Soul-Jazz & Funky Organ

Besides the rise of rock "supergroups," probably the greatest tragedy of the hippie era was the neglect of soul jazz. Damned by the jazz world as commercial, soul jazz's old masters and young turks alike were consigned to the stages and jukeboxes of New Jersey dives. Lonnie Smith's seminal live recording "Move Your Hand" typifies just this setting and dismal state of affairs. But, decades later, "acid jazz" and the Blue Note breakbeat series have resurrected the giants of soul jazz. And most of them, as if daring the jazz world to pay them any mind, play Hammond funk.

First things first: Jimmy Smith is not a funky soul-jazz titan, although he made the jazz world accept organ, even blues organ. Though elevated far above the output of average "chitlin pumpers," almost everything he recorded besides "Root Down" is a bore. Rather, Jimmy McGriff (James Harrill McGriff), Richard "Groove" Holmes, Charles Kynard, Charles Earland, Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith, and Reuben Wilson are the titans of the funky 1965-1975 period. The ranks of hip, but not exactly jazz, organists include James Brown, Hank Marr, and Billy Larkin. Larry Young and Freddie Roach deserved consideration as the "organists' organists" in soul and mod jazz (boogaloo). Besides all the records made with organists as leader, many great organ-dominated tracks show up throughout the catalogs of Blue Note, Prestige, etc. Lonnie Smith, for instance, played on "Alligator Boogaloo."

Many of the great organists, like leaders on other instruments, have relied on yet other keyboard wizards for help with the composing and arranging duties. Monk Higgins and Horace Ott are among the "names" responsible for extraordinary records.

Jazzbo purists have long held their noses when confronted with soul jazz and organ particularly. But damn what they think, soul-jazz organ is great! It makes perfect filler for soul-jazz and funk sets.

Buying: Values can be had on original Blue Notes and rarer items. Many from the mid-1960s, mod-boogaloo period are very worthwhile.

Funky-Organ LPs

7Doc Bagby: Honky Tonk in Silk; CBS/Epic LN-3346 (R&B but hip; w/Billy Mure)
5The Doc Bagby Hammond Organ Trio: A Place in the Sun; Current S/475 (pop organ/mod; with Nate Stokes, Panama Francis, Jimmy Lewis, Don Gardner, Gil de Leon)
6Doc Bagby/Luis Rivera: Battle of the Organs; King 631; 1965/1964-5 (1 side each; reissued in Denmark as Sing 631; 1987)
7Julius Brockington: Sophisticated Funk; Perception/Today TLP-1006; 1972
7Julius Brockington: The United Chair; Perception/Today TLP-1009; 1973
7Odell Brown & the Organ-izers: Raisin' the Roof; Cadet LPS-775; 1966
8Odell Brown & the Organ-izers: Mellow Yellow; Cadet LPS-788; 1967
7Odell Brown & the Organ-izers: Ducky; Cadet LPS-800; 1968/1967
6Odell Brown Plays Otis Redding; Cadet LPS-823; 1969
6Odell Brown: Free Delivery; Cadet LPS-838; 1970/1969
7Odell Brown; Paula LPS-4005; 1974
7Henry Cain: The Funky Organ-ization of Henry Cain; Capitol ST-2688
[Alice Coltrane -- perhaps not really soul jazz but hip]
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Rinky Dink; Chess LP-1473 (mod-soul organ)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez & his Happy Organ; Mercury/Clock SR-60647-C
6Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Happy Organ; RCA Victor LSP-2099; 1959 (part reissue/duplicate)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Rinky-Dink; Premier/Coronet CXS-223 (side one mostly duplicates Clock and RCA)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Fabulous Organ; MGM/Metro MS-550
Dave "Baby" Cortez: [title unknown]; Sound Pak 1005
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Organ Shindig; Roulette SR-25298 (mod soul/organ)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Tweetie Pie; Roulette R-25315 (mod soul/organ; reissues SR-25298 with two cuts changed/new--better!)
