Organ records have a very poor reputation, no doubt because of the plethora of pipe-organ dreck "in the Ken Griffin style." The electronic organ changed everything, particularly as later developments led to the synthesizer. The overwhelming popularity of the Hammond among all keyboard-playing musicians, including its acceptance as a lead instrument in jazz, gave the organ new homes away from the skating rink, church, and ballpark. The competition in pop organ was fierce, and the best stars not only mastered the music but also helped develop the instrument. The top stars all "discovered" new sounds and most of them directly influenced the engineering of new models.

Electronic organ shares many traits with the early (Moog) synthesizer. Emulation of standard instruments, such as a saxophone, was impressionistic at best. Space sounds were easy, however. The most tired old chestnut played on a new instrument would sound fresh. Old, previously "warm," sentimental favorites could become lively, cold, rockers on the organ. Then came a "missing link" crossover with the synthesizer, as the new spurred further development of the old. Most of the early synthesizer players were in fact organists attempting to adapt a style that in most case had been adapted from piano years before. Grotesque, grandiose "super organs" were the organ companies' last effort to compete with the new. Promotional albums were issued for these as well as odd, commercially unsuccessful hybrid instruments. And some players from the "too much is always better than not enough" school played both organs and synthesizers on the same records.

Buying: The cheesiest, wackiest, and best albums are by the gods: Wunderlich and Dee. For lesser artists, go by the tunes covered. Dick Hyman's Lowrey work can be terrific, but he has been overrated at the expense of others. Also, earlier organ records (even some pipe organ) may have very worthwhile exotic and deep percussive effects.

