49th State Hawaii Record Company

Genoa Keawe and her Hawaiians are the real stars of Hawai'i, the beloved royalty of the 49th State Hawaii record label. Headlining at her own Club Polynesia, singer Keawe recorded for decades with minimal decline in range or ability. As the Party Hulas liners state, "She sings clear and true, with the Hawaiian ha'iha'i...that effortless, unmistakable breaking turn of voice that can in no way be compared with the heavy hillbilly yodel. Genoa sings sweet, she sings sassy, but she always sings Hawaiian..."

Keawe presided over the most important, consistently tasteful record label in Hawaii during the 1950s and early 1960s. As Blue Note is to jazz fans, 49th State Hawaii is to afficionados of Polynesian music. (Why 49th State Hawaii? The movement for statehood predated Alaska's becoming State 49.) Helpfully, all the artists are credited; LP jackets state whether the music is vocal or "instrumentals in hula tempo" and even whether it is essentially authentic or geared to tourists.

The best of the label, as with most Hawaiian albums, are the vocal recordings, although house-band leader Benjamin Rogers on Hawaiian steel guitar is wonderful. His instrumentals usually fill the second side and can be quite hypnotic because of the lush vibraphone, or "kaekeeke haole." Then there are the Japanese and even Japanese-Latin LPs recorded with Japanese musicians in Tokyo. The label maintained an office in Hollywood, CA for mainland U.S. distribution and frequently used red vinyl.

Eventually Hawaii's label of choice became Hula Records, a continuation of the 49th State Hawaii legacy plus a new generation of stars. Other authentic labels such as Sounds of Hawaii, Waikiki, Lehua, Makaha, Mahalo, and Poki continued the Keawe-established high standards, naturally meeting consumer expectations of similar sophistication. Hawaiian music during the 1970s diversified greatly, as slack-key, steel guitar, virtuoso ukulele, Pidgin-English comedy, Kui Lee's modernism, and other styles gained in influence and popularity. Mahalo nui loa to Keawe for presenting Hawaii's greatest musicicans in their high-fidelity, creative prime, and just when jet air travel brought the Islands within reach of most Americans.

Buying: 49th State Hawaii was the first, top, most significant, authentic label of Hawaii. Look for especially the rare 10" LPs compiling early singles (78s & 45s). For some of Genoa Keawe's best work seek also the 1970s LPs on Hula and Poki, listed on the main Hawaii page.

49th State Hawaii 10" LPs -- Hawaiian/Polynesian

6The Music of John K,. Almeida & his Hawaiians/Songs by Jimmy Moikeha (Hawaii's 11-Year Old Boy Wonder); 49th State Hawaii LP-3301
8Various: ; 49th State Hawaii LP-3302
8Various: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 3; 49th State Hawaii LP-3303 (Lei Momi Sweethearts, Johnny Almeida's Hawaiians, Genoa Keawe's Hula Maids, Julia Nui's Kamaainas)
?: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 4; 49th State Hawaii LP-3304
?: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 5; 49th State Hawaii LP-3305
?: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 6; 49th State Hawaii LP-3306
9Various: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 7; 49th State Hawaii LP-3307
[Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vols. 8-18]
7?: Songs of Hana-Maui; Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vol. 19; 49th State Hawaii LP-3319
[Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vols. 20-24]
7Harmony Isles Group: Souvenir Songs of Hawaii (Instrumental Selections Vol. 25); 49th State Hawaii LP-3325
[Souvenir Songs of Hawaii Vols. 26+?]

