Adventures in Sound

Columbia's Adventures in Sound series is many things: one of the greatest presentations of exotic, world-ethnic music on lp; a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the lp; the last hurrah for mono; and an impressive launch of nearly twenty albums in the first year, 1958. Records released in the first two years typically have a gold label and 4-sided border. After 1960 or so the border is reduced to a header, and stereo versions appear.

All in the series are worthwhile (for what they are), well-recorded, and tasteful, without sanitization of content. Even the most ordinary-sounding titles turn out to be unusual. And in many cases the Adventures in Sound record is the best of the idiom or best by the artist. Showcased instruments are natural, beautiful elements of the music, not "scored for stereo" flashes in the pan. Some standout albums are by Beat singer Juliette Greco, Big Bill Broonzy, and the Greek and Japanese LPs. And then there are the legends: Sorcery!, Portrait of Leda, and Renato Corazone's Corazone Caravan are most impressive.

Adventures in Sound LPs

6Various: "Adventures in Sound" Preview--January Release; Columbia XLP-42395; 1958
8Sabu & his Percussion Ensemble: Sorcery!; WL-101; 1958
4Juan Manuel: Caballero; WL-102; 1958
6Juan Serrano & his Caribbean Combo: Caribbee--Songs of the Indies; WL-103; 1958
4Los Chilenos: El Rodeo; WL-104; 1958
4Lucio Milena: Sun & Shadow--the Music of Spain; WL-105
6[Andre Popp/Pierre Fatosme as] Elsa Popping & her Pixieland Band: Delirium in Hi-Fi; WL-106; 1958
4Michel LeGrand: Music from the Films; WL-107; 1958
4Zizi Jeanmaire w/André Popp & Michel Legrand: Zizi; WL-108; 1958
4Jose Baselli: Grand Bal Musette; WL-109; 1958
4Various: The Sounds of Spain; WL-110; 1958
5Big Bill Broonzy: Big Bill's Blues; WL-111; 1958
3Trios Los Panchos: A Moment of Love; WL-112; 1958
3Various: Mucho Gusto; WL-113; 1958 (mariachi)
8Leda Annest: Portrait of Leda; WL-114; 1958
4Arthur Lynds Bigelow: Carillon in Hi-Fi; WL-115; 1958
4San Domenico Barbers of Taormina: Mandolino; WL-116; 1958
4Gianni Monese: Neopolitan Gold; WL-117; 1958
4Boris Sarbek: Dark Eyes; WL-118; 1958
6Ravi Shankar: The Sounds of India; WL-119; 1958
5Royal Steel Band of Kingston, Jamaica: Jamaican Drums; WL-121; 1958
5Digno Garcia: Fiesta Linda; WL-122; 1958 (Paraguayan harp)
6The Greek Folk Dances & Songs Society; WL-123: From the Land of the Golden Fleece; 1958
4De los Rios: The Wonderful World of De Los Rios; WL-124; 1958
4Patachou: Chansons--1900; WL-125; 1958
4Marino Marini & his Quartet: Bravissimo!; WL-126; 1958
4André Popp, Zizi Jeanmaire, et al.: Paris -- 1925; WL-128
5André Popp & his Orchestra: Popppppp! (Presenting Popp!); WL-130
4Aurelio Fierro: Buon Giorno Napoli; WL-131
4Cuco Sanchez: Guitars at Twilight; WL-133
5John Klein: Around the World on a Carillon; WL-135
3Boris Sarbek: Gypsy Fire; WL-136
3Robert Ledent: French Student Songs "a la votre"; WL-137
7Juliette Greco: Juliette; WL-138 (w/Andre Popp)
5Sara Montel: La Violetera ST; WL-139
3La Belle Époque--Patachou Sings the Songs of Aristide Bruart w/Joss Baselli; WL-140
4Orquesta Popular de Madrid de La O.N.C.E.: One Hundred Guitars; WL-143
4Mario Salvador at the Hammond Organ: The Power & the Majesty; WL-144
4Edoardo Luccina & his Orchestra: Ballare!; WL-145
4Aurelio Fierro: Romantica!; WL-146
2Various: Fanfare; WL-147/WS-301 (military bands)
8Renato Carosone & his Sextet: Carosone Caravan; WL-148
4Yves Montand: One Man Show; WL-150
4Jacqueline Francois at the Plaza; WL-151/WS-302
3The Thunderer Plays Carousel Marches; WL-153
6Sabicas: Flamenco Puro (Pure Flamenco); [WL-154?]/WS-304
3Manolo Fabregas: Mi Bella Dama (My Fair Lady in Spanish); WL-155
6Van Wood & his Italian Guitar with Jos Cleber & his Orchestra: "Grandioso!"; WL-157/WS-307
4Maurice Chevalier/Sacha Distel; WL-158
3Various: Alpine Festival; WL-159
5Budapest Zigeuner Orchestra: Paprika!--Authentic Hungarian Gypsy Folk Sons & Dances; WL-160
6Cuco Sanchez & Dueto America: La Cucaracha--Songs of the Mexican Revolution; [WL-161?]/WS-313 (songs from the La Cucaracha ST; rec. Mexico)
7Takarazuka Dance Theatre; WL-163/WS-315 (from the Takarazuka Grand Theatres in Japan; cond. Emerson Buckley w/Ren Takahashi)
7Marlene Dietrich: Dietrich in Rio; WL-164 (live, w/Burt Bacarach)
Patachou: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 1; WL-166/WS-318
5Yves Montand: An Evening With Yves Montand; WL-167
6One World Jazz; [WL-?]/WS-314 (J.J. Johnson, Kenny Burrell, Clark Terry, Ben Webster, Hank Jones, George Duvivier, Jo Jones, Ake Persson, Stephane Grappelly, Martial Solal, Roger Guerin, Bob Garcia, Ronnie Ross, George Chisholm, Roy East)
Yves Montand: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 2; WL-173/WS-322; 1960
7Juliette Greco: Les Grandes Chansons Vol. 3; WL-174/WS-323; 1960 (w/Andre Popp)

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