Funky 45s

Either you're hip to funky singles, or you're not. And if you are, their vast number is small consolation for the scarcity (and prices!) of the great ones.

This list, always in progress, does not include all the 45s listed on other pages in this section (e.g., James Brown/King, Kid Funk, Fu Funk, space funk, soul, etc.), nor most singles from LPs listed on the funk-LP page. "Funky" includes hard soul, funky soul, soulful funk, and hard funk: the hip and uptempo movers, of course!

Please do not confuse any of this with the so-called "northern soul" (an even more idiotic term than "lounge") nonsense. There is no such thing as "northern soul" in the home of soul (the US, that is; Philly soul is something else). Only suckers pay a fortune for deservedly rare records. 95% of the stuff is overhyped crossover dreck, "like bad Motown," as it's been called; the likable remainder seems to have been lumped in arbitrarily. But there is some overlap between funk and the mod soul (or boogaloo) from which it sprang.

Breakbeats aside, funky 45s always have been and always should be about having fun. They're silly, they're for dancing, they're for blasting out of an old car's windows. Hot pants, mini-skirts, James Brown, gettin' over -- this is the stuff of funky 45s. And there are enough of them that every mood, topic, and level of hipness can be indulged without resorting to the lame ones. Some of the most common are the best (James Brown, Dyke & the Blazers), while some of the rarest are perhaps deservedly obscure but worth investigating. In between lie binsful of discovery and visceral transcendence. As Don Julian & the Larks say, "Pimp! Pimp on!"

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Funky 7" 45s

71619 B.A.B.: World/For Your Love; Brown Sugar BS-2003
91984: There's a Wrinkle in Our Time/Psychadelic Love (sic); Nise/Round B-70-230 (stone killer Philly super-rarity; A-side space funk)
7The 2nd Verse: Be Right Here (in the Morning)/The Salamander; IX Chains NCS-7004; 1974 (same label both sides; Side 1 vocal soul w/electric sitar; Side 2 funk)
9The 20th Century: Hot Pants Parts 1 & 2; Sky Disc SD-640
89th Street Exit: 9th Street/Never Be the Man My Big Brother Was; Solid Foundation SF-107; 1974
8Abraham: Hook & Boogie, Parts 1 & 2; Hy Sign 3511 (Abraham & the Casanovas; superior take on Eddie Bo's Hook & Sling)
7ADC Band: Long Stroke/That's Life; Atlantic/Cotillion 44243; 1978 (late funk/proto-rap like Parliament)
9The African Echoes: Zulu Lunchbag (Mgibe)/Big Time; Phil-L.A. of Soul 323
-African Music Machine--see New Orleans
8All Dyrections: Soul Makossa/On Top of It; Buddah BDA-362; 1973
9All the People, Featuring Robert Moore: Cramp Your Style/Whatcha Gonna Do About It; Blue Candle 1496; 1972
8The Ambassadors: Searchin' Parts 1 & 2; Sound Stage 7 2607
8The Ambassadors of Soul: Cool Sticks Parts 1 & 2; Ovide 236 (guitar-led funk)
5The American Group: Enchillada Soul (sic)/The High Times; Amy/American Group Productions AGP-105
8Sister Gail Anderson: You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree/mono; RB-2023; 1976
7Jesse Anderson: I Got a Problem/Mighty Mighty; Buddah/Thomas TH-805
7Ruby Andrews: You Made a Believer (Out of Me)/Where Have You Gone; Zodiac Z-1015; 1969 (funk-soul vocal w/nice opening breakbeat)
6Area Code 615: Stone Fox Chase/mono; Polydor PD-14215; 1973 (harmonica w/percussion, breaks)
7Arnie & his Soul Brothers: Tenderloin/Dream Theme; Emmes 1217 (soul rock)
7Calvin Arnold: Funky Way/Snatchin' Back; Venture V-605
8Booker T. Averheart: Heart 'N Soul/Maxi Midi; Soultex SLTX-1933; 1969
9Bad Medicine: Trespasser Parts 1 & 2; Enyx EN-002; 1974 (Moog/space funk)
7Bad Smoke: Crawl Y'all Parts 1 & 2; GRT/Chess 2124
7Billy Ball & the Upsetters: Popcorn '69/Sissy Walk; Apollo 90833; 1969
-Hank Ballard -- see James Brown's's People & King Funk
7Kellogg's Presents the Banana Splits EP; Hanna-Barbera 34579; 1969 ("Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White; 3 others are psyche)
6A Band Called Sam: Mother of the Year/Do You Like It?; ABSCI SBCSI-101 (produced by Sam Taylor, Jr.)
8Barkays: Soul Finger/Knucklehead; Atco/Volt 45-148 (B-side breakbeat)
8Billy Baron & his Smokin' Challengers: Communication is Where It's At Parts 1 & 2; Grill GR-302; 1975
7The Barrons: I'm So Lonely/Some Kind of Fool; Alithia 6049; 1973 (prod. Dollars & Cents)
8Wilbur Bascomb & the Zodiact: Just a Groove in G/The Three Reasons: Take Me Back; Carnival CRA-555 (sic)
8Fontella Bass: Soul of the Man/Rescue Me; Checker 1120 (A-side by Oliver Sain)
7Harry Batchelor & the Mighty Crowns: Just a Few More Minutes/Soul Soul Feeling; Roulette R-7041 (sic)
7Jackey Beavers: Singing a Funky Song (For My Baby)/Hey Girl (I Can't Stand to See You Go); Sound Stage 7 ZS7-1506
7Archie Bell & the Drells: Dancing to Your Music/Count the Ways; Atlantic/Glades 1707; 1973
7Jay Berliner: Papa Was a Rolling Stone/Stickball; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-5535; 1973
7Richard Berry: Trackin' Machine/Doin' It; Jonco JC-51 (prod. Johnny Otis)
9Camille Bob: Brother Brown/2 Weeks, 2 Days, Too Long; Soul Unlimited 102; 1972 (Louisiana)
7Gloria Bouschell: Hold On/Don't Make Me Get Another Man; Mercury 73000
6The Boys in the Band: [How Bout a Little Hand for] The Boys in the Band/Sumpin Heavy; Spring SPR-103
7Ben Branch & the Downhomers: Honey Man/Crowder Peas & Okra; Cadet 5543 (blues-funk/mod soul-jazz; both sides by Burgess Gardner)
7Brand New: Earthquake Parts 1 & 2; Magic Minstrel 3004
8Breakestra: Getcha Soul Together Parts 1 & 2; Stones Throw STH-7002; 1999 (neo-funk)
7Charles Brinkley & Fully Guaranteed: I'll Be What You Want Me To Be/In the Pocket; Music Machine MM-3145
8Brinkley & Parker: [Don't Get Fooled by the] Pander Man/Instrumental; Darnel DA-1111
6Tina Britt: Who Was That/I Found a New Love; UA/Veep V-1280; 1968 (prod. Juggy Murray; A-side also on rare Minit LP)
8Tina Britt: Sookie, Sookie/Key to the Highway; UA/Veep V-1298; 1968 (prod. Juggy Murray; also on rare Minit LP)
8Broad Street Gang: Fair Skin Man/We Need Love; Cougar 2016; (funk/funky gospel/breakbeat; "from the Gospel Street Opera"; Philadelphia)
8Bronc-Glows: Charge/Sandman; Bull City Sounds 001
9Brother Soul: Mister Boogie Parts 1 & 2; Leo Mini LS-106; 1975
8The Brotherhood: Are You a Turtle (Yes I Am)/Mari[juana]; Atlantic/Dial 4092 (prod. Van Williams)
7The Brothers & Sisters: I Am Somebody Parts 1 & 2; Toddlin' Town 128
7Jimmy Brown: Soul Man/Funky Funky Boogaloo; A-Bet 9426 (organ; from LP)
8Jay Dee Bryant: Get It/You're Hurting Me; Enjoy 2017
7The Buena Vistas: Boss Sauce/Sunset; Swan S-4277-E/S (Popcorn Wylie!)
7The Buena Vistas: Here Come Da Judge/Big Red; Marquee MQ-443; 1966 (Popcorn Wylie!)
