The definitive beat, sound, and style of Brasil is the samba. An ancient rhythm with roots in Africa and carnaval, it began as a propulsive "road march" beat like the conga. There are endless variations (baiao, choro, etc.) and musical purposes (sacred, secular, carnaval), but the "false beat" of samba and its variants is unmistakably Brasilian.

Melodically, the sound of Brasil is the Portuguese fado, usually a sad lament or ballad. Infused with the lively samba rhythm, Brasilian songs share some of the infectious qualities of the Afro-Cuban rumba. In each case, an African "country" rhythm has combined with a European "city" tradition. And in each case, the New-World settings, Brasil and Cuba, have added still other qualities that have helped samba adapt and evolve under the scrutiny of the world's listeners and dancers.

Bossa nova is the daybreak to samba's nocturne. Characterized by an intrinsic breeziness born of beaches and sunshine, the infectiously upbeat rhythm never fails to spoil even the most melancholy of melodies. Bossa nova is never labored, never stiff; the appearance of effortlessness and naturalness is essential. It swings, it skips rope, it avoids taking time to sleep or brood. Bossa nova washed over the U.S. recording industry in a set of waves. Jazz musicians welcomed the "cool" sound and the challenge of adapting its interesting rhythm. Top Brasilian composers ventured abroad to enjoy the fruits of their success. The lines between jazz and pop, samba and bossa nova, authentic and contrived, became blurred as record labels everywhere sought to meet insatiable demand.

Sergio Mendes launched a new, pop-vocal sound in the middle and late 1960s. Commercially, this was the last wave for both bossa nova and Brasilian music for decades, although some of the best was yet to come. Less tied to sales volume, jazz has maintained its steady embrace of bossa nova. One masterpiece and milestone of soul jazz, Horace Silver's "Song for My Father," is in fact a bossa nova. And Kenny Burrell's tremendous version of "One Mint Julep," from Lotsa Bossa Nova, made a television commercial for "Cappio" very popular. Whether stylish or substantive, lightweight or important, bossa nova continues permanently, as does its parent, the samba.

The great Brasilians who led the bossa nova movement in the United States --Jobim, Mendes, Airto, Gilberto, Wanderley, Donato, and many others-- had started as masters of the samba and in many cases piano and organ. As bossa nova crested and music in general became funkier and weirder in the early 1970s, the great arranger-composers experimented in soul jazz, electronic keyboards, overdubbing of percussion, and other extensions of their music. As with other forms of jazz, progressive creativity resulted from advances in technology plus the rediscovery of African roots.

Buying: Overlooked are 1950s LPs (often 10"), "Latin" LPs with Brasilian material (e.g. Shorty Rogers' "Bossa A-Go-Go" as arranged by Chano Scotty's organist Rubén Stéfano), field recordings, and carnaval records. Some 1960s records overlap with bossa nova and later developments, and most of the organists are excellent in any year. The usual rules apply; look for imports & top U.S. labels, such as Blue Note, Blue Thumb, Buddah, A&M/Verve/CTI.

