New Orleans

Funky New Orleans music grew out of and reflects a variety of musical traditions. Jazz and the reeds and horns of Dixieland, surprisingly, are not prevalent. Rather, the carnival spirit of Mardi Gras, the secretive patois of slavery-era voodoo practices, and basic Southern rhythm-and-blues hit-making formed the basis of a new, hip sound. First, the crucial talents of major songwriters and performers Professor Longhair, Alan Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, etc. established a distinctive New Orleans sound and style in popular music. Doors were opened for all sorts of acts that before had been limited to "Mardi Gras" songs performed locally if not also annually.

A second phase began as New Orleans entered the soul and funk period. The Meters began their dynastic career as proto-funk masters, beginning with a few definitive instrumentals and evolving into backing for the remarkable Neville Brothers' singing talents and backing for other homegrown acts. On the wilder side, Bo Dollis' Wild Magnolias became the leading, funky Mardi Gras Indian act to achieve success. But it was Mac Rebennack as "Dr. John, the Night Tripper" (the historic Dr. John was a legendary Voodoo figure, something of a charlatan tyrant) who recorded the funky (and weird!) New Orleans canon. The classic Gris-Gris LP in particular served up authentic voodoo chants and ritual songs in a marvelously psychedelic feast of swamp sounds.

Buying: Original New Orleans records are prized and always will be. Compilations and reissues mostly have served the major acts very well. All Meters on Josie is vital, but skip the tacky rock on Warner Bros.

New Orleans LPs

9African Music Machine: Black Water Gold; Soul Power LPS-3317; 2001?/ 1972-74 (compilation of their 4 singles)
8Eddie Bo: Check Mr. Popeye; Rounder 2077; 1988/1959-62 (Eddie J. Bocage; singles compilation)
9Eddie Bo & the Soul Finders: The Hook & Sling; Funky Delicacies DEL-LP-0006; 1996 (singles compilation)
7Chocolate Milk: Action Speaks Louder than Words; RCA Victor APL-1-1188; 1975 (prod. Allen Toussaint, Marshal Sehorn)
The Dixie Cups: Chapel of Love; Red Bird 20100; 1964
The Dixie Cups: Iko Iko; Red Bird 20103; 1965
The Dixie Cups: Ridin' High; ABC/Paramount 525; 1966
7The Dixie Cups: The Best of the Dixie Cups; Back-Trac 1001; 1985 (3,000 pressed)
8Lee Dorsey: Ride Your Pony--Get Out of My Life, Woman; Amy 8010-S (The New Lee Dorsey: Working in the Coal Mine--Holy Cow; Amy 8011-S)
8Lee Dorsey: Yes We Can; Polydor 24-4042 (funky)
8The Gaturs: Wasted; Funky Delicacies DEL-LP-0001; 1984/['70s] (New Orleans funk/soul jazz/psyche funk/disco funk)
8Johnny Jenkins: Ton-Ton Macoute!; Atlantic/Atco/Capricorn SD-33-331; 1970 (w/Duane Allman)
9Dr. John, the Night Tripper: Gris-Gris; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-234; 1968
7Dr. John: Babylon; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-270; 1968 (out)
7Dr. John, the Night Tripper: Remedies; Atlantic/Atco SD33-216; 1970
8Dr. John, the Night Tripper: The Sun, Moon, & Herbs; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-362; 1971
7Dr. John's Gumbo; Atlantic/Atco SD-7006; 1972 (covers N.O. classics)
8Dr. John: In the Right Place; Atlantic/Atco SD-7018; 1973 (w/the Meters)
6Dr. John: Desitively Bonnaroo; Atlantic/Atco SD-7043; 1974
5Dr. John: Zu Zu Man; Trip TLP-0518 (earlier Night Tripper outtakes)
5Dr. John: Anytime, Anyplace; Scepter/Barometer BRM-67001; 1974 (earlier session)
5Dr. John: Such a Night; Spindrift SPIN-107; 1984/1983 (Live in London)
7Dr. John: Locked Down; Nonesuch 530395-1; 2012 (something of a return to Night Tripper)
Ernie K-Doe; Brandy 70004
Ernie K-Doe, Vol. 2; Brandy 70005
6Ernie K-Doe; GRT/Janus JLS-3030
8Professor Longhair: New Orleans Piano (Blues Originals Vol. 2); Atlantic SD-7225; 1972/1949-53
7Professor Longhair: Live on the Queen Mary; Capitol/Harvest SW-11790; 1978/1975
6Professor Longhair: Crawfish Fiesta; Alligator AL-4718; 1980
8The Meters; Josie JOS-4010
9The Meters: Look-Ka Py Py; Josie JOS-4011
8The Meters: Struttin'; Josie JOS-4012
6The Meters: Good Old Funky Music; Rounder 2104; 1990/c.1968-76 (previously unissued tracks, some Josie-era)
7The Neville Brothers: Fiyo on the Bayou; A&M SP-4866; 1981
7The Neville Brothers: Yellow Moon; A&M SP-5240; 1989
8Huey Smith & the Clowns: Havin' a Good Time; Ace LP-1004 (R&B/early but timeless)
7Huey Smith & the Clowns: For Dancin'; Ace LP-1015
7Huey Smith & the Clowns: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas; Ace LP-1027 (also credits Dr. John Band)
Irma Thomas; Brandy 70003
Allen Toussaint: Wild Sounds of New Orleans; RCA Victor LPM-1767; 1958
7Allen Toussaint: Toussaint; Scepter SPS-24003; 1970 (From a Whisper to a Scream; Ace/Kent 036; 1985)
Allen Toussaint: Life, Love & Faith; Reprise MS-2062
Allen Toussaint: Southern Nights; Reprise MS-2186
Allen Toussaint: Motion; Warner Bros. BSK-3142
8The Wild Magnolias; Barclay; 1974 (Polydor PD-6026; w/Golden Eagles Chief Monk Boudreaux)
9The Wild Magnolias: They Call Us Wild; Magnolias ME-0825; 1975 (w/Golden Eagles Chief Monk Boudreaux)
6[Bo Dollis &] the Wild Magnolias: I'm Back--at Carnival Time!; Rounder 2094; 1990 (w/Golden Eagles Chief Monk Boudreaux)
7The Wild Tchoupitoulas; Antilles AN-7052; 1976 (w/the Meters)

