Occult/Early "New Age"/Bizarre Spoken

The secret knowledge of all mankind, the Black Arts, witchery, otherness, ethereal powers, parapsychology, paranormal activity, cosmic overlords, mystic forces, "outsider art," inspired dementia, enlightened hallucinating, transcendental meditation, kooky cults, alien torturers, cattle mutilation, rains of frogs, the zodiac, hypnosis -- all of these and more are the Stuff of Life for a few eccentric people who happened to have tuned into a different station. Whether "spoken word" (narrative) or music or some combination of the two, occult records can be impossible-to-find cult documents or 1960s camp classics.

Many of the best and strangest narrative records have occult themes. And dark, spooky musical records run the range from serious attempts at Satanic rock (Black Widow) to hip, electronic "Black Mass" material (Mort Garson's Moog LPs, a Les Baxter soundtrack) to the ubiquity of astrological references and songs. But nothing beats the craziness of a lone southern voice ranting against the "Cosmic Watergate" or the "Red Torture" of communists firing laser beams from satellites. Space is the place, except for a 1970s detour into the earthier, primordial "New Age," where guitars, sitars, and flutes gradually gave birth to a new age of relaxing ersatz. Where else could a "doctor" (Ph.D. anyway) intone you to "relax to the sound of my monotonous voice" over a background of strange Moog-made sound effects.

Mort Garson, Bruce Haack, Moondog, Sun Ra, Eden Ahbez, Harry Partch, Marlin Wallace, John Rydgren, and others all explored various musical terrain "where no man had gone before" and likely could never return, at least not easily. And there are others, from accomplished musicians with a penchant for astrology to the elite, "Fortean event" crowd of paranoid eccentrics. Apart from Haitian and Cuban sacred cult music, and quirky Christian evangelists, this is the Twilight Zone of records. THE WORLD ENDS TOMORROW AND YOU MAY DIE!

