Exotica depends on one's geographic or cultural disposition; a good rule of thumb for North Americans is "places with palm trees." But the musical idiom exotica, a narrow slice of popular music or mood jazz, means very specifically tropical ersatz: the non-native, inauthentic experience of Oceania (Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Southeast Asia). Chief exponents tended to be Hawaiian, probably because of the remove from mainland music. While the South Seas forms the core region, exotica reflects the "musical impressions" of every place from standard travel destinations to the mythical "shangri-las" imagined by armchair safari-ers.

Ravel's "Bolero" paved the way for popular exotica as early as 1929, although classical music had long been influenced by Turkish marches and suchlike. In the jazz of subsequent years, particularly early Afro-Cuban jazz, Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie practically exhausted exoticism years before pop exotica. Indeed, all of the major standards of exotica are Afro-Cuban except "Quiet Village," which is Brasilian and closely related, and "Misirlou" (Greek/Middle Eastern). Credit for exotica belongs absolutely to the most influential Latin composers: stars such as the Lecuonas, the Machito organization, and Noro Morales. Also, vocalists such as Duke Ellington veteran Herb Jeffries specialized in exotica.

Xavier Cugat and other dance-band giants routinely deployed flute and jungle sounds on 78rpm singles of the 1940s, usually to intensify the odd rumba with a "voodoo" theme. Paul Page had the very first Polynesian television show in 1949, coincident with surging new interest in [50th State] Hawaii. The breakthrough for pop exotica came in the early 1950s, when albums established cohesively the evocative sounds, rhythms, and languor of the tropics. Les Baxter's seminal Le Sacre du Sauvage 10" LP, billed as a "tone poem," became the definitive book of jungle melodies. Baxter and Cugat both helped establish sensational vocalist Yma Sumac, incidentally.

Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman reduced Baxter's overblown orchestra and arrangements to groups of cocktail-bar size. In this warmer, more intimate style, a battery of unusual percussion instruments became the trademark of exotica. Lyman discovered the effectiveness of bird calls early on, and vibes became mandatory. This magic formula initially sold millions of records and pleased hordes of tourists thronging to Hawaii in the 1950s. But the novelty wore thin, and exotica soon joined Hawaiian shirts and tiki statues as the province of the backyard "luau" set. Bird calls made easy targets for Spike Jones and Michel Magne. The latter's Tropical Fantasy --one of the holy grails of exotica, a sophisticated melange with tape manipulation, ocarina, and more-- aces most of its predecessors, however.

Pop exotica's success did not escape the attention of the jazz world; Cal Tjader and others experimented further with unusual percussion. Two of the most significant albums of jazz exotica were the work of the enigmatic Sabu Martinez. Exoticism permeates all types of music, however, and thousands of authentic, ethnic records have "exotic" tunes. Indeed, the same delights (even bird calls) can be found in records from Hawaii, Tahiti, Japan, the Middle East, the West Indies, etc. Animal and jungle themes abound in esoteric records for children, comedy, lounge acts, etc. Exotica is where you find it.

Exotica relies on percussion: conga, bongos, vibes, gongs, boo bams (bamboo sticks), Tahitian log, Chinese bell tree, etc.. Bird cries, big-cat roars, and even primate shrieks invoke the dangers of the jungle. Except for a handful of singers and standards with lyrics, singing is rare. Abstract, sirenish ululations, fierce chants, or guttural growls are common, however. Intros of crashing surf and a conch-shell trumpet signal the coming of royalty. Familiar Hawaiian instruments used exotically include the steel guitar, ukulele, and kaekeeke haole, or "white man's bamboo organ" (vibraharp). Even the Americas contribute eerie instruments, such as the Peruvian quena, a flute made from a llama legbone. Or perhaps a distant cousin of the clarinet will whirl the mind's eye toward Mecca or an Indian bazaar.

Exotica fills a niche curiously left open by Afro-Cuban, Hawaiian, and other related music. It is the mood music of place, but no place familiar. Listening to the indelible melodies of such standards as "Quiet Village," "Caravan," "Taboo," "Nightingale," "Poinciana," and "Flamingo," one conjures a torrential rain in the tropics, a jungle safari, or the desert at night. And that is precisely the stuff of exotica: an odd combination of the soothing and stimulating, like nature itself.

