Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz

While the notion of "Latin jazz" seems natural enough today, the union of Afro-Cuban rhythm and American jazz melody has not always been a happy one. Many attempts at fusing the two have sounded either forced or just the opposite: jazz horns soloing blithely over Latin dance rhythms.

The greats of jazz were the most successful at both incorporating Afro-Cuban rhythms and creating new sounds reflecting the spirit of various Latin American countries. In January, 1947 Machito's Afro-Cubans shared a ground-breaking bill in New York with the Stan Kenton Orchestra. While Kenton eventually recorded Cuban Fire, it was Machito's outfit that produced the talent and legacy.

Prior to 1947, trumpeter Mario Bauza had persuaded Machito to hire Dizzy Gillespie. Gillespie credited Bauza, Machito's chief arranger, for teaching him Afro-Cuban rhythms. By the end of 1947 Gillespie was writing the book of Latin jazz. The monsters "Manteca" and "Guarachi Guaro" were compositions of Gillespie and Chano Pozo, the incendiary, short-lived percussionist who was mentor to Sabu and a generation of Latin-jazz drummers.

While dance orchestras were scrambling to capitalize on the mambo craze, Afro-Cuban jazz had its golden age. Sessions with such superstars as Gillespie, Parker, Hank Mobley, and Flip Phillips, were recorded under the supervision of Norman Granz. From 1948 on, Chico O'Farrill dominated the writing for Machito, Kenton, Gillespie, and others. He arranged "Manteca Suite" for 1954's Afro lp, the culmination of the Granz-Gillespie years.

Sabu's records of 1957 and 1960 are milestones of the next generation of Latin jazz. In this period of high-fidelity recording, nearly everyone tried rhythms from Afro-Cuban to bossa nova, with varying degrees of success. One of the biggest hits in the 1960s for Cal Tjader, incidentally, was the bossa nova, "Soul Sauce," a revival of "Guarachi Guaro." Finally, Duke Ellington's later Latin American Suite reaffirmed that impressionism is stronger than percussionism.

Latin jazz in the slick age of early stereo tried to outgrow the horn-solos-with-bongos baggage, and odd suites or short "mambo jazz" pieces occassionally succeeded. Cubans went jazz (returning the tribute) while most of the "mod" acts of the second half of the 1960s either revived the Pozo-era classics or adapted contemporary jazz and Latin tunes. While California placed a distant second to New York jazz generally, in Latin jazz it held its own, thanks largely to Cal Tjader and Bobby Montez.

Latin-Jazz 10" LPs

8Andre's All Stars: Cubano 10"; Mercury MGC-515 (w/Bebo Valdes, Gustavo Maas, Alejandro Vivar ("El Negro"), Rolando Alfonso, Enrique "Kiki" Hernandez, Bill Barreto; on 12" w/Jack Costanzo's Norgran LP as Afro-Cubano; Verve MGV-8157)
6Luis Arcaraz: Dance with Luis Arcaraz 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3107 (Latin jazz/Latin)
8Pupi Campo & his Sextet: Mambo Americana; Coral CRL-56107 (see Tito Puente for more on Campo)
->Chico O'Farrill -- see Machito
7Dizzy Gillespie & his Orchestra in Concert featuring Chano Pozo 10"; GNP-4; 1954/1948
8Lennie Hambro with Eddie Bert; Savoy MG-15031 ("a.k.a. Lenny Hambro: Mambo Hambro"; w/Rene Hernandez, Jose Mangual, Mongo Santamaria..)
7Willie Rodriguez & his Gang: The Drums of Rodriguez; Cook 1086; 1953
6Various: Mambo Jazz; Prestige 135 (Sonny Stitt, Joe Holiday, Kenny Graham, Sonny Rollins)

