Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian music is one of the richest musical traditions in the world as well as the birthplace of the steel guitar, among other native instruments. Like the music of the calypso islands, Hawaiian can be sentimental and alluring or sly and hilarious. Hawaiian music reflects the hearty indigenous culture, the curious habits of the haole tourist, and the polyglot of ethnicities that bring change and variety to daily life.

Hawaiian music was tremendously popular just before and after Hawaii became the 50th of the United States. Webley Edwards and "Hawaii Calls" summoned thousands at least as far as the radio and television, if not the islands. And the 49th State label issued many of the best, early Hawaiian lps. A glut of inferior albums produced on the mainland in the 1960s removed much of the lustre, however. One rule of thumb in identifying the better ones: the longer the Hawaiian name, the more authentic!

Harry Owens, Hilo Hattie, Ed Kenney and others wrote some of the world's funniest songs as well as some of the beloved, sentimental standards usually associated with Hawaii. One of the more preposterous in this proud company, Sterling "Hula Cop" Mossman, detected with the Honolulu Police Department detective by day and nightly entertained at The Barefoot Bar as well as New York's Hawaiian Room, the Waldorf Astoria, and Miami's Fountainbleu. Also popular were the greats of steel guitar, such as Hal Aloma and Roy Smeck.

Kui Lee was a young star who died young but left a legacy of poetry and song that ushered in the modern Hawaii of Don Ho. In the early 1970s and later, refugees from Californian rock bands, such as legendary "Wipeout" originator Merrell Fankhauser, made wonderful records inspired by Maui, the search for lost continents, menehunes, etc.