Exotica: Some Top Tracks

  1. Xavier Cugat: "Jungle Flute"
  2. Sabu Martinez: "Sorcery"
  3. Michel Magne: "Sahara"
  4. Rex Kona & his Mandarins: "Bird Train"
  5. Paul Page & the Island-Aires: "Chicken Kona Kaai"
  6. Tito Puente: "Dance of the Headhunters"
  7. Carl Stevens: "Tiana Tche--The Jungle Roars"
  8. Les Baxter: "Peking Tiger"
  9. Arthur Lyman: "Bwana └"
  10. Paul Conrad: "Sa Libis Ng Nayon"
  11. Martin Denny: "Hypnotique"
  12. Frank Hunter: "Strange Echoes"
  13. Mike Simpson: "Elephant Drums"

Exotica LPs

8Eden Ahbez: Eden's Island; Del Fi; 1960 (Munster MR-187; 1995; partly reprises 1954 collaboratiion with Herb Jeffries for LP The Singing Prophet)
7Ted Auletta: Exotica; Cameo SC-4008; 1962
6Ethel Azama: Exotic Dreams; Liberty LST-7104 (w/Paul Conrad)
7Warren Barker: William Holden Presents a Musical Touch of Faraway Places; Warner Bros. WS-1308; 1959
-╗Les Baxter
6Stanley Black: Exotic Percussion; London Phase 4 SP-44004 ("with Women's Voices")
8Miriam Burton w/Pat Williams: African Lament; Columbia/Epic BN-26011 (African exotica)
5George Cates: Polynesian Percussion; Dot DLP-25355 (10/12 cuts reissued as "Hawaii by George Cates"; Ranwood RLP 8039)
-╗Chaino -- see African
8The Savage Beat of Augie Colon: Sophisticated Savage; Liberty LST-7101
7Augie Colˇn: Chant of the Jungle; Liberty LST-7148
8Paul Conrad: Exotic Paradise; Mahalo M-3010 (rarity by Denny arranger)
5Irv Cottler: Around the World in Percussion; Somerset SF-13900 (exotic percussion)
7Anita Darian: East of the Sun; Kapp KS-3052/KL-1168; 1960 (the Armenian Yma Sumac, w/Frank Hunter)
-╗Martin Denny
8Robert Drasnin: Voodoo...; Tops/Mayfair 9679-S/L-1694 (Percussion Exotique!; Tops/Mayfair 9694-S in yellow or brown vinyl)
-╗Webley Edwards -- see Hawaii Calls
7Chick Floyd: Hula-La; Liberty LST-7106; 1958 (w/Martin Denny Group, Danny Stewart, Pua Almeida, Barney Isaacs, Sonny Kamahele..)
6Dom Frontiere: Pagan Festival--An Exotic Love Ritual for Orchestra; Columbia CS-1273 (like Sacred Idol ST; good despite strings)
8Roy Harte/Milt Holland: Percussion Unabridged; Kimberly Jazz Series 2022 (w/the 3 Montgomery Brothers)
8Frank Hunter: White Goddess; Kapp KS-3019; 1959 (rarer stereo in 1960; w/ondioline, wordless chorus..)
7Ihilani & her South Pacific-aires: Ihilani [Voice of the South Pacific]; Tiki #1 (exotica/Hawaii/Japan/lounge act; Miami label)
7Bill Jaffee & his Islanders: Hawaiian Paradise; Strand SLS-1105 (exotica in Hawaiian-LP clothing; with vibes, flute, chorus..)
7Alex Keack: Surfers Paradise; Crown CLP-5315 (exotica/Latin jazz in surf-LP clothing)
5Kokee Band: Exotica 1970; United Artists/Solid State SS-18004/SM-17004; 1966 (big band/percussion; Sonny Lester/Arthur Baum)
5Kokee Band 1970: Hawaii (theme from); Solid State SD-18010; 1966 (big band/percussion; Sonny Lester/Arthur Baum)
8Rex Kona & his Mandarins: Wild Orchids; Columbia CS-8974 (mono CL-2174)
-╗Arthur Lyman
9Michel Magne: Tropical Fantasy; Disques Barclay (Bel Air 30-PA-7087; USA, minus 2 cuts: Columbia CL-1693 & CS-8493; 1962)
7The Markko Polo Adventurers (Gerald Fried): Orienta; RCA Victor LSP-1919; 1959/1958
7Sabu Martinez: Safari with Sabu; RCA Vik LX-1122; 1957
8Sabu Martinez: Sorcery!; Columbia Adventures in Sound WL-101; 1958
9John McFarland [Sextet]: Provocatif--9 Exotic Motifs; United Artists UAS-5053; 1959 (w/Johnny Rae; exotic jazz)
7Phil Moore: Polynesian Paradise; Strand SLS-1004
6Tommy Morgan w/Warren Barker: Tropicale; Warner Bros. BS-1214; 1958
7Werner Muller: East of India; Decca DL-8880 (orchestral)
8Jimmy Namaro Trio: Driftwood; Dot DLP-25246
9Nino Nardini: Jungle Obsession; Re-Joint; 2000 (production, hip)
7The Out-Islanders: Polynesian Fantasy; Capitol ST-1595 (Billy May, Charlie Barnet; exotica/space/jazz)
Paul Page's Passage to Paradise
Paul Page: Pieces of Eight
Paul Page: Hawaiian Honeymoon; Paradise PM-69; 1960
Paul Page & his Paradise Music: The Reef is Calling; Paradise
9Paul Page & his Paradise Music with the Island-Aires: Ports o' Call; Paradise PMS-3031
