Bas Sheva

The liner notes for both Jewish and gypsy albums typically describe the music as reflecting the intense sorrows and joys of the people. In each case there are the usual indicators of passion: tempo changes, violins, dancing. Another cliché is the mixture of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the historic and the hip.

Philadelphian, Cantor's daughter Bas Sheva recorded at least two very dramatic and enigmatic 10" albums for Capitol. Soul of a People, with Harold Mooney, is six Hebraic chants, while The Passions, with Les Baxter, is as strange as anything by Leda Annest or Yma Sumac. Now for the fun part -- that Latin beat.

The rumba, mambo, cha cha cha, pachanga, and even the twist all made their way north from New York City to the vacation resorts of the Catskills. And so, Cuban rhythms, with their origins in Africa, met their melodic neighbor from other parts of the Mediterranean and beyond. And in Perez Prado's Hava Nagila--twist, you have it all.

Yiddish/Freilach LPs

6Marty Gale: Sexy Stories with a Yiddisha Flavor; Cari-Gale 1 (comedy)
6Marty Gale: More Sexy Stories with a Yiddisha Flavor; Cari-Gale 3 (comedy)
5Joel Grey: Songs My Father Taught Me; Capitol ST-2755
6Bas Sheva: Soul of a People; Capitol L-8287 (re: W-1451)

Partly Yiddish/Freilach LPs

6The Feenjon Group: Recorded Live at Cafe Feenjon; Fran FRS-106; 1966
5The Feenjon Group: The Feenjon Goes Greek; Monitor MFS-482
6The Feenjon Group: Jerusalem of Gold; Monitor MFS-488
6The Feenjon Group: An Evening at the Cafe Feenjon; Monitor MFS-497
9Hilo Hattie at the Hawaiian Village ("Becky"); Paradise HH-100
8Ruth Wallis: How to Stay Sexy Tho' Married ("Marriage Jewish Style"); Mercury SR-61210

Yiddish-Latin LPs

6Juan Calle & his Latin Lantzmen: Mazeltov, Mis Amigos; Riverside RLP-97510; 1961
7Johnny Conquet: Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha & Merengues; RCA Victor; LSP-1789; 1958
6Irving Fields Trio: Lox, Latin, & Bongos; King 742
3Irving Fields Trio: Bagels & Bongos; Decca DL-78856
3Irving Fields Trio: More Bagels & Bongos; Decca DL-74114
4Sy Menchin & his Steven Scott Orchestra: My Bubba & Zaedas Cha Cha Cha; Apollo LPS-5491

Partly Yiddish-Latin LPs

The Barry Sisters
7Jack "Bongo" Burger: The End on Bongos; HIFI R-804 (bongos/Latin jazz/exotica/Yiddish-Latin ("A Yiddisha Mambo"); reissued w/photo jacket)
5Jack Costanzo: Mr. Bongo Has Brass ("Bei Mir Bist du Schoen"); Zephyr ZP-12003G
Mickey Katz
6Machito: Mi Amigo, Machito; Tico SLP-1053 ("Israeli Sha Sha Sha")
3Hazy Osterwald Sextet: Latin Trumpet; Polydor 46354-LP11Y ("My Yiddishe Momme")
8Perez Prado: Twist Goes Latin; RCA Victor; 1962 ("Hava Nagila")
5Edmundo Ros: The New Rhythms of the South; London SP-44054 ("Latin Shalom")
7Pete Terrace: Dance Percussion Around the World Cha Cha Cha; Strand SLS-1032 (Latin/Latin jazz; "Hava Cha Cha")
7Rene Touzet & the Cha-Cha-Cha Rhythm Boys: "88" Below the Border; Fiesta FLP-1208 ("La Hora")
6Rene Touzet & the Cha Cha Rhythm Boys: Cha Cha Cha-Mamabo-Merengue; Fiesta FLP-1263

Freilach-Twist LPs

7The Four Ayalons: Sing Along with Israel; ATE SAC-633; 1962 (Algon Theatrical Enterprises, Inc.)
7Lou Klayman: Twistin' the Freilachs; Sonodor SON-104
7The Temples: Bei Mir Twist du Schoen

Risque Yiddish/Freilach LPs

6Patsy Abbott/Ben Jaffe: Yiddish Songs Mama Never Taught Me; Roulette SR-25267

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