Nasty Party Rap

Rap musicians claim historical precedent in scat, the "dozens," and even more ancient traditions, such as calypso. But the original "nasty party rap" albums were marketed as adult comedy records and made by the alter-egos of two men. Rudy Ray Moore, a.k.a Dolemite, is the funnier and generally cleverer of the two. Moore's albums usually feature live comedy skits with a funky band in the background and sometimes guests. Moore also produced records by other comedians and even issued some joke books. As Dolemite, he made several venerated "blaxploitation flicks" ("Dolemite," "The Human Tornado," "Petey Wheatstraw," "The Monkey Hustle," "The Disco Godfather"), some with released soundtrack LPs (see separate page).

"A master of tomorrow's comedy today for the Now Generation," Moore assisted Theodore Toney in scouting and signing other comedy acts for the Kent label. Perhaps their most magnificent stroke of genius was finding Nancy Reed, a.k.a. ""Lady Reed," "Queen Bee," "The Madam," and "The Sensuous Black Woman." Possessed of a commanding voice, a full vocabulary, and no squeamishness, Reed very charmingly asserted herself as the queen of nasty-party-rap comedy. Even Moore's best brags and insults ("the dozens") fall short of Lady Reed. The dozens (and other inspirations for "nasty-party rap" albums) are found everywhere from blue and novelty blues records to Iceberg Slim books. Robert Beck, a.k.a. Iceberg Slim, even made an LP of his own, Reflections, which has him reading from his books over music.

The weird and sinister Blowfly, alter-ego of accomplished soul-funk singer and producer Clarence Reid, creates raunchy songs that spoof culture, socio-political topics, and musical styles. (Blowfly incarnates everything anybody ever feared about "race" records, and more.) His early and late albums are all hit or miss, most having their bright moments as well as pitfalls. Inspired songs frequently are undercut by irredeemably tasteless, stupid, pointless offensiveness [far below Reid's capability]. But his soul and funk records (as Reid) are more consistently great, and he produced many others for such stars as Bobby Byrd.

Buying: Most originals by Moore/Dolemite and Reid/Blowfly are at least hard to find, some quite rare.

Blowfly LPs

6The Weird World of Blowfly; Weird World WW-2020
6Blowfly on TV; Weird World WW-2021
5Blowfly on Tour; Weird World WW-2022
5Zodiac Blowfly; Weird World WW-2023
7Blowfly at the Movies; Weird World WW-2024 (soundtracks!)
5Butterfly; Weird World WW-2025
6Oldies But Goodies; Weird World WW-2026
7Blowfly's Zodiac Party; Weird World WW-2031; 1978
5Blowfly's Party; Weird World WW-2034; 1980
4Rappin', Dancin', & Laughin'; Weird World WW-2035; 1980
5Porno Freak; Weird World WW-2036; 1981
Funk You!; Weird World WW-2037?; 1982
4Fresh Juice; Pandisc/Oops! LP-101; 1983
4Electronic Banana; Pandisc/Oops! LP-102; 1984
4Blowfly in the Temple of Doom; Pandisc/Oops! LP-103; 1985
5Blowfly on Tour '86; Pandisc/Oops! LP-104; 1986
4Blowfly's Freak Party; Pandisc/Oops! LP-105; 1987
4Blowfly for President; Pandisc/Oops! LP-3006; 1988
7The Twisted World of Blowfly; Pandisc/Oops! LP-3007; 1991 (live; even does some Clarence Reid material!)

