James Brown's People & King Funk

The James Brown family of artists includes many great female singers, the "divas," and Brown's longtime right-hand man, Bobby Byrd. Also there are the J.B.s and other projects of the key soloists Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker. J.B.s LPs may or not include Brown singing and sometimes are recordings from the same sessions as regular James Brown releases.

Also on King and Polydor are other artists discovered, promoted, or produced by Brown. The "People" label was created specifically for the growing crowd of artists associated with James Brown.

Note to serious collectors: While no list of James Brown productions is absolute or complete, among the listings below are some titles not included in the excellent discography(s) found at the end of the James Brown autobiography (essential reading). A few other listings from that tome have been corrected or clarified here. We also hope, as always, to distinguish the good from the bad and the necessary from the irrelevant (for instance the gospel records of Kay Robinson).

Also on King and Polydor are other artists discovered, promoted, or produced by Brown. The "People" label was created specifically for the growing crowd of artists associated with James Brown.

Buying: Almost all the studio work is essential; by contrast the live albums always have been overrated. The original 45s have that great sound and sometimes unique B-side alternates or extensions. Joining the original LPs, some of which are impossibly rare, are essential new "from the vaults" releases and reissues.

James Brown's People/King Funk LPs

9Vicki Anderson: Message from a Soul Sister; Famous Flame FF-1028 (singles compilation)
9Hank Ballard: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down; King 1052; 1969
7Hank Ballard: Hanging with Hank; All Platinum/Stang ST-1031; 1976 (not JB-produced)
7Brown/J.B.s/Collins: Black Caesar ST; Polydor PD-6014; 1973
8Brown/J.B.s/Collins: Slaughter's Big Rip-Off ST; Polydor PD-6015; 1973
7Bobby Byrd: I Need Help; King 1118; 1970 (Polydor PD-1118; rare compilation of singles but overdubbed as live--better to have the singles)
8Bobby Byrd: On the Move (I Can't Get Enough); Soulciety ME-018-94; 1993 (partly compilation)
8Bobby Byrd: The Best of; Polygram/Simply Vinyl SVLP-205; 1995 (UK; 2-LP mostly compilation)
7Bobby Byrd & the J.B.'s All Stars: Finally Gettin' Paid; Rhythm Attack/RAP 3-1; 1988 (Germany; live; w/Lyn Collins, Marva Whitney, Carleen Anderson, Vicki Anderson, Fred Wesley, the JBs)
9The Coasters: On Broadway; King 1146; 1972/1967-72 (partly Latin-soul w/Marty Sheller & Larry Harlow Orchestra, partly repeats earlier Date singles)
8Lyn Collins: Think (About It); People PE-5602; 1972
8Lyn Collins: Think (About It)/Ain't No Sunshine; People PE-608; 1972
7Lyn Collins: Check Me Out if You Don't Know Me By Now; People PE-6605; 1975/1974
9Lyn Collins: Female Preacher; Famous Flame FF-1027 (singles compilation)
8Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk Popcorn; King 1078 (Tone 237)
7Dee Felice Trio: In Heat; King/Bethlehem BS-10,000 (soul jazz)
7The Greyboy Allstars with Fred Wesley: West Coast Boogaloo; Greyboy GBRLP001; 1994 (funky soul jazz)
8The Grodeck Whipperjenny; Polydor/People PS-3000 (psyche funk/funky rock)
->The J.B.s -- see Wesley, Fred
8Anna King: Back to Soul; Mercury/Smash SRS-67059/MGS-27059; 1964 (soul/blues/R&B/mod twist--duet with Bobby Byrd "Baby, Baby, Baby")
