Exotic Dances for Wives and Lovers

Alexis and his Ensemble

Inside every woman worthy of the name lurks a panther, her face half veiled, her eyes filled with dark fires, her every movement sensual as the mystery of perfume.

This is the music that frees the panther. This is the ancient music that makes her undulate with the fire of passion.

Centuries ago the Middle East discovered how to separate the women from the girls. Out of the desert and down from the distant hills came a music that rounded up the panthers, and sent the kittens home.


Music more ancient than the love songs of the troubadors. Dances more passionate than the wildest flamenco.

Music filled with the subtle wisdom of the desert. And trembling with strange sounds.

Exotic. A coil of music that embraces you.

East of Suez lies mystery, and passion, and soft blue evenings that turn into night as subtly as a sigh turns into song.

Night is a velvet tent. And the sky is a handful of diamonds flung with the rapture of love into eternity.

East of Suez every woman worth the name is two things at once: WIFE AND LOVER.

She knows when to turn the panther loose.

This is her music.

Alexis and his Ensemble: Exotic Dances for Wives and Lovers LP © Metro Records (MGM) MS-573
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