Hawaiian LPs

13 Daughters--Original Cast; Mahalo M-3003
6Les Adams & his Honolulu Boys: In Hawaii 10"; Spotlight Varieties SV-26 (dir. William Flynn; Australia)
3Louise Akeo: Kodak Hula Show; Waikiki 302/102
2The Aliis; Paradise PP-818
7John Almeida & the Old-Timers w/Pua Almeida: My Son Pua; Waikiki LP-127
8Pua Almeida & his Polynesians: South Sea Island Magic 10"; MGM E260 (Hawaiian; w/Harry Baty, Sam Kaaupuni, Sol Kamahele Jr., Sam Koki)
8Pua Almeida & his Polynesians: South Sea Island Magic 12"; MGM E3545 (adds 4 cuts)
9Pua Almeida & his Polynesians: Poolside Music Hawaiiana; Waikiki 311/111 (partly jazz/swing
7Pua Almeida & his Polynesians: Surfrider; Waikiki 314/114 (partly jazz and Latin!)
8Pua Almeida Sings with [Billy Hew Len &] the Moana Surfriders; Tiki TRS-2001 (great label logo!)
Pua Almeida: [title unknown]; Maple MA-1008 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 8")
-Hal Aloma
6Ray Andrade: Song of the Islands; RCA Camden CAL-493; 1959
5Glen Auna & the West Hawaii Revue; Keamo Productions U-80197 (Hawaiian/lounge act/calypso/disco; Hawaiian cowboy song "Paniolo Country")
7George Barr & the Islanders: Music for Polynesian Dancing; Hoctor HLPS-4190; 1974? (directed by Loki Ontai)
9Keola & Kapono Beamer: Hawaii's Youngest Legends; Tantalus KK-1001; 1975 (slack key, with hit "Sweet Okole")
6Keola & Kapono Beamer: Honolulu City Lights; Paradise SLP-808
-more Keola & Kapono Beamer -- see Eddie Kamae & Jack de Mello, below
7Mahi Beamer: Hawaii's Mahi Beamer; Capitol ST-1282
7Mahi Beamer: More Authentic Island Songs by Mahi; Capitol ST-1698 (with family members, Pua Almeida, Danny K. Stewart, Charles K. Miller, Ben Kalama..)
8Kent Bowman: Pidgin English Children's Stories; Hula HS-502 (spoken; stories in Pidgin English)
Kent Bowman: Ka'umanua--Hawaii's Greatest Politician; Hula HS-516 (spoken; stories in Pidgin English)
8Kent Bowman: Hau Kea & the 7 Menehunes (Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs); Hula HS-526 (spoken; stories in Pidgin English)
7Kent Bowman: No Talk Stink; Hula HS-545 (spoken; stories in Pidgin English)
-Jerry Byrd -- see Odd Pop/steel guitar
8The Catamaran Boys & Mona Joy: Hawaiian Holiday; Aamco ALP-330
6The Brothers Cazimero: Proud Family; Mountain Apple Company MAC-2001; 1983 (produced by Jon de Mello)
7Sonny Chillingworth: Waimea Cowboy; Makaha MS-2003
8Sonny Chillingworth; Makaha MS-2014
8Sonny Chillingworth: Ka 'Aina 'O Hawaii (The Land of Hawaii); Makaha MS-2040
Sonny Chillingworth: Los Hawaiianos
Sonny Chillingworth: Aina O Hawaii
5Sonny Chillingworth: Rainbow; Lehua SL-7021; 1976
8Kuulei Clark Presents Hula Gems--Aloha Pumehana Serenaders; Poki SP-9013; 1976 (Hawaiian/two Maori songs)
6[George Hines &] Johnny Coco: The Hawaii Room--Melodies for Dancing from the Enchanted Islands; MGM E-3498; 1957 (Hawaiian/exotica/lounge act; partly jazz/swing)
6Johnny Coco: The Exotic Sounds of the Hawaii Kai; Columbia CS-2329 (Hawaiian/Polynesian/exotica/lounge act)
5Linda Dela Cruz: Linda, Hawaii's Canary; Tradewinds TS-118
5Charles K.L. Davis: Hawaii's Golden Favorites; Decca DL-74214
5Charles K.L. Davis Sings Songs from the Magic Islands; Decca DL-74276 (w/Henri Rene orch.)
5[Ray Kinney Presents:] Charles K.L. Davis at the Royal Hawaiian; Everest SDBR-1015; 1958
5Charles K.L. Davis w/Tom "Komaki" Monte: Songs of Hawaii; Everest SDBR-1060; 1959
5Charles K.L. Davis: Adventures in Paradise; Everest SDBR-1106; 1960
Charles K.L. Davis: At Home; Hula HS-532
8Charles K.L. Davis: Hawaii's Yesterday; Hana Hou H-35001 (w/Jerry Byrd, Ben Kalama, Sonny Kamahele, Norm Isaacs)
8Diamond Head Beach Boys: Songs from Diamond Head--Hawaiian Music from the Films; Mahalo M-4005; c.1963 (jacket: "Songs from Diamond Head & Other Hawaiian Music from the Films")
5Diamond Head Beachcombers: Music Inspired by "Diamond Head"; Colpix SCP-439
-Webley Edwards -- see Hawaii Calls
-Merrell Fankhauser [& the Maui Band] -- see Odd Pop/psyche
7Chick Floyd: Hula-La; Liberty LST-7106; 1958 (Hawaiian, exotica, Tahitian)
7Chick Floyd: Little Grass Shack; Liberty LST-7129 (Hawaiian)
6Buddy Fo's New Hawaii; Capitol ST-2879 (Fo is ex-Martin Denny Group, then leader of the Invitations)
6[Folkways]: Hawaiian Chant, Hula, & Music; Folkways FW-8750; 1962
7Leinaala Haili: Leinaala; Makaha M-2022
7Leinaala Haili: Hanohano Olinda (w/Sonny Chillingworth); Makaha MS-2029
8The Halo Hawaiians: [We are having a] Holiday in Hawaii; Halo 50263 (Hawaiian steel guitar/Hawaiian; uncredited authentic group despite ridiculous jacket of mainland boy & dog)
9Hilo Hattie at the Hawaiian Village; Paradise HH-100 (live at Tapa Room w/the Hawaiian Village Serenaders)
7Hilo Hattie with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders, Lani, & the Hilton Hula Maids: Hilo Hattie at the Tapa Room; RCA Victor LSP-3442; 1965 (live)
7Hilo Hattie: Tony Lease Presents Hilo Hattie--My Hawaii; Tony Lease Presents/Hui H-100
6Haunani: Trade Wind Islands; Capitol ST-1203; 1959 (Haunani Kahalewai; Hawaiian with 1 Tahitian & 1 Fijian song)
7Haunani: Moon of the Southern Seas; Capitol ST-1381
6Haunani! [Hawaii's Favorite Singing Star]; Capitol ST-1700; 1962
8Haunani: The Voice of Hawaii; Decca DL-74561 (Haunani Kahalewai)
7Haunani: Aloha from Haunani; Decca DL-74705
6Haunani: Island Spotlight on Haunani; Decca DL-74895
7Haunani: From Hawaii with Love; Decca DL-75013
7The Hawaiian Islanders: Enchantment from Hawaii; Cameo SC-1035 (w/some Tahitian tunes, a Ted Auletta original, & a hula-jazz treatment of "On the Beach at Waikiki")
5The Hawaiian Islanders: Hawaii Tattoo; Cameo/Wyncote SW-9087
4The Hawaiian Islanders: Hawaiian Enchantment; Cameo/Wyncote SW-9131
6The Hawaiian Surfers Orchestra: Songs of the Islands; Musicor MS-3054/MM-2054 (steel-guitar w/some voice; NOT the famous [Hawaiian] Surfers vocal group!--see "The Surfers" below for them)
-Hawaii Calls
8Myrtle K. Hilo: The Singing Cab Driver; Makaha MS-2053
Myrtle K. Hilo: Will You Love Me When My Carburetor is Busted?; Makaha M-2062 (wanted!)