7The Buena Vistas: Soul Clappin/Rappin; Marquee MQ-445 (Popcorn Wylie!; says there's an LP but looks like not; B-side breakbeat)
7Bull & the Matadors: The Funky Judge/Instrumental; Toddlin' Town TT-108
7Bull & the Matadors: [Bunky's Pick:] I Can't Forget/Move with the Groove; Toddlin' Town TT-116
8Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen: The U.F.O. Landing/Martian Walk; Stax/Partee PBA-1302; 1973 (A-side like Dickie Goodman)
7C & the Shells: Funky Tamborine Parts 1 & 2; (formerly The Sandpebbles)
6The Fantastic Johnny C.: New Love/Is There Anything Better than Making Love?; Phil-L.A. of Soul 327
7Calender: Hypertension Parts 1 & 2; Pi Kappa PK-608
6Ace Cannon: Drunk/Chicken Fried Soul; London/Hi 2187
8The Capitols: Soul Brother, Soul Sister/Ain't That Terrible; Atlantic/Atco/Karen 1543
8Claude & Hank Carbo: Fox in a Mini Skirt/Misty; Castle 1
9Carleen & the Groovers: Can We Rap/Right On; Jazzman JM-009 (reissue)
7Little Carl Carlton, 14 Year Old Sensation: 46 Drums--1 Guitar/Why Don't They Leave Us Alone; Back Beat 598
7Ross Carnegie & Co.: Open Up Your Mind/Can I Be Your Friend; El-Con EL-51
8Casey & the Pressure Group: Soul Tango/Powerhouse; Wizdom W-1975
7Alvin Cash & the Crawlers: Twine Time/The Bump; Mar-V-Lus 6002; 1963 (A-side on Twine Time)
7Alvin Cash & the Crawlers: The Barracuda/Do It One More Time; Mar-V-Lus 6005; 1963 (arr. Monk Higgins; on Twine Time)
7Alvin Cash & the Crawlers: The Penguin (Tuxedo Bird)/Un-Wind the Twine; Mar-V-Lus 6006; 1963 (A-side on Twine Time)
8Alvin Cash & the Registers: No Deposit--No Return/The Philly Freeze; Mar-V-Lus 6012; 1963 (B-side warped--off-center hole)
8Alvin Cash & the Registers: Do It One More Time/The Philly Freeze; Mar-V-Lus 6012; 1963 (both sides reissues)
9Alvin Cash & the Registers: Alvin's Boo-Ga-Loo; Mar-V-Lus 6014; 1963 (same-sided or w/"Do Some Good Timing")
7Alvin Cash/Alvin Cash & the Registers: Doin' the Ali Shuffle/Feel So Good; Mar-V-Lus 6015; 1963
8Alvin Cash & the Registers: Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks/The Charge; Mar-V-Lus 6018; 1963
8Alvin Cash: Alvin's Bag/Whip It On Me; Toddlin' Town TT-104
8Alvin Cash & Scott Bros. Orch.: Keep on Dancing/instrumental; Toddlin' Town TT-111 (see also Scott Bros. Orch.)
7Alvin Cash: Funky '69/Moanin' & Groanin'; Toddlin' Town 119
8Alvin Cash: Poppin' Popcorn/instrumental; Toddlin' Town 124
8Alvin Cash & the Hundred Dollar Bills: Alvin's Doin' his Thing/It's Party; Seventy-7 SS-122; 1972
6Alvin Cash: Doing the Feeling/Ali Shuffle; Brunswick/Dakar DK-4559; 1976 (disco-funk; co-produced by Willie Henderson)
6Jimmy Castor Quartet: In a Boogaloo Bag Parts 1 & 2; Decca 31963
7Jimmy Castor: Soul Sister/Rattlesnake!; Compass CO-7019; 1967
7Jimmy Castor: Just You Girl/Magic Saxophone; Mercury/Smash S-2085; 1967
8Jimmy Castor: Leroy is in the Army/D-R-Y; Mercury/Smash S-2099
9Jimmy Castor: Hey Shorty! Parts 1 & 2; Capitol 2358
5Jimmy Castor: It Gets to Me/same; Salsoul/Dream D70361-DJ; 1984
9Caution: Love-Ray/Don't Rush It; Fretone FR-007; 1974 (borderline space funk)
9The Chakachas: Jungle Fever '75/Liza (& Brook); Polydor PD-15102
8Chamber of Commerce: I'm Free to Live/The Commerce Thang; DCA 101; 1972 (Washington, DC)
9The Changes: Doin' The Crackerjack/Amen; Marti M-403 (Baltimore)
8Little Charles & the Sidewinders: Please Open Up the Door/Shanty Town; Botanic B-1001
8Ray Charles Band with the Raelets: Let's Go Get Stoned/The Train; ABC-Paramount/Tangerine 45-10808; 1966 (rare B-side mod-soul-funk groover not on the LP, contrary to the label)
9Chico & Buddy: A Thing Called the Jones/Can You Dig It; Tayster TS-6025 (junkie funk)
7Artie Christopher: Hello L.A.--Bye Bye Birmingham/Stoned Soul; Atlantic 2573 (blue-eyed; B-side instrumental has drum break)
8Chuck-a-Luck & the Lovemen Ltd: I'll Always Love You/Whip Ya; Tayster TS-6019
7The Coasters: The Shadow Knows/Sorry But I'm Gonna Have to Pass; Atco 45-6287; (rare B-side)
6The Coasters: Speedo's Back in Town/T'Ain't Nothin' to Me (abridged); Atco 45-6287; 1964 (live; the two Coasters cuts from various-artists LP "Apollo Saturday Night")
8The Coasters: Soul Pad/Down Home Girl; Date 1552 (possibly on King LP 1146)
8The Coasters: Everybody's Woman/She Can (Based on "I Am a Woman"); Date 1607 (possibly on King LP 1146)
8The Coasters: Love Potion Number Nine/D.W. Washburn; King 6385; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146)
9The Coasters: Cool Jerk/Talkin' 'Bout a Woman; King 6389; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side arr. Marty Sheller w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146; B-side actually Date track "She Can" reissued)
7The Coasters: Act Right/The World is Changing; JAD Records/Lloyd Price's TurnTable TT-504 (prod. in Jamaica)
8Joe (Youngblood) Cobb: It's L.B. Time/Bill's Bag; ExSpectMore 10655 (w/Otis Brown)
8Color Us People: Quiet Beach/Love is a Four-Letter Word; Lightning Production 4186 (arr. Morris Pinkney; soul jazz/funky rock)
7The Continentals: Funky Fox/Straight Ahead; SSS/Blue Fox BF-101 (organ, Meters-like)
8Jerry Cook: Hey Mrs. Jones/Funky Wagon; Troyx TR-101
7Jerry Coombs Band: I've Been There/Tony Fox: I've Been Searchin'; Tri-Spin FC-002/003
5Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Wiggle Wobble/Dig Yourself; Everlast 5019 (soul rock)
8Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Let's do the Boston Monkey/Owee Baby; Enjoy 2024 (soul rock)
8Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Stay Loose/Hallelujah; Enjoy 2029 (soul rock)
7Les Cooper & the Soulrockers: Garbage Can/Bossa Nova Dance; Everlast 5023 (mod soul rock)
8Dave Cortez & We the People: (Do It) The Funky Dance/There's a New Man; Sound Pak SPM-1001/1002 (probably on LP 1005 if it was ever released)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Twang Taang/I Picked a Winner; Sound Pak SPM-1003/1004 (on LP 1005 if released)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Hell Street Junction/instrumental; All Platinum AP-2345; 1973 (funk/organ; not on LP; sounds like Sly & the Family Stone)
7[The] Counts: Too Bad/Funk; Aware AW-038; 1973 (A-side from "Love Sign" LP; B-side non-LP)
7The Counts: Funk Pump/Sacrifice; Aware AW-046; 1974 (prod. William Bell)
8Lou Courtney: Hey Joyce/I'm Mad About You; Pop-Side 4594 (non-LP cuts)
6Lou Courtney: It's Love Now/If the Shoe Fits; Pop-Side 4596 (non-LP cuts)
8Lou Courtney: Do the Horse/Rubber Neckin' (Chick Check'n); Verve VK-10602
8Lou Courtney & Funck Junction: Hot Butter'n All Parts 1 & 2; Hurdy Gurdy 101
6Lou Courtney: What Do You Want Me to Do/Beware; Rags R-100; 1973
6Sonny Cox: Chocolate Candy/The Choking Kind; Bell B-790
6Creation: I Got the Fever/Soul Control; Eric AR-5006
9General Crook: Gimme Some Parts 1 & 2; Down to Earth 73 (Burgess Gardner, Chicago)
7General Crook: Do It for Me/Till Then; Down to Earth 74 (Burgess Gardner, Chicago)
8General Crook: What I'm Getting Now & What I'm Used to, Ain't the Same/Get Over; Down to Earth 75 (Burgess Gardner, Chicago)
7General Crook: What Time It Is Parts 1 & 2; Down to Earth 77 (fuzz guitar makes it psyche funk or funky rock)
7General Crook: Fever in the Funkhouse/instrumental; Scepter/Wand WND-11276; 1974 (LP track)
8Don Covay & the Goodtimers: Watching the Late Late Show/Sookie Sookie; Atlantic 45-2323 (prod. Jim Stewart & Steve Cropper)
8Cummings & Cummings Enterprise: Electric Sounds Parts 1 & 2; Twin CC-101; 1976 (Randolph Cummings of Washington, DC)
7Clifford Curry: Soul Ranger/mono; SSS International SSS-812
9Edwin Daugherty: Your Love is Showing/Groovy Monday; Savern SN-105
8Jim Dawkins: Things I Used to Do/Put It on the Hawg; Nashboro/Excello E-2324; 1972 (funky blues guitar; B-side drum intro)
6Don High & Mighty: Black Cojack (sic)/Love It Comes in All Colors; Grit GR-45-110; 1976
8Butch Davis & the Capris: The Party/Turn On Your Love Light; A-Bet 9422 (A-side a major James Brown reference; B-side breakbeats)
5Cathy Davis: Come Back Parts 1 & 2; Twelve O'Clock 1001
