"Latin" is very specific: it is the music of Cuba, whether in original Cuban form or as reinterpreted by Puerto Ricans. Following the Cuban Revolution, the development of Latin largely moved to New York City, where Cuban ex-patriots and a growing Puerto Rican population enjoyed popularity and momentum among the local and national record-buying public. (And the Caribbean islands continued to provide inspiration, new material, and top talent.) In Puerto Rican hands, particularly Tito Puente's, Afro-Cuban music generally speeded up and challenged the best dancers. Strictly speaking, "Latin" is this music only (Puerto Rican/Cuban), but in its broadest sense can include related music of Spanish-African-AmerIndian origin.

Prior to the Cuban Revolution, in the first half of the twentieth century, Latin and jazz co-evolved and overlapped in famous New York City hot spots. The musicians lived far uptown (jazz in Harlem, Latin in Spanish Harlem), the consumers (dancers and nightclub patrons) typically lived downtown and in Brooklyn, but all came together in mid-town Manhattan. By mid-century the music, the nightlife, and the recording industry all arrived at a high point that gave birth to modern Latin music, or "salsa." Progressive Latin began to be called "salsa" to distinguish it from the bland commercial cha cha cha and "crossover" music made for mainstream consumption. (Today "salsa" usually means all contemporary Latin dance music; the progress happened decades ago.)

The 1960s brought restlessness to Latin music as to everything else. Musicians honored their favorite non-Latin sources by adapting Latin to "soul" (doo-wop), forming Latin soul, which also had older roots in the Cuban guajira (frustrating attempts by Latin snobs to say Latin soul wasn't "their" music). Jazz too was moving into avant-garde territory and Latin jazz followed suit. Latin rock, which had been more of a West Coast Chicano hybrid, also developed somewhat. But pure Latin, the stuff of Tito Puente and labels such as Tico, Alegre, and Fania, had come into its own. Puerto Ricans were able to buy LP records as never before, and radio DJs filled the summer air with tropical sounds. Plenty of kids wanted to be in bands. This Golden Age of Latin music lasted into the mid-1970s.

Business forces first pulled off the seemingly impossible in getting Latin musicians up to full swing on records and in performance venues. Movies were made. Smaller labels were gobbled up by Fania, the first family and godfather of the Latin music scene. Classic titles were reissued to meet popular demand; new records were made as quickly as possible. And then they blew it. Masters were sent to South America for production work there, but they never came back. The original master tapes are lost, altered, or destroyed for the vast majority of Latin music prior to about 1975. And so you need original New York (or vintage Cuban or Puerto Rican) pressings to have the real thing in all its top sound.

The good news is few people to this day are aware of the significance and relative rarity of first-rate Latin records. Latin vinyl is largely taken for granted even in the USA, even close to New York, and even by proud Puerto Ricans and Cubans. So it still can be found and at favorable prices, with some effort. But someday it will be recognized as important as "modern" jazz and with an even larger following, at least in the Spanish-speaking world. For now, though, the advice is get the original pressings while you still can.