Brasilian LPs

5Airto [Moreira]: Natural Feelings; Buddah BDS-21-SK; 1970
7Airto: Seeds on the Ground; Buddah BDS-5085; 1971
6Airto: The Essential; Buddah BDS-5668-2; 1976
6Airto: Fingers; CTI-6028; 1973
5Airto: Virgin Land; Salvation SAL-701; 1974
5Airto: Promise of the Sun; Arista AL-4116; 1976
7Paulo Alencar: The Great Hits of Brazil; Kapp KS-3280; 1962
[Laurindo Almeida]
7Nancy Ames: Spiced with Brasil; CBS/Epic BN-26238/LN-24238 (pop vocal/Brasil w/Laurindo Almeida)
8Os Azes de Samba; Musiplay LPM-1.111 (M-001)
8Milton Banana e o Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves: O Ritmo e o Som da Bossa Nova; Audio Fidelity do Brasil AFLP-1984; 1963 (The Rhythm & the Sound of Bossa Nova; Audio Fidelity AFSD-5984/AFLP-1984)
7Milton Banana Trio; Odeon MOFB-3417; 1965 (w/Walter Wanderley)
7Milton Banana Trio: Ve; Odeon MOFB-3431; 1965 (w/Walter Wanderley)
8Milton Banana Trio: Balancando com; EMI/Odeon/Standard 040-422046; 1966
8Milton Banana Trio: O som do Milton Banana Trio; Odeon MOFB-3501; 1967
7Milton Banana Trio: Amigo e pra essas coisas; Odeon MOFB-3675; 1971 (jacket just says "Milton Banana Trio")
6Milton Banana; Odeon MOFB-3723; 1972
7Milton Banana; Odeon SMOFB-3774; 1973
6Milton Banana: No Balanco; RCA Victor (Brasil) 103.0576; 1983
5Banda Black Rio: Best of; 1996
6Gerard Behague (rec.): Afro-Brazilian Religious Songs--Candomble Songs from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; Lyrichord LLST-7315
9Jorge Ben: Samba esquema novo; Philips P-632.161; 1965 (in US as Big Ben--Brazil's Towering Talent of Guitar & Song; Philips 600-170/200-170)
8Jorge Ben: From Brazil; Kapp/4 Corners FCS-4247
8Jorge Ben: Ben e Samba Bon; Philips P-632.727-L (10 of 12 cuts reissued as Big Ben Strikes Again; Philips PHS-600-234/PHM 200-684)
8Jorge Ben: Big Ben; Philips P-632.768-L (NOT the 1st US LP above)
7Jorge Ben: Forca Bruta; Philips R-765.121; 1970
8Jorge Ben: Ben; Philips 6349.047; 1972
5Jorge Ben: 10 Anos Depois; Philips 6349.092; 1973
7Jorge Ben: Africa Brasil; Philips 6349.187
7Jorge Ben: Samba Nova; Island ILPS-9361; 1976
6Jorge Ben: Tropical; Island/Antilles AN-7055; 1976
6Maria Bethania: Drama; Philips 6349.050; 1976
6Maria Bethania: A Cena Muda; Philips 6349.123
7Luiz Bonfa: Black Orpheus Impressions; Dot DLP-25848
7Luiz Bonfa: Jacaranda; Ranwood R-8112; 1973 (w/Airto, Ray Barretto, Stanley Clarke, Idris Muhammad, John Tropea..)
5Luiz Bonfa & Maria Toledo: Braziliana; Philips PHS-600-199
6Bossa Brasilia Band; Capi-Lux CL-006; 1978 (Dutch, some vocal chorus)
7Bossa Rio; A&M SP-4191 (prod. Sergio Mendes)
7Bossa Rio: Alegria!; Blue Thumb BTS-8817 (originals have smaller type on disc label; reissues "RE" in the stampers)
7Brasilia Nueve: How Insensitive; Decca DL-74910 (Brasilian jazz; arr. & cond. by Bill Potts; prod. Richard Marin; w/Zoot Sims, Markie Markowitz, unnamed vibist, Mel Lewis, Richard Davis, Chino Pozo, Charlie Palmieri, Louie Ramirez, Tony Gottuso, Barry Goldbraith)
7The Brasilian Rhythmists: Sounds from Brasilia; Musidisc MS-16014
5Los Brasilios: Brasilian Beat '67; Pickwick/Design DLP-264 (w/Juan Morales Singers)
7Leal Brito: Piano em Samba 10"; Musidisc M-024
8Oscar Brown, Jr. & Luiz Henrique: Finding a New Friend; Philips/Mercury/Fontana SRF-67549/MGF-27549
7Chico Buarque [de Hollanda] Volume 2; RGE XRLP-5.314; 1967
7Chico Buarque: Construcao; Philips 6349.107
8Kenny Burrell: Lotsa Bossa Nova; Kapp KS-3326 ("One Mint Julep" famously used in animated capuccino advert)
7The Cariocas: Introducing the Cariocas; Philips PHM-200-195 (vocal/vocalese)
6Caymmi; Warner Bros. WS-1614 (w/Quarteto em Cy/The Girls from Bahia)
8Gal Costa; Polygram 6328.393; 1982/1969 (reissue of 1st LP)
7Paulinho da Costa: Agora; Pablo 2310-785; 1977/1976 (percussion, funky)
5Credence: Ritmos Brasileiros; Credence S.A.; 1967
Eumir Deodato/Os Catedtraticos: Tremendao; Equipe
Eumir Deodato: Ideias; Odeon
4Horacio Diaz, his Piano & Orchestra: Brazilian Choo-Choo; Kapp KS-3181
7Paulo Diniz: Quero voltar pra' Bahia; Odeon MOFB-3664; 1970
8Joćo Donato: Sambou Sambou; Pacific Jazz ST-90 (w/Milton Banana; see also Bud Shank below)
8Joćo Donato, Piano of: The New Sound of Brazil; RCA Victor LSP-3473; 1965
9Joćo Donato: A Bad Donato; Blue Thumb BTS-21; 1972 (BTS-8821; funky; w/Emil Richards, Dom Um Romao..)