7Miz Davis: Sing a Happy Funky Song/disco version; Now N-10; 1975
8Dayton Sidewinders: Funky Chicken Stew/Heavenly Love; Carlco 101
5Dayton Sidewinders: Something/You're the One I Need; Carlco 102
7Dayton Sidewinders: Go Ahead On/Phoenix; Carlco 103
8Dayton Sidewinders: Funky in Here/Oh Me Oh My; Carlco 104
9Dayton Sidewinders: Let's Go Down to Funksville/Slippin' Into Darkness; Carlco 105
8Dayton Sidewinders: Slippin' Into Darkness/Go Ahead On; Carlco 106 (reissue)
8Harry Deal & the Galaxies: All I Am/Fonky Fonky; Eclipse ER-1006 (Meters-esque, blue-eyed)
8James Dee & A Piece of the Action: Brother James/Destruction; Enrica 1017/1018 (A-side JB tribute, B-side anti-drugs)
8The Delights Orchestra: King of the Horse/Do Your Thing; Atlantic/Atco 6641
9Detroit Sex Machines: The Funky Crawl/Rap It Together; Soul Track 107
8The Different Strokes: Everyday People/Sing a Simple Song; Okeh 4-7326
8Clyde Dickerson & Co.: You Are a Love Bandino (sic)/Love Bandit (sic); Jonetta J-400 (Love Bandito!; A side is instrumental version of B)
7Don & Dewey: Soul Motion/Stretchin' Out; Rush R-1002 (funky blues violin similar to Papa John Creach or Sugarcane Harris; B-side picks up the tempo)
9The Down Beats: Say the Word/Together; Dawn 4531 (B-side an instrumental Part 2 to the A-side Beatle cover)
8Dramatics: Whatcha See is Whatcha Get/Thankful for Your Love; Stax/Volt VOA-4058; 1971
7James Kelly Duhon: Island of the Sun/Get it Together; Jude 713 (Texas)
8James Duncan: I'm Gonna Leave You Alone/I Got it Made (in the Shade); Federal 12552
-Dyke & the Blazers -- see Dyke & the Blazers/Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
-Earl Van Dyke [& the Soul Brothers] -- see soul-jazz organ
8The Dynamic 7: Squeeze Me Parts 1 & 2; Sound State SS7-2625
7Dynamic Concepts: Whatcha Want Us to Do Parts 1 & 2; Smog City; WF-100
8Dynamic Corvettes: Funky Music is the Thing Parts 1 & 2; Abet 9459; 1975
8Dynamic Corvettes: Key to My Happiness Parts 1 & 2; Abet 9461; 1975
Dynamic Corvettes: Keep Off the Grass (further info unknown)
6Dynamic Superiors: Nowhere to Run Parts 1 & 2; Motown M-1419-S; 1977 (promo for LP "Give & Take")
6Dynamic Superiors: You're What I Need/mono; Motown M-1428-F; 1977 (promo for LP "Give & Take")
7Dynamic Walter B. & The New Breed Band: Butter Toast/same; Playground; 711-656
7The Dynamics: Ain't No Sun (Since You've Been Gone)/Murder in the First Degree; Atlantic/Cotillion 44004
8The Dynamics: Funkey Key (sic)/Count Your Chips; Black Gold WWS-9; 1973 (from What a Shame; BG-5001)
8Thomas East & the Fabulous Playboys: I Get a Groove/You're What's Happening; Toddlin' Town TT-112
8Eastwind: Nabbit Juice Parts 1 & 2; Magic Minstrel 3002 (Florida)
8Chuck Edwards: Bullfight/Chuck Roast; Rene 7001 (mod soul)
8Chuck Edwards: I Need You/Downtown Soulville; Punch P-11001
8The Eight Minutes: Will You Still Be Mine/Here's Some Dances; Jay Pee 106
7The Electric Express: It's The Real Thing Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic/Cotillion/Linco LO-1001
7The Electric Express: Where You Comin' From Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic/Cotillion/Linco LO-1002; 1971
7The Electric Express: I Can't Believe We Did [the Whole Thing]/Bee Pee; Atlantic/Cotillion/Linco LO-1003; 1972
7The Electric Ladies: King Kong/Nothing Between Us; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL 5556; 1974
6Elijah & the Ebonies: Hot Grits!!!/Sock It to 'Em Soul Brother; Capsoul CS-31; 1974 (Elijah Hawthorne; Ohio)
9Ernie & the Top Notes, Inc.: Dap Walk/Things Are Better; Fordom FR-105; 1972
5The Everyday People: The Bump Part 1/mono; Red Coach RC-801; 1973 (party funk; band associated w/Kool & the Gang)
7Executive Suite: I'm a Winner Now/You Got the Kind of Love; North Bay NB-309 (B-side)
7Exit 9: Jive Man/mono; Brunswick/BRC 117; 1975 (from LP Straight Up)
9Fabulous Counts: Get Down People/Lunar Funk; Atlantic/Cotillion/Moira 108 (non-LP cuts)
7The Fabulous Emotions: Funky Chicken/Number One Fool; Nico N-1000
7The Fabulous Originals: It Ain't Fair But It's Fun Parts 1 & 2; Funk 45 006 (reissue)
8Yvonne Fair: Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On/Let Your Hair Down; Motown M-1306-F; 1974/1971-1973 (from "The Bitch is Black" LP)
5Georgie Fame: The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde/Beware of the Dog; CBS/Epic F-10283 (organ, in the MGs style)
7The Family: Family Affair/Nation Time; North Bay NB-302 (Sly & the Family Stone)
6The Family: Do the Robot Parts 1 & 2; North Bay NB-304 (Sly & the Family Stone)
7The Family: Queen City (Do the Queen City) Parts 1 & 2; Little City Records LCR-10110; 1979 (Sly & the Family Stone, post-North Bay)
7The Fantasies: Mesmerizer Parts 1 & 2; Whiz 609 (funky blues w/Senor Soul's psyche, & B-side flute)
8The Fantastic Epic's: Fun & Funk Parts 2 & 3; Stories T-1001 (psyche funk)
8The Harley Farquart Express: California Dreaming/The Snake; Peon P-900 (Harvey Fuqua?)
7The Fatback Band: Soul March/To Be With You; Perception Ps-520; 1973 (rare LP tracks)
6Fessor Funk: Take Me to the River/mono; Roxbury RB-2007; 1974
8Lee Fields: Bewildered/Tell Her I Love Her; Bedford 105
8Lee Fields: Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away to Somebody [Sometime]/East Coast Rapper; Sound Plus SP-2105
8Lee Fields: Let's Talk it Over/She's a Love Maker; London 190; 1973
9Lee Fields: Gonna Make Love (All Night Long)/Call Her Sugar; London 194; 1973
4Lee Fields: Meet Me Tonight/A Man Gotta Do What a Man Gotta Do; BDA 1141991; 1991
8Fire: Flight to Cuba/Soul on Ice; Funk 45 016 (reissue)
7Five Stairsteps & Cubie: Don't Change Your Love/New Dance Craze; Buddah/Curtom CR-1913 (Curtis Mayfield-produced A-side starts w/a breakbeat & should be "Don't Change Your Ways"; B-side baby-hollerin' kid-funk)
9Phil Flowers: Nobody Knows/I Saw Her Standing There; Dot 45-17154
8Phil Flowers: Every Day I Have to Cry/If It Feels Good Do It; A&M AMS 784; 1970
8The Forevers: Soul Town/What Goes Around [Comes Around]; Weis WEA-3002
8Earl Foster: Jodine/Jodine's Walk (instrumental); Earthquake EQ-
6Foxy: I Like the Way You Love Me/Trouble; Double Shot 153
7Ray Franklin & his Orchestra: That's Not Nice/Swamp Stomp; Chris CR-1019 (Tennesse; funky drums)
7Franky & the Spindles: War/Memphis Underground; Canyon 48
7Freddy & the Kinfolk: Blabbermouth/The Goat; Atlantic/Dade 45-1016
->Bobby Freeman -- see also mod-soul
8Bobby Freeman: Everybody's Got a Hang-Up/Oughtta Be a Law; Double Shot 139
7Bobby Freeman: Four Piece Nitty Gritty Junky Band/Susie Sunshine; Double Shot 144; 1970
8Bobby Freeman: Do You Wanna Dance, 1970/Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to People in Love; Double Shot 152; 1970
6Danny Freeman & the Soul Superiors: Shang Foo Parts 1 & 2; WSJ 100
8The French Connection: Monte Carlo/Penguin Talk; Famous 711F
8Fugi: Mary Don't You Take Me on No Bad Trip/Mary--Trip Two; Cadet 5652
8Fun House [Starring Phil Flowers]: In Whose Eyes (areyouwhoyouwannabe?)/mono; CBS/Epic 5-10956; 1973 (funk or funky rock similar to Sly & the Family Stone)
7The Funky Boys: Solid Funk/Out & About; RCA 10262; 1975 (instrumentals)
8Mamie Galore: Special Agent 34-24-38/I Wanna Be Your Radio; St. Lawrence 1004 (spy funk!; prod. Monk Higgins)
8Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights: Chattanooga Walk/Night in Arabia; Jay-Walking JW-001 (organ-led funk; JB reference, Mid-East funk/jazz/flute/drums)
8Don Gardner: I Wanta Know Where Did Our Love Go/My Baby Likes to Boogaloo; Tru-Glo-Town 501 (B-side)
8Cecil Garrett & the Fascinations: Bearcat Parts 1 & 2; Cameo-Parkway/Calla 107
8Vernon Garrett: Little Black Woman/Long Lonely Nights; Kapp K-2097
7Delia Gartrell: See What You Done, Done (Hymn #9)/Fight Fire with Fire; Right-On RRO-109 (prod. Hannibal; A-side Vietnam narrative)
8Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers: Sock it to 'em J.B. Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic/Like 301 (J.B.=James Bond!)
