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Christmas comes but once a career, in most cases, usually as a resuscitation attempt. When all else fails, when diehard fans have every song in every format, when DJs refuse to supersaturate the airwaves, along comes the Christmas album. Some are heroic, progressive efforts and mind-bending high points, while others are sentimental snoozes (like Christmas celebrations themselves). Here are a few favorites, including Christmas songs from soul-funk, beatnik, Hawaiian, calypso, and other traditions.

Buying: Since most Christmas records cannot be given away, looking through stacks of dreck for a gem is a form of self-abuse. But the great ones are worth it, once a year anyway.

Christmas LPs

5Johnny Albino: Yo Soy tu Santa Claus; Starbright SLP-988 (Latin; "Merry Christmas Boogaloo")
7Jim Baker: A Steel Guitar Christmas; Starday-King/Gusto/Power-Pak LP-PO-506
7Ray Bentley Presents Radar the Happy Reindeer (Story & Music); Radar/Sirra; 1975 (Vancouver)
7Jack Brokensha Quartet/Lenore Paxton Trio: Holiday Innovations; Columbia Special Products CSS-487; 1966 (Christmas/commerce/jazz-vibes/bongos/jazz-piano; made for United States Steel; Jack Brokensha Quartet started in Canada as the Australian Jazz Quintet)
->James Brown
3Norman Chinner & the ABC Adelaide Chorus: Christmas in Australia; Capitol of the World T-100167
7Santos Colon: Brindis de Navidad; Fania SLP-434 (ballads)
8[Ricardo Ray &] Bobby Cruz: En Fiesta Navidena/Merry Christmas; Fonseca SLP-1116 (in Venezuela as Performance 8520)
7Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: Felices Pascuas; Vaya VS-6 (Christmas; at least some mono copies really are stereo)
6Bill Doggett: Songs of Christmas; King 600
7Hawaii Calls: Hawaiian Christmas Songs; Capitol ST-1781 (abridged as A Merry Hawaiian Christmas; SM-1781; w/Haunani..)
6Harry "The Hipster" Gibson Digs Christmas; Totm 1023; 1976 (beatnik/Christmas)
6The Golddiggers: We Need a Little Christmas; Metromedia MD-1012; 1970
7Bruce Haack: Ebenezer Electric; Dimension 5 D-201; 1976 (partly reissued on Tiny Tim: Zoot Zoot Zoot--Here Comes Santa in his New Space Suit)
7Hawaii Calls: Hawaiian Christmas Songs; Capitol ST-1781
4Larry Harmon's Bozo's Christmas Sing Along; Peter Pan 8123; 1973
9Homer & Jethro: Cool Crazy Christmas; RCA Victor LSP-4001; 1968 (Xmas/beatnik/country/novelty)
6The Honolulu Boy Choir: Christmas in Hawaii; Lehua SL-7047; 1980
7Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii: Christmas Time with Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 4004; 1978 (Hawaii/Christmas/kids featuring the Honolulu Boy Choir)
7Patty Kanuha: The Spirit of Christmas with--Me oe mau aku ke aloha; R.P. Kanuha RPK-1001
Kid's Bible Club at Christmastime; Sword S-1409
6Don Ho Christmas Album; Reprise RS-6265
4Spike Jones Chorus & the Band that Plays for Fun: Let's Sing a Song of Christmas; Verve MGV-2021
5Douglas Leedy: A Very Merry Electric Christmas to You; Capitol ST-339
7The Ramsey Lewis Trio: More Sounds of Christmas; Cadet LPS-745; 1964
Fred Lowery: A Family Christmas; Gra Low GR-7101
8Arthur Lyman: Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas); HIFI/Life L-1018
8Noelani Kanoho Mahoe with the Leo Nahenahe Singers: Hawaiian Christmas; Tradewinds TS-1122
7[Sy Mann w/Jean-Jacques Perrey:] Switched On Santa--The Moog Synthesizer Plays the Merriest of Christmas Favorites; Pickwick SPCX-1007
8Little Marcy: Christmas with Marcy--Sing with Marcy; Corner Stone MT-113-LP (Zondervan SLP-471)
Little Marcy: Christmas is on its Way; Word K-706; 1973
