Soul-Jazz & Funky Bass

Funk is all about the bassline, but few LPs are devoted featured electric bass as lead instrument. Fortunately there are some great examples. Johnny Frigo is one of the rare-groove legends, appearing on such oddities as Ken Nordine's Passion in the Desert LP.

Buying: Bass cuts are rare and where you find them. Look for that one odd track on guitar LPs.

Funky Bass LPs

7Ahmed Abdul-Malik w/Johnny Griffin: Jazz Sahara--Middle-Eastern Music; Riverside RLP-12-287; 1958
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: East Meets West--Musique of Ahmed Abdul-Malik; RCA Victor LSP-2015; 1960
9Ahmed Abdul-Malik: The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik; New Jazz 8266; 1961
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Sounds of Africa; New Jazz 8282; 1962
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Eastern Moods; Prestige 16003; 1963
6Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Spellbound; Status LP-8303; 1964
7Cleveland Eaton: Half & Half; Cleanthair; 1973 (CBS/Gamble KZ-32077)
7Cleveland Eaton: Plenty Good Eaton; Ovation/Black Jazz BJQD-20; 1975 (soul jazz/funk/disco; w/Odell Brown)
5Cleveland Eaton: Instant Hip; Ovation OV-1703; 1976 (mainly disco)
6Cleveland Eaton & the Garden of Eaton: Keep Love Alive; Ovation OV-1742; 1979 (disco/bass/occult-astrology)
The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Nostaljazz
The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Giants of Jazz Dance
8The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Jazz is Now; Orion LP-110 (prod. Gus Giordano)
The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Afro-American Jazz; Orion (prod. Gus Giordano)
8The Johnny Frigo Sextet: The Electric Jazz of Gus Giordano; Orion LP-117 (prod. Gus Giordano)
9The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Chicago Jazz Rock; Orion LP-118 (prod. Gus Giordano)
8Johnny Frigo Group: Love-American Jazz; Orion LP-120 (prod. Gus Giordano)
9Johnny Frigo: Collected Works; Luv n' Haight LHLP-036; 2003 (2-LP compilation)
7The Greyboy Allstars with Fred Wesley: West Coast Boogaloo; Greyboy GBRLP001; 1994 ("Gravee")
7Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson & Sam Jones: Double Bass; Inner City 2055; 1976/1975
9Melvin Jackson: Funky Skull; Mercury Limelight LS-86071 (out/space)
8Monk Montgomery: Bass Odyssey; Motown/Chisa CS-806; 1971
Bora Rokovic: Ultra Native; MPS 15.340; 1972/1971

Partly Funky-Bass LPs

7Colin Beaton Trio/Peter Dennis Big Band; Southern MQLP-9019; 1973 (production/soul-jazz bass)
7Odell Brown; Paula LPS-4005; 1974 ("Tasha")
9Johnny Frigo: Collected Works; Luv n' Haight LHLP-036; 2003 (2-LP compilation)
7Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Live Im Onkel Pö; Polydor 2371-564; 1975 ("The Catfish")
8Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw/Joe Haider; KPM 1080; 1972 ("Girl at the Top b."; production; flute/mod soul-jazz/funky rock/bass)
8Johnny Scott/Westway Studio Orchestra: Jazz-Beat-Bossa Nova; Southern SLLP-25 (production; soul jazz: vibes, bass, organ, guitar, mod)
6Dave Valentin: Flute Juice; GRP GRP-A-1004; 1983 (soul-jazz flute/bass; "Merle the Pearle;)
6The Ventures: Play Electric Bass--Play Guitar with the Ventures Vol. 4; Dolton BLP-16504 (instruction; "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag")

[Partly] Funky-Bass 45s

8[Wilbur] Bad Bascomb [Jr.]: Bo Diddley/Give the Bass a Taste; Paramount PAA-0209; 1973 (B-side highlight of the Black Grass Music LP)
8The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Alan Swan Orchestra: Don't Stop; Orion 1043 (prod. Gus Giordano; B-side mambo-rock)
8The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Big Noise from Winnetka/Birmingham; Orion 1058 (prod. Gus Giordano; A-side w/whistling)

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