Latin LPs

7Leo Acosta: Mozambique; Capitol de Mexico SLEM-006; 1965
7Sanchez Acosta & Marco Rizo: Arriba!; Tico LP-1079 (Latin/Latin jazz piano)
7Ademus & his Percussionis: Latin Favorites in Percussion; Acorn 655
7Cuarteto D'Aida: Evening at the Sans Souci; RCA Victor LPM-1532; 1957 (female vocal quartet w/Chico O'Farrill orchestra)
Alegre All Stars
9Xiomara Alfaro con las Orquestas de Ernesto Duarte y Chico O'Farrill: Siboney; RCA Victor LPM-1533; 1957 (Cuban)
7Xiomara Alfaro Sings International Flavors; Jubilee/Jay-Gee JGS-8010/JGM-8010 (pop songs with Horace Ott; liners by Mort Goode)
9Xiomara Alfaro: Lo Mejor de Xiomara Alfaro; Audio Latino ALS-4025; (remakes include a funky update of "Siboney"; several with harp)
8Alfredito Plays [Mambo!] 10"; Rainbow LP-718; 1954 (singles compilation)
8Alfredito Cha-Cha-Cha Mambo 10"; Rainbow LP-720; 1954 (singles compilation)
8Alfredito: Mambos for Dancing 10"; Rainbow LP 721; 1955 (singles compilation)
8Alfredito: Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Mambos; Rainbow LP-120 (reissues 5 from LP 720 w/7 newly on LP)
8Alfredito: Mambos--Cha Cha Cha; Rainbow LP-121 (reissues 8 from 10" LPs + 3 on RCA LP-1695 + 1 on RCA EP)
8Alfredito: Crazy Titles for Dancing Cha Cha & Merengue; RCA Victor LPM-1695; 1958 (compilation; reissues Rainbow singles; notable for liners & art by Mad Magazine's Frank Jacobs & Jack Davis)
8Alfredito: Cha Cha Cha Goes Modern; Tico LP-1035
7Alfredito: Guajira con Boogaloo; Cotique CS-1003; 1966 (Latin-soul comeback LP)
3Alfredo & his Amigos: Holiday in Rio--A Gay Musical Adventure with; Colortone C-33-4921 (not Brasilian)
7The Almendra Charanga Band: Charanga!; Panart 2067 (jacket: "Orquesta Almendra de Abelardito Valdes")
5[Bert] Ambrose: Latin America After Dark; MGM E-3478
Orquesta America: Ritmo Cha Cha Cha 10"; Panart LP-306
7Orquesta America: Ritmo Cha Cha Cha Vol. 2 10"; Panart LP-310
7Orquesta America: Ritmo Cha Cha Cha Vol. 3 10"; Panart LP-316
7Orquesta America [Cha Cha Cha] 10"; RCA Victor MKL-3078 (RCA Mexicana)
6Fabian Andre: Rumbas 10"; Fiesta FLP-33004
8[Mario] Antobal's Cuban All-Stars: Agua! Agua!; Felsted FL-17505/FL-7505 (rec. & made in Cuba; dir. by Obdulio Morales w/Chocolate Armenteros & Cuban all stars; arr. by Chico O'Farrill w/some arr. by Rene Hernandez & Rafael Somavilla; stereo FL-17505 has blue black)
7Antobal's Cuban All-Stars: Dia De Reyes; Felsted FL-7510
7Antobal's Latin All-Stars under the direction of Obdulio Morales: Pachanga & Other Latin Favorites; Coral/Brunswick BL-54104
6Antobal's Cuban All-Stars: That Latin Beat!; Dot DLP-3445 (cond. Chico O'Farrill)
7Antobal's Cubans; Harlequin HG-2081; 1991 (U.K. comp of singles rec. 1932-7)
6Orquesta America: Ritmo Cha Cha Cha 10"; Panart LP-360; 1954
6Orquesta America: Al Compas... (Vol. 1); Panart LP-2007
6Orquesta America: Rico Vacilon (Vol. 2); Panart LP-2008
Orquesta America: Clases de Cha Cha Cha; Panart LP-2021
6Orquesta America: Charangas (Vol. 3); Panart LP-2057
Orquesta America: Charangas; Panart LP-2067
6Ernesto Aquino & his Cha Cha Cha Orchestra; Bravo K-132
7Orquesta Aragon 10"; RCA Victor Mexicana MKL-3070; 1958
6Orquesta Aragon: Me Voy Para La Luna; Discuba LPD-520 (Victor)
6Orquesta Aragon: Cha Cha Cha; RCA Victor Mexicana MKL-1130
Orquesta Aragon: That Cuban Cha-Cha-Cha; RCA Victor; 1956
6Orquesta Aragon: Maracas, Bongo y Conga; RCA Victor LPM-1609; 1958
6Luis Arcaraz Sweet & Swing 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3005
6Luis Arcaraz: Dance with Luis Arcaraz 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3107 (Latin jazz/Latin)
Luis Arcaraz: Dance Break; RCA Victor LPM-1612
6Ramon Argueso & his Orchestra: Mambos Designed for Dancing 10"; MGM/Lion E70006
Argueso & his Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha-Tango-Mambo-Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1225
Argueso & his Orchestra: Red, Hot, & Latin; Fiesta FLPS-1237
Argueso & his Orchestra: Tangos; Fiesta FLPS-1243
7Chocolate Armenteros: Chocolate Caliente; Mericana XMS-131; 1975 (with Willie Garcia)
7Chocolate Armenteros: Chocolate en Sexteto; Caiman 9001; 1983 (Latin/Latin soul "Chocolate en Guajira")
7Chocolate Armenteros: Chocolate y su Sexteto: Rompiendo Hielo; Caiman (vol. 2; lic. Philips 832-3841; 1987; Latin/Latin soul "Linda Guajira")
7Desi Arnaz & his Orchestra: Babalu & Other Favorites by 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3096 (Tabu, La Cumparsita, Babalu, Brasil, Tico Tico, Peanut Vendor, Cuban Pete, Green Eyes)
7Desi Arnaz: RCA Spain 3L-10040 (Siboney, Straw Hat Song, Green Eyes, You Can in Yucatan, La Cumparsita, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Tia Juana, El Cumbanchero)
7Arturo Arturos & the Cha-Cha Rhythm Boys: Rhumba Rhapsody--Instrumental Cha Cha-Mambo-Rumba; Fiesta FLPS-1280 (Latin piano)
7Vitin Aviles y su Orquesta; Ansonia ALP-1218
7Hermanos Aviles Orchestra, Enrique Aviles & Orchestra, & AAMCO Cubano Orchestra: Got a Date with You in Havana; AAMCO ALP-305 (NYC budget label; recorded in Havana; all vocal; rare)
5Pete Balboa & the Nassau Palms Orchestra: Let's Dance the Merengue; Capitol T-1349
8Don Marino Barreto, Jr. & his Cuban Orchestra: Cubana 10"; Vox VX-820; 1955 (Afro-Cuban)
6Don Marino Barreto, Jr. & his Orchestra: Music for Dance Lovers Only--Cha Cha Cha; Vox VX-25.080; 1956
Ray Barretto
6Eddie Le Baron: Rumbas Volume 2 10"; Decca DL-5085 c.1949
8Daniel Barrajanos & his Drummers: Strictly Percussion [Vol. 1]; Hoctor HLP-4084 (African/Brasilian/Latin/percussion)
Daniel Barrajanos & his Drummers: Strictly Percussion [Vol. 2]; Hoctor HLP-4085 (Latin/cult drums/percussion)
6Mario Bauza & The Arthur Murray Orchestra: Arthur Murray's Music for Dancing: Pachangas; RCA Victor LSP-2428; 1961
7Francis Bay & his Swinging Cha-Cha Orchestra: Francis Bay Swings the Cha-Cha--Cha Cha Beat; Epic LN-3595
7Francis Bay & the Big Dance Band: Viva; Epic BN-561
6Francis Bay's Latin Beat; Philips PHS-600-011
5The Big Bay Band's Latin Beat (Pradomania); Omega OSL-20
5Francis Bay Band/John Evans: Latin Brass; Premier/Directional Sound DM-5001
6Belmonte & his Afro-American Music: Mambo at Midnight; Columbia CL-598
6Belmonte: Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bolero, & Mambo; Columbia CL-802
Belmonte Plays Latin for Americans; RCA Victor LPM-1571; 1957
6Belmonte: Rumba for Moderns; RCA Victor LSP-1663; 1958
6[Belmonte as] Ponchito & his Orchestra: One, Two, Cha Cha Cha; Columbia/Master MAL-3007 (looks generic but isn't)
7Belmonte & his Afro-Latin 7: Ole!; Philips PD-10001; 1976 (actually Larry Harlow; also on Columbia)
Pablo Beltran -- see Pablo Beltran Ruiz
4Ben: Let's Cha Cha Cha; Mercury SR-60187
6Luisito Benjamin y su Combo Panamericano: Canciones Favoritas de Rafael Hernandez 10"; Balseiro BLE-5 (Puerto Rico; instrumental)
7Benny Bennet: Carnival in Cuba Cha Cha Cha!; Seeco CELP-434
6Rene Bloch & his Big Latin Band: Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha; HIFI R-819; 1958 (Latin Heat with a Beat!; Stereo Sounds SA-6)
8René Bloch: Mucho Rock with Rene Bloch; Andex S-4002 (Latin, Latin jazz, & Latin rock; 18-piece group w/Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Modesto Duran..; 15 cuts; 10 reissued as The Latin Moods of Rene Bloch; Famous F-507)
7Rene Bloch: Mr. Latin; Atlantic/Atco 33-147; 1962 (10 cuts as Latin Discotheque; Atlantic/Atco/Clarion 613)
6[The Exciting Sounds of] Rene Bloch: Let's Dance the Mambo; Capitol ST-1455
6Rene Bloch: La Pachanga; Capitol ST-1530
6Willie Bobo: Bobo's Beat; Roulette Birdland SR-52097 (Latin Beat; Trip TLP-5013)
8Willie Bobo: Bobo! Do That Thing; Tico SLP-1108
4Willie Bobo: Spanish Grease; Verve V6-8631; 1965
4Willie Bobo: Uno, Dos, Tres/1-2-3; Verve V6-8648; 1966
6Willie Bobo: Juicy; Verve V6-8685
4Willie Bobo: Bobo Motion; Verve
6Bop-A-Loos 10"; Mercury
6Orquestra Broadway: Arrimate Pa Aca (Come Closer to Me); Musicor MS-3070/MM-2070 (charanga prod. Tito Rodriguez)