Joćo Donato: Quem e Quem; EMI; 1973
7Joćo Donato/Eumir Deodato: DonatoDeodato; Muse 5017; 1973 (funky; alternate/original jacket has title just as Joao Donato, or Donato)
6Joćo Donato: Leiliadas--Gravado ao vivo no people; Brasil Elektra Musician 610.6017; 1986
6Djalma Ferreira: Help Yourself to the Brazilliance of Djalma; Dot DLP-25905
8Manfredo Fest: After Hours; RCA/Daybreak DR-2012; 1972 (piano-led)
7Fica: Quem Samba Fica?; Odeon SMOFB-3818; 1974
7Bob Fleming; Musidisc Masterpiece Series XPL-6
4Bob Freedman & his Group: The Big Bossa Nova; Premier/Coronet CXS-185 (Nilo Lopes & his Copacabana Orchestra; Seeco Award Series SAW-2103)
7Paulo Freire: Sambas em estereo; Beverly/AMC AMCLP-5193; 1973 (Brasilian organ; Yamaha Electone super-organ)
7Russ Garcia: Carioca; RCA Victor LSP-1691; 1958
6Garra Brasileira: Successos contagiantes em ritmo de samba; Clave 32-32078; 1975/1974
6Gilberto Gil: A Arte de Gilberto Gil; Phonogram/Fontana 6470.537; 1975
6Astrud Gilberto: September 17, 1969; Verve V6-8793; 1969 (w/Airto, Stan Free..)
5Astrud Gilberto Today; Perception PLP-29; 1972 (jacket: "Astrud Gilberto Now")
7Joćo Gilberto; Odeon MOFB-3202; 1963
Joćo Gilberto: The Boss of the Bossa Nova; Atlantic SD-8070
4Nico Gomez et son orchestre; EMI/MFP 2M046-13248; 1975 (mainly Brasilian)
7[Nico Gomez &] Brasil Tropical Sound: Brasil; EMI/MFP 2M046-13276; 1975 (mainly Brasilian; "Malaria Febre" updates "Jungle Fever")
Bobby Hackett/Billy Butterfield/Luiz Henrique: Bobby/Billy/Brasil; Verve
->Joe Harnell -- see Odd Pop/mod
7Luiz Henrique: Listen to Me; Mercury/Fontana MGF-27553 (ES version is SRF-67553)
7Luiz Henrique: Barra Limpa; Verve V6-8697; 1967
5Dick Hyman: Brasilian Impressions; Command RS-911-SD
7The Iawa & Bora Indians: Music of the Upper Amazon; Everest/Olympic 6116
6Roberto Inglez: Samba Samba 10"; Coral CRL-56030; (c)1951 (UK bandleader like Edmundo Ros)
8Antonio Carlos Jobim: Stone Flower; CTI 6002; 1970 (w/Deodato; K20P-6820)
7Juarez e seu conjunto: Bossa Nova Nos States; Masterplay MDL-13.020 (Juarez & his Orchestra: Bossa Nova Brasil; ABC Paramount ABCS-449)
7Don Junior e seu Sax Maravilhoso: Sambas; Discos RGE XRLP-5.131
5Lafayette Apresenta os successos Vol. 3; CBS 4093; 1967 (organ)
4Fafa Lemos: Dinner in Rio; RCA Victor LPM-1017; 1954
5Ed Lincoln/Orlando Divo/Nilo Sergio; HI-FI Musidisc 2087
8Ed Lincoln; Musidisc HI-FI-2149
Ed Lincoln: Seu piano e seu orgao espetacular; Musidisc
8Ed Lincoln; Savoya SV-8001; 1968
9Ed Lincoln: O melhor de Ed Lincoln/Best of; Musidisc MLP-7030/607.6071
8Ed Lincoln: O melhor de Ed Lincoln/Best of Vol. 2; Musidisc MLP-7032
Ed Lincoln: Orgao espetacular; Disca
7Edu Lobo: Presenting Edu Lobo; Philips PHS-600-297 (US release of Brasilian recording; vocal)
8Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton; ABC/Impulse AS-9184; 1969 (mod bossa w/Francisco Aguabella, Bill Plummer..)