Pop Organ LPs

4Ena Baga: The Happy Hammond; Hallmark HM-601 (UK)
5The Doc Bagby Hammond Organ Trio: A Place in the Sun; Current S/475 (organ/mod; with Nate Stokes, Panama Francis, Jimmy Lewis, Don Gardner, Gil de Leon)
more Doc Bagby -- see Hyp Records/Soul Patch/soul-jazz organ
Eddie Baxter: Organ Festival; Dot DLP-3277
Eddie Baxter: Organ Songs We Love; Dot DLP-3435
Eddie Baxter: Great Organ Themes from Movies & TV; Dot DLP-3436
7Eddie Baxter: The Fantastic Sounds of Eddie Baxter! At the Lowrey Organ; Dot DLP-25551/DLP-3551 (includes "Quiet Village" & other exotica)
4Eddie Baxter: More Fantastic Sounds; Dot DLP-25607
5Zeb Billings Presents the Magic Sounds of the Kinsman Electronic Organ; Continental CT-1000 (early electronic organ w/effects)
6Tommy Boyd & Johnny Martizia: Ah, So! Suite; Wave WR-1003; 1967 (New Jersey rarity on a Japanese theme; suite by Bob Williams; w/Irv Shapiro)
7The John Buzon Trio: Inferno!; Liberty LST-7108
5The John Buzon Trio: Cha Cha on the Rocks; Liberty LST-7124
7O'Lyn Callahan: O'Lyn; Yamaha YR-5002; 1974 (great versions of "Quiet Village" & "2001")
6O'Lyn Callahan Plays the Yamaha E-70: O'Lyn Vol. 2; Yamaha YR-5003 (covers "Mission Impossible")
7Ray Charles: "Mr. Music"; Pike's Peak 1920 (not THE Ray Charles)
6Gus Clark: Hammond for Dancing; World Record Club TP-920
6Buddy Cole: Have Organ, Will Swing; Warner Bros. WS-1211; 1958
6Buddy Cole: Hot & Cole; Warner Bros. WS-1252
6Buddy Cole: Powerhouse!; Warner Bros. WS-1310; 1959
7Buddy Cole: Swing Fever; Warner Bros. WS-1373; 1960 (w/Jack Costanzo)
6Buddy Cole: Ingenuity in Sound; Warner Bros. Workshop Series BS-1442; 1962 (dual Hammond organs in short-lived, 4-title audiophile series)
7Jack Cooper (The Organ Magic of): [Lovely Companion]; Imperial LP-9077
7Dave "Baby" Cortez & his Happy Organ; Mercury/Clock SR-60647-C
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Happy Organ; RCA Victor LSP-2099; 1959
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Fabulous Organ; MGM/Metro MS-550
8Dave "Baby" Cortez: Organ Shindig; Roulette SR-25298 (mod soul/organ)
8Dave "Baby" Cortez: Tweetie Pie; Roulette SR-25315 (mod soul/organ; reissues SR-25298 except 2 cuts changed)
Dave "Baby" Cortez: [title unknown]; Sound Pak 1005
9Dave "Baby" Cortez: Soul Vibration; All-Platinum AP-3011; 1972
5Jackie Davis: Hi-Fi Hammond; Capitol T-686
Jackie Davis: Chasin' Shadows; Capitol T-815
4Jackie Davis: Jumpin' Jackie; Capitol T-974
5Jackie Davis: Most Happy Hammond; Capitol ST-1046
4Jackie Davis Meets the Trombones; Capitol ST-1180
5Jackie Davis: Hammond Gone Cha Cha; Capitol ST-1338
5Jackie Davis: Tiger on the Hammond; Capitol ST-1419
Jackie Davis: Hi-Fi Hammond Vol. 2; Capitol ST-1517
5Jackie Davis: Big Beat Hammond; Capitol ST-1517
Lenny Dee
5Derek & Ray: The Keyboard Sounds of Today!; RCA Victor LSP-3665; 1966
7Cliff Duphiney: Sound Colors Up; Decora Amphora DA-LP-2001 (RCA Custom)
Cliff Duphiney: Explosion of the Tone Cabinets; Decora Amphora DA-LP-2002 (RCA Custom)
6Stephen Duro at the Hammond Organ; Astor SPLP-1296 (U.K.)
5John Elliott & his Diatonic Four: Organ Rhythms; Promenade 2093
8Bobby Emmons: Blues with a Beat with an Organ; London/Hi HL-12024; 1965 (organ/mod soul)
3Tony Fenelon: Making Lowrey Magic; Festival L-25309; 1977 (Australia; covers "Mah Na Mah Na")
7The Amazing Rock Ferrante: Rock 'N' Rhythm; Savoy 12305; 1973
6Jack La Forge: Hawaii & I; Purpletone P-715 (Hawaiian music arr. Don Sebesky)
3The Galaxy Generation: Aquarius/Good Morning Starshine/Hair; Design SDLP-302
5Kossi Gardner: Organ--Nashville Style; RCA Victor LSP-4419; 1970
7Sir Julian Gould: The Thirteen Fingers of Sir Julian; RCA Victor LSP-2372; 1962
7Sir Julian Gould: A Knight at the Organ; RCA Victor LSP-2591; 1962
7Sir Julian Gould: Organ in Orbit; United Artists UAS-6334; 1964
4Sir Julian Gould: Fifty Fabulous Organ Favorites; United Artists UAS-6346
6Sir Julian Gould: Love is Blue; United Artists/Unart S-21029; 1968
6Duke Grant Plays Hammond Gold; Gold Award MER-395 (D.L. Miller production; UK, possibly also US on Alshire/Somerset)
4Tommy Griffin's Rock n' Rhythm Organ & Drums; Art ALP-2001
7Big Jim "H" & his Men of Rhythm Play Dance Party Hammond Hits; Alshire (Stereo Gold Award MER-361; 1972;; also Rainbow RGA-7814; great "Jungle Fever" cover!)