6Gentle Persuasion: Dynamite Explodes/Krystal Generation: Wanted--Dead or Alive; La Coupe 114/117 (U.K.)
Germanics: What You See is What You Get/?
7Eddy "G" Giles: Soul Feeling Parts 1 & 2; Murco 1048
8The Good Times: Dyn-O-Mite/At J's Joint; Jewel 849; 1975
7Sammy Gordon & the Hiphuggers: Upstairs on Boston Road Parts 1 & 2; [For the] Archives AR-170; 1972
7Sammy Gordon & the Hiphuggers: Jungle Bump Parts [1 & 2]; LuLu 1000 (disco funk)
7Billy Graham & the Escalators: Oop-Poo-Pa-Doo/East 24th Ave.; Atlantic 2373 (vocal/conga)
8Jimmy Graham: Soul Walk/A Soul Walk In (Part 2); Revue R-11044
8Milt Grayson & the Mystery Guests: Right On Right On Right On/Good Morning World; Peak 1001
8Sonny Green: Jody's on the Run/If You Want Me to Keep on Loving You; Hill H-777
7Ground Hog: Got to Get Enough/Going Back Home; Turbo TU-010 (funk-blues; B-side on same-named LP)
7Ground Hog: Bumpin' Parts 1 & 2; Gemigo GMA-100; 1974 (comp., prod. Leroy Hutson)
7Woody Guenther & Cheaters: Bang Dangin' Time/Teardrops; Shout S-229
8Lenis Guess: Super Woman/Me & Peanut; Polydor 14102; 1972
7Gunga Din: Snake Pit/Crabcakes; Valise 6903
8Guys & Dolls: Could This be Love/Chinatown; Karol 42670 (very un-pc but funky B-side)
7[Robert Parker: Barefootin'/]Jesse Gresham Plus 3: Shootin' the Grease; Jewel/Head H-1050
8Lillian Hale: Don't Boom Boom/The Signs Were Wrong; Fretone FR-011; 1974
7Mighty Groove Makers: Let's Dance Some Mo' Parts 1 & 2; Laurie/Peanut County PC-1003 (waka-guitar instrumental)
8The Mighty Hannibal: Jerkin' the Dog/I Found a Way; Decca 31876; 1965
8The Mighty Hannibal: Hymn No. 5/Fishin' Pole; Josie 964; 1966
8The Mighty Hannibal: Good Time/I Just Want Some Love; Warner Bros./Loma 2103; 1970
8Lavell Hardy: Don't Lose Your Groove/Women of the World; Rojac ROJ-117
7Jennell Hawkins: Money (That's What I Want)/More Money; Amazon AM-45-708 (uptempo soul-rock; Part 2 has original lyrics & instrumental solos)
8Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Africa Gone Funky/instrumental; London 196; 1973
6Bill Hemmans & Clay's Composite: Summertime Parts 1 & 2; SSS International SSS-816 (slow jazz groove)
8Bill Hemmans & Clay's Composite: Soul Serenade/Cloud Nine; SSS International SSS-833
6Willie Henderson & the Soul Explosions: Funky Chicken Parts 1 & 2; Brunswick 755429; 1974
7The Hidden Cost: Bo Did It/Vibrations; Marmaduke M-4001; 1973
-Monk Higgins -- see Soul Jazz/Horns
6High Voltage: Streakin'/Here Comes the Streaker; Drive 6233; 1974
7The Highlighters Band: The Funky 16 Corners Parts 1 & 2; Jazzman JM-015 (reissue)
8Roy Hightower & Gant Green: False Advertising Parts 1 & 2; Number One 7777
6Highway QC's: Be at Rest [I'll Fly Away]/same; Peacock P-3200; 1973
8Z.Z. Hill: Think People/Don't Make Me Pay for his Mistakes; Hill 222
8J. Hines & the Fellows: Camelot Time/Victory Strut; King/Deluxe 150; 1973
8Shay Holiday: It's Not How Long You Make It/Fight Fire with Fire; Soul Power 107; 1972
7Marvin Holmes & the Uptights: Sweet Talk/Thang; MCA/Uni 55233 (non-LP cuts)
8Honey & the Bees: Baby Do That Thing/Sunday Kind of Love; J/G/Arctic 158
7The Honey Drippers: Impeach The President/Roy C.'s Theme Song; Alaga 1017; 1973
8The Honey Drippers: I Can't Stop You from Doing (The Things You Want to Do)/Streakin'; Alaga 1018; 1974
7Little Hooks w/Ray Nato & the Kings: I Don't Want to Leave You/Give the Drummer Some More; Enjoy 103
8The Hot Tamales: Out of Sight/You Are My Sunshine; Diamond D-210 (A-side a great version of the James Brown hit)
8Milton Howard: I'm from Missouri (You Gotta Show Me)/Funky Shing-a-ling; Soundstage 7 45-2591
8Image: Funky Thing/Oh Love; Grande 303
7Luther Ingram: My Honey & Me/I Can't Stop; Stax/Ko Ko KOA-2104; 1969
8The Inner Drive: Party Man/Smell the Funk; Zodiac Z-1052
8The Interpretations: Soul Affection/Snap Out; Bell 757 (B-side instrumental version of A)
7The Interpretations: Automatic Soul Parts 1 & 2; Bell 757 (A-side instrumental; B-side party-rap vocal)
8Chet "Poison" Ivey & his Fabulous Avengers: The Poo Poo Man/Soul is My Game; Bee Cee 315
6Ernest Jackson: Love & Happiness/Hogwash; J/G/Stone 200; 1973
7J.J. Jackson: Boogaloo Baby/But it's Alright; Calla 119
7Jarvis Jackson: Something I Never Had/The Long John; Sims 291
8Jimbo Jackson & Violators: Pop Corn Parts 1 & 2; Brainstorm 134
9Jambalasie: Chains on the Mind/Back to Africa; Straker's GS-170 (very rare/obscure)
8Al James: Groove City (U.S.A.)/Socka-Ting; Big Beat BB-150
8Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto: In the Basement Parts 1 & 2; Chess/Cadet 5539 (classic roadhouse party song)
8Jesse James: Don't Nobody Want Get Married Parts 1 & 2; Zea Z-1001 (yep, it's the funky Jesse James Sandra Bullock SHOULD HAVE married!)
