Aretha Franklin: Aretha Now; Atlantic SD-8186; 1968
7Aretha Franklin: Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky); Atlantic SD-7265; 1973
7Aretha Franklin: The Best of; Atlantic 81280-1-Y; 1984 (soul; compilation)
9Funk, Inc.; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-10031; 1971 (also soul jazz; prod. David Axelrod)
8Funk, Inc.: Chicken Lickin'; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-10043; 1972 (essential for "The Better Half")
8Funk, Inc.: Hangin' Out; Fantasy/Prestige PRT-10059; 1973/1972
8Funk, Inc.: Superfunk; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-10071; 1973
6Funk, Inc.: Priced to Sell; Fantasy/Prestige P-10087; 1974 (prod. David Axelrod; mellow soul jazz)
6Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers: Raw Funky Earth; Tower ST-5130
9Marvin Gaye: What's Going On; Motown/Tamla TS-310; 1971 (soul)
8Marvin Gaye: Every Great Motown Hit of; Motown R-104703; 1983 (soul; compilation)
7The G-Clefs on Stage; Spotlite Enterprise [no #]; 1968 (lounge act/soul/funk; live at the Beachball)
7General Crook; Scepter/Wand
7The Groov-U On Campus; Gateway GLP-3010 (blue-eyed soul from Pittsburgh; covers "Cold Sweat")
8[King] Hannibal: Truth; Aware AWLP-1001; 1972 (w/Lee Moses)
9[The Mighty] Hannibal: Hannibalism; Norton ED-290; 2001/1965-72 (singles compilation, partly previously unreleased)
7The [Harlem] Globetrotters; Hanna-Barbera/Kirshner KES-108; 1970 (prod. Don Kirshner)
8James William Guercio: ElectraGlide in Blue ST; United Artists UA-LA062-H; 1973 (funk/soul jazz/breakbeats; dialogue between cuts; with the Marcels; Paul Beaver on Moog; deluxe, includes 3 poster inserts)
7Hearts of Stone: Stop the World--We Wanna Get On; Motown/VIP VS-404; 1970
8Willie Henderson & the Soul Explosions: Funky Chicken; Brunswick BL-BL-754163; 1970
7Willie Henderson: Dance with Willie Henderson "The Master"; Brunswick 754202; 1974
King Herbert & the Knights; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
8Carl "Sherlock" Holmes Investigation: Investigation No. 1; CRS-01
8Marvin Holmes & the Uptights: Ooh Ooh the Dragon & Other Monsters; MCA/Uni 73046
7Isaac "Redd" Holt Unlimited: Isaac, Isaac, Isaac; Paula LPS-4006; 1974
9Hot Chocolate; 1971 (Canadian group led by Lou Ragland; extremely rare, reissued by Soul Brother, SBCS-1; 1999)
6Paul Humphrey & the Cool-Aid Chemists; Ampex/Lizard A-20106
9Paul Humphrey & the Funky Thumbs: Supermellow; Blue Thumb BTS-47; 1972
6Paul Humphrey [& the Funky Thumbs]: Wake Up, America; Blue Thumb BTS-66; 1974/73
6Paul Humphrey: Me & My Drums; Stanton; 1979 (jazz)
6Willie Hutch: The Mark of the Beast; Motown M6-815-S-1; 1974
6Willie Hutch: Ode to My Lady; Motown M6-838-S1; 1975 (w/Dennis Coffey)
7The Impact of Brass: Motown/Rare Earth R-529-L; 1971 (mod funk w/flute & electric sitar)
9The Impellers: Robot Legs; Freestyle FSRLP-059; 2009 (UK; w/Snowboy on 1)
6The Impressions: Greatest Hits; ABC-Paramount ABCS-515
6The Impressions: Three the Hard Way ST; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8602-ST; 1974
8The Invaders: Spacing Out; Badassss BA001 (modern covers)
7Isley Brothers: It's Our Thing; Buddah/T-Neck TNS-3001
7The Isley Brothers: Givin' It Back; Buddah/T-Neck TNA-3009; 1972 (w/Buck Clarke, Bill Withers)
7The Isley Brothers: Brother, Brother, Brother; Buddah/T-Neck TNA-3009; 1972
7The Isley Brothers: 3 + 3; CBS/T-Neck KZ-32453; 1973
8Mike Jackson & the Soul Providers: The Revenge of Mister Mopoji; ST-5918 (funk/kung fu funk/James Brown imitation; c.2000 fake ST from 1974)
7J.D. & the Evil's Dynamite Band; Soul Fire SFLP-002 (neo-funk circa 2000)
8O'Jays: Back Stabbers; Philadelphia International KZ-31712; 1972
3O'Jays: Family Reunion; CBS/Philadelphia International PZ-33807; 1975
