As with Afro-Cuban music and jazz, calypso reflects both the intense sorrows of slavery (and rural poverty) and the joys of liberation. More like gospel than blues, it is a lyrical tradition with origins in Europe, Africa, and tropical regions from the Americas to India. Originating in Trinidad in the West Indies, calypso, also called cariso, spread throughout the Caribbean islands. Some of the best calypso, however, was performed and recorded by Trinidadians in New York, such as the Duke of Iron.

What began as a way to circumvent slavers' ban on speaking while working, evolved into the very political and social fabric of the Caribbean. Early calypso served as the oral equivalent of smoke signals, as workers relayed their news in song. Sung in a cryptic patois, the messages allowed them even to mock the colonial slavers without detection. The great calypsonians even affected noble titles. And they earned their titles, competing in an annual pre-Lenten Carnival which culminated in the crowning of a king.

Traditionally, the king of calypso proved his ability to compose extemporaneously on any topic. Year-round, calypsonians would enter a town, learn the news, and nightly perform irreverent but astute songs about political figureheads, scandalous family members, and rival singers, etc. But Carnival also was bachannal: fierce battles involving lighted bamboo [drum] sticks led to a ban on drumming. To circumvent the prohibition, steel pans (made from World War II oil drums) were used.

The steel pan, Hollywood, tourism, and the folk efforts of Harry Belafonte ultimately threatened the proud, rebellious, and comical lyrical tradition of calypso. Fortunately the Mighty Sparrow emerged as calypso's great champion and revolutionary. Sparrow modernized calypso, returned its "edge," and extended its vitality for several decades. But calypso has had to give way for dance music, such as mento, ska, reggae, soca, jump-up, and other modern idioms.

As with Hawaiian music, calypso is extraordinarily rich in cultural influences, from African drumming to European minstrel tradition. Ribaldry abounds in such double-entendre classics as "The Big Bamboo" and "Parakeets," and vacationers apparently were well-disposed to it. Sometimes the rich and famous, such as J.P. Morgan and son, even requested songs written about them directly from the composer. While originally carisos may have derived their pseudonyms --Duke, Lord, King-- from slave owners, their nobility was never questioned -- except by rival calypsonians!

