Middle Eastern (Belly Dance) Music

Musically, the "Orient" ranges from Greece to Northern Africa to Northern India. Egypt, Turkey, "Araby," Armenia, Greece, and neighboring areas all have vital belly-dancing traditions whose origins (and specific reasons for being) are lost in antiquity. Fortunately the music and cultures of the Middle East are not prone to change. Oriental exoticism, from the trance-inducing rhythms of the music, to the plaintive wails of the devout, to the sinuous writhing of houris dancing before potentates in opulent settings, is timeless and universal in appeal.

Belly dancing has a sweet-and-sour reputation. Westerners, forever clinging to medieval notions of morality and the divine, have difficulty reconciling what is probably the world's most sensuous form of dance with Islam, a culture of veils and sharply ruled behavior. How can "Allah!" be an expression of acclaim for musicians and scantily-clad dancers, equivalent to "bravo" in western countries? But so it is. The earthly meets the divine only in its ability to please.

Oriental music has its own tunings, scales, and so forth, all to bring forth the simple beauty of traditional instruments. Before the modern dulcimer and zither (or koto), there was the 78-stringed invention of the 9th century, the kanun. The oud, or Arabian lute, is father of the guitar. The nay is a bamboo flute. And the derbeke is the celebrated Arabic drum, a clay or copper tom-tom traditionally covered by a dried fish's skin. Despite technical limitations and obstinate traditionalism, however, embellishment and improvisation are the rule.

Turkish music in particular has greatly influenced western music, not solely because of the spread of Turks through Russia, Asia, and Europe. After armies of the Ottoman Empire advanced on Vienna and Russia, German and Russian composers adapted Turkish military marching music, most famously in the ending of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In the "Partly Oriental" section below, several LPs are brave hybrids (oriental rock, jazz, pop, orchestral, gypsy, or other music). Others have at least one tune fitting the idiom.

Buying: The U.S. mecca for Mid-East records is New England, particularly the old factory towns of Massachusetts. The leading label Standard-Colonial provides typical, authentic music recorded in the 1950s and 1960s. Imports (mainly Voice of Lebanon) have the edge in strange, funky 1970s records.

Middle Eastern LPs

7Abood Abdel Aal: The Caravan; Orient/Ash-Shark Orient SLPO-131
7Abbud Abdelaal & his Golden Strings: Belly Dance for Arabian Nights; Peters International PILPS-10046; 1973
6Abboud Abdel-Al: Soiree Orientale; Duniaphon LPD-215; 1976 (elsewhere as Abbud Abdelaal)
7George Abdo & his Flames of Araby Orchestra: An Evening with the Flames; The Flames of Araby Record Co. A-3124 (Belly Dance Music; Monitor MFS-721)
6George Abdo & his Flames of Araby: The Art of Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-752; 1973
6George Abdo & his Flames of Araby: The Joy of Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-764; 1975
8George Abdo & his Flames of Araby: Belly Dancing with George Abdo; Monitor MFS-777; 1976
7George Abdo & his Flames of Araby: The Magic of Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-803; 1979 (also in alternate jacket as The King of Belly Dance Music)
7George Abdo Live at the Averof; Rik Tinory 71177
7Elias Abourjailly: I Remember Lebanon Volume 2--Oriental Melodies from Lebanon featuring Elias Abourjailly; Fiesta FLP-1314
5Elias Abourjailly: Belly! Belly!--Music from the Middle East; Fiesta FLPS-1671
5Adamian et son orchestre: Nuits d'Orient; RCA Victor 430.105; 1963 (France)
7[Naif Agby & Olga Agby]: Kahraman: Flame of Araby; ABC-Paramount ABC-257
7Naif Agby: El Debke; Audio Fidelity AFSD-5980; 1962
8Naif Agby: Bedouin Sahda (Pretty Dancing Girl); Audio Fidelity AFSD-6122; 1964
8Naif Agby & the Lebanese Radio Orchestra: An Evening with Uncle Tanous; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6268; 1974
5Abdul Ahmed: 51 Belly Dancer Favorites; Musicor MS-3021 (medleys; same as Gus Vali LP?)