5Chris Hamalton: Dizzy Fingers; London LB-615 (real name Harry Farmer)
6Chris Hamalton & his Hammond Organs: Hi Fi with Hamalton; London LL-1437
5Chris Hamalton: Organ Capers; London (Richmond B-20039; "The Flying Fingers of...& his Hammond Organs")
7Bobby Hammack at the Organ with Hawaiian Instrumental Accompaniment: Lovely Hula Hands; Coral CRL-757384 (Hawaiian on Hammond)
6Greg Hatza: The Wizardry of; Coral CRL-757493 (with Eric Gale & Grady Tate)
7Tom Hazelton/Gene Ciszek: Explorer Orbits the World; EXP-100; 1967 (Explorer II, a proto-synthesizer & Allen Electronic Organ)
4Hector [Olivera]: Two Sides of Hector; E.A.R. EAR-10217
7Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones: Discotheque Dance a Go Go; Sonet SLP-50/Grand Prix GP-9978; 1970 (organ/mod-soul hits live at the Esquire Club)
6Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968
4Lucien Hetu Joue Les Monkees; RCA Victor Gala CGPS-256 (Montreal)
8Dick Hyman: Moon Gas; MGM SE-4119 (space LP w/Mary Mayo)
6Dick Hyman: Electrodynamics; Command RS-856-SD; 1963
6Dick Hyman: Fabulous; Command RS-862-SD; 1963
6Dick Hyman: Fantastic (Keyboard Kaleidoscope); Command RS-875-SD; 1964
8Dick Hyman: The Man from O.R.G.A.N.; Command RS-891-SD; 1965
5Dick Hyman: Happening!; Command RS-899-SD; 1966
6Dick Hyman: Brasilian Impressions; Command RS-911-SD
6Dick Hyman & the Group: Mirrors--Reflections of Today; ABC/Command RS-924-SD
6Dick Hyman & the Group: Sweet Sweet Soul; ABC/Command RS-933-SD
8Dick Hyman: Fantomfingers; Project 3 PR-5057-SD; 1971 (funky!; plays a Baldwin)
4Ric Iannone: The Many Sides of; Wersi 1006
7The Invisible Brass Band (Johnny Kemm); Concert CR-E112 (2 Lowrey Citations w/Brass Symphonizer)
8Bill Irwin & Group: Seduction; HIFI L-1022 (exotic; prod. Rod McKuen; also as The Bill Irwin Group: Organ Mistique; Stereo Sounds SA-9)
7Dave Fredericks: Fabulous New Organ Sounds of Dave Fredericks; Circo SLP-2105; 1967
6Dave Fredericks: Bold Brave Organ Extravaganza; Gulco 803N-6437; 1969
4Zygmunt Jankowski: Hammond Pop Party; Windmill WMD-145
7Don Jenkins: In Case You Haven't Heard...Don Jenkins; Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation [no #]); 1975
7Don Johnson: King of Organ with a Beat! Volume 1; Kandy LK-115
7Don Johnson: King of Organ with a Beat! Volume 2; Kandy SLK-132/MLK-131
8Don Johnson: King of Organ with a Beat! Volume 3; Kandy SLK-144
6Tommy Johnson & Son: The First Time Around; 1001; 1977
5Bill Kehr: Many Moods of the Candyman; GRT/Sunnyvale 9330-318; 1977 (4 organs & 4 synthesizers)
Lafayette -- see Hyp Records/Vinyl Safari/Brasil
8Mark Laub & the Lowrey Go Hawaiian; Golden Crest CR-3032
Eddie Layton: Organ Moods; Mercury MG-20208
5Eddie Layton: No Blues on this Cruise; Mercury MG-20308
Eddie Layton: Organ Moods; Mercury MG-20208
5Eddie Layton: Caravan; Mercury SR-60098
6Eddie Layton: Better Layton Than Ever; Mercury SR-60031/MG-20377 (the versions have different track orders)
Eddie Layton at the Mighty Wurlitzer; Mercury SR-60105
5Eddie Layton: Greatest Organ Hits; Mercury SR-60639
Eddie Layton & Buddy Morrow: Just We Too; Mercury SR-60018
5[Dick Contino &] Eddie Layton: In the Mood; Mercury SR-60153
4Jim Levesque/Denny Hinman at the Yamaha Electone Model 415: Yamaha Goes Pop; Yamaha YR-5008
6Leroy Lewis: Wizard of the Organ; Earsa 1005-S (Pennsylvania pipe organist made several LPs, some Panamanian; this one has "These Boots are Made for Walking")
6Mort Lindsey [An Organ and Mort Lindsey]; Dot DLP-3027
6Sy Mann & Nick Tagg: 2 Organs & Percussion; Grand Award GA-256-SD; 1961
4Pepe Manuel: Hammond Festival; Somerset (Astor Sonic 9057)
7Woody Martens: The Wild and Mild Sides of Woody Martens; Art ALP-46 (live Hammond; Florida lounge act)
Denny McLain at the Organ; Capitol ST-2881 (former Detroit Tigers pitcher)
7Denny McLain in Las Vegas; Capitol ST-204; 1964 (former Detroit Tigers pitcher)
Marjorie Meinert: Organ Music in a Margie Meinert Mood; Fraternity F-1003 (Meinert plays mainly Lowrey)
5Marjorie Meinert: Crazy Calliope Music; Fraternity F-1007; 1957 (Dot DLP-25440; an 1895 Wurlitzer Steam Calliope, not organ)
6Marjorie Meinert: Vive La Difference; RCA Victor LSP-2124; 1960
5Marjorie Meinert: Sitting Pretty; RCA Victor LSP-2168; 1960