8Roy Lee Johnson & the Villagers; Stax STS-3020; 1973
7Syl Johnson: My Gift; Federal 731 (issued only as part of Complete Mythology)
7Syl Johnson: Do You Know What Soul Is?; Trip TLP-8030 (issued only as part of Complete Mythology)
9Syl Johnson: Your Dress is Too Short; Twinight LPS-1001; 1969
9Syl Johnson: Is it Because I'm Black; Twinight LPS-1002; 1970
9Syl Johnson: My Funky Funky Band; Twinight LPS-1003 (issued only as part of Complete Mythology)
9Syl Johnson: We Do It Together; Shama SHL-7501 (issued only as part of Complete Mythology)
7Syl Johnson: Back for a Taste of Your Love; London/HI XSHL-32081; 1973
8Syl Johnson: Diamond in the Rough; London/HI SHL-32085; 1974
8Syl Johnson: Total Explosion; London/HI SHL-32096; 1975
8Syl Johnson: Uptown Shakedown; Cream 6010; 1978
6Syl Johnson: Ms. Fine Brown Frame; Boardwalk/Erect NB-33260-1; 1982 (disco)
8Syl Johnson: The Love Chimes; HI UK LP 404; 1986 (compilation; 15-cut reissue of cuts from XSHL-32081 & SHL-32085)
9Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology; Numero 032; 2010 (6-LP boxed-set reissue/compilation with CD equivalents & book)
8Del Jones; Positive Vibes; Hikeka HR-3331 (DM-68474)
7Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Dap-Dippin' with; Daptone DAP-001; 2002
8Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Naturally; Daptone DAP-004 (w/Lee Fields on 1 cut)
6Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: 100 Days 100 Nights; Daptone DAP-012; 2007
6Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: I Learned the Hard Way; Daptone DAP-019
7Margie Joseph; Atlantic SD-7248; 1973
6Herman Kelly & Life: Percussion Explosion; T.K./Alston 4409; 1978
8Calypso King & the Soul Investigators: Soul Strike!; Soul Fire SFLP-001; 2002?
8Calypso King & the Soul Investigators: Home Cooking; Timmion LP-001; 2003
7Jean King Sings for the In-Crowd; Hanna-Barbera HST-9505; 1966 (mod soul)
9Boobie Knight & the Soulciety: Soul Ain't No New Thing; RCA Victor LSP-4608; 1972
Boobie Knight & the Soulciety [Lady LP]
7Gladys Knight & the Pips: Neither One of Us; Motown/Soul S-737L; 1973
6Gladys Knight & the Pips: All I Need is Time; Motown/Soul S-739L; 1973
7Gladys Knight & the Pips: Imagination; Buddah BDS-5141; 1973 (funk/e-sitar)
7James Knight & the Butlers: Black Knight; Cat 711 (funk/funky rock)
8Kool & the Gang; De-Lite DE-2003
7Kool & the Gang: Live at the Sex Machine; De-Lite DE-2008
9Kool & the Gang: The Best of; De-Lite DE-2009; 1971 (compilation but many different timings; also as Polydor/Mojo 2347002, which repeats art & liners of DE-2003)
6Kool & the Gang: Live at P.J.'s; De-Lite DE-2010
6Kool & the Gang: Music is the Message; De-Lite DE-2011
6Kool & the Gang: Good Times; De-Lite DE-2012
8Kool & the Gang: Wild & Peaceful; De-Lite DE-2013; 1973
Kool & the Gang: Light of Worlds; De-Lite DE-2014
6Kool & the Gang: Spirit of the Boogie; De-Lite DE-2016
7Kool & the Gang: Kool Jazz; De-Lite DEP-4001 (compilation)
6Kool & the Gang: Open Sesame; De-Lite DE-2023; 1976
7The L.A. Carnival Would Like to Pose a Question; Stones Throw/Now-Again NA-5009; 2003/c.1969-71 (brief 2-LP compilation/reissue/issue of the former Leslie Smith Soul Band/Fabulous Impacts; funk/funky rock/soul jazz)
6Labelle: Moon Shadow; Warner Bros. BS-2618; 1972
8Bobby Lester; Columbia CS-9963
7Earl Lett: Professor Lett & Study--Love Serenade; Beantown BT-105-14
8Lightfire: Pop Drops; Maritim 47-567-NT; 1974 (funky rock/funk "Do It"/mod funk/soul-jazz flute/space funk/soul jazz/soul-jazz piano; Germany)
Little Beaver [1st LP]; Cat 1601 (Willie Hale Beaver; funk/guitar)
7Little Beaver: Black Rhapsody; Cat 1602; 1974
Little Beaver: Party Down; Cat 2604 (with Timmy Thomas)
Willie Hale Beaver: Beaver Fever; Cat 2615