8Alexis & his Ensemble: Exotic Music for Wives & Lovers; MGM/Metro MS-573 (prod. Sonny Lester)
5Ahmed Ali & the Sultans: Harem Midnight; Diplomat D-2339
6Aisha Ali (rec.): Music of the Ghawazee; Discs Araf DA-700; 1973
7Aisha Ali (rec.): Music for the Oriental Dance; Discs Araf DA-703; 1982
6Khamis El Fino Ali w/the Mohamed Madi Orchestra: Oriental Nights; Monitor MFS-766; 1975 (Egyptian vocal & oud; belly dancer Shimira depicted)
8[George Mgrdichian as] Aram Arakelian Ensemble: The Oud; Carlton LP-12-109
7The Aramite Band: Hot Sands; Spence S-100; 1958
6Armenian Song & Dance Ensemble/Armenian Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments: Armenian Folk Dances; Monitor MFS-321
9The Asia Minors: Oriental Fantasy--Music of the Middle East Vol. 3; Georgette 935 (featuring Soraya Melik, Chick Ganimian, Souren Baronian, Steve Bogoshian..; formerly the Nor-ikes)
7Djamal Aslan: Lebanon--Her Heart, Her Sounds; 20th Century Fox SFX-3001/FOX-3001 (with Kochak/Obadia/Sugar..see Kochak)
8Nejla Ates/Tarik Bulut: The Turkish Delight; Tura HF-5801
6Anestos Athounasiou & his Ensemble: Music for Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-740; 1972
7Farid El Atrache: Youm Bila Ghad/Hikayet El Omr Kolloh ST; Voice of Lebanon VLMX; 1972
7Farid El Atrache: Belly Dance; Cairophon LPCXG-124; 1972 (LPCXG-6; 1980)
Farid el Atrache; Cairophon LPCXG-136 (live)
Farid el Atrache; Cairophon LPCXG-137 (live)
Farid el Atrache; Cairophon LPCXG-157
Farid el Atrache; Cairophon LPCXG-158
7Uncredited/Hanoum Ayse's Belly Dance Music: Belly Dancers' Music; Standard LP-423 (Standard/Colonial LP-923; mono--Standard--version has 2 jackets: nightclub scene or oriental rug)
8Hanoum Ayse's Belly Dance Music: Authentic Music of Belly Dancers (The Same Music You Hear in Night Clubs); Standard STD-LP-437 (Standard/Colonial LP-937; both versions stereo)
5Foufic el Bacha: Fantasie Orientale; EMI/Voix de l'Orient GVDL-319; 1979
Mohammed El-Bakkar
8Bert Balladine/Mary Ellen Donald: Encore! Bert's Baladi--Belly Dance Music; Mary Ellen Books, San Francisco)
8Artie Barsamian: The Seventh Veil; Jay 1147; 1957 (Kapp KS-3044; 1959;; Kapp/Four Corners FCS-4252)
7Artie Barsamian: Caravan East; Blue Jay BJ-1148; 1958 (Standard/Colonial LP-952)
8Artie Barsamian: Shadows in the Casbah; Kapp KS-3043
7Artie Barsamian: Open Sesame; Fiesta/Virgo LP-1800 (different jacket art for stereo)
8Artie Barsamian: Minute Man Goes East; Fiesta/Virgo HP-1801 (partly jazz & a cover of "Jingle Bells!")
8Artie Barsamian: Gems of Sesame; Fiesta/Virgo LP-1802 (slightly different jacket art for stereo)
8Artie Barsamian: Destination Bagdad; Virgo LP-1803 (reissued as Destination Bagdad; Columbia/Epic BN-618 and later as Return to Bagdad; Standard/Colonial LP-860)
8Artie Barsamian: Armenia Today; Standard/Colonial LP-834
8Artie Barsamian: Armenia Sings; Standard/Colonial LP-846
8Artie Barsamian: Destination Bagdad; Columbia/Epic BN-618 (same as Return to Bagdad; Standard/Colonial LP-860 but different sound/jacket)
7Artie Barsamian: Armenian Treasures from the Vaults of Artie Barsamian; Standard/Colonial LP-865 (compilation of 78 singles)
Artie Barsamian: The New Seventh Veil; Standard/Colonial LP-868
5Artie Barsamian: Belly Dance au Go-Go; Fiesta FLPS-1468
5Artie Barsamian: More Belly Dance [Music of the Middle East]; Fiesta FLPS-1633
7Artie Barsamian Today!; Truart 1450; 1968 (gatefold!)
8Armenian Folk Ensemble: Armenian & Caucasian Songs--The Folk Music of the Armenian People; Mace MXX-10026 (arr./cond. A. Bartevian)
8Ali Beirut's Orientales: Music of the Near East; Promenade FM-16 (jacket features Nejla Ates; Promenade/Pirouette FM-16)
8Mohammed Ben-Ahmed & the Bagdad Tribesmen: East of Suez; Best B-508
8John Berberian: Expressions East featuring the Oud of John Berberian; Mainstream S-6023/56023; 1964 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Ode to an Oud; Mainstream 802)
8John Berberian: Oud Artistry of John Berberian; Mainstream S-6047/56047; 1965 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Ode to an Oud; Mainstream 802)
8John Berberian/Rosko: Music & Gibran--A contemporary interpretation of the author of "The Prophet" by Rosko w/the John Berberian Ensemble; Verve Forecast FTS-3044 (spoken w/music; revised issue has different artwork--of Rosko)
8The John Berberian Ensemble: Music of the Middle East; Verve/Forecast (Comet/Universe UV-023)
9John Berberian & the Mid-Eastern Ensemble: Middle Eastern Rock; Verve Forecast FTS-3073
6John Bilezikjian: Dream of Sheherazade; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6281; 1977
7John Bilezikjian: A Thousand & One Nights; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6287; 1977
9John Bilezikjian: The Art of the Oud; Discovery/Trend TR-513; 1978/1977 (direct-to-disc)
