Mickey Katz

Mickey Katz

On his first Capitol LP, Cleveland-born Mickey Katz is called a "world-famed dialect comedian who leaves audiences reeling in the aisles with his hilarious parodies and impish gestures." A veteran of the Spike Jones outfit -- as top dialectician, Katz is a master of parodies in song:

  • Borscht Riders in the Sky
  • Ces Tzi-Bon
  • How Much is that Pickle in the Window
  • Don't Let the Schmaltz Get in Your Eyes
  • I'm a Schlemiel of Fortune
  • Moscovitz Ramble
  • A Schmo is a Schmo
  • Schleppin' My Baby Back Home
  • Nature Bocher
  • The Poiple Kishke Eater
The Most Mishige

Revues such as "Borschtcapades" and "Farfel Follies" established him permanently on the Borscht Belt, or "Jewish Alps" (New York's Catskill Mountains), a famous resort area where most of the top entertainers of the day performed.

Katz at the U.N.As with every Spike Jones veteran, behind all the yuks and grins is great music. The Katz orchestra included such luminaries as Mannie Klein, Nat Farber, Si Zentner, and Jack Costanzo. Ironically, the non-parody instrumental record, Katz Plays Music for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and Brisses, is one of his best. (Less certain are the two comedy records, Borscht Jester and At the U.N., and Sing-Along with Mickele.) For help with the "not-very-Grimm" musical parodies of fairy tales on Katz Pajamas, credit is given to Katz' sister, Jean Schneider, a writer and amateur scholar in the language and literature of Yiddish. Mickey's son Joel Grey sang, danced, acted, and recorded the Capitol LP Songs My Father Taught Me.

If you like humor and great music together, and who shouldn't, Mickey Katz is King of the Katzkills, the Katz Pajamas, and the Most Mishige.

Mickey Katz 10" LPs

Mickey Katz 12" LPs

Borscht 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3193
9Mickey Katz--the Star of Broadway's Borschtcapades 10"; Capitol H-298 (The Hits of Mickey Katz; Capitol Starline T-298)
9The Family Danced 10"; Capitol H-457 (instrumentals; Katz Plays Music for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, & Brisses; Capitol T-1021)
9Mickey Katz & his Orchestra; Capitol T-298 (also as The Hits of Mickey Katz; Capitol/Starline T-298; both reissue/add to H-298)
9Mish Mosh; Capitol T-799
8Katz Puts on the Dog; Capitol T-934
8Katz Plays Music for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, & Brisses; Capitol T-1021 (adds 4 cuts to Capitol H-457)
8The Most Mishige; Capitol T-1102
7Katz Pajamas; Capitol SW-1257
8Comin' 'Round the Katzkills; Capitol SW-1307
The Borscht Jester; Capitol ST-1445
2At the U.N.; Capitol ST-1603
2Sing-Along with Mickele; Capitol ST-1744
Fiddler on the Roof; Capitol ST-2387

Mickey Katz 45s & EPs

8Mickey Katz & his Kosher-Jammers; RCA Victor EPB-3193 (2-disc set possibly same as "Borscht" 10" LP)
Chiny Town/Hakte Mambo; Capitol 1419
8Barmitzvah Special/Hey! Jealous Lover; Capitol F-3664

Mickey Katz 78s (10")

7Mickey Katz & his Kosher-Jammers: Haim Afen Range/Yiddish Square Dance; RCA Victor 25-5081
Mickey Katz & his Kosher-Jammers: Tico Tico/Chloe; RCA Victor 25-5083
8Mickey Katz & his Kosher-Jammers: Hershele at the Induction Center/Hershele at the Boilesque; RCA Victor 25-5086 (mainly spoken)

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