8Little Royal: Jealous; King/Tri-Us KS-1145-498; 1972 (prod. Huey P. Meux)
8Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q; Kent KST-540 (w/Shuggie Otis)
7LVC Jazz Band: Unreel; Trutone LP-5205011979 (Lebanon Valley College, NJ-PA; school-stage band/soul-jazz horns/funk)
7Marie Queenie Lyons: Soul Fever; King/DeLuxe DLP-12001
6The M.G.'s; Stax STS-3024; 1973 (minus Booker T. but decent)
8Magnum: Full Force; Jamie/JG; 1974 (Phoenix LP-6001; prod. Cal Wade)
7The Majestics: Funky Broadway; Arc AS-752 (funk/funky rock; Canadian instrumental covers of James Brown, etc.; breakbeats)
6Mandrill: Composite Truth; Polydor PD-5043; 1973/1972 (for hit "Fencewalk")
9Esther Marrow: Newport News, Virginia; Flying Dutchman FDS-113; 1969
9Esther Marrow: Sister Woman; Fantasy 9414; 1972
7Barbara Mason: Give Me Your Love; Buddah BDS-5117; 1972 (for the Curtis Mayfield cover)
7Barbara Mason: Transition; Buddah BDS-5610; 1974
7Masterfleet: High on the Sea; Buddah/Sussex SRA-8028; 1974/1973 (like Sly & the Family Stone; partly sitar-soul)
7Maxayn; Capricorn CPN-0103; 1972/1971
7Curtis Mayfield: Curtis; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8005
7Curtis Mayfield: Live!; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8008 (2-LP)
7Curtis Mayfield: Roots; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8009
9Curtis Mayfield: Superfly ST; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8014; 1972 (arr. cond. Johnny Pate)
7Curtis Mayfield: Back to the World; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8015; 1973
7Curtis Mayfield: Sweet Exorcist; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8601; 1974
7Curtis Mayfield: Got to Find a Way; Buddah/Curtom CRS-8604; 1974
7Al McLaughlin [Quartet]: Cruisin' with Al; [LP] 936 (lounge act--cruise ship/funk; "Pick Up the Pieces" and "Chameleon")
8Menahan Street Band: Make the Road by Walking; Daptone/Dunham DUN-1000 (200? neo-funk)
9Mickey & the Soul Generation; Cali-Tex CT-102; 2002 (2-LP; part singles compilation/part unreleased LP)
Midnight Movers -- see Funky Rock/Psyche Soul
7The Mighty Chevelles: Black Gold; Flaming Arrow FA-018
7Art Jerry Miller: Rated X--Suggested for Mature Souls; Stax/Enterprise ENS-1007 (instrumental mod soul/mod funk)
6Mirror Image: Sounds Like Earth, Wind, & Fire; Pickwick SPC-3720; 1980
7Willie Mitchell: Robbin's Nest; London/Hi SHL-32058 (covers "Sing a Simple Song")
8The Mohawks: The Champ; Pama PMLP 5 (UK reissue)
8Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces: Searching for My Love; Chess/Checker LP-3000; 1966 (mod soul/funk/r&b/soul-rock/beatnik-jive)
6Mother Freedom Band: Cutting the Chord; All Platinum AP-3020; 1977
Frank Motley & the Bridge Crossings; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
Frank Motley & the Hitch Hikers; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
8Nino Nardini & Pop Riviera Group: No. 7-- Pop, Soul, & Rock Psychadelique; Rot unde Musique RM-7 (production)
The New Birth [first LP]; RCA Victor (Harvey Fuqua)
6The New Birth: It Ain't no Big Thing, But it's Growing; RCA Victor LSP-4526; 1971 (Harvey Fuqua)
6The New Birth: It's Been a Long Time; RCA Victor APL1-0285; 1973 (Harvey Fuqua)
The New Birth: Comin' from All Ends; RCA Victor; 1974 (Harvey Fuqua)
7The New Birth: Blind Baby; GRT/Buddah BDS-5636; 1975
8New Jersey Kings: Party to the Bus Stop; Acid Jazz JAZID LP-33; 1992
6The New London Rhythm & Blues Band: Soul Cookin'; MCA/Decca/Vocalion VL-73880 (funky rock/funk/mod soul)
7The Nite-Liters; RCA Victor LSP-4430; 1970 (Harvey Fuqua)
7The Nite-Liters: Morning, Noon, & the Nite-Liters; RCA Victor LSP-4493; 1971
7The Nite-Liters: Instrumental Directions; RCA Victor LSP-4580; 1972