7John Bilezikjian: Sirocco; Dantz ST-3-1001; 1979
6Afif Bulos: Melodies & Rhythms of Arabic Music; Folkways FW-8451; 1981
Afif Bulos: Love Songs of Lebanon; Folkways FW-8815
Afif Bulos Sings Songs of Lebanon, Syria, & Jordan; Folkways FW-8816
Afif Bulos: Classical Arabic Music; Folkways FW-8818
7Tarik Bulut: In an Egyptian Garden; Aamco ALPS-70/ALP-325 (rare stereo has purple label, different jacket back; mono blue label)
6[Blaise Calame:] Rythmes et melodies de Syrie; Le Club Francais de Disque 103 (French field recording; w/booklet)
7George Chakoian's New England Ararat Orchestra: Harem Twist; Ara 1003 (Rhode Island; not twist)
Garam Chiba & his Orchestra: Songs & Dances of Lebanon; Standard/Colonial ST-LP-760
6Garam Chiba & Typical Orchestra: Holiday in Lebanon & Syria; Standard/Colonial ST-LP-821
8Claude Ciari: Une Guitare au Moyen-Orient; EMI/Odeon/Columbia Graphophone Co. of Greece SCXG-1034; 1973
8Dahlena's Middle Eastern Music for Belly Dancing Vol. 1; Dak Records SS-30957; 1975 (from Chicago)
7Dahlena's Middle Eastern Music for Belly Dancing Vol. 2; DJ Dance Records DJ-780032; 1978
Tetos Demetriades: Sing Along in Greek with Tetos Demetriades & his Friends; Standard/Colonial LP-198
5The Derbecki Ensemble: Hafli--Echoes of the Middle East; London TW-91276
5The Derbecki Ensemble: Dabkie--Exotic Dances of the Middle East; London SW-99497
8Nicolas el Dick (or El Dik)/Ehssan Al Munzer: Disco Belly Dance; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars SD-15; 1978 (Ehssan al Munzer, organ, which is more like a Moog)
8Nicolas el Dick/Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Vol. 2; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars VOS-10-043; 1979 (oriental disco w/Moog)
Nicolas el Dick/Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Shish Kebab (Vol. 3); Sonodisc/Voice of Stars VOS-10-045; 1979 (oriental disco w/Moog)
3Dolgru Yol Turkish Ensemble: Turkish Delight; Monitor MFS-722
Duo Star: Athens Sings; Standard/Colonial LP-213
7George Elias & the Golden Strings Quartet: Sensual Belly Dance Music; Elias EL-6100; 1975
Esin Egin Orkestrasi: Modern Oyun Havalari/Exotic Oriental Belly-Dance Music; Kent LP-STX-105
Esin Egin Orkestrasi: Anadolu; Kent LP-STX-112 (Anatolian folk music)
7Esin Egin ve Orkestrasi: Modern Oyun Havalari Vol. 2/Exotic Oriental Belly-Dance Music Vol. 2; Kent LP-STX-126; 1975
8Esin Egin Orkestrasi: Oyun Havalari/Belly-Dance Music; Kent LP-STX-131; 1977
Fred Elias -- see Eddie Kochak
7Ibrahim Farrah: Music of the Qaria; Orient SLPO-155; 1976
8Kemani Garib, Hagop Zarzatian, Ray Mirijanian, Craig Mirijanian: Special Music for Your Belly Dancing; Anatolian RGH-1001 (1975 edited 2nd pressing)
8Safet Gioundegier: O Ilios Tis Anatolis (Turkish Belly Dance); Peters International PILPS-10017; 1973
8The Gomidas Band: Portraits of the Near East; Portraits P-1013; 1961 (George Mgrdichian, Roger Mgrdichian, Ray Mirijanian, Hank Mardigian, George Terkhanian)
7The Gomidas Band: Rendezvous in Istanbul; Roulette SR-25228 (arr. George Mgrdichian)
7The Gomidas Band: Rendezvous in Armenia; Roulette SR-25230 (arr. George Mgrdichian)
7H. Aram Gulezyan & his Instrumental Group: Exotic Music for the Oud; Lyrichord LLST-7303 (oud, sultania, sarod)
7Emin Gunduz Sings Turkish Songs; Standard/Colonial ST-LP-935
Lutfi Guneri w/Oriental Orchestra: Memories of Istanbul; Standard LP-436
7Lutfi Guneri w/Turkish Orchestra: Holiday in Turkey; Standard LP-430 (Standard/Colonial ST-LP-930)
8Richard Hagopian: An Evening at the Seventh Veil; SVS-1001 (live, Hollywood, dancer Leila Badalian)
6Abdel Halim Hafez: [English title unknown]; Soutelphan GSTP-87; 1977
6Abdel Halim Hafez: [English title unknown]; Soutelphan GSTP-92; 1977
5Gene von Hallberg: Fess Parker Presents Behind the Veil--Modern Melodies of the Middle East; Cascade CA-1005
7Layale Bourg El-Hamam: Belly Dance Nights Vol. 1; EMI/Voix de l'Orient GVDL-262; 1977
8Hanaan & her Ensemble: Music of Arabia; Request SRLP-8083 (w/Hakki Obadia..)
6Abdul El-Hanid: Arabian Delight; Monitor MFS-434
6[Ahmad] Fuad Hassan: Music of the Bedouin Bandits; RCA Victor LSP-1991; 1959
7Ahmad Fuad Hasan & Orch. Al-Firqa Al-Masiyya: Hareem Dance 10"; EMI Parlophone/Voix de L'Orient Series LPVD 9; 1960
7Oyun Havalari: Turkish Belly Dances; Elenor Plak LP-1016 ("Haydi Hep Beraber Oynayalim")
8Zeina Ra'Afat with Mike Hegazi: Bedouin Belly Dance--Raksat Zeina; EMI/Voix de L'Orient Series 01-GVDL-342; 1980
7Rafic Hobeica: Music for an Oriental Dance Vol. 1--Dances of Nadia Gamal; Voice of Lebanon VLMX-16; 1973
8Oudi Hrant, the Genius of: Eastern Standard Time; Near East NE-45005 (oud)
7Institute of Arabic Music, Cairo: Arab Music; Lyrichord LLST-7186 (professors Hassen Ashmawy, Ahmed El Rashedy, Farouk Amin Zayed..)