9Myrtle K. Hilo: Mahalo Plenty; Lehua SL-7009; 1973 (partly jazzy, swings)
6The Hilo Kalimas: Your Musical Trip Around the Island of Hawaii; Hula HS-505 (London SW-99398)
6Hilton Hawaiian Village Presents Berne Hal-Mann; Sounds of Hawaii SH-5008 (Hawaiian/Latin jazz/bossa)
7Don Ho: The Don Ho Show; Reprise 6161
6Don Ho: Again!; Reprise 6186
6Don Ho: You're Gonna Hear from Me; Reprise 6219
6Don Ho: Tiny Bubbles; Reprise 6232
6Don Ho: East Coast--West Coast; Reprise 6244
6Don Ho Christmas Album; Reprise RS-6265
6Don Ho Creates Instant Happy; Reprise RS-6283
6Don Ho & the Aliis Recorded Live: Suck 'Em Up; Reprise RS-6331
6Don Ho: Singer Presents Don & the Aliis; Reprise PRO-286
6Don Ho: Cinerama Presents Don Ho Live at the Polynesian Palace; Reprise PRO-459
The Honolulu Boy Choir: The Voices of Aloha; Lehua
6The Honolulu Boy Choir: Christmas in Hawaii; Lehua SL-7047; 1980
8Harry Hoomele & his Island Orchestra: Hawaii Calls; Grand Award GA-237-SD/GA-33-405 (Hawaiian/exotic rock)
9Hui Ohana [Young Hawaii Plays Old Hawaii]; Lehua SL-7006 (first LP)
Hui Ohana: Mama; Poki SP-9004
8Hui Ohana: Ono; Poki SP-9010; 1976 (ukulele solo instrumental: "Granada")
7Hula Hou: Kawai; Okala OKLP-101; 1983
7The Invitations w/Russ Garcia: R.S.V.P.; Liberty LST-7117 (leader Buddy Fo)
6The Invitations w/Billy May; Liberty LST-7145; 1960
7The Invitations: Kiss Me Love; Makaha MS-2031 (1964 or later)
6[Marlene Sai with] Buddy Fo & the Invitations; Makaha MS-2033 (1964 or later)
8The Island-Aires in a Hawaiian Interlude; Romance IA-711 (Hawaii/lounge act/Tahiti/exotica "Bali Hai")
7Bernie Kaai & his Hawaiians: Polynesian & Hawaiian Music 10"; Royale 1887 (hapa-Hawaiian music)
Duke Kahanamoku: Beachboy Party; Duke 101
8Iawalani Kahalewai: An Hawaiian Happening; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5029 (partly exotic rock)
7The Kahauanu Lake Trio: Hawaiian Style; Hula HS-508
The Kahauanu Lake Trio: At the Halekulani; Hula HS-511
7The Kahauanu Lake Trio: Hapa-Haole Hulas; Hula HS-515 (live)
7The Kahauanu Lake Trio: At the Kaimana; Hula HS-525
8The Kahauanu Lake Trio: He Aloha No O Honolulu; Hula HS-533
6Haleloke Kahauolopua w/Arthur Godfrey & the Mariners: Hawaiian Blossoms 10"; Columbia CL-6190
7Lani Kai w/Chick Floyd: Island Love Songs; Decca DL-74334
7[Royal Hawaiian Serenaders with] George Kainapau: Favorite Hawaiian Songs 10"; Bell BL-1000
6George Kainapau w/Danny Stewart's Hawaiians: Souvenirs of Hawaii 10"; Decca DL-5319
6George Kainapau w/Danny Stewart's Hawaiians & Sam Koki & his Paradise Islanders: Your Musical Holiday in Hawaii; Decca DL-8138
8George Kainapau: The Golden Voice of Hawaii; Decca DL-74059
5George Kainapau & the Hawaiians: Dreams of Hawaii; Urania UR-9011
6Charles Kaipo [Miller, Jr.]: Easy Hulas; Mahalo M-4001; 1962
Charles Kaipo: Sophisticated Hulas; Mahalo M-4002
6Charles Kaipo Miller Serenaders: The Heart of Hawaii; GNP/Crescendo GNP-54
Bill Kaiwa & the Sons of Hawaii: ...Sings at Maaunalahilahi; Hula HS-519
6Bill Kaiwa: More from...the Boy from Laupahoehoe; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5018
5Kaiwaza: Hawaiian Holiday; Wyncote W-9006
6Benny Kalama & the Hawaiian Village Serenaders: Echoes of Hawaii; Decca DL-8261
7Benny Kalama & his Hawaiian Village Serenaders: Around the Island in 80 Shakes; Decca DL-74310
5Prince Kalani; Nalu NRS-82873
6Danny Kaleikini: Danny; Trim TLP-1973
5Danny Kaleikini: Hula Eyes; Trim TLP-1977; 1974
7Prince Kalua & the Tropical Islanders: Hawaii's Greatest Hits; Columbia/Epic BN-26055; 1963
Eddie Kamae: Heart of the Ukulele; Mahalo M-3002
7[Eddie Kamae &] Sons of Hawaii: The Music of Hawaii; National Geographic Society 706; 1974 (deluxe "Sounds of the World" series with inner leaves; with Keola & Kapono Beamer and others)
8Eddie Kamae & Sons of Hawaii; Panini KN-1001; 1971 (super-deluxe Island Heritage Production; gatefold with thick booklet; with Gabby Pahinui)
8Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 1001
8Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 2002; 1976
8Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 3003; 1977
7Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii: Christmas Time with Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 4004; 1978 (Hawaii/Christmas/kids featuring the Honolulu Boy Choir)
7Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons of Hawaii: Ho'omau; Hawaii Sons 5005; 1979
8Eddie Kamae Presents Sons of Hawaii: Grassroots Music; Hawaii Sons 6006; 1980 (with two Hawaiian cowboy songs)
8Gabby Pahinui with the Sons of Hawaii; Hula HS-503
7[Gabby Pahinui with the] Sons of Hawaii: Music of Old Hawaii; Hula HS-506 (London SW-99396)
9[Gabby Pahinui with the] Sons of Hawaii [The Folk Music of Old Hawaii in Book & Record]; Panini KN-1001; 1971 (Eddie Kamae, Gabby Pahinui, Moe Keale, Joe Marshall, David Rogers)
7Sonny Kamahele & his Surf Serenaders: Sounds of Hawaii; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5020 (Sol Kamahele, Sr.)
7Sonny Kamahele & the Surf Serenaders: Waikiki Calls; Decca DL-74820 (reissues Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5020 except "Moonlight on Diamond Head" replaces "Hawaiian War Chant")
7Sonny Kamahele & the Surf Serenaders: Say a Sweet Aloha; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5027
7Sonny Kamahele & Mel Abe: Beautiful Hawaiian Steel Guitar; Maple MA-1001 (Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 11")
7Duke Kamoku & his Islanders: Golden Hawaiian Hits; GNP/Crescendo GNP-73
7Kamuela & his South Sea Islanders: Blue Hawaii; Waldorf Music Hall MHK 33-1219
7Kamuela & his South Sea Islanders: Hawaiian Hits; Waldorf Music Hall MHK SD-1402
8Raymond Kane: Master of the Slack Key Guitar; Rounder 6020; 1988 (music from the 1987 film Hawaiian Rainbow, featuring as boom-mike operator the sister of yours truly!)
7Wainani Kanealii: Songs of the Pacific; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5021 (Hawaii/Tahiti/Fiji/Samoa; vocal with slack key)