4Marjorie Meinert: Hi Fi & Mighty; RCA Victor LSP-2169; 1960
3Marjorie Meinert: Front Row Center; RCA Victor LSP-2170; 1960
3Marjorie Meinert: Organ Fireworks!; RCA CCS-0142; 1969
7Jerry Mendelson: Featuring Jerry Mendelson at the Triple Keyboard; Capitol Custom/Yamaha X-1 JM-144
7Frank Mingis: The Silver Fox [Plays the Hammond]; Barclay LP-1025 (Pennsylvania; funky drums/breaks by ex-Billy Haley/Comets drummer Ralph Jones)
5The Mustang Plays Swingin' Organ; Alshire/Somerset SF-22300
5The Mustang Plays the Beatles Song Book [on Swingin' Hammond Organ]; Alshire/Somerset (Astor GGS-654)
6The Mustang: Organ Freakout!; Alshire/Somerset SF-28600
7The Now Generation: Sock it to Me!; Alshire/Somerset SF-30800 (partly sock soul)
6Eddie Osborne: Percussive Baldwin Organ & Bongos; Audio Fidelity DFS-7004/DFM-3004; 1960 (AFLP-1974; 1962)
6Eddie Paddock: Musical Gems from Eddie Paddock's Hammond Treasures; Cass CL-200 (notable for exotica classic "Quiet Village")
6Korla Pandit: The Grand Moghul Suite 10"; Vita VLP-10 (India 1001)
7Korla Pandit: The Universal Language of Music, Vol. 1; India 400
Korla Pandit: The Universal Language of Music, Vol. 2; India
Korla Pandit: The Universal Language of Music, Vol. 3; India
7Korla Pandit: Korla Pandit Plays Music of the Exotic East; Fantasy F-3272/F-8013
4Korla Pandit at the Pipe Organ; Fantasy F-3286/F-8018
5Korla Pandit: Latin Holiday; Fantasy F-3284/F-8027
6Korla Pandit: Tropical Magic; Fantasy F-3288/F-8034
4Korla Pandit: Speak to Me of Love; Fantasy F-3293/F-8039
Korla Pandit in Concert; Fantasy F-3304/F-8049
Korla Pandit: Music of Mystery & Romance; Fantasy F-3320/F-8061
4Korla Pandit: Love Letters; Fantasy F-3327/F-8070
5Korla Pandit: Hypnotique; Fantasy F-3329/F-8075
5Korla Pandit: Music of Hollywood; Fantasy F-3334/F-8086
7Korla Pandit: Music for Meditation; Fantasy F-3342/F-8342
Korla Pandit in Paris; Fantasy F-3347/F-8347
Korla Pandit: Christmas with Korla Pandit; Fantasy F-3350/F-8350
4Claude Papesch: Hammond Electrique; EMI/Drum 8186 (Australia); 1974 (w/Moog)
6Billy Preston: The Most Exciting Organ Ever; Vee-Jay VJLP-1123
5Curt Prina: Das digitale Klangwunder/Digital Sould-Sensation; Wersi 30034
6Miguel Ramos, su organo Hammond y orquesta; Gema GH-008 (mod-Latin organ; with Beatles & "Hair" covers)
4Miguel Ramos Plays Hits for Hammond Organ & Orchestra; Summit SRA-250.151; 1974 (Australia)
6Paul Renard: Organ Banstand; King 729 ("Organ with Percussion")
7Randy Rosa at his Custom X-66 Hammond with Synthesizer: Computerized, Synthesized, Organized; R&R Productions 60742 (Virgina private press; organ/Moog)
Ethel Smith
3Billy Smith: Incredible Hammond Organ; Carinia 99-001
6The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Organic; Polydor 184171 (mod/organ/funky rock; "Jumpin' Jack Flash")
6Shay Torrent: Sound Spectrum; Mercury SR-60091 (w/Remo Biondi)
6Shay Torrent: Dynamic Hands; Liberty LST-7193 (w/Remo Biondi)
Torrent & [Axel] Alexander: Console-ing
Torrent & Alexander: Organs in Concert
6Torrent-Alexander Duo: X-Plorations; Do-Re-Mi 33233-S (Hammond X-66, H-100)
Torrent & Alexander: Hymns for All Planets [Good Anywhere]
7Torrent & Alexander: Akaka Falls; Capitol Custom/R Own OCR-1101 (Hammond & Arp)
7Juan Torres: Organo Melodico Vol. 11; Musart ED-1503 (mod, funky)
7Little Richie Varola; Verve V6-9722 (w/Sam Butera)
6Cherry Wainer: Showtime in Your Club; CK 1237 (organ/lounge act w/"Mr. Percussion" Don Storer)
7Chris Waxman: at the Hammond Organ (Organized); Decca/London SP-44119 (Chris Waxman is a pseudonym for Klaus Wunderlich)
Klaus Wunderlich
4Ady Zehnpfennig: Böhmat Express No. 1; Gema Z-3-B (Dr. Böhm-Orgel)
6Ady Zehnpfennig: Böhmat Express 2; Gema F-65.189
5Ady Zehnpfennig: Böhmat Express 3; Gema F-65.292
6Ady Zehnpfennig: Böhmat Express 4; Gema F-665.789
7Ady Zehnpfennig: Pop Orgel Hits; EMI Electrola 1C-054-31-287 ("Kung Fu Fighting/Rock Your Baby/TSOP" medley)
4Ady Zehnpfennig: Die aktuellen Superhits; Wersi 26-0378-1; 1984
7Various: Organ Magic; RCA Custom/Reader's Digest 6-LP box; 1977 (Dick Hyman, Jane Jarvis, Glenn Derringer, Don Baker, Eddie Layton, Roy Glover, The Three Suns, Frank Renaut, Bil Thomson)
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly [Jean Jacques Perrey])