8The Nite-Liters: Different Strokes; RCA Victor LSP-4767; 1972
9The Nite-Liters: A-nal-y-sis; RCA Victor APL1-0211; 1973
8Olympic Runners: Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is; London PS-653; 1974
8Oneness of Juju: Space Jungle Luv; Strut LP-028; 2002/1975-77 (funk/spiritual soul jazz; UK reissue w/bonus cuts)
Kellee Patterson: Deeper & Deeper; Shady Brook; 1976
6Kellee Patterson: All the Things You Are; GRT/Shady Brook SB-013; 1979
8Billy Paul: Going East; CBS/Philadelphia International Z-30580
7Billy Paul: 360 Degrees of Billy Paul; CBS/Philadelphia International KZ-31793; 1972
6Billy Paul: War of the Gods; CBS/Philadelphia International KZ-32409; 1973
9The Pazant Bros. & the Beaufort Express: Loose & Juicy; Vanguard VSD-79364; 1975 (at least 1 single from this on RCA)
7Wilson Pickett: Great Wilson Pickett Hits; Scepter 672 (soul/mod soul "Roberts Monkey Beat")
Wilson Pickett: In the Midnight Hour; Atlantic SD-8114
Wilson Pickett: The Exciting Wilson Pickett; Atlantic SD-8129
7Wilson Pickett: The Wicked Pickett; Atlantic SD-8238; 1966
7Wilson Pickett: Hey Jude; Atlantic SD-8215; 1969 (w/Duane Allman)
8The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson; Buddah/Hot Wax HA-711; 1972
6Lloyd Price Now!; [Lloyd Price's] Turn Table TTS-5001; 1968 (recorded in Jamaica)
7Lloyd Price: To the Roots & Back; GSF S-1003; 1972
9[Sir] Joe Quarterman & Free Soul; GSF GSF-S-1009; 1973/1972 (original is a gatefold)
Clarence Reid -- see Party Rap (Blowfly/Reid)
8Rhythm Makers: Soul On Your Side; Pickwick/Vigor VI-7002; 1976
7The Rimshots: Soultrain; A-1; 1972 (2000 UK reissue includes 1974 bonus cuts)
7Ripple; GRC GA-5005; 1973
7D.J. Rogers; Capitol/Shelter SW-8915; 1973 (funk/funky gospel)
7The Round Robin Monopoly; Stax/Truth TRS-4201; 1974
6Rufus: Rags to Rufus; ABC ABCX-809; 1974
Oliver Sain: Main Man; Nashboro/Abet 404; 1972
7Oliver Sain: Bus Stop; Nashboro/Abet 406; 1974
8Oliver Sain: Blue Max; Nashboro/Abet 407; 1975
8San Francisco Express: Getting It Together by; Reynolds PR-712; 1979
7Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson: Soulshake; SSS International SSS-1 (soul; w/electric sitar)
7Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson: Lover's Heaven; SSS International SSS-2 (soul; w/electric sitar)
6George Semper: Makin' Waves; Imperial (Hubbub HUBLP-14; 1996)
7Senor Soul Plays Funky Favorites; Double Shot DSS-5004; 1968 (psyche soul w/vibes)
9Senor Soul: It's Your Thing; Double Shot/Whiz DSS-5005; 1969
The Shades of Joy; Fontana; 1969
8Shades of Joy: Music of El Topo; Douglas 6; 1970 (Martin Fierro, Hadley Calman, Luis Gasca, Howard Wales..)
7Marlena Shaw: The Spice of Life; Cadet LPS-833; 1969
7Nina Simone 1974: It is Finished; RCA Victor APL1-0241; 1974 (live)
8Skull Snaps; GSF GSF-S-1011; 1973
Sly & the Family Stone -- see Funky Rock/Psyche Soul
6Smoke; Casablanca/Chocolate City CCLP-2001; 1976
S.O.U.L.: [at least 2 LPs]; Musicor
8The Soul Searchers: We the People; Sussex SXBS-7020; 1972
6The Soul Searchers: Salt of the Earth; Sussex
8The Soul Sounds: The Best of the Soul Sounds; Sunset SUS-5249; 1969 (2 James Brown covers!)
6Sound Experience Live at Glen Mills Reform School for Boys; GSF 1012; 1973 (live)
8The Southside Movement; Scepter/Wand WDS-695; 1973
8The Southside Movement: Moving South; 20th Century T-485; 1975 (some Moog/synth)
7Sugarman Three: Sugar's Boogaloo; Desco DSLP-002 (neo-funk c.2001)
8Sugarman Three & Co.: Pure Cane Sugar; Daptone DAP-002 (neo-funk w/Lee Fields, Naomi Davis, Charles Bradley, Bernard Purdie)
9The Sugarman Three: Soul Donkey; Desco DSLP-005/Daptone 008 (neo-funk c.2005)
4Superdudes: Superbad!; Pickwick SPC-3354 (covers; jacket: "Soul Makossa Played & Sung by the Ghana Soul Explosion!")
Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Green Onions; Atlantic/Stax STS-701 (organ-led instrumentals)
Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Soul Dressing; Atlantic/Stax STS-705
7Booker T. & the M.G.'s: And Now!; Atlantic/Stax STS-711; 1966
6Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Doin' Our Thing; Stax STS-724; 1968
8Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Melting Pot; Stax STS-2035
7Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Universal Language; Asylum 7E-1093; 1977
8The Temptations: All Directions; Motown/Gordy G-962L; 1972
6Joe Tex: Live & Lively; Atlantic/Dial SD-8156; 1968
6Rufus Thomas: [Do the] Funky Chicken; Stax STS-2028
5Rufus Thomas: Crown Prince of Dance; Stax STS-3008; 1973
7Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together; T.K./Glades 33-6501; 1972
6Timmy Thomas: The Magician; T.K./Glades 7510; 1976 (disco funk/gospel funk)
7Timmy Thomas: Touch to Touch; T.K./Glades 7513; 1977 (disco funk)
7Ural Thomas: Can You Dig It...Live!; MCA/Revue RS-7203
8Ike & Tina Turner: So Fine; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6000; 1968 (Too Hot to Hold; Pickwick SPC-3284)
8Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm: A Black Man's Soul; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6003; 1969
8Ike & Tina Turner Featuring the Ikettes Plus the Kings of Rhythm: Cussin', Cryin', & Carryin' On; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6004; 1969
8Ike & Tina Turner: Get it Together!; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6006 (compilation)
8Ike Turner Presents the Family Vibes: Strange Fruit; United Artists UAS-5560; 1972 (funk/funky rock; Family Vibes is Kings of Rhythm renamed)
7Ike Turner Presents the Family Vibes: Confined to Soul; United Artists UA-LA051-F; 1973 (funk/funky rock/funky Moog; Family Vibes is Kings of Rhythm renamed)
7Piero Umiliani: El Corpo ST; Easy Tempo ET-933; 1999/1974 & unreleased (2-LP, [exotic] funk/Moog funk/soul-jazz percussion)
7The Undisputed Truth; Motown/Gordy G-955-L; 1971
7The Undisputed Truth: Face to Face with the Truth; Motown/Gordy G-959-L; 1971
7The Undisputed Truth: Law of the Land; Motown/Gordy G-963-L; 1973
7The Undisputed Truth: Cosmic Truth; Motown/Gordy G6-970-Sl; 1975
7The Upsetters featuring Jimmy Wess: We Remember Otis; ABC ABCS-651; 1969
8The Variations featuring Samaki Bennett: A Woman's Blues; Amour 1001; 1975 (soul w/some funk covers, incl. James Brown/JB's "Sayin' & Doin' It Are Two Different Things")
7The Village Callers Live; Rampart 3304; 1968 (soul)
7The Voices of East Harlem; Just Sunshine JSS-7; 1973 (soul, not funk)
7The Voices of East Harlem: Can You Feel It; Just Sunshine JSS-3504; 1974
8Junior Walker & the All Stars Play Shotgun; Motown/Soul SS-701; 1965 (mod soul-funk)
Junior Walker & the All Stars: Soul Session; Motown/Soul SS-702; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars: Road Runner; Motown/Soul SS-703; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Home Cookin'; Motown/Soul SS-710; 1968 (mod soul-funk)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars: Greatest Hits; Motown/Soul SS-718; 1969 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: A Gasssss; Motown/Soul SS-726; 1970 (mod soul-funk)
6War: Platinum Jazz; Blue Note BN-LA690-J2; 1977 (2-LP)
8Wess e the Airedales: Superwess; Durium MS-A-77273; 1971 (Italy; 1 great cut)
8Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers: Doin' What We Wanna; Atlantic SD-1551; 1970 (soul jazz/funk)
8Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers: The Love I've Been Looking For; Atlantic SD-1585; 1971 (soul jazz/funk)