5Enric Madriguera: South American Tempos 10"; Royale 1804
6Enric Madriguera: Arthur Murray Favorites--Sambas 10"; Capitol L-260
6Enric Madriguera/Chuy Reyes: Arthur Murray Favorites--Sambas; Capitol T-260 (reissues all of 10" L-260 except "Brazil"; later reissued as T-1368 and M-11975)
Enric Madriguera -- see also Latin
6Horacio Malvicino: The Braziliam Touch of Malvicino; Decca DL-75083
7Jayme Marques: La Music de Brasil en Sonido Disco; Compas LPC-6012; 1980 (disco)
7Edinho Marundele: Eu, Bahia; Philips 6470.003; 1972 (atabaque e berimbau; w/insert)
7Mato Grosso: Ritmo do Brasil; Gema/Happy Bird B-90030 (Germany)
8Claudio Medeiros/Victor Meshkovsky & Friends: Rotation; Nucleus Keyboard Series KS-221 (Brasilian jazz/funky Moog/piano)
7Meirelles e Sua Orquestra; Odeon/London LLB-1086-S; 1972 (Brasilian jazz; 2 hip cuts)
Sergio Mendes
6[Roberto] Menescal: The Boy from Ipanema Beach; Kapp KS-3418 (rec. Brasil; w/Deodato)
[Roberto] Menescal: Soul Beat Brazil--The New Rhythms of Menescal; Kapp
Ronald Mesquita: Brasil 72; Barclay; 1972
Carmen Miranda
6Os Modernistas: Baile Moderno; Chantecler CMG-2271
8MPB4; Elenco ME-43; 1967 (excellent vocal harmony group)
7MPB-4; Elenco ME-52; 1969/1968
7Phil Moore III & the Afro Latin Soultet: Afro Brazil Oba!; Capitol/Tower ST-5085
7Milton Nascimento: Courage; CTI/A&M SP-9-3019; 1969/1968-69
7Milton Nascimento: Milagro dos peixes; Odeon; 1973
7Milton Nascimento: Milton; A&M SP-4611; 1976 (Airto, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock..)