7[Oscar M.] Bouffartique y su Charanga: Charanga Pachanga--The New Latin Dance Craze; Columbia ES-1751
8Cachao y su Ritmo Caliente: Cuban Jam Sessions in Miniature "Descargas"; Panart 2092 (Israel Lopez)
9Cachao: Cuban Music in Jam Session; Musicalia MCS-22-105 (or Bonita BON-105)
8Cachao y su Orquesta: Jam Session with Feeling--Descargas Cubanas; Maype US-122
8Cachao: Descarga con Cachao y su Combo; Maype US-168
7Cachao y su Orquesta: Te Pone a Bailar; Teca LIS-596
5Cachao y su Tipica: Camina Juan Pescao; Duher DHS-1603; 1974/1958
7Cachao y su Tipica Volumen 2; Duher DHS-1611; rec. 1959 (in Cuba; includes "Social Club Buenavista")
7Cachao y su Descarga "77" Vol. 1; Salsoul Salsa Series SAL-4111; 1976
7Cachao y su Descarga, Vol. 2: "Dos"; Salsoul Salsa Series SAL-4115; 1977
7[Maestro de Maestros] Israel Lopez "Cachao" y su Descarga '86; Tania TRLP-0016; 1986
6Joe Cain: Irving Berlin Goes Latin; Seeco CELP-433
6Juan Calle & his Latin Lantzmen (John Cali): Mazeltov, Mis Amigos; Riverside RLP-97510; 1961
Pupi Campo -- see Tito Puente
7Candido: Soy Mezclao; Solo SLP-502; 1973 (Jose "Candido" Rodriguez, not Candido Camero)
7Caney Orchestra: Flying Down to Rio; Tico LP-1048 (Cuban, not Brasilian!)
7Conjunto Caney: Ritmo de Cuba; ISA LPI-2003
7Randy Carlos: Makin' Whoopee Cha Cha Cha; RCA Victor LPM-1689; 1958
7Randy Carlos: Having a Ball; Fiesta FLPS-1221
7Randy Carlos: Hot Cha Cha; Fiesta FLPS-1245
8Randy Carlos: Swingin' with Randy; Fiesta FLPS-1252
7Randy Carlos: More of Randy; Fiesta FLPS-1281
7Randy Carlos: Pachanga con Cha Cha Cha; Fiesta FLPS-1313
4Ray Carter/Arthur Murray Orchestra: Arthur Murray's Music for Dancing: Cha Cha; RCA Victor LSP-2155; 1959
8El Conjunto Casino: A Bailar con 10"; Panart LP-312
7Al Castellanos (Speak Up); Mardi-Gras LP-5002
6Al Castellanos: Cha Cha Cha Together 1-2-3; Mardi-Gras LP-5009
7Al Castellanos: Cha Cha Cha at the Sahara; Mardi-Gras LP-5011
7Al Castellanos: Pachanga Si & Cha Cha Too; Mardi-Gras LP-5026
3Hermanos Castro: Dance Date; Montilla FM-159
Hermanos Castro: Strictly for Dancing; Montilla/Puchito MLP-501
6Los Hermanos Castro: Yo sin ti...y otros exitos; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-1676
7Los Hermanos Castro: Estan!; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-1714
7Los Hermanos Castro: En la Onda de Los Hnos. Castro; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-1743; 1967 (mod Latin/Latin rock)
6Los Hermanos Castro/The Brothers Castro: Recorded Live at Harrah's Tahoe; Capitol ST-2015
7The CESTA All-Stars; Coco CLP-110; 1974 (live; led by Charlie Palmieri)
7The CESTA All-Stars: Salsa Festival; Coco CLP-125; 1976 (live; led by Charlie Palmieri)
5Los Chakachas; RCA Victor FSP-102; 1961
Los Chakachas: Day & Night; RCA Victor FSP-155
8Chakachas: Jungle Fever; Polydor PD-5504
7Chakachas; Avco AV-11005-598; 1972
7Chaparro; Rico RLP-703
7Willie Colon & Ruben Blades: Siembra; Fania JM-00537; 1978/1977
Jack Costanzo
7The Exotic Sounds of Chaino: Temptation; Omega; c.1959 (exotica/Latin/Latin jazz; "including members of Francis Bay Orchestra"--Chaino leads a 4-man percussion section using 20 instruments; Omega likely unreleased but also as John Evans: Exotic Percussion & Brilliant Brass; Premier/Directional Sound DS-5006;; Chaino & his African Drums: Erotic Percussion; Lincoln LNP-305)
6[Felix] Chappottin y sus Estrellas; Antilla/Puchito MLP-594
8Chappottin: Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son; Egrem (Barbaro B-201; 1979)
Chappottin y sus Estrellas; Duher DHS-1606
6Chaquito: Hot Cha-Cha-Cha; Columbia CL-1293 (not John Gregory, the "Chaquito" of the UK/EMI)
6Chivirico: Vendre Por Ti; Cotique XCS-1076; 1974
Chocolaté (Antonio Diaz Mena) -- see Vodun and Latin Jazz
7Santos Colon: Brindis de Navidad; Fania SLP-434 (Christmas ballads)
Willie Colon -- see Latin Soul
7Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: Magic Trumpet; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-1634/MKL-1634; 1965 (Latin rock/Latin twist/Mexicali/mod/exotic rock)
7Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: On la Onda de la Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-3004/MKL-3004 (Latin/Latin rock/Latin soul/mod)
7Johnny Conquet Sextet/Hector Pellot & his Aces of Ritmo: Mambo 10"; Epic LG-1018; 1954
7Johnny Conquet: All-Time American Hits--The Latin-American Way; Mardi Gras LP-5016 (medleys but good, cheesecake jacket)
7Johnny Conquet & his Band: Latin Dance Party; Premier/Coronet CX-194
7Johnny Conquet & his Band: Rythmes Latins; ABC (Montreal)
7Johnny Conquet: Piano Merengue for Those Who Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha for Those Who Cha-Cha-Cha; RCA Victor LPM-1469; 1957
8Johnny Conquet: Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha & Merengues; RCA Victor LSP-1789; 1958
8Johnny Conquet: The Best of Everything Latin; Everest SDBR-1105/LPBR-5105; 1960
8Cortijo y su Combo: El Alma de un Pueblo; Seeco 9326; 1978 (Latin/Brasil "Bahia"; with Israel Rivera)
8Joe Cotto w/Mon Rivera & Mike Casino: Dolores; Magda LP-1002 (says "twist" all over it but nothing twist about it)
Joe Cuba
4The Cuban Orchestra: Authentic Latin Rhythms; Halo 50111
6The Cuban Orchestra: Holiday in Cuba--In Mambo Tempo; Halo 50231
4The Cuban Orchestra: Real Cuban Rhythms & South American Tempos; Concertone 20111
6El Cubanito & his Cha Cha Orchestra: Hot; Musidisc MS-16007
Xavier Cugat
8Miguel Cuni con Chappottin y sus Estrellas: Musicalidad en Sepia; Maype US-110
6José Curbelo Quintet: Cha Cha Cha in Blue; Fiesta FLP-1204; 1955
7Jose Curbelo & his Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha--Mambo--Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1207 (jacket says "Make Mine...")
8Jose Curbelo & his Orchestra: Wine, Women, & Cha Cha Cha; Fiesta FLP-1219 (one "scat" cut & other jazzy elements)
7Jose Curbelo & his Orchestra: Instrumental Cha Cha Cha--Mambo--Merengue; Fiesta FLPS-1242 (partly Latin jazz-mambo)
8Damiron & Chapuseaux: Mambos 10"; Fiesta FLP-33007; (c)1954
8Damiron & Chapuseaux: Merengues Por; Seeco/Tropical TRLP-5019
7Orquesta Dee Jay: Pa 'alante; MGM Latino LAT-10,002 (salsa/Latin soul)
Mark Diamond y su Sabor: Bujeria; Vaya V-2
6Horace Diaz Orchestra with Lucile Dubas: The South American Way; Hoctor HLP-3052
7[Modesto Duran] Modesto's Charanga Kings featuring Olguita: Pachanga, Anyone?; World Pacific 1414; 1961
8Al Escobar & his Afro-Cuban Orchestra: Escobar's Rhythmagic; Cadence CLP-1021 (partly Latin jazz; w/Modesto Duran)
7Orchestra Expose: 1; 4 Points FP-1244; 1973 (Latin/Latin jazz: Horace Silver's "Grease Piece")
7José Fajardo y sus Estrellas: Una Noche en Montmartre; Panart PLP-3030
6José Fajardo: Mister Pachanga; Columbia ES-1769
6José Fajardo: Sabor Guajiro; Columbia ES-1794; 1963
6Fajardo vs. Sensacion; Antilla/Adria AP-36 (compilation)
6Fania All Stars: Latin-Soul-Rock/Live at Yankee Stadium Vol. 2; Fania SLP-477; 1975 (w/Manu DiBango)
5Los Fantasticos at a Latin Festival; Tifton TS-53 (live; prod. Dick Ricardo Sugar)
6Chico O'Farrill: Chico Latino Dance Session 10"; Norgran MG-N-29
6Chico O'Farrill & his Cubans: Mambo-Latino Dances; Verve MGV-2003
Chico O'Farrill & his Orchestra: Music from South America; Verve MGV-2024
Chico O'Farrill: Chico's Cha Cha Cha; Panart 3013 (likely reissued on Palladium)
7Chico O'Farrill: Tropical Fever; Fiesta FLP-1258
7Irving Fields Trio: [SMC LP]
6Irving Fields Trio: Lox, Latin, & Bongos; King 742
6Irving Fields Trio: At the St. Moritz; ABC-Paramount ABC-187
7Irving Fields Trio: At the Latin Quarter with the Irving Fields Trio; 20th-Fox FOX-1010 (Latin piano)
7Irving Fields: The Fabulous Fingers of Irving Fields; Fiesta FLPS-1228 (gatefold, stereo)
7Irving Fields & his Trio: Melody Cruise to Latin America; Oceanic OCP-514
Irving Fields & his Trio: Melody Cruise to Spain & Mexico; Oceanic OCP-516
7Irving Fields & his Trio: Melody Cruise to Havana; Oceanic OCP-518