Latin-Jazz 12" LPs

Afro Blues Quintet [Plus 1] -- see Vibes
7Afro-Latin Soultet: Wild!; Capitol/Tower ST-5051 (Phil Moore III)
8Alegre All-Stars: They Just Don't Make 'Em Like Us Any More; Fania/Alegre ASLP-6006; 1976 (compilation)
7Francisco Aguabella: Dance the Latin Way; Fantasy 8060; 1962 (w/Emil Richards)
8Francisco Aguabella: H20; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-024; 1999
6Laurindo Almeida & the Danzeros: Happy Cha Cha Cha; Capitol ST-1263 (yes, Latin [crime] jazz from Cry Tough ST)
8Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet: Hot Sauce; Tru-Sound 15003; 1961/1960-1
9Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet: The Chant; Tru-Sound 15012; 1962
8Pharoah Sanders with [Juan Amalbert's] Latin Jazz Quintet: Oh! Pharoah Speak (Latin jazz/Latin soul; Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with the Latin Jazz Quintet; Up Front UPF-150)
7David Amram: The Young Savages ST; Columbia CS-8472/CL-1672; 1961
7David Amram: Havana/New York; Flying Fish FC-27057; 1978/1977 (Latin jazz/side-long tribute to Chano Pozo; Pepper Adams, Thad Jones, Los Papines, Arturo Sandoval, Ray Mantilla..)
8David Amram: No More Walls; Flying Fish 752; 1979 (Latin jazz/Beatnik "Pull My Daisy"/exotica "Sao Paulo"/Mideast jazz "Tompkins Square Park Consciousness Expander"; Pepper Adams, George Mgrdichian, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Candido..)
8David Amram & Friends: At Home/Around the World; Flying Fish FF-094; 1980 (Latin jazz/Africa "Kwahare"/Mideast jazz "Aya Zehn"; Pepper Adams, Steve Berrios, George Mgrdichian, Hakki Obadia, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Candido, Odetta..)
7David Amram: Subway Night; RCA Victor LSP-4820; 1973 (Beatnik jazz/Latin jazz/Mid-East Rock "Horn & Hardart Succotash Blues")
7David Amram: David Amram's Latin-Jazz Celebration; Warner Bros./Elektra-Asylum/Elektra Musician 60195; 1983/1982 (with Machito, Candido, Pepper Adams..)
Mulatu Astatke -- see soul jazz
8Haji Baba: Crazy Bongo; Modern MLP-7025 (bongo bop/Latin jazz/flute)
Ray Barretto
Art Blakey -- see Sabu Martinez
6Willie Bobo: Bobo's Beat; Roulette Birdland SR-52097 (Latin Beat; Trip TLP-5013)
6Willie Bobo: A New Dimension; Verve V6-8772; 1969/1968 (Latin soul/Latin jazz)
8Joe Cain: Latin Explosion; Time S-2123 (mod Latin jazz/Latin soul; w/Cachao, Clark Terry, Jerome Richardson, Jose Mangual, [drummer] Chocolate, Chino Valdes..; also as Joe Cain: Latin Au Go Go Discotheque; Mainstream S-6051/56051)
8Candido: Candido's Comparsa; ABC-Paramount ABCS-453 (w/Frank Wess, Chocolate Armenteros, Patato Valdez, Armando Peraza..)
8Candido: Brujerias de Candido/Candido's Latin McGuffa's Dust; Tico SLP-1142; 1966 (w/Cachao; Latin/-jazz/-soul/calypso)
Eddie Cano, his Piano & Orchestra: Cole Porter & Me; RCA Victor LPM-1340
8Eddie Cano, his Piano & Orchestra: Duke Ellington & Me; RCA Victor LPM-1471; 1957 (uptempo Afro-Cuban jazz!)
7Eddie Cano: The Best of Eddie Cano--His Piano & his Rhythm; RCA Victor LPM-2636/LSP-2636; 1962
6Eddie Cano: At P.J.'s; Reprise R-6030; 1961
6Eddie Cano: Return to P.J.'s; Reprise
7Eddie Cano: Here is the Fabulous; Reprise R-6055; 1961 (more in the P.J.'s series)
8Eddie Cano: The Sound of Music & the Sound of Cano; Reprise R-61245
7Eddie Cano & his Quintet: Brought Back Live from P.J.'s; ABC/Dunhill DS-50018 (Latin jazz w/Latin soul & rock covers)
7The CESTA All-Stars; Coco CLP-110; 1974 (live; led by Charlie Palmieri)
7The CESTA All-Stars: Salsa Festival; Coco CLP-125; 1976 (live; led by Charlie Palmieri)
6Cuarteto de Tino Contreras: Jazz en Riguz; Muzart D-496 (Mexico)
Tino Contreras y su grupo: Jazz; Muzart ED-1037 (Mexico)
7Tino Contreras: Percusiones Mexicanas; Capitol of the World T-10310
Jack Costanzo
6Duke Ellington: Latin American Suite; Fantasy 8419; 1972
Jose Estevez: Concerto for Percussion 10"?; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-100
