Middle Eastern Jazz/Mod/Rock

Fusion of jazz and oriental music includes both the use of exotic instruments by U.S. jazz groups and jazz efforts by specialists in oriental music. Ahmed Abdul-Malik performed with oriental-music master Mohammed El-Bakkar as well as Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Thelonius Monk, and other jazz leaders.

Influences from places farther east, such as India and Southeast Asia, join Near and Middle Eastern sounds on jazz albums in more or less recognizable forms. Yusef Lateef, for instance, experimented with oriental and African sounds on several albums. The Atlantic and Impulse labels had several fine oriental-jazz LPs in addition to their indo-jazz offerings.

Traditionally exotic jazz albums have met with a cool reception, but clearly many such LPs have aged more pleasingly than their peers in standard bop. Perhaps the passage of time, including differentiations in such things as recording technique, lends additional exoticism. In hindsight, oriental jazz can be evaluated less as a new direction in jazzfor than for its ability to provide a captivating, Eastern mood.

As with indo-jazz, the oriental-jazz hybrid occasionally straddles rock and pop as well. The Silhouettes' fantastic "Hashi Baba," other vibes tunes by Cal Tjader, and Gus Vali's Chimera are top examples. At least jazz dancers can become belly dancers and vice versa.

Mid-East Jazz/Mod/Rock LPs

8Ahmed Abdul-Malik w/Johnny Griffin: Jazz Sahara--Middle-Eastern Music; Riverside RLP-12-287; 1958 (w/Bilal Abdurahman..)
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: East Meets West--Musique of Ahmed Abdul-Malik; RCA Victor LSP-2015; 1960
9Ahmed Abdul-Malik: The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik; New Jazz NJ-8266; 1961 (with Bilal Abdurrahman)
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Sounds of Africa; New Jazz 8282; 1962
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Eastern Moods; Prestige 16003; 1963 (w/Bilal Abdurahman..)
8Ahmed Abdul-Malik: Spellbound; Status LP-8303; 1964 (with Ray Nance, Seldon Powell, Paul Neves, Walter Perkins, Hamza Aldeen)
8John Berberian: Expressions East featuring the Oud of John Berberian; Mainstream S-6023/56023; 1964 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Ode to an Oud; Mainstream 802)
8John Berberian: Oud Artistry of John Berberian; Mainstream S-6047/56047; 1965 (1/2 of 2-LP reissue Ode to an Oud; Mainstream 802)
8John Berberian/Rosko: Music & Gibran--A contemporary interpretation of the author of "The Prophet" by Rosko w/the John Berberian Ensemble; Verve Forecast FTS-3044 (spoken w/music)
8The John Berberian Ensemble: Music of the Middle East; Roulette SR-25306 (Comet/Universe UV-023)
9John Berberian & the Mid-Eastern Ensemble: Middle Eastern Rock; Verve Forecast FTS-3073
7John Berberian, Oud: The Dance Album; Olympia OLP-1003; 1978 (New Jersey; w/John Vartan, Onnik Dinkjian, Jack Baghsarian)
John Berberian: A Mid-Eastern Odyssey; Olympia
John Berberian & Onnik Dinkjian: Echoes of Armenia (probably on Olympia)
7The Devil's Anvil: Hard Rock from the Middle East; Columbia CS-9464
7Ganimian & his Oriental Music: Come with Me to the Casbah; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-107 (Charles "Chick" Ganimian; also 7" on Atlantic/East West as Ganim's Asia Minors)
5The Great Disco Bouzouki Band; Grecophon GRS-351; 1979 (Fiesta)
8Xaviera Hollander: Happily Hooked; Turning Point TP-30009; 1984 ("The Lady Sheik"; "The Happy Hooker" author)
[Yusef Lateef]
8Sonny Lester: Little Egypt Presents How to Belly Dance for Your Husband; Emus ES-12012 (w/original of Time-LP cut "Rebecca from Mecca"; reissued first as Roulette SR-42021 & in 1984 as SR-59029)
7Sonny Lester: Little Egypt Presents More How to Belly Dance for Your Husband; Roulette SR-42066
8Sonny Lester: Middle East After Hours; Time S-2096 (reissues 4 cuts from Time S-2200 & updates some Emus/Roulette material)
5Herbie Mann (w/Chick Ganimian, Rufus Harley, Roy Ayers): The Wailing Dervishes; Atlantic SD-1497; 1967 (notable only for bagpipe cut)
Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Vol. 1; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars
8Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Vol. 2; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars VOS-10-045; 1979 (oriental disco w/Moog)
7The Orient Express; Mainstream S/6117 (Mid-East and Indo rock/psyche)
7The Seven Players: West Digs East--Dig?; Audio Fidelity AFLP-2166; 1966 (Earl Wilson; mod)
7The Sheik's Men: The Belly Dancer; Reprise R9-6056; 1961 (mod-jazz-rock; liners by Mort Goode; covers "Bangcock Cockfight")

