Funky Rock & Psyche Soul

The cornerstones of rock may be guitars and singing, but the drums sometimes did more than just keep time. Inevitably the bongos of the 1960s and the congas of the early 1970s bled over into rock. Rock artists covered soul hits, soul-funk artists covered rock hits, and funky-bass-backed drum solos graduated from intro duty to mid-tune "breaks."

A crisp color line persisted in both rock and soul jazz, even after civil rights had been won. Funky rock, like most hybrids, enjoyed only marginal impact. Certainly, rock fans considered themselves hip to Sly and the Family Stone, Cold Blood, and a few others. At the famous Fillmore and Avalon dance concerts, people danced to blues, jazz, and soul acts, but probably more for the sake of diversion than diversity. But funky beats were there. From the "soul rock" of early 1960s 45s to James Brown's "psyche" experiments, quite a lot of it went unheard and definitely under-appreciated.

Funk is where you find it in hippie-era rock, but there are some fairly reliable sources for fresh inspiration. U.S. military recruitment albums --those desperate giveaways intended to induct high-school-band players-- almost always were constructed to appeal across color lines. Or a well-meaning type like Sandy Nelson would cross over and dare to pummel the lilt out of an "Alligator Boogaloo." Even Captain Beefheart was as funky as the Parliaments when he wanted to be.

Funky-Rock & Psyche-Soul LPs

61970 Cerritos Jazz-Rock Ensemble; Custom Fidelity CFS-2247; 1970 (dir. Jack Wharton; Cerritos College)
6Ambergris; Paramount PAS-5014 (Larry Harlow, Jerry Weiss, Charles Camilleri, Lewis Kahn..; prod. Steve Cropper)
7Bakery & Jazz Ensemble: Rock Mass for Love; MCA/Decca DL-75328; 1971 (US version of West Australian LP; live; partly spoken; led by Peter Walker & Bruce Devenish)
6Black Pearl; Atlantic SD-8220; 1969
8Black Pearl Live; Bell/Prophesy 1001; 1970/1968 (breakbeats/covers "Cold Sweat"/TD>
7Both Worlds: Don'tcha Hide It; TPI 1004; 1974 (funky rock/funk/moog funk; Baltimore private-press; one Hank Levy cut)
6Chuck Bridges & the L.A. Happening; Vault 132
5Chase; CBS/Epic 30472
->Dennis Coffey -- see guitar
7Cold Blood; Atlantic/San Francisco SD-200; 1969
8Cold Blood: Sisyphus; Atlantic/San Francisco SD-205
8Cold Blood: First Taste of Sin; Warner Bros./Reprise MS-2074; 1972 (w/Donny Hathaway)
7Cold Blood: Thriller!; Warner Bros./Reprise MS-2130; 1973
8Cold Blood: Lydia; Warner Bros./Reprise BS-2806; 1974
Cold Blood and Lydia Pense; ABC; 1976
7Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Wiggle Wobble Dance Party; Everlast ELP-202
8Ruth Copeland: Self-Portrait; Capitol/Invictus ST-7303
7Ruth Copeland: I Am What I Am; Capitol/Invictus SMAS-9802 (w/Bernie Worrell)
7Ruth Copeland: Take Me to Baltimore; RCA Victor APL1-1236; 1976
7Mike Curb/Lawrence Brown/Mrs. Miller: Mary Jane ST; 1967
8Mark Duval & his Music; Chappell LPC-1052; 1972 (production)
7Everyday People; Paramount PAS-6021; 1971
6Kim Fowley: Born to Be Wild; Imperial LP-12413
7Free Orbit; MPS 15.22517-8; 1975/1970 (Udo Lindenberg, Peter Herbolzheimer..)
7Dominic Frontiere: Hammersmith Is Out ST; EMI/Capitol SW-861; 1972 (funky rock/guitar/torch/organ; U.K.)