Occult/Bizarre Spoken LPs

7Cannonball Adderley Presents Love, Sex, & the Zodiac; Fantasy F-9445; 1972 (spoken w/music)
7Cannonball Adderley Presents Soul Zodiac; Capitol SVBB-11025; 1972 (2-LP; spoken w/music)
8Cannonball Adderley Presents Soul of the Bible; Capitol (2-LP; spoken w/music)
6Yogi Adonaiasis: Getting It Together; Universal Awareness Record Corporation UA-722 (2-LP; lounge act/occult)
6American Society for the Occult Sciences: How to Develop Your ESP/The Facts About Witchcraft; ASFOS LP-OS-119; 1973
9Arica; 1972 (NYC meditation group; occult/exotic/out/psyche/sitar; 2-LP, no label or #; Side 4 is "Water Music")
9Arica: Audition; 1972 (same as above except Side 4 is 6-part "Mantram")
8Arica: Heaven; Just Sunshine JSS-11; 1973 ("Arica Rhythm & Movement Band")
5William P. Ayers: Directed Relaxation; Columbia [custom] XCTV-9306 (same-sided LP)
8Hubert J. Bernhard, narrator: Life Among the Stars; Stellar Ventures "The Planetarium Lecture Series No. 1"; (Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences; lectures copyright 1966)
Hubert J. Bernhard: The Christmas Star; Stellar Ventures "The Planetarium Lecture Series No. 2"
9Hubert J. Bernhard: The UFOs; Stellar Ventures "The Planetarium Lecture Series No. 3"; 1967
Hubert J. Bernhard: Mysteries of Mars; Stellar Ventures "The Planetarium Lecture Series No. 4"
8Black Widow: Sacrifice; United Artists UAS-6786; 1970 (satanic rock; 2 cuts also on "The Occult Explosion"--see below)
6Michael Blate: Acugenics--Stress Relief in Five Minutes; Gateway GSLP-7613; 1981 (spoken w/music; "Beautiful People Series")
-Blowfly (spoken w/music; nasty party rap)
8Bob B. Blue: Are UFO's a Reality--The B.B. Blue Project; B&A 1001; 1974 (spoken w/music; FM radio DJ w/KNAC--CA)
6George L. Boston (narr.): The Final Houdini Seance; Mark56 691; 1975/1936 (occult; spoken; featuring the voices of Mrs. Harry Houdini & Dr. Edward Saint)
-Kent Bowman (stories in Pidgin English) -- see Vinyl Safari/Hawaiian
8Neil Brahe, D.D.S.: The Magic Power of Enthusiasm in Dental Practice; Project D 2680 (spoken; motivational)
6Russ Burgess: Developing Your ESP Powers; APB Records ABP-3268 (spoken; self-produced; Massachusetts)
4Kasey Casem: Astrology for Young Lovers
8Robert & Earlyne Chaney: Out of Time Into Eternity; Astara Foundation; 1960 (spoken; organ intro/finale by Donna Morgan; somewhat Christian but definitely out-there/SubGenius California cult; "Astara Esoteric Record Library, Church Service Extension--Record No. 1")
6Robert & Earlyne Chaney: Exploring the Inner Universe; Astara Foundation CS-0081; 1960
7Robert & Earlyne Chaney: The Divine Lodestone; Astara Foundation CS-6181; 1961
7Bonita Claudian/Bob Goemann: Godzilla--King of the Monsters; Wonderland WLP-312; 1977 (kids tales: "Godzilla vs. the Alien Invasion" & "Godzilla vs. Amphibion")
6Pat Collins (the hip hypnotist): Sleep with Pat Collins!; GNP Crescendo GNP-93 (spoken/lounge-act)
6Miss Pat Collins (the hip hypnotist): Turn On [The Power of the Mind--Songs & Self Suggestions]; Warner Bros. WS-1721 (spoken/music/lounge-act)
7Rick Davis/Raoul Romero Orchestra: Meditations on the Zodiac; Desert DR-3 (zodiac-themed soul-jazz; narrated by Joe Cervelloni; breakbeats)
7Do'a: Light Upon Light; Philo PH-1056; 1978/1977 (primordial New Age/occult/sitar/flute/guitar/mbira..)
7Do'a: Ornament of Hope; Philo PH-9000; 1979
7Do'a: Ancient Beauty; Philo PHDG-9004; 1981
7Frank Edwards Presents Flying Saucers--Serious Business; RCA Victor LPM-3749; 1966 (spoken; UFOs)
8Mr. Ronald Edwin with Predictions On: Top Secrets of Tomorrow; Galiko LPG-901 (spoken; "Mr. E.S.P...from the Twilight World..." of Britain predicts events for 1962; terrific intro by "Dr. Nandor Fodor")
1Harvey Sid Fischer (lounge act/astrology)
-Mort Garson (occult Moog)
7Venerable Mahathera Henepola Gunarathan: Buddhist Devotions--Theravada Tradition; Sheikh Tapes and Records SRLP-002 (spoken; English translations by Edwin H. Kaplin; not strictly occult but best fits the idiom)
9Johnny Gunn w/Don Ralke: Introspection IV; Warner Bros. WS-1372; 1960 (spoken w/music; WILD poetic narrations "flip-end vignettes")
7Louise Huebner's Seduction Through Witchcraft; Warner Bros. WS-1819 (occult; spoken w/music; "cybernetic music by Louis & Bebe Barron")
7Iasos: Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos; Unity UR-700; 1978 (early New Age, nearly spiritual soul jazz)
9Will Jima: The UFO Message; Jima AE-1974; 1974 (spoken w/electronic effects)
9Will Jima: Revelation 666; Jima AMD-1975; 1975 (spoken w/electronic effects)
6Kreskin: The Basic Principles of Kreskin's ESP; Shelby Singleton SSS International LP-100; 1976 (spoken)
5Timothy Leary, PhD.: L.S.D.; Pixie CA-1069 (spoken)
8Timothy Leary: You Can Be Anyone this Time Around; Douglas 1 (spoken w/music; w/Jimi Hendrix)
8Victor Lundberg: An Open Letter; Liberty LST-7547 (spoken w/music; right-wing but intriguing, as if Charlton Heston were John Rydgren channelling Art Linkletter)
6Tom Mains & Johnny Temple: Techniques for Meditation; Plantation PLP-18; 1976 (spoken)