8[Jesse James &] the James Boys: The Horse/The Mule; Phil-L.A. of Soul 316
8Norma Jenkins: Puzzle Man/instrumental; Jean Alithia JR-730; 1973
Jerry-O/Tom & Jerrio -- see "Murray" (Jerry J. Murray & Juggy Murray) below
8Mr. Jim & the Rhythm Machine: Do the Hot Pants/Midnight in Madrid; Wizdom 1984 (B-side hip soul-jazz piano)
8Joe & Everyday People: Sleep Walk Parts 1 & 2; Brooks BR-101
8Hank Johnson: You Lost Your Thing/?; Spear JW-1972
8The Herb Johnson Settlement: Damph F'Aint/?; Toxsan 106
7Roy Lee Johnson: So Anna Just Love Me/Boogaloo #3; Josie 45-965
8Syl Johnson: Come On Sock it to Me/Try Me; Twilight 100
9Syl Johnson: Ode to Soul Man/I'll Take Those Skinny Legs; Twilight 106
8Syl Johnson: Dresses Too Short/I Can Take Care of Business; Twinight 110
8Syl Johnson: Is It Because I'm Black/Hang High; Twinight 125
8Syl Johnson: Thank You Baby/We Do It Together; Twinight 144
8Syl Johnson: Get Ready/Same Kind of Thing; Twinight 149
9Syl Johnson: Annie Got Hot Pants Power Parts 1 & 2; Twinight 151
9Syl Johnson: Is It Because I'm Black/instrumental (unique, legendary B-side, only on this Jamaican press crediting "Sly Johnson")
6Syl Johnson: Goodie-Goodie-Good Times/Love Baby; Shama SH-1235; 1974
Syl Johnson: Ms. Fine Brown Frame/You Don't Have to...(?); Shama SH-1241
6JOMO: Uhuru (African Twist)/Hangin' Out; Checker 1192 (both sides Andre Williams)
9Chris Jones: Destination Unknown/I'm the Man; Goodie Train 008
7Johnny Jones & the King Casuals: Soul Poppin'/Blues for the Brothers; Brunswick 55376
7Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: Make It Good to Me/Casella Walk; Daptone 1004
9Jonn-El: Miss Sweet Stuff/You Took Me Off & It Was Boss; Scorpion 0004; 1972
7[Walter] Junie [Morrison]: Tightrope/Walt's Second Trip; Eastbound E-619; 1973
8Lavell Kamma & his Afro Soul Review: Soft Soul/I Know Where It's At; Tupelo TS-001
8Eddie Kendricks: Keep On Truckin' Parts 1 & 2; Motown/Tamla T-54238F; 1973
8Joe Kennedy: Funky Time/Tender Loving Care; Vigor VI-704 (JB reference)
8Kent & the Candidates: Go High/The Neck; Double Shot 120 (B-side vocal backed by Senor Soul's "Make the Funk Jump")
9Kickapoo Kid & the Deputies: The Kick-A-Poo Kid Parts 1 & 2; Soulville 223 (JB reference)
8King Solomon's Advisors: The Tight Rope/Back of My Mind; Ghetto GPS-001 (1st single on Joe Bataan's rare label)
7Jo Ann King: [Let's Leave It] This Loving Way/Hey Lancelot; Phil-L.A. of Soul 344
9Leonard King & The Soul Messengers: The Barracuda/I've Been Saved; Inferno 2003 (mod funk/soul-jazz piano/e-piano/gospel)
8Landlords & Tenants: Back Up Parts 1 & 2; Buddah BDA-301; 1972
7The Landslides: We Don't Need No Music/Music Please Music; Huff Puff 1001 (B-side is the instrumental Part 2; prod. Gamble-Huff)
8Stacy Lane: African Twist/same; Excello 2293 (vocal)
9Larry & the Hippies: Gimme Some of Yours (I'll Give You Some of Mine)/Enough for Everybody; Toddlin' Town 103
7The Last Crusade: Super Guy (Flying High)/mono; Brown Dog BD-9001; 1974
7Calvin Leavy: Cummins Prison Farm/Brought You to the City; Shelby Singleton/Blue Fox 100 (funky blues/groove)
8Bobby Ledford & the Soul Ambassadors: Make Love to My Woman Parts 1 & 2; Sound Stage 7 SS7-2627
8Curtis Lee & the KCPs: Get in My Bag/Everybody's Going Wild; Tayster/Rojac RA-114 (very spirited copy of James Brown)
8Jackie Lee: African Boo-Ga-Loo/same; Keymen K-114 (promo version)
7Jackie Lee: African Boo-Ga-Loo/Bring It Home; Keymen K-114
8Jackie Lee: The Chicken/I Love You; MCA/Uni 55206
6Laura Lee: Mama's Got a Good Thing/Love More than Pride; Chess 2068
8Warren Lee: Funky Belly/Born in the Ghetto; Wand WND-1194 (prod. Marshall Sehorn & Alan Toussaint)
9Leon & the Burners: Crack Up/Whiplash; Josie 945 (organ-led, like Booker T. & MGs)
7The Leonard Family w/Nora Hart: Once You Understand/It Won't Happen Again; P.I.P. PIP-8929 (generation-gap novelty/funk)
8Leroy & the Drivers: The Sad Chicken/?; Duo D-7458; 1967 (w/Breakestra; Stones Throw STH-7013; 2001)
8Earl Lett: Do the Thing/Now is the Time: Wild 906 (Boston)
9Earl Lett: Soul Sax/The Boston Puppy: Beantown B-101
6Earl Lett: Love & Affection/Are You Confused; Beantown B-102
8Earl Lett: Green Power, Parts 1 & 2; Beantown B-104
7Earl Lett: The Funky Professor/We Oughtta Get Together; Beantown BT-115
7Little Royal & the Swingmasters: Razor Blade/Los Pop Tops: Oh Lord, Why Lord; Mission M-700
9Little Royal: I'll Come Crawling/Panama Red; Starday-King/Tri-Us 908 (B-Side credited to "Royal Showband")
7Little Royal: I'll Come Crawling/You'll Lose a Good Thing; Starday-King/Tri-Us 913; 1972
Little Royal: Switch Blade/Rainbow; Starday-King/Tri-Us 914; 1972
8Little Royal: Soul Train/I Surrender; Starday-King/Tri-Us 915; 1972
6Little Royal: My Love Needs Company/I'm Glad to Do It; Starday-King/Tri-Us 916; 1973
6Little Royal: Groovin'/Ain't No Love/Just My Imagination (medley)//Bring It On Home to Me/Higher & Higher (medley); Flame 1001
6Little Sister: You're the One Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic/Stone Flower S-9000 (prod. Sly Stone)
6Little Sister: Stanga/Somebody's Watching You; Atlantic/Stone Flower S-9001 (prod. Sly Stone)
6The Live Experience: Disco Joint Parts 1 & 2; E&B EB-8575 (disco-funk)
8London Fogg: Easy Mover/Trippin'; Imperial 66440 (Brenda Lee Jones)
8Eddie Long: It Don't Make Sense but it Sure Sounds Good/Did You Ever Dream Lucky?; Skye 4522
8Freddie Love: Crazy Girl Parts 1 & 2; Anla 120
8Charlie Lucas & the Thrillers: Wonderfull Feeling (sic)/Soul for Sale; Waterbird WB001/WB002
8Lunar Funk: Mr. Penguin Parts 1 & 2; Bell 172; 1972
7Lunar Funk: Slip the Drummer One/same; Bell 45,214; 1972 (promo)
7Mad Dog & the Pups: Come in to My Love Shop/instrumental; Magic City MC-016
7The Mad Men: Do the African Twist Parts 1 & 2; Gamble G-212
8Sterling Magee: Tighten Up/I Still Believe in You: Tangerine TRC-975 (not "The Tighten Up")
6Jim Manns & the Blackmailers: Messing with the Kid/Rap On; Mel 8001
6Mason & Dixon (Mason-Dixon): MacArthur Park-I Don't Wanna Cry/Soul Power; Buttercup 45-008 (not the JB song but ok)
9Wee Willie [Mason] & the Winners: I Don't Know What You Got But I Know What You Need Parts 1 & 2; Shotgun SG-1003
9Wee Willie Mason: Funky Funky [Hot Pants]/same; Jay-Walking JW-010 (JB reference)
7La May [& Company]: Free the Soul Man/instrumental; S.P.Q.R. 4003
7Ruth McFadden: Ghetto Woman Part 1/mono; CBS/Gamble ZS7-2503; 1972
7Bernard McGee & Co.: California Breeze/Back Up Groove; Rosemount 82101 (War-style conga/harmonica groove)
7Lonette McKee: Save It [Don't Give it Away]/Do to Me; Sussex SR-624; 1974
7Charlie McClendon & the Magnificents: We're Gonna Hate Ourselves in the Morning/Thing It Is; Colossus C-101
9Timothy McNealy: Funky Movement No. 2/Sagittarius Black; Shawn 157; 1972
8Phil Medley & the M.B.V. Orchestra: Snap It/Happy Walk; Pyramid P-8003; 1976 (dobro funk!)
8Messiah: Alpha Wave/Easy Livin'; Magic Minstrel 3001
6Metropolis: Smokin' Part 1/mono; Buddah/Ebony Sounds ES-186; 1975
8Mickey & the Soul Generation: Football/Joint Session; Maxwell L-806
9Mickey [Fields] & his Mice: Cracker Jack/Abraham, Martin & John; Marti M-402
7[Bow Legs] Miller & Friends: It's Bump Time/All for You; Select-O-Hit SOH-025
8Gene "Bow Legs" Miller: Frankenstein Walk/Everybody Got Soul; London/HI 2161
8The Millionaires: A Rather Hip Shing/I'd Rather Do It Myself; Philips 40435 (cowritten by James Booker)
9The Mod Squad: Charge/You All; Tangerine TRC-1004
8The Mohawks: The Champ/Sound of the Witch Doctors; Atlantic/Cotillion 45-44002
7Monopoly Ltd.: Love Child You're Blowing My Mind/Underdog's Child; Faithful Virtue FV-7002
7Curly Moore & the Kool Ones: Shelley's Rubber Band/Funky, Yeah!; House of the Fox MH-1934 (B-side is funky rock)
7Marty Moore/Jimmy Harris/Jeff Aston: Radiation Funk/A New Star; Maxwell DRP-130; 1979 (topical, re: Three-Mile Island)
7Bill Moss: Sock it to 'em Soul Brother/instrumental; Bell 771
8Lee Moses: Bad Girl Parts 1 & 2; Musicor MU-1242 (sounds like Otis Redding here)
8Lee Moses: Time & Place/same; Front Page RAA-2301; 1970
Lee Moses: Loving You is No Crime[?]/Never Life[?]; Dynamo D-115
7Mother Night: Say Brother/same; Buddah BDA-376; 1973
7Sam Moultrie: Funky Jerk/The Promised Land; Roulette R-7038 (soul-funk)
6Robert Murphy: Happy "Soul" Birthday (blues/shuffle); RoMur 3039; 1969 (Phila.)