7Paul Page & his Paradise Music starring Jerry Byrd: The Big Island Says Aloha; Paradise PM-8669 (w/"Chicken Kona Kai"; w/Sonny Kamahele, King Kamahele, Pua Almeida..)
7Gene Rains: Lotus Land; Decca DL-74064
8Gene Rains Group: Far Across the Sea; Decca DL-74164; 1961
7Gene Rains: Rains in the Tropics; Decca DL-74348
6Gene Rains: The Call of the Tropics; Vocalion VL-73785 (compilation)
7Milt Raskin, The Exciting Sounds of: Kapu--Forbidden; Crown CST-142/CLP-5110 (The Exotic Sounds of Milt Raskin: Exotic Percussion; Crown CST-212/CLP-5189;; The Milt Raskin Group: Exotic Sounds of Hawaii; Crown CST-616)
8Bob Romeo, his Flute, & the Jungle Sextet: Aphrodisia; Sunset SU-304; 1956 (flute-led exotica/Latin jazz w/Carlos Vidal, Eddie Cano, Laurindo Almeida..; 3 Eden Ahbez tunes; issued under another title too)
5The Royal Polynesian Island Orchestra/John Peters: Musical Cruise--Hawaii to Hong Kong; Family SFLP-527 (one of the rarest exotica LPs but w/strings;; reissued as The Royal Polynesian Islanders/Malu Mara: South Sea Cruise; Request SRLP-10106)
8Tak Shindo: Mganga!; Edison International SDL-100 (mono CL-5000)
7Tak Shindo: Brass & Bamboo; Capitol ST-1345
7Tak Shindo: Accent on Bamboo; Capitol ST-1433
7Tak Shindo: Far East Goes Western; Mercury PPS-6031
7Mike Simpson: Jungle Odyssey; Evolution 2005; 1966
7Sondi Sodsai & Hal Johnson: Sondi; Liberty LST-7110 (rare; Thai pop singer; w/Baxter/Denny covers)
8Johnny Spencer & the Kona Koasters: s'Pacifica; Imperial LP-9076 (exotica/Hawaiian/Tahitian/Latin; other recordings by them are on the Waikiki label)
7Axel Stordahl: Jasmine & Jade; Decca DLP-25282 (w/strings but good)
6Axel Stordahl w/Gene Rains: The Magic Islands Revisited; Decca DL-79096
-╗Yma Sumac
7The Surfmen: Exotic Island; Alshire/Somerset SF-10500 (not the Del-Fi surf group that became The Lively Ones; reissued as The South Sea Serenaders: [Tradewinds Romance from] Hawaii to Tahiti; Alshire/Somerset SF-25100)
5The Surfmen in Hawaii; Somerset SF-25266 (The Surfmen: Colorful Romantic Hawaii; Alshire S-5266; 1972;; The Surf Serenaders: Aloha from a Hawaiian Paradise; Dyna-Disc SCH-808)
4The South Sea Serenaders (a.k.a. The Surfmen): [Tradewinds Romance from] Hawaii to Tahiti; Alshire/Somerset SF-25100 (extremely rare 3rd LP--shared jacket/number--1st track "Hawaiian War Chant")
8Don Tiare & his Orchestra Exotique: The Music of Les Baxter; Mercury SR-60845
8Elisabeth Waldo: Maracat˙--Mystic Music of the South American Jungles; Barbary Coast BC-33022 (1st-press jacket does not say "Full Fidelity Control")
9Elisabeth Waldo: Rites of the Pagan; GNPS-601
9Elisabeth Waldo: Realm of the Inca; GNPS-603 (jacket: Realm of the Incas)
7Elisabeth Waldo: Viva California; Peer Southern Organization PSO-002; 1969 (more Latinate-folkloric than exotica)
6Marty Wilson & his Orchestra: Jun'gala; Warner Bros. WS-1326; 1959 (Afro-Cuban/big band exotica)
7Stanley Wilson: The Mating Urge ST; International LP-7777 (13 cuts composed for "mondo" film; in stereo as "Primitive"--different jacket)
7Stanley Wilson: Pagan Love; Capitol ST-1552 (reissues "The Mating Urge" ST but w/changed artwork/sequence & minus the title cut)
7Various: Return to Paradise; Capitol [Special Markets] SL-6638; 1968 (limited edition--rare compilation; Les Baxter: Quiet Village, George Shearing: Lotus Land, Bob Bain: Miserlou, Les Baxter: Cairo Bazaar, Ron Goodwin: Return to Paradise, Les Baxter: Taboo, Tak Shindo: The Song of Delilah, Nelson Riddle: Bali Hai, Alvino Rey: Hawaiian Wedding Song, Les Baxter Jungalero, Norrie Paramour: Cherry Blossums, Nelson Riddle: Caravan)
7Various: Zenith Presents the Best of the New Exotic Sounds; Capitol SL-6567; 1968 ("50th anniversary limited edition"; rare compilation; Les Baxter: Quiet Village, George Shearing: Lotus Land, Bob Bain: Miserlou, Les Baxter: Cairo Bazaar, Ron Goodwin: Return to Paradise, Les Baxter: Taboo, Tak Shindo: The Song of Delilah, Nelson Riddle: Bali Hai, Alvino Rey: Hawaiian Wedding Song, Les Baxter Jungalero, Norrie Paramour: Cherry Blossums, Nelson Riddle: Caravan)

