Sabu with Cornelis Vreeswijk

Cornelis Vreeswijk: Tio vackra visor och personliga Person (Ten Beautiful Tunes and Personal Person); Metronome MLP-15313; 1968

Deidres samba *
Bibbis visa
I Rio de Janeiro
Florentijn i byn *
Papillas samba *
Somliga går med trasiga skor *
Felicia - adjö *
Presonliga person

* Sabu tracks

Sabu with Merit Hemmingson

Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968

This is it. CONTEMPORARY MUSIC -- the music of today, played with the pulse of today. Young, happy, fresh, alive. Music for the young in heart. Music for everybody who finds life an exciting adventure.

Original sounds from an unusual source...for the person responsible for this exciting brew of big Hammond organ sounds is a pretty Swedish girl: Merit Hemmingson.

For this album Merit has chosen a mixed bag of well-known numbers which you'll surely recognize. With her special talent for arrangement, Merit takes up each catchy tune and gives it a new rendering. Every performance is power-packed and delivered straight from the hip. A beaty, funky sound that her backing band swings with enthusiastically...and you will too.

It would be difficult to put Merit's music in any one category. Not jazz, not pop, not R 'n's all of these...and a lot more besides. But above all, it's happy that smiles and swings all the way.

Merit has had much experience in the music world. She has been playing piano and organ ever since she could climb onto a piano stool. She has led her own all-girl American band and has played with many well-known jazz musicians.

P.S. Don't be surprised to find a girl playing jazz organ, a field of music dominated by men. Merit Hemmingson is a pretty surprising girl.

P.P.S. I mean, Merit Hemmingson is a surprisingly pretty girl.

P.P.P.S. I mean...

Merit Hemmingson, Hammond organ
Tony Westerling, tenor saxophone
Carl-Johan Westfeldt, guitar
Sabu Martinez, bongos and congas
Mats Olsson, marimba

Side 1:

Lady Madonna (McCartney-Lennon-Harrison) - 2:51
What a Wonderful World (Weiss-Douglas) - 3:40
Congratulations (Bill Martin-Phil Coulter) - 2:20
Too Much of Nothing (Bob Dylan) - 3:16
A Banda (Chico Buarque de Hollanda) - 2:06
Up, Up, and Away (Jim Webb) - 2:33
If I Were a Carpenter (Tim Hardin) - 3:24

Side 2:

Soul Finger (King-Jones-Cunningham-Caulew-Caldwell-Alexander) - 2:25
Så skimrande var aldrig havet (Evert Taube) - 2:24
Mighty Quinn (Bob Dylan) - 2:23
Pata Pata (Makeba-Ragovoy) - 3:12
The Letter (Carson) - 2:24
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Crewe-Gaudio) - 2:35
La La La (Ramon Arcusa-Mamolo de la Calva) - 3:20

Recorded in Europa Film's Studio May 30 and June 6, 1968.

Trollskog (Troll Forest); Columbia E-062-34604; 1972

Merit Hemmingson plays Moog and Sabu plays congas. Musical styles range from soft acoustic soloing to jams with synthesizer and electric, "waka-waka" guitar. There are 20 tracks and about 20 other musicians.

Sabu with Radiojazzgruppen

Radiojazzgruppen: Vårdkasar (Beacons); SR Records RELP-1071; 1968

Rolf Ericson, trumpet
Bertil Lövgren, trumpet
Jan Allan, trumpet
Runo Ericksson, bass trombone
Arne Domnerus, alto saxophone, clarinet
Claes Rosendahl, tenor saxophone, flute
Lennart Åberg, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Eric Nilsson, bariton saxophone, bass clarinet
Jan Johansson, piano
Rune Gustavsson, guitar
Georg Riedel, bass
Egil Johansen, drums
Lars Samuelsson, trumpet ("Lover man," "Generalens dröm," "Vals från Delsbo")
Weine Renliden, trumpet ("Het sommar")
Rolan Keijser, tenor saxophone ("Het sommar")
Sabu Martinez, congas ("Generalen kommer hem," "Night in Tunisia," "Het sommar")

Side 1:

Fanfar (Jan Johansson)
Lover Man (Roger Ramirez)
Generalen kommer hem ("The General Comes Home," Jan Johansson)
Generalens dröm ("The General's Dream," Jan Johansson)