Partly Mid-East Jazz/Mod/Rock LPs

7David Amram: No More Walls; RCA Red Seal VCS-7089; 1971 (2-LP; classical/beatnik ("Pull My Daisy")/Mid-East/Brasil/calypso-jazz "Wind from the Indies"; w/George Mgrdichian, Pepper Adams, Candido, Ramblin' Jack Elliot..)
8David Amram: No More Walls; Flying Fish 752; 1979 (Latin jazz/Beatnik "Pull My Daisy"/exotica "Sao Paulo"/calypso-jazz "Wind from the Indies"/Mideast jazz "Tompkins Square Park Consciousness Expander"; Pepper Adams, George Mgrdichian, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Candido..)
7David Amram: Subway Night; RCA Victor LSP-4820; 1973 (Beatnik jazz/Latin jazz/Mid-East Rock "Horn & Hardart Succotash Blues")
7Neil Ardley/John Leach: Mediterranean Intrigue/Martenot; KPM 1084; 1971 (oriental jazz/ondes martenot)
8Ross Bagdasarian: The Mixed-Up World of Ross Bagdasarian; Liberty LST-7451/LRP-3451; 1966 (odd pop/mod Mid-East rock-jazz)
8Artie Barsamian: Minuteman Goes East; Virgo HP-1801
6Gary Bartz Ntu Troop: Juju Street Songs; Prestige 10057; 1972 ("Teheran")
6The Chiari Quartet: Personality Aplenty!; Jubile 5016 ("Mustapha"; otherwise Italian)
8Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage Ensemble: The Malcolm X Memorial (A Tribute in Music); Mississippi Records MR-016 (spiritual soul jazz/mid-east jazz--"El Hajj Malik El Shabazz")
8Fred Elias Ensemble w/John Tatassopoulos: Artistic Moods for Dance; Intrasonic IS-2002 (just 2 tunes, psychedelic improv!)
7Duke Ellington's Far East Suite; RCA Victor LSP-3782; 1967/1966
7Don Ellis: Electric Bath; Columbia CS-9585 ("Turkish Bath")
7Don Ellis: Shock Treatment; Columbia CS-9668 ("Opus 5")
6Irving Fields Trio: At the St. Moritz; ABC-Paramount ABC-187 (Latin; "Turkish Delight")
7Irving Fields: The Fabulous Fingers of Irving Fields; Fiesta FLPS-1228 (gatefold, stereo)
6Abdul Alexi Freeman & his Enquirers/Sonny Lester: The Belly Dancer; Time S-2200 (4 Sonny Lester originals)
7Chico Hamilton: His Great Hits; ABC/Impulse AS-9213-2 (2-LP compilation)
6Chico Hamilton: Chico the Master; Stax/Enterprise ENS-7501; 1973
7Chico Hamilton: Peregrinations; Blue Note BN-LA520-G; 1975 ("Abdullah & Abraham")
6Neal Hefti, his Orchestra & Chorus: Hefti in Gotham City; RCA Victor LSP-3621; 1966 (crime/Batman/Mid-East rock; "Turkish Delight" & "King Tut's Tomb")
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: "El Pavo" en Salsa; RCA Victor Venezuela ("Al Harim"; Latin/Latin jazz/mod Latin rock; Paolo Scotti/DejaVu 2,000,017)
7Iasos: Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos; Unity UR-700; 1978 (occult/early New Age, nearly spiritual soul jazz; "Osiris Bull-Man")
7The Kaleidoscope: Side Trips; CBS; 1967 (psyche/mideast rock; Demon/Edsel ED-284; 1988)
-Eddie Kochak, Hakki Obadia, Fred Elias...
6Ramal Lamarr: Omens, Oracles, & Mysticisms of Dance; Lotus L-1001; 1983 (Moog/mideast)
7Jayson Lindh: Ramadan; CTI/Metronome DIX-3000; 1971 (Sweden; soul-jazz flute/Mid-East jazz)
7Jayson Lindh: Cous Cous; CTI/Metronome DIX-3001; 1972 (Sweden; soul-jazz flute/Mid-East jazz)
6George Mgrdichian: The Now Sounds of the Middle East; Monitor MFS-709 (oud, w/Menachem Dworman; "Take 5")
5Airto [M.]: Virgin Land; Salvation SAL-701; 1974 ("Lydian Riff")
6Sandy Nelson: Cheetah Beat; Imperial LP-9287 ("Casbah")
6Sandy Nelson: Cheetah Beat; Imperial LP-12340 ("Freak Beat")
[some tunes recorded by pop organist Korla Pandit]
8The Rhythm Rockers: Soul Surfin'; Challenge CH-617; 1963 ("Caravan"; surf)
8Lalo Schifrin: Lalo=Brilliance; Roulette Birdland SR-52088 (Mid-East jazz/bossa/Indo-jazz)
6Rhoda Scott: Mach 2; Barclay 80126 (w/Joe Thomas, flute; Cees Kranenburg, drums; "Delilah")
8The Silhouettes: Conversations with the Silhouettes; Segue SEG-1001 ("Hashi Baba")
6Jeremy Steig: Temple of Birth; Columbia KC-33297; 1975
7Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian w/the Mid-Eastern Ensemble: Middle Eastern Soul; Carlee CLS-1000 (formerly the Nor-ikes)
8Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian: Hye Inspiration; Carlee CLS-1002 (formerly the Nor-ikes; features John Tarpinian, oud)
-Ozel Turkbas
-Gus Vali
9Uncredited/Untitled 10"; Audio/Background Music Publishers BMP-134; 1968 (production; "This Eastern World")
4Uncredited: On Stage; Hoctor HLP-3074 ("Shish Kebob")
7Various: The Cool Scene--Twelve New Ways to Fly; Warner Bros. WS-1328; 1959 (compilation/showcase; Don Ralke ("Deserted Harem"), Warren Barker, Frank Comstock, Smart Set, Chico Hamilton, Signatures, Trombones Inc., Marty Wilson, Guitars Inc., Robert Prince)
9Various: Diggin' Out; Mr. Manicotti 329; ?/1962-5 (surf/space rock Vistas: "Moon Relay"/mideast rock Dace & the Customs: "Ali Baba"/exotic rock Irridescents: "Bali Hai")
8Various: The Jazz Soul of Cleopatra; New Jazz NJ-8292; 1963 (compilation/sampler with Ahmed Abdul-Malik's "La Ibkey" from NJ-8266, Yusef Lateef, Oudi Hrant, Dizzy Reece, John Coltrane)
6Various: Jungle Exotica Vol. 2; Strip ST-076
8Various: Las Vegas Grind Vol. 6; Strip ST-078 (compilation; exotic rock "Safari"/beatnik "One More Time Part Two"/mid-east rock "Turkish Coffee"/soul-jazz organ "How About It Part One"/mod funk "Same Ole Beat"/hot rod "Jaguar")
9Various: Original Surfin' Hits; GNP Crescendo GNP-84 ("Exotic")
9Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth; Trunk Barked 1; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)
8Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth Vol. 2; Trunk Barked 2; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)