8Dave "Baby" Cortez: Soul Vibration; All-Platinum AP-3011; 1972 (funk organ)
7Wild Bill Davis: Doin' His Thing; RCA Victor LSP-4139; 1969/1967 (with a breakbeat)
Bill Doggett: Moondust; King 502
7Bill Doggett, his Organ & Combo: Hot Doggett; King 514
Bill Doggett: As You Desire Me; King 523
7Bill Doggett: Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk; King 395-531
6Bill Doggett: Dame Dreaming; King 532
Bill Doggett: A Salute to Ellington; King 533
Bill Doggett: The Doggett Beat for Dancing Feet; King 557
Bill Doggett: Candleglow; King 563
6Bill Doggett: Swingin' Easy; King 582
Bill Doggett: Dance Awhile with Doggett; King 585
6Bill Doggett: Christmas Songs; King 600
7Bill Doggett: Hold It!; King 609 (in ES as Gusto/PowerPak PO-269; 1975)
7Bill Doggett: High and Wide; King 633
6Bill Doggett: Big City Dance Party; King 641
8Bill Doggett: "On Tour"; King 667 (not live)
Bill Doggett: Reminiscent Lovers; King 706
6Bill Doggett: Back with More Bill Doggett; King 723
7Bill Doggett: The Many Moods of Bill Doggett; King 778; 1961 (organ/mod soul/mod twist; reissued 1987 Highland Music)
8Bill Doggett: Impressions; King 868 (compilation, or partly)
8Bill Doggett: The Best of Bill Doggett; King 908 (compilation)
7Bill Doggett: A Bonanza of 24 Songs; King 959 (compilation; abridged tunes; "Collectors Edition")
8Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk Popcorn; King 1078 (Tone 237)
7Bill Doggett: Sentimental Mood; King KS-1104
Bill Doggett: All his Hits--14; King 5009
8Bill Doggett: 16 Bandstand Favorites--For Your Listening & Dancing Pleasure; Gusto/Starday SD-3023; 1978 (compilation; reissues King)
7Bill Doggett & his Combo: Oops!; Columbia CS-8614/CL-1814; 1962
7Bill Doggett & his Combo: Prelude to the Blues; Columbia CS-8742/CL-1942; 1962 (w/Billy Butler & Cliff Davis)
7Bill Doggett & his Combo: Fingertips; Columbia CS-8882/CL-2082; 1963
7Bill Doggett: Wow!; ABC-Paramount ABCS-507; 1964
8Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk a la Mod!; Roulette SR-25330 (w/Billy Butler, Jimmy Castor..)
8The Charlie Earland Trio: Boss Organ; Choice MG-517 (w/Jimmy Ponder & Bobby Durham)
Charlie Earland, Jr.: [?]; Quakertown LP-1025
7Charles Earland: Black Talk!; Prestige PRST-7758; 1970
7Charles Earland: Black Drops; Prestige PRST-7815; 1970
7Charles Earland: Living Black!; Prestige PRST-10009; 1971/1970 (live)
7Charles Earland: Soul Story; Prestige PRST-10018; 1972
7Charles Earland: Intensity; Prestige PRST-10041; 1972
7Charles Earland: Charles III; Prestige PRST-10061; 1973/1972-3
7Charles Earland: The Dynamite Brothers ST; Prestige PRST-10082; 1974/1973
7Charles Earland: Kharma; Prestige PRST-10095; 1975/1974 (live at Montreux)
5Charles Earland: Odyssey; Mercury Phonogram SRM-1-1049; 1976
5Charles Earland & Odyssey: Revelation; Mercury Phonogram SRM-1-1149; 1977
7Charles Earland: Burners; Prestige MPP-2501; 1980 (compilation)
6Charles Earland: In the Pocket; Muse MR-4240; 1982 (w/Houston Person, Melvin Sparks, Idris Muhammad)
6Charles Earland: Front Burner; Milestone M-9165; 1988
8Bobby Emmons: Blues with a Beat with an Organ; London/Hi HL-12024; 1965 (organ/mod soul)
8Piotr Figiel: Organy Hammonda; Pronil SXL-0801 (Poland; jacket face says just "Piotr")
7Bobby Forrester: Organist; Dobre 1012
7Ernie Freeman: Twistin' Time; Imperial LP-12081 (soul-jazz organ/dance rock/breakbeat)
6Ernie Freeman: Raunchy; Imperial LP-12148 (soul-jazz organ/soul-jazz piano)
Ernie Freeman's Soulful Sounds of Country Classics: Liberty LST-7264/LRP-3264
Ernie Freeman Limbo Dance Party: Liberty LST-7283/LRP-3283
7The Ernie Freeman Combo featuring Ernie Freeman at the Organ: Liberty LST-7331/LRP-3331 (mod organ)
7Alan Hawkshaw: Soul Organ Showcase; KPM 1027; 1968 (soul-jazz organ/mod soul)
6Kossie Gardner: Pipes of Blue; Dot DLP-25940 (organ/funky rock)
5Walt Harper Live at the Attic; Birmingham BI-1570 (lounge act/soul-jazz organ; Pittsburgh; notes by Chico Hamilton)
6Leon Haywood: Soul Cargo; Fat Fish LP-2525 (mod soul jazz, live)
7Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones: Discotheque Dance a Go Go; Sonet SLP-50; 1966 (organ/mod-soul hits live at the Esquire Club; reissued as Sonet SLP-50/Grand Prix GP-9978; 1970)
6Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968
6Richard "Groove" Holmes: Soul Message; Prestige PRST-7435; 1965
6Richard "Groove" Holmes: Living Soul; Prestige PRST-7468; 1966
6Richard "Groove" Holmes: Misty; Prestige PRST-7485; 1966 (ballads)
6Richard "Groove" Holmes: Super Soul; Prestige PRST-7497; 1967 (mod soul/boogaloo covers)
7Richard "Groove" Holmes: Get Up & Get It!; Prestige PRST-7514; 1967
7Richard "Groove" Holmes: That Healin' Feelin'; Prestige PRST-7601; 1968
4Richard "Groove" Holmes: A Bowl of Soul; Warner Bros./Loma 5902
6Richard "Groove" Holmes: X-77; World Pacific Jazz ST-20163 (live at the Lighthouse)