7Jimmy McGriff: Christmas with McGriff; Sue LP-1018 (Springboard International/Mistletoe MLP-1205)
8Mighty Sparrow: Christmas with Sparrow; National NLP-4410 (Christmas classics--not calypso, in two deluxe editions --different jacket art-- both extremely rare)
8NORAD Tracks Santa/The NORAD Commanders; NORAD [no #] (Christmas/mod/spoken; famous tracking reports; Side 2's instrumentals are better)
7Korla Pandit: Christmas with Korla Pandit; Fantasy F-3350/8350
7The Paradise Islanders: Christmas in Hawaii; Decca DL-74122 (steel-guitar instrumentals)
7Don Patterson: Holiday Soul; Prestige PRST-7415; 1965
6Duke Pearson: Merry Ole Soul; Blue Note BST-84323; 1969
7The Quinto Sisters: Holly Jolly Christmas; Columbia CL-2254 (Xmas/kids)
7Pete Rodriguez: Christmas Boogaloo/Boogaloo Navideņo; Alegre SLPA-8610
6Dave Sellers: Christmas Guitars; Starday-King/Gusto/Power Pak LP-PO-503
7Red Simpson: Truckers' Christmas; Capitol ST-11231; 1973
6Red Sovine: Christmas with Red Sovine; Starday/Gusto SD-1040; 1978
5Ethel Smith: Christmas Music; Decca DL-8187 (reissues 10")
7Huey Smith & the Clowns: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas; Ace LP-1027 (also credits Dr. John Band)
8The Soulful Strings: The Magic of Christmas; Cadet LPS-814; 1968 (w/Dorothy Ashby, Phil Upchurch, Ron Steele, Bobby Christian, Lenard Druss)
8The Surfers: Christmas from Hawaii; HIFI R-410; 1959
7The Three Suns: A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!; RCA Victor LSP-2054; 1959
7Tiny Tim: Zoot Zoot Zoot--Here Comes Santa in his New Space Suit; Ra-Jo RLP-3000; 1981 (partly reissues Bruce Haack: Ebenezer Electric, except for title song & probable Ebenezer outtakes "Deck the Halls" & "Jingle Bells")
5The United States Air Force Presents Two Sides of Christmas; (pop; "It's Christmas:" USAF Academy Falconaires, Rosemary Clooney, Jack Halloran Choir; "Christmas at Opryland:" Archie Campbell, Dottie West, Charlie McCoy, Jordnaires)
6The Ventures' Christmas Album; Dolton BST-8038
6The Waikikis: Merry Christmas in Hawaii; Pye NPL-28063 (in US as Kapp KS-3444)
8Waimanalo Keikis [Mele Kalimaka]; Tradewinds TS-1129 (Hawaiian Xmas/kids)
Merrill Womach Sings Christmas Carols; Melody Divine LP-6801
6Uncredited: Dances of Hawaii--Ancient & Modern; Bowmar B-217 (Hawaiian/kids/Xmas; mostly Hawaiian chants; booklet; LA dance instruction company; partly Hawaiian Chistmas)
6Uncredited: The Six Million Dollar Man [Hear 4 Exciting Christmas Adventures]; Peter Pan 8208; 1978 (spoken, for kids)
8Uncredited/Various: Jingles; Berry/Conroy BMLP-109; 1974 (production)
6Various: Bluegrass Country Christmas; Starday/Gusto/Powerpak PO-317
6Various: A Christmas Record; Passport PB-6020; 1982/1981-2 (The Waitresses, James White & the Blacks; forgettable others)
8Various: Jingle Bell Jazz; Columbia CS-8693/CL-1893 (hip '60s jazz comp)
8Various: Mele Kalikimaka--A Hawaiian Christmas Party; Hula HS-522 (Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club, Nina Kealiiwahamana, Kent Bowman, Hilo Hattie, Maile Serenaders, Boyce Kaihiihikapuokalani)
6Various: Merry Christmas from Sesame Street; Children's Television Workshop CTW-25516; 1975 (Northern Calloway's "The Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street")
8Various: Santa's Gone Hawaiian!--A Christmas Fantasy; 49th State LP-3421 (spoken w/music)
7Various (Warner Bros. Stars): We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Warner Brothers WS-1337; 1959 (Edd Byrnes "Yulesville", Poncie Ponce, Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad, Roger Moore..)