7Gus Giordano: Jazz Hand--modern jazz dance routines; Orion LP-143 (percussion; funky rock; soul jazz)
6Beverly Grant: The Human Condition; Paredon P-1024; 1974 (lefty politics/funky rock)
Keef Hartley: Halfbreed; London/Deram
5Head Hands & Feet: Tracks; Capitol ST-11051; 1972/1971-2 (breakbeat)
7Jim Helms: His Wife's Habit ST; Capitol ST-641
7The Human Condition with Beverly Grant: Working People Gonna Rise!; Paredon P-1024; 1975 (Lefty/funky rock/folk rock)
7The Jaggerz: We Went to Different Schools Together; Buddah/Kama Sutra KSBS-2017; 1970
6Fred Karlin/Ole Blue: The Baby Maker ST; A&M/Ode 70 SP-77002; 1970
7Leon's Creation; Studio 10 DBX-103 (San Francisco imitation of Sly & the Family Stone)
8Lightfire: Pop Drops; Maritim 47-567-NT; 1974 (funky rock/funk/mod funk/soul-jazz flute/space funk/soul jazz/soul-jazz piano; Germany)
7Milt Matthews, Inc.: For the People; Catalyst CAS-1111
7Charlie McCoy: The World of Charlie McCoy; Monument SLP-18097; 1968 (breakbeat)
->The Meters (late Josie) -- see New Orleans
6Eugene McDaniels: Outlaw; Atlantic SD-8259; 1970 (w/Buck Clarke, percussion)
7Midnight Movers: Do It in the Road; Elephant V EVS-102; c.1970
7Midnight Movers, Unltd.: Follow the Wind; Buddah BDS-5603; 1974
8Modern Soul Band; Amiga 8-55-555; 1976 (Germany)
4Sandy Nelson: Boogaloo Beat; Imperial LP-12367
7Harry Nilsson: Nilsson Schmilsson; RCA Victor LSP-4515; 1971 ("Coconut" & "Jump into the Fire" especially)
7The New Apocalypso: Stainless Soul; Decca/MTA MTS-5017 (produced by Bob Thompson; also from this session is a non-LP rare B-side on the title single)
7New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band/Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band: Mountain Moving Day; Rounder 4001; 1972 (funky man-hatin' rock)
6The New London Rhythm & Blues Band: Soul Cookin'; MCA/Decca/Vocalion VL-73880 (funky rock/funk/mod soul)
7L. Paul-Phillips: London's Underground; Berry/Conroy BMLP-092; 1972 (production/funky rock)
7Pretty Purdie: Soul Drums; Date TES-4006; 1967
7Terry Reid: River; Atlantic SD-7259; 1973 (w/David Lindley, Willie Bobo..)
7Rodriguez: Coming from Reality; Buddah/Sussex SXBS-7012; 1971 (yes, "Sugarman")
7The Runaways; Mercury SRM-1-1090; 1976 (may not be funky but it never hurts to include "Cherry Bomb")
7Sam the Sham: Ten of Pentacles; MGM SE-4526 (post-Pharaohs Sam Samudio)
7Sam Samudio: Hard & Heavy; Atlantic SD-8271; 1971 (with Duane Allman)
8[The] Shocking Blue; Polydor; 1968 (in U.S. as Colossus CS-1000)
7[The] Shocking Blue at Home; Pink Elephant 888.001; 1969 (reissued with some jacket changes as Philips/Penny Farthing PELS-500--adds "Venus" as first track)
8Shorty Rogers/Kelly Gordon: Gordon 'n' Rogers Inter-Urban Electric A&E Pit Crew and Rhythm Band: Bug-In; Capitol STAO-276 (mod/hot rod/funky rock)
7Sly & the Family Stone: A Whole New Thing; Epic BN-26324/LN-24324; 1967 (reissued with different jacket as E-30335; 1970)
8Sly & the Family Stone: Dance to the Music; Epic BN-26371; 1967
8Sly & the Family Stone: Life; Epic BN-26397; 1968
8Sly & the Family Stone: Stand!; Epic BN-26456; 1969
9Sly & the Family Stone: Greatest Hits; Epic E-30325; 1970 (compilation; "Thank You [Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin]" still just in mono)
9Sly & the Family Stone: Greatest Hits; Epic EQ-30325; 1970 (compilation; slightly different timings; "Thank You [Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin]" slightly longer & in stereo!)