8Richard "Groove" Holmes: Comin' on Home; United Artists/Blue Note BST-84372; 1971
7Richard "Groove" Holmes: Night Glider; Groove Merchant GM-512
8Richard "Groove" Holmes: New Groove; Groove Merchant GM-527; 1974
8Richard "Groove" Holmes: Onsaya Joy; Flying Dutchman BDL1-0827; 1975
9Richard "Groove" Holmes: Six Million Dollar Man; Flying Dutchman BDL1-1146; 1975
5Groove Holmes: Good Vibrations; Muse 5167; 1980
5Richard "Groove" Holmes: Broadway; Muse 5239; 1980 (w/"Ode to Larry Young")
7Richard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts: Come Together; World Pacific ST-20171
6J.J. Jones: Misty; Wyncote W-9170
6Charles Kynard: Professor Soul; Prestige PR-7599; 1968
9Charles Kynard: Soul Brotherhood; Prestige PR-7630; 1969
9Charles Kynard: Reelin' with the Feelin'; Prestige PR-7688; 1969
9Charles Kynard: Afro-Disiac; Prestige PR-7796; 1970
8Charles Kynard: Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Beautiful People); Prestige PR-10008; 1971
9Charles Kynard; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-331; 1971 (w/King Errison)
7Charles Kynard: Woga; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-366; 1972
8Charles Kynard: Your Mama Don't Dance; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-389; 1973
8Blue Mitchell/Charles Kynard/Roy Haynes/Charles Williams: Booty; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-413; 1974
8[Billy Larkin &] The Delegates; World Pacific/Aura ST-3002; 1964
8Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Blue Lights; Liberty/World Pacific/Aura ST-23003 (w/Clifford Scott of James Brown/King fame)
8Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Hole in the Wall; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21837
7Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Ain't That a Groove!; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21843
7Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Hold On!; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21850
7Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Don't Stop; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21863
6Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Dr. Feelgood; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21874 (w/Ralph Black, vocalist)
8Billy Larkin & the Delegates: The Best of; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21883 (compilation; 6 cuts from the rare 1st LP, 4 from the 2nd)
7Billy Larkin: I Got the Feelin'; Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21891
7Sam Lazar: Space Flight; Chess/Argo LP-4002; 1960 (w/Grant Green)
8Sam Lazar: Soul Merchant; Chess/Argo LP-714; 1962
7Wilson Lewes Quartet/Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith; Guest Star GS-1434 (mod soul-twist/organ; Bobby Banks, organ; with 2 throwaway cuts by Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith)
8Wilson Lewes Quartet/Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith; Guest Star GS-1914 (mod soul-twist/organ/bossa; Bobby Banks, organ; with 2 throwaway cuts by Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith)
8Wilson Lewes Quartet/Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith: Jazz Organ (The Cat); Guest Star GS-1915 (mod soul-twist/organ; Bobby Banks, organ; with 2 throwaway cuts by Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith)
7The Wilson Lewes Trio: The In Crowd; Diplomat D-2369 (mod jazz/organ/piano)
7Dave Lewis: Mmm-Mmm-Mmm; First American FA-7733; 1980 (partly live)
7Gene Ludwig: The Hot Organ; Time S-2199/52199 (trio featuring a Jerry Byrd on guitar)
->Hank Marr -- see James Brown's People/King funk
8Bill Mason: Gettin' Off; Eastbound 9000; 1972
7Brother Jack McDuff: Silk & Soul; Prestige PRST-7404; 1965 (w/Montego Joe, Joe Dukes, George Benson, Red Holloway, Larry Gales)
6Brother Jack McDuff: The Midnight Sun; Prestige PRST-7529; 1967
7Brother Jack McDuff: Soul Circle; Prestige PRST-7567; 1968
7Brother Jack McDuff: The Natural Thing; Cadet LPS-812; 1968 (mod soul; reissued w/b&w jacket)
8Brother Jack McDuff: Getting Our Thing Together; Cadet LPS-817; 1969/1968
7Brother Jack McDuff: Steppin' Out; Prestige PRST-7666; 1969
8Brother Jack McDuff: Down Home Style; Blue Note BST-84322; 1969
9Brother Jack McDuff: Moon Rappin'; Blue Note BST-84334; 1970/1969
7Brother Jack McDuff: To Seek a New Home; Blue Note BST-84348; 1970
6Brother Jack McDuff: Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring; Blue Note BST-84358; 1971/1970
7Brother Jack McDuff: The Heatin' System; All Platinum/Cadet 2CA-60017; 1972 (2-LP)
7Brother Jack McDuff: Check This Out; GRT/Cadet CA-50024; 1972 (live)
9Brother Jack McDuff: The Fourth Dimension; GRT/Cadet CA-50051; 1974
8Brother Jack McDuff: Magnetic Feel; GRT/Cadet CA-60039; 1975 (w/synths, Pee Wee Ellis, George Benson..)