7Marie Queenie Lyons: Soul Fever; King/DeLuxe DLP-12001 (not JB-produced but heavily influenced & covers "Try Me")
7Hank Marr Trio + 3: Teen Time Dance Steps; King 829 (Hank Marr LPs produced by Gene Redd)
7Hank Marr Quartette: Live at the Club 502; King 899; 1964 (live; w/Rusty Bryant)
6Hank Marr Plays 24 Great Songs; King 1011 (largely compilation of live & studio w/about 5 unique tracks)
8Hank Marr: Sounds from the Marr-ket Place; King KS-1025
7Hank Marr: Greasy Spoon; King KSD-1061
Hank Marr: On and Off Stage
9Maceo [Parker] & All the King's Men: Doing their Own Thing; House of the Fox HOF-LP-1; 1973
7Maceo & All the King's Men: Funky Music Machine; Excello EX-8022; 1972
6Maceo Parker: Us; People PE-6601; 1973
Kay Robinson [gospel LP on King]
8Johnny Scotton: You Don't Wanna Do Nothin' Do You?/mono; People PE-649; 1975/1974 (promo)
8Johnny Scotton: You Don't Wanna Do Nothin' Do You?/Win Your Love for Me; People PE-649; 1975/1974
6Charles Sherrell: For Sweet People from Sweet Charles: People PE-6603; 1974
9[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Food for Thought; People PE-5601; 1972
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Doin' It to Death; People PE-5603; 1973
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Doin' It to Death/Everybody Got Soul; People PE-5603; 1973
7Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Damn Right, I Am Somebody; People PE-6602; 1974/1973 (from The Payback sessions)
9Fred Wesley & the New J.B.s: Breakin' Bread; People PE-6604; 1974
7[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Hustle with Speed; People PE-6606; 1975
6Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns: A Blow for Me, a Toot for You; Atlantic; 1977 (JBs meet Parliament; funky disco)
6Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns: Say Blow by Blow Backwards; Atlantic SD-19254; 1979 (JBs meet Parliament; funky disco)
Fred Wesley: House Party; Curtom; 1980 (prod. Curtis Mayfield, not JB)
Marva Whitney: I Sing Soul; King 1053; 1969
8Marva Whitney: It's My Thing; King 1069; 1969 (singles compilation; Polydor PD-1062; 2-LP version Soul Brother SBCS-6D; 2000)
7Marva Whitney: Live & Lowdown at the Apollo; Polydor PD-1079; 1970
7Various: James Brown Presents the Show of Tomorrow; King KS-1024; 1968 (NOT live; Bobby Byrd, Marva Whitney, Vicki Anderson, James Crawford, Hank Ballard, JB)
8Various: James Brown's Funky People; Polygram/People 422-829417-1; 1986/1971-6 (compilation)
9Various: James Brown's Funky People (Part 2); Polygram/People SVLP-129; 1988/1968-75 (2-LP compilation w/some longer versions & 1 new live cut)
9Various: James Brown's Funky People (Part 3); Polygram/People GET54085; 2016/1967-75 (2-LP compilation w/some unreleased & rare singles)
8Various: King Funk; Ace/BGP BGP2-135; 2000/1967-73 (2-LP compilation)
8Various: Nothing But Funk; Funky People FP-6902; 200? (UK singles compilation; James Brown, Lee Austin, James Crawford, Dapps, Devils, Hustlers, JBs, Last Word, Steve Soul)
5Various: Presenting...The James Brown Show--Recorded Live on Stage; Mercury/Smash SRS-67087 (Vicki Anderson, Baby Lloyd, Jewels, James Crawford, JB Orch.)
8Various: Twist Around; King 771; 1961 (James Brown, Hank Marr, the Wobblers, Herb Hardesty, Henry Moore, Clifford Scott; jacket: "James Brown Presents his Band featuring 'Night Train'"; reissued as Jump Around--same #)