Partly Pop Organ LPs

7Dominic Frontiere: Hammersmith Is Out ST; EMI/Capitol SW-861; 1972 (funky rock/guitar/torch/organ "Kiddo"; U.K.)
5Bill Justis: Alley Cat/Green Onions; Mercury/Smash SRS-67021 ("Green Onions")
7Jackie Lee: My Little Corner of the World; Jay-Cat JCSL-5287 (lounge act/exotica "Yellow Bird"/organ/piano; "Mr. Hot Piano"; live one-man show with syncopation a la Timmy Thomas; Philadelphia, Virtue Studios)
6Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number Two; Muzak SAAB-270 (production/mod/organ/Mexicali)
5Kai Rautenberg Electronic Sounds/Kai Rautenberg Organ Sounds; Berry/Conroy BMLP-123; 1975 (production)
5The Secret Agents: Mission Impossible & Other Action Themes; Pickwick/Design DLP-287 (spy/crime/organ)
8Johnny Scott/Westway Studio Orchestra: Jazz-Beat-Bossa Nova; Southern SLLP-25 (production; soul jazz: vibes, bass, organ, guitar, mod)
7The Swinging Ambassadors [Play Your Requests]; Audio by De Vir, Inx. AbD-9 (lounge act; "Flight '76")
7Sam "the Man" Taylor & Dick Hyman: Rockin' Sax & Rollin' Organ; MGM E-3553
8The T-K-O's w/Hank Jacobs at the Organ: The Charge/Can You Dig It; Ten Star T-105 (boss organ/guitar/bongo-rock

Pop Organ 45s & EPs

7The Apaches: Skippin' Parts 1 & 2; London/Hi 45-2061-V (organ instrumental, exotic rock)
Doc Bagby -- see Hyp Records/Soul Patch/soul-jazz organ
6Pete Bennett & the Embers: Fever/Soft; Sunset 1002 (twist/mod/organ)
8The John Buzon Trio: Johnny's Blues/Tropical; Epic 59506 (B-side langorous but spacey organ-exotica w/bird calls)
7The John Buzon Trio: Side Saddle/Lizette; Liberty F-55189
6The Ensemble of Seven: Exotic Fantasies EP; Ectoplasm ROV-010-3 (10" 45rpm EP by Larry Seven; tortured versions of Quiet Village, Taboo, Caravan, Avant Garde Village)
6Trudy Pitts & Mr. Carney: I Really Mean It/Theme from "Exodus"; Coral 62330 (w/drummer "Mr. C")
7Shay Torrent: Hindustan/Plantation Boogie; Mercury 70542
7Cherry Wainer: Blue Cha Cha/Iced Coffee; Paris 45-533 (pop organ/mambo)

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