8Danny Kapoi Trio at the Sheraton-Maui; Makaha MS-2046; 1965
8Sam Kapu [Recorded Live at Queens Surf Hotel...Waikiki Beach, Honolulu]; Hana Ho HS-6702; 1965 or '66 (Hawaii/mod/kid funk/lounge act; in the Don Ho/Aliis mod vein)
7Kaupena & Pele: Mele Inoa--Authentic Hawaiian Chants; Poki SP-9003; 1974
7Prince Kawohi & the Luau Boys: At the Luau; RCA Victor LPM-1043; 1955
6William Kealoha: Hawaiian Luau; Roulette SR-25066 (partly Hula jazz)
-Genoa Keawe's 49th State Hawaii Records -- see 49th State
9Genoa Keawe: Party Hulas; Hula HS-507
8Genoa Keawe Sings Luau Hulas; Hula HS-514
9Genoa Keawe: All Time Hula Favorites; Poki SP-9001; 1974
6Ed Kekaula & the Reef Hawaiians: Aloha Memories; Noelani NRS-101 (arr. Maddy K. Lam; house band at the Chief's Hut, Cinerama Reef Hotel)
5Eddie Kekaula: Hawaii's Golden Voice; Kekaula Productions Limited KPL-1001 (w/Jerry Byrd)
6Eddie Kekaula: A Raft of Memories; Century 41633
7Eddie Kekaula Sings Alfred Alpaka Favorites; Kolapa KP-107; 1974 (all-star group: Benny Kalama, Pua Almeida, Sonny Kamahele, Barney Isaacs, Jimmy Kaopiuli)
6Eddie Kekaula & his King Serenaders/Doug Mossman (narrator): Only in Hawaii--A Native Guide for Visitors to Hawaii; Inat (no #)
6Ed Kenney: My Hawaii; Columbia CS-8142 (w/Luther Henderson)
7Ed Kenney: The Exotic Sounds of the Spice Islands; Columbia CS-8283 (w/Dick Hyman, exotica)
7Ed Kenney's Hawaii; ABC-Paramount ABCS-406 (w/Chick Floyd)
6Ed Kenney: Waikiki; Decca DL-74703
7Ed Kenney's Hawaii; Decca DL-74877
7Ed Kenney: Live at the Royal Hawaiian Luau; Decca DL-74991
8Ed Kenney w/Benny Kalama & the Hawaiian Village Serenaders: Somewhere in Hawaii Ed Kenney Sings [from the Songbook of Todaro & Johnston]; Waikiki LP-126 (hapa haole)
6King Keoni & his Islanders: This is Hawaii; Murbo ML-6004 (steel-guitar instrumentals)
7Kilauea with on Kualii & the Aloha Tradewinds: Hello Hawaii; Maile 1001 (deluxe gatefold tourist LP; partly jazzy/steel)
7Ray Kinney & his Coral Islanders: Remember Waikiki; Liberty LRP-3054; 1957
6Ray Kinney/Harold Hakuole & the Villagers/Nalani/The Kuuipos: Luau at Waikiki; RCA Victor LSP-2885; 1969 (Hilton Hawaiian Village)
6Sam Koki & the Paradise Islanders: Surfin' at Waikiki; Kapp KL-1321; 1963
6Sam Koki & the Paradise Islanders with the Waikiki Strings: Aloha!; Kapp KS-3233
6Kealoha Kono & his Orchestra: Vacation Sounds of Hawaii; Western World WL-504 (obscure PA LP w/surf sounds & steel guitar; surf-photo jacket)
7Danny Kuaana: Holiday in Hawaii; Capitol T-169
8George Kuo: Nahenahe--Soft, Sweet, & Gentle Music; Hula HS-576; 1981 (slack key)
8Leonard Kwan/Raymond Kane: Party Songs-Hawaiian Style Volume 2; Tradewinds TS-104/TR-104; 1964 (Ray Kane's first record)
8Leonard Kwan/Raymond Kane: Slack Key Guitar in Stereo; Tradewinds TS-106
9Leonard Kwan: Slack Key by Leonard Kwan "The Old Way"; Tradewinds TS-1128
7Akoni Lani & his Islanders: Hawaiian Favorites 10"; Tops Masterpieces L-935-69 (1st jacket brown on green, 2nd black on red)
7Akoni Lani & his Islanders/Danny K. Stewart & his Aloha Boys: Hawaiian Favorites; Tops Masterpieces 9517S (12" reissue of two 78 albums or 10" LP sets; also as Hudson/Acorn 672)
7Kui Lee: The Extraordinary Kui Lee; Columbia CS-9403
7[The Polynesians &] Lani Lehua & the Surfers: Tradewinds to Hawaii; Modern MST-820 (Hawaiian/steel; songs with surf sounds; rest --such as "The Hawaiian Tale"-- likely by the Polynesians)
5Luke Leilani: Hawaiian Delights; Premier 1010 ("Hawaii 5-0")
9Leianaala; Makaha M-2022 (superb young fan of Lena Machado)
7Leon & Malia: Mokulana; Banyan BR-700; 1979 (bizarre spoken kids LP about menehune, w/Sol K. Bright, Sr.)
7Robert Melvin (Lucky) Luck: Have Fun With Lucky; Mahalo M-3007 (with Chick Floyd)
6Chuck Machado's Luau; CPM 9318 (live, various artists retinue)
9Lena Machado with Andy Cummings & his Hawaiian Serenaders: Songbird of Hawaii; Columbia/Harmony HL-7182
8Lena Machado: Hawaii's "Song Bird"; South Seas SS-1000 ("enhanced for stereo")
8Jimmie Mackenzie, Mayor of Waikiki, Presents This Evening in Hawaii; Mackenzie MAC-200 (w/Sonny Kamahele, Pua Almeida, Chick Floyd, De Wayne Fulton, members of Hawaii Calls & Sterling Mossman's Barefoot Gang..)
7Maile Serenaders: Let's Hula; Hula HS-500 (Warner Bros. WS-1550; 1963; w/hula instruction booklet; Nina Kealiiwahamana/Ben Kalama/Danny Stewart..)
7Maile Serenaders: Evening in the Islands; Hula HS-509 (Warner Bros. WS-1584; Gabby Pahinui, Eddie Kamae, Eddie Pang, Barney Isaacs..)
7Maile Serenaders: Kani Ka Pila!; Hula HS-517
8Maile Serenaders: Kani Ka Pila! Vol. 2; Hula HS-531
7Sam Makia & his Waikikians: On the Beach at Waikiki 10"; RCA Victor LPM-3060
7Sam Makia & his Islanders: Hawaiian Holiday; Mercury MG-20158; 1957
6Sam Makia & his Hawaiians: Dreams of the Islands; Urania USD-2027/UR-9027 (with different artwork as US-59027)
6Sam Makia & his Hawaiians: Hawaiian Dreams; Forum Circle 7GS-2108/7G-108 (reissues Urania with different jacket art)
7Sam Makia & his Royal Islanders: 15 Hawaiian Favorites; Musicor MS-3146/MM-2146 (or as How to Hula at Home; MusicVoice MS-3013/MM-2013; abridged as Hawaiian Favorites; Springboard SPB-4064)
6Sam Makia & his Islanders: The Lure of Hawaii; Riverside RLP-97503
6Sam Makia & the Makapuu Beach Boys: Hawaii in Stereo; Kapp KS-3027 (with orch. dir. Frank Hunter; jacket photo of King Kamehameha statue)
6Sam Makia & his Islanders: Songs of the Islands; Onacrest ONA-5006 (with different jacket art on sister label as 12 Exciting Instrumental Hits from Hawaii--Songs of the Islands; Surrey SS-1035)
6Sam Makia & his Hawaiian Islanders: Hawaiian Party; Tifton TS-83 (live)
4Lelani Malani, Eddy Kealoha, & the Islanders: Polynesia--Exotic Rhythms of the South Seas; Sutton SSU-337 (Hawaiian despite the theme)
4Malekowa & the Trade Winds: Hawaiian Guitars; Time S-2181
4Malekowa & the Trade Winds: Guitars & Ukuleles; Time S-2193
6The Maue Surfers: The Sounds of Hawaii; Mio International MUS-5001 (steel-led instrumentals on Pete Terrace's label!)