Partly Exotica LPs

6Manny Albam: Drum Feast; United Artists UAS-6079; 1959
7[Don Ho Presents] The Aliis: Hawaii Right Now!; Reprise RS-6190 (vocal versions of "Quiet Village" & "Tabu"!)
5[Don Ho Presents] The Aliis: That Lovin' Feelin'; Reprise RS-6225 (breakbeat "The Joker")
8David Amram: No More Walls; Flying Fish 752; 1979 (Latin jazz/Beatnik "Pull My Daisy"/exotica "Sao Paulo"/Mideast jazz "Tompkins Square Park Consciousness Expander"; Pepper Adams, George Mgrdichian, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Candido..)
8Warren Barker/Poncie Ponce/Connie Stevens/Robert Conrad: Hawaiian Eye ST; Warner Bros. WS-1355; 1960
7Clyde Borly & his Percussions: Music in 5 Dimensions; Atlantic SD-33-195; 1966
7Jack "Bongo" Burger: The End on Bongos; HIFI R-804 (bongos/Latin jazz/exotica/Yiddish-Latin; reissued w/photo jacket)
6Paul Bonneau et son Gran Orchestre: Telecineradio Volume 6; Chappell Mood Music [no # or date] (production/exotica "Foret Tropicale"; France)
7The John Buzon Trio: Inferno!; Liberty LST-7108
7The Exotic Sounds of Chaino: Temptation; Omega; c.1959 (exotica/Latin/Latin jazz; "including members of Francis Bay Orchestra"--Chaino leads a 4-man percussion section using 20 instruments; Omega likely unreleased but also as John Evans: Exotic Percussion & Brilliant Brass; Premier/Directional Sound DS-5006;; Chaino & his African Drums: Erotic Percussion; Lincoln LNP-305)
7The Challengers: On the Move--Surfing Around the World; Atco/Vault 102; 1963 ("Adventures in Paradise")
8Bobby Christian: Mt. Fujiyama Suite/Maki Ishii: Dipol for Orchestra & Kio-oo; Aries LP-1620 (Side 1 exotica/vibes; Side 2 avant/electronic)
8Rupert Clemendore: Le Jazz Trinidad; Cook 10850
6Johnny Coco: The Exotic Sounds of the Hawaii Kai; Columbia CS-2329 (Hawaiian/Polynesian/exotica/lounge act)
8Tony Crombie: Man from Interpol--Soundtrak from the NBC-TV Series; Top Rank RM-327 (crime, Latin jazz, bongo bop, exotica, Hawaiian)
5Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney (w/Billy May): Fancy Meeting You Here; RCA Victor LSP-1854; 1958
7Xavier Cugat: Here's Cugat 10"; Mercury MG-25120; 1954? ("Jungle Flute")
8Don Cunningham Quartet: Something for Everyone (overrated rarity reissued as Ubiquity LP-038; 2003)
7Dick Curless: Tombstone Every Mile; Capitol/Tower T-5005 ("China Nights")
6Billy Daniels at the Stardust, Las Vegas; MGM E-3762 ("Temptation")
5Charles Bud Dant: The 50th State; Coral CRL-757270 ("Maui Island
8Anita O'Day & Cal Tjader: Time for 2; Verve V6-8472; 1962 ("An Occasional Man")
7Sylvia Copeland: The August Child; Mainstream S-6030 (Yma Sumac-esque "Wild is Love")
6Richie Delamore: A Date with Delamore; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-47; 1965 ("Flamingo")
3Lew Douglas: Themes from...; Carlton 126 ("Adventures in Paradise")
6George Duning/Muir Mathieson: The World of Suzie Wong ST; RCA Victor LSO-1059; 1960 ("Gwenny Lee")
6Webley Edwards & Hawaii Calls: Fire Goddess; Capitol ST-1033