7Brother Jack McDuff: Gin & Orange; All Platinum/Cadet LPS-831; 1977/1969 (2 live cuts)
7Jimmy McGriff: I've Got a Woman; Sue STLP-1012; 1963
6Jimmy McGriff: One of Mine; Sue STLP-1013
6Jimmy McGriff: At the Apollo; Sue STLP-1017
7Jimmy McGriff: Christmas with McGriff; Sue STLP-1018 (Springboard International/Mistletoe MLP-1205)
6Jimmy McGriff: McGriff at the Organ; Sue STLP-1020
6Jimmy McGriff: Topkapi; Sue STLP-1033
7Jimmy McGriff: Blues for Mister Jimmy; Sue STLP-1039
7Jimmy McGriff: A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Hits; Sue STLP-1043 (compilation; reissued as Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Organ Hits; Veep VPS-16522/VP-13522)
6Jimmy McGriff Organ & Big Blues Band: Honey; Solid State SS-18036; 1968
8Jimmy McGriff Organ & Blues Band Plays The Worm; Solid State SS-18045; 1968
8Jimmy McGriff: Soul Sugar; Capitol ST-616
8Jimmy McGriff: Electric Funk; Blue Note BST-84350; 1970/1969 (arr. Horace Ott)
6Jimmy McGriff: Something to Listen to; Blue Note BST-84364
6Jimmy McGriff: Black Pearl; Liberty/Blue Note BST-84374; 1971
6Jimmy McGriff: Where it's At; Veep/UA
8Jimmy McGriff: Groove Grease; Groove Merchant GM-503
8Jimmy McGriff: Let's Stay Together; Groove Merchant GM-506
8Jimmy McGriff: If You're Ready Come Go with Me--The Super Funk Collection; Groove Merchant GM-529 (compilation)
8Jimmy McGriff: Main Squeeze; Groove Merchant; 1974
8Jimmy McGriff: Stump Juice; Groove Merchant GM-3309; 1975
6Jimmy McGriff: The Groover; Jazz America Marketing JAM-009; 1982 (w/Billy Butler; covers "Night Train" & "Song for My Father")
7Jimmy McGriff/Groove Holmes: Two Giants of the Organ Come Together; Groove Merchant GM-520
6Jimmy McGriff/Lucky Thompson/George Freeman/O'Donel Levy: Friday the 13th Cook County Jail; Groove Merchant GM-515; 1974 (live)
->Jacki Mittoo (reggae organ)---see Caribeat
5Floyd Morris: The ConSoul of Floyd Morris; Select SSL-1109 (organ/mod soul/mod twist)
Don Patterson: Musically Yours; Cadet LPS-787
7Don Patterson w/Booker Ervin: The Exciting New Organ of; Prestige PR-7331
8Don Patterson w/Booker Ervin: Hip Cake Walk; Prestige PR-7349; 1964
7Don Patterson: Holiday Soul; Prestige PRST-7415; 1965
Don Patterson: Satisfaction; Prestige PRST-7430; 1965
Don Patterson: Soul Happenings; Prestige PRST-7484
7Don Patterson: Mellow Soul; Prestige PRST-7510; 1967
Don Patterson: Boppin' & Burnin'; Prestige PRST-7563; 1968
Don Patterson: Funk You!; Prestige PRST-7613; 1969
7Don Patterson: Oh Happy Day; Prestige PRST-7640; 1969
7Don Patterson: Brothers-4; Prestige PRST-7738; 1969
7Big John Patton: Along Came John; Blue Note BST-84130; 1963
8Big John Patton: Blue John; Blue Note BST-84143; 1986/1963 (unreleased until 1986!)
7Big John Patton: The Way I Feel; Blue Note BST-84174; 1963
7Big John Patton: Oh Baby!; Blue Note BST-84192; 1965
9Big John Patton: Got a Good Thing Goin'; Blue Note BST-84229; 1966
7Big John Patton: Let 'em Roll; Blue Note BST-84239; 1966
5Big John Patton: Boogaloo; Capitol/Blue Note Rare Groove Series B1-7243-8-31878-1-2; 1995/1968 (unreleased until 1995)
6Big John Patton: That Certain Feeling; Blue Note BST-84281; 1968
7Big John Patton: Understanding; Blue Note BST-84306; 1969
7Big John Patton: Accent on the Blues; Blue Note BST-84340; 1970/1969
7John Patton: Soul Connection; Nilva NQ-3406; 1983
7Big John Patton: Memphis to New York Spirit; Capitol/Blue Note Rare Groove Series B1-7243-8-35221-1-8; 1996/1970
8The Best of Big John Patton: The Organization!; EMI/Blue Note 8-30728-1; 1994/1963-9 (2-LP compilation w/2 otherwise unreleased cuts from 1969)
7Sonny Phillips: Sure 'Nuff; Prestige PRST-7737; 1969 (w/Houston Person, Boogaloo Joe Jones, Purdie..)