6Irving Fields, his Piano & Rhythm: Fields' Finest; Ansonia SALP-1550; 1976 (Latin piano)
6Marty Franklin and his Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha at Malibu; Cadence CLP-1022 (nice jacket photo & covers top tunes by Tito Puente, Al Castellanos, Ramon Marquez, Julio Gutierrez...)
5Geri Galian & his Caribbean Rhythm Boys: Rumba Rhythms 10"; Coral CRL-56020; 1951
Geri Galian: Come Closer to Me; Warner Bros.
4Pedro Garcia & his Del Prado Orchestra: Tropical Cruise: Audio Fidelity
5Pedro Garcia & his Del Prado Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha Vol. 3: Audio Fidelity AFSD-5837; 1958
5Garrido y Sus Solistas Canta Tony Berty: Chungas Joropos (Latin Dances); Dana International DIL-8034
6Gilberto & his Musicabana Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha; Mercury MG-20164
6Nico Gomez: Piano Latino Americano Merengue; Blue Elephant BE-877.051; 1973 (European budget-label notable)
6Nico Gomez: Merengue Festival; Halter HLT-123.022; 1976 (European budget-label notable)
7Celio Gonzalez: El Celio de Siempre (Celio as Always); Alegre SLPA-8560
7Nelson Gonzalez et al:: Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. II--Down to Basics; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-422; 1977
7El Gran Combo (Rene Grand y su Combo New York); Seeco SCLP-9283
El Gran Combo: Boleros Romanticos con el Gran Combo; Gema LPG-3036
El Gran Combo: Meneame Los Mangos; Gema LPG-1170
El Gran Combo: De Siempre; Gema LPG-1181
El Gran Combo: Acangana; Gema LPG-1188
El Gran Combo: Ojos Chinos--Jala Jala; Gema LPG-1195
El Gran Combo: El Caballo Pelotero; Gema LPG-3001
El Gran Combo: El Swing Del Gran Combo; Gema LPG-3011
El Gran Combo: El Gran Combo En Navidad; Gema LPG-3021
El Gran Combo: Maldito Callo; Gema LPG-3027
El Gran Combo: Esos Ojitos Negros; Gema LPG-3030
El Gran Combo: Fiesta Con El Gran Combo; Gema LPG-3035
El Gran Combo: Boleros Romanticos Con El Gran Combo; Gema LPG-3036
6El Gran Combo: Los Nenes Sicodelicos; Gema LPG-3066
El Gran Combo -- see also Latin Soul
5Grupo Proyecto: Concatenacion Vol. 1; Egrem/Areito LD-4374; 1986
Julio Gutierrez & his National TV Orchestra: This is the Rhythm Cha Cha Cha; Panart 3002
6Julio Gutierrez & his National TV Orchestra/C. Faxas Quartet: Cha Cha Cha for Moderns (Fiesta De Cha Cha Cha); Panart 3012
Julio Gutierrez & his National TV Orchestra: Melodies in Cha Cha Cha; Panart 3016
7Julio Gutierrez: Cuban Jam Session Vol. 2; Panart LP-3055
8Julio Gutierrez & his Orchestra: Progressive Latin; Gema LPG-3015
Orchestra Harlow: Heavy Smokin'; Fania SLP-331
Orchestra Harlow: Bajandote--Gettin' Off; Fania SLP-334
8Orchestra Harlow: El Exigente; Fania SLP-342
Orchestra Harlow: Presenta A Ismael Miranda; Fania SLP-360
7Orchestra Harlow: Mi Mono y Yo (Me & My Monkey); Fania SLP-374
Orchestra Harlow: Electric Harlow; Fania SLP-385
Orchestra Harlow: Abran Paso, Ismael Miranda con Orchestra Harlow; Fania SLP-396
8Orchestra Harlow: Tribute to Arsenio Rodriguez; Fania SLP-00404 (w/Ismael Miranda)
Orchestra Harlow: Harlow's Harem; Fania SLP-00408
Orchestra Harlow: Ismael Miranda con Orchestra Harlow: Oportunidad; Fania SLP-00419
6Orchestra Harlow: Hommy; Fania SLP-00425 (w/Celia Cruz)
5Orchestra Harlow: Salsa; Fania SLP-00460; 1974/1973
6Orchestra Harlow: Live in Quad; Fania QXSLP-472; 1974 (2-LP)
7[Orchestra Harlow as] Belmonte & his Afro-Latin 7: Ole!; Philips PD-10001; 1976 (also on Columbia)
7[Orchestra Harlow conducted by Chico O'Farrill] Latin All-Stars: [Japanese LP]; 1976
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: "El Pavo" en Salsa; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin/Latin jazz/mod Latin rock; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,017)
8Frank Hernandez: "El Pavo" y su orquesta; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin jazz/Latin; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,018)
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: Ritmico!; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin/Latin jazz/Latin soul; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,020)
Frank Hernandez: Esta en lo Bailable; RCA Victor Venezuela
Rene Hernandez w/Pacheco: Percussive Cha Cha Latino; Audio Fidelity AFSD-5973
6Ray Herrera: Her Ray Herrera; Sims LP-124
Pepe Jaramillo: Mexico Tropical; EMI (U.K.; Latin piano)
6Pepe Jaramillo: South of the Border [w/his Latin American Rhythm]; EMI/MFP 5242; 1960 (in Australia as Axis 6073; 1/2 of 2-fer reissue MFP-1008; 1980)
6Pepe Jaramillo: A Mexican on Broadway; PCS 3033; 1962; (1/2 of 2-fer reissue MFP-1008; 1980)
7Pepe Jaramillo & his Latin American Rhythm: Carnival in Mexico; Columbia/EMI SCXO-6111
Pepe Jaramillo: Mexicana Holiday; EMI Studio 2 TWO-206
Pepe Jaramillo: Mexican Champagne; EMI Studio 2 TWO-255
Pepe Jaramillo: Latin Piano in Japan; EMI Studio 2 TWO-291
Pepe Jaramillo: Till There Was You; EMI Studio 2 TWO- 307
6Pepe Jaramillo & his Latin American Rhythm: Tequila Cocktail; EMI Studio 2 TWO-332 (also imported on Telemark)
5Pepe Jaramillo Meets Manuel/Manuel Meets Pepe Jaramillo; EMI Studio 2 TWO-359; 1971
6Pepe Jaramillo & his Latin American Rhythm: Mexican Love; EMI Studio 2 TWO-366; 1972
7Pepe Jaramillo: Mexican Voodoo; EMI Studio 2 TWOX.1001; 1973
Kako (Francisco Bastar): Kako y su Combo; Alegre 8130; 1962
5Kako & his After Hours Orchestra: Tributo A Noro Morales; Alegre LPA-833 (legendarily rare set w/2 descargas, 1 guajira)
Kako, Totico Y El Trabuco: La Maquina Y El Motor
Kako: [LP on Tito Rodriguez TR label]; TR TLP-00900
Kako -- see also Latin Soul
6Paquitin Lara/Ramon: Cha Cha, Anyone?; RKO SLP-1004
6The Latin All Stars: Cha Cha Cha; Roper RRLP1009 (Latin/Latin soul "Mi Carretta"; with Pete Terrace)
5Latin Rhythm Boys: Cha-Cha and Mambo; Paris 11 ("Music Appreciation Library"; 12 tunes all credited simply to Davila)
7Ernesto Lecuona al piano con orquesta y sus interpretes; Puchito MLP-511 (singers Maria de los Angeles Santana, Sarita Escarpenter, Tomasita Nunez, Zoraida Marrero, Rosa Elena Miro, Hector Fernandez Ramos)
8Ernesto Lecuona: Lecuona Plays Lecuona; RCA Victor LPM-1055; 1955/1954
7Ernesto Lecuona: Lecuona Plays for Two; RCA Victor LPM-1056; 1955/1954
6Ernesto Lecuona: La Epoca de Oro de Lecuona; RCA Victor FPM-213; 1968/1954
Ernesto Lecuona: Su Musica y sus Interpretes; Maype US-139
8Lecuona Cuban Boys w/Candido: Dance Along with the Lecuona Cuban Boys; ABC-Paramount ABCS-230 (1st press in bannered jacket, deep groove; 2nd press stickered "stereo")
6Lecuona Cuban Boys Play for Dancing; ABC-Paramount ABCS-316
7Lecuona Cuban Boys; Gema/Calig CAL-30-586 (German compilation of 1935-7 recordings)
7Dino Leone: Musique de Danse/Dance Music; Manibelle MBS-303 (Quebec; jacket: "Le disque de Professeur Excellent pour [dance party], Volume 3)
4Ruben Leon: A Thinking Man's Cha Cha Cha; Craftsmen C-8047 (jacket: Manhattan Cha Cha Cha; Gold Award Records)
Joe Loco
6Belisario Lopez Y Su Charanga: Pachangas (A Bailar La Pachanga); Ansonia ALP-1288
6Manny Lopez: Just for You; Indigo IND-LP-502
6Manny Lopez: Cha Cha Cha; Imperial
6Orquesta del la Luz: Salsa Caliente del Japon/Hot Salsa from Japan; RMM RML-80420; 1990
7Enrique Lynch y Orquesta: Mucho Merenque Mucho Ritmo--Tropical Rhythms for Dancing; Columbia ES-1764
7Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto: Banda; Mate M-027
6Bobby Madera & his Orchestra: "Look, I'm Doing the Cha-Cha!"; ABC-Paramount ABC-133
7Elena Madera (vocal, w/Johnny Conquet); Decca DL-8976
4Enric Madriguera & his Orchestra: South American Tempos 10"; Royale 1804
7Go Latin w/Enric Madriguera & his Orchestra/Desi Arnaz & his Latinos 10"; Decca DL-5350; 1951 (with Hector Rivera!)
4Norman Maine Y Su Orquesta: Abuglubu Abuglubu Cha Cha Cha; Columbia EX-5037
5F.Z. Maldonado/Armando Thomae: The Exciting Latin Beat 10"; SMC/Coda/Starlite ST-6008 (prod. Max Urban, rec. in Mexico City)
8Jose Mangual & Carlos "Patato" Valdez: Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. I; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-337; 1974 (prod. Martin Cohen)