8Victor Feldman: Latinsville; Contemporary S-9005; 1960
7Clare Fischer: Manteca!; Pacific Jazz ST-20096
6Clare Fischer--Salsa Picante: Machaca; Trend/Discovery DS-835; 1981/1979
7Charles Fox: Anatomy of Dancing Vol. 2--The Latin Mood; MGM SE-4037 (9 cuts; 2 by Kai Winding; 1 by Leroy Holmes)
7Gilberto Sextet: Yes, I Will; Tico SLP-1204 (better for Latin jazz than soul; P-Vine/Blues Interactions PLP-6587; 1993, Japan)
Dizzy Gillespie (RCA Victor tracks w/Chano Pozo, Sabu, Machito's rhythm section; on too many LPs to list but the 1st was 1954's Dizzier and Dizzier)
8Dizzy Gillespie: Afro; Norgran MG N-1003; 1954
7Dizzy Gillespie & his Big Band; GNP-23; 1955 (w/Chano Pozo; 2 more cuts than the 10")
7Dizzy Gillespie: Gillespiana; Verve V6-8394 (w/Lalo Schifrin, Candido...)
7Dizzy Gillespie: Paris Concert; GNP Crescendo GNPS-9006; 1972/? (some scat; some Chano Pozo/Sabu tunes)
7Bunky Green: The Latinization of Bunky Green; Cadet LPS-780; 1966 (w/the Dells)
7Al Grey & Isauro Hernandez: Jam Session Goes Latino; Puchito MLP-593
7Julio Gutierrez, etc.: Cuban Jam Session; Panart (Palladium PLP-124; 1989)
8Julio Gutierrez y su Quinteto: Magia Negra; Kristal KS-1124 (canta Omara Portuondo)
7Julio Gutierrez: Progressive Latin; Gema LPG-3015
7The Jazz Crusaders: Chile Con Soul; Pacific Jazz ST-20092; 1966 (w/Clare Fischer, Hubert Laws, Carlos Vidal...;; 1st press label is blue; best is black-label 2nd press; also nicely reissued by Capitol)
7Alex Keack: Surfers Paradise; Crown CLP-5315 (exotica/Latin jazz in surf-LP clothing)
8Montego Joe: Arriba! Con Montego Joe; Prestige PRST-7336; 1964
7Charles Kynard & Buddy Collette: Warm Winds; World-Pacific 1823 (w/Johnny Rae, vibes)
7Herbie Mann: Flautista!--Herbie Mann Plays Afro-Cuban Jazz; Verve V6-8336; 1959 (w/Johnny Rae, vibes)
8Orlando Marin y la Saxofonica: Orlando Marin's Saxofobia; Manana LP-503
Sabu Martinez
Bobby Matos: Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble (Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-001)
Bobby Matos & his Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble: Footprints (Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-005)
6Antonio "Chocolaté" Diaz Mena: Eso es Latin Jazz...Man!; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6117; 1963 (w/Lalo Schifrin, Duke Pearson...)
8Bobby Montez: Jungle Fantastique--The Bobby Montez Quintet Plays Afro-Cuban Rhythms; Jubilee JLP-1085; 1959/1958 (latin-jazz vibes; two Jubilee jacket versions; reissued by Cubop in cleaned-up sound--both versions recommended)
8Bobby Montez: Hollywood Themes in Cha Cha Cha by Montez; GNP/Crescendo GNP-38; 1959
8Bobby Montez & his Quintet: Gigi & My Fair Lady--the Music of Lerner & Loewe in Latin Fashion; GNP/Crescendo GNP-46; 1960
8Bobby Montez & his Orchestra: Viva!; World Pacific WP-1404; 1961 (with Ray Rivera, congas)
8Bobby Montez, his Chorus & Orchestra: Pachanga y Cha Cha Cha; World Pacific 1411; 1961
7[Bobby Montez as?] Monte Moya & the Surfers: Percussionata; Everest 1212/5121; 1963/1962 (Latin jazz/vibes; believed to be Bobby Montez dodging contract)
7Pepe Moreno y su All-Star Orchestra: El Boogaloo de Cantinflitas; Adria AP-68 (Cuban; descargas, not boogaloo; Antilla ANT-68)
6Ninapinta & his Bongos & Congas: The Downtown Scene--Hits for the Hip; Decca DL-74711 (w/Willie Rodriguez)
8Ocho; UA Latino LT-L-31119; 1972
7Ocho: Ocho II; UA Latino LT-LA-065-D; 1973 (w/Charlie Palmieri, Jimmy Sabater, Ismael Quintana...)
6Ocho: Ocho III; UA Latino; 1974
8Ocho: Tornado; El Sonido ELS-1976; 1976
7Ocho: The Best of Ocho; Universal Sound US-LP4; 1996 (compilation)
7Joe Pappy: Boogaloos a la Joe Pappy & his Combo; Topstar LP-1208; 1967 (Latin soul/Latin/Latin jazz--descarga)
6The Rene Paulo Group: Heat Wave; HI-FI/Life L-1012
5The Rene Paulo Group: Whispering Sands; HI-FI/Life L-1019
8Bobby Pauneto (sic): El Sonido Moderno/The Modern Sound of; Mardi Gras LP-5030 (Robert Vincent Paunetto)
7Bobby Paunetto: Paunetto's Point; Pathfinder PLP-1775; 1975