8Andrew White: Who Got de Funk?; Andrew's Music No. 4; 1973 (w/Montego Joe)
7White Heat; RCA Victor APL1-0853; 1975 (prod. Barry White)
7Willie & the Mighty Magnificents: On Scene '70; All Platinum (Castle/Sequel NEMLP-510; 2000;; reissue adds some non-LP singles & alternates)
Willie & the Mighty Magnificents: Very Soulful; All Platinum
7Willie & The Mighty Magnificents/Willie & West; P-Vine (Japan; 1-LP, 16-cut reissue of their 2 LPs)
9Bobby Williams: Funky Superfly; R&R 330; 1974 (James Brown soundalike)
7R. Jose Williams/Clifton Dyson: Dyson's Faces; Dimitri DMC-SLP-76331; 1975 (w/Eddie Drennon)
6Wilmer & the Dukes; Aphrodisiac SPH-6001
5The Winstons: Color Him Father; Metromedia MD-1010 (covers "Everyday People" & has drum breaks)
7Bill Withers: Still Bill; Buddah/Sussex SXBS-7014; 1972 (soul)
6Brenton Wood: Oogum Boogum; Double Shot DSS-5002; 1967
Charles Wright & 103rd Street Rhythm Band
7Zulema [Cusseaux]; Buddah/Sussex SXBS-7015; 1972 (funky soul; debut solo LP by ex-Faith, Hope & Charity singer)

Funk Various-Artist Compilation LPs

7Abet Review Vol. 1; Nashboro/Abet 409; 1976 (Ingram Family, Skip Mahoaney, Jesse Morrison, The Nazty, Freddie North, Oliver Sain, Ureaus)
7Abreast of Soul; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6005 (Ike & Tina Turner, The Project, Roger Collins, Fontella Bass, Les Watson)
7Acme Funk--A Collection of Hard Instrumentals; Funk 002
7Acme Funk--Another Collection of Hard Instrumentals; Acme Funk 003
8Acme Funk--Special International; Acme Funk 003; 1999
8Beam Presents the Keb Darge Experience; Beams BBR-6001; 1999
7The Best of Chess Soul; MCA/Sugar Hill/Chess CH-9119; 1984 (funk-soul/soul-jazz piano (Ramsey Lewis Trio); mod soul Tony Clarke: "Landslide"; also Checker, Cadet)
7The Best of Luv N' Haight Volume One; Ubiquity/Luv N' Haight LHLP-011; 1993/?-'77 (soul jazz/funk/Moog/flute/guitar)
8Contemporary Funk; Tramp TRLP-9005; 2009 (11 tracks, 1 of which is from Daptone)
6Cooley High ST; Motown M7-840R2; 1976 (2-LP; partly original)
8Daptone Gold; Daptone DAP-018 (20?? neo-funk)
9Deep Funk; Soul Patrol SLP-10099
9Down and Wired 3; PTR PTR0461; 2014 (funk/psyche-funk Hunger: "Mind Machine"/funky rock The Turks: "Fire"/breakbeats; German compilation)
8Down and Wired 4; PTR PTR0462; 2014 (funk/psyche/soul-jazz guitar/rock guitar/soul-jazz organ; German compilation)
7Dusty Fingers Volume 8; Strictly Break DF-9078; 2000 (compilation; funk/Moog/mod/funky rock/soul jazz)
8Essential Funk Vol. 1; RMM; 1994
6The First Annual Benefit for the Congressional Black Caucus; GRT/Chess CH-60037; 1975/1974 (War, Curtis Mayfield, Kool & the Gang, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Jimmy Witherspoon live)
8Fizzy Soul Coctail Vol. 2; Cheeky Monkey CMRLP-002 (w/Pete Terrace)
7Flare Groove; Ace/Kent 078; 1988
8The Funky 16 Corners; Stones Throw STH-2038; 2001 (2-LP)
9Funky Music is the Way (Forever People); Soul Patrol RPLP-10101; 1996 (France)
9Funky Sex Machines; Soul Patrol SPLP-10125; 2009 (France)
8Hot, Funk, & Sweaty; Soul Patrol SPLP-10115; 1999
7Hot Pants; Soul Patrol SLP-10104
I'm a Good Woman Vol. 1; Harmless (female vocal)
I'm a Good Woman Vol. 2; Harmless
6I'm a Good Woman Vol. 3; Harmless HURTLP-040; 2002
8Inner City Sounds; Ubiquity/Luv n' Haight LHLP040; 2003/1969-77 (2-LP; prod. w/George Semper)
8Planet Funk--Funky 45's; PF-111
8Rare Funk Vol. 1; Cobalt COBLP-1004
Rare Funk Vol. 2; Cobalt COBLP-1005
Rare Funk Vol. 3; Cobalt COBLP-1006
7Rare Funk Vol. 4--Soundtrack Edition; Cobalt COBLP-1007
7Rare Funk Vol. 5--Afro Funk; Cobalt COBLP-1008
9Rare Funk Vol. 6--Mod Funk; Cobalt COBLP-1009
8Rare Funk Vol. 7--Female Funk; Cobalt COBLP- 1010