9Sonny Phillips: Black Magic!; Prestige PRST-7799; 1970
7Sonny Phillips: Black on Black; Prestige PRST-10007; 1971/1970 (w/Rusty Bryant, Melvin Sparks, Jimmie Lewis, Purdie)
5Bobby Pierce: Introducing Bobby Pierce; Buddah/Cobblestone CST-9016; 1972 (Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers member)
8Trudy Pitts: Introducing the Fabulous Trudy Pitts; Prestige PR-7523; 1967
8Trudy Pitts: These Blues of Mine; Prestige; 1967
7Trudy Pitts: Bucket Full of Soul; Prestige PRST-7560; 1968 (jacket: "Trudy Pitts and Mr. C.: A Bucketful of Soul"; Mr. C. is drummer Bill Carney)
8Trudy Pitts: The Excitement of Trudy Pitts; Prestige PRST-7583; 1968 (live)
6Mel Rhyne Sextet: Organ-izing; Jazzland JLP-16 (w/Blue Mitchell, Johnny Griffin..)
8Freddie Roach: Down to Earth; Blue Note BST-84113
7Freddie Roach: Mo' Greens Please; Blue Note BST-84128
7Freddie Roach: Good Move!; Blue Note BST-84158 (w/Blue Mitchell, Hank Mobley)
7Freddie Roach: Brown Sugar; Blue Note BST-84168; 1964
7Freddie Roach: All that's Good; Blue Note BST-84190; 1965 (w/voices; blues-gospel)
8Freddie Roach: The Freddie Roach Soul Book; Prestige PR-7490; 1966
8Freddie Roach: Mocha Motion!; Prestige PRST-7507; 1967
7Freddie Roach: My People--Soul People; Prestige PRST-7521; 1967
5Merl Saunders: Fire Up; Fantasy F-9421; 1973 (w/"Chock-Lite Puddin'" from Black Girl ST)
6Rhoda Scott: Mach 2; Barclay 80126 (w/Joe Thomas, flute; Cees Kranenburg, drums)
8Shirley Scott with the Latin Jazz Quintet: Mucho, Mucho; Prestige 7182 (Latin jazz)
6Shirley Scott: Blue Flames; Prestige 7338; 1972/1964 (reissue?)
7Shirley Scott: Latin Shadows; ABC/Impulse AS-93 (bossa/Latin jazz)
7Shirley Scott & the Soul Saxes (King Curtis, Hank Crawford, David Newman; Atlantic SD-1532; 1969 (arr./cond. Marty Sheller)
7Shirley Scott: Superstition; Cadet CA-50036; 1973
7Lonnie Smith: Finger-Lickin' Good; Columbia CS-9496; 1967
9Lonnie Smith: Think!; Blue Note BST-84290; 1968
8Lonnie Smith: Turning Point; Blue Note BST-84313; 1969
9Lonnie Smith: Move Your Hand; Blue Note BST-84326; 1969
9Lonnie Smith: Drives; Blue Note BST-84351; 1970
8Lonnie Smith: Mama Wailer; Kudu KU-02; 1971
6Lonnie Smith: Afro-Desia; Groove Merchant GM-3308; 1975
6Lonnie Smith: Keep On Lovin'; PIP/Groove Merchant GM-3312; 1976
5Jimmy Smith: In a Brown Paper Wrapper; MGM/Verve V6-8800; 1971 (good only for "Astrology Song")
7Jimmy Smith: I'm Gon' Git Myself Together; MGM SE-4751
8Jimmy Smith: Root Down--Jimmy Smith Live; MGM/Verve V6-8806; 1972 (reissued as "Rolling Home")
5Jimmy Smith: Black Smith; Gema/Jupiter 88-916
8Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Love Potion #9; Prestige PR-7482; 1967
6Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Gettin' Up; Prestige PR-7494; 1967
Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Soul Flowers; Prestige PR-7549; 1968
7Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Dirty Grape; Prestige PR-7564; 1968
6Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Soul Talk; Prestige PR-7681; 1969 (w/Rusty Bryant, Wally Richardson, Bob Bushnell, Bernard Purdie)
6Johnny Hammond [Smith]: Breakout; Kudu KU-01; 1971
8Johnny Hammond [Smith]: The Prophet; Kudu KU-10; 1972 (w/Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis, Pepper Adams, Cecil Payne, Airto, Eric Gale..)