8Sly & the Family Stone: There's a Riot Going On; Epic KE-30986; 1971
Sly & the Family Stone: Fresh; Epic 32134
Sly & the Family Stone: Small Talk; Epic 32930
7Sly Stone Recorded in San Francisco 1964-67; Springboard/Sculpture SCP-2001
7Smith: A Group Called Smith; ABC/Dunhill DS-50056
8Yma Sumac: Miracles; London XPS-608; 1972 (exotic funky rock; w/Les Baxter)
7Billy Thorpe: Million Dollar Bill; Festival/Infinity 35767; 1975 (Australian rock/funky rock)
8Nilo Toledo: Jazz in the Sun; Hoctor HLPS-4204 (funky rock/funk/disco/Afro-Beat/jazz dance/Mexicali; covers of '70s hits)
6Travis Wammack; United Artists/Fame FAS-1801; 1972 (covers "Funk 49)
7Jimmy Webb: The Naked Ape ST; Playboy PB-125; 1973 (funky rock/apes; spoken w/music; TV movie)
7The Klaus Weiss Sounds & Percussion; Berry/Conroy BMLP-117; 1975 (production/funky rock)
6The Wild Thing: Partyin'; Elektra EKS-74059
6The Edgar Winter Group: They Only Come Out at Night; CBS/Epic KE-31584; 1972 ("Free Ride" & "Frankenstein")
7The Howlin' Wolf Album; Cadet Concept LPS-319

Partly Funky-Rock/Beats LPs

->The Airmen of Note -- see military
8Alfred's Jazz-Rock Ensemble: It's Happening-Now!; Alfred Music Records ALM-11070; 1970 (mod soul/mod jazz/funky rock; cond. Dr. Saul Feldstein; Don Sebesky, Manny Albam..)
7The Animated Egg; Alshire S-5104 (psyche, funky rock "Dark", organ, mod soul)
7Randy Brecker: Score; Solid State SS-18051 (mod jazz/funky rock)
7Herb Bernstein's New Crusade; Metromedia MD-1003
6The Broadway Hit Men: Disco Express; Longines Society LSR-68; 1975 (2-LP; disco/funk/funky rock; covers of hits)
7Gary Burton: The New Quartet; Polydor/ECM ECM-1030-ST; 1973 (soul-jazz vibes/funky rock)
8The Cabildos Three: Cross Fire; Vroommm VRL-609 (soul-jazz piano/conga-percussion "African Jewel"/funky rock "Devilry Time"/Brasil-bossa "Max's Movida"; reissued in Italy as Schema SCEB-903LP; title cut is essentially James Brown: "Hot Pants" with guitar)
7Jimmy Castor Bunch: Phase Two; RCA Victor LSP-4783; 1972 ("Tribute to Jimi: Purple Haze/Foxey Lady")
7The Coasters: Coasting; Salsa Picante SPLP-10001; 1979/1978 ("One of These Days")
7Jack Daugherty & the Class of Nineteen Seventy One; A&M SP-3038; 1971 (soul jazz/funky rock; much like a jazz lab; w/Paul Humphrey, Hal Blaine, Clydie King, Larry Carlton, Joe Pass..)