Rare Funk Vol. 8; Cobalt
Rare Funk Vol. 9; Cobalt
Rare Funk Vol. 10; Cobalt
7Rare Funk Vol. 11--Creole Funk; Cobalt COBLP-11
8Shades of Brown; JX-001 (James Brown covers)
7Shaftman; Funky Finger CR-FF-6771 (singles comp plus "stag"-feature dialogue between cuts; comes w/bonus 7")
6Soul Hits Volume 2; Stereo Gold Award MER-370; 1972 (UK covers; funk/funky rock)
5Souled Again; Fontana/Page One POS-608; 1969 (Una Valli, The Chants, Pic & Bill, The Flames, Globe Show cover US standards)
8The Sound of Funk Volume Four; Goldmine/Soul Supply GSLP-28; 2000/[1970s] (U.K. comp)
8Stoned Soul Picnic; UK Warner Jazz LC-2828; 2003/1966-77 (2-LP compilation)
Super Funk 1; BGP BGP2-131; (2-LP)
8Super Funk 2; BGP BGP2-137; 2001 (2-LP)
Terrible Rhythm & Blues Vol. 2; Atlantic/Atco 503.010 (France)
Terrible Rhythm & Blues Vol. 3; Atlantic/Atco 503.020 (France)
8Terrible Rhythm & Blues Vol. 4; Atlantic/Atco 503.050 (France)
9Texas Funk; Jazzman JMANLP-006; 2002 (2-LP)
8This Funky Thing; Vital/Goldmine/Soul Supply GSLP-116; 1997
9Trippin'--The Groove Merchant Compilation; Ubiquity/Luv N' Haight LHLP-027; 1996 (funk/soul jazz)
9Virtue Recording Studios; Tramp TRLP-9064; 2017 (German comp of famous Philadelphia institution; funk-soul/disco/funky rock "Tequila"/sitar funk "Meditation of the Soul/horror "Ghost A Go Go"/breakbeats)
7Whip It On 'Em; Candy; 1990 (mod soul/funk singles)

Partly Funk LPs

7The Air Force Reserve Band: No Doubt About It; Air Force Reserve [no #] ("Themes from Television" & "Outside")
6The Airmen of Note: Rock/Jazz; 1972 (military: U.S. Air Force Band)
5Muhammad Ali & others: The Greatest; Crimson Dynasty IRDA-LPN-6020; 1976
7The Banana Splits: We're the Banana Splits; Decca DL-75075; 1969 (psyche/funk/TV show; "Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White)
6The Broadway Hit Men: Disco Express; Longines Society LSR-68; 1975 (2-LP; disco/funk/funky rock; covers of hits)
9The Continental III: Just for You; Baldwin CS-8229; 1978 ("Brick House")
8Continental Four: Dream World; Jay-Walking JWL-1020; 1972 ("Escape from Planet Earth")
7Rick Davis/Raoul Romero Orchestra: Meditations on the Zodiac; Desert DR-3 (zodiac-themed soul-jazz; narrated by Joe Cervelloni; breakbeats)
7Wayne & Marin Foster: To-Get-It Together; Happynest SLP-007 (lounge act/funk "Same Kinda Thing"/Mexicali/kid funk/Christmas)
9Lynda Gache (Gaché): Jazz Technique from A to Z; Statler SLP-1237 (disco/funk/Afro-Beat/conga/Moog)
7Monk Higgins: Little Mama; United Artists UA-LA005-F; 1972
7David Holland: Zouche Drums; Chappell LPC-1083; 1976 (production; drums/flute/funk/funky rock)
7Joe Houston: Kicking Back; Big Town BT-1004; 1978
7Lew Howard & the "All Stars": America '76 Parts 1 & 2; Bosworth BLP-141; 1975 (production/funk/Moog funk/exotic funk; final cut by the Gary Pacific Group)
8The Howlers/D'Howlers; RCA Victor International FLS-008 (Philippine soul-funk covers; rare!)
8Dick Hyman: Fantomfingers; Project 3 PR-5057-SD; 1971 ("Memphis Two-Step"; plays a Baldwin)
6The "In" Group: Today's Pop Hits; Alshire/Q.M.O. 1 (2-LP; covers by studio band)
7The Jives; Tear Drop TD-2027 (covers James Brown's "Ain't it Funky" & has 1 funky original; otherwise mod Tex-Mex)
Lafayette Afro Rock Band/Ice/Crispy & Co. -- see Afro-Beat/Afro-Rock
8The Mark Lewis Trio ["Works Hard and Plays Well"]; C&M LPS-1001 (lounge act/breakbeats/funk/funky rock/soul jazz; note: jacket number may be incorrect--it's NOT LPS-1000)
8Owen Marshall as Captain Puff in the Naked Truth; Aditi 1975 ("Planet Funk")
7Mary and the Maoris [at Nassau Beach Hotel]; The Gramophone Co. SSLX-331; 1969 (UK; Maori, lounge act, "Funky Broadway" funk-soul!)