Partly Christmas LPs

7Lou Adams & his Orchestra: Goombay Rhythms; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-19; 1956 (calypso/Christmas "Johnny Cake")
8Artie Barsamian: Minuteman Goes East; Virgo HP-1801 ("Jingle Bells")
7Mighty Bomber: Calypso Jamboree '66; Telco TL-5029 ("Merry Christmas"--calypso)
6O'Lyn Callahan Plays the Yamaha E-70: O'Lyn Vol. 2; Yamaha YR-5003 (organ/Christmas; "Russian Dance/Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy")
6Papa Candito en New York; Montilla FM-224 ("Rico Boogaloo" & "Papa Candito Boogaloo")
7Papa Candito: Alegrias Navidenas Vol. 2; Montilla FM-235 ("Christmas Boogaloo")
8Floyd Darden: Time for Melodies for the Drum; RKMP/HUB 128 (private press/kid funk/percussion/breakbeats/beatnik/Christmas; "Christmas with Little Drummer Boy"
7[Edward Dawson] Conliffe: Magic Drums; Murrau-Rivers LM-1; (c)1948 ("Bake the Johnny Cake Christmas Comin'"; w/Beacham Coakley, Bertram Lord, Jack Rocker, Robert Gordon, Charles Hermantin; w/4 Brasilian songs added as 12" LP Conliffe & his Native Musicians: Caribbean Holiday; Tempo 7002)
6Marlene Dietrich: Marlene--Songs in German by the Inimitable Marlene; Capitol of the World ST-10397 ("Little Drummer Boy")
8Nancy Dupree & Schoolkids: Ghetto Reality; Folkways FC-7520; 1970
7Wayne & Marin Foster: To-Get-It Together; Happynest SLP-007 (lounge act/funk/Mexicali/kid funk/Christmas "We Need a Little Xmas")
8Babs Gonzales: Sunday Afternoon at Small's Paradise; Audio Fidelity/Dauntless DM-4311; 1963 (live; "Be-Bop Santa Claus")
7Babs Gonzales: The Be-Bop Story; Expubidence EXP-004; 1971 ("Be-Bop Santa Claus" from Dauntless DM-4311)
6Babs Gonzales: Ghetto Street Poetry & Funk; Expubidence EXP-011; 1972 (comedy; "The Hippie Santa Clause")
6Robert Gordon: Rock Billy Boogie; RCA Victor AFL1-3294; 1979 (rockabilly/Christmas "Blue Christmas"/electric sitar "Walk On By")
8Rolf Harris: Al Together Now with Rolf Harris; EMI/MFP 5257; 1965 (U.K. compilation; "Six White Boomers")
7Rolf Harris: Instant Music!; Interfusion SITFL-934414 (Australian; UK recording featuring Bernard Ebbinghouse arrangements & a chorus of kids; remake of "Six White Boomers")
7Hilo Hattie: Tony Lease Presents Hilo Hattie--My Hawaii; Tony Lease Presents/Hui H-100 ("12 Days of Christmas")
7Luiz Henrique: Listen to Me; Mercury/Fontana MGF-27553 ("Song of Santa Claus/Papai Noel"; ES version is SRF-67553)
6Lord Invader: West Indian Folksongs for Children; Folkways FC-7744; 1961/1960 ("Christmas, Christmas")
8Shot Jackson & Jeff Newman; Mother's Favorite Tunes; Harvester 581-582 (steel/dobro/gospel/Christmas; "Silent Night, Holy Night")