6Sounds Nice: Love at First Sight; Motown/Rare Earth 512; 1970 (organ/funky rock)
8Leon Spencer, Jr.: Sneak Preview!; Prestige PRST-10011; 1970
8Leon Spencer: Louisiana Slim; Prestige PRST-10033; 1971
6Leon Spencer: Bad Walking Woman; Prestige PRST-10049; 1972
8Leon Spencer: Where I'm Coming From; Prestige PRST-10063; 1973/1972
8James Taylor Quartet: Get Organized; Polydor/Urban 839-405-1; 1989 (breakbeats)
7James Taylor Quartet: Message from the Godfather; Ubiquity URLP085; 2001 (2-LP)
7Truman Thomas: Groovin'; Veep VPS-16517/VP-13517; 1967 (mod soul-jazz organ with breakbeat on "Funky Broadway"; also covers James Brown's "Cold Sweat")
7Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia: Hooteroll?; [original label/#unknown]; 1972 (w/extra cuts on reissue Ryko Analogue RALP-0052; 1987)
7Bobby Walker: This is Walker Country; SRS; 1971 (soul-jazz organ/country funk/breakbeats/private press)
Baby-Face Willette: [1st LP on Argo]
8Baby-Face Willette: Behind the 8 Ball; Argo LP-749; 1965/1964
7Jack Wilson: The Jazz Organs; Atlantic/Atco/Vault 108; 1963 (with Henry Cain & Genghis Kyle)
8Reuben Wilson: On Broadway; Liberty/Blue Note BST-84295
7Reuben Wilson: Liberty/Love Bug; Blue Note BST-84317; 1969
9Reuben Wilson: Liberty/Blue Mode; Blue Note BST-84343; 1969
8Reuben Wilson: A Groovy Situation; Blue Note BST-84365; 1971/1970
Reuben Wilson: Set Us Free; Blue Note BST-84377
7Reuben Wilson: Blue Breakbeats; Blue Note Rare Groove Series BL-7243-4-94707-1-2; 1998/1968-9 (compilation)
7Reuben Wilson: The Sweet Life; Groove Merchant GM-511 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Bad Stuff!; Groove Merchant GM-4404; 1975)
8Reuben Wilson: Cisco Kid; Groove Merchant GM-523 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Bad Stuff!; Groove Merchant GM-4404; 1975)
8Reuben Wilson & the Cost of Living: Got to Get Your Own; Cadet CA-60033; 1975 (funky disco)
7Larry Young: Young Blues; New Jazz NJ-8264; 1960
Larry Young: Testify; New Jazz; 1961
Larry Young: [?]; New Jazz; 1962
Larry Young: Groove Street; Prestige 7237; 1962
7Larry Young: Into Somethin'; Blue Note BST-84187; 1964 (w/Sam Rivers, Grant Green, Elvin Jones)
9Larry Young: Unity; Blue Note BST-84221; 1966/1965
7Larry Young: Of Love & Peace; Blue Note BST-84242; 1966
8Larry Young: Contrasts; Blue Note BST-84266; 1967
8Larry Young: Heaven on Earth; Blue Note BST-84304; 1969/1968
7Larry Young: Lawrence of Newark; Perception PLP-34; 1973 (out)
8Larry Young: Mothership; Liberty/Blue Note LT-1038; 1980/1969
7Various: Funky Good Time (The Freedom Jazz Dance Series); Pho LP-8001; 1995/1972-80 (compilation from Muse LPs)
7Various: The Lost Grooves; Blue Note B1-7243-8-31883-1-4; 1995/1967-70 (2-LP compilation of alternates/outtakes/rarities; Reuben Wilson, Grant Green, Lou Donaldson, John Patton, Stanley Turrentine, Lonnie Smith)

Partly Funky-Organ LPs

7The Animated Egg; Alshire S-5104 (psyche, funky rock, funky organ "A Love Built on Sand", mod soul)
9The Continental III: Just for You; Baldwin CS-8229; 1978 ("Organ Grinders Swing")
7Clifford Coulter: East Side San Jose; ABC/Impulse AS-9197; 1970
8Clifford Coulter: Do it Now, Worry About it Later; ABC/Impulse AS-9216; 1971
7Joe Dukes w/the Jack McDuff Quartet: The Soulful Drums of; Prestige; 1964
7The Amazing Rock Ferrante: Rock 'N' Rhythm; Savoy 12305; 1973 ("Blues-Ett")
7The G-Clefs on Stage; Spotlite Enterprise [no #]; 1968 (lounge act/soul/funk; live at the Beachball; "Hold It")
6Duke Grant Plays Hammond Gold; Gold Award MER-395 ("Go"--funky blues in pop D.L. Miller production; UK, possibly also US on Alshire/Somerset)
6Big Jim "H" & his Men of Rhythm: Hammond Organ Dance Party; Stereo Gold Award MER-344; 1971 (Damil USA production under dir. D.L. Miller)
7Big Jim "H" & his Men of Rhythm: Dance Party of Hammond Hits; Stereo Gold Award MER-361; 1972 (& as Rainbow RGA-7814; great "Jungle Fever" cover!; Damil USA production under dir. D.L. Miller)
4Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968
6Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones: Discotheque Dance a Go Go; Grand Prix GP-9978; 1970 (live at the Esquire Club)
6Sonny Hopson: Life & Mad featuring Charles Earland on Organ, "From the Shit House to the White House"; Giant Step GSLP-0001 (lounge act rec. live in Philadelphia; Hopson=DJ "The Mighty Burner"--later Earland's nickname too)
7Willis Jackson: Star Bag; Prestige PRST-7571; 1968 (w/Trudy Pitts, Wild Bill Jennings..)