7Institute of Arabic Music, Cairo: Arab Music Volume 2; Lyrichord LLST-7198
6Iqbal Jogi & Partry: Authentic Music of the Snake Charmer; Olympic 6101 (folk tunes recorded live in Pakistan's desert region)
7Sami Jourdak Plays Music for Belly Dancers; Monument MLP-8025
Odette Kaddo: Music of Cleopatra & the Nile; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6115
6The Chris Kalogerson Near East Ensemble: Dance of All Ages; Kimala B. S80-938-4088S/Panaural 3-75; 1975
7Chris Kalogerson & the Ensemble Sharqi: Belly Dancing for Everyone; Monitor MFS-771
7Chris Kalogerson & the Ensemble Sharqi: Belly Dance!; Monitor MFS-801
7Joseph Karkour, Setrak Sarkissian, etc.: Belly Dance!--Spectacular Rhythms from the Middle East; EMI Voix de l'Orient GVDL-74; 1974 (Greece; Peters International PILPS-10210; 1974)
6Youssef Kassab: Nadira Belly Dances for Youssef Kassab; Peters International PILPS-10075; 1974
7Youssef Kassab w/the Salim Sarweh Orchestra: Bedouin Belly Dance; Peters International PILPS-10251; 1977/1976 (some Moog)
7Youssef Kassab: The Best of Youssef Kassab; Diamond Tone 1936; 1980 (all new recordings)
6Youssef Kassab/Hamouda Ali: Elsultan (jacket: El Sultan's Nights); Diamond Tone KA-150 (continuous side-long recordings)
7Hassan Kassai/Djahangir Beheshti: Iran--Musique Classique D'Iran/Classical Music of Iran; Playa Sound PS-33521 (France)
7Kaya Orchestra Conducted by Mutsal Ozturk: Juliana Presents Belly Dance Music for the Connoisseur; Request SRLP-10124; 1977 (Turkish; import version of Admae Ent. LP)
9Hachig Kazarian: The Exciting Sounds of; Kross KRO-113 (w/John Berberian, who solos on "Oud Fantasy")
9Omar Khorshid & his Guitar: Rhythms from the Orient; Voice of Lebanon VLMX-39; 1974
7Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Belly Dance with Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-95; 1974
6Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Belly Dance with Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar Vol. 2; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-202; 1974
7Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Belly Dance with Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar Vol. 3; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-203; 1974
7Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Tribute to Oum Koulsoum; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-223; 1975 ("Oum Koulsoum" may be spelled "Umm Kulthum")
7Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Tribute to Farid el Atrache; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-248; 1976
9Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar: Belly Dance from Lebanon; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-261; 1977
8Omar Khorshid with Love (Vol. 1); Voice of Lebanon VLMX-87; 1978
9Omar Khorshid with Love (Vol. 2); Voice of Lebanon VLMX-88; 1978
8The Very Best of Omar Khorshid: Belly Dance Delights; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-302; 1979 (compilation)
9Omar Khorshid & his Group: Live in Australia 1981; Sublime Frequencies SF091-LP; 2014/1981
Eddie Kochak
Jimmy Linardos & his Orchestra: Tasso Mavris--The New Greek Sound; Fran FRS-108; 1967
7Jimmy Linardos & his Near-East Group: Recorded Live at Cafe Tel Aviv Featuring Jimmy Linardos & his Near-East Group; Fran FRS-114; 1968
The Jimmy Linardos Sound: Greek is Beautiful; Fran FRS-124
6Jimmy Linardos & his Near-East Group Invite You to Belly Dance; Fran FRS-125; 1974 (live)
6Jimmy Linardos & his Near-East Group Invite You to Belly Dance Volume Two; Fran FRS-126; 1975 (live)
7Jimmy Linardos & his Near-East Group: Belly Dance Volume Three; Fran FRS-127; 1977 (live)
Jimmy Linardos & his Orchestra: Have a Greek Night; Fran FRS-128; 1978
9Jimmy Linardos & his Orchestra: Mahal--An American Belly Dancer [Volume One]; Fran FRS-130; 1979 (partly funky/breakbeats)
7Nahi & Romeo Lahoud w/Boghos Gelalian: Dark Eyes & Oriental Moods--Oriental Belly Dance; SLD Lebanon/PI PILPS-10045; 1973
6Wolf Leslau (recorded): Music of South Arabia; Folkways FE-4421; 1951 (African-sounding)
8Sonny Lester w/Little Egypt: How to Belly Dance for Your Husband; Roulette SR-59029
6Maha & the Orchestra Oriental: Reflections of the Near East; Fiesta FLPS-1372
7Hank Mardigian Sextet w/George Mgrdichian: Oriental Delight; Forum SF-9010
7Larry Mardirosian's Mecca East Quintet: Mecca East; Irana CO-7802
Isaac Markarian & his Oriental Ensemble: The Magic Oud & Kanoun of; Guirak
8Abbasss Mehrpouya [Featuring "African Jumbo"]; Persianna PSR-002; 2010/?? (sitar funk/mid-east; reissues legendary rarity from Iran by Iran's top sitarist)
7Edward Mekjian & Ensemble: Armenian Dance Party--Music from the Middle East; Fiesta FLPS-1489 (w/Bill Aliferis)
7Edward Mekjian & Ensemble: Belly Dance Music [from the Middle East]; Fiesta FLPS-1551