8Jose Mangual: Buyu; Turnstyle 1433; 1977
8Jose Mangual, Jr.: Tribute to Chano Pozo; True Ventures TV-1001; 1977
Orlando Marin: Esta en Algo; Fiesta FLP-1456
7Orlando Marin: Se Te Quemo La Casa; Alegre LPA-814 (Alegre JMAS-6015; 1978)
8Orlando Marin: Que Chevere; Alegre LPA-831
Orlando Marin -- see Various-Artist Latin LPs and Latin Soul
Ramon Marquez: The Exciting Mambo 10"; SMC/Coda/Starlite ST-7001
6Ramon Marquez y su Orquesta: Cha Cha Cha y Chiviricos 10"; Musart M-106; c.1955
5Ramon Marquez y su Orquesta: Rico Cha Cha Cha 10"; Musart M-157; c.1955
7Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: Mambo by Marquez 10"; Columbia FL-9525; copyright 1951 (CL-6312)
8Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: A Dance Date in Mamboland 10"; Fiesta FLP-33001 (w/Damiron & Chapuseaux)
8Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: Mambos 10"; Fiesta FLP-33006 (w/Damiron & Chapuseaux)
8Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: Cha Cha Cha's--Mambos--Merengues; Fiesta FLP-1201; 1955 (w/Damiron & Chapuseaux; reissues singles/10" LPs; probably all cuts reissued on later titles, e.g. Ramon Marquez/Monchito: Cha Cha Cha--Every Pick a Hit; Fiesta FLP-1235, FLP-1285)
8Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: Play Along with Bongos; Fiesta FLP-1285 (compilation--reissues 5 cuts from FLP-1201 & more from others; came w/the Chico Arnez/Sam Ulano bongo-instruction book "Bongo Made Easy")
7Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra: Cha Cha Rhythm Featuring Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra; Rico RLP-3001
6Ramon Marquez: Mambo; Starlite ST-7001
7Ramon Marquez y su Orquesta: Ritmo Sabroso!; Musart D-215; 1958
7Orquesta Ramon Marquez/Ninon Mondejar & his Orquesta America: Let's Dance the Cha-Cha-Cha Vol. 2; Seeco Gold Series SCLP-9074 (interesting split between Marquez & top Cuban group which does a Chappottin song)
Dany Martin: Con Alma Juvenil; Tico SLP-1176
Sabu Martinez
7Chihuahua Martinez: Descarga Chihuahua (Descarga Cubana--El Ritmo de Chihuahua); Fonseca 1110; 1966 (Mike Martinez; charanga)
5Willie Martinez: I Could have Cha Cha'd All Night; Decca DL-8694
5[Billy May & the] Rico Mambo Orchestra: Mambos 10"; Capitol H-261
5Sylvio Mazzuca & his Orchestra: Baile Latino/Let's Dance Latin; Columbia ES-1784; 1962
4Melino: Yippee Ole--Western Songs the Latin Way; Jubiliee JLP-1042
Melodias del 40: Cha Cha Cha; Puchito MLP-512
Chocolaté (Antonio Diaz Mena) -- see Vodun & Latin Jazz
6Alfredo Mendez & his Rhythms/El Gringo & his Brazilians: Strictly for Dancing 10"; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-505 (rumba/samba; Caribbean Yacht Club, Escambron Beach Rumba, Tu No Comprendes, Que Bonita Eres Tu; Chiquita Banana, The Dreaming Monkey, The Color of her Hair, Strange Melody)
6Silvestre Mendez: Oriza; Seeco CELP-426 (Afro-Cuban)
7Menique: Soy Hijo de Chango; Cotique XCS-1077; 1974
5Augustine Mercer & his Jaragua Merengue Orchestra: The Jaragua Presents Merengues; Ritmo 805 (Dominican Republic; Latin/calypso/calypso jazz)
Trio Modelo with the San Juan Strings: How Beautiful You Are; Mio International MCS-1003 (Pete Terrace's label)
8Monchito & his Mambo Royals: Take It Easy 10"; Fiesta FLP-33005
8Monchito & his Mambo Royals: Cha Cha Cha--Mambo--Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1202; 1955 (reissues 10" & adds 4 more; 1/2 on Ramon Marquez/Monchito: Cha Cha Cha--Every Pick a Hit; Fiesta FLP-1235)
7Monchito & his Orchestra: Viva! Cha Cha Cha; Fiesta FLP-1233
7Eddie Montalvo & Charlie Santiago: Drum Solos Vol. 1; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-445; 1978 (prod. Martin Cohen)
8Eddie Montalvo & Charlie Santiago: Drum Solos Vol. 2; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-450; 1978 (prod. Martin Cohen)
Eddie Montalvo & Charlie Santiago: Drum Solos Vol. 3; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-455?; 1978 (prod. Martin Cohen)
->Bobby Montez -- see Latin jazz
Noro Morales
7The Music Minus One Rhythm Section Arranged by Montego Joe: Latin Rhythms; Music Minus One MMO-1024
6Musica Arara: Antologia de la Musica Afrocubana Vol. 4; Egrem LD-3996; 1981
3Orquesta Novel Invites You to a Novel Experience; Fania JM-556; 1980
7Orquesta Nuevo Ritmo de Cuba: The Heart of Cuba; GNP Crescendo GNP-47; 1959 ("Cuban Jungle"; only LP by 2nd US charanga, formed 1956)
6Don Pacheco: Rhumba Favorites; Universe ULP-511; 1961
Charlie Palmieri
Eddie Palmieri
9Los Papines; Caribe 215 (Cuban/conga)
7Los Papines: Guaguanco Con To'Los Hierros; Manopla 1022; 1973 (Cuban/conga)
7Joe Pappy: Boogaloos a la Joe Pappy & his Combo; Topstar LP-1208; 1967 (Latin soul/Latin/Latin jazz--descarga)
7Hermanos Pastora y Jose Loquito: Ritmo Erotico; Discos Corona DCS-55 (percussion)
8The Peanut Vendors: Swinging Latin Nights; United Artists UAL 30008-S; 1958 (Luis Barreiro, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Costa, Johnny Pacheco, Don Lamond, Jimmy Santiago, Al Epstein, Jose Mangual, Ray Munoz)
6Leyo Peña y su Orquesta: Que Traigan el Son Cubano; Inca SLP-1030; 1972
5[Franc Peri &] The Roper Dance Orchestra: American & Latin Ballroom; Roper RRLPS-1006; 1972 (jacket: The Dancing Strings & Brass & the Latin All Stars: American & Latin for Dancing--Swingin' Happy)
La Playa Sextet
Perez Prado
8Fernandez Pray & his South American Rhythm Orchestra: Rendezvous in Rio; Telefunken TP-2507
Tito Puente
Puerto Rican All-Stars: Puerto Rican All-Stars Featuring Kako; Alegre
7Cheo Belen Puig: Danzones del Ayer Vol. II; Kubaney MT-114
Cheo Belen Puig & his Orchestra: Cuban Cha Cha Cha (A Dance Date in Havana); Fiesta FLP-1213
6Cheo Belen Puig & his Charanga Orchestra: Charanga; Fiesta FLP-1307 (partly reissues LP 1213)
6Cheo Belen Puig & his Orchestra: Cha Cha in the Moonlight; Fiesta/Rico RLP-3002 (compilation from Fiesta LPs 1213 & 1307)
Pupi & his Charanga: El Platanal de Bartolo; Remo LPR-1514
Pupi con La Orquesta Renovacion: Salsa con Boog-A-Loo; Remo LPR-1523
Pupi y su Charanga: Soy Campesino; Remo BL-158
6Pupi y su Charanga: Ritmo Jala Jala; Remo LPR-1530 (Latin with one good borderline Latin-soul track)
6The Exciting Joe Quijano & his Pachanga-Cha-Cha Orchestra: La Pachanga Se Baila Asi; Columbia CS-8544/CL-1744; 1962
6Joe Quijano & his Orchestra: Latin Joe--Dance to the Bossa Nova the Mambo the Cha Cha Cha; Columbia CS-8724; 1962 (Marty Manning arranged)
7Joe Quijano & his Orchestra: Everything Latin--Yeah, Yeah; Columbia CS-8870/CL-2070; 1963 (partly proto-Latin soul--"watusi" era; w/arrangers Charles Fox & Marty Manning)
8Joe Quijano: Fiddler on the Roof Goes Latin; MGM SE-4283 (Charles Fox arranged; Latino LAT 10,013)
Joe Quijano & his Fantastic Conjunto Cachana (The World's Most Exciting Latin-American Orchestra & Revue); Cesta C-1000
Joe Quijano Swings Uptown & Downtown; Cesta C-2000
8Joe Quijano Shing-A-Lings; Cesta C-3000
7Joe Quijano with Strings; Cesta SLP-5000 (arr. & cond. Charles Fox)
7Joe Quijano: The World's Most Exciting Latin Orchestra & Review; Cesta Records III Cesta CESLP-20 (with Manny Corchado, Charlie Palmieri)
7Louie Ramirez (Introducing); Remo LPR-1512; 1964
7Louie Ramirez: Latin Au Go Go; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-179; 1965
7Louie Ramirez: Good News; Fania SLP-329
6Louie Ramirez y su Amigos; Cotique JMCS-1096; 1978
6Louie Ramirez: Salsero; Cotique JMCS-1104; 1980
6Louie Ramirez/Ray de la Paz: Sabor con Clase; 1986
Ricardo Ray [& Bobby Cruz]: Comejen/Ricardo Ray Arrives; Fonseca
8Ricardo Ray [& Bobby Cruz]: On the Scene with Ricardo Ray; Fonseca SLP-1107
6Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: 10 aniversario; Vaya XVS-36; 1975
7Chuy Reyes & his Orchestra: Mambo at the Mocambo 10"; Capitol (Oink Oink Mambo, Llegaste Tarde, Mocambo Mambo, Dee Gee Mambo, Concussion Mambo, Mambo Trombo, Hornpipe Mambo, Genaro Tumbo a la Mula)