4Webley Edwards & Hawaii Calls: Hawaii Today; Capitol ST-2449 ("Quiet Village")
8Preston Epps: Bongola; Top Rank RM-349; 1961 (bongo/bongo bop/exotica/bongo rock; prod. Sonny Lester; stereo version exists; other Epps LPs & 45s listed elsewhere)
6John Evans (see Chaino listing above; also African page for more Chaino)
4Rae Girard: The Music of Rae Girard at the Tail of the Fox; Panda ("Tabu")
7Jerry Goldsmith (Arthur Morton/Warren Barker): Our Man Flint; 20th Century Fox TFS-4179; 1966
7Jon Hall Directs Music from Honolulu; Mercury SR-60063 (Hawaiian/exotica "Quiet Village")
7Jon Hall Brings Music from Hawaii; Mercury (uncredited live lounge act/Hawaiian/exotica/Tahitian "Minoi Minoi E"; abridged as Mercury Wing SRW-12510)
7The Hawaiian Surfers at Duke Kahanamoku's; Decca DL-74562 (Hawaiian/exotica/Tahitian; vocal group live in Waikiki w/photo & endorsement by Duke Kahanamoku; Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching)
5The Hawaiian Surfers: Coral Reef; Decca DL-74700 ("Sayonara")
7Mel Henke: Dynamic Adventures in Sound; Warner Bros. Workshop Series WB-1447; 1962 ("Exotic Adventure")
5The Don Ho Show!; Reprise RS-6161 ("Shells")
5The Don Ho TV Show!; Reprise RS-6367 (not exotic but notable)
8Jess Hurt: Steel Guitar My Way; Maple MA-1007; 1980 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 7"--"Theme from Adventures in Paradise")
7The Invitations w/Russ Garcia: R.S.V.P.; Liberty LST-7117; 1959 ("Invitation"; leader Buddy Fo; see Hawaiian page for LPs on Makaha)
6The Invitations w/Billy May; Liberty LST-7145; 1960 ("Bali Hai")
8The Island-Aires in a Hawaiian Interlude; Romance IA-711 (Hawaii/lounge act/Tahiti/exotica "Bali Hai")
6Herb Jeffries: The Singing Prophet; Olympic OLP-1201; 1954 (with Richard Hazard Orchestra; first recording of Eden Ahbez's "Nature Boy Suite"; reissued as Echoes of Eternity; United National)
7Herb Jeffries: Senor Flamingo; RCA Victor LSP-1608; 1958 (vocal versions of several standards)
7Spike Jones & the Band that Plays for Fun: Omnibust; Liberty LST-7140 ("I Search for Golden Adventure [in my Seven Leaky Boots]")
7Lani Kai w/Chick Floyd: Island Love Songs; Decca DL-74334 ("Adventures in Paradise")
7Ed Kenney: The Exotic Sounds of the Spice Islands; Columbia CS-8283 (w/Dick Hyman)
6The Kim Sisters: Their First Album; Monument MLP-8022 (Korean vocal/exotica)
6Jonathan Knight/Lonely Harpsichord: Rainy Night in Shangri-La; Viva V-36011 (exotic-themed w/rain sounds)
7Phil Kraus: The Percussive Phil Kraus; Golden Crest CR-3004
7Phil Kraus/Living Percussion: The Beat Goes On; RCA Camden CAS-2255; 1969 (w/Dick Hyman)
8Craig Kupka: Modern Dance Technique Environments; Hoctor HLPS-4247 (exotic soul-jazz percussion; production/dance-instruction; "Electric Piano, Vibraphone, & Percussion")
7Jackie Lee: My Little Corner of the World; Jay-Cat JCSL-5287 (lounge act/exotica "Yellow Bird"/organ/piano; "Mr. Hot Piano"; live one-man show with syncopation a la Timmy Thomas; Philadelphia, Virtue Studios)