Various-Artist New Orleans LPs

7Various: Ace Story Volume Two; UK Ace CH-12 (compilation)
Various: All These Things; Brandy 70007 (compilation)
7Various: Carnival Time!--The Best of RIC Records Vol. 1; Rounder 2075; 1988/1958-61 (compilation)
8Various: Funky Funky New Orleans; Tuff City/Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0011; 1997 (compilation/sampler w/extended mixes)
7Various: Funky Funky New Orleans 2A; Tuff City/Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0018; 2001/1969-73 (compilation)
Various: Funky Funky New Orleans 2B; Tuff City/Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0019; 2001 (compilation)
8Various: The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 1 (1950-58); Rhino RNLP-70076; 1987 (compilation)
8Various: The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 2 (1959-62); Rhino RNLP-70077; 1987 (compilation)
Various: The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 3 (1962-70); Rhino RNLP-70078; 1987 (compilation)
Various: Home of the Blues; Brandy 70006 (compilation)
9Various: Jazzy Funky New Orleans; Tuff City/Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0022; 2001/1962-72 (compilation)
8Various: Love You, New Orleans; Brandy 70008 (compilation)
8Various: Mardi Gras in New Orleans; Mardi Gras MG-1001; 1976 (compilation)
5Various: Mardi Gras in New Orleans Vol. 2; Mardi Gras MG-1005; 1989 (compilation)
9Various: New Orleans Funk--The Original Sound of Funk 1960-75' Soul Jazz SJR-LP47 (3-LP compilation; Explosions, Meters, Wild Magnolias, Eddie Bo, Longhair, Dorse, Huey Smith, Danny White, Dr. John, Robert Parker, Chuck Carbo, Toussaint, Gentleman June Gardner, Mailyn Barbarin, Sonny Jones..)
9Various: New Orleans Rhythm & Blues; Chess CH-9174; 1984 (compilation)
7Various: Senator Jones' Funky Funky New Orleans; Funky Delicacies DEL LP-0012; 1999/1972-76 (compilation)
8Various: We Got a Party!--The Best of RON Records Vol. 1; Rounder 2076; 1988/1958-62 (compilation; w/Eddie Bo)

Partly New Orleans LPs

7The Fireballs: Come On React!; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-275; 1969 ('60s psyche/New Orlean "Get Out of My Life Woman"/mod "Little Bitty Bucket")
8Rolf Harris: BBC Television's Rolf Harris Show; EMI/Columbia SX-6216 ("Iko Iko"; live)
King Herbert & the Knights; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
6The Kingsmen Volume 2; Wand 659-S
6The Kingsmen Volume 3; Wand 662-S
6The Kingsmen: 15 Great Hits; Wand WDS-674
Frank Motley & the Bridge Crossings; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
Frank Motley & the Hitch Hikers; Paragon; 1970 (Canada)
7Wilson Pickett: The Wicked Pickett; Atlantic SD-8238; 1966
6Joe Tex: Live & Lively; Atlantic/Dial SD-8156; 1968 ("Get Out of My Life Woman")
6Earl Van Dyke: The Earl of Funk; Motown/Soul SS-715; 1970 (funk/New Orleans; "Cissy Strut"; live)
7Various: Acme Funk--A Collection of Hard Instrumentals; Funk002 (Joe Bravo: "Cissy Strut")
7Various: Flare Groove; Ace/Kent 078; 1988 (funk/New Orleans)
7Various: Rare Funk Vol. 5--Afro Funk; Cobalt COBLP-1008 (Professor Longhair, "Big Chief")
8Various: Rare Funk Vol. 11--Creole Funk; Cobalt COBLP-11 (Wild Magnolias, "Ho Na Nae")
8Various: Super Funk 2; BGP BGP2-137; 2001 (2-LP)