5Dr. John: Zu Zu Man; Trip TLP-0518 ("Xmas in New Orleans")
8Jr. & his Soulettes: Psychodelic Sounds; HMM ("Rock 'n Roll Santa")
5Prince Kalani; Nalu NRS-82873 ("Hawaii's Santa")
6Jonathan Kemp w/John Chipman's Confidential Club Orchestra: Confidential Carnival; Island Artists LP-1002; 1956 ("Christmas Time in Nassau")
6[Jonathan Kemp &] The Confidential Club Orchestra: Goombay Carnival; MGM E-3359 ("Johnny Cake" & "Christmas Time in Nassau")
7Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Kirkatron; Warner Bros. BS-2982; 1977 ("Christmas Song"; partly live; features the Lyricon; w/Trudy Pitts, Billy Butler, Hilton Ruiz, Steve Turre..)
8Lord Kitchener: Kitch--King of Calypso; Melodisc MLP-12-129; ?/1953-61 (UK compilation of 12 cuts; "Drink a Rum")
8Lord Kitchener: Calypsos Too Hot to Handle; Melodisc MLP-12-200 (UK; 14 cuts; repeats "Drink a Rum" Xmas calypso from MLP-12-129)
8Lord Kitchener: Mr. Kitch; RCA Victor LPS-3030 (Trinidad; "Father Christmas")
6Eddie Layton: Better Layton Than Ever; Mercury SR-60031/MG-20377 (the versions have different track orders; "Winter Wonderland")
->Kay Martin & her Body Guards (all or most LPs partly Xmas) -- see torch
7Tony Monserrat: El Loco; Top Hits THS-1146 (Venezuelan; kids)
9[Gabby Pahinui with the] Sons of Hawaii [The Folk Music of Old Hawaii in Book & Record]; Panini KN-1001; 1971 ("I Love Christmas"; Eddie Kamae, Gabby Pahinui, Moe Keale, Joe Marshall, David Rogers)
6The Rudy Ray Moore Christmas Album: Merry Christmas, Baby; Kent KST-005
6Little Marcy: Marcy Favorites: 20 Songs from Her Best-Selling Albums; Corner Stone MT-115-LP (compilation; Zondervan SLP-473)
8Lord Nelson; NRC LP-1 ("Party for Santa Claus")
6Charlie Norman: Charlie...; Polar POLS-223; 1970 ("Tribute to Fats Waller"--Jingle Bells; w/Sabu Martinez)
7Flo Price: Christmas 2001; Lexicon/Light LS-5761; 1979 (Christian/Christmas/space-electronic)
4Robert C. Pritikin: There's a Song in My Saw; Pritikin & Gibbons P&G 108 ("I Sawed Mommy Kissing Santa Claus")
6Del Reeves: Santa's Boy; United Artists UAS-6528
6Pete Rugolo: Adventures in Rhythm; Philips B-07049-L ("Jingle Bells Mambo")
6Ethel Smith: Galloping Fingers; Decca DL-8456 ("Sleigh Ride")
6Irving Taylor: The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills; Warner Bros. WS-1254; 1959 ("Department Store Santa Claus")
7Wesley Thomas Combo: Calypso Session at Carlton; Tarco AT-901 ("Bake the Johnny Cake, Christmas Coming")
The Waikikis: Christmas in Hawaii; Pye GGL-0296 ("White Christmas" is the only Christmas tune!)
6Various: Rockin' Little Christmas; MCA 25084; 1986 (compilation)
4Various: Swing for a Crime; Jazzbo CR-SFC (compilation; "Beatnik's Wish")