Partly People/King Funk LPs

8Various: Look Who's Surfing Now; King 882; 1964 (rare!; James Brown instrumental "Surfin' Along" otherwise unavailable!)
7Various: Rare Funk Vol. 4--Soundtrack Edition; Cobalt COBLP-1007 (JBs: "Blind Man")
8Various: Superbad is Back; K-Tel
7Various: Swing for a Crime; Jazzbo CR-SFC (Nat Kendrick & the Swans' "Hot Chile")

People/King Funk 45s

8A.A.B.B.: Pick Up the Pieces One by One; Polydor/I Dentify ID-8003; 1975
7Vicki Anderson: Nobody Cares/Think; King 6091 (B-side live with James Brown)
8Vicki Anderson: If You Don't Give Me What I Want (I Gotta Get It Some Other Place)/Tears of Joy; King 6109; 1967
Vicki Anderson: Baby Don't You Know?/The Feeling is Real; King 6138; 1967
8Vicki Anderson: The Feeling is Real/alternate; King 6138; 1967 (funk/orchestral versions; RARE!!!)
8Vicki Anderson: I'll Work It Out/Answer to Mother Popcorn (I Got a Mother for You); King SK-6251; 1969
9Vicki Anderson w/James Brown: Let it Be Me/Baby, Don't You Know; King 6293; 1970
8[Vicki Anderson as] Myra Barnes: The Message from the Soul Sisters Parts 1 & 2; King 6334; 1970
9[Vicki Anderson as] Myra Barnes: Super Good Parts 1 & 2; King 6344; 1970
8Vicki Anderson: Message from the Soul Sisters/Yesterday; King 6377; 1971/1970 (live; A-side abridged)
9Vicki Anderson: I'm Too Tough for Mr. Big Stuff (Hot Pants)/Sound Funky; Polydor/Brownstone 4202; 1971
8Skip August: Shindig USA Parts 1 & 2; Tee Vee 2507 (mod soul/boogaloo by August Brown)
7Leon (Lee) Austin: Two-Sided Love/I'm Mad; King 6093; 1967 (King 6161; 1968)
8Lee Austin: Turn Me Loose/Respect; King 6247; 1969
Lee Austin: Steal Away/Yesterday; King 6291; 1970
Lee Austin: Put Something on Your Mind/Screwdriver; International Brothers 801; 1971
Lee Austin: Gimme Your Hand/Moonlight; People PE-609; 1972
Lee Austin: Real Woman/Gimme Your Hand; People PE-612; 1972
Lee Austin: The Truth/Moonlight; People PE-620; 1973
Lee Austin: Tutti Frutti/Moonlight; Polydor PD-14195; 1973
7Lee Austin (The Burner): I'm in Love/Moonlight; People PE-635; 1974 (A side mentions Collins & others)
Lee Austin: I'm a Man/Gimme Your Hand; Polydor PD-14251; 1974
6Lee Austin: Missin' You/mono; I Dentify ID-8005; 1975 (promo)
Lee Austin: Missin' You/Gimme Your Hand; Identify ID-8005; 1975
Lee Austin: Georgia Peach Parts 1 & 2; Polydor PD-14500; 1975
Hank Ballard: It's Love, Baby (24 Hours a Day)/Those Lonely Lonely Feelings; King 5798; 1963
Hank Ballard: You're in Real Good Hands/Unwind Yourself; King 6119; 1967 (B-side on LP 1052)
8Hank Ballard: Which Way Should I Turn?/Funky Soul Train; King 6131; 1967 (on LPs 1024 & 1052)
8Hank Ballard & the Midnighters: Come On Wit' It/I'm Back to Stay; King 6177; 1968 (A-side on LP 1052)
Hank Ballard w/the Dapps: How You Gonna Get Respect/Teardrops on Your Letter; King 6196; 1968 (remade minus Dapps on LP 1052)
7Hank Ballard w/the Dapps: You're So Sexy/Thrill on the Hill; King 6215; 1969 (remade minus Dapps on LP 1052)
8Hank Ballard: With Your Sweet Lovin' Self/Are You Lonely for Me Baby?; King 6246; 1969 (on LP 1052)
9Hank Ballard: Butter Your Popcorn/same; King 6244; 1969 (promo)
9Hank Ballard: Butter Your Popcorn/Funky Soul Train; King 6244; 1969 (B-side on LP 1052)
8Hank Ballard: Blackenized/Come On Wit' It; King 6246; 1969 (B-side on LP 1052)
8Hank Ballard: Annie Had a Baby/Teardrops on Your Letter; People PE-604; 1971 (B-side on LP 1052)
9Hank Ballard: Finger Poppin' Time/With Your Sweet Lovin' Self; People PE-606; 1972 (B-side on LP 1052)
9Hank Ballard & the Midnight Lighters: Finger Poppin' Time/From the Love Side; Polydor PD-14128; 1972
6Hank Ballard: Let's Go Streaking Parts 1 & 2; All Platinum/Stang ST-5053; 1974 (not JB-produced)
7Bobby Bennet & the Dynamics: Soul Jerk Parts 1 & 2; Loma 2016; 1965 (mod soul/mod twist)
Dan Brantley: Get it Right or Leave it Alone/?; King/De Luex 119; 1970
8Bobby Byrd: You've Got to Change Your Mind/I'll Lose My Mind; King 6151 (A side w/J.B.)
->Smash S-1884 -- see Anna King
7Bobby Byrd: We Are in Love/No One Like My Baby; Mercury/Smash S-1964