8Wilson das Neves: Som quente e o das Neves; Polydor de luxe LPNG-44-036; 1969 (covers "California Soul" & "Soulful Strut")
6Luis Oliveira & his Bandodalua Boys: Arthur Murray Presents Latin Dance Set; Capitol T-567 (also as Bando da lua)
8The Pan American Orchestra: Star Dust Samba; Musidisc MS-16003/M-6003
4Pancho (Adolfo Roquellas): Sambas 10"; Decca DL-5057; 1949
7Duke Pearson: It Could Only Happen with You; Blue Note BN-LA317-G; 1974/1970 (w/Flora Purim)
7Andre Penazzi [Filho]: Orgao Samba Percussao; Som/Maior (Organ Jazz Samba Percussion; Audio Fidelity DFS-7020/DFM-3020; 1963)
8Andre Penazzi: Orgao Samba Percussao Vol. 2; Som/Maior SM-5522/SM-1522 (or 303.2003; Audio Fidelity DFS-7021/DFM-3021)
8Andre Penazzi: Orgao Samba Percussao Vol. 3; Som/Maior SM-5522/SM-1522 (Audio Fidelity DFS-7022/DFM-3022)
5Ruben Perez/Rodrigo de Moraes: Green & Yellow; Discos Continental; 1970 ("Pocho"--spoken-word introduction to samba)
8[Luciano Perrone e] Os Ritmistas Brasileiros: Batucada Fantastica; Musidisc 607.6068 or XPL-4 (Batucada Fantastica Bossa Nova; MGM International Music Series SE-4085)
Luciano Perrone e os Ritmistas Brasileiros: Batucada Fantastica Vol. II; Musidisc 607.6069
9Luciano Perrone e os Ritmistas Brasileiros: Batucada Fantastica Vol. III; Musidisc 607.6070
6Jesse Pessoa: Arpa Bossa Nova; Palacio 99.276; 1980 (similar to Hugo Blanco and part of the Venezuelan interest in bossa nova)
Soul Patch/Vibes/Dave Pike
6Conjunto de percussao Dora Pinto (The Dora Pinto Percussion Group); Chantecleer CMG-2071 (all-woman percussion group; features "Sessao de Macumba")
5Eliana Pittman; Odeon SMOFB-3733; 1972
5Flora Purim: Butterfly Dreams (w/Airto, George Duke); Fantasy/Milestone M-9052; 1973
7Quarteto em Cy/The Girls from Bahia: Pardon My English; Warner Bros. WS-1658; 1969
8Quarteto em Cy/The Girls from Bahia: Revolucion con Brasilia; Warner Bros. WS-1715
7Quarteto em Cy e o conjunto Oscar Castro Neves: Vinicus e Caymmi No Zu Zum; Fontana 6488.152; 1982
7Chuy Reyes & the Brazilians: Sambas 10"; Capitol H-179 (w/Nilton Paz, vocal; EBF-179 is the EP version)
Alice Ribeiro & Jose Siqueria: Folk Songs of Brazil & Xango--Brazilian Cantata; Vanguard VRS-465
7Rivinha: A Fantastica Bateria Vol. 5; Top Tape 507.6031; 1981 (percussion)
7[The Sounds of] Marco Rizo: Bossa Nova; Alshire/Somerset SF-18800 (budget label but major artist, tho Latin)
8Conjunto Edner Roberto; Gravacao Especial NAC-1296 (organ; incredible space version of "Tabu")
8Paulo Roberto: Os Diplomatas No Samba; Philips/Companhia Brasileira de Discos P-632.148-L
7Dom um Romao: Hotmosphere; RCA/Pablo 2310-777; 1976 (w/Mauricio Smith, Dom Salvador, Sivuca..)
7Dom um Romao; Muse 5013; 1974 (w/Joao Donato, Lloyd McNeill, Sivuca..)
7Dom um Romao: Spirit of the Times; Muse 5049; 1973 (w/Mauricio Smith, Lloyd McNeill, Sivuca..)
7Dom um Romao: OM; ECM 19003; 1978/1977
8Charlie Byrd/Aldemaro Romero: Onda Nueva--The New Wave; Columbia/CBS KC-31025 (uptempo Venezuelan bossa w/mod chorus; w/Frank Hernandez!)