Christmas 45s & EPs

7AKIM & the Teddy Van Production Comp.: Santa Claus is a Black Man/A Natural Santa; Simtone 2001; 1973 (kids/reggae/funky; dist. T.K.)
3Al & Dick & their Childrens' Chorus, featuring Little Mario: Wish You Merry Christmas/Santa Cwuz; Decca/Coral 9-62157 (kids)
5Johnnie Alvin: Santa Claus Wrecked My 'Lectric Train/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; Warner Bros. 5024 (kids; so awful there's kazoo)
7Louis Armstrong: The Night Before Christmas (narrated)/When the Saints Go Marching In; Continental CR-1001; 1971 (commerce; picture sleeve stickered "only 25c with the purchase of a carton of Kent, True, Newport, or Old Gold")
8The Harvey Averne Band: Let's Get it Together this Christmas (Averne)/Christmas Song (Mel Torme); Fania 551 (A-side funky vocal, B-side vibes w/barking dogs!)
5Les Baxter, Chorus & Orchestra: Santa Claus' Party/Hang Your Wishes on the Tree; Capitol F-2275; 1952
9Jim Backus w/Daws Butler: I Was a Teenage Reindeer/The Office Party; Dico D-101
5Molly Bee: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Willy Claus; Capitol F-2285 (pop; female vocal)
6The Bonnie Sisters: I Saw Mommy Cha Cha Cha with You Know Who?/Cry Baby; Rainbow 328 (Latin)
3George Bowers: Christopher the Christmas Tree/Lonely Christmas; Paramount PAA-0139 (country)
4The Brady Bunch: Frosty the Snowman/Silver Bells; Paramount PAA-0062 (kids)
5Sylvia & Les Waas: We Can't All Be Santa Clause Parts 1 & 2; W LW-1 (spoken novelty; vanity production or department store?)
8Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Star of "77 Sunset Strip": Yulesville/Lonely Christmas; Warner Bros. 5121 (A-side w/Warren Barker; B-side w/Don Ralke; picture sleeve)
8Connie Canuso: Somebody Painted Rudolph's Nose a Chocolate Brown; Applause 8-1246 (kids)
6Clarence Carter: That Old Time Feeling/Back Door Santa; Atlantic 2576 (bluesy/funky soul from LP 33-269)
5The Jimmy Castor Bunch: The Christmas Song/Merry Christmas; Atlantic 3302; 1975
8The Chambers Brothes: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year/Did You Stop to Pray this Morning; Columbia 4-45055 (funk/gospel)
8Little Cindy: Happy Birthday Jesus/He's Around When Everybody Turns You Down; Salem 2515 (kids/Christmas; A-side bizarre narrative, very puppetlike; from Virginia)
7Little Cindy: Happy Birthday Jesus/Willis Sisters: Blue Christmas; Columbia 4-41320 (kids/Christmas; A-side bizarre narrative, very puppetlike)
6Jimmy Dale & the Jimmys: Kangi--The Kangaroo (His Xmas Hula Hoop)/Three Little Froggies; Action XN-211 (Australia/Christmas; NJ address but both sides "Down Under" songs)
5Dancer, Prancer & Nervous--the singing reindeer: The Happy Reindeer/Dancer's Waltz; Capitol 4300 (kids/Christmas/novelty; no threat to Alvin)
8Dot Evans w/Rupert Clemendore: Kiss Me for Christmas/Nat Hepburn & March of Dimes Quartette: Christmas Calypso; Cook 30822
8Larry Foster: My Christmas Message to the World/My Son the Folk Monster; 20th Fox Records 325 (picture sleeve; A-side spoken impression of John F. Kennedy/B-side horror/monster; n.b.: not "20th Century Fox")
8Stan Freberg w/Daws Butler: Christmas Dragnet Parts 1 & 2; Capitol F-2671 (spoken w/theme intro; crime spoof)
7Stan Freberg w/Billy May's Music: Nuttin' for Christmas/The Night Before Christmas; Capitol F-3280 (novelty A-side "Vocal with Burglar"/B-side spoken w/music "Christmas Story(?)" w/Babette Bain--kids)
6Stan Freberg w/Billy May's Music: Green Chri$tma$/The Meaning of Christmas; Capitol F-4097 (w/The Jud Conlon Chorale)
6The Frogs: Alfie, the Christmas Tree/mono; Mums ZS7-6025; 1973 (w/whistling; arr. & prod. Hal Blaine!)
7Funk Machine: Soul Santa Parts 1 & 2; Creative Funk 12004; 1973
7Kathy Garver: Lem, the Orphan Reindeer/Opus Lem; Bell/B&H Aquarian 381 (arr. Jimmie Haskell)
2The Gorman Sisters (Barbara & Viv): Jesus is My Santa Claus/Silent Night; Arrow 721
3Dora Hall: Blue Christmas/Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree; Calamo PR-1024