5The Mauna Loa Islanders: Music of the Islands; RCA Victor LSP-2061; 1959
3The Mauna Loa Islanders: Hawaiian Punch; RCA Victor LSP-2295; 1961
7The Mauna Loa Serenaders: Hawaiian Holiday; World Wide MGS-20012
7Lani McIntire: Hawaiian Nights 10"; MGM E-521 (with Sam Makia; 6 of the 8 cuts reissued on 12" split with Hal Aloma)
7Lani McIntire: Hawaiian Melodies; Hudson 242 (reissues 78s fallen into public domain)
8Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians: The Heart of the Islands in Song; Royale 1433 (reissues 78s fallen into public domain; notable for "Little Menehunes" & early steel-guitar jazz "Steel Guitar")
6Lani McIntire/Hal Aloma: Hawaiian Memories; MGM E3273 (reissues 78s and partly MGM 10" LPs)
Jack de Mello Singers: Hawaii Sings; Music of Polynesia 600
Jack de Mello: Music of Hawaii, Vol. 1; Music of Polynesia 7848
Jack de Mello: Music of Hawaii, Vol. 2; Music of Polynesia
4Jack de Mello Plays the Music of Kui Lee; Music of Polynesia MPS-2000
4Jack de Mello: The Wonderful World of Aloha; Music of Polynesia MOPS-4000 (Dot DLP-25886)
8Jack de Mello: The World of Kui Lee; Music of Polynesia MOP-12000 (3-LP box, the last disc of which is incredible)
3Jack de Mello: In Concert; Music of Polynesia MOP-15000; 1971 (3-LP box)
Jack de Mello Presents The Adventures of Coconut Willie & Pukahead, the Magic Menehune; Music of Polynesia MOP-19000 (kids)
7Jack de Mello Presents Keola Beamer: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar in the Real Old Style; Music of Polynesia MOP-22000
7Jack de Mello Presents Legends of Hawaii by Kamokila; Rainbow R-LP-100; 1957 (spoken)
7Jack de Mello Presents Legends of Hawaii by Kamokila; [stereo; original issue unknown]; 1964 (spoken)
7Jack de Mello Presents Legends of Hawaii by Kamokila; Music of Polynesia MOP-27000; 1972?/1957-64 (2-LP box; reissue)
Jack de Mello Presents Keola & Kapono Beamer: This is Our Island Home--We are Her Sons; Music of Polynesia MOP-29000
8Jack de Mello Presents Steel Guitar Magic Hawaiian Style; Music of Polynesia MOP-31000
Jack de Mello: Journey Through Polynesia; Music of Polynesia MOP-33000
7Jack de Mello Presents Keola & Kapono Beamer Volume III--Hawaii Then & Now; Music of Polynesia MOP-35000
[Jack de Mello Presents] Bunny Brown's Hawaiians at Waiakea Village, Dreams of Old Hawaii; Music of Polynesia MOP-36000
Jack de Mello Presents J&R: The Days of My Youth; Music of Polynesia MOP-37000
7Jack de Mello Presents Nina Kealiiwahamana: Na Mele O Hawaii 1844; Music of Polynesia MOP-39000; 1976 (tribute to Rev. Lorenzo Lyons' 1844 hymnal book)
[Jack de Mello Presents] The Musical Saga of the Hokule'a; Music of Polynesia MOP-43000
[Jack de Mello Presents] Marlene Sai: Song for Honolulu; Music of Polynesia MOP-44000
Jack de Mello: Hawaii--A Musical Portrait Volume I; Music of Polynesia MOP-45000
Jack de Mello: Hawaii--A Musical Portrait Volume II; Music of Polynesia MOP-46000
Jack de Mello & his East-West Connection; JDM-103
Jack de Mello Presents Hawaiian Music for Your Hawaiian Picture Show; Music of Polynesia MOP-052; 1978 (uncredited; steel guitar/ukulele instrumentals)
3Jack de Mello: Voices in Paradise; Dot DLP-25884 (mush)
Jack de Mello Remembers Kui Lee; Dot DLP-25885
7Ernie Menehune Presents Enchanting Songs of the Islands: Back to Aloha Land; Heath/Roadrunner S-1313
6Peter Moon: Tropical Storm; Panini PS-1009; 1979/1978-9 (Hawaii/space rock "UFO"; with Milt Holland)
6Peter Moon Band: Cane Fire; Panini PS-1012; 1982/1981-2
9Sterling Mossman: Happy in Hawaii; Decca DL-8833
8Sterling Mossman at "The Barefoot Bar"; Decca DL-74178
7Jesse Nakooka: 54 Bridges to Hana, Maui, USA; Kihei KRS-1001 (backed by the Namelekanis)
6Nat!; First Break 7002; 1978 (LP debut of a well-known Hawaiian beach boy; w/musical saw, steel guitar..)
4New Hawaiian Band (Ohta, Almeida, Kamahele, Isaacs..): Hawaii's Greatest Hits; Decca DL-74952
7The New Hawaiian Band; Trim TLP-1975 (Ohta-San, Benny Saks, Jimmy Kaopuiki, Barney Isaacs, Pua Almeida, Jerry Byrd, Sonny Kamahele)
6The Oahu Serenaders: Hawaiian Holiday; Golden Tone 4086
8Ohta-San: Ukulele Isle; Decca DL-74704 (Herb Ohta)
7Ohta-San: Soul Time in Hawaii; Decca DL-74894
6Ohta-San: "The Cool Touch" of Ohta San; Surfside SF-101
5Ohta-San: Cool Strings & Ohta San; Surfside SF-102; 1968
6Ohta San's New Thing; Surfside SF-103
Ohta-San: The Look of Love; Surfside SF-104
6Ohta-San: Hawaii Five-O; Surfside SF-107
Ohta-San: Love Story; Surfside SF-108
8Ohta-San: Stringed-Out; Surfside SF-109 (hip, funky)
7Ohta-San's Pacific Potpourri; Lehua SL-7005 (partly rock, jazz, bossa)
5Herb Ohta Meets Andre Popp; Bohta BRS-6000 (year unknown but has likely first version of "Song for Anna")
5Herb Ohta: Song for Anna; A&M SP-3651; 1973 (hit song, famous sample)
6Herb Ohta: Feelings; A&M SP-4541; 1975 (partly funky)
8Ohta-San: The Many Moods of Ohta-San; Discos Tropical ST-6002; 1976
6Ohta-San: Instrumental Hawaiian Favorites; Poki SP-9002; 1976
8Ohta-San: Hawaiian Mood; Poki SP-9024; 1977
Ohta-San: Contemporary Hawaiian Mood; Poki SP-9036
6Ohta-San: Hawaiian Musical Treasures; Hawai'i Aloha SH-8001; 1980
8Ohta-San: Where is My Love Tonight CD; Roy Sakuma Productions RSCD-3888; 1993
3The Outriggers: Rapture; Warner Bros. WL-1224
6The Outriggers: Captivation; Warner Bros. WS-1314; 1959
6The Outriggers: Surrender; Warner Bros. WS-1376; 1960
4The Outriggers: Golden Hits of Hawaii; Warner Bros. WS-1549; 1960
8Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians, featuring Hilo Hattie: Hawaiian Melodies 10"; Columbia CL-6030
7Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians: Hawaii 10"; Capitol T-238
6Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians: Voices of the Trade Winds; Capitol T-333 (strings, steel; dated but classic)
6Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians: Polynesian Holiday; Capitol T-804; 1957 (D1 press green label, D3 spectral)
7Harry Owens & the Royal Hawaiians: Great Songs of Hawaii; Dot/Hamilton HLP-12141