8Aldemaro Romero & his Onda Nueva; Columbia/CBS KC-31253; 1972 (uptempo Venezuelan bossa w/mod chorus)
7Aldemaro Romero y su Onda Nueva en el mundo; [original label unknown] (Paolo Scotti/Deja Vu DJV-2000003)
8Monna Bell & Aldemaro Romero: La Onda Nueva en Mexico; Onda Nueva 004 (uptempo Venezuelan bossa w/mod chorus)
6Wanda de Sah: Softly; Capitol ST-2325 (Jack Marshall arranged)
6Samba de Roda; Universal 97.010
7Sansa Trio Vol. 2; Som/Maior SM-1515
7Moacir Santos: Maestro; United Artists/Blue Note BN-LA007-F; 1972 (Brasilian jazz)
7Conjunto Sempre Alerta: Feito para voce; Sempre Alerta SA-2001; 1968 (Brasil/guitar rock)
8Bud Shank & his Brazilian Friends; Pacific Jazz ST-89 (w/Joao Donato, Rosinha de Valenca, Sebastian Neto, Chico Batera; mainly comp./arr. by Donato)
8Gene Shaw: Carnival Sketches; Argo LP-743; 1964 (jazz w/Latin/bossa theme)
8Sonny Simmons/Clifford Jordan/Prince Lasha/Bossa Tres: Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents!; Audio Fidelity AFLP-2111; 1965
8Wilson Simonal: Vou Deixar Cair; Odeon MOFB-3470; 1966
Zoot Sims: New Beat Bossa Nova [Means the Samba Swings]; Colpix SCP-435
7Zoot Sims: New Beat Bossa Nova Vol. 2; Colpix SCP-437
7Tamba 4: We & the Sea; A&M/CTI SP-3003; 1967
7Tamba 4: Samba Blim; A&M/CTI SP-3013; 1968
8Tamba Trio; Philips P-632.129-L
Tamba Trio: Avanco; Philips
6Sebastiao Tapajos: Bienvenido Tapajos; Gema/BASF/MPS 21.21683-7; 1973/1972 (guitar)
Soul Patch/Vibes/Cal Tjader
5Os Tres Brasileiros (w/Ely Acorverde): Brazil:LXIX (Brasil '69); Capitol ST-301; 1969
8Toni Tornado; Odeon MOFB-3719; 1972 (funk; "the Brasilian James Brown")
6Juan Torrado, his Piano & Orchestra: Folk Dances 10"; Imperial FD-509
8Marcos Valle & his Music: Brazilliance!; Warner Bros. WS-1654
Vi Velasco/Zoot Sims: Cantando Bossa Nova [Means Singing the Bossa Nova]; Colpix SCP-438
Walter Wanderley
7Edward M. Weyer (rec.): Music from Mato Grosso, Brazil; Folkways/Ethnic Folkways Library FE-4446; (c)1954
8Zimbo Trio; RGE (Brasil; Pacific Jazz ST-20103/PJ-10103)
7The Zimbo Trio: The Brazilian Sound/Restrained Excitement; RGE (Brasil; Pacific Jazz ST-20114/PJ-10114)
Zimbo Trio: Zimbo Strings & Brass Plays the Hits; Philips (Brasil); 1971
8Zimbo Trio; Promus LPPS-20131 (Venezuela, lic. Brasil)
Zimbo Trio: Zimbo convida Sebastiao Topajos; Clam (Brasil); 1982
5Unknown: Rio; Itamaraty ITAM-7044
8Various: 24 Succes Bresiliens; Philips 6641.360 (9299.867); (2-LP; Jorge Ben, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Nara Leao, Edu Lobo, Baden Powell, Elis Regina, Jair Rodrigues, Wilson Simonal, Quinteto Violado)
7Various: The Best of the Bossa--by Brasil's Best; Monument MLP-8074; 1964 (stereo version is ES)
Various: Bossa Nova at Carnegie Hall; Audio Fidelity; 1962
Various: The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 1; Rare Groove RG-2006; 2000 (European collector comp)
8Various: The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 2; Rare Groove RG-2007; 2000
Various: The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 3; Rare Groove RG-2008; 2000
Various: The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 4; Rare Groove RG-2009; 2000
Various: The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 5; Rare Groove RG-2010; 2000
7Various: Brazil; Philips 6349.130; 1973?/1971-3 (compilation; Jorge Ben, Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina, Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, Ivan Lins, Carlos Lyra, Jair Rodriguez, Nara Leao..)
6Various: Brazil Classics I--Beleza Tropical; Fly/Sire 25805-1; 1988 (Jorge Ben's "Umbabarauma")
8Various: Brazil by Music/Brazil by Cruzeiro; [no label/#] (airline promo; Jingle Cruzeiro, Ary Barroso, Jorge Ben, Jobim, Caymmi, Marcos Valle, Buarque, Nascimento..)