Rudy Ray Moore/Kent Comedy LPs

6Rudy Moore: Below the Belt; Dootoo DTL-808; 1961 (nightclub comedy; one bit is "The Beatnik & the Judge")
5Let's Come Together; Dootoo DTL-850; 1970 (nightclub comedy)
The Beatnik Scene; Kent 3006 (wanted)
A Comedian Is Born; 1964 (wanted)
7The Rudy Ray Moore Album--Eat Out More Often; Kent KST-001; 1970 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1104)
7The Second Rudy Ray Moore Album--This Pussy Belongs to Me; Kent KST-002; 1970 (w/Lady Reed; Comedians Inc. COM-S-1105)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents the Mr. Jerry Walker Album--The Fairy Godmother; Kent KST-003 (w/funk instrumental "Put Your Weight on It" by Rudy Ray Moore & the Fillmore St. Soul Rebellion; Comedians Inc. COM-S-1106)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents the Lady Reed Album--Queen Bee Talks; Kent KST-004 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1107)
6The Rudy Ray Moore Christmas Album--Merry Christmas, Baby; Kent KST-005 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1108)
7The Third Rudy Ray Moore Album--The Cockpit; Kent KST-006; 1971 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1109)
8Rudy Ray Moore Presents Gregory Tutt--Jody the Grinder; Kent KST-007 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1110)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents Big Brown: Between Heaven & Hell; Kent KST-008 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1103)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents the Second Lady Reed Album--Will the Real Dick Rise; Kent KST-009 (Comedians Inc. COM-S-1102)
8The Rudy Ray Moore Album--Return of Dolemite, "Superstar"; Kent KST-010 ("Featuring the Grunts & Groans of Love"; w/Lady Reed & others; original is a gatefold)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents Billie McAllister: What a Big Piece of Meat; Kent KST-011
7The Rudy Ray Moore Singing Album: The Turning Point; Generation 2500; 1972 (funk)
8"The Madam" (Lady Reed): The Sensuous Black Woman; Kent KST-012
8Rudy Ray Moore: The Sensuous Black Man; Kent KST-013
8"The Madam" (Lady Reed)/Rudy Ray Moore: The Sensuous Black Woman/The Sensuous Black Man PROMO; Kent KST-012[A]/Kent KST-013[A] (jacket faces & A-sides of both LPs plus special intro unique to the promo)
8The Rudy Ray Moore Album: Dolemite for President; Kent KST-014; 1972
9The Sensuous Black Woman Meets the Sensuous Black Man; Kent KST-015 (w/Lady Reed--"The Madam"; also w/jacket as "The Rudy Ray Moore Zodiac Album")
7Rudy Ray Moore: I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing; Kent KST-016 (w/Lady Reed)
Rudy Ray Moore: It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature; Kent KST-017 (wanted)
7Jules Bihari Presents Rudy Ray Moore Filmed Live in Concert; Kent KST-018
Rudy Ray Moore's Greatest Party Hits Vol. 1; Kent KST-019 (compilation)
8The Rudy Ray Moore Party Album: The Player--The Hustler; Kent KST-020 (w/Lady Reed)
7Rudy Ray Moore: The Streaker; Kent KST-021 (w/Lady Reed, Linda Broadcloth, Fillmore Street Soul Rebellion)
8Rudy Ray Moore: Dolemite is Another Crazy Nigger; Kent KST-022 (w/Lady Reed; w/"Dolemite's Rap" (super brag) & background music from "Dolemite" movie)
7The Rudy Ray Moore Souvenir Album: Sweet Peter Jeeter; Kent KST-023
Rudy Ray Moore Does Jokes & Satire Made Famous by Redd Foxx; Kent KST-024 (wanted)
Lady Reed: Shades of Moms Mabley; Kent KST-025
8Rudy Ray Moore: Close Encounter of the Sex Kind--A Sex Philosophy by Rudy Ray Moore; Kent-026
7The Rudy Ray Moore House Party Album--The Dirty Dozens, Vol. 1; Cherry Red CR-5101 (w/Lady Reed, Big Brown)
8Rudy Ray Moore's Greatest Hits; Mutt & Jeff/Erotic MJ-5021-ER; 1986 (2-LP compilation prod. by Joey Jefferson)

Rudy Ray Moore 45s

8Rudy Ray Moore: Miss Wonderful/The Human Tornado; Kent K-4575 (both from movie "The Human Tornado")
8Rudy Ray Moore & the Fillmore Street Soul Rebellion: Easy Easy Baby/Put Your Weight On It; Cherry Red CR-4501 (both sides vocal; B-side features organ & Lady Reed)

Clarence Reid LPs

8Clarence Reid: Dancin' with Nobody But You Babe; Atlantic/Atco/Alston SD-33-307; 1969
8Clarence Reid: Nobody But You Babe; Tayster TS-3333
6Clarence Reid: Running Water; Atlantic/Atco/Alston SD-7027; 1973
7Clarence Reid; T.K./Alston SD-4404; 1976 (some may consider title to be "On the Job")

Clarence Reid 45s

7Clarence Reid: Part Time Lover/Fools Are Not Born; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4572; 1969 (both on Dancin' with Nobody But You Babe)
9Clarence Reid: Send Me Back My Money/Nobody But You Babe; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4574; 1969 (both on Dancin' with Nobody But You Babe)
7Clarence Reid: [I'm Gonna] Tear You a New Heart/I'm a Man of My Word; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4578; 1969 (A-side on Dancin' with Nobody But You Babe)
7Clarence Reid: Let Those Soul Sounds Play/I'm Sorry Baby; Tay-Ster TS-6013 (both on the Tayster LP)
6Clarence Reid: Chicken Hawk/That's How It Is; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4584; 1970?
7Clarence Reid: Master Piece/Down the Road of Love; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4588; 1970?
6Clarence Reid: The Good Old Days/10 Tons of Dynamite; Atlantic/Atco/Alston 4603; 1971
7Clarence Reid: I'm Gonna Do Something Good to You/same; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4608; 1972
6Clarence Reid: A Real Woman/same; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4608; 1972 (same # as above but next subsequent record # on Running Water)
Clarence Reid: Till I Get My Share/With Friends Like These [Who Needs Enemies]; Atlantic/Atco/Alston; 1973
7Clarence Reid: Funky Party/Winter Man; Atlantic/Atco/Alston A-4621; 1974 (stereo)
7Clarence Reid: See Through/mono; Atlantic/Atco 45-7025; 1975 (funk; Clarence Reid with Blowfly bleeding through)

Other [Partly] Party Rap LPs

8Xaviera Hollander: Happily Hooked; Turning Point TP-30009; 1984 ("Penis Envy"; "The Happy Hooker" author)

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