7Bobby Paunetto: Commit to Memory; Pathfinder PLP-1776; 1977/1976
6Art Pepper, etc.: Mucho Calor; Andex (w/Conte Candoli, Russ Freeman, Chuck Flores, Jack Costanzo, Mike Pacheco, Bill Perkins, Ben Tucker, Benny Carter, Bill Holman, Johnny Mandel; VSOP 47; 1987)
Tito Puente
8Joe Quijano: Fiddler on the Roof Goes Latin; MGM SE-4283 (Charles Fox arranged; Latino LAT 10,013)
8Johnny Rae's Afro-Jazz Septet: Herbie Mann's African Suite; United Artists UAS-5042; 1959 (reissued w/yellow-mask jacket & again later under Mann's name)
8Louie Ramirez & his Latin Jazz Ensemble: A Tribute to Cal Tjader; Caiman LP-9025; 1986 (w/Jose Mangual, Fajardo, Paquito D'Rivera..; Ace/BGP 1013; 1988)
9Emil Richards' Yazz Band: Yazz Per Favore; Del-Fi DFST-1216 (w/Francisco Aguabella; Palladium PLP-105; 1988)
6Johnny Richards: The Rites of Diablo; Roulette Birdland SR-52008; 1958
6Johnny Richards: Experiments in Sound; Capitol T-981; 1958
8Marco Rizo: Su Piano y Su Sonido Internacional del '70; Musart 1480 (Mexican LP, Cuban artist)
8Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan; MGM SE-3798 (great LP, if a bit of a sleeper because of the utterly misleading title)
8Pancho Sanchez: Sonando; Concord Jazz Picante CJP-201; 1983
9Pancho Sanchez: "Papa Gato"; Concord Jazz Picante CJP-310; 1987/1986 (Latin jazz/Latin soul "Baila Baila")
8Pancho Sanchez: Psychedelic Blues; Concord Jazz Picante CPI-31814-01; 2009
7Gary Saracho: En Medio; ABC/Impulse AS-9247; 1973 (w/Owen Marshall!!!)
Lalo Schifrin (esp. Roulette, Tico)
8Shirley Scott with the Latin Jazz Quintet: Mucho, Mucho; Prestige 7182 (1st LP for Juan Amalbert's group)
9Johnny Sedes: The Best Sound of (Mama Calunga); Fonseca LPF-1123 (w/Chivirico Davila & Leo Gonzalez)
9Mauricio Smith: Bitter Acid; Mainstream S-6085 (very mod)
8Snowboy & the Latin Section: Para Puente; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP039 (2-LP)
6Al Stephano & his Trio: Mambo Bongo Bash!; Tops L-1722 (in stereo on Mayfair)
6Al Stephano & his Trio: Latin Dance Carnival; Mayfair 9718-S (3rd US LP)
7Al Stephano & his Orchestra: Dance to the Latin Beat; Decca DL-8645 (1/2 Perez Prado/mambos)
6Al Stephano & his Orchestra: Latin Dance Party; Decca DL-8646
Cal Tjader
8Bebo Valdes & his Havana All Stars: Your Musical Holiday in Havana; Decca DL-8134
7Bebo Valdes: Hot Cha Chas; Decca DL-8660
7Bebo Valdes: Cuban Dance Party; Everest SDBR-1057/LPBR-5057; 1959 (partly Latin jazz, even "scat" vocal!; 1st label silver/deep groove--2nd gold/flat)
8Trio Chucho Valdes: Jazz Bata; Egram (Vedette VPA-8404; 1977)
Dante Varela: Rio at Midnight; Decca DL-8334
7Dante Varela: Latin Holiday Cha-Chas & Mambos; Decca DL-8851
6Dante Varela and his Amigos: Cosa Nueva; Rexford LPM-5014; 1962 (Latin/Latin jazz/bossa; w/Emil Richards, Al Viola, Laurindo Almeida, Red Callender, Milt Holland, Chico Guerrero..)
6Vladimir Vassilieff & his Orchestra: New Sound in Latin Jazz; Alegre SLP-854 (notes by Charlie Palmieri)
7Benny Velarde: Ay Que Rico; Fantasy 8343; 1962
7Johnny Ventura y su Combo: El Turun Tun Tun; Fonograma FLP-797 (Venezuela; "Descarga Mia")
7Harold Vick: The Caribbean Suite; RCA Victor LSP-3677; 1967 (w/Blue Mitchell, Montego Joe, Bobby Hutcherson..)
8Mark Weinstein: Cuban Roots; Musicor MS-6038 (all copies of Artol reissue have a skip--pressing defect)
7Various: Afro-Cuban Jazz; Polydor/Verve VE-2-2522; 1977 (2-LP reissue anthology)
Various: Latin Jazz Dance Classics Vol. 1; Ubiquity/Cubop
7Various: Latin Jazz Dance Classics Vol. 2; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-010; 1997
8Various: Los Mejores Musicos de Cuba--instrumental; Rumba 55524 (Bebo Valdez, Chico O'Farrill, Cachao, Pepe Delgado, Walfredo de los Reyes, Peruchin..; reissued in Spain, 1988 as Palladium PLP-110)
8Various: Ritmos Cubanos; Dimsa DML-8241 (Chico O'Farrill, Bienvenido Granda, Los Medina, Orq. Miguel Angel Pazos, Trio Nodarse, Orq. Arturo Nunez)