6Frank David Selection: Blues & Electronics; BASF 21150; 1972
7The Duke of Burlington: Flash!; Wah Wah WLP-003; 2000 (reissue comp of their 2 LPs; Latin & psyche elements)
7The Earth Disciples: Getaway Train; Solid State SS-18064 (soul-jazz/rock fusion)
7The Fifth Dimension: Reflections; Bell 6065 (soul/funky rock)
7The Freak Scene: Psychedelic Psoul; Columbia
->Johnny Frigo -- see bass
6Kossie Gardner: Pipes of Blue; Dot DLP-25940 (organ/funky rock)
6Dizzy Gillespie: Souled Out; GWP ST-2023; 1970
7Barry Gray: Space 1999 ST; RCA Victor ABL1-1422; 1976 (space funk/funky rock)
8The Grodeck Whipperjenny; Polydor/People PS-3000 (James Brown prod. psyche funk/funky rock)
7David Holland: Zouche Drums; Chappell LPC-1083; 1976 (production; drums/flute/funk/funky rock)
8Carl "Sherlock" Holmes Investigation: Investigation No. 1; CRS-01 ("Black Bag")
7The Hombres: Let it Out; Verve Forecast FTS-3036 (drum breaks in "This Little Girl")
7Johnny Houston: Makin' Bacon is a Family Affair; Passion LP-5001; 1973 (ex James Brown, etc. player; soul jazz/funk/funky rock; covers Stevie Wonder & Sly & the Family Stone)
6The "In" Group: Today's Pop Hits; Alshire/Q.M.O. 1 (2-LP; covers by studio band)
->Isley Brothers -- see funk (esp. Givin' It Back)
7Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1044; 1971 (production/mod/funky rock "Feelin' Bluesy"/wordless chorus)
7Fred Karlin: Up the Down Stair Case ST; United Artists UAS-5169; 1967
7James Knight & the Butlers: Black Knight; Cat 711 (funk/funky rock)
8Arnie Lawrence: Look Toward a Dream; Project 3 PR-5028-SD; 1968 (w/Larry Coryell; "Gonna Get Some Right Now")
6Michel Legrand: The Thomas Crown Affair; United Artists UAS-5182; 1968 ("The Boston Wrangler")
7Earl Lett: Professor Lett & Study--Love Serenade; Beantown BT-105-14 ("Honky Tonk Women")
7[Songs of] The Letter People (1): Alpha Time; Arista Corporation 81-10-11; 1981 (2-LP tie-in to alphabet-teaching TV series; kid funk, funky rock ("Mr. Y"), Moog, disco..)
8The Mark Lewis Trio ["Works Hard and Plays Well"]; C&M LPS-1001 (lounge act/breakbeats/funk/funky rock/soul jazz; note: jacket number may be incorrect--it's NOT LPS-1000)
7The Majestics: Funky Broadway; Arc AS-752 (funk/funky rock; Canadian instrumental covers of James Brown, etc.; breakbeats)
7Maxayn; Capricorn CPN-0103; 1972/1971 (2 Rolling Stones covers)
7Mike Millius: Desperado; MCA/Uni 73072 (funky rock/Christian rock)
7Museum: Gonna Take Forever; TKO Productions STLP-1001; 1979 (lounge act/funky rock ("Funky Too")/disco (whole side of BeeGees covers)/breakbeats; Pennsylvania)
8The Musical Theatre: A Revolutionary Revelation; Metromedia MD-1015 ("A Love Pill"; Christian rock/funky rock/Moog/crime)
7Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 2--Bossa Nova/Rock Themes; Capitol (production/funky rock/bossa; 12 1-minute themes)
7Okko [Becker]: Sitar & Electronics (Moog/sitar/drums; w/Herb Geller)
8Chiyo Okumura; Capitol International Series SP-10546 (hip, funky/funky rock)
7The Onstage Majority; OSM 43333 (lounge act/funky rock/funk/breakbeats; Illinois)
6Hap Palmer: Creative Movement & Rhythmic Exploration; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-533; 1971 ("Fishing Trip"; w/Teacher's Guide)
8Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw/Joe Haider; KPM 1080; 1972 ("Hot Pants"; production; flute/mod soul-jazz/funky rock/bass)
7Brenda Patterson: Keep On Keepin' On; Epic BN-26501; 1970 (backing by Redbone; prod. Larry Cohn)
8Annette Peacock: I'm the One; RCA Victor LSP-4578; 1972 ("Pony")
7Stu Phillips: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls ST; 20th Century TFS-4211 (w/Sandpipers, Strawberry Alarm Clock, "Carrie Nations")
5The Phoenix Authority: Blood, Sweat, & Tears; Mainstream MRL-303
7Pop Workshop Vol. 1; Grammofonverket EFG-7350; 1973 (Sweden; soul jazz/funky rock)
8Pop Workshop: Song of the Pterodactyl; Grammofonverket EFG-501; 1974 (Sweden; soul jazz/funky rock)
7The Racket Squad; Jubilee JGS-8026 (psyche/funky rock/breakbeats)
6The Joe Rene Complex: Music to Read the Pretenders By; Philips PHS-600-327; 1969 (mod/funky rock/wordless chorus/Mexicali; soundtrack to a book!)