8Sonny Lester w/Little Egypt: How to Belly Dance for Your Husband; Roulette SR-59029
7Joe Loco, sus Dedos Maravillosos, su Piano y sy Quinteto Interpretan Compositores Mexicanos; Dimsa DML-8132 ("Mar")
6Manny Lopez: Just for You; Indigo IND-LP-502
8Sharron L. Lucky: Rhythm and Rhyme; Melody House MH-87 (circa 1971; kid funk w/breakbeats/twist/exotica-rap! "Walking in the Jungle")
6Michel Magne: Emmanuelle 4--va beaucoup plus loin ST; Carrere CA-681/66084; 1984 ("Fantasme D'Emmanuelle")
6John Malo: Blue's Hawaii; Jeree NR-13268; 1981 ("Quiet Village"; reissued w/plain jacket face for Conley Inn as John Malo's Hawaii starring Blue Pau)
7Woody Martens: The Wild and Mild Sides of Woody Martens; Art ALP-46 (live Hammond; Florida lounge act)
Bob McFadden & Dor: Songs Our Mummy Taught Us; Brunswick BL-54056 ("Noisy Village"; Dor is Rod McKuen)
8Rod McKuen/Julie Meredith/Tak Shindo: The Yellow Unicorn; Liberty/Imperial LP-9092 (Tak Shindo cuts almost strictly Japanese)
7Aidan McNally & his Aidanaires at the Bermudiana Hotel; Edmar ELP-1037 (exotica/calypso/lounge act/odd pop; rare; w/vibes; most notable for exotica original "Crystal Caves")
8Gene Moss: Dracula's Greatest Hits; RCA Victor LSP-2977; 1964 ("King Kong Stomp"; horror/novelty/exotic/surf/dance rock; with Fred Rice & Billy Riley)
5Billy Mure: Pink Hawaii; Strand SLS-1070 (reissues 7 cuts from SLS-1010 and adds 3 new--all exotica)
4Lionel Newman: Exciting Hong Kong; ABC-Paramount ABCS-367
5Nino Oliviero & Bruno Nicolai: Go, Go, Go World! ST; Musicor MS-3059/MM-2059
7Orquesta Nuevo Ritmo de Cuba: The Heart of Cuba; GNP Crescendo GNP-47 ("Cuban Jungle")
8Ohta-San (Herb Ohta): Ukulele Isle; Decca DL-74704 (some exotica on other of his LPs & 45s too)
8Prince Onaga & Princess Muana: The Drums of Africa; 20th Century Fox 3000 ("African Love Ballad")
6Eddie Paddock: Musical Gems from Eddie Paddock's Hammond Treasures; Cass CL-200 (notable for exotica classic "Quiet Village")
6Hap Palmer: Modernt Tunes for Rhythm & Instruments; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-523; 1969 (kid funk/guitar/exotica "On a Little Street in Singapore")
7Korla Pandit: Tropical Magic; Fantasy F-8034/F-3288 (pipe organ)
7Pat Patrick: ABC's in Bubbaville; Kimbo Upbeat Basics KUB-0002; 1986/1981 (kid funk/beatnik/disco/truck/crime/exotica/DJ; 28 career choices)
7Rene Paulo & Group featuring Akemi: Forever More; P&N PNS-1001 (Hawaii/exotica "Next Door to Paradise"/piano/Japan/mod bossa "Love You Tokyo")
8Josephine Premice: "Caribe"; Verve MG V-2067
9Tito Puente: Tambˇ; RCA Victor LSP-2257; 1960
7Tito Puente: Tito Unlimited; Tico SLP-1322; 1974 ("Lost Horizon")
8Don Ralke: The Savage & Sensuous: Bongos; Warner Bros. WS-1398; 1960 (w/Carlos Vidal, Modesto Duran, Earl Palmer...)
8Don Randi Trio/Curtis Amy/Exotic Strings: Jungle Adventure [in Music & Sound]; London/Coliseum DS-51002/D-41002 (prod. Camarata)