7Bobby Byrd: You're Gonna Need My Lovin'/Let Me Know; Mercury/Smash S-2003
8Bobby Byrd: I Need Help (I Can't Do it Alone) Parts 1 & 2; King 6323; 1970
8Bobby Byrd: If You Don't Work You Can't Eat/same; King 6342; 1970 (white-label promo w/Byrd's photo)
8Bobby Byrd: If You Don't Work You Can't Eat/You've Got to Change Your Mind; King 6342; 1970 (B side w/J.B.)
9James Brown w/Bobby Byrd: Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Parts 1 & 2; King 6347; 1970
9Bobby Byrd: I Know You Got Soul/It's I Who Love You (Not Him Anymore); King 6378; 1971
9Bobby Byrd: Hot Pants--I'm Coming, Coming, I'm Coming/Hang it Up; Polydor/Brownstone 4203; 1971
8Bobby Byrd: Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'/Let Me Know; Polydor/Brownstone 4205
8Bobby Byrd: If You Got a Love You Better (Hold On To It)/You've Got to Change Your Mind; Polydor/Brownstone 4206; 1972 (B side w/J.B.)
9Bobby Byrd: Never Get Enough/My Concerto; Polydor/Brownstone 4208; 1972 (A side w/J.B.)
8Bobby Byrd: Sayin' It & Doin' It Are Two Different Things/?
8Bobby Byrd: Try it Again/mono; Warner Bros./Kwanza KWA-7703; 1973
6Bobby Byrd: Back from the Dead/The Way to Get Down; T.K. 901; 1974 (produced by Clarence Reid)
7Bobby Byrd: Headquarters (Augusta GA)/instrumental; Seville SEV 1005; 1975 (produced by Clarence Reid & W. Clarke)
6Bobby Byrd: Here for the Party/short version; Strawberry 109; 1977 (promo; background vocals Vickie Anderson & the Byrd family)
7Bobby Byrd: Here for the Party/Byrd's in Flight (instrumental); Strawberry 109; 1977 (background vocals Vickie Anderson & the Byrd family)
8The Coasters: Soul Pad/Down Home Girl; Date 1552 (possibly on King LP 1146)
8The Coasters: Everybody's Woman/She Can (Based on "I Am a Woman"); Date 1607 (possibly on King LP 1146)
8The Coasters: Love Potion Number Nine/D.W. Washburn; King 6385; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146)
9The Coasters: Cool Jerk/Talkin' 'Bout a Woman; King 6389; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side arr. Marty Sheller w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146; B-side actually Date track "She Can" reissued)
9[Carlton] King Coleman: The Boo Boo Song Parts 1 & 2; King 6085; 1967
9Carlton "King" Coleman: The Boo Boo Song Part 1/Rock Gospel Mash; King 6365; 1970
7Lyn Collins: Just Won't Do Right/Wheels of Life; Polydor PD-14107; 1971
Lyn Collins: Oh, Uncle Sammy/Ain't No Sunshine; Polydor PD-14119; 1972 (non-LP A-side)
8Lyn Collins: Think (About It)/Ain't No Sunshine; People PE-608; 1972
7Lyn Collins: Me & My Baby Got a Good Thing Going/I'll Never Let You Break My Heart Again; People PE-615; 1972 (& as "Me & My Baby Got Our Own Thing Going"; Polydor 2066.273 picture sleeve)
8Lyn Collins: Mama Feelgood/Fly Me to the Moon; People PE-618; 1973
7Lyn Collins: How Long Can I Keep It Up? Parts 1 & 2; People PE-623; 1973
8Lyn Collins: Take Me Just as I Am/People Make the World a Better Place; People PE-626; 1973
8Lyn Collins: We Want to Parrty, Parrty, Parrty/You Can't Beat Two People in Love; People PE-630; 1973
8Lyn Collins: Don't Make Me Over/Take Me Just as I Am; People PE-633; 1974/1973-4
7Lyn Collins: Don't Make Me Over/mono; People PE-633; 1974/1973-4 (promo)
8Lyn Collins (The Female Preacher): Give it Up or Turnit A Loose/shorter version; People PE-636; 1974 (white-label promo)
8Lyn Collins: Give it Up or Turnit A Loose/What the World Needs Now is Love; People PE-636; 1974
8Lyn Collins: Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again/Wide Awake in a Dream; People PE-641; 1974
7Lyn Collins: Wide Awake in a Dream/same; People PE-641; 1974 (white-label promo)
8Lyn Collins: You Can't Love Me If You Don't Respect Me/Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again; People PE-650; 1974
7Lyn Collins & the Famous Flames: How Long Can I Keep It Up?/Baby Don't Do It; People PE-657; 1975
7Lyn Collins & the Famous Flames: Baby Don't Do It/mono; People PE-657; 1975 (promo)
7Lyn Collins & the Famous Flames: If You Don't Know Me By Now/Baby Don't Do It; People PE-659; 1975
