Tito Rodríguez

A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tito Rodriguez came to New York City in 1939 to sing with his brother's band. He learned to play a variety of instruments before succeeding as a vocalist with Enric Madriguera, Xavier Cugat, Noro Morales, and José Curbelo. In 1947 he started his first band with René Hernández, Cachao Lopez, and Victor Paz.

Several of the great Latin-American singers went on to form their own aggregations, but Rodriguez was the most successful. One reason is the music, which has the hip drive of Tito Puente (whom he copied during the Palladium battles of the "two Titos") and the Palmieri brothers. Eddie Palmieri and company perform on some of his best albums. In fact, he and Puente, "the two Titos" headlining at New York City's famous Palladium, were rivals for the title of Mambo King until Perez Prado took it.

While Tito Rodriguez played mambo on a par with the others, it was his voice that set him apart. Whether it's mambo, Latin twist, or sentimental ballads, Rodriguez rarely strayed far from authentic or progressive Latin. Indeed, no other performer epitomizes the Latin showman as well as he: top vocal stylist, versatile musician, sophisticated arranger-composer, handsome bandleader, leader of the New York Latin scene. Tito Rodriguez' music is quintessential. Fans of his singing will want the rare Musicor and later records. Fans of the driving mambo beat and early Latin jazz will want to seek out the rare Victor and Tico material, plus all should have the best-selling United Artists records.

Tito Rodriguez 10" LPs

Tito Rodriguez & the Mambo Devils: Mambo Styles; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-504
Mambos, Vol. 1; Tico LP-100
Mambos, Vol. 2; Tico LP-102; 1952
Mambos, Vol. 3; Tico LP-104
Mambos, Vol. 4; Tico LP-108
8Mambos, Vol. 5; Tico LP-112 (Boco Boco, Esto es Felicidad, Mambo Mona, Blen Blen, Sun Sun Babae, Ya Soy Feliz, Bailala Hasta las Dos, Mambo w/Killer Joe)
Mambos, Vol. 6; Tico LP-115

Tito Rodriguez 12" LPs

7Mambo at the New York Palladium; RCA Victor; 1954
7Tito Rodriguez & the Mambo; RCA Victor LPM-1080; 1955
7Three Loves Have I--Cha-Cha-Cha/Mambo/Guaguanco; RCA Victor LPM-1389; 1957
6The Best of Tito Rodriguez; RCA Victor LSP-3329e; 1965 (compilation)
7Me Lo Dijo Adela y Otros Exitos; RCA Camden ACL1-0196(e); 1973 (post-mortem compilation)
7Mambo Madness; Tico LP-1004
6The Wa-Pa-Cha (El Guapacha); Tico LP-1038
6Latin Jewels; Tico SLP-1047 (instrumental cha cha cha)
6Senor Tito Rodriguez; Tico SLP-1051 (Forum SF-9037)
7Nostalgia con Tito Rodriguez; Tico LP-1302 (compilation)
8Tito Rodriguez at the Palladium; United Artists UAS-6064; 1960
6Motion Picture Themes Cha Cha Cha; United Artists WWS-8507/WWR-3507; 1960
5Charanga Pachanga; United Artists UAS-6140; 1961
7Tito Rodriguez Returns to the Palladium; United Artists UAS-6141; 1961
West Side Beat; United Artists UAS-6183; 1961
8Latin Twist; United Artists UAS-6194; 1962
7Back Home in Puerto Rico; United Artists UAS-6224; 1962
7Tito Rodriguez from Hollywood; United Artists UAS-6241; 1962
6Let's Do the Bossa Nova; United Artists UAS-6262; 1962
Tito Rodriguez Hits; United Artists; 1962 (compilation; West Side Latino WS-4060; 1976)
Live at Birdland; United Artists UAS-6286; 1963 (Latin Jazz)
6In Puerto Azul, Venezuela; United Artists UAS-6308; 1963
7Tito Tito Tito; United Artists UAS-6411; c.1967 (2 descargas; UA Latino LS-61010)
6In Buenos Aires; United Artists UAS-6449; 1966
5Rondo Musical Sudamericana; United Artists; c.1966 (US Latino LT-LA 132-D; 1973 reissue)
More Amor; United Artists; c.1967 (UA Latino LS-61009)
5From Tito with Love; United Artists; c.1967 (UA Latino LS-61011)
5Dancing with Tito; United Artists UAS-6576; 1968 (UA Latino LS-61017)
5This is My World; United Artists; 1968 (US Latino LS-61026)
6Estoy Como Nunca; United Artists; 1968 (UA Latino LS-61033)
7T.V. Show; United Artists (UA Latino LS-61057)
8Carnival of the Americas; Musicor MS-3018
I'll Always Love You; Musicor MS-3045
My Heart Sings for You; Musicor MS-3063
Tito Rodriguez & Jose Melis; Musicor MS-3066
4Tito No.1; Musicor MS-3084
4En Enscenario; Musicor MS-3107/MM-2107
Isla De Amor; Musicor MS-3143/MM-2143
7Instrumentals a la Tito; Musicor MS-6041/MM-4041; 1968
Big Band Latino; Musicor MS-6049
7Algo Nuevo; TR TLP00300
Uptempo; Tico JMTS-1427; 1978 (compilation)
625th Anniversary Performance; TR TLP-00500S (compilation)
6Un Retrato de Tito Rodriguez--El Hombre, Su Musica, Su Vida (2-LP compilation)