8Jim Reed Combo [Memories of Maxwell Field Officers Club]; National Recording Corp. NRC-LPA-11; 1960 (soul-jazz piano/Latin jazz/exotica/lounge act/military; very progressive for its day and obscurity)
8Roger Roger/Nino Nardini: Jazz Dramatic/Jazz; Southern MQ/LP-32 (production; crime, flute, exotica--"Mango Girl")
8Lalo Schifrin: Piano Espanol--The Magic Touch of Lalo, his Piano, & Orchestra; Tico SLP-1070; 1960 ("Jungle Fantasy")
5Serena Shaw: Cry My Love; Rama RLP-5001 (rare)
5Leopoldo Silos: The New Music of the Philippines--Native Percussion Instruments; RCA Victor International FSP-117; 1964 (rare)
6Leopoldo Silos: Toragee--The Romantic Music of Asia; CBS/Epic LF-18042; 1966 (exotica/Japan/Korea/Philippines/China/Thailand/Malaysia/strings)
7Roger Smith: Beach Romance; Warner Bros. WS-1305; 1959 ("77 Sunset Strip" star; golden throat/calypso/exotica/Latin)
6Wout Steenhuis: Paradise Island; Columbia/EMI Studio 2 116 ("Flamingo")
7Carl Stevens: African Sounds; Mercury PPS-6030 (African/exotic rock/exotica/mod twist; partly on Various: Hit Motion Picture Themes; Mercury SR-60810)
8The Surfers: At High Tide; HIFI SR-411 (plenty exotica standards)
8The Surfers Sing Hit Movie Songs from the Exotic Islands; Warner Bros. WS-1493; 1963 ("Bali Ha'i")
4Creed Taylor/Kenyon Hopkins: Shock Music in Hi-Fi; ABC-Paramount ABCS-259
7[Berkley] "Peanuts" Taylor: Moods of Peanuts; Tropical 2740; 1964 ("Baba")
7Rene Touzet: The Best of Rene Touzet; GNP-2000 ("Lawrence of Arabia" & cheesy vocal "Flamingo")
7Rene Touzet, his Piano, & Orchestra: Touzet Goes to the Movies; GNP-81 ("Invitation")
8Don Tracy: A Night with the Voodoo Family; EMI Studio 2 106; 1965 (Vodun-themed w/Afro-Cuban drums; covers "Jungle Flute")
6Johnny Ukulele: Favorite Selections By; Capitol ST-1425 ("Jungle Song")
7Piero Umiliani: El Corpo ST; Easy Tempo ET-933; 1999/1974 (exotic funk/percussion/Moog funk/Moog/flute)
7Ernie Warren & the Hula Rhythm Boys: A Latin from Manhattan in Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1248 ("Malia")
8Yaffa Yarkoni/Trio Bel Canto w/George Stratis: The Garden of Allah; Epic BF-19025
7Various: Hawaii Calls--The Young Hawaiians; Capitol ST-262 (Jeff Apaka, Varoa Tiki, Mate'Ng ("An Occasional Man"), Alex McAngus, Boyce Rodrigues, Barney Isaacs..)
7Various: Hawaii's Golden Greats; PRO 266/Variety Club Tent No. 50 (rare compilation; Alfred Apaka: Beyond the Reef, Jack de Mello: Hawaii, Kui Lee: Beautiful Days of My Youth, Martin Denny: Quiet Village, Ed Kenney: This Song of Love, The Surfers: Waikiki, Danny Kaleikini: Hawaiian Wedding Song, Arthur Lyman: Yellow Bird, Marlene Sai: Kainoa, Bill Kaiwa: Laupahoehoe, Buddy Fo & the Invitations: Sweet Someone, The Aliis: Akaka Falls, Don Ho: I'll Remember You, Alfred Apaka: Song of the Islands)
7Various: Here is Hawaii; Bluewater SLP-800; 1981 (Hawaii/slack-key/torch/exotica "I Love You"; Keola Beamer-produced show for the Kapa Room at the Maui Surf)