7Ronnie & the Ramblers: An Evening with Ronnie; R&R 9823 (caribeat/calypso/funky rock; Ronnie Butler when at Ronnie's Rebel Room in the Anchorage Hotel)
8The Rubber Band: Hendrix Songbook; GRT 10007; 1969 (some interesting covers and one great original)
7The Sandals: The Last of the Ski Bums ST; Liberty/World-Pacific WPS-21884; 1969 (hippie rather than surf but good funky rock/psyche funk/exotic rock)
7Jeffrey Simmons/Randy Steirling: Naked Angels ST; Bizarre/Straight STS-1056; 1969 (biker/psyche/funky rock "Naked Angels Theme")
7Senor Soul Plays Funky Favorites; Double Shot DSS-5004; 1968 ("Psychotic Reaction")
7The Soul Seven: "Everything is Everything" with the Soul Seven; Soultex/Now-Again NA-2005; 2003/1969 (12"/33rpm EP w/1970 live track)
6Sounds Nice: Love at First Sight; Motown/Rare Earth 512; 1970 (organ/funky rock)
7Spontaneous Combustion: Come & Stick Your Head In; Flying Dutchman FDS-102; 1969 (mod jazz-rock; ex-Zappa Gary Coleman, Mike Melvoin, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, other studio stalwarts)
8The Standells: The Best of; Rhino RNLP-70176; 1986/1966-8 (compilation; one funk cut)
8The Super Dupers: The Super Record of Super Heroes Played by the Super Dupers; Design SDLP-257 (Batman/funky rock "Captain Marvel Jones"/space rock/breakbeats; jacket: "Tarzan, The Green Hornet, Batman, [etc.]")
6The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Organic; Polydor 184171 (mod/organ/funky rock; "Jumpin' Jack Flash")
6The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Chariots of the Gods ST; Polydor PD-6504; 1970
6Jack Trombey: Disco Queen--Modern Orchestral Rock Sounds; De Wolfe DWS LP-3336; 1976 (production/disco-funk/funky rock)
8Ike Turner Presents the Family Vibes: Strange Fruit; United Artists UAS-5560; 1972 (funk/funky rock; Family Vibes is Kings of Rhythm renamed)
7Ike Turner Presents the Family Vibes: Confined to Soul; United Artists UA-LA051-F; 1973 (funk/funky rock/funky Moog; Family Vibes is Kings of Rhythm renamed)
7The Undisputed Truth; Motown/Gordy G-955-L; 1971
7The United States Air Force Academy Falconaires (military; covers Dennis Coffey, Joe Tex, Lalo Schifrin..)
7The United States Air Force Band of the Mid-West: Jazz Ensemble "Diplomats"/Rock Ensemble "Thyme"; USAF SD-508; 1978 (military/space Moog/mod jazz/disco funk/funky rock/rock; originally the 5th Army Air Corps Band)
8Phil Upchurch: Upchurch; GRT/Cadet LPS-826; 1969 (arr. Charles Stepney)
7Phil Upchurch: The Way I Feel; GRT/Cadet LPS-840; 1969 (arr. Charles Stepney)
8Barry de Vorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr.: R.P.M. ST; Bell 1203 (w/Melanie)
6Wilmer & the Dukes; Aphrodisiac SPH-6001
7Wolfman Jack; RCA/Wooden Nickel WNS-1009; 1972/1971 (golden throat/funky rock/beatnik-jive)
7The X-Ceptions; East Coast C-1048 (lounge act/funky rock/breakbeats; one great original & covers of Sly & the Family Stone, Stones, etc.; NJ beach act)
7Your Kind of People: Live at the Marriott; Audio Engineering Associates [no #]; 1975 (lounge act/funk/funky rock/breakbeats; Los Angeles)
7Various: The Cycle Savages ST; AIP ST-A-1033; 1970 (biker/psyche prod. Mike Curb & Casey Kasem; Cycle-Mates, Orphan Egg, Boston Tea Party, Jerry Styner, Randy Johnson "Fly, Superman, Fly")
9Various: Down and Wired 3; PTR PTR0461; 2014 (funk/psyche-funk Hunger: "Mind Machine"/funky rock The Turks: "Fire"/breakbeats; German compilation)
7Various: Dusty Fingers Volume 8; Strictly Break DF-9078; 2000 (compilation; funk/Moog/mod/funky rock/soul jazz)
7Various: Flamboyant Themes; NFL Music Library NFL-106; 1978 (production; Western/funky rock/funk/disco)
5Various: Fusion; KPM 1121; 1973 (some electic sitar)
6Various: [Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco] Fillmore--The Last Days ST; CBS/Fillmore Z3x-31390; 1972 (3-LP box w/Cold Blood, Santana, Quicksilver, Tower of Power..)