-Paul Page [& w/Jerry Byrd] -- see exotica
8Gabby Pahinui with the Sons of Hawaii; Hula HS-503
7[Gabby Pahinui with the] Sons of Hawaii: Music of Old Hawaii; Hula HS-506 (London SW-99396)
9[Gabby Pahinui with the] Sons of Hawaii [The Folk Music of Old Hawaii in Book & Record]; Panini KN-1001; 1971 (Eddie Kamae, Gabby Pahinui, Moe Keale, Joe Marshall, David Rogers)
7Gabby Pahinui/Alvin Kalanikau Isaacs, Jr.: Hawaiian Slack Key; Waikiki 320 (with three Tahitian tunes)
8Gabby Pahinui: Best of the Gabby Band [1972-77]; Panini PS-1010; 1980/1972-6 (compilation; with Ry Cooder, Milt Holland, Sonny Chillingworth..)
5George Paoa: To Make You Love Me Kuu Ipo; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5003
7George Paoa: Strolling in Lahaina George Paoa; Pua Kea PKRS-2001; 1977 (Don Ho/lounge-act kine)
7The Paradise Islanders: Christmas in Hawaii; Decca DL-74122 (steel-guitar instrumentals)
7The Rene Paulo Group: Heat Wave; HI-FI/Life L-1012
6The Rene Paulo Group: Whispering Sands; HI-FI/Life L-1019 (covers "Petticoat Junction" theme)
6Rene Paulo: Here is Happiness; Mahalo M-3001
6Rene Paulo Plays in Person; Mahalo M-3004 (live)
7Rene Paulo & Group featuring Akemi: Forever More; P&N PNS-1001 (Hawaii/exotica "Next Door to Paradise"/piano/Japan/mod bossa "Love You Tokyo")
6Al Kealoha Perry & his Singing Surfriders: Hawaiian Chants 10"; Decca DL-5237 (also on Al Perry's Favorite Hawaiian Chants & Hulas; Decca DL-8258)
6Al Kealoha Perry & his Singing Surfriders: Hulas 10"; Decca DL-5245 (also on Al Perry's Favorite Hawaiian Chants & Hulas; Decca DL-8258)
5Johnny Pineapple/Andy Iona: Moonlight Magic; Decca DL-8725
5Johnny Pineapple & his Islanders: Hawaii; Audio Fidelity AFSD-5850; 1959
7Johnny Poi & the Oahu Islanders: Aloha Hawaii; Design DLP-130
7[The Polynesians &] Lani Lehua & the Surfers: Tradewinds to Hawaii; Modern MST-820 (Hawaiian/steel; songs with surf sounds; rest --such as "The Hawaiian Tale"-- likely by the Polynesians)
8The Polynesians: Polynesia; Crown CLP-5136 (Tahitian; Harry Baty, Sam Kaapuni, Bob Nichols, with Ben Chapman and Freddie & Ernie Tavqres)
7The Polynesians: Beautiful Hawaii; Crown CLP-5191 (Hawaiian/Tahitian; Harry Baty, Sam Kaapuni, Bob Nichols)
7The Polynesians: The Magic of Hawaii; Crown/Custom CS-1089 (Hawaiian/Tahitian/Chinese; Harry Baty, Sam Kaapuni, Bob Nichols)
-Ben Rogers -- see 49th State Hawaii Records
6Marlene Sai with Buddy Fo & the Invitations; Makaha MS-2033
6Dick & Tiki Sauft w/the Hawaiian Islanders: Totally Hawaiian; Fiesta FLPS-1875; 1979 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
7Emma Sharpe: Lahaina's Fabulous Emma Sharpe--Recorded Live at Discovery Room, Sheraton-Maui Hotel; Tradewinds TS-1120 (live; drums, chants)
6Buckie Shirakata & his Aloha Hawaiians: Hawaiian; Teichiku ST-54-5 (2-LP)
7Captain Walter J. Smith & Sons: Sailing Along the Wailua River; [no label] LPS-100 (spoken w/music: narrated guided tour)
-Society of Seven -- see Odd Pop/lounge acts
-The Sons of Hawaii (Gabby Pahinui, Eddie Kamae..) -- see Kamae & Pahinui, above
8Eddie Spencer & the Queen's Men: East is West in Hawaii (jacket: [Various:] East is East & West is West & the Twain Shall Meet in Hawaii); Waikiki 313/113 (Hawaii/Tahiti; Eddie Spencer, Phyllis, Jose Secritario, Gaby Pahinui)
8Johnny Spencer & the Kona Koasters: s'Pacifica; Imperial LP-9076 (exotica/Hawaiian/Tahitian/Latin; other recordings by them are on the Waikiki label)
6The Stars of Hawaii Orchestra: Hawaiian Guitar; RCA Victor LPM-1384; 1957 (steel guitar; led by Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs)
6Danny Kalauawa Stewart & his Aloha Boys 10"; [label unknown]
6Danny Stewart & his Islanders: From Here to Eternity 10"; Coral CRL-56105; (c)1953
7Danny Stewart & his Islanders: Song of the Islands; Coral CRL-57059 (excellent tone!)
6Danny Stewart: Dance the Hula in the Moonlight; Coral CRL-57122
6Danny Stewart--Sam Koki & the Paradise Islanders: Honolulu at Midnight; Decca DL-8568 (all original steel-led instrumentals; w/Pua Almeida)
7The Surfers: On the Rocks; HIFI SR-408 (debut LP by top vocal group: Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching--also known as The Hawaiian Surfers)
8The Surfers: Christmas from Hawaii; HIFI SR-410; 1959
8The Surfers: At High Tide; HIFI SR-411 (plenty of exotica standards)
8The Surfers: Christmas from Hawaii; HIFI SR-410; 1959
8The Surfers: Tahiti; HIFI R-417
7The Surfers: The Islands Call; HIFI R-427
8The Surfers Sing Hit Movie Songs from the Exotic Islands; Warner Bros. WS-1493; 1963
7The Hawaiian Surfers at Duke Kahanamoku's; Decca DL-74562 (Hawaiian/exotica/Tahitian; live in Waikiki w/photo & endorsement by Duke Kahanamoku; Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching)
4The Surfers: Live & Well at Hop Louie's Latitude 20; Daybreak Records DR-2001; 1971
6The Hawaiian Surfers: Coral Reef; Decca DL-74700; 1971
5The Hawaiian Surfers: Misty Rainbow; Decca DL-74843
5The Hawaiian Surfers Today; Decca DL-75038
8The Surfers: Shells; Trim TLP-1979; 1974 (Hawaiian label)
7The Surfers Live; Surf SR-1001; 1977 (live; Hawaiian label)
8The Tahitian-Aires: South Sea Island Holiday; Decca DL-78870
3Don Tiare & the Alohas: Soft Hawaiian Sounds; Dot DLP-25784
7"Varsity Hawaiian Orchestra": Hawaiian Music; Gramophone 2022 (14 cuts reissued from lo-fi 78 era; uncredited good group fallen into public domain)
6Nelson Waikiki; Tradewinds TS-108 (slack-key uke; w/The Troubadours/Maui Hawaiians; 5 uke players)
7Waikiki Wanderers: Hawaii 10"; Remington RLP-1008
7The Waikiki Hula Boys: Hula; Columbia CL-565 (Baty, Almeida, Kaapuni, Stewart, Koki, Lono)
8Waikiki Serenaders: Hawaii--Instrumentally Yours; Waikiki 306/106
4Leonard T. Zinn, his Steel Guitar & Orchestra: Reveries of Hawaii; Largo STPL-1008
7Uncredited: Aloha Hawaii; A-R-A- MO-2-3
6Uncredited: Dances of Hawaii--Ancient & Modern; Bowmar B-217 (Hawaiian/kids/Xmas; mostly Hawaiian chants; booklet; LA dance instruction company; partly Hawaiian Chistmas)