[Partly] Mid-East Jazz/Mod/Rock 45s

7Bob Azzam: Mustapha/Moonglow (Tintarella di Luna); Mercury 71595-X-45
8Bobby Christian, the Man with a Sound: Caravan/Boola; Stepheny SF-1833 (percussion, guitar)
7Ganim's Asia Minors: Halvah/Daddy Lolo; Atlantic/East West 45-EW-109 (single by Charles "Chick" Ganimian, later included on Atco LP)
8Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights: Chattanooga Walk/Night in Arabia; Jay-Walking JW-001 (soul-funk)
7Georgie Manis: Oriental Rock/High School Love; Gizmo [no #]
8Ralph Marterie: Shish-Kebab/Bop a Doo--Bop a Doo; Mercury 71092; 1957
8Morocco: Opa Kukla/Ela 'Tho; MGM K-13496 (Greek rock)
8Roger King Mozian: Oriental Cha Cha/Flamenkiko; Nina 1603 (featuring Yanni Tatassopoulos on bouzoukee; from Nina LP 1269)
8Jerry Reed: Rockin' in Bagdad/Oh! Lonely Heart; Capitol F-3731
8The Sheiks: Baghdad Rock Parts 1 & 2; Trine 1101 (MGM K-12876)
8Len Stuart Trio: Caravan/Moonlight Mambo; Rivoli R-8 (exotic/Mid-East/organ/Latin rock, like John Buzon Trio)
6Joe Valino w/George Siravo: Caravan/Garden of Eden; RCA/Vik 4X-0226 (serviceable pop vocal of "Caravan")
8Yorko & the Greek Strings: Snake Dance/Melancholie; MGM K-13751

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