6J. Hines & the Boys: A Funky Christmas to You/Funky Funk (Part 1); Nationwide N-100/101
6Georgie Holiday & the Little Holidays: Have a Gluey Christmas/Santa Mouse; Horton H-101 (kids)
6Hernando Hopkins: Notre Dame Victory March Cha Cha/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cha Cha; ABC-Paramount 9973 (Latin)
8Lord Invincible & the Tropical Spades: The 12 Days of Christmas/Sleigh Ride; Charmur ANT-1001 (calypso/steel pan)
Spike Jones: Socko the Smallest Snowball (?)/Barnyard Christmas; RCA Victor 8124
4Spike Jones & the Band that Plays for Fun, featuring Phil Phillips & the Rebels: I Want the South to Win the War for Christmas; Kapp 314X (A-side The Happy Harts: Let's All Sing for Christmas)
8Vic Jordan: Little Drummer Boy/Roy Wiggins: Blue Christmas; Gusto GO-123; 1974 (Christmas/steel guitar/banjo/bluegrass)
7George Kainapau w/Sam Koki & his Paradise Islanders: Silent Night/Mele Kalikimaka; Decca 9-27220 (Hawaiian/Xmas)
7Eartha Kitt: Santa Baby/Under the Bridges of Paris; RCA Victor 47-5502 (w/Henri René)
7Nothin' for Christmas/Je Cherche un Homme; RCA Victor 47-6319
Eartha Kitt: Nothin' for Christmas/Hey Jacques; RCA Victor
Eartha Kitt: This Year's Santa Baby/?; RCA Victor
9Becky Lamb: Little Becky's Christmas Wish/Go to Sleep Little Lamb; Warner Bros. 7154 (kids; spoken w/music)
7Brenda Lee: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree/Papa Noel; Decca 30776 (MCA 65027)
7Little Tommy: I Played a Trick on Santa Claus/Away in the Manger; Wan-dell D-1715 (Norristown, PA)
6The Little Kids: Santa Claus is Stuck in the Chimney/Tambourine Jingle (Jingle Bells); Tower 298 (like Chipmunks)
6Joe Loco: Merry Christmas from Joe Loco EP; Columbia B-2078 (White Christmas/Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Winter Wonderland/Jungle Bells)
4Bud Logan: (Old Mr. Winter) Here You Come Again/Sock it to Me Santa; RCA 47-9678
6Jenny Lynn: Gee! It's Christmas Day/Jingle Bells; Beta BR-1000 (kids)
7Sy Mann (w/Jean-Jacques Perrey): EP from Switched-On Santa; Pickwick 8912 (Tijuana Christmas/Jingle Bells/Christmas Bells/When Christmas Comes)
7Moonlion: The Little Drummer Boy/Laid Back; P.I.P. 6513; 1975 (A-side; disco)
7Marlene Paula: I Want to Spend Christmas with Elvis/Once More it's Christmas; Regent 7506
5Gayla Peevey: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas/Are My Ears on Straight?; Columbia J4-186
7Augie Rios: Donde esta Santa Claus?/Ol' Fatso; MGM/Metro K-20010 (kids)
5The Rockin' Stockin': Rockin'-Lang-Syne/Yulesville, U.S.A.; Sun 1960 (basic rock instrumentals)
8Root Boy Slim: Xmas at Kmart/Too Much Jawbone; Joe-Tel; 1978
3Mary Welch Rogers: Waffle House Christmas/Heading Home for the Holidays; Waffle U-20562
3[Don Charles Presents] The Singing Dogs: Jingle Bells/Oh Susanna; RCA Victor PA-10129
7Count "Rockin'" Sydney & his Dukes: Soul Christmas/instrumental; Goldband G-1184
7Ross Talbot: Christmas in Bermuda/Bermuda Farewell (picture sleeve; A-side original, not on LP!)
8Little Stevie Templeton (age 6): Little Tommy's Letter [to Santa]/I Wouldn't Miss it, Would You; Big 5 #4 (partly spoken)
7The Three Stooges: Christmas Time with; Rhino RNEP-606; 1983 (6-cut 12" EP; compilation/reissue)
7Tiny Tim: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/White Christmas; Vic-Tim V-1001 (dist. Audiofidelity)
7Sam Ulano: Santa & the Doodle-Li-Boop/The Story of Santa Claus; MGM SK37 (beatnik-y drummer Xmas novelty; writer credit is "Abel" which may be famous prankster Alan Abel)
6Joe Ward: Nuttin' for Xmas/Christmas Questions; King 8619 (kids)
8The Yeaworths: The Ballad of the Christmas Donkey/Oky-Doky-Tokyo; RCA Victor 47-8480
3Yogi Yorgesson w/Johnny Duffy & the Scandahoovians: Be Kind to the Street Corner Santa Claus/I Give Up!--What is it?; Capitol F-2978
6Uncredited: Commercial Music/Money Maker --7" 45--; Robert Hall Audition Record (Christmas/jingle services)
7Uncredited: Thematic Music/Thematic Music --7" 45--; Robert Hall Audition Record (Moog w/Christmas, mod, Brasil)