7Edward Mekjian & Ensemble: The Seventh Veil; Fiesta FLPS-1599 (w/Joe Kouyoumjian, oud & Eli Nazarian, kanun)
8Edward Mekjian & his Ensemble: Belly Dance Music from the Middle East; Fiesta FLPS-1649
7Eddie Mekjian & Ensemble: Belly Dance Music from the Middle East, Vol. 2; Fiesta FLPS-1742 (w/Udi Joseph Kouyoumjian Ensemble)
7Soraya Melik: Soraya, My Love; Monitor MFS-726 (Nor-ikes dancer sings in Turkish)
7Marko Melkon & his International Oriental Orchestra: Hi-Fi Adventure in Asia Minor; Decca DL-9061 ("Marko" Melkon Alemsherian w/George Mgrdichian, arranger & drum-doumbag; Roger King Mozian, composer & Melkon's son-in-law; Gary Alexanian, doumbag; Souvastaki, clarinet; Ahmet Yatman, kanun)
7Marko Melkon & his Ensemble: Music from Turkey; Fiesta FLP-1418
8[George Mgrdichian as] Aram Arakelian Ensemble: The Oud; Carlton LP-12-109
7George Mgrdichian: East of Athens; Prestige International INT-13079; 1963 (Greek, Turkish, Arabic)
7George Mgrdichian: The Now Sounds of the Middle East; Monitor MFS-709 (oud, w/Menachem Dworman)
8George Mgrdichian on the Oud; Diocese of the Armenian Church of America DAC-1504 (w/Menachem Dworman, guitar)
9The George Mgrdichian Ensemble: One Man's Passion; Shanachie 65004; 1990
6George Michel et al: Takseem (Improvisation); Orient LPO-133; 1967 (short bio about & liner notes by Hakki Obadia)
9The Ray Mirijanian Middle East Band: A Night in the Middle East, Vol. 1; Middle East ME-1010
7The Ray Mirijanian Middle East Band: A Night in the Middle East, Vol. 2; Middle East ME-1011
6The Ray Mirijanian Oud & Clarinet (Vol. 1, No.1); Mirta MR-1001; 1965
7Ray Mirijanian & his Oud & Clarinet: Oriental Vibrations, Vol. 1; Mirta MR-1002
6Ray Mirijanian's Music for Belly Dancing, Vol. 1; Mirta MR-1003
6Gianni Monese: Oriental Fantasy; Vox ST-VX 25.780; 1958 (semi-classical/orchestral but notable for liners & jacket photo of Nejla Ates)
Roger King Mozian: [title unknown]; Nina LP 1269 (w/Yanni Tatassopoulos, bouzoukee)
[George Chakoian's] New England Ararat Orchestra: Harem Twist; ARA-1003
6[George Chakoian's] New England Ararat Orchestra: Near East After Hours; ARA-1004
7The Nor-ikes: Exciting Music of the Nor-ikes; Carlee CLS-1001 (w/Chick Ganimian, Souren Baronian, Steve Bogoshian..; early recording but released after Middle Eastern Soul)
6Sami Nossair/Wahib Labib et al.: Sunset by the Pyramids--Egyptian Belly Dancing Music; Magic Lamp DM-84870
Hakki Obadia -- see Eddie Kochak
Hüsnü Özkartal: Turkish Dances--Longa ve Sirtolar; Monitor MFS-739
7Bora Özkök Presents FOTEM Turkish Dance Ensemble--1976 U.S. Tour; [no label or #]; 1976 (rec. in Turkey)
6Ali Jihad Racy: Ancient Egypt; Lyrichord LLST-7347 (composed for the 1978 King Tutankhamun exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum)
7Ali Jihad Racy/Simon Shaheen: Taqasim--The Art of Improvisation in Arabic Music; Lyrichord LLST-7374
3Radio Ankara: Turkey--Songs and Dances; Monitor MFS-403
Ziad Rahbani: Belly Dance!; EMI/Voix de l'Orient GVDL-74
7Raja: Disco Balady; EMI/Voix de l'Orient GVDL-369; 1980 (partly disco/Moog)
5Raja: Journey into Rhythm; Rose RA9-22; 1982
5Sheik Mohamed Relizani: Bedouin Tribal Songs from Oran, Vol. II; Westminster WL-5353; 1955
7Saffet's Oriental Orchestra: Belly Dance Music from Port Said; Standard/Colonial LP-849
7Saffet's Oriental Orchestra: Dance Festival in Near East/Belly Dance Festival/Music for Belly Dancing; Standard/Colonial LP-951
7Vasilios Saleas & his Folk Dance Orchestra: Greek Folk Dance Festival; Standard/Colonial LP-817
6Bijan Samandar: Music of Iran--The Tar, Vol. 2; Lyrichord LLST-7220
7Buddy Sarkissian Presents Richard A. Hagopian: Kef Time Las Vegas; Saha SH-1001
[Mike &] Buddy Sarkissian -- see also Eddie Kochak
9Mike & Buddy Sarkissian: Armenian Fun Time in Las Vegas; Standard/Colonial LP-845 (w/Fred Elias, Joe Kouyoumjian, Nock Kokoras, George Kokoras)
7Michael (Mike) Sarkissian & his Cafe Bagdad Ensemble: Armenian Wedding; Audio Fidelity AFSD-1865; 1958
7Mike Sarkissian & his Cafe Bagdad Ensemble: Grecian Holiday; Audio Fidelity AFLP-1866; 1958
7Mike Sarkissian & his Cafe Bagdad Ensemble: Turkish Delight!; Audio Fidelity AFSD-1867; 1958
8Hassan Abou Seoud: This is Orient; Voice of Stars VOS-10015; 1974 (wild Moog & percussion)
8Hassan Abou Seoud: Viva Belly Dance; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-234; 1975 (similar to Omar Khorshid, also covers "Love Story")
Serena & her Oriental Ensemble: Serena, Beautiful Serena; Guirak GLPS-72
6Fadi Shahin, featuring Abboud Al & his Golden Strings Orchestra: A Night at the Casbah with Fadi Shahin; Casbah FS-467; 1973 (Casbah Club of San Francisco)
9Omar el Shariyi: Music from the East--Music by Mohamed Abdel Wahab; Soutelphan GSTP-82; 1977