8Jerry-O (Jerry J. Murray): Popcorn Boo-Ga-Loo Parts 1 & 2; Boo-Ga-Loo B-L-104
8Jerryo (Jerry J. Murray): Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo/The Pearl; Bang/Shout 217; 1967
7Jerryo (Jerry J. Murray): Funky Boo-Ga-Loo/Push Push; Bang/Shout 225 (Jay Boy; 1972)
9Jerryo (Jerry J. Murray): Dance What Cha Wanna/Afro-Twist Time (Um-Gow-Wow); Bang/Shout 228
8Jerry O (Jerry J. Murray): [Funky] Four Corners/Soul Lover; White Whale; 1968
9Jerry O (Jerry J. Murray): There Was a Time/Funky Charge; White Whale WW-318; 1969
8Tom & Jerrio: Boo-Ga-Loo/Boomerang; ABC-Paramount 45-10638; 1965 (Juggy Murray)
7Tom & Jerrio: Great Goo-Ga-Moo-Ga/Come On and Love Me; ABC-Paramount 45-10704 (arranged & conducted by Johnny Pate)
8Tom & Jerroo (sic): Papa Chew (Let's Do the Boo-Ga-Loo) Parts 1 & 2; Jerry-O JO-111 (breakbeat, James Brown reference, "Ungawa," etc.)
7Juggy Murray: Buttered Popcorn/Thock it to Me, Honi; Sue 14
5Juggy Murray: Built for Speed Parts 1 & 2/Built for Speed Part 1; Pony 1 (The La Rocque Bey Drummers
7Mickey Murray: Going Back to Alabama/Explosive Population; Federal 45-12558
7Mickey Murray: Shout Bamalama/Lonely Room; SSS International SSS-715 (covered by Wet Willie)
8Mystic Five acc. by the Explosions: Girl's (sic) Get Out of the Way--Let a Woman In/Don't Let Me Down; Genuine/Cunity 2730
8The Mystic Moods: Cosmic Sea/The Awakening; Warner Bros. WB-7686; 1973 (top funk w/phased drums also tho w/strings; skip the LP)
6Clarence Nelson: Super Soul/Good Times; MGM K-13725
8The New Cymbals: L.C. Funk/What Am I Guilty of; De-Lite DE-549
8The New York Jets: The Funky Chicken/We Will Always Be Together; Tamboo T-5101
8The Nilsmen: The Sand Step/Le Winston; RJR 6805-003 (Swedish cigarette promo)
7The Noble Knights: Sing a Simple Song/Movin' Part IV; Atlantic/Cotillion 44030
7Cliff Nobles & Co.: Gettin' Away/The Camel; Phil-L.A. of Soul 329
7Nu-Sound Express: Ain't it Good Enough/I've Been Trying; J-G/Silver Dollar SD-152; 1971
8Nu-Sound Express: One More Time, You All/A Rose for the Lady; J-G/Silver Dollar SD-156
7Olympic Runners: Drag it Over Here/Mac B. Coolie; London 5N-219; 1975
7Opus VII: People/People-disco; Gramophone GRA-45702; 1976
8Osaka Monaurail: Hot Pants Road Part 1/Pick Up the Pieces One by One Part 2; Monaurail & Empowerment RDBV-023 (decent/recent Japanese James Brown/JBs tribute)
7Pace-Setters: Push On Jesse Jackson/Freedom & Justice; Kent KS-4565 (funk or funky rock in the Jimmy Castor style)
-The Packers -- see Dyke & the Blazers/Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
9Page One: Thank Goodness Got a Good Woman/What a Messed Up Situation; Norfolk International 10,000 (legendary deep funk from Norfolk, VA)
8Panic Button: Hitch it to the Mule/Lovin' Horns; Anita/Chalom 101
8Panic Buttons: O-Wow/Lisa; Gamble G-230 (Virtue Studios instrumental)
8Panic Buttons: O-Wow/same; Gamble G-230 (promo)
6The Parliaments: (I Wanna) Testify/I Can Feel the Ice Melting; Revilot RV-207
6The Party Brothers: Nassau Daddy/Do the Ground Hog; Revue 11046
7The Passionettes: Sister Watch Yourself/Stand By Your Man; MCA/Uni 55230 (prod. Andre Williams & Karl Tarleton)
7Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs: Let Them Talk/Soul is Our Music; Jetstar JS-109 (promo on yellow vinyl)
6Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs: Broadway Ain't Funky No More/I Met My Match; Jetstar JS-111
8Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs: The Good Ol' Days/Don't Be So Mean; Jetstar JS-112
9Kellee Patterson: I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby/mono-abridged; Shady Brook 45-021; 1976 (from Deeper & Deeper)
7Kellee Patterson: If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It/Be Happy; Shady Brook 45-1041; 1977 (from Be Happy)
8The Pazant Brothers: Skunk Juice/Toe Jam; RCA Victor 47-9634 (arr. & cond. Ed Bland)
6The Pazant Bros. & the Beaufort Express: Dragon Fly/Dixie Rock; Vigor VI-1713; 1974
9The People's Choice: I Likes to Do It/Big Ladies Man; Phil-L.A. of Soul 349
8The People's Choice: Wootie-Te-Woo/Cause That's the Way I Know; Phil-L.A. of Soul PH-352
7The People's Choice: Let Me Do My Thing/On a Cloudy Day; Phil-L.A. of Soul 358; 1972
7People's Choice: Party is a Groovy Thing/Asking for Trouble; CBS/TSOP ZS8-4759; 1974
7The Philly Four: The Elephant Parts 1 & 2; Buddah/Cobblestone CB-705 (instrumental w/elephant sounds)
9Jim Pipkins & the Boss Five: Mr. C.C./I'm Just a Lonely Guy; Emerge EM-1108 (A-side funk-boogaloo/B-side ballad; St. Louis, MO)
8Vic Pitts Cheaters featuring Omar DuPree: Modern Crucifixion/Loose Boodie; Jewel 846; 1974
7The Plebeian Rebellion: What Do You Think About That/Lotta Lovin'; Columbia 4-44358 (arr. Chuck Sagle)
9Benny Poole: Pearl, Baby, Pearl (Latin Boo-Ga-Loo)/Sorry 'Bout That; Solid Hit SH-107 (not Latin boogaloo but w/conga)
6The Posse: You Better Come On Out and Play/That's What Makes Us Happy; E.J.K. EJK-10 (Eddie Kindricks)
7Lloyd Price: The Truth/Don't Stop Now; JAD J-212; 1969 (prod. Johnny Nash & Arthur Jenkins in Jamaica; A-side reggae/B-side funk from [unreleased?] LP Lloyd Price in Reggae)
7Lloyd Price: Trying to Slip Away/They Get Down; GSF 6904; 1973
8The Prime Mates: Hot Tamales Parts 1 & 2; Sansu 465 (psyche-funk; prod. Toussaint & Sehorn)
8Public School 13: Help [Kick the Habit]/Recess; Juggernaut 406 (prod. Juggy Murray)
7Quad: Funky Love Song/Relief; Leo Mini LS-569; 1975
8Joe Quarterman & Free Soul: Thanks Dad Parts 1 & 2; GSF 6911; 1973 (stereo, non-LP cuts)
9Joe Quarterman & Free Soul: I'm Gonna Get You/No; GSF 6915; 1974 (stereo, non-LP cuts w/breakbeats)
7Joe Quarterman & Free Soul: I'm a Young Man/"disco dance version"; Mercury 73708; 1975 (disco-funk; B-side longer)
7Jimmy Radcliffe: Funky Bottom Congregation/Lay a Little Lovin' On Me; RCA 74-0138 (A-side anti-smoking; "A Super Baby-Cakes Production")
7The Ramrods: Soultrain Parts 1 & 2; Rampage 1000
8The Ramrods: Soul Express Parts 1 & 2; Rampage 1003
9Chuck Randle's Soul Sender's (sic): Soul Brother's (sic) Testify Parts 1 & 2; Anla AL-102
7The Raw Soul w/Frankie Beverley: You Left Me/Open Up Your Heart; Eldorado 1350 (prod. Charles Earland)
8A.C. Reed: Boogaloo-Tramp/Talkin' 'bout My Friends; Nike 2002
-Clarence Reid -- see Nasty Party Rap (Blowfly/Reid)
8The Relations: [Soul Train] Funky-Monkey Parts 1 & 2; Community C-200
8Wendy Rene: Bar-B-Q/Young & Foolish; Stax S-159
8Resonance: O.K. Chicago/Yellow Train; Bradley's BRAD 7410; 1974 (waka gangsters/phased breakbeats)
7Tender Joe Richardson: The Choo Choo/B Side Shing-A-Ling; Veep V-1261
8The Rimshots: Soultrain Parts 1 & 2; All Platinum/A-I A-I-4000 (solid Soul Runners style w/guitar solo)