Relatively Authentic Calypso LPs

8Lou Adams Plays Bahamania Calypso with vocals by Blind Blake [Higgs], Jack Roker, Cyril Ferguson 10"; Art ALP-12; 1954 (also w/Bruce Coakley, Eric Cash, Maurice Harvey, Leonard Perpall, Fred Henfield; lyric-sheet insert)
7Lou Adams & his Orchestra: Goombay Rhythms; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-19; 1956
8Charlie Adamson/Andre Toussaint/Milton Woodside: Holiday in Nassau; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-25; 1957/1956
5Lord Antics & the Lyons Band: Hotter Than Hot; Dynamic Sound "Antics Disc" (Jamaican)
5Lord Antics & the Montegonians Band: Laziest Man; Dynamic Sound "Volume Two" (Jamaican)
3Lord Bill Barnes: The Greatest Calypso Hits; Columbia Harmony HS 11188
5Count Bernardino's Calypso Party; Carib LP-2020-S; 1962 (jacket: Calypso Bacchanal)
7Count Bernadino: Calypso Capers; Carib LP-2030-S; 1962 (some great calypsos tho w/steel pan)
Count Bernadino & his Calypso Bacchinals; Sunrise (no #)
6Count Bernadino & his Calypso Bacchinals: Count Bernadino's Calypso Philosphies (jacket: Count Bernadino at the Sheraton British Colonial); Sun Rise ST-55752/3
5Count Bernadino: The Masterful; Sunrise (no #)
6Ron Berridge & his Big Sound Orchestra: Calypsomania; RA 1007 (2-LP; instrumental)
8"Blind Blake" [Higgs] & his Royal Victoria Calypso Orchestra [10"]; Art ALP-3; (c)1952 (Blake Alphonso Higgs, not to be confused with blues singer Blind Blake!; 10 songs)
8Blind Blake & Royal Victoria Calypsos 10"; Art ALP-4; (c)1952 (11 songs)
8Blind Blake & his Royal Victoria Calypso Orchestra 10"; Art ALP-6; (c)1952 (10 songs)
8Blind Blake & his Royal Victoria Orchestra with the Goombay Four; Art ALP-6A; (c)1952 (reissues ALP-6 & adds "Sly Mongoose" & "Go Down Emmanuel Road")
7Blind Blake Sings New Songs with the Royal Victoria Bahamians; Art ALP-20 (his 5th LP)
7Blind Blake: Indigenous Bahamian--Songs/Pandora Gibson: Indigenous Bahamian--Comedy; GBI LP-109; 1976 (A-side: remakes of 5 classic songs)
7The Blue Notes at the Rum Keg; Carib LP-2033-S; 1962 (2 caribeat cuts & one w/scat, "Calypso Be Bop")
3The Blue Notes at the Back Room; Proctor and Blue 502
7Mighty Bomber: Calypso Jamboree '66; Telco TL-5029
6Mighty Bottle: Calypsoes by the Mighty Bottle of Antigua; Camille LP-9025
5Capt. Harcourt Brown's Bimini Teenagers: Bimini Goombay; Carib LP-2005; 1958
4Ivan Browne w/Lance Hayward & his Quartet (at the Virgin Isle Hilton); Edmar ELP-1018
7Mickey O'Bryan Quartet: Jamaica's Gift to the World; Ivanhoe IV-12345 (Caribeat, calypso jazz, mod soul, twist, calypso, bossa)
Lord Brynner: Best of Lord Brynner; RCA Trinidad LPB-3005 (first LP!)
8Lord Brynner: Mr. Calypso; RCA Trinidad LPB-3019
7Lord Brynner's Roslyn Pussy; Erin LP-1939 (Hilary LP-1939)
8Lord Brynner: Calypsorama; WIRL WL-1054 (in Canada as Lord Brynner's Calypsorama in Jamaica; Erin LP-1940)
8Lord Brynner: Calypso Carnival; WIRL WL-1055 (in Canada as Lord Brynner's Big Big Bamboo Calypso; Erin LP-1941)
7Lord Brynner: Uhuru-Harambee; Erin LP-1942 (first jacket text black + "STEREO"; 2nd has yellow/orange text)
7Lord Burgess & his Calypso Serenaders 10"; Stinson SLP-62 ("Folk Songs of Haiti, Jamaica, & Trinidad")
7Lord Burgess & his Sun Islanders: Calypso Go Go; Buddah BDS-1005/BDM-1005 (folk-calypso--he wrote Harry Belafonte's songs; w/Mauricio Smith on marimba, Minisink Octet, Herb Lee on pennywhistle)
6Lord Burgess: Lord Burgess Rides Again; Cherry Lane CLRI-1-1984; 1984
6Ellsworth Burrows/King Eric & his Knights: Showtime at Dirty Dicks; Elite OES-7
6Ronnie Butler Steps Out at the Fabulous Big Bamboo; Elite LP-OE-3-S
5Ronnie [Butler] & his Ramblers: Calypso Bamba; Elite LP-OE-14-S
5Ronnie [Butler] & his Calypso Ramblers at the Nassau Beach Hotel; Elite LP-OE-27-S
7Ronnie [Butler] & the Ramblers: An Evening with Ronnie; R&R 9823 (caribeat/calypso/funky rock; Ronnie Butler when at Ronnie's Rebel Room in the Anchorage Hotel)
5Fred Callender's Calypsonians: Grand Bahama Holiday; Carib LP-2024; 1963 (w/Andre Toussaint, very Latinate)
6Calypso Joe at the Courtleigh Manor; Wirl 1049
6Calypso Joe w/Boris Gardiner Happening: Calypso Joe; Dynamic Sounds/Tiger SLP-001
The Calypso Kings: Many Moods; Art/Souvenir SLP-315
The Calypso Stars: Relax with; Art/Souvenir SLP-323
8Candido: Calypso Dance Party; ABC 178; 1957
8The Caribbean Calypsonians; Scott S-10/11 (4-LP set, boxed or individual with same jacket; The Sovereign, Count of Monte Cristo, Lord Wilson, Charles Thomas, Montoute, Frank Anderson)
8The Caribbean Calypsonians; Scott S-12/13
8The Caribbean Calypsonians; Scott S-14/15