8James Last: Voodoo Party; Polydor 2371-235
6Mark III: Dig! The Mark III; Nightowl 1045 (lounge act/soul-jazz organ trio; self-produced; jacket: "Swinging Free with the Mark III"; covers Freddie Roach's "Brown Sugar")
7Jay Mitchell [& the Mitchellites]: Spirits of Fire; Freeport Sounds 7201;
8The Mohawks: The Champ; Pama PMLP 5 (UK reissue)
7Rudy Ray Moore Presents the Mr. Jerry Walker Album--The Fairy Godmother; Kent KST-003 (w/instrumental "Put Your Weight on It" by Rudy Ray Moore & the Fillmore St. Soul Rebellion; Comedians Inc. COM-S-1106)
8Nino Nardini & Pop Riviera Group: No. 7-- Pop, Soul, & Rock Psychadelique; Rotunde Musique RM-7 (production)
9Nino Nardini: Jungle Obsession; Re-Joint; 2000 (production)
8Johnny Scott/Westway Studio Orchestra: Jazz-Beat-Bossa Nova; Southern SLLP-25 (production; soul jazz: vibes, bass, organ, guitar, mod)
8The Seven Shadows directed by Derrick Vaughan: Seven Shades of Sound; Bosworth BLP-139; 1975 (production; funk/calypso jazz/soul-jazz organ/Latin jazz/mod soul/Moog funk; "Wait & See")
6The Soul Finders: Sweet Soul Music; RCA Camden CAS-2170; 1967 (w/Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Eric Gale, Seldon Powell..)
8Johnny Williams: Not With My Wife You Don't ST; Warner Bros. WS-1668 (mod/mod-organ-breakbeat "Trumpet Discotheque"/mod jazz "Main Title (Big Beautiful Ball"/wordless chorus "Hey Julietta"/guitar "Hungarian Jungle Music")
8Various: Essential Funk Vol. 1; RMM; 1994 (compilation; Jimmy Smith's "Root Down")
9Various: Jazzy Funky New Orleans; Tuff City/Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0022; 2001/1962-72 (compilation)
8Various: Las Vegas Grind Vol. 6; Strip ST-078 (compilation; exotic rock "Safari"/beatnik "One More Time Part Two"/mid-east rock "Turkish Coffee"/soul-jazz organ "How About It Part One"/mod funk "Same Ole Beat"/hot rod "Jaguar")
8Various: Mo'Plen 3000--Space Killer Tracks from the Past...Til the Third Millenium; IRMA/La Douce 807; 1997/1966-78 (funk/funky rock/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz organ)
8Various: [Black Power Presents:] Suono Libero--A Trip Through Obscure '70s Jazz-Funk Tracks from Italian Music Library (sic); IRMA/La Douce 806; 1997/1968-84 (funk/soul-jazz organ/soul-jazz vibes/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/soul-jazz conga/Brasil)
7Various: A World of Jazz; Liberty/Blue Note L2S-5256 (2-LP compilation w/Big John Patton's "Jerry")
8Down and Wired 4; PTR PTR0462; 2014 (funk/psyche/soul-jazz guitar/rock guitar/soul-jazz organ "East Side Theme"; German compilation)

Funky-Organ 45s & EPs

6Doc Bagby: Joy Ride/The House Rocker; Okeh 4-7080 (R&B organ; reissued on Epic LP)
7Doc Bagby: Dumplin's (sic)/Sylivia's Callin'; Okeh 4-7089 (R&B organ; reissued on Epic LP)
7Doc Bagby: Crazy Chemistry/Happy Feet; Okeh 4-7098 (R&B organ; not on Epic LP)
8Doc Bagby: Dumplins (new version)/Mix It Up (Pot Luck); Vim (R&B organ)
8Doc Bagby: Do the Getaway/Mr. Hippy; Tifton 200 (R&B organ)
6Doc Bagby: Shim Shimmy/Drifting; End 1075 (R&B organ)
7Doc Bagby: Doctor Rock/Cornbread; Perri L-1000 (R&B organ)
7Doc Bagby: Little Geech/Billy's Bounce; Talley-Ho 104 (R&B organ)
7Doc Bagby: Muscle Tough/Anything; Hunt H-323 or Red Top RT-111 (R&B organ)
7Doc Bagby & his Organ Trio: I'll Always Be in Love with You/These Foolish Things; Newark 221 (R&B organ; A-side not the same as on Current LP)
8Doc Bagby/Jimmy Kay/Mary Boyd: Weuzi Ni Uzuri (Black is Beautiful) Parts 1 & 2; Leo MB-104; 1973 (not organ but Black Power rap; vocal & spoken w/music)
7Pete Bennett & the Embers: Fever/Soft; Jay & Gee/Sunset 1002 (mod twist/organ; arr. Bobby Martin)
7Jimmy Brown: Soul Man/Funky Funky Boogaloo; A-Bet 9426 (from LP)
8Louis Chachere: The Hen Parts 1 & 2; Jewel/Paula 321
8The Chicago Cubs: Pennant Fever/Chicago Cubs Clark St. Band: Slide; Chess 2075