7Various: Light & Easy; NFL Music Library NFL-101; 1977 (mexicali/funky rock/space-electronic)
7Various: Lights Out-San Francisco; Blue Thumb BTS-6004; 1972 (2-LP)
8Various: Mo'Plen 3000--Space Killer Tracks from the Past...Til the Third Millenium; IRMA/La Douce 807; 1997/1966-78 (funk/funky rock/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz organ)
9Various: On the Road; Berry/Conroy BMLP-131; 1975 (production/funky rock/whistling/funk)
6Various: Soul Hits Volume 2; Stereo Gold Award MER-370; 1972 (UK covers; funk/funky rock "Long Gone Woman")
9Various: Virtue Recording Studios; Tramp TRLP-9064; 2017 (German comp of famous Philadelphia institution; funk-soul/disco/funky rock "Tequila"/sitar funk "Meditation of the Soul/horror "Ghost A Go Go"/breakbeats)

Funky-Rock 45s

8Abaco Dream: Life & Death in G&A/Cat Woman; A&M 1081
8The Allisons: Surfer Street/Money; Tip 1011 (soul rock/drum rock)
6Reebop Kwaku Baah: Silly Boy/Kye Kye Kule; Island 1207; 1972 (UK from LP "Reebop")
7John Barfield & the Men of S.O.U.L.: Mr. Starlight/Soul Butter; SSS International SSS-724 (blue-eyed soul-rock version of "Peanut Butter")
6Mr. Bloe: Groovin' with Mr. Bloe/Sinful; Dick James Music DJM-20.129; 1970 (Italy)
8Mr. Bloe: Curried Soul/Mighty Mouse; Dick James Music 70,019 (covers Moe Koffman with jaw harp and breakbeat!; phased drums & breakbeat on B-side too)
5Joe Brown & the Bruvvers: Popcorn/What a Crazy World We're Living In; London International 10507-V (guitar instrumental w/drum break)
8The Capitols: Afro Twist/Cool Jerk--instrumental; Atco/Karen 45-1537
8Color Us People: Quiet Beach/Love is a Four-Letter Word; Lightning Production 4186 (arr. Morris Pinkney; soul jazz/funky rock)
8Elephant's Memory Band: Mongoose/I Couldn't Dream; Metromedia MMS-182
8Fire: Flight to Cuba/Soul on Ice; Funk 45 016 (reissue)
8Bobby Franklin's Insanity: Bring it On Down to Me Parts 1 & 2; Buddah/Thomas TH-801 (breakbeat intro; prod. Curtis Mayfield!)