Various/Compilation Hawaiian LPs

7Action Hawaii; Viking VP-249 (New Zealand; Daphne Walker, Bill Wolfgramme, Tony & the Initials, Peter Posa, Ken Lemon..)
7"Aloha" Hawaiian Favorites 10"; Remington/Pontiac PLP-516; 1951
Authentic Music of Kauai, Maui, Hawaii; Waikiki 312/112 (Nelson Waikiki, Johnny Spencer's Kona Koasters, Eddie Kamae..)
6The Best of Hawaii's Melodies; Waikiki 329/129 (Barney Isaacs, Pua Almeida, Johnny Spencer's Kona Koasters..)
7Do the Hula; Waikiki 323/123 (Pua Almeida & his Sunset Trio, Bill Aliiloa Lincoln & his Hawaiians, Honey Kalima & the Royal Hawaiians, Alvin Keleolani & his Original Hawaiians, Sonny Nicholas & the Waikiki Serenaders, Alvin Isaacs Jr. & the Moonlighters, Kalani Bright & his S.S. Matsonia Serenaders, Iwalani Kamahele & the Royal Hawaiian Serenaders)
8Eddie Spencer & the Queen's Men: East is West in Hawaii (jacket: [Various:] East is East & West is West & the Twain Shall Meet in Hawaii); Waikiki 313/113 (Hawaii/Tahiti; Eddie Spencer, Phyllis, Jose Secritario, Gaby Pahinui)
6Hawaii Aloha--Echoes of Old Hawaii; Waikiki LP-307/LP-107 (vocal w/some slack key by Sonny Chillingsworth)
7Hawaii Stars; Decca DL-74826 (Hilo Hattie, Ed Kenney, Haunani, Kamahele, Nalani Olds, Pua Almeida)
8Hawaii--A Musical Memento of the Islands; GNP-34 (The Pokipalas, Pua Almeida, Benny Kalama, Andy Cummings, Haunani Kahalewai, Ray Kinney, Bill Akamuhou, Kalani Bright)
7Hawaii's Golden Greats; PRO 266/Variety Club Tent No. 50 (rare compilation; Alfred Apaka: Beyond the Reef, Jack de Mello: Hawaii, Kui Lee: Beautiful Days of My Youth, Martin Denny: Quiet Village, Ed Kenney: This Song of Love, The Surfers: Waikiki, Danny Kaleikini: Hawaiian Wedding Song, Arthur Lyman: Yellow Bird, Marlene Sai: Kainoa, Bill Kaiwa: Laupahoehoe, Buddy Fo & the Invitations: Sweet Someone, The Aliis: Akaka Falls, Don Ho: I'll Remember You, Alfred Apaka: Song of the Islands)
5Hawaii's Merry Monarch Kalakaua; Waikiki LP-109
8Hawaii's Sunset Memories; Waikiki 332 (Ed Kenney, Johnny Spencer's Kona Koasters, Pua Almeida..)
5Hawaiian Classics for the Hula, Vol. 1 10"; Terna LP-1001 (Ray Kinney, Mel Peterson, Bill Akamuhou, Andy Cummings)
8Hawaiian Stars; Hula HS-512 (compilation from Hula LPs + 3 rare old singles; Pahinui, Keawe, Kamae, Kaipo..)
Hawaiian Wedding Song; Fiesta FLPS-1657
Hello Hawaii; Decca DL-8906 (Sterling Mossman--same cut as on Stars of Hawaii, Bing Crosby, Alfred Apaka, Andrews Sisters, Ames Bros., George Kainapu)
7Here is Hawaii; Bluewater SLP-800; 1981 (Hawaii/slack-key/torch/exotica; Keola Beamer-produced show for the Kapa Room at the Maui Surf)
5Hukilau Hulas; GNP-35 (Ray Kinney, Kalani Bright, Mel Peterson, Bill Akamuhou, Andy Cummings)
8The Ilikai Hotel Presents Music of Hawaii (compilation of 9 Hula cuts, 3 Bell)
7Island Paradise; Capitol STA-1229 (Mahi Beamer..)
7The Islands; Hula HS-555; 1976 (surveys shows by Don Ho, Danny Kaleikini, Kahauanu Lake Trio, Hawaii Calls; sounds of canoe ride & bamboo organ)
7Keep Your Eyes on the Hands; Waikiki 305/105 (Charles Miller, Honey Kalima..)
7Lovely Hula Hands; Waikiki 304/104 (Honey Kalima & his Royal Hawaiians, Haunanu Kahalewai's Trio with the Waikiki Serenaders, Kalani Bright & his S.S. Lurline Serenaders, Pauline Kekahuna & Her Hauoli Girls, Bill Aliiloa Lincoln & his Hawaiians, )
7Luau at Queen's Surf; Waikiki 101 (Pauline Kekahuna, Honey Kalima, Bill Lincoln, Andy Cummings, Kalima Brothers, Mona Joy, Val Hao, Waikiki Serenaders..)
8Mele Kalikimaka--A Hawaiian Christmas Party; Hula HS-522 (Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club, Nina Kealiiwahamana, Kent Bowman, Hilo Hattie, Maile Serenaders, Boyce Kaihiihikapuokalani)
Music for a Hawaiian Luau; Decca DL-8668
On the Beach at Waikiki; Fiesta FLPS-1648
On the Beach at Waikiki; Waikiki 316/116 (Pua Almeida, Nina, Lani..)
6Pearly Shells--22 Hawaiian Favorites; GRT 2103-715; 1976
5Starlight in Hawaii; Decca DL-8273 (Honey Kalima, Freckles Lyons, Apaka)
5Stars of Hawaii; Decca DL-8596 (Sterling Mossman, Beamer, Kainapu, McIntire, Machado, Apaka..)
8Stringin Along with You--Hawaiian Style; Waikiki 108 (steel guitar, slack-key, ukulele, autoharp; Alvin Keleolani, George Lake, George Archer, Jules Ah See, Juosph Custino, Nelson Waikiki, Katy L. II, Benjamin Kaneaiakala, William Kahau Jr., George Nainoa, Alma Bell, Lani Rodrigues) Pua Almeida, Nina, Lani..)
6A Taste of Honey's; Hula [EP-503, presumably also on LP] (live, w/Don Ho, Sonny Chillingsworth, Gary Aiko..)
7Waikiki Swings; Hula HS-520 (reissued as Capitol/Tower ST-5101; Don Ho, Kui Lee & Nani Lee, Alvan, Zulu, Sonny Chillinsworth)
8Various: The Waimea Music Festival; Panini 2PS-1006; 1974 (2-LP; Genoa Keawe, Gabby Pahinui & Group, Sonny Chillingworth, Sunday Manoa, Waimea Ladies, Na Leo O Nuuanu, Fred Paunahoa)
5Your Musical Holiday in Hawaii; Decca DL-8138