[Partly] Halloween/Monster/Horror LPs

6Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids: Halloween; Kids Stuff KS-029; 1980
6Chango: Honey is Sweeter than Blood; Mercury SRM-1-1103; 1976 ("Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"; Latin rock)
6Gabriel Dell: Famous Monsters Speak!; Golden/Wonderland/A.A. AR-3; 1973 (spoken w/sound effects; Frankenstein's Monster Talks/Dracula's Return)
8The Exciting Sound of Milton Delugg & his Orchestra: Music for Monsters, Munsters, Mummies, & Other TV Fiends; CBS/Epic LN-24125 (produced by Sonny Lester)
7Bill Doggett: High and Wide; King 633 ("Monster Party")
8Nancy Dupree & Schoolkids: Ghetto Reality; Folkways FC-7520; 1970
9Dean Hightower: Guitar Twangy--with a Beat; ABC-Paramount ABCS-312 (heavy contributions by George Barnes; "The Purple Monster")
8Boris Karloff & his Friends: An Evening with; Decca SL-4833 (spoken w/sound effects; from Universal film STs)
8Gene Moss: Dracula's Greatest Hits; RCA Victor LSP-2977; 1964 (horror/novelty/exotic/surf/dance rock; with Fred Rice & Billy Riley)
8Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross: High Flying with; Columbia CS-8475; 1961 ("Halloween Spooks")
7Various: Looney Tunes; K-Tel NU-9140; 1976 (compilation w/Jumpin' Gene Simons, John Zacherle..)

Halloween/Monster/Horror 45s

Monster; 20th Fox Records 325 (picture sleeve; A-side spoken impression of John F. Kennedy/B-side horror/monster; n.b.: not "20th Century Fox")
6Bill Doggett: Scott's Bluff/Monster Party; King 5176
7Gabe Garland & his Rocking Band: Cool Talk/Week-End Rock; Wynne W-14 (NYC; A-side features hip recitations of names of monsters)
7Danny Hutton: Big Bright Eyes/Monster Shindig Part 2; HBR 453
7J.C. & the Soul Angels: Angel's Theme/Nightmare Strut; Tammy T-1777 (instrumental guitar funk)
8Gene "Bow Legs" Miller: Frankenstein Walk/Everybody Got Soul; London/HI 2161
8Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers: Monster Mash/Monster Mash Party; London/Garpax 44167; 1961 (London 5N-59041)
7The Salmas Brothers w/Bumps Blackwell Orch.: Zombie/The Things I Love; Keen 1-2017 (from LA)
7John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul": Dinner with Drac Parts 1 & 2; Cameo C-130

[Partly] Thanksgiving LPs

5The Bama (The Village Poet, George McCord): Ghettos of the Mind; Chess CH-50032; 1972 ("Thanksgiving")

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