8Ahmed Shiba & his Ensemble: Music for Belly Dancing; Request SRLP-10122 (Iraq; import LP)
6Jodette Silhi: How to Belly Dance (The Authentic Way) for Fun! Health! Profit!; Jodette Silhi VC-1980; 1972
7Nahem Simon & Garam Chiba: Memories of Lebanon; Standard/Colonial ST-LP-778
6Nahem Simon, Tufek Byad, Tadmor Chorus & Ensemble: Songs & Dances of Syria; Standard LP-926
7Anastacios Smirniotis: Belly Dance in the Bacchanal Room; Laff ALA-4001; 1976
7Vasilis Soukas: Belly Dance O Vasilis Soukas Ke To Klarino Tou No. 5; Pan-Vox 1976 (Peters International PLD-5225; 1977)
7Spero Spyros & his Modern Anatolian Ensemble: Anatolian Introduction; Prestige/Near East NE-45003
9Ali Srour: Cairo by Night [Exotic Oriental Dances Volume 1]; EMI/Sout el Hob SHB-323; 1976
8Ali Srour: Cairo by Night [Exotic Oriental Dances Volume 2]; EMI/Sout el Hob SHB-335; 1977
6Bebi Stergiou & the Alector Anatolian Ensemble: Greek Town, USA--A Salute to New York's Bouzoukee Casbahs; Alector ALP-5004
7Bebi Stergiou & the Alector Anatolian Ensemble: Greek Town, USA--A Salute to New York;s Bouzoukee Casbahs, Vol. 2; Alector ALP-5005
5Mohammed El-Sulieman & his Oriental Ensemble: The Music of Port Said; Coronet CXS-55
The Sultan's Caravan -- see Gus Vali
7The Sultans Middle Eastern Band Vol. 1; Sultans S-001; 1981
The Sultans: String, Wind, & Percussion; Sultans S-002
7The Sultans: String, Wind, & Percussion Vol. 2; Sultans S-003; 1982
7The Sultans: The Ethno-Cabaret Album; Sultans SM-213; 1985
9Jalaleddin [Takesh] [Vol. 1]; Jalaleddin Takesh [no #]; 1976 (kanoon, Turkish-Persian)
Jalaleddin [Takesh] Vol. 2; Jalaleddin Takesh (kanoon, Turkish-Persian)
Jalaleddin [Takesh] Vol. 3; Jalaleddin Takesh (kanoon, Turkish-Persian)
Jalaleddin [Takesh] Vol. 4&5; Jalaleddin Takesh (kanoon, Turkish-Persian)
6Jalaleddin Takesh Vol. VI (Egyptian Fantasy); Jalaleddin Takesh; 1983
7Dave Tarras Orchestra & Allen Street Gypsies: Music of the Jewish People; Colonial LP-120
8Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian w/the Mid-Eastern Ensemble: Middle Eastern Soul; Carlee CLS-1000 (formerly the Nor-ikes)
8Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian: Hye Inspiration; Carlee CLS-1002 (Mid-East jazz; formerly the Nor-ikes; features John Tarpinian, oud)
7Tat' Oul Al' Toun Middle Eastern Ensemble: Exotic Belly Dancers; Guirak GLPS-77 (live)
7Tat' Oul Al' Toun Middle Eastern Ensemble: Exotic Belly Dancers; Guirak GLPS-78 ("slow motion of GLPS-77...special for professional dancers...very special for teachers")
6Samir Tawil; Tawilphone ST-10
8The Topkapi Instrumental Ensemble: Picture Yourself Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-780 (Turkish; features Saffet Gundeger, Necati Yildizgogan; baghlama saz)
7The Toraia Orchestra of Algiers: Music of the Arab People; Esoteric ES-547; 1956 (minus 1 song as Arabian Love Songs; Request SRLP-8127)
7Turk Folklor Kurumu: Turkey; Request SRLP-8140 (folkloric, mainly instrumental)
Ozel Turkbas
7Ibrahim Turmen ("The Sultan"): Saidi Wind Vol. 1; DRC ID-001; 1985 (leader of The Sultans Middle Eastern Band)
Gus Vali
John Vartan & his Middle Eastern Ensemble: Belly Dancers Paradise; Guirak GLPS-79
7John Vartan: The Armenian; Valentine Ani-2127
8John Vartan & his Ensemble: Dance Armenian!; Monitor MFS-775; 1976 (associated w/John Berberian)
6John Vartan Ensemble: Spotlight on Belly Dancing; Monitor MFS-806; 1980 (associated w/John Berberian)
7Alain Weber (recorded): Music of Upper-Egypt; Folkways FW-8512; 1979/1977
7[Hrach] Yacoubian & Company: [Yasoo--] The Glorious Greeks; GNP Crescendo GNP-89; (mostly very uptempo, some breakbeats)
6Tom Yalanis & his Orchestra: So You Want to Be a Belly Dancer; Cardinal CVS-12-505; 1973 (partly instructional)
8Yaffa Yarkoni/Trio Bel Canto w/George Stratis Ensemble: Songs from the Garden of Allah; CBS/Epic BF-19025; 1963
8Georges Yazbek: Ten Dynamic Nights from Thousand & One Nights; Voice of Stars VOS 10,001; 1963
8Yousef & his Bagdad Ensemble; Bagdad Cabaret BG-1001 (with George Elias; one Iranian song; reissued with a different jacket back and disc labels)/TD>
Yousef & his Bagdad Ensemble; Bagdad Cabaret BG-1002
7Bachiri Zoutni, his Muscians & Dancers: Arabic Songs & Dances; Request SRLP-8163 (flute and drums)

Uncredited/Various Artist Mid-East LPs

7Arabesque--Dances of the Near East; Orient LPO-126
7Arabesque Volume 2--Authentic Oriental Dance Tempos; Orient SLPO-154; 1975
6[Music from] Around the World Vol. 2--The Near East; Lyrichord LLST-7288 (partly Iranian)
7The Art of Belly Dancing; Gateway GSLP-3527 (instruction w/music; sampled by Dee-Lite; 1st press grey label)
7The Art of Belly Dancing Vol. 2; Gateway GSLP-3531 (instrumental; Turkish/Arabic sides)
At a Greek Picnic; Standard/Colonial LP-167
6Ataba Dabky Dance/Dabky & Dance; Alkawakeb 3312