8Chuy Reyes & his Hollywood Mocambo Orchestra: Rhumba de Cuba 10"; Capitol H-152 (vocals by Tony Martinez & Tony Gari)
7Emilio Reyes: An Occasional Cha Cha Cha; Mardi-Gras LP-5004 (tunes by Johnny Velasquez)
8Walfredo de Los Reyes: Cuban Jazz (Sabor Cubano); Rumba RLP-55550
8Hector Rivera: Let's Cha Cha Cha; Mercury MG-20137 (also on Wing)
7Hector Rivera: The New Latin Dance Sensation--Charanga & Pachanga!; CBS/Columbia/Epic BN-599/LN-3782 (rare; typically mono promo, stereo more likely as Columbia Special Products)
8Hector Rivera: Viva Rivera!; CBS/Columbia/Epic BN-608/LN-3804 (rare)
7Hector Rivera: Y Vuelve/Return of; UA Latino L-31082 (prod. Joe Cain & Bobby Marin)
8Hector Rivera: Para Mi Gente; Tico CLP-1309; 1973 (prod. Joe Cina; canta Julian Llanos)
8Hector Rivera: Lo Maximo; Tico CLP-1324; 1974 (w/Tony Molina, Cachao, Luis Mangual, Vitin Aviles, Hector Lavoe..)
7Ismael Rivera con sus Cachimbos: Esto Fur Lo Que Trajo El Barco; Tico CLP-1305; 1972
7Manuel Rivera: Dance Tempo Cha Cha Cha; Crown CST-171 (Latin/Latin twist)
7Nino Rivera: Cuban Jam Session Vol. 3; Panart LP-3090
Orquesta Riverside: Ritmos de Cuba/Cuban Rhythms; Puchito MLP-513
6Marco Rizo: The Mark of Rizo; Sesac S-201/202
6Marco Rizo: That Latin Touch; Tico (Tico/Forum F-9042)
6Marco Rizo: Morning Melody; Tico ("Swinging Shepherd Blues"; Forum Circle SF-9076)
6Marco Rizo, his Piano & Rhythm: Piano & Percussion; Tico LP-1076
7Sanchez Acosta & Marco Rizo: Arriba!; Tico LP-1079 (Latin/Latin jazz)
6Rodriguez (no first name): Latin Dance Party; Golden Tone C-4016
Arsenio Rodriguez
Pete Rodriguez (At Last!); Remo LPR-1511; 1964
7Pete Rodriguez: The King of the Boogaloo; Remo LPR-1517
Pete Rodriguez: Swing; Seeco 9142; 1965
Pete Rodriguez -- see Latin Soul
7Ray Rodriguez; Cotique CS-1058
Tito Rodriguez
8Willie Rodriguez & the International Stars: A Bunch of Bongos; Grand Award GA-253-SD; 1960
Willie Rodriguez -- see also bongos & Latin Soul
Gonzalo Roig: America Crespo; Panart LP-3064
Rey Roig y su Sensacion: Aqui Llego; Mericana MYS-107
7Rey Roig y su Sensacion: Otra Vez; Mericana XMS-117; 1973
7Carlos Romanos: Latin the Modern Way; Dansan DS-033; 1980 (UK; Latin disco, samba, Moog)
Aldemaro Romero & Su Orquesta de Salon: Criollisima!; RCA Victor LPA-1001; 1956 (Al Romero; Venezuelan; jacket of Susana Duijm, Miss World 1955)
Aldemaro Romero & his Salon Orchestra: Flight to Romance; RCA Victor LPM-1209; 1956
6Aldemaro Romero & his Salon Orchestra: Venezuela; RCA Victor LPM-1315; 1956 (Al Romero)
8Antonio Maria Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 1; Panart LP-3009
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 2; Panart LP-3019
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: El Danzon; Panart LP-3037
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 3; Panart LP-3041
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 4; Panart LP-3047
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 5; Panart LP-30??
7Antonio Ma. Romeu: Asi Bailaba Cuba, Vol. 6; Panart LP-3062
5Roper Dance Orchestra directed by Frank Peri: Latin Holiday; Roper RRLP-S-1005
Edmundo Ros
8Felix Rosario y sus Magos del Ritmo: El Locrio; Kubaney MT-341 (Latin/Latin jazz "Lisboa Antigua"/bossa mod Latin soul "Dafne")
8Willie Rosario: Two Too Much; Musicor MS-6039/MM-4039 (Latin/Latin soul; w/Frankie Figueroa; Artol ACS-6039)
7Henri Rosotti & his Tropical Orchestra: Bolero Samba 10"; Mercury MG-25178 (Latin/samba/mambo "Mambo #8"/cha cha cha)
7Sonny Rossi & the Concord Hotel Orchestra: Cha Cha at the Concord; Mardi-Gras LP-5014
7Royale Latin American Orchestra/Ralph Font & his Latin Music: Mambo; Allegro 1559 (or Royale 1884; uncredited Perez Prado covers, some vocals)
4Pablo Beltran Ruiz: Dust on the Moon; RCA Victor LPM-1348
Pablo Beltran Ruiz: South of the Border Cha-Cha-Cha; RCA Victor Mexicana MKL-1233
4Pablo Beltran Ruiz: Beltran Plays Cha Chas--Fred Astaire Studio Dance Favorites; RCA Camden CAS-679; 1961
Jimmy Sabater: Teresa's Son; Tico
6Juanito Sanabria: Merengues; Ansonia ALP-1201 (canta: Dioris Valladares)
Mongo Santamaria
4Don Santiago & El Reyes de Tango: Tango & Merengue; Fiesta/Rico RLP-3003
6Y. Segami & his Exciting Company: Latin Percussion; Columbia NCB-8006 (Denon; Japan)
6Orquesta Sensacion: Cha Cha Cha; Puchito MLP-504
Orquesta Sensacion: Cha Cha Cha; Puchito MLP-508
7Sexteto Nacional: Come Se Baila El "Son"; Bravo B-104 (Cuban)
8Lalo Schifrin: Piano Espanol--The Magic Touch of Lalo, his Piano, & Orchestra; Tico SLP-1070; 1960/1959
Juan Serrano & his Caribbean Combo: Caribbee--Songs of the Indies; Columbia Adventures in Sound WL-103; 1958
Alberto Socarras: El Gringo & his Brazilians 10"; SMC
6Al Stefano (sic) & his Trio: Rhumba Favorites; Golden Tone 14049
6Al Stephano & his Trio: Mambo Bongo Bash!; Tops L-1722 (in stereo on Mayfair)
6Al Stephano & his Trio: Latin Dance Carnival; Tops/Mayfair 9718-S (3rd US LP)
6Al Stephano & his Trio: Rhumba Reflexiones; Tops/Mayfair 9721-S (4th US LP)
6Al Stephano & his Orchestra: Dance to the Latin Beat; Decca DL-8645
6Al Stephano & his Orchestra: Latin Dance Party; Decca DL-8646
Humberto Suarez & his Cuban Strings: Dance Fiesta in Havana; Everest SDBR-1056/LPBR-5056
Orquesta Sublime: Charangas; Panart LP-2033
Pete Terrace
7Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 1: Tico SLP-1135 (Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
5Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 2: Tico SLP-1145 (Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
7Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 3: Tico SLP-1155 (Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
6Tico All-Stars: Recorded Live at Carnegie Hall Vol. 1: Tico CLP-1325; 1974 (Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Charlie Palmieri, La Lupe, Alegre All Stars..)
René Touzet
Bebo Valdes -- see Latin jazz
Miguelito Valdes Sings 10"; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-503
8Miguelito Valdes: Latin American Rhythms 10"; MGM E-130
Miguelito Valdes: Latin Hits featuring Miguelito Valdez 10"; Royale 18138 (A-side only: Babalu/Rhumba Rhapsody/Negro/Canto Siboney)
8Miguelito Valdes: "Mr. Babalu"; Mount Vernon Music MVM-140
8Miguelito Valdes: Inolvidables; Verve V6-5036 (Afro-Cuban; arr. cond. Chico O'Farrill)
6Miguelito Valdes Sings; Seeco (with La Sonora Matancera/Noro Morales; reissued as Palladium PLP-120; 1989)
Miguelito Valdes -- see also Machito
7Carlos "Patato" Valdez: Bata y Rumba; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-586; 1980
6Vicentico Valdes: Suave; Seeco SCLP-9249; 1963 (bolero, with Joe Cain)
6Vicentico Valdes: Aquel Amor (Honey); United Artists/UA Latino LS-61031; 1968
5Armando Valdespie & his Orchestra: Latin Magic; Fiesta FLP-1227
8Luis Varona: Cha Cha Cha at the Eden Roc; Gone 7003 (jacket face: "Verona")
7Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno: Merengues 10"; Ansonia ALP-1 (canta: Dioris Valladares; "Folk Music of the Dominican Republic"; 1st Ansonia LP!)
7Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno: Merengues [vol. 2] 10"; Ansonia ALP-2 (canta: Dioris Valladares; "Music of Santo Domingo")
7Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno: Merengues [vol. 3]; Ansonia ALP-1208 (canta: Dioris Valladares)
7Dioris Valladares & his Orchestra en Vete pa'l Colegio; Alegre LPA-809 (vol. 1)
7Dioris Valladares & his Orchestra: Yo La Vi; Alegre LPA-822 (vol. 2)
7Mark Weinstein & Orchestra: Cuban Roots; Musicor MS-6038/MM-4038 (Artol pressing is more common but flawed--built-in skip)
Harry Ortega & the Caribe Tropical Orchestra: Let's Dance the Merengue; Capitol T-1350
5Marty Wilson & his Orchestra: Jun'gala; Warner Bros. WS-1326; 1959 (Afro-Cuban, big-band exotica)
7[Al Santiago Presents] Yambú (Yambu); Montuno MLP-506; 1975 (Rafy Puente sings; Latin/Latin jazz/Latin funk/disco)
5Herb Zane: Let's Go Latin Cha Cha Cha; Tico LP-1073
5Uncredited: Dancetime in Havana; Mercury MG-20042 (nice jacket)