9Various: Carnaval 10"; Capitol 1001 (Brasilian, "Sinter S.A."; compilation from 78s)
7Various: Carnival Week in Rio; Capitol of the World T-10106 (w/Ary Barroso, Trio Irakitan, Venilton Santos, Ademilde Fonseca, etc.)
7Various: Os grandes sucessos do FIO '72; Fontana 6470-500; 1972 (Brasil/funky rock/rock; compilation or covers including Jorge Ben, Os Mutantes, MPB-4, etc.)
8Various: Perfect for Dancing--Sambas; RCA Victor LPM-1073; 1955 (Fafa Lemos, Carlos Galhardo, Odette Amaral, Patricia Teixeira, Zaccarias, José Curbelo, Noro Morales)
8Various: The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Samba; World Music Network/Rough Guides; 2016 (compilation; funky)
8Various: Samba Soul 70; Ziriguiboom/Crammed; 2001 (2-LP compilation; funky)
7Various: Songs & Dances of Brazil 10"; Folkways FW-6953; 1956

Partly Brasilian/Bossa LPs

7Costantino Albini e Daniela Casa: I Sentieri del Mondo--Dall'Alasca Alla Terra del Fuoco; Panda PL-1004 (production; Haitian/voodoo/Santeria/Brasil cult/drum music)
7Antobal's Latin All-Stars Conducted by Chico O'Farrill: That Latin Beat!; Dot DLP-25445/DLP-3445 (Latin/Afro-Vodun "Voodoo Moon"/Brasil "Playtime in Brazil"; arr. O'Farrill, Peruchin, Rene Hernandez)
Les Baxter (various LPs)
7The Cabildos Three: Yuxtaposicion; Thuban Six THS-LP-9014 (soul-jazz piano/Latin jazz/Brasil "Collection Samba"; reissued in Italy as Schema SCEB-902LP)
8The Cabildos Three: Cross Fire; Vroommm VRL-609 (soul-jazz piano/conga-percussion "African Jewel"/funky rock "Devilry Time"/Brasil-bossa "Max's Movida"; reissued in Italy as Schema SCEB-903LP; title cut is essentially James Brown: "Hot Pants" with guitar)
8Sonny Chillingworth: Ka 'Aina 'O Hawaii (The Land of Hawaii); Makaha MS-2040 ("Baion Bon")
6Gus Clark: Hammond for Dancing; World Record Club TP-920 ("Abandonado")
8Cortijo y su Combo: El Alma de un Pueblo; Seeco 9326; 1978 (Latin/Brasil "Bahia"; with Israel Rivera)
8Don Cunningham Quartet: Something for Everyone (overrated rarity reissued as Ubiquity LP-038; 2003)
7Milton Delugg: Accordion My Way--Ole!; RCA Victor LSP-3861; 1967 (all Brasilian tunes played on accordion; Tonight Show musical director)
8Montego Joe: Arriba! Con Montego Joe; Prestige PRST-7336; 1964 ("Maracatu")
8Montego Joe: Afro Rhythms; Kimbo Educational KLP-6060; 1970 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria)
7Montego Joe/Marie Brooks: Ethnic Dances of Black People Around the World; Kimbo Educational KLP-9040 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria; 4 treatments of 8 cuts from KLP-6060)
7Quincy Jones: Around the World; Mercury PPS-6014 ("Baia")
5Barney Kessel: Guitarra; RCA Camden CAS-2404; 1969
8Richard Koehneke: For Adults Only; Mosann Enterprises/Fortress BM-768; 1968 ("Christ is Changing Everything"; Christian/spoken with music/soul jazz/sex-ed/drugs/kids/harp/bossa "Bossa Rhumba"; w/Joe Newman, Chuck Rainey, Eric Gale, Corky Hale..)