Partly Latin-Jazz LPs

7Sanchez Acosta & Marco Rizo: Arriba!; Tico LP-1079 (Latin/Latin jazz piano)
7The Aquarians: Jungle Grass; MCA/Uni 73053; 1969 (w/Aguabella)
7"Haji Baba": Crazy Bongo; Modern MLP-7025 (bongo bop/Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz/flute; probably Buddy Collette & others; parent label of Crown, on which several similar LPs)
8René Bloch: Mucho Rock with Rene Bloch; Andex S-4002 (Latin, Latin jazz, & Latin rock; 18-piece group w/Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Modesto Duran..; 15 cuts; 10 reissued as The Latin Moods of Rene Bloch; Famous F-507)
7Rene Bloch: Mr. Latin; Atlantic/Atco 33-147; 1962 (10 cuts as Latin Discotheque; Atlantic/Atco/Clarion 613)
6[The Exciting Sounds of] Rene Bloch: Let's Dance the Mambo; Capitol ST-1455
7Ray Bryant: Lonesome Traveler; Cadet LPS-778; 1966 ("Cubano Chant")
7Jack "Bongo" Burger: The End on Bongos; HIFI R-804 (bongos/Latin jazz/exotica/Yiddish-Latin ("A Yiddisha Mambo"); reissued w/photo jacket)
7Jack Burger: Let's Play Congas; HIFI SR-809 (congas/bongos/instruction/Latin jazz)
7The Cabildos Three: Yuxtaposicion; Thuban Six THS-LP-9014 (soul-jazz piano/Latin jazz/Brasil "Collection Samba"; reissued in Italy as Schema SCEB-902LP)
6Keith Campbell's Orchestra & Latin Combo/Clifton Glasgow's Latin Combo/Richard Messiah's Steel Band: Eastry Presents Barbados Holiday; [Eastry] Q-631129 (calypso jazz/Latin jazz/caribeat)
7The Exotic Sounds of Chaino: Temptation; Omega; c.1959 (exotica/Latin/Latin jazz; "including members of Francis Bay Orchestra"--Chaino leads a 4-man percussion section using 20 instruments; Omega likely unreleased but also as John Evans: Exotic Percussion & Brilliant Brass; Premier/Directional Sound DS-5006;; Chaino & his African Drums: Erotic Percussion; Lincoln LNP-305)
7Johnny Conquet & his Band: Latin Dance Party; Premier/Coronet CX-194 ("Latin Twist")
8Johnny Conquet: The Best of Everything Latin; Everest SDBR-1105/LPBR-5105; 1960
6Serafin Cortez: Naturalmente Serafin; Fania International SLP-429; ("Descarga los Bandidos"; prod. Bobby Cruz & Ricardo Ray)
8Tony Crombie: Man from Interpol--Soundtrak from the NBC-TV Series; Top Rank RM-327 (crime, Latin jazz, bongo bop, exotica, Hawaiian)
7José Curbelo & his Orchestra: Instrumental Cha Cha Cha--Mambo--Merengue; Fiesta FLPS-1242 (partly Latin jazz-mambo)
6Duke Ellington: Far East Suite; RCA Victor LSP-3782; 1967 ("Blue Pepper")
8King Errison w/the Lou Adams Orchestra: Drums of Nassau; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-52 (Latin jazz/bongo/conga/calypso jazz)
8Al Escobar & his Afro-Cuban Orchestra: Escobar's Rhythmagic; Cadence CLP-1021 (w/Modesto Duran)
7Orchestra Expose: 1; 4 Points FP-1244; 1973 (Horace Silver's "Grease Piece")
7Fajardo y Sus Estrellas: Fajardo in his New Sound Plays Boogaloo (jacket: Fajardo's Boogaloo); Kubaney MT-335 (Cuban/flute/Latin soul/Latin jazz; w/Eddie Palmieri's La Perfecta)
7Chico O'Farrill: Tropical Fever; Fiesta FLP-1258 ("La Malaguena")
7The First United States Army Jazz Experience: Be All You Can Be...(Bop!); 1985 (jazz/Latin jazz)
7The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson: People Get Ready; Atlantic SD-1492; 1967
8The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson: Soul Sound System; Atlantic SD-1512; 1968
7The Red Garland Trio w/Ray Barretto: Manteca; Prestige/Status ST-7139 ("Manteca")
7Gilberto Sextet: The Groovy Sounds of the Gilberto Sextet; Cotique CS-1001; 1966 (Gilberto Cruz)
7Gonzalez; Gema/EMI 1-C-056-05686; 1974 (Germany)
6Gonzalez: Our Only Weapon is Our Music; EMI/Capitol ST-6443; 1975 (Latin funk/rock/jazz from Ontario)
7El Gran Combo (Rene Grand y su Combo New York); Seeco SCLP-9283
8George Guzman: In Line/En Linia; Fania SLP-373
7"Haji Baba": Crazy Bongo; Modern MLP-7025 (bongo bop/Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz/flute/bongo; probably Don Ralke w/Buddy Collette)
6Hilton Hawaiian Village Presents Berne Hal-Mann; Sounds of HawaiiSH-5008
6HARYOU Percussion Group (Luv n'Haight LHLP-012)
8Russ Henderson & his Caribbean Boys: Caribbean Calypso; Allegro ALL-817; 1966 (UK/Jamaica; calypso/mod soul "Walking the Dog"/caribbeat-Latin jazz "West Indian Drums")