6Authentic Belly Dance Music; Everest/Olympic 6127; 1976
6Authentic Greek Folk Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-236/LP-736
8Belly Dance at the Farid el Atrache Nightclub; Voice of Lebanon VLMX-54; 1975 (uncredited in English)
7Belly Dance!--Music for an Oriental Dance Vol. 2; Voice of Lebanon VLMX-32; 1973 (uncredited)
7Uncredited/Hanoum Ayse's Belly Dance Music: Belly Dancers' Music; Standard LP-423 (Standard/Colonial LP-923; mono--Standard--version has 2 jackets: nightclub scene or oriental rug)
The Best in Greek Songs & Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-155
7Boujouki; Standard/Colonial LP-807
6Cairo!; Capitol of the World T-10021
9Cairo by Night [Exotic Oriental Dances Volume 1]; EMI/Sout el Hob SHB-323; 1976
6The Caravan--Arabic Music for a Joyous Occasion; Orient SLPO-131
6Dance of the Hareem; Voix de l'Orient GVDL-15 (instrumental)
7Dances for Festive Nights; Orient SLPO-152; 1972
8Drums Over Afghanistan 10"; Tempo TT-2252 ("High fidelity in the land of the lost horizon"; prod. in Afghanistan by Leo Sarkisian)
6An Evening in Damascus; Capitol of the World T-10268 (Sabah, Najib Al-Sarraj, Airuz, Fayda Kamil, Muhammad Diya Al-Din, Karawan)
7Exotic Music of the Near East; Standard LP-950 ("Typical Oriental Orchestra"; Exotic Belly Dance Music; Standard/Colonial LP-950)
7Fatima's Belly Dances--Exotic Music of the Near East; Standard LP-431 ("featuring Genuine Music of Near Eastern Night Clubs"; stereo/with different jacket art as Standard/Colonial LP-931)
Festival in a Greek Town; Standard/Colonial LP-787/287
Folk Dances of Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-127
6Folk Music & Songs from the Middle East; Philips PHM-200-063
6Folk Music of Palestine; Ethnic Folkways P-408; (c)1949
From Athens with Love; Standard/Colonial LP-785/285
8Greece in Music & Song; Decca/Argo ZFB-70 (UK; Halkias family & others from central & northern mountains)
Greece Today in Hi-Fi; Standard/Colonial LP-145
Greek Boujouki Favorites; Standard/Colonial LP-189
Greek Entertainment & Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-147
Greek Favorite Folk Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-140
Greek Folk Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-773/273
Greek Song & Dance Festival; Standard/Colonial LP-831
The Heart of Greece in Songs & Dances; Standard/Colonial LP-128
Hit Songs from Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-221
7Hookahs & Houris; Nina L-65 (Turkish; notes by Tarik Bulut)
6I Remember Lebanon; Fiesta FLP-1290 (Wadih El-Safi, Najah Salam)
In a Greek Dance Hall; Standard/Colonial LP-157
7Istanbul [Authentic Music of the Near East]; Standard LP-401 ("Near East Orchestras"; Standard/Colonial LP-401/LP-901 (ES); also as Music for Belly Dancing; Standard/Colonial LP-901)
7Istanbul at Sunset; Standard LP-412 ("Native Turkish Orchestras"; Standard/Colonial LP-912; also as More Music for Belly Dancing; Standard/Colonial LP-912)
7The Joy of Belly Dancing; Springboard/TVP TVP-1003; c. 1976 (Bill Bell/Lerma Chen produced)
8Keyif in Istanbul; Nina L-82 (uncredited; "Keyif" means fun or joy; Ozel Turkbas jacket)
7Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dancing) with Elektra; Statler 1192 (uncredited otherwise)
More Folk Dances of Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-809
6More Music for Belly Dancing; Standard/Colonial LP-912 (reissues Istanbul at Sunset; Standard LP-412; credited to "Native Turkish Orchestras")
More Songs from Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-206 (singers with Boujouki Orchestra; Jimmy Linardos, accordion)
7Music & Drum Rhythms from Iran--Santur, Tunbuk, & Tar; Philips/Mercury/Limelight LS-86057 (rec. Deben Bhattacharya)
7Music from the Middle East; Decca/Argo ZFB-42; 1967 (UK; rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
Music from Turkey; Decca/Argo ZFB-46; (UK; rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
Music from Israel; Decca/Argo ZFB-50; (UK; rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
Music from Iran; Decca/Argo ZFB-51; (UK; rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
7Music of Western Asia; Westminster WF-12033 (rec. by Deben Bhattacharya; w/booklet instead of jacket liners; Greek Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India)
6Music from a Millionaire's Playground; EMI Parlophone/Voix de L'Orient LPVDX 133; 1965/1958-65 (Fairuz, Ron Goodwin, Filmon Wahbi, Vicky Garabedian, Lina, Sabah w/Chahine's International Orch., Al-Thulathi)
7Music of Afghanistan & Iran; Evergreen EVR-002 (Aphrodisia--Music of Afghanistan & Iran; Hanover HM-5004; Mission of the University of Indiana, rec. by J.C. & S. Lubtchansky; ed. G. Rouget; one mouth harp cut)
6The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile; Mount Vernon Music MVS-102