6Yusef Lateef: The Golden Flute ("Head Hunters"); ABC/Impulse A-9125; 1966
8Wilson Lewes Quartet/Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith; Guest Star GS-1914 (mod soul-twist/organ/bossa; Bobby Banks, organ; with 2 throwaway cuts by Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith)
7Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Future Sound Shock; Project 3 PR-5077-QD (percussion/sitar/Brasil/caribeat)
7Go Latin w/Enric Madriguera & his Orchestra/Desi Arnaz & his Latinos 10"; Decca DL-5350; 1951
6Michel Magne: Emmanuelle 4--va beaucoup plus loin ST; Carrere CA-681/66084; 1984 (w/Sergio Renucci)
6Massada: Astaganaga; Kendari KIL-21006-KL; 1978 ("Beautiful Berimbau/Sleep My Love"; Latin rock/Latin funk/Brasil like Santana, El Chicano, etc. by Dutch Indonesians)
6Jimmy McGriff: Topkapi; Sue STLP-1033 ("Topkapi"--bossa organ)
7Noro Morales & his Orchestra: At the Harvest Moon Ball; Roulette R-25045; 1958 (one samba: "Come to the Mardi Gras")
7Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 2--Bossa Nova/Rock Themes; Capitol (production/funky rock/bossa; 12 1-minute themes)
7Rene Paulo & Group featuring Akemi: Forever More; P&N PNS-1001 (Hawaii/exotica "Next Door to Paradise"/piano/Japan/mod bossa "Love You Tokyo")
Perez Prado (esp. Our Man in Latin America; RCA Victor LSP-2610; 1963)
6Pete Rugolo: Adventures in Rhythm; Philips B-07049-L
Lalo Schifrin (various LPs) -- see Soul Patch/Soul-Jazz Piano
8Chano Scotty: The New Sound of Chano Scotty & his Combo Latino; Musicor MS-3120; 1967
8Chano Scotty y su Combo Latino: Favoritos Bailables; Musicor MS-3139; 1967
8Soul Bossa Trio; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-003; 1995 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/bossa)
7Axel Stordahl & Orchestra: Guitars Around the World; Decca DL-74337 ("Brazil (Aquarela do Brasil)"; with Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Laurindo Almeida, Fred Tavares, Allan Reuss)
7Jonny Teupen: Love & Harp A La Latin; Deutsche Vogue International Series MDINT 9685 (soul-jazz harp/Latin jazz/Brasil)
6The Village Callers "Live"; Rampart 3304; 1968 ("The Frog")
7Larry Wilcox & his Orchestra: Hot Rod Jazz--Tuff Saxes & Twangy Guitars; CBS/Columbia CS-8947 (hot rod/mod/Mexicali/bongo/spy/samba/jazz)
5Bajazzo featuring Pascal von Wroblewski: Fasten Seat Belts; Amiga 8-56-324; ("Sambalita"; Germany)
8Various: African & Afro-American Drums; Folkways FE-4502 (2-LP compilation)
6Various: Dance to Latin Rhythms No. 1 10"; Westminster WL-3021 (Latin/Brasil/Afro-Cuban; Parisian orchestras of Pepe Luiz, Roger Bourdin, Don Diego, Felix Valvert, Noel Chiboust)
8Various: Rare Funk Vol. 1; Cobalt COBLP-1004
8Various: [Black Power Presents:] Suono Libero--A Trip Through Obscure '70s Jazz-Funk Tracks from Italian Music Library (sic); IRMA/La Douce 806; 1997/1968-84 (funk/soul-jazz organ/soul-jazz vibes/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/soul-jazz conga/Brasil)

Brasilian 45s & EPs

8Manfredo Fest: Misturada/O Ovo (The Egg); A&M 1009 (organ-led; prod. Sergio Mendes)
7Claus Ogerman: Zorba!/No Boom Boom; Capitol 2313 (mod/bossa; both cuts from the Broadway musical)
6Betty Reilly & Les Baxter: Brazilian Baion/Magdalena; Capitol F-2645
5Edmundo Ros: Pansy/Bahia Bamboree; London 45-1778 (B side only)
7Kyu Sakamoto: Sukiyaki/Tankobushi; Capitol Starline 6152 (B-side only)
8Wilson Simonal EP; Odeon M7BD-1142; 1968 (Samba Do, Crioulo Doido, Alegria Alegria, Pata Pata, A Rosa da Roda)

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