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: "El Pavo" en Salsa; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin/Latin jazz/mod Latin rock; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,017)
8Frank Hernandez: "El Pavo" y su orquesta; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin jazz/Latin; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,018)
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: Ritmico!; RCA Victor Venezuela (Latin/Latin jazz/Latin soul; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,020)
6Willis Jackson: Bossa Nova Plus; Prestige 7260 (w/Montego Joe, Juan Amalbert..)
8Montego Joe: Wild & Warm; Prestige PR-7413; 1965
7Kako & his After Hours Orchestra: Tribute to Noro: Alegre LPA-833 (Latin soul/Latin jazz; w/Charlie Palmieri, Cachao, Louis Ramirez, Joe Quijano, Rene Hernandez, Chivirico Davila, Chihuahua Martinez, Hector Rivera..)
6Paquitin Lara/Ramon: Cha Cha, Anyone?; RKO SLP-1004 ("Charlie Fantazy")
6Latin All Stars: Jazz Heat Bongo Beat; Crown CST-5159/CLP-5159 (bongo bop/Latin jazz/flute; Eddie Cano, Buddy Collette, Tommy Tedesco, Larry Bunker, Tony Reyes, Carlos Mejia, Darias)
6The Lebron Brothers: Hot; Cotique JMCS-1105; 1981 (mostly salsa; "Soy Feliz")
7Joey Lewis: Long Live Joey; Charlie's/JoeVan JVL-1006; 1974 (Caribeat/organ/Latin jazz)
9Alfredo Linares y su Sonora: Boogaloo en Ambiente; Puchito/Adria MAP-91 (uptempo salsa/Latin soul/Latin jazz)
Joe Loco
7Johnny Lytle: A Groove; ABC/Riverside R/S-3003 ("Pedro Strodder"; compilation)
7Junior Mance: That Lovin' Feelin'; Audiofidelity/Milestone MSP-9041; 1972/?? ("Cubano Chant"; rec. earlier, updated before release)
8José Mangual: Buyu; Turnstyle 1433; 1977
Chano Martinez [LP on Hollywood]
9Chano Martinez: A Bailar Senores; Decca DL-74900 (Chano Martinez Sextet featuring Rudy Calzado; Palladium PLP-149)
6Ralph McDonald: Sound of a Drum; T.K./Marlin 2202; 1976 ("Mister Magic")
6[Martin Conliffe & his] Montagu Three Plus One; Bahamian Rhythms BR-37-S; 1961 (piano-led calypso/calypso rock "When Rock & Roll Came to Nassau Town"/Latin jazz "Poinciana"
6Bill La Motta: Themes from a Sunny Isle; Westindy ST-1008 (calypso jazz/calypso, Latin jazz)
7Freddie Munnings: Nassau Holiday [at the Cat & Fiddle Nightclub]; Famo LP-1001 (w/Dudley Capon; calypso/calypso jazz/Latin jazz)
6The New Swing Sextet: Revolucionando; Cotique CS-1050; 1970
7Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 5--Latin Jazz/Cocktail Combos; Capitol (Capitol production LP; jacket & label may say it's release #2, but it's #5)
7Takeshi Onodera & Los Onoderas; Nivico/Stereocolor YS-5008 (mod Latin jazz percussion/Mexicali)
7Mario Ortiz: Swinging with Mario Ortiz & his All Star Band, featuring Paquito Alvarez; Remo LPR-1510
7Mario Ortiz: The Best of Mario Ortiz & his All Star Band, featuring Paquito Alvarez & Chico Rivera; Remo LPR-1513 (not a compilation!)
9Nelson Padron: Nelson & his Loco Drums; Kubaney MT-325 (jacket # KLS-3025; Latin jazz/descarga/drums/spy "The James Bond Medley")
7Charlie Palmieri: Latin Bugalu; Atlantic SD-8166; 1968
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Salsa Inferno; Salsa LP-719; 1978 (prod. Larry Harlow; w/Ramon Rodriguez, Victor Paz, Mauricio Smith, Jimmy Sabater, Willie Torrez, Larry Harlow..)
7Armando Peraza: Wild Thing; Skye SK-5D; 1968 (w/Cal Tjader, Pacheco..; Gryphon G-923)
7Pete & Louie: The Beautiful People; Fania SLP-390 (Pete Bonet & Louie Ramirez)
7Dave Pike: Limbo Carnival; New Jazz NJ-8284; 1962 (w/Ray Barretto, Ahmed Abdul-Malik)
8Rolley Polley: Mad Drums; Capitol ST-1454 (bongo/bongo bop/bongo rock/percussion/Latin jazz; "Rolley Polley" pseudonym for Pepe Dominguin)
7Don Ralke: Bongo Madness; Crown CLP-5019 (bongo bop/Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz/flute/bongo; w/Jack Burger, Buddy Collette, Don Tosti, Tom Wofford; United-Superior US-7801)
8Don Ralke: The Savage & Sensuous: Bongos; Warner Bros. WS-1398; 1960 (w/Carlos Vidal, Modesto Duran, Earl Palmer...)
7Louie Ramirez (Introducing); Remo LPR-1512; 1964
7Louie Ramirez: Latin Au Go Go; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-179; 1965
6Louie Ramirez y su Amigos; Cotique JMCS-1096; 1978
6Louie Ramirez: Salsero; Cotique JMCS-1104; 1980
8Jim Reed Combo [Memories of Maxwell Field Officers Club]; National Recording Corp. NRC-LPA-11; 1960 (soul-jazz piano/Latin jazz/exotica/lounge act/military; very progressive for its day and obscurity)