Partly Tito Rodriguez LPs

6Xavier Cugat: Dance with Cugat; Columbia CL-537
8Chano Scotty: The New Sound of Chano Scotty & his Combo Latino; Musicor MS-3120; 1967 (T.R. produced)
7Various: 16 Canciones Fabulosas de Tito Rodriguez, Nelson Pineda, Vitin Aviles, Los Hispanos, Orquestra Broadway; Musicor MS-3055/MM-2055 (compilation/sampler)
6Various: Basic Cha Cha Cha; Tico LP-1032
8Various: Cha Cha Cha; RCA Victor LPM-1081; 1955
3Various: Cha Cha Cha and Mambo ("Virgin Isle Mambo"); Tops L-1535
6Various: Cha Cha Cha Carnival; Tico/Forum SF-9051 (Tico/Forum Circle FCS-9096)
Various: Latin Golden Oldies for Dancing Vol. 2; Tico SLP-1100; 1959
6Various: Latin Spectacular--Starring Tito Puente; Guest Star GS-1407 (Alfredito, Puente, Machito, Joe Loco, Tito Rodriguez "Mambo La Libertad", Martino Savanto)
7Various: Perfect for Dancing--Mambos; RCA Victor LPM-1067; 1955 (Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Aldemaro Romero, Noro Morales, Tony Martinez, Perez Prado)
4Various: Perfect for Dancing--Rumbas; RCA Victor LPM-1069; 1955
6Various: Tico Selector (Tico Gallery); Tico TS-1
6Various: Tito Puente; Embajador E-6006
Various: Tito Rodriguez; Embajador E-6007
4Various: Tito Rodriguez--Latin Fiesta; Guest Star GS-1422

Tito Rodriguez 45s & EPs

7Mambos EP; RCA Victor EPA-547; 1954 (Why Do I Love You, Besame Mucho, Oh My Papa, In the Still of the Night)
7[EP]; RCA Victor EPB-1080 ([Side 1's 2 cuts unknown], Stormy Weather, El Tunel, My Reverie, Chika Ni Lambo, [Side 4's 2 cuts unknown])
7Adele/El Baion; RCA Victor 47-5822
8Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)/Flamingo; RCA Victor 47-5998 (wailing jazz-mambo/bolero respectively)
6Candece/Ol' Man River; RCA Victor 47-6075
6Tito Rodriguez con los Lobos del Mambo: Joe Lustig Mambo/Besame La Bembita; Tico 9
Tico EP 15 (Tony & Lucille Mambo, Up & Down Mambo, El Rinconcito, Zambele)
8Tico EP 16 (Sun Sun Babae, Ya Soy Feliz, Mambo w/Killer Joe, Bailala Hasta las Dos)
7Tito Rodriguez y su Lobos del Mambo: Boco Boco/Esto es Felicidad; Tico 23
8Tico EP 17 (Boco Boco, Tumba y Tumbao, Mambo Mona, Blen Blen Blen)
8Tico EP 18 (Chenchere en Guma, A Ponerse Duro, Mambo la Libertad, Ponle la Montura al Potro)
Tico EP 19 (La Toalla, Dick & Ray Mambo, Ese Soy Yo, Habanecue)
7Mambos for Beginners; Tico EP 47 (Besame La Bembita, Definitivamente, Chicqui-Bop, Hay Craneo)
7Piel Canela/Chango ta Beni (African War Dance); Tico 164
7Algo Nuevo/El Milagro de tu Amor/Love theme from "The Godfather"; TR T-106 (from LP Algo Nuevo

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