Exotica 45s & EPs

-╗Les Baxter
8The John Buzon Trio: Johnny's Blues/Tropical; Epic 59506 (B-side langorous but spacey organ-exotica w/bird calls)
6George Cates: Ka-Lu-A/Take Five; Dot (A-side on Polynesian Percussion; Dot DLP-25355 but B-side not!)
-╗Martin Denny
6The Ensemble of Seven: Exotic Fantasies EP; Ectoplasm ROV-010-3 (10" 45rpm EP by Larry Seven; tortured organ versions of Quiet Village, Taboo, Caravan, Avant Garde Village)
8The Forbidden Five: Enchanted Farm/R.F.D. Rangoon; Capitol F-4205 (classic exotica novelty)
6The Kim Sisters: We're Going Back Together/Blueberry Pie; Monument 45-829 (Korean vocal; not exotica)
7The Lombardo Twins: Arabian Nightmare
7The Lombardo Twins: Arabian Drums/When You Look at Me; ABC-Paramount 10051; 1959 (exotica-rumba w/abstract vocal by Dee Richards)
8The Manhattan Quartet: Stowaway with The Manhattan Quartet EP; Parlophone GEPO-70007 (Australian exotica; inspired by movie "Stowaway" w/Martine Carol; Stowaway [end pays homage to Quiet Village], Caravan, Cubana Chant, Carnival Night in Rio)
7Patience & Prudence: Very Nice is Bali Bali/You Tattletale; Liberty 738
6Theophile & Bernard, the Exciting Good Guys: Sweet Georgia Brown/Quiet Village '67; Raydin RY-102; 1967

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