8Lyn Collins: Mr. Big Stuff/Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again; People PE-662; 1976
6Lyn Collins w/James Brown: What My Baby Needs Now is a Little More Lovin'/This Guy--This Girl's in Love with You; Polydor PD-14157; 1972
8James Crawford: Hold It/Stone Fox; King 6103
8James Crawford: I'll Work It Out/Fat Eddie; King 6130; 1967
8The Dapps featuring Alfred Ellis: Bringing Up the Guitar/Gittin' a Little Hipper; King 6147; 1968 (James Brown production; instrumental)
8The Dapps: There Was a Time/The Rabbit Got the Gun; King 6169; 1968 (w/Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis; instrumental)
7The Dapps: I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Yesterday)/A Woman, a Lover, a Friend; King 6201; 1969 (soul/blues)
8The Devils: The X-Sorsist/Hip Hug-Her; People PE-637; 1974 (funk instrumental)
8Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk Popcorn/same (promo); King 45-6239 (or with "Honky Tonk" as the B-side)
Beau Dollar: I'm Ready, I'm Ready (I Got Me Some Soul)/At the Dark End of the Street; King 6241; 1969
9Beau Dollar: (I Wanna Go) Where the Soul Trees Grow/Who Knows; King 6286; 1970 (same-sided exists too)
7James Duncan & the Duncan Trio: Everybody Needs Someone to Love/I'll Be Gone; King 5923 (prod. Bobby Smith)
8James Duncan: Out of Sight/Too Hot to Hold; King 6039 (prod. Bobby Smith)
8James Duncan: I'm Gonna Leave You Alone/I Got it Made (in the Shade); Federal 12552 (prod. Bobby Smith)
James Duncan: Stand Up & Get Funky/?; King/Federal 12561 (prod. Bobby Smith)
6Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis: Come On in the House/Little Green Apples; King 6199 (mod-soul "party funk")
8Yvonne Fair & James Brown Band: I Found You/If I Knew; King 5594 (A-side version of I Got You)
8Florence Farmer: Living Legend Parts 1 & 2; Bethlehem 3091; 1969 (spoken w/music; gushing tribute to James Brown)
6The First Family: Control (People Go Where We Send You) Parts 1 & 2; Polydor PD-14250; 1974
8The Flames: Stand Up & Be Counted/My Lonely Hour; People PE-600; 1971
4Martha High: Georgy Girl/Try Me; People PE-611; 1972
->The J.B.s -- see Wesley, Fred
7Dizzy Jones: Why Me/Just as Sure (as You Play You Must Pay); New Breed NB-1101
7Nat Kendrick & the Swans: (Do the) Mashed Potatoes Parts 1 & 2; Dade 1804; 1959 (w/King Coleman; Dade 5004; 1959)
7Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Dish Rag Parts 1 & 2; Dade 1808; 1960 (Dade 5004; 1963?)
8Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Wobble Wobble Parts 1 & 2; Dade (Dade 5003)
Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Slowdown/Hot Chile; Dade 1812
6Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Out of Sight/?
8Anna King: Mama's Got a Bag of Her Own/Sally; Roulette/End E-1126
8Anna King/Bobby Byrd: Baby Baby Baby/instrumental; Smash S-1884 (mod twist/boogaloo)
8Van Lee's Cruisers: My Goose is Picked/Booga Loo; Vantone 101 (prod. L. McKay in Ohio; B-side by James Brown & Nat Jones)
7The Poets: Devil's Den Parts 1 & 2; King/Try Me 28006 (organ instrumental)
8The Presidents: Which Way/Peter Rabbit; King/DeLuxe 127 (funk instrumentals)
9Maceo & All the King's Men: Got to Get'cha/same; House of the Fox HOF-1; 1973 (promo)
8Maceo & All the Kings Men: Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself Again Parts 1 & 2; House of the Fox HOF-8
7Maceo & the Macks: Paaarty Parts 1 & 2; People PE-624
8Maceo & the Macks: Soul Power '74 Parts 1 & 2; People PE-631; 1973
8Maceo & the Macks: I Can Play for (Just You & Me)/Doing it to Death; People PE-634; 1974
9Maceo & the Macks: Cross the Track (We Better Go Back)/The Soul of a Black Man; People PE-647; 1974 (J.B.-spoken B-side)
Maceo & the Macks: Cross the Track (We Better Go Back)/Boogie 'N Twist; People PE-647; 1974 (alternate B-side)
9Maceo & the Macks: Cross the Track (We Better Go Back)/mono; People PE-647; 1975/1974 (white-label promo)
7Elsie Mae: Do You Really Want to Rescue Me Parts 1 & 2; King 6022