8The Freak Scene: Psychedelic Psoul; Columbia CS-9546; 1967 (psyche/funky rock)
8Freddy/Henchie & the Soul Setters: Funky to the Bone/I Want to Dance, Dance, Dance; Reprise REP-1175; 1973 (Sly & the Family Stone soundalikes)
8Free Fare: Hey, Big Brother/He Ain't Heavy; Showcase 1015
7General Crook: What Time It Is Parts 1 & 2; Down to Earth 77 (guitar makes it psyche funk or funky rock)
7The Growing Society: Just for Fun/The Red Fuzz; Dunhill D-4093
6Keef Hartley: Halfbreed/Waiting Around; London/Deram 45-85053
6Frank Iannucci & Springfield: Don't Fight the Love/Just in My Dreams (You Are My Love); GnI GI-6976; 1976
7The Ides of March: Vehicle/Lead Me Home, Gently; Warner Bros. 7378
8Jungle Rock: Down in the Jungle/instrumental; Sound Gems SG-108; 1975 (funky w/synth & bird cries, like Jimmy Castor)
7Freddie King: Funky/Play it Cool; Atlantic 45-44015 (blues)
6Load of Mischief: Back in My Arms Again/I'm a Lover; Holiday Inn 2205 (breakbeat)
7Macon: Pully Bone/Ripple Rap; Capricorn C-8002 (breakbeat)
8The Mauroks: Susan/Story of My Journey South; De-Lite 517
8Bobby Merritt: Flowers on the Table/Wish It Were True; Musicor MUS-1370; 1969 (psyche/rock singer does funky A-side, w/breaks)
7The Meters: Doodle-Oop (The World is a Bit Under the Weather)/I Need More Time; Josie 45-1029 (& others post-Josie)
7Midnight Movers, Unltd.: Put Your Mind in Your Pocket/Truck In; Renee RE-3005; 1972 (non-LP cuts)
7Curly Moore & the Kool Ones: Shelley's Rubber Band/Funky, Yeah!; House of the Fox MH-1934
8The New Way: I'm Sorry 'Bout That/Lookin Like a Nut Nut; GuyJim GJ-587
8Chuck Osbourne: Frankenstein Parts 1 & 2; Hittsburgh USA HB-001; 1975 (Chuck Osbourne: Day Dream Drifter/Frankenstein [Part 2]; Hittsburgh USA HB-1000)
7Pace-Setters: Push On Jesse Jackson/Freedom & Justice; Kent KS-4565 (funk/funky rock in the Jimmy Castor style)
7Pal & the Prophets: Peace Pipe/Tee-Pee; Jamie 1382
8Brenda Patterson: Keep On Keepin' On/West Window Song; Epic 5-10599; 1970
7The Plebeian Rebellion: What Do You Think About That/Lotta Lovin'; Columbia 4-44358 (arr. Chuck Sagle)
7The Pop Workshop: Fairyland/When My Little Girl is Happy; Pageone 21.013
8The Rattles: The Witch/Geraldine; ABC/Probe CP-480
8Willard Posey Reunion: Medley: Cissy Strut-American Woman/mono; Fam 91004; 1972
8Sound Experience: 40 Acres & a Mule/Blow Your Mind; Soulville 14023 (heavy guitar, psyche funk)
8Sound Experience: 40 Acres & a Mule/same; Soulville 14023 (heavy guitar, psyche funk)
7Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. Sax: Sister James/Clair de Lune (in jazz); A&M 1461-S; 1973 (funky rock with fuzz guitar/jazz)
7Vernon Steve Weakley: The Saga of Kunta Kinte/Is It Love or Is It Lust; V.S.W. Productions 100; 1977 (psyche funk/Afro-rock/black power/soul; from LP "The Saga of Kunta Kinte")
8E.T. White & his Great Potential Band: Loosen Up/Let Me Hear You Say Yeah; Great Potential R12962 (Baltimore single but D.C. band; A-side based on Tighten Up but much better)
6Al Wilson: Show and Tell/Listen to Me; Columbia Pictures/Bell/Rocky Road 30073; 1973 (arranged by H.B. Barnum/Gene Page respectively)
7Howlin' Wolf: Tail Dragger/Evil; Cadet Concept 7013 (from The Howlin' Wolf Album; Cadet Concept LPS-319)
7Wolfman Jack: Johnny Do It Faster/Ling, Ting, Tong; Wooden Nickel 73-0117 ("from the Through the Ages album")
8Uncredited: Bye Bye Blues/Sunshine of Your Love; R&J 333 (dance-instruction label like Hoctor)

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