9Malachi: Holy Music; Verve V6-5024; 1966 (Allen Ginsberg-endorsed; mouth-harp)
6Roy Masters: Your Mind Can Keep You Well, Part 1 (Psychocatalysis Part 2); Foundation of Human Understanding ACA-4151; 1968 (Los Angeles; spoken; stress-relief instruction)
6Charles McKinley: The Voice of Charles McKinley in a Dynamic Concept of Self-Hypnosis; McKinley-Smith LP-1962; 1962/1959-60
7Lloyd Moss (narrator): The Signs of Love; Audio Fidelity/ParallaxP-4003; 1970 (astrology; spoken w/music)
7Long John Nebel Reveals the Flying Saucer Story; American Music Library AML-201 (spoken; UFOs)
8Long John Nebel: Highlights of Long John Nebel's World--About Flying Saucers/Rudolph Valentino Seances; Fog Hill M-102 (spoken; UFOs/occult)
8John Newland (narrator): UFOs--The Credibility Factor; CBS/Columbia House 1P-6422; 1975 (spoken, several speakers; UFOs)
8[Anthony] Norvell: 20th Century Philosopher; Horoscope HR-158 (spoken w/piano; "Transcendental Meditations")
7Vincent Price: Withcraft-Magic; Capitol SWBB-342 (2-LP; spoken)
8Don Robertson: Dawn; Mercury/Limelight LS-86067 (exotic/out/psyche/sitar)
7Richard Russell: Discover Yourself Through Astrology; Uni 73011/3011 ("The Story of Your Sign in Words & Music"; words by Roger Christian)
6Tony Scott: Music for Yoga Meditation & Other Joys; Verve V6-8742
6Arthur Sontged: Self-Hypnostism (Instant Self-Hypnosis); Automated Learning Incorporated 59; 1975 ("A 'Programmed Course' in Living at Total Power"; w/booklet)
Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 1; EK (spoken)
Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 2; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 3--Reincarnation & Karma/The 3 Jewels of Eck-The Doctrine of Eckankar; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 3--Reincarnation & Karma/The 3 Jewels of Eck-The Doctrine of Eckankar; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 4--Eckankar is Life/Death is the Doorway of Life; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 5--The Dream Master/The Vairag-The Detached State of the True Chela; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 6--The Dangers of Prophecy/The Eck Vidya-The Signs of the Akashic Records; EK (spoken)
6Paul Twitchell: The Voice of Paul Twitchell on Eck Vol. 7--The Eternal Concepts of Divine Wisdom/The Power & the Glory; EK (spoken)
7Anton Szandor La Vey: The Satanic Mass; Murgenstrum MM-6660; 1968 (recorded live at the Church of Satan, San Francisco, Friday the 13th)
-Marlin Wallace (outsider music)
8Dr. Glenn Van Warrebey: Hypnosis--For Self-Improvement & Actualizing Your Potential; [custom/private] LP-3079; 1977 (The Beginning Induction--An Oceanic Experience/The Deepening Induction--Hypnopsychic Transmutation; may include a second LP, same except Side 2 subtitled "An Intra-Womb Experience"; features hip Moog sounds)
6Alan Watts: Om--The Sound of Hinduism; Warner Bros. WS-1723 (spoken w/music)
8Martha Wentworth as The Old Sea Hag: Terror Tales!; Liberty LST-7025; 1959 (Louise Heubner-esque original horror tales w/effects)
8Henry Wolff/Nancy Hennings: Tibetan Bells; Island SMAS-9319; 1972/1971 (w/Drew Gladstone; gatefold; non-gatefold reissue: Antilles AN-7006; 1973)
7Henry Wolff/Nancy Hennings: Tibetan Bells 2; Pacific Arts PACR7-110; 1979/1978
7Henry Wolff/Nancy Hennings: Tibetan Bells 3--The Empty Mirror; Celestial Harmonies CEL-027; 1988
5Uncredited: The Gift of Tongues [Glossolalia]; Scepter/Mace MCM-10040
7Various: Here History Began--Sound & Light--Pyramids & Sphinx; Republic of Egypt Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities; 1961 (2-LP; spoken w/music; "From the Maxims of Itah-Hotep")
8Various/Nat Freedland: The Occult Explosion; United Artists UA-LA067-G2; 1973 (2-LP; spoken/music; Nat Freedland-introduction, Louise Huebner-witchcraft, Stanton T. Friedman-UFOs, Barbara Birdfeather-astrology, Peter Hurkos-psychics, Craig Carpenter-Indian magic, Anton LeVey-satanism, Alan Watts-meditation, Dr. Thelma Moss-ESP, Indra Devi-yoga, Rosemary Brown-Spiritualism/"Grubelei", Black Widow-"satanic inspired rock recordings")

Partly Occult/Bizarre Spoken LPs

7The Aquarians: Jungle Grass; MCA/Uni 73053; 1969 (music; w/Aguabella; "The Aquarians")
6Cleveland Eaton & the Garden of Eaton: Keep Love Alive; Ovation OV-1742; 1979 (disco/bass/occult-astrology "Flyin' High")
6Eddie Gale: Black Rhythm Happening; Liberty/Blue Note BST-84320 ("Look at Teyonda" features William Norwood; trumpet-led but mainly vocal)
-Rudy Ray Moore (nasty party rap; spoken w/music)
7Leonard Rosenman: Beneath the Planet of the Apes ST; Amos AAS-8001 (exotic rock/spoken/apes; "March of the Apes"; mostly spoken, has "The only good human is a dead human" speech)
4Jimmy Smith: In a Brown Paper Wrapper; Verve V6-8800; 1971 (music; "Astrology Song")

[Partly] Occult/Bizarre Spoken 45s

6Giant Crab: Hot Line Conversation/E.S.P.; Uni 55155 (B-side psyche/hard rock like Blue Cheer)
6Young-Holt Unlimited: Soulful Samba/Horoscope; Brunswick 755420 (B-side sign rundown similar to Jimmy Smith's "Astrology Song")

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