6Music of the Harems; Nina L-72 (Haydar Tatliyay Orch., Sukru Tunar Orch., Sen Sisters, Melahat Mardin; liners by Tarik Bulut)
Musical Excursion to Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-133
7Musical Memories of Turkey; London International TW-91299 (folk songs & dance tunes by Aycan Can, Hamiyet Duygulu, Ylmaz Sanliel, Gulcan Sevim, Handan Toksoz, Ertan Ulusu, Ayse Yurdanur)
New & Old Dances from Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-795/295
New Songs from Athens; Standard/Colonial LP-765/265
New Songs from Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-196
6Old Time Dances from Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-207 ("Typical Greek Orchestras & Singers")
7Rare Gems--Authentic Oriental Dance Music Recorded in Egypt; Orient SLPO-157; 1979
Regions of the Middle East; Decca/Argo ZFB-54; (UK; rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
7Santur, Tunbuk, & Tar--Music & Drum Rhythms from Iran; Philips/Mercury/Limelight LS-86057 (rec. by Deben Bhattacharya)
Selected Greek Songs & Dances with Boujouki Orchestra; Standard/Colonial ST-LP-799
Sing Along in Greek Volume 2; Standard/Colonial LP-744
6Songs and Dances of Armenia; Folkways FP-806; (c)1952
Songs and Dances of Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-152
7The Sound of Greece--Tsifteteli (Belly Dance); Peters International PLD-5533; 1981
Springtime in Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-186
8Super Belly Dance!; Voice of Lebanon VLMX-60; 1976 (Rafic Hobeika, Farid El Atrache, Nour El Mallah, Nicolas El Dik/El Dick, Zakaria Ahmed)
This is Greece; Standard/Colonial LP-159
There is a Longing in Every Port; Standard/Colonial LP-783/283
7Tunisia, Vol. 1--The Classical Arab-Andalusian Music of Tunis; Folkways FW-8861; 1962/1960
7Turkey--A Musical Journey; Nonesuch Explorer H-72067; 1975 (with notes by Tarik Bulut)
6Turkish Delight; Monitor MFS-481 (Side 1: Urosevich Ensemble, Stevo Teodosievski Ensemble, Dolgru Vol Turkish Ensemble; Side 2: Turkish gypsy music)
6Turkish Village Music; Nonesuch Explorer H-72050 (rec. in Turkey by Laxmi G. Tewari)
Veiled Visions; Orient SLPO-156

Partly Mid-East (Pop) LPs

6Eddie Adamis Orchestra: Middle East Goes Modern; Philips PHS-600-066 (strings)
4John Barry: From Russia with Love ST; United Artists UAS-5114 ("Leila Dances")
4Nat King Cole Sings the Songs from Cat Ballou & Other Motion Pictures; Capitol SM-11804 ("Haji Baba")
5Irv Cottler: Around the World in Percussion; Somerset SF-13900 (exotic percussion)
7Syd Dale/Andrew Arvin: Modern Beat Music/Period Music with a Beat; Sam Fox SF-1015 (production; mod soul/crime/bongo/mid-east; "Mid-East Omen")
7The Feenjon Group: Recorded Live at Cafe Feenjon; Fran FRS-106; 1966
6The Feenjon Group: The Feenjon Goes Greek; Monitor MFS-482
7The Feenjon Group: Jerusalem of Gold; Monitor MFS-488
7The Feenjon Group: An Evening at the Cafe Feenjon; Monitor MFS-497; 1968
7George Fenton/John Leach: India/Arabia; Bruton Music BRR-7 (43)
4Ron Goodwin: Music for an Arabian Night; Capitol ST-10251
5Ron Goodwin: Jet Flight to Beirut; Capitol International SP-10560
3"Bald Bill" Hagan & his Trocaderons: Music for a Strip Tease Party; Alshire/Somerset SF-27200
4Bill Haley & his Comets: Rockin'; MCA/Coral CB-20015 ("Oriental Rock")
7Richard Hayman: The Era of Cleopatra; Time S-2080 (strings)
7Kenyon Hopkins: Nightmare!!; MGM SE-4104 ("Chamber of Horrors" based on "Orientale"; crime/suspense/horror/effects/Mid-East/whistling; partly on Metro 520)
8Eartha Kitt: RCA Presents Eartha Kitt; RCA Victor LPM-3062; 1954 ("Uska Dara")
3Ralph Marterie: The Hits that Made Ralph Marterie & his Orchestra Famous; Mercury MG-20336 ("Shish-Kebab")
6Irving Taylor: The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills; Warner Bros. WS-1254; 1959 ("Marriage Counselor in a Turkish Harem")
3John Scott Trotter: Escape to the Magic Mediterranean; Warner Bros. WS-1266; 1959
7Various: Lights Out-San Francisco; Blue Thumb BTS-6004; 1972 (2-LP; Fadil Shahin & his Casbah Band)
7Various: Middle East Suite/India; KPM 1183; 1976 (production)

Mid-East 45s

7Armenian Jazz Sextet: Harem Dance/Pretty Girl; Kapp 181 (not jazz)
8Artie Barsamian: The Enchanting Melody/Oriental Moods; Jay J-711; 1957? (A-side not on LP)
6Roger King Mozian: Harem Dance/Mangos; Decca 9-30330 (Marko Melkin, oud)
8Roger King Mozian: Oriental Cha Cha/Flamenkiko; Nina 1603 (from LP 1269; w/Yanni Tatassopoulos, bouzoukee)
8Michael Sarkissian & his Cafe Bagdad Ensemble: Road to Baghdad/Greek Mambo; Jay J-510 (vocal by Mike Sarkissian)
7Ed Tayoun & his Arabian Orchestra EP; A Night at the Middle East N8OH (oud, live at Phila. nitery; Harem Dance/Taksim/Hava Nagilah/Misirlou)

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