7Seleno Clarke: Soulful Drop/Memphis Boogaloo; London/M.O.C. 675
8Butch Cornell's Trio: Here 'Tis Now/Goose Pimples; Ru-Jac 09
6Dave "Baby" Cortez: Fiesta/Hey-Hey-Hey; Diamond/Emit E-301 (partly vocal)
6Dave "Baby" Cortez: Popping Popcorn/The Question (Do You Love Me); Okeh 4-7208 (partly vocal)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Fiddle Sticks/Happy Weekend; Chess 1834
8Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Shift/Hurricane; Clock C-1031 (A-side mod twist, vocal; B-side mod organ w/breakbeat)
8Dave Cortez: Hot Cakes Parts 1 & 2; Chess 1850 (bongos, very like "Green Onions")
8Dave Cortez & We the People: (Do It) The Funky Dance/There's a New Man; Sound Pak SPM-1001/1002 (probably on LP 1005 if it was ever released)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Twang Taang/I Picked a Winner; Sound Pak SPM-1003/1004 (on LP 1005 if released)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Hell Street Junction/instrumental; All Platinum AP-2345; 1973 (funk/organ; not on LP; sounds like Sly & the Family Stone)
7Bill Doggett: Hand in Hand/Slow Walk; King 45-5000
7Bill Doggett: Blue Largo/Ram-Bunk-Shus; King 45-5020
7Bill Doggett: Hot Ginger/Soft; King 45-5080
7Bill Doggett: Soft EP; King KEP-408 (Soft, Hammer Head, Shindig, Hot Ginger)
8Bill Doggett: Pimento (sic)/Boo-Da-Ba; King 45-5125
8Bill Doggett: Birdie/Hold It; King 45-5149
8Bill Doggett: Smoochie/Big Boy; King 45-5339
8Bill Doggett: Hey, Big Boy, Hey, Hey/The Rail; King 45-5873
8Bill Doggett: That's Enough, Lock 'Em Up/Crackers; King 45-5948 (organ/novelty-Halloween)
7Bill Doggett: Snuff Box/Blood Pressure; King 45-5957
8Bill Doggett: Fat Back/Si Si Cisco; Sue 45-10-002 (breakbeats; Juggy Murray produced)
8Earl Van Dyke: Soul Stomp/Hot 'n' Tot; Motown/Soul S-35006; 1964 (smokin' mod soul/organ)
7Earl Van Dyke & the Soul Brothers: The Flick Parts 1 & 2; Motown/Soul S-35018; 1965 (organ funk/conga)
7Charlie Earland, Jr. & his Band: Daily Double Parts 1 & 2; Quakertown 1022 (from LP 1025)
6Charlie Earland, Jr.: Walking with Feets [Parts 1 & 2]; Quakertown 1025 (from LP 1025)
7Charlie Earland's Erector Set: Cherie Amour/Yes-Suh'; Eldorado 9969
7The Boss Organ--Charles Earland, Jr.: Rescue Me/The Midnight Hour; Greezie OC-503
8Earl Forest: Memphis Twist/Beale Street Popeye; Duke 349 (mod-soul twist/organ)
8Roosevelt Fountain & Pens of Rhythm: Red Pepper Parts 1 & 2; Prince-Adams 447 (mod-soul twist/organ)
8Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights: Chattanooga Walk/Night in Arabia; Jay-Walking JW-001
6Bobby Gregg & his Friends: The Jam Parts 1 & 2; Cotton 1003 (R&B)
6Bassett Hand: The Happy Organ Shake/The Hunt; Josie 45-934
8Charles Kynard: Where It's At/Here Now; World-Pacific X-385 (mod-soul twist)
9[Billy Larkin &] The Delegates: Pygmy Parts 1 & 2; Aura 4504 (bongo-mod-soul; part 2 not on the LP!)
8Gene Ludwig: Soul Mountain/My Blue Heaven; Travis TR-038 (mod soul-jazz organ)
8Mark III Trio: Tres Lobos/All the Things You Are; Atco 45-6451 (mod soul-jazz organ)
9Brother Jack McDuff: The Prophet/Ain't No Sunshine; All Platinum/Cadet CA-5693; 1972 (essential cuts from The Heatin' System)
8Jimmy McGriff: Jungle Cat Parts 1 & 2; Jell 502 (organ/exotic rock)
8The Mohawks: The Champ/Sound of the Witch Doctors; Atlantic/Cotillion 45-44002
7Sonny Knight Quartette: Let's Get it On Parts 1 & 2; Aura 88122
6Trudy Pitts & Mr. Carney: I Really Mean It/Theme from "Exodus"; Precie? (Coral 62330; not funky soul jazz but of interest)
6The Triumphs: Burnt Biscuits/Raw Dough; Stax/Volt 100 (mod-soul-twist/organ/country funk)
7The Red Tops: Mustard/Caravan; Glodus 1650 (or G-104; A-side is really "You Can't Sit Down"; not soul jazz so much as R&B organ)
7Red West Combo: My Babe/Bossa Nova Momza; Dart/Santo 9006 (A-side like "Green Onions")

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