8Hank Marr: The Twist Serenade/Your Magic Touch; King/Federal 12451 (twist; B-side partly vocal)
7Hank Marr: I Can't Go On (Without You)/The Greasy Spoon; King/Federal 12508
7Hank Marr: Hank's Idea/Midnight Moon; King/Federal 12536
8Over Night Low: The Witch Doctor [Catches "Jungle Fever"]/Rev. Jay; King/Deluxe D-8479; 1972
Kay Robinson [gospel on Federal/King]
9The Sisters of Righteous: That's How I Feel/Is My Lovin' Too Slow; King 6294 (JB diva all stars)
7Roberta & the Sisters of Righteous: Hold On to What You Got/same; King 6324 (promo)
8Steve Soul: Popcorn with a Feeling/Soul President; King/Federal 12551 (B-side mock interview w/JB samples, like Dickie Goodman)
7Soul East: Funky Lady Parts 1 & 2; Starday/DeLuxe 108 (funky chicken scratching prod. Bud Scott)
7Charles Spurling: Popcorn Charlie/same King 6267; 1969 (promo)
8Clay Tyson: Man on the Moon/You Don't Know What I Want; Kng 6209 (comedy w/music by JB)
7Gloria Walker: Talking About My Baby/The Chevelles: The Gallop; Flaming Arrow FA-35 (not JB-produced)
8Gloria Walker: Papa's Got the Wagon/My Precious Love; People 2504; 1973 (not JB-produced but sounds it)
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: The Grunt Parts 1 & 2; King 6317; 1970
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: These Are the J.B.s Parts 1 & 2; King 6333; 1970 (together longer than LP cut)
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: My Brother Parts 1 & 2; People 2502; 1971 (NB: an identical pressing has "Escapism Part 1" as Side 1!; both A-sides are on "Food for Thought" but not the B-side)
8[Fred Wesley & the J.B.s as] The Sons of Funk: From the Back Side Parts 1 & 2; King 6398; 1971
7[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Gimme Some More/The Rabbit Got the Gun; People PE-602; 1971
9[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Hot Pants Road/mono; People PE-607; 1972 (promo)
9[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Pass the Peas/Hot Pants Road; People PE-607; 1972
9[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Givin' Up Food for Funk Parts 1 & 2; People PE-610; 1972
8Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Back Stabbers/J.B. Shout; People PE-614; 1972
Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Sportin' Life/Dirty Harri; People PE-619
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Doin' It to Death/Everybody Got Soul; People PE-621; 1973 (B-side really Doin' It to Death Part 2; time listed is 30 seconds longer than on LP)
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Same Beat Part 1/Same Beat Parts 2 & 3; People PE-632; 1973 (B-side extension not on LP)
7Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Rockin' Funky Watergate Part 1/mono; People PE-643; 1974 (promo)
7Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Rockin' Funky Watergate Part 1/Rockin' Funky Watergate Parts 1 & 2; People PE-643; 1974 ("live"; full-length B-side!)
7Fred & the New J.B.s: Breakin' Bread/Funky Music Is My Style; People PE-648; 1974
8[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Thank You for Lettin' Me Be Myself & You Be Yours Parts 1 & 2; People PE-660; 1975
9[Fred Wesley &] The J.B.s: Thank You for Lettin' Me Be Myself & You Be Yours Part 1/All Aboard the Soul Funky Train; People PE-663; 1975
Marva Whitney: What Do I Have to Do to Prove My Love to You/?; King 6202; 1968
8Marva Whitney: You Got to Have a Job (If You Don't Work-You Can't Eat)/I'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm Tired (Things Better Change Before It's Too Late); King 6218 (A-side w/JB)
8Marva Whitney: Get Out of My Life/Things Got to Get Better (Get Together); King 6249
8Marva Whitney: It's My Thing/Ball of Fire; King 6229
9Marva Whitney: I Made a Mistake Because It's Only You Parts 1 & 2; King 6268
8Marva Whitney: Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear/We Need More (But Somebody Gotta Sacrifice); Nashboro/Excello EX-2321 (B-side spoken duet w/Ellis "Gripey" Taylor)

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