49th State Hawaii 12" LPs -- Hawaiian/Polynesian

8Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Let's Dance the Hawaiian Hula; 49th State Hawaii LP-3401
6Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: On the Beach at Waikiki; 49th State Hawaii LP-3402
7Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: I'll See You in Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3403 (or as "Hawaii Calls to You")
6June Ululani Leite w/Johnny Almeida/Genoa Keawe/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Hawaii Across the Sea; 49th State Hawaii LP-3404
6Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Enchanting Hawaiian Holiday; 49th State Hawaii LP-3405
6Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Surf 'n Sand Under Hawaiian Skies; 49th State Hawaii LP-3406
7Genoa Keawe/Various: Hawaii Weaves a Lei of Dreams; 49th State Hawaii LP-3407 (Genoa Keawe & Her Hula Maids/Hawaiians, Julia Nui's Kamaainas, Johnny Almeida's Hawaiians, w/singers Miriam Kaulupali, Pua Alani, Nora Keahi Santos, The "K" Sisters, June Ululani Leite, Jimmy Moikeha, The Rainbow Serenaders)
8Bee Sisters/Johnny Watkins & Hana's Heavenly Hawaiians/Naughty Abbie/Joe Keawe/Lei Momi Sweethearts/Genoa Keawe & her Hula Maids/Johnny Almeida: Hawaii Dances Just for You; 49th State Hawaii LP-3408
8John Liilani Watkins & his Heavenly Hawaiians: Songs to Remember Hana-Maui; 49th State Hawaii LP-3409
8Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians/Johnny Watkins/Puanani Aluma: My Waikiki Girl; 49th State Hawaii LP-3410
Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: It's Always Springtime in Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3411
5Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Driftin' & Dreamin' in Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3412
Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians: Rhythm of the Islands; 49th State Hawaii LP-3413
7Johnny Almeida/Jilua Nui's Kamaainas/George Naope/Genoa Keawe & her Hula Maids/Agnes Malabey/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Romantic Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3414
6Julia Nui's Kamaainas/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: Hawaiian Hospitality; 49th State Hawaii LP-3415
7Johnny Almeida/Jack Kapalai/Genoa Keawe/Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group: My Lovely Hawaiian Maid; 49th State Hawaii LP-3416
Johnny Almeida: Polynesian Love Song; 49th State Hawaii LP-3417
7Ben Rogers & Harmony Isles Group/John Almeida & his Hawaiians: On a Coconut Island; 49th State Hawaii LP-3418
7Bill Wolfgramme & his Islanders/Daphne Walker: Melodies from Maoriland in South Pacific; 49th State Hawaii LP-3419
9Genoa Keawe & her Hula Maids: Hawaiian Keikis Dance the Hula; 49th State Hawaii LP-3420 (w/John Kameaaloha Almeida & his Hawaiians)
7Santa's Gone Hawaiian!--A Christmas Fantasy; 49th State Hawaii LP-3421 (spoken w/music; Christmas)
8Toti's Tahitians: Tahiti Dances; 49th State Hawaii LP-3422
7John Kameaaloha (Johnny) Almeida: Strum Your Ukulele; 49th State Hawaii LP-3423
8Genoa Keawe & Gary Ako: Among My Souvenirs; 49th State Hawaii LP-3424
7Come & Play in Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3425
8Toti's Tahitians: Native Drums & Songs by Toti's Tahitians (jacket: Little Brown Gal--Drums of Tahiti by Toti's Tahitians); 49th State Hawaii LP-3426
6Uncredited: Aloha Oe Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3427 (instrumental "background music")
5Carefree Days in Blue Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3428
Evening in Paradise; 49th State Hawaii LP-3429

49th State Hawaii LPs -- Japanese

7Club Nisei Orchestra: Sayonara Farewell Tokyo 10"; 49th State Hawaii LP-3350
7Club Nisei Orchestra: Sayonara Farewell Tokyo; 49th State Hawaii LP-3450 (adds 2 tunes)
6The Japanese Modernaires: Modern Songs of Japan; 49th State Hawaii LP-3451
7The Tokyo Serenaders: Holiday in Japan; 49th State Hawaii LP-3452
6The Tokyo Serenaders: To Remember Japan; 49th State Hawaii LP-3453
5The Tokyo All-Star Orchestra: Festival Time in Japan; 49th State Hawaii LP-3454
8The All-Star Orchestra: A Far-East Fantasy in Latin Dance Rhythm; 49th State Hawaii LP-3455
7The All-Star Orchestra: New Sounds of Japan; 49th State Hawaii LP-3456
Japan Goes Latin; 49th State Hawaii LP-3457 (Japan & other Asian)
Japan Calling; 49th State Hawaii LP-3458
Modern Japan Dances; 49th State Hawaii LP-3459 (Japan & other Asian)

49th State Hawaii LPs -- Other Asian

Priscilla Lee & the Filipino Rockets: The Far East Today; 49th State Hawaii LP-3460 (wanted)
Singapore; 49th State Hawaii LP-3461 (wanted)
8This is Saigon!; 49th State Hawaii LP-3462 (Hanoi female lounge acts)

Partly Genoa Keawe LPs

8Various: The Waimea Music Festival; Panini 2PS-1006; 1974 (2-LP; Genoa Keawe, Gabby Pahinui & Group, Sonny Chillingworth, Sunday Manoa, Waimea Ladies, Na Leo O Nuuanu, Fred Paunahoa)

49th State Hawaii 45s

7Naughty Abbie: Princess Poo-Poo-Ly Has Plenty Papaya/John Kameaaloha Almeida: Pua Hinahina; 49th State Hawaii 45268
7Lovely Hula Hands/John Kameaaloha Almeida: Pua Hinahina; 49th State Hawaii 45268

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