Side 2:

St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy)
Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)
Vals från Delsbo ("Waltz from Delsbo," Jan Johansson)
Het sommar ("Hot Summer," Jan Johansson)
Vedergällningen ("The Retribution," Jan Johansson)

Recorded in the Swedish Radio's Studio 2, Stockholm

Radiojazzgruppen: Blåsländor (Blue Dragonflies) SR Records RELP-1111; 1970

Arne Domnerus, band leader, alto saxophone, clarinet
Jan Allan, trumpet
Rolf Ericson, trumpet, flugelhorn
Bertil Lövgren, trumpet
Olle Lind, bass trombone
Claes Rosendahl, tenor saxophone, flute
Lennart Åberg, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Eric Nilsson, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Rune Gustavsson, guitar
Bengt Hallberg, piano
Georg Riedel, bass
Egil Johansen, drums

Side 1:

Sabu (Georg Riedel) - 4:49 Sabu, congas, bongos
Hugin och Munin (Georg Riedel) - 2:58
Svit Cosmopolit (Georg Riedel) - 12:32 Sabu, congas, bongos

Side 2:

Sister Sadie (Horace Silver) - 4:38
California Dreaming (John Phillips) - 5:03
Måndag Kväll ("Monday Evening," Jan Johansson) - 4:33
Jorden ("The Earth," Bengt Hallberg) - 7:43

Recorded in the auditoria of Sunstaskolan, Karlstad and Uppsala University.

Sabu with Kenny Clarke & Francis Boland

The Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band: Latin Kaleidoscope; MPS 1970

Recorded August 28-29, 1968, produced by Gigi Campi. (Later reissued by Prestige.)

Kenny Clarke, drums
Francy Boland, piano
Benny Bailey, trumpet
Idrees Slieman, trumpet
Jimmy Duchar, trumpet
Dusko Gojkovic, trumpet
Milo Pavlovic, trumpet
Ake Persson, trombone
Nat Peck, trombone
Erik van Lier, trombone
Derek Humble, alto sax
Phil Woods, alto sax
Tony Coe, tenor sax
Ronnie Scott, tenor sax
Johnny Griffin, tenor sax
Sahib Shehab, baritone sax
Jimmy Woode, bass
Jean Warland, bass
Kenny Clare, percussion
Shake Keane, percussion
Al "Tootie" Heath, percussion
Tony Inzalaco, percussion
Sabu Martinez, percussion

Side A: Latin Kaleidoscope

1. Un Graso Deareia - 4:57
_ _Duas Rosas - 2:20
2. A Rosa Negra - 1:57
_ _Uma Fita De Tres Cores - 4:47
3. Olhos Negros - 4:00
_ _Ramo De Flores - 2:00

Side B: Cuban Fever

1. Fiebre Cubana - 2:25
_ _Mambo De Las Brujas - 4:09
_ _Strano Sueno - 4:00
2. Cara Bruja - 2:06
3. Crepuscule Y Aurora - 6:47

Sabu with Björbobandet

Coop Clinic presents Sabu and Björbobandet: Aurora Borealis; COOP LP 71-01; 1971

"Groovy, man," said Sabu Martinez, when the thought of an LP with him and Björbobandet was brought up. They had met on a jazz consert, and Sabu got turned on by the beautiful sound -- to the degree that he went home and brought out some tunes of his own, that turned on the band in its turn, so these tunes were placed on Side A. The standard repertoire of Björbobandet is found on Side B ("Inside Track" and others); you can not disappoint "old" fans. Big band jazz of the best brand is offered, with an impressive width and quality, in both the ensemble as well as the solo efforts.

The title tune "Aurora Borealis" is the opening number on Side A and is followed by Sabu's other melodies in a little suite, that quite naturally are built on Sabu and Johnny Martinez playing the conga and bongos. The rhythm section here has the opportunity to play to the full. After the pulsating Puerto Rican music that opens the B side, the band follows with swing music, and there is also a vocal track -- Hans-Olov Berglund sings Oscar Brown, Jr.'s nice blues "World full of Grey."