7Angel Rene & Johnny Rodriguez Orchestra: A Word of Advice/Un Consejo; Mardi Gras SLP-5040; 1969
7Emilio Reyes: An Occasional Cha Cha Cha; Mardi-Gras LP-5004 (tunes by Johnny Velasquez)
8Ray Rivera: Latin Workout; Mercury SR-61182 (mod Latin soul/Latin jazz instrumentals; arr. & prod. by Claus Ogerman!)
6Marco Rizo: Morning Melody; Tico ("Swinging Shepherd Blues"; Forum Circle SF-9076)
7Hector Rivera: The New Latin Dance Sensation--Charanga & Pachanga!; CBS/Columbia/Epic BN-599/LN-3782 (rare; typically mono promo, stereo more likely as Columbia Special Products)
8Hector Rivera: Viva Rivera!; CBS/Columbia/Epic BN-608/LN-3804; rare; "Ya Se Formo"--mambo descarga)
9Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene Orchestra: Cookin' with A&J; Mardi Gras SLP-5036
6Willie Rodriguez w/Chuck Sagle & his Orchestra: Anyone Can Play Bongos; Epic BN-583 (instruction/Latin jazz)
7Roberto Roena y sus Megatones: Se Pone Bueno/It Gets Better; Alegre SLPA-8510 (w/Mario Ortiz; prod. Pancho Cristal; rec. Puerto Rico)
8Bob Romeo, his Flute, & the Jungle Sextet: Aphrodisia; Sunset SU-304; 1956 (flute-led exotica/Latin jazz w/Carlos Vidal, Eddie Cano, Laurindo Almeida..; 3 Eden Ahbez tunes)
8Felix Rosario y sus Magos del Ritmo: El Locrio; Kubaney MT-341 (Latin/Latin jazz "Lisboa Antigua"/bossa mod Latin soul "Dafne")
Mongo Santamaria (esp. La Bamba for "Do It to It")
7Shirley Scott: Latin Shadows; Impulse A-93; 1965 (arr. Gary McFarland; nice vocal "Soul Sauce")
8The Seven Shadows directed by Derrick Vaughan: Seven Shades of Sound; Bosworth BLP-139; 1975 (production; funk/calypso jazz/soul-jazz organ/Latin jazz/mod soul/Moog funk; "Fonseca Bay")
8Gene Shaw Sextet: Carnival Sketches; Argo LP-743; 1964
6Horace Silver: In Pursuit of the 27th Man; Blue Note BN-LA054-F ("Liberated Brother")
8Soul Bossa Trio; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-003; 1995 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/bossa)
7Berkley "Peanuts" Taylor & his Goombay Drums; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-31; 1960
7[Berkley] "Peanuts" Taylor: Moods of Peanuts; Tropical 2740
7Sam "the Man" Taylor & Dick Hyman: Rockin' Sax & Rollin' Organ; MGM E-3553 ("Cuban Carnival")
7Jonny Teupen: Love & Harp A La Latin; Deutsche Vogue International Series MDINT 9685 (soul-jazz harp/Latin jazz/Brasil)
8Ray Terrace: Baila, Baila (Dance, Dance); J/G-Jubilee JGM-7000 (w/Manny Roman; Pete Terrace arrangements)
7The Jimmy Thurston Quintet at the Balmoral Club; Elite LPOES-16 (calypo, Latin jazz, calypso jazz; Bahamas)
6Tico All-Stars: Recorded Live at Carnegie Hall Vol. 1: Tico CLP-1325; 1974 (Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Charlie Palmieri, La Lupe, Alegre All Stars;;"La Cosa--Alegre!"..)
8Ozzie Torrens & his Exciting Orchestra: Boogaloo in Apartment 41; Decca DL-74830 (w/Louie Ramirez, Manny Duran, Charlie Palmieri, Manny Corchado..)
8Joe Torres: Latino Con Soul; World Pacific WPS-21857/WP-1857 (Latin soul/Latin jazz; mostly instrumental)
Rene Touzet (esp. on MGM)
7Dioris Valladares en Vete Pa'l Colegio; Alegre LPA-809; 1961 (leading Dominican singer, appears also on the 1st Ansonia LPs)
7Chuito Velez: Hojas Muertas/Autumn Leaves; Decca DL-74926 (prod. Richard Marin)
7Gerald Wilson Orchestra: The Best of; United Artists/Pacific Jazz PJ-LA-889-H; 1978 (1962's "Viva Tirado")
7[Al Santiago Presents] Yambú (Yambu); Montuno MLP-506; 1975 (Rafy Puente sings; Latin/Latin jazz/Latin funk/disco)
9Yazz Band/Emil Richards: Yazz per Favore (Palladium PLP-105)
9Johnny Zamot: Tell it Like it Is; Decca DL-74945
8Johnny Zamot: Boogaloo Frog; Grande 077 ("Cat Fish Bag"; canta John Fernandez)
8Various: Afro-Drum Carnival; GNP-25 ("Star of Africa") (1st press white-label w/red-print jacket back)
9Various: Funky Sex Machines; Soul Patrol SPLP-10125; 2009 (France; funk 45 compilation; Joe Cotto y Su Orq.: "Alex Twister")
6Various: Jazz--The '60s Volume 1; United Artists/Pacific Jazz PJ-LA-893-H; 1978 (Gerald Wilson's "Viva Tirado")
7Various: Showtime at the Drumbeat; Tropical LP-2471; 1964 (4 selections by Berkley "Peanuts" Taylor)
7Various: XX-3; Cook XX-3 (compilation; jaw harp/calypso jazz/odd pop/Latin jazz; w/Rupert Clemendore, Willy Rodriguez, Red Camp, Bill Floyd..)