8The Rimshots: Save That Thing/Concerto in F; All Platinum/A-I A-I-4002; 1972 (A-side a funk/funky rock uptake on "It's Your Thing")
7Robert, Ron, & Eddie: Love Potion #9/same; UniSFERE 700; 1969 (promo)
8John Roberts: Sockin' 1-2-3-4/Sophisticated Funk [instr.]; Duke 425
9Rudy Robinson & the Hungry Five: Mut-Ley Doin' the Crawlpen Parts 1 & 2; Mier 1
7Lee Rogers: Go-Go-Girl/I'm a Practical Guy; D-Town 1067
8Timmie Rogers: Super Soul Brother/It Rolls Through Everything; Chess/Cadet CA-5685
8Maxwell Romer, Wilbur Bascomb & the Zodiact: Giving Up/Some Ain't All; Ford 163 (B-side psyche-funk w/conga)
8Ronnie, Norman, & Earl: Soul at Sunrise/Shugalu; Volare V-1003 (Ronald Baker, Norman Harris, Earl Young)
8Ruby & the Party Gang: Hey Ruby (Shut Your Mouth)/Ruby's House Party; Law-Ton 1554 (party funk)
Ruby & the Party Gang: Ruby's Surprise Party/?; Gamble 2505 (party funk)
7Bobby Rush: Gotta Be Funky/Gotta Find You Girl; On Top 2000 (funky blues)
8Bobby Rush: Sock Boo Ga Loo/Much To Much (sic); Checker 1182; 1967 (w/Wayne Bennett, Luther Johnson)
9Oliver Sain: St. Louis Breakdown/Comin' Down Soul; Abet 9445; 1972 (on Main Man LP)
8Oliver Sain: Harlem Nocturn (sic)/Mr. King & Mr. Jordan; Abet 9449; 1972 (on Main Man LP)
8Oliver Sain: Tanya/African Walk; Vanessa 105
9Sam & the Soul Walkers: Soul Walk/A Telephone is Ringing; Trans-American TA-0007
7Samson & Delilah The BOSS Six: Living in a World of Trouble/Don't Leave Me Here; King James KJ-401; 1974
9Scacy & the Sound Service: Sunshine Parts 1 & 2; Scacy HY-2200 (Scacy Haywood, Washington, DC)
8Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds: Get Down/Love-Itis; Atlantic/Magic Touch 2007
8Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds: Broadway Freeze/I Can't Cry No More; Atlantic/Magic Touch MTA-16001
9Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds: Funky Football/Get Down 1970; Chess 2093; 1970 (breakbeats)
7The Sheep: I Feel Good/Dynamite; ABC-Paramount/Boom BM-60,007 (B-side hip blue-eyed funk tribute to James Brown)
9Lalo Schifrin: Ape Shuffle (Theme from "Planet of the Apes")/mono; 20th Century TC-2150; 1974 (primate funk; Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle version is even better)
7Lalo Schifrin: Escape from Tomorrow/mono; 20th Century TC-2150; 1974 (sci-fi Moog funk)
8Lalo Schifrin: Ape Shuffle (Theme from "Planet of the Apes")/Escape from Tomorrow; 20th Century TC-2150; 1974
8Freddy Scott's Orchestra: Hangin' Out/First Things First; London/Marlin 16003 (mod funk)
Freddy Scott & Orchestra: Pow City/Quiet Time; London/Marlin 16004 (mod funk)
8Moody Scott: We Gotta Bust Out of the Ghetto Parts 1 & 2; Sound Stage 7 SS7-2660
7Moody Scott: May I Turn You On/mono; Seventy-7 77-109 (promo version; horns arr. Pee Wee Ellis)
8Scott Bros. Orch.: They All Came Back/A Hunk O' Funk; Toddlin' Town 125
8The Scott Brothers: Gotta Get Away from You/Side Tracking; Capri C-111; 1973 (B-side instrumental version of A-side)
8George Semper Rhythm Committee: It's Your Thing/Don't Be Afraid; Rama Rama RR-7799; 1970
9The Seven Souls: Groove In/Got to Find a Way; Venture VE-614
8Sex Convention: Parachute/Toi Qui Reve de Baisers (Scorpio!); Disques Fleur FL-501; 1976 (B-side faithful but reworked as mad French vocal)
8Billy Sha-Rae: Do It/Crying Clown; Spectrum SPEC-114
8Billy Sha-Rae: I'm Gone/Let's Do It Again; Spectrum SPEC-120
6Shack: Too Many Lovers/Hot Sauce: I'll Kill a Brick (About My Man); Stax ("Double Hitter")
8Sharktooth: Jaws/mono; Bryan B-1021; 1975 (funk/Moog funk)
8Benny Sharp & the Sharpies: Music [I Like it] Parts 1 & 2; Midas 303
8The Showmen Inc.: The Tramp [from Funky Broadway] Parts 1 & 2; Now N-3
-Count Rockin' Sidney -- see New Orleans
8Joe Simon: The Whoo Pee/Let's Do It Over; VJ 694 (organ)
7Darnell Simpkins & the Family Tree: The Whip Parts 1 & 2; SCM 2000 (Sir Charles Matthews & Clip Hightower of Long Island)
8The Sisters & Brothers: Ack-A-Fool/Chained; Calla C-175 (featuring Sister Geri; Louisiana)
8The Sisters & Brothers: Yeah, You Right/Dear Ike; Uni 55238
9Slim & the Soulful Saints: Fish Head/?
8Sly [Stone]: Buttermilk Parts 1 & 2; Autumn 14; 1965 (mod soul-funk instrumental w/vocal interjections: "pass the buttermilk")
8Floyd Smith: Soul Strut/Getting Nowhere Fast; Dakar 604 (miniskirts)
-Society's Bag -- see Dyke & the Blazers/Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
9The Solicitors: Robot Strut/Long Journey; Abet AB-9448; 1972 (psyche funk)
8S.O.U.L.: This Time Around/On Top of the World; Musicor MUS-1472; 1973
8S.O.U.L.: The Joneses Parts 1 & 2; Musicor MUS-1500 (junkie funk)
7The Soul Commanders: Funky Soul Music Parts 1 & 2; Lifetime 1043; 1970
9Soul Continentals: Goobah (African Twist)/Bowlegs; Sound Stage 7 45-2609
7The Soul Crusaders Orchestra: Pretty "Lil" Mama/Funky Jive; More Soul 903 (Burgess Gardner)
7Soul East: Funky Lady Parts 1 & 2; Starday/DeLuxe 108 (funky chicken scratching prod. Bud Scott; not to be confused with Soul Inc., same title)
8Soul Encyclopedia: Geraldine Jones/instumental; Sound of Soul SOS-300 (hot pants)
8Soul Inc.: Funky Lady Parts 1 & 3 (sic); Sock 108 (not to be confused with Soul East, same title)
6Soul Generation: That's the Way It's Got to Be Body & Soul/Mandingo Woman; Ebony Sound Records ES-175
8Soul Partners: Walk on Judge/Lose the One You Love; Bell B-758
8The Soul President: Get It Right/Got to Have It; Big Mack 24221 (hippie reference)
-Soul Runners -- see Dyke & the Blazers/Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
7Specialties Unltd: You Save'd Me (sic)/Hold on to Your Man; Sack 709 (Monk Higgins w/female vocalists)
7The Soul Seven: Mr. Chicken.../The Cissy's Thang; Soultex SLTX 103; 1969
7The Soul Seven: "Everything is Everything" with the Soul Seven; Soultex/Now-Again NA-2005; 2003/1969 (12"/33rpm EP w/the above, "Southside Funk," & gratuitous 1970 live track)
8Soul Tornadoes: Go for Yourself/Funky Thang; Burt 4000 (on label as "Soul Toranodoes")
8Soul Tornadoes: Crazy Legs/?
8*Soul Vibrations: The Dump/I've Got to Find a Way; Vibrant [no #]; 1973 (rec. Harry Deal)
9B.W. Souls: Marvin's Groove/Generated Love; Round 1038
6Sound Experience: Where Has Your Love Gone/J.P. Walk; T.K./Shield 6306; 1976
7South Shore Commission: I'd Rather Switch than Fight/We're On the Right Track; Scepter/Wand WND-11291; 1975 (NYC)
7The South Street Soul Guitars: Poppin Popcorn/Soul Fire; Silver Fox SF-10 (Shelby Singleton)
8Spittin' Image: J.B.'s Latin/?
8Pat Stallings: Everybody Knows/same; Famous/Paramount PAA-0166; 1972 (promo version; arr./cond. Wade Marcus)
8Edwin Starr: Agent Double-O-Soul/instrumental; Ric-Tic RT-103 (spy funk!)