New Orleans 45s

9Abraham: Hook & Boogie, Parts 1 & 2; Hy Sign 3511 (Abraham & the Casanovas; superior take on Eddie Bo's Hook & Sling)
9African Music Machine: Black Water Gold (Pearl)/Making Nassau Fruit Drink; Soul Power SP-109; 1972
8African Music Machine: Tropical/A Girl in France; Soul Power III U-41303
7Black Blood & the Chocolate Pickles: That's Henry Parts 1 & 2; Black Blood NR-1578 (comedy party record w/piano & rhythm)
6Eddie Bo: Fare Thee Well/Let's Let it Roll; Chess 1900 (R&B)
7Eddie Bo: Ain't it the Truth Now/Warm Daddy; Ric 974
9Eddie Bo: Hook & Sling Parts 1 & 2; Scepter/Scram SCR-117; 1969
9Camille Bob: Brother Brown/2 Weeks, 2 Days, Too Long; Soul Unlimited 102; 1972 (Crowley, Louisiana)
6Anthony Butler & the Invaders: The Chocking Kind/Katty's Theme; Big Deal 1001
6Lee Dorsey: Vista Vista/I Can't Get Away; Amy 994 (prod. Toussaint-Sehorn)
8The Golden Eagles: Lightning & Thunder; Rounder 12073; 1988 (live)
8Billy Graham & the Escalators: Oop-Poo-Pa-Doo/East 24th Ave.; Atlantic 45-2372
6Eldridge Holmes: Now That I've Lost You/Where is Love; Deesu 320 (prod. by Sehorn & Toussaint, arr. by Toussaint)
8T.K. Hulin & Smoke: How Far to the End/Smoke It; Booray 10011975
8Bobby Marchan: Rockin' Pneumonia [& the Boogaloo Flu]/Someone to Take Your Place; Cameo C-489
7Toussaint McCall: Shimmy/Nothing Takes the Place of You; Jewel/Ronn 3 (B-side at least on Nothing Takes the Place of You; Jewel/Ronn LP-7527; A-side classic organ funk)
7Toussaint McCall: The Title Escapes Me/Step By Step; Jewel/Ronn 13 (from Nothing Takes the Place of You; Jewel/Ronn LP-7527
8The Meters: Sophisticated Cissy/Sehorns Farm; Josie 45-1001
9The Meters: Cissy Strut/Here Comes the Meter Man; Josie 45-1005
8The Meters: Look-Ka Py Py/This is My Last Affair; Josie 45-1015
8The Meters: A Message from the Meters/Zony Mash; Jubilee/Josie 45-1024
8The Meters: Stretch Your Rubber Band/Groovy Lady; Jubilee/Josie 45-1026
7The Meters: Doodle-Oop (The World is a Bit Under the Weather)/I Need More Time; Josie 45-1029 (funky rock; also as Doodle-Oop same-sided promo, same number)
8The Meters: Good Old Funky Music/Sassy Lady; Jubilee/Josie 45-1031
7Aaron Neville: She Took You for a Ride/Spaceman; Parlo 103
7Art Neville: Skeet Scat/You Won't Do Right; Instant 3256
7The Originals: Supernatural Voodoo Woman Part 1/mono; Motown/SOUL S-35112F; 1974 (from the AIP film "Sugar Hill")
7Robert Parker: Barefootin'/Jesse Gresham Plus 3: Shootin' the Grease; Jewel/Head H-1050
8The Prime Mates: Hot Tamales Parts 1 & 2; Sansu 465 (psyche-funk; prod. Toussaint & Sehorn)
6James Rivers: The Center Cut/I Hear Ya; JB's Records 7042 (prod. Senator Jones)
7Sampy & the Bad Habits: Stick with Me/Lagniappe; Callier CR-101; 1975 (creole soul/zydeco w/accordion)
7Count Sidney & his Dukes: Put it On/Trust; Goldband G-1178
8Count Sidney & his Dukes: Do Your Stuff/Country People; Goldband G-1194
8Count Rockin' Sidney: Bury the Hatchet/?
8Count Rockin' Sidney: Boogie's Boogie Shack/No Good Woman; Bold 1003
6Huey Smith & the Clowns: Pop-Eye/Scald-Dog; Ace 649
8The Stokes: Young Man Old Man/One Mint Julep; Alon (arr. Alan Toussaint; mod)
8Joe Valentine: A Woman's Love/Hands On, Hands Off; Jewel/Ronn 30 (Shreveport, Louisiana)
8The Wild Magnolias: Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke it Right)/Iko Iko; Barclay; 1974 (A-side abridged version of LP cut; Polydor PD-14242; w/Golden Eagles Chief Monk Boudreaux)
8Willard Posey Reunion: Medley: Cissy Strut-American Woman/mono; Fam 91004; 1972
8Uncredited: Cissy Strut/Friendship Train; Dance/Hoctor H-2780

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