Latin-Jazz 45s & EPs

8Bop-A-Loos: Sincerely/Cuban Carnival; Mercury 70569
7Eddie Cano & his Quintet: El Pito (I'll Never Go Back to Georgia)/The Shadow of Your Smile; ABC/Dunhill 45-D-4045 (Latin-soul A-side on the Brought Back Live from P.J.'s LP but 5-min. Latin-jazz B-side is not!)
8Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists: Kings Cross Climax/Caravan; Esquire EP-83; 1955 (UK; picture sleeve; w/Leo Wright, Eddie Mordue, Pete King, Alan Rowe, Bill Andrews, Lennie Metcalfe, Victor Feldman, Sammy Stokes, Phil Seamen)
7Bobby Montez & his Orchestra: Guajira Josephina/Tremendo Cha-Cha; World Pacific X-325; 1961 (super rare single from Viva!; World Pacific WP-1404; A-side abridged)
7Bobby Page & his Musical Pages: Carioca/DeeJay Mambo; Vito VO-113; 1954 (Latin jazz; Hollywood; w/vocals)
7Hector Pellot & his Aces of Ritmo/Johnny Conquet Sextet EP; Epic EG-7075 (vibes/Latin jazz/cha cha cha; It's Cha-Cha Time, Where Or When, Johnny Special, East of the Sun)
7The Johnny Richards Orchestra: Viva Gordo/Imprevu; Roulette R-4727 (from LP Aqui Se Habla Espanol/Spanish Spoken Here; SR-25351)
9Al Romero: Modern Latin Moods; RCA Victor EPA-548; 1954 (Latin jazz; Keep It Gay, Too Marvelous for Words, The Nearness of You, Oriental Rumba)
8Sonny Rossi & his Concord Mambo Orchestra: Harlem Nocturne/Sing, Sing, Sing; Monogram M-917 (A-side w/the voice of "Juliana")
8Shirley Scott: Latin Shadows Compact-33; Impulse A-93; 1965 (6 cuts; arr. Gary McFarland; nice vocal "Soul Sauce")
8Arthur Sterling with the Pucho Band: Ain't That Right/Darin's Mambo; Verve VK-10490; 1967
9Tambo: Gone City/Co Co My My; Montuno 8001 (Latin jazz/Latin; from LP Tambo; Montuno MLP-505--prod. Al Santiago; A-side by Chico O'Farrill)

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