7Ellen McIlwaine: Honky Tonk Angel; Polydor PD-5021; 1972 ("Toe Hold"; w/Candido Camero)
8Felix Morton: Big & Brassy/Peter Gordon: Light & Easy; Bosworth BLP-140; 1975 (soul-jazz horns, mod funk, mexicali)
7The Onstage Majority; OSM 43333 (lounge act/funky rock/funk/breakbeats; Illinois)
7Alan Parker: Hot Ice; De Wolfe DWS/LP-3278; 1974 (production; funk/funky Moog/soul-jazz flute)
5The Pointer Sisters: That's a Plenty; Blue Thumb BTS-6009; 1974 ("Love in Them There Hills")
8Pop Workshop: Song of the Pterodactyl; Grammofonverket EFG-501; 1974 ("Watusi Dance"; Sweden; soul jazz/funky rock)
8The Seven Shadows directed by Derrick Vaughan: Seven Shades of Sound; Bosworth BLP-139; 1975 (production; funk/calypso jazz/soul-jazz organ/Latin jazz/mod soul/Moog funk)
7The Sons of Thunder: Live at Virginia Beach; Bronte ("Soul Stew")
8The Standells: The Best of; Rhino RNLP-70176; 1986/1966-8 (compilation; "Can't Help But Love You")
8Taste of Honey (By Special Request); Recorded Publications Company [no #]; 1975 (lounge act/funk/disco; vanity-published breakbeat wonder; whitebread covers of "Lady Marmalade," "Me & Baby Brother")
8Tip of the Iceberg; Project 3 PR-5091-SD; 1975 (arr. Jeff Hest; partly funky Moog)
8Nilo Toledo: Jazz in the Sun; Hoctor HLPS-4204 (funky rock/funk/disco/Afro-Beat/jazz dance/Mexicali; covers of '70s hits)
7Tortilla Factory: V; Falcon FLP-4093; 1977 ("Cokin & Tokin")
7[Mighty] Sparrow's Troubadors: Hot & Sweet; RA-2140 (instrumental)
7The United States Air Force Academy Falconaires (military; covers Dennis Coffey, Joe Tex, Lalo Schifrin..)
7The United States Air Force Band of the Mid-West: Jazz Ensemble "Diplomats"/Rock Ensemble "Thyme"; USAF SD-508; 1978 (military/space Moog/mod jazz/disco funk/funky rock/rock; originally the 5th Army Air Corps Band)
6[United States Navy] Port Authority: Dance the Night Away; 1977? (military/disco/funk/Moog rock/Moog funk/space funk)
6Earl Van Dyke: The Earl of Funk; Motown/Soul SS-715; 1970 (live)
7The Ventures: Only Hits; United Artists UA-LA147-G2; 1973 (2-LP; guitar/funk/Afro-Beat)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars Play Shotgun; Motown/Soul SS-701; 1965 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Soul Session; Motown/Soul SS-702; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Road Runner; Motown/Soul SS-703; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: "Junior Walker & the All Stars Live"; Motown/Soul SS-705; 1967 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Home Cookin'; Motown/Soul SS-710; 1968 (mod soul-funk)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars: Greatest Hits; Motown/Soul SS-718; 1969 (mod soul-funk)
6Junior Walker & the All Stars: Rainbow Funk; Motown/Soul (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: A Gasssss; Motown/Soul SS-726; 1970 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Moody Junior; Motown/Soul S-733-L; 1971 (prod. by Johnny Bristol)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Peace & Understanding is Hard to Find; Motown/Soul S-738L; 1973 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Hot Shot; Motown/Soul S6-745S1; 1976 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker: Smooth; Motown/Soul S7-750R1; 1978/1973-8 (mod soul-funk)
6Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band: Live!--Hand Clappin'-Foot Stompin'-Funky Butt; Kapp KL-1515 (US release of a UK Pye LP)
8Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes; Wonderland WLP-301; 1975 (funk/space funk/kid funk/sci-fi)
7Your Kind of People: Live at the Marriott; Audio Engineering Associates [no #]; 1975 (lounge act/funk/funky rock/breakbeats; Los Angeles)
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall W-402/403 (production; disco-funk)
6Uncredited: Right On! Soul Hits; Gold Award MER-360 (UK; budget covers, cinl. JB's "There It Is")
7Various: Flamboyant Themes; NFL Music Library NFL-106; 1978 (production; Western/funky rock/funk/disco)
8Various: Las Vegas Grind Vol. 6; Strip ST-078 (compilation; exotic rock "Safari"/beatnik "One More Time Part Two"/mid-east rock "Turkish Coffee"/soul-jazz organ "How About It Part One"/mod funk "Same Ole Beat"/hot rod "Jaguar")
7Various: Music for Dancefloors--The Cream of the KPM Green-Label Sessions; Strut LP-005; 2000 (2-LP compilation)
9Various: On the Road; Berry/Conroy BMLP-131; 1975 (production/funky rock/whistling/funk)
8Various: Mo'Plen 3000--Space Killer Tracks from the Past...Til the Third Millenium; IRMA/La Douce 807; 1997/1966-78 (funk/funky rock/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz organ; 2-LP)
8Various: [Black Power Presents:] Suono Libero--A Trip Through Obscure '70s Jazz-Funk Tracks from Italian Music Library (sic); IRMA/La Douce 806; 1997/1968-84 (funk/soul-jazz organ/soul-jazz vibes/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/soul-jazz conga/Brasil; 2-LP)
8Various: T.V. Themes; Wonderland WLP-306; 1976 (has "Apes' Shuffle" & "Baretta's Theme")
9Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth; Trunk Barked 1; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)
8Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth Vol. 2; Trunk Barked 2; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)

[Partly] Funk 7" EPs

7Kellogg's Presents the Banana Splits; Hanna-Barbera 34579; 1969 ("Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White)

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