In order to simplify the adjustment of your stereo equipment, a so-called "Jewel," i.e. rhythm of about 30 seconds, is played, beginning in the left channel, moving to the right channel, and at the end of the side, in the opposite direction.

With this LP the Björbobandet also would like to thank Vuxenskolan that has made it possible to let the band practice as a study circle and thus to a great extent made the making of this LP possible. Finally, I hope that everybody will have a good and "groovy" time with this record -- that is in any case the thought behind it. -- Bo Harry Sundin

Filip Jansson, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Acke Sundberg, alto saxophone
Thord Önnerud, tenor saxophone, flute
Arne Lidman, baritone saxophone
Bertil Spåman, baritone saxophone
Sege Johansson, trumpet
Göte Magnusson, trumpet
Lollo Berglund, trumpet
Sigge Ferm, trumpet
Olle Redhe, trumpet
Evald Karlsson, trombone
Olle Moberg, trombone
Lennart Lundberg, trombone
Hans-Olov Berglund, trombone
Sven-Olof Andersson, French horn
Rolf Hedeen, piano
Pierre Svärd, organ
Gösta Norell, bass
Lars Christians, bass guitar
Sabu Martinez, congas, vocals ("Oh! Min Dara!," "The Sacrifice," Jewel 4)
Johnny Martinez, bongos
John Haglund, drums

Side A:

[Jewel 1 (ad lib)]
Aurora Borealis (Sabu Martinez)
Marie, Johnnybo, and Joker (Sabu Martinez)
Oh! Min Dara! (Sabu Martinez)
The Sacrifice (Sabu Martinez, Art Blakey)
Will-o-the-Wisp (Lollo Berglund)
[Jewel 2 (ad lib)]
Side B:
[Jewel 3 (ad lib)]
Puerto Rican Rice and Beans (Sabu
Inside Track (Larry Mahouberac)
World Full of Grey (Oscar Brown, Jr.)
Not So Loud, Please! (Dave Wolpe)
Easy Street (A. Jones)
The Queen Bee (Sammy Nestico)
[Jewel 4 (ad lib)]

Recorded at Sveriges Radio, Falun, November 14-15, 1971

Sabu with Cecilia & Pursey

Cecilia & Pursey: La Salsa; Aksent LP-149; 1976/1975 (w/Gathu, Marcus Migoya, Bebo Valdez, Americo Bellotto, Hector Bingert...)

[10 tracks]

Sabu with Peter Herbolzheimer

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Wide Open; MPS MPS 15.391; 1974/1973

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Live at Ronnie Scott's; MPS BAP-5058; 1975/1974

Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, May 10-11, 1974.

Ronnie Simmonds, trumpet
Ack van Rooyen, trumpet
Art Farmer, trumpet
Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet
Ake Persson, trombone
Jiggs Whigham, trombone
Rudi Fuesers, trombone
Peter Herbolzheimer, trombone
Ferdinand Povel, flute, alto sax, soprano sax
Dieter Reith, keyboards
Günter Lenz, bass
Philip Catherine, guitar
Kenny Clare, drums
Sabu Martinez, percussion
Horst Muhlbradt, electric piano (cuts 2,3,6 below)
Side A:
Mr. Clean
Con Alma
Side B:
Don't Speak Now
Blues in My Shoes

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Live Im Onkel Pö; Polydor 2371-564; 1975

Sabu with Charlie Mariano

Reflections; RCA YFPL-1-828; 1974

Recorded in Helsinki, March 14-15, 1974.

Charlie Mariano, sax
Eero Koivistoinen, sax
Jukka Tolonen, guitar
Olli Ahvenlahti/Esko Linnavalli/Pentti Hietanaen, piano
Pekka Sarmanto, bass
Esko Rossnell/Reino Laine, drums
Sabu Martinez, congas, percussion (* only)
Side A:
Glenford Crescent *
Brother Muthaiah *
Spanish Dance *
Side B:
Blue in Green
Thiruvarankulam *
Ramblin' *

Sabu with Art Farmer

A Sleeping Bee; Europafilm EFG-5015084; 1976/1974

Recorded at Europa Film Studios, Stockholm, 1974.