Various-Artist Latin LPs

812 Top Tunes 1967; Tico TRLP-1163; 1967 (compilation of Tico/Alegre prod. Pancho Cristal; 1/2 Latin soul; Pete Rodriguez, La Lupe, Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Eddie Palmieri, Celio Gonzalez, Ismael Rivera/Cortijo, Ricardo Ray, Charlie Palmieri, Celia Cruz, Hugo Leonel Vacarro, Los Chavales de Espana)
716 Canciones Fabulosas de Tito Rodriguez, Nelson Pineda, Vitin Aviles, Los Hispanos, Orquestra Broadway; Musicor MS-3055/MM-2055 (compilation/sampler)
716th Salsa Festival Live from Madison Square Garden; RMM; 1991 (live; Ricardo Ray/Bobby Cruz/Ralph Mercado, El Gran Combo, Orq. de la Luz/Tito Puente, Oscar d'Leon, Hermanos Moreno, Grupo Niche)
7[Charlie Palmieri/La Playa Sextet/Emilio Reyes:] Algo Estamos Haciendo Bien; El Globo 6001 (Mardi-Gras recordings, some possibly newly issued or on LP for the first time)
7Arriba!; Fiesta FLP-1215 (Ramon Monchito, Orlando Marin, Ramon Marquez)
8"Babalu"--Afro-Cuban Rhythms; Allegro/Royale 1515 (uncredited but w/Miguelito Valdes & Noro Morales)
6Basic Cha Cha Cha; Tico LP-1032
7Being a Gramophone Essay on Cuban Jazz & the Jawbone of an Ass; Cook LP-1083
7Canciones Mi Mama No Me Enseno/Spanish Songs Mama Never Taught Me; Tico SLP-1111 (Joe Cuba, Miguelito Valdes, Tito Puente, Machito, Graciela)
7Mas Canciones Mi Mama No Me Enseno/More Spanish Songs Mama Never Taught Me; Tico SLP-1120 (same artists)
8Cha-Cha-Cha; RCA Victor LPM-1081; 1955 (Beny More, Ernesto Duarte, Orq. Almendra, Facundo Rivera, Al Romero, Tito Rodriguez, Al Castellanos, Noro Morales)
6Cha Cha Cha--Mambo--Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1205 (Ramon Marquez, Argueso, Damiron & Chapuseaux)
5Cha Cha Cha-Mambo-Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1211 (Monchito, Tony Molina, Don Santiago)
3Cha Cha Cha & Mambo; Tops L-1535
6Cha Cha Cha at the El Morocco; Tico LP-1025
6Cha Cha Cha Carnival; Tico/Forum SF-9051 (Tico/Forum Circle FCS-9096)
6Cha Cha Cha-Mambo (La Playa Sextet/Al Castellanos/Emilio Reyes); Mardi-Gras LP-5003
Cha Cha Cha-Mambo-Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1205
Christmas Time in Cuba; Panart 3001
7Dance Party; Monogram 609 (or Paragon 609; cha cha cha, mambo, merengue, meringue)
Dance the Pachanga; Tico SLP-1081
6Dance to Latin Rhythms No. 1 10"; Westminster WL-3021 (Latin/Brasil/Afro-Cuban; Parisian orchestras of Pepe Luiz, Roger Bourdin, Don Diego, Felix Valvert, Noel Chiboust)
6The Dancing Beat of the Latin Bands; RCA Victor LSP-2087; 1959
5Fiesta Time (2 LPs); Fiesta FLP-1217
9Hi-Fi Cuban Drums; Capitol T-10141; c.1957/1955? (Afro-Cuban; monster session of master hill drummers w/some vocals; reissued as Grupo Afro-Cubana dir. por Alberto Zayas: Afro-Frenetic--"Tambores de Cuba"; Panart LP-3053)
I Dreamt I Danced the Cha Cha Cha; Tico LP-1060; 1959
In the Land of Cha Cha; Tico LP-1059; 1959
6Latin Golden Oldies for Dancing Vol. 1; Tico SLP-1097; 1959
Latin Golden Oldies for Dancing Vol. 2; Tico SLP-1100; 1959
The Latin Sound of Perez Prado, Xavier Cugat, Tito Puente; RCA RCS-3221/1-2; 1973 (2-LP)
7Lecuona--su musica y sus interpretes, Vol. 1; Maype US-139
7Let's Cha Cha Cha; Monogram 836 (uncredited)
6Let's Go Latin; Fiesta FLP-1222 (Orlando Marin, Ramon Marquez, Chico Sesma)
7Let's Merengue [with six Caribbean orchestras]; Monogram 845
Liuvia de Estrellas (Shower of Stars); Tico SLP-1210
Mambo! 10"; Columbia CL-6306
Mambo; Fiesta FLP-1203
7Mambo Caravan; Tico LP-1007 (Joe Loco, Machito, Tito Puente)
6Mambo for Cats; RCA Victor LPM-1063; 1955
8Mambo Mucho Mambo; Columbia CL-626 (Belmonte, Machito, Cugat)
7Mambos 10"; Seeco Tropical Series STLP-1 (Pupi Campo Orq., M. Mercoron Orq., Los Populares)
6A Mardi Gras of Cha Cha Cha Hits (La Playa Sextet/Al Castellanos); Mardi-Gras LP-5007
8Los Mejores Musicos de Cuba--instrumental; Rumba 55524 (Bebo Valdez, Chico O'Farrill, Cachao, Pepe Delgado, Walfredo de los Reyes, Peruchin..)
7Merengue-Mambo-Cha Cha Cha; SMC/Pro-Arte SMC-1024 (Ramon Argueso, Alfredo Mendez, Cuso Mendoza; liners by Gabriel Oller incl. photo of his niece, Linda Tappan)
7Merengues; Fiesta FLP-1284 (Argueso, Randy Carlos, Monchito)
7Music for Romancing; Tico LP-1009 (compilation/sampler; Tito Puente, Neil Lewis, Tico Orchestra, Melino Orchestra, Eddie Barclay)
Music of Cuba Vol. 1; Panart 3003
7La Musica de Ernesto Lecuona; Panart 3100 (tribute compilation)
6One Night in Havana; Seeco SCLP-9053
7Our Latin Thing ST; Fania SLP-431 (2-LP)
7La Pachanga--La Musica de Eduardo Davidson; Panart LP-2048 (w/Obdulio Morales y su Orquesta Tamborees Bata, Fajardo, Sublime, Romeu..)
7Perfect for Dancing--Mambos; RCA Victor LPM-1067; 1955 (Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Aldemaro Romero, Noro Morales, Tony Martinez, Perez Prado)
7Perfect for Dancing--Rumbas; RCA Victor LPM-1069; 1955 [Jose Curbelo (Rumba Rumbero, Mary Ann Calypso), Jose Morand (Dream Mist, Tru-Cu-Tu-Son), Tito Puente (Arinanara, Lagrimas Negras), Miguelito Valdes (Jungle Drums, Always in My Heart, La Comparsa, Say Si Si, The Breeze and I-Andalucia, Tito Rodriguez (Ya lo Puedes Decir)]
7Puchito Dance Sampler; Montilla/Puchito H8-OP-4700 (Cuban; Orq. Riverside, Armando Orefiche, Chappotin, Napoleon, Bola Sete, Orq. Melodias del 40, Orq. Loyola)
7Recordando a Arsenio; Tico SLP-1231
7Rumba 10"; Remington RLP-1009; 1950 (Afro-Cuban)
7Rumbas 10"; Seeco Tropical Series STLP-2 (Charlie Palmieri, Pupi Campo Orq., Celso Vega Quintet, Arturo Chaife Orq., Canelina with Carlos Varela Orq.)
4Stereo Rhythms--Stereophonic Demonstration Record; Fiesta FLPS-1238
7Take Our Three; Mardi-Gras LP-5005 (Al Castellanos/La Playa Sextet/Emilio Reyes)
6Tico Selector (Tico Gallery); Tico TS-1
6Tito Puente; Embajador E-6006 (Mardi Gras budget subsidiary)
Tito Rodriguez; Embajador E-6007 (Mardi Gras budget subsidiary)
4Tito Rodriguez--Latin Fiesta; Guest Star GS-1422
Today's All Stars Jam Session--Live; Tico SLP-1169
6We Love to Cha Cha Cha (La Playa Sextet/Al Castellanos/Sonny Rossi); Mardi-Gras LP-5008

Partly Latin LPs

4Ames Brothers: Hello Amigos; RCA Victor LSP-2100; 1960
6Ray Anthony & his Orchestra: This Could Be the Night ST; EMI/MGM C-761 (UK; torch/Latin/20s; "Mambo Combo")
6Jack "Bongo" Burger: The End on Bongos; HIFI R-804
9Edd Byrnes: Kookie--Star of "77 Sunset Strip"; Warner Bros. WS-1309; 1959
6Grace Chang: Hong Kong's Grace Chang; Capitol [of the World] T-10272 ("I Love Cha Cha")
7Duke Ellington's Far East Suite; RCA Victor LSP-3782; 1967/1966
8Abbe Lane (w/Tito Puente): Be Mine Tonight; RCA Victor LSP-1554; 1958
7The Exciting Eloise Trio; Decca DL-4077
6Jesus Moreno Band; Royal Caribbean Cruise Line LP-501 (lounge act; good only for "La China" a.k.a. "Mi China"--hip cha cha cha)
7Mel Taylor & the Magics In Action!; Warner Bros. WS-1624 (drums/bongo rock/guitar/spy/mod/mod Latin "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White")
7Wesley Thomas Combo: Tropical Rhythm; Stella T-503 (calypso/Latin)
8Gerhard Trede/Peter Schirmann/Martin Bottcher: Dance-Latin & Twenties/Rock 'n Roll; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-174 (production; mod soul/dance rock/Latin/psyche)
7Luther Williams: Tropical Dance Party at the Arawak; Limbo 201 (Latin/calypso; Hubert Porter sings on the calypsos/mentos; has cha cha cha version of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender")
5Uncredited: Perfect for Dancing; Hoctor HLP-3027
8Various: Absolute Beginners ST; Virgin/EMI America SV-17182; 1986 ('80s/bongo bop/beatnik/Latin "Rodrigo Bay"; Slim Gaillard, David Bowie, Sade Adu, Style Council, Ray Davies, Gil Evans, Eighth Wonder with Patsy Kensit, Working Week, Jerry Dammers)
8Various: Calypso--Musical Americana in Hi-Fi; Columbia Custom/Hi-Fi Library of the World's Greatest Music S3-308 (uncredited w/Eloise Lewis--"Tina Masse" only; Bahamas; Nassau Blues, La Cruz, Bahama Brown Baby, Nassau Cha Cha Cha, Nassau Merengue, Jolly Junkanoo, Tina Masse, Baila en Cha Cha Cha, Oh Mr. Brown, Down de Road, Johnny Cake)
7Various: TransAfrica MusicMakers Vol. 1; Shade FM-005 ("Semuya Lege"; UK African/calypso/calypso jazz/Latin; West African Supersonics, OK Jazz Band, West African Rhythm Brothers, Rans Boi, Amrose Campbell, Ali Ganda, Brewster Hughes)