Partly Hawaiian LPs

6The Bonaires: Polynesian Sunset; Dot DLP-12585
7Ihilani & her South Pacific-aires: Ihilani [Voice of the South Pacific]; Tiki #1 (exotica/Hawaii/Japan/lounge act; Miami label)
7Lanakila's Polynesians: Polynesian Potpourri; Mahalo M-4003; 1963 (Lanakila Brandt; 1/2 Tahitian; 1/2 Hawaiian-Tahitian-Samoan-Maori)
5Jack de Mello/Marie Tarangi Trio: James Michener's Favorite Music of Hawaii; RCA Victor LSP-2150; 1959
6Larry Rivera: A Nite Cap with Larry; Coco Palms LPS-2867
8Johnny Spencer & the Kona Koasters: s'Pacifica; Imperial LP-9076 (exotica/Hawaiian/Tahitian)
6Axel Stordahl & Gene Rains: The Magic Islands Revisited; Decca DL-79096
6Irving Taylor: The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills ("Hawaiian Worm-Raiser"); Warner Bros. WB-1254; 1959
7Ernie Warren & the Hula Rhythm Boys (Hal Aloma, Sam Makia): A Latin from Manhattan in Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1248
8Nani Wolfgramme & his Islanders: Polynesian Love Song; Viking (Fiesta FLPS-1782)
6Nani Wolfgramme & the South Pacific Strings: Hawaiian Cocktail; Viking (Fiesta FLPS-1886; 1980)
Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: 20 Golden Hits of Hawaii; Viking (Monitor MFS-804)
Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: The Sound of Hawaii; Viking (Monitor MFS-819)
6Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: Polynesian Girl; Viking (Monitor MFS-826; 1986)

[Partly] Hawaiian 45s

7Pua Almeida & his Moana Hotel Orchestra: Hasegawa General Store/Lahaieluna; Waikiki 45-610 (our copy sold by the store itself)
7Keola & Kapono Beamer: Be My Day; Thank You, Mayor; Tantalus T-103; 1977 (B-side with kids)
8Ohta-San: Sushi/Little Tree; Warner Bros. 5412

[Partly] Hawaiian 78s

7Sam Koki & his Paradise Islanders: Ebb Tide/Paradise Isle; Decca 1438; 1937 (vocal by Jimmy Haulani & Trio/vocal by George Piltz & Trio)

[Partly] Hawaiian-Latin LPs

5George Hines & Johnny Coco: The Hawaiian Room; MGM E-3498 ("Hawaiian Cha Cha Cha")
7George Kainapau w/Sam Koki & his Paradise Islanders: Silent Night/Mele Kalikimaka; Decca 9-27220 (Hawaiian/Xmas)
7Jack de Mello & the Waikiki Brass Visit Tijuana; Dot DLP-25887 (Mexicali brass)
8The Surfers: Tahiti; HIFI R-417 ("Kou Kino Mambo")
7Ernie Warren & the Hula Rhythm Boys: A Latin from Manhattan in Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1248 (Hal Aloma, Sam Makia)

Hawaiian TV-Soundtrack LPs

5Various: Adventures in Paradise; ABC-Paramount ABCS-329
5Various: Adventures in Paradise Vol. 2; ABC-Paramount ABCS-358
5Various: Adventures in Paradise Vol. 3; ABC-Paramount ABCS-414
5Various: Adventures in Paradise Vol. 4; ABC-Paramount ABCS-
Hawaii Calls (many lps)
8Warren Barker/Poncie Ponce/Connie Stevens/Robert Conrad: Hawaiian Eye ST; Warner Bros. WS-1355; 1960
8Connie Stevens as "Cricket" in "Hawaiian Eye"; Warner Bros. WS-1382; 1960
7Poncie Ponce Sings; Warner Bros. WS-1453; 1962

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