Art Farmer, trumpet, flugelhorn
Jan Schaffer, guitar
Göran Strandberg, piano
Red Mitchell, bass
Sabu Martinez, percussion
Tony Inzalaco, drums
Island Östlund, drums
Side A:
It Might as Well be Spring
Come Rain or Come Shine
Green Witch
Side B:
A Sleeping Bee
A Bitty Ditty
Smiling Billy

Sabu with Tony Scott

Tony Scott: Manteca; Sonet Sonet SLP-2548; 1973

Tony Scott, clarinet, baryton, vocal
Kjell Öhman, organ
Rune Öfwerman, piano
Sture Nordin, bass
Ed Thigpen, drums
Okay Temiz, percussion
Sabu Martinez, congas
Jan Schaffer, electric guitar

Side 1:

1. Manteca
2. 'Round Midnight
3. Lemon Drop

Side 2:

1. Billie's Bounce
2. Lover Man
3. One for Topsy

Recorded 19-20 June, 1973

Sabu with Ed Thigpen

Ed Thigpen: Action re action; Sonet SNTF-689; 1974 (Sonet SLP-2558)

Ed Thigpen, drums and vibes
Palle Mikkelborg, trumpet
Kjell Öhman, electric piano, piano
Mads Vinding, bass
Lennart Åberg, soprano and tenor saxes, flute
Sabu Martinez, congas
Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, percussion

Side 1:

1. House of Poets
_ _a) Le Matin (Palle Mikkelborg)
_ _b) Le Soir (Palle Mikkelborg)
_ _c) Who's kidding who? (Palle Mikkelborg)
2. Danish Drive (Mads Vinding)

Side 2:

1. Action-re-action
_ _a) Illusions (Ed Thigpen)
_ _b) Adventures of a duck with friends (Ed Thigpen)
_ _c) Action-re-action (Ed Thigpen-Palle Mikkelborg)

Sabu with Gugge Hedrenius

Gugge Hedrenius' Big Blues Band: Blues of Europe; Polar POLS-268; 1976/1975

Recorded at Metronome Studio, Stockholm, August-November, 1975.

Side A:
Blues of Wermland - 4:00
Blues for Radio Sweden 2:20
Easy - 2:45
Big Blues Samba - 5:35
She is Funny That Way - 4:10
Side B:
Blues of Europe - 7:52 *
Big Blues Riff - 2:57 *
Helena I - 5:00
Helena II - 3:00

* Sabu tracks

Sabu with Juhani Aaltonen & Otto Donner

Strings; Love LRLP-160; 1976 (Finland)

Och Tusen, Tusen Strala Ock - 7:20 *
Saxballad - 4:28 *
Niin Vahan on Aikaa - 5:44 *
Knut Bossa Nova - 5:00 *
Och Det Gar, Det Gar - 9:20 *
My Next & Only Love - 6:58

* Sabu tracks

Sabu with Lasse Werner

Därför dricker jag; Dragon DRLP-20; 1979/1967

Därför dricker jag ("That's Why I Drink") - 5:30
Danstema for B.M. - 15:02
Intellektuell dansmusik - 4:28
Bortdömd - 13:42
Morgondans - 4:05
Ambrosia - 8:18

All compositions by Werner, recorded monaurally in 1967 with Sabu (the day he arrived in Sweden), except "Ambrosia" (Sjöwall-Werner, stereo, 1978)

For LP/CD availability, write: Dragon Records, Box 4068, S-10262, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sabu with George Russell/Swedish Radio-Jazz Orchestra

Därför dricker jag; Dragon DRLP-20; 1979/1967

Living Time, Event V - 10:47
Big City Blues - 9:22
Listen to the Silence, Part 1 - 4:32
Cubano Be, Cubano Bop - 10:25 *
Mystic Voices - 5:56
God Bless the Child - 5:25
Listen to the Silence, Part 2 - 3:57

* Sabu track; Swedish Radio-Jazz Orchestra recorded live in Estrad, Sodertalje, Sweden, March 10, 1977 (his last recording)

Otherwise New York Big Band recorded August 16, 1978, New York

George Russell: Our Delight (or New York Big Band); Soul Note SN-1039; 1982/1977-78 (1 Sabu track: "Cubano Be Cubano Bop" rec. live in Sweden, Narch 10, 1977--his last recording)
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