7Steel, Jake, & Jeff: The Impeachment Story/Lou Toby & his Heavies: Heavy Steppin'; Peach-Mint AR-6065; 1974 (A-side Watergate sample mash-up; B-side funk)
8The Sugarman Three: Funky So-&-SO Parts 1 & 2; Daptone DAP-1003; 2002
9Johnny Talbot & De-Thangs: Git Sum/Pickin Cotton; Jasman Umm-2 (Oakland)
4The Talk of the Town: Little Bit of Your Lovin'/Tossin' My Pride Aside; North Bay NB-301
6Howard Tate: Look at Granny Run Run/Half a Man; Verve VK-10464
7Howard Tate: She's a Burglar/same; Atlantic 2860; 1972 (LP cut)
9Ted Taylor: Something Strange is Goin' On in My House/Funky Think; Ronn 44 (funk/New Orleans)
8Ted Taylor: It's a Funky Situation/I'm Glad You're Home; Ronn 46(funk/New Orleans)
7Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. Sax: Come See Me 'Round Midnight/mono; A&M 1756; 1975
8The Tenth Dymentions: The Bushman/My Love for You is Growing Wild; Sapphire Sor-1030
8Teresa: He's a Cooker/I Wanna Groove with You; SSS International SSS-850
8The Third Guitar, featuring Eddie Holloway: Baby Don't Cry/?; Rojac ROJ-123
8Rufus Thomas: Do the Funky Penguin Parts 1 & 2; Stax STA-0112; 1971
7Timmy Thomas: People Are Changin'/Rainbow Power; Glades 1709; 1973 (deep hip soul in his unique style; B-side on 1972 LP)
7Timmy Thomas: Let Me Be Your Eyes/Cold Cold People; Glades 1712; 1973 (deep hip soul in his unique style; A-side on 1974 LP, B-side on 1972 LP)
6Timmy Thomas: One Brief Moment/"Rio" Girl; Glades 1719; 1973; A-side on 1974 LP)
7Donny Thompson: Foxy Lady/mono; Babylon BRC-1105
9Ernest Van Treose & the McDaniel, Mary Street Band: Popcorn Push Push/Medicine Man; RCA 47-9765
8The Triplett Twins: Get It/Pretty Please; Buddah/Thomas TH-809
7Sammy Turner: The History of the Black Cowboy/Sammy Turner Band: Funky Rodeo; Black Rodeo BR-A-B
8United Eight: Getting Uptown to Get Down/Hypnotics: Beware of the Stranger; La Coupe 115/116 (U.K.)
9Unlimited Four: Slow Down/Walk Away Lover; Chanson CH-1180
7Untouchables & Mark One Band: The Dragster Boy/Dragster's Encore; FAAP VD-7-RS2 (cryptic hot-rod novelty funk w/sound effects--psyche funk from Richmond, VA)
8Joe Valentine: A Woman's Love/Hands On, Hands Off; Jewel/Ronn 30 (Shreveport, Louisiana)
9T. Valentine: Hello Lucille Are You a Lesbian/Betty Sue; Val 017 (insane rap)
8The Village Choir: Talk to Me Sometimes/The Switch; SCM SCM-1000
8Jake Wade & the Soul Searchers: Searching for Soul Parts 1 & 2; Mutt AR-872
8Jamo Thomas: Bahama Mama Parts 1 & 2; Sound Stage 7 2596
8Jamo Thomas & his Party Brothers Orchestra: I Spy for the FBI/Snake Hip Mama; Thomas 303 (prod. Monk Higgins/Boris Gardner)
8Mr. Jamo [Thomas]: Shake What You Brought With You Parts 1 & 2; Perception P-3 (SSS International SSS-79; Afro-Beat/funk)
6Mr. Jamo [Thomas]: You Just Ain't Ready Parts 1 & 2; SSS International SSS-808
8Timmy Thomas: Why Can't We Live Together/Funky Me; T.K./Glades 1703; 1972 (on LP too)
5The Valentinos: I Can Understand It Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic/Clean 60005; 1973 (Bobby Womack)
9Gene Waiters: Shake & Shingaling Parts 1 & 2; Fairmount F-1018
5L.J. Waiters & the Electrifiers: If You Ain't Gettin' Your Thing Parts 1 & 2; La Shawn RM-5127
5L.J. Waiters & the Electrifiers: Can You Deal with It?/instrumental; Phil-L.A. of Soul PH-377; 1976
7Gloria Walker: Talking About My Baby/The Chevelles: The Gallop; Flaming Arrow 45-FA-35 (B-side)
8Wally & the Knight: Hang on Little Mama/Every Man Has a Dream Sometime; Tarx 1010
9Watson & the Sherlocks: Standing on the Corner/Funky Walk; Soulsville SV-1015
9Gate Wesley & Band: Do the Batman/Do the Thing; Atlantic 2319 (w/Billy LaMont, vocal)
7Kim Weston: I Got What You Need/Someone Like You; MGM K-13720
8Clifton White: The Warm Up Parts 1 & 2; Anla AN-104 (party funk)
9Danny White: Natural Soul Brother/same; SSS International SSS-754 (prod. Marshall Sehorn & Alan Toussaint)
8E.T. White & his Great Potential Band: Loosen Up/Let Me Hear You Say Yeah; Great Potential R12962 (Baltimore single but D.C. band; A-side based on Tighten Up but much better)
7Spencer Wiggins: I Never Loved a Woman [the Way that I Loved You]/Soul City U.S.A.; Amy-Bell/Goldwax 339
7Wildfire: Try Making Love/Part 3; WIRL B-578; 1977 (Tony Wilson; Barbados disco-funk)
8Willard Posey Reunion: Medley: Cissy Strut-American Woman/mono; Fam 91004; 1972
7Andre Williams: Mrs. Mother USA/Cadillac Jack; Chess/Checker 1205 (spoken/jive r&b-funk)
7Andre Williams: Soul Groove/Pearl Time; Sport 105; 1967
7Andre Williams & his Orchestra: Rib Tip's (sic) Parts 1 & 2; Avin A-103; 1965 (mod r&b/party funk)
8Andre Williams: The Stroke/Cadillac Jack; GRT/Chess Blue Chip Series (reissue; A-side w/sitar, prod. & arr. Monk Higgins)
9Andre Williams: Do the Popcorn/It's Gonna Be Fine in '69; Chess/Checker 1214
7Andre Williams: Girdle Up/instrumental; Chess/Checker 1219
9Bobby Williams: Funky Superfly Parts 1 & 2; MTVH 3737; 1974 (also on very rare LP)
9Bobby Williams: Soul Brother Party Parts 1 & 2; MTVH 3738; 1974 (also on very rare LP; reissued on REW)
7Duke Williams & the Extremes: I've Been Loving You Too Long [To Stop Now]/Chinese Chicken; Capricorn CPR-0028; 1973 (nice funky drums on the B-side instrumental)
9Joe Williams Jr.: Don't Let Me Catcha Jody Parts 1 & 2; Triode 119
7Willie Williams: The Baa-Baa Song/Psyched Out; Lakeside LS-3100
8Willie & the Mighty Magnificents: Funky (8) Corners Parts 1 & 2; All Platinum AP-2309
8Willie & the Mighty Magnificents: Make Me Your Slave/Souling; All Platinum AP-2315 (alt. version of "Souling" than on LP comp)
8Freddy Wilson: Promise Land/Where is She?; Eastbound E-602; 1972 (one of the best JB emulations)
8Ann Winley w/Willis Jackson: Bow Legged Daddy/instrumental; Paul Winley 1101
7Excell Wonsley: Lady Love/Grove Penguin; Golden Beam ("Groovy Penguin!")
6Chuck Wood: Seven Days Too Long/Soul Shing-a-Ling; Roulette R-4754
8Georgie Woods (The Guy with the Goods): Potato Salad Parts 1 & 2; Fat Back 541
8Willis Wooten/Willis Wooten Ork: Your Love is Indescribably Delicious/Do the Train; Virtue 2501
8Nanette Workman: Lady Marmalade/instrumental; Pacha PAC-4420 (disco funk)
8Popcorn Wylie: Funky Rubber Band/mono; Soul S-35087F; 1971 (promo; 5 years after the Buena Vistas--see above)
9Yakety Yaks: Soul Night Parts 1 & 2; Washington Sound 8-9046
7Young Holt Unlimited: Dig Her Walk/Yon Gimme Thum; Brunswick 55356
8Young Holt Unlimited: Hot Pants/mono; Atlantic/Cotillion 44120; 1971
9The Young Senators: Jungle/That's the Way It Is; Innovation R-13138
7Lonnie Youngblood: Go Go Shoes/Go Go Place; Cameo-Parkway/Fairmount 1002; 1963 (w/Jimi Hendrix)
6Lonnie Youngblood: Wooley Bully/The Grass (Will Sing for You); Cameo-Parkway/Fairmount 1002; 1963 (w/Jimi Hendrix)
6Lonnie Youngblood: Soul Food (That's a What I Like)/Goodbye, Bessie Mae; Cameo-Parkway/Fairmount 1022; 1963 (w/Jimi Hendrix)
7Joe Zawinul: Lord, Lord, Lord/The Soul of a Village; Atco/Vortex 301 (from LP 2002; B-side w/sitar)
8Uncredited: Cissy Strut/Friendship Train; Dance/Hoctor H-2780
8Uncredited: Scorpio/Steam Heat; Statler/Avant 2112 (funk/guitar; dance-class cover of the Dennis Coffey hit)

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