Latin 45s & EPs

7Los Albinos EP; Palette 226.001-M (Voulez-Vous Cha Cha, Je Suis a Toi Cheri, Cha Cha Be-Bop, Volga Cha Cha)
5Fernandito Alejandro y su Trio Los Nardos: A Ella/Estas Mintiendo; Fonseca 1108 (waltz/bolero featuring Mon Rivera)
7Alfredito: Egg Foo Young Mambo/Rockabye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody; Rainbow 45-273
8Alfredito: Cha Cha Cha-Mambo EP; Rainbow EP-614 (Cha Cha Cha, Tan-Tan-Tun, Crazy Stanley Mambo, Temptress Mambo)
8Alfredito [Teenagers Dance Chop Suey Mambo] EP; RCA Victor EPA-4201 (Chop Suey Mambo, Cha Cha Cha (Mi Musica Es Para Ti--Rene Touzet), Cha Cha His Majesty, Las Muchachitas del Cha Cha Cha)
5Fabian Andre: Rumbas Vol. 1; Fiesta FEP-1001 (Bembelem, Rumor Tropical, Magdalena, Pokeron)
6Fabian Andre: Rumbas Vol. 2; Fiesta FEP-1004 (La Perrita, El Marijuano, Latin Magic, El Conejo Flojo)
7Angelo & his Friends: Sorrento Blue/When I Tell You that I Love You (Quando Dico Che Ti Amo); Fiesta 204 (Mexicali/mod Latin)
7Orquesta Aragon: El Bodeguero EP; RCA Victor [Mexico] MKE-145 (El Bodeguero, Silencio, No me Molesto, Sr. Juez)
6Orquesta Aragon: That Cuban Cha-Cha-Cha vol. 3; RCA Victor EPA-896; 1956 (Calculadora, Yo Tenga Una Muneca, El Organillero, Ay Jose)
6Desi Arnaz & his Latinos: Similau/Un Paquito de tu Amor; Decca 9-24713
5Desi Arnaz & his Orchestra: The Straw Hat Song/Forever, Darling; MGM K-12144 (with the Pied Pipers)
7Belmonte & his Afro-American Music: Ol' Solo Mamabo/You Gotta Do the Mambo Today; Columbia CSL 4-40488
8Black Blood: La Faranga/Kiswahili; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-5580; 1976 (Latin/Afro-Beat)
8Rene Bloch: Pa Coco Solo (for Heads Only)/De Ti Enamorando; Atlantic/Atco 45-6252 (rare LP tracks)
8Bop-A-Loos: Sincerely/Cuban Carnival; Mercury 70569 (Latin jazz/Latin)
7Joe Cain & the Red Parrot Orchestra: Perez Prado-Tito Puente Latin Medley/Big Band "Dixieland" Medley; Zoo York Recordz (sic) WS4-03504; 1983 (Oye Como Va, Cherry Pink, Patricia, Mambo Jambo, Mambo #5)
6[Pupi Campo] Pupi Compo (sic) & his Orchestra: Cha Chas & Merengues EP; Paramount/Variety EPV-6007 (label variant; see Tito Puente for all Pupi Campo)
7"El Almirante" Louie Colon y su Tripulacion: Negra Mala/Bomba y Merengue; UA Latino LA-360 (produced by Bobby Marin)
9Johnny Conquet, his Piano & All Stars: Asia Minor/Latin Twist (Latin/Latin twist)
9The Johnny Conquet Sextet: Out of Nowhere/Old Devil Moon; CBS/Epic 5-9072 (vibes/with Candido)
7Orquesta Egrem EP; Areito EP 7015 (En el Sendero de Mi Vida/Siboney/Quiereme Mucho/Amorosa Guajira)
7Irving Fields/Estrellas del Ritmo con el Pianista Misterioso: Boca Chica Costa Rica/Rockin' Chair Rumba; SMC/Coda 5094 (both sides from Caribbean Suite, by Irving Fields)
6Cristina Fisher: Nesecito de Ti/Caricia Clandetina; Fonseca 186 (waltz/bolero featuring Mon Rivera)
6Frank Giordano & his Rhythm Boys: Woman of the River-mambo/Nyves-mambo suby; RCA Victor 47-6385 (A-side w/Sophia Loren from film "Woman of the River"; recorded in Italy)
7Gomez Orchestra Plays Rhumba Favorites; Rainbow EP-602 (Round the World Rhumba/Miami Beach Rhumba/Walter Winchell Rhumba/Hot Canary Rhumba)
7Los Hermanos Castro: Besame Mucho/Angoa; Fantasy 548X
8Kako: La Lengue/Mana y Sabor; TR T-110 (on LP TLP-00900)
8Harriet Kaye w/Arnito Rey's Orchestra: Jazzbo Mambo/You're the One; Gibraltar 101
8The Latin All Stars: Improvisando Cha Cha Cha/Tumbao Cubano; Roper 201 (cha cha cha/mambo)
9The Latin Quarters: Mira Mira/Mambito (cumbia); Red Bird RB 10-000 (breakbeat)
7Art Lowry & his Lazy Latin Lovers: Tony's Wife/Rumbango; Columbia 4-40228 (novelty-ish)
8Ramon Marquez: Abrete Sesamo (Open Sesame)/Clases en Cha Cha Cha; Seeco 45-4181 (A-side jazz-mambo; B-side as on Fiesta tho possibly earlier version)
7Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and Orchestra: Limbo/Fire Down Below; Decca 9-30349 (blue-eyed calypso/Latin/oddpop; A-side vocal by El Boy & his Calypsonians; both cuts from the film Fire Down Below)
6Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and Orchestra: Rockin' the Old Grey Mare/Rumba Rhapsody; Decca 9-30491 (Latin/oddpop; A-side on LP DL-8556)
6Noro y su Danzonera: Nunca/Silver Star; RCA Victor 6207 (not Noro Morales)
4Peacock & his Mambo Combo: Papa Loves Mambo/If I Give My Heart to You; Tico 45-1092 (sax-led instrumentals)
7Hector Pellot & his Aces of Ritmo/Johnny Conquet Sextet EP; Epic EG-7075 (vibes/Latin jazz/cha cha cha; It's Cha-Cha Time, Where Or When, Johnny Special, East of the Sun)
6Plymouth Rhumba Orchestra: Rhumba Time EP; Plymouth PEP-20
6Emilio Reyes: Subrosa Cha Cha/Cafe [Mambo]; Mardi-Gras 1018
7Emilio Reyes: Marguerita's Mambo/Guess Who Does the Cha Cha Cha (Mira a Ver Quien Es); Mardi-Gras 1025 (A-side a good jazz-mambo)
7Roger Roger & his Champs Elysees Orchestra: Dalilia/Mel Young: Cha Cha Charlie; Festival FK-296 (exotic rock/Latin/whistle; Australian single by UK production star on A-side--like Ennio Morricone's western STs; B-side like Perez Prado)
9Al Romero: Modern Latin Moods EP; RCA Victor EPA-548; 1954 (Latin jazz; Keep It Gay, Too Marvelous for Words, The Nearness of You, Oriental Rumba)
7Bobby Page & his Musical Pages: Carioca/DeeJay Mambo; Vito VO-113; 1954 (Latin jazz; Hollywood; w/vocals)
7Chuy Reyes & his Orchestra: Mambo at the Mocambo EP Part 1; Capitol EAP-1-257 (Llegaste Tarde, Mocambo Mambo, Oink Oink Mambo, Dee Gee Mambo)
8Sonny Rossi & his Concord Mambo Orchestra: Harlem Nocturne/Sing, Sing, Sing; Monogram M-917 (A-side w/the voice of "Juliana")
8Sonny Rossi & the Concord Mambo Orchestra: All the World is Going Mambo/Tony & Marie Mambo; Monogram M-923 (A-side vocal, very circumspect)
8Johnny Sedes: Soy Latino/Los Bravos del Ritmo; Discolando 3807 (great salsa from legendary Fonseca star)
9Tambo: Gone City/Co Co My My; Montuno 8001 (Latin jazz/Latin; from LP Tambo; Montuno MLP-505--prod. Al Santiago; A-side by Chico O'Farrill)
7Tony Toran Orchestra: Limelight Cha Cha/Dark Shadows; Counterpoint CPT-10-014 (A-side credited to Charlie Chaplin)
7Orchestra Tropical: Mambo #5; Fiesta FEP-1011; 1953 (Que Rico el Mambo, Tierra va Tembla, Mambo #5, Coco Pelao)
7Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno: Consigueme Eso/El Pelero; Ansonia 5346 (canta: Dioris Valladares; A-side on Ansonia ALP-1 10" LP Merengues)
7Cherry Wainer: Blue Cha Cha/Iced Coffee; Paris 45-533 (pop organ/mambo)
6Jerry Wald: Moon Over Miami/Sheba; Todd 1022 (Prado-esque organ-led mambos; early stereo 45 in "Auraphonic Sound")
7Various: All-Star Pops EP; Columbia B-2088 (Belmonte w/Bernadine Read: Learnin' the Blues/Felicia Sanders: Blue Star//Xavier Cugat & Merv Griffin: Sweet & Gentle/Doris Day: I'll Never Stop Loving You)

Latin 78s

7Alfredito: Round the World Mambo #2/Goofus Mambo; Rainbow 216 (on LP 718)
6Alfredito: Honeydripper Mambo Parts 1 & 2; Rainbow 225 (on LP 718)
7Alfredito: Quien Sera/Mambo for Dancers Only; Rainbow 229 (on LP 718)
6Alfredito: Peanut Vendor Mambo/Highball Mambo; Rainbow 230 (on LP 718)
8Alfredito: Chop Suey Mambo/Las Muchachitas del Cha Cha; Rainbow 243 (on LP 720)
6Alfredito: Cha Cha Cha/Tan Tan Tun; Rainbow 247 (on LP 720)
8Alfredito: Sugar Cane Mambo/Turkish Delight Mambo; Rainbow 255 (on LP 720)
7Alfredito: Temptress Mambo/Crazy Stanley Mambo; Rainbow 258 (on LP 720)
Alfredito: Nocturnando/Papa Loves Mambo; Rainbow 264
Alfredito: Egg Foo Young/Rockabye Your Baby (with a Dixie Melody); Rainbow 273
Alfredito: Anabacoa/Mambo from Mars; Rainbow 275
6Desi Arnaz & his Orchestra: A Rainy Night in Rio/Through a Thousand Dreams; RCA Victor 20-2094 (vocal by Jane Harvey)
6Desi Arnaz & his Orchestra: Made for Each Other (Tu Felicidad)/El Cumbanchero; RCA Victor 20-2550
6Desi Arnaz & his Orchestra: Rumba Rumbero/In Santiago, Chile ('Tain't Chilly at All); RCA Victor 20-2827
8Damiron & Chapuseaux: Carabine/A Ti Na'Ma; Landia 5040
7Irving Fields/Estrellas del Ritmo con el Pianista Misterioso: Boca Chica Costa Rica/Rockin' Chair Rumba; SMC/Coda 5094 (both sides from Caribbean Suite, by Irving Fields)

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