8The Caribbean Calypsonians; Scott S-16/17
5The Castaways: Calypso Islands; Decca DL-74116
5Prince Charlie & his Royal Cats at the Holiday Inn; Elite LP-OE-12
The Charmer & the Calypso Rhythm Boys 10"; Monogram 819 (LP by Gene Walcott, a.k.a. The Charmer, a.k.a. Louis Farrakhan)
7Ivan Chin & his Calypso Band: Man! It's Calypso; Chappell/World Wide/Saga Eros 8024; 1967
8Elia & Michele Clark Sing Calypso Songs for Children; Columbia CL 995 (with Jackie Fields & his Calypso Band)
5Beacham Coakley/Vincent Martin: Emerald Beach Carnival; Island Artists LP-1003; 1956
6Beacham Coakley's Emerald Beach Hotel Orchestra w/Vincent Martin: Goombay!; Decca DL-8489
7Beacham Coakley/Frank Gallagher: Goombay at the Emerald Beach; Bahamian Rhythms B-RH-27; 1957
5Lord Cody & the Coralites: Carib LP-2034-S; 1962
5Lord Cody & the Coralites: Calypso at its Best; Elite ER-S-1008
6Lord Cody & the Coralites: Sail Out; Elite OES-19 (calypso/caribeat; with Kasavabu; guitarist Valiant Vendal does instrumental cover of "Apache")
Lord Composer [with the Calypso Champions]: Songs from the Caribbean; Art ALP-15
7[Edward Dawson] Conliffe: Magic Drums; Murrau-Rivers LM-1; (c)1948 (w/Beacham Coakley, Bertram Lord, Jack Rocker, Robert Gordon, Charles Hermantin; w/4 Brasilian songs added as 12" LP Conliffe & his Native Musicians: Caribbean Holiday; Tempo 7002)
3Edric Connor & the Caribbeans: Songs from Jamaica RG-33
7Lord Creator: Big Bamboo; Dynamic Sounds/Dynamic DY-3318
8Lord Christo: Authentic Calypso; Mercury MG-20297
7Lord Cristo in Jamaica; Kalypso FR-110
6Russell Daville: Calypso Sung by; Monarch MO-LP-602 (w/Bill LaMotta; Daville was w/Katherine Dunham)
7[Richie Delamore:] The Goombay Kings; RCA Victor LPM-1514; 1957
7Richie Delamore: Goombay & Ballads of the Islands; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-33; 1960 (jacket: Richie Delamore in Stereo; w/Peanuts Taylor & Dirty Dick's Orchestra)
6Richie Delamore in a Collection of Folk Songs & Native Goombay; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-35; 1960
6Richie Delamore: More of Delamore; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-44; 1960
7Richie Delamore: A Date with Delamore; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-47; 1965
7Richie Delamore: This is Delamore; Tropical CLP-6018 (or Eagle 001)
7Richie Delamore Sings--A Night in the Caribbean; Carib LP-2018-S; 1962
6Richie Delamore: Free Again; Carib LP-2035; 1962
8Percy Dixon & his Merry Boys: Scandal in Montego Bay; Sue LP-1026
-Duke of Iron
7Guy DuRosier: Been Travellin'; Carib LP-2019-S; 1962
8Calypso Eddie with the Carib Islanders; Art ALP-19
8King Eric [Gibson] & his Knights: BA MA Hit Parade; Carib LP-92008/2008; 1960
6King Eric & his Knights; Calypso Encores; Carib LP-2017-S; 1962
6King Eric & his Knights at the Big Bamboo; Carib LP-2023-S; 1963
6King Eric & his Knights: Paging King Eric & his Knights; Elite LP-OE-1-S; 1964 (1st press: gold label)
5King Eric & his Knights: Checkmate; Elite LP-OE-9-S
6King Eric & his Knights: All Time Favourites Calipsos [sic]; Elite LP-OE-24-S
6King Eric & his Knights: Live at the King & Knights Club; Elite LP-OE-46-S
5King Eric & his Knights: Island Boy; Elite LP-OE-77
6King Eric & his Knights at the Emerald Beach Plantation & Hotel in Nassau; Elite ERS-1 (gatefold)
5King Eric & his Knights: Bahama Goombay Summer 1972; Elite ERS-1017; 1972 (jacket titled "With Hits from the Bahamas")
6Ellsworth Burrows/King Eric & his Knights: Showtime at Dirty Dicks; Elite OES-7
6Duke Errol & his Lords: Nassau Island; Tropical CLP-2418 (original label black)
6Duke Errol & his Lords: An Album of Favorites; Tropical CLP-3081
5Duke Errol: Calypso Island; Edem ER-1001
6Duke Errol & his Lords: Island in the Sun; Elite OE-10-S
3The Falconaires: Falcondip Souvenir; RCA Custom (Jamaican hotel houseband)
8Lord Flea & his Calypsonians: Swingin' Calypsos; Capitol T-842; 1957 ("Calypso Be Bop" calypso jazz with scat singing!!!)
3Frats Quintet: Authentic Jamaican Folk Songs; Monogram/Ritmo 506 (Frats Quintet of Jamaica: Best Folk Songs of Jamaica; Request/Sounds of the Caribbean SLP-8106)
5Lord Foodoos: Calypso; Elektra 127; 1957 (also reissued in ES)
6Roy Fuller: Shades of Jamaica; Tiger 002
8Sandy Gamory w/Syd Joe & his Caribbean All Stars Orchestra: The Calypso Man; San Joe SJ-4667
7The Gaylads: Sunshine is Golden; CoxSone CSL-8006
6Bob Gordon's Troubadours at the Balmoral Club; Elite OE-30 (calypso/Haitian)
8Sir Freddy Grant's Caribbean Troubadours: Calypso; Bethlehem BCP-7001; 1957
6Teddy Greaves: Living it Up with Teddy Greaves; Art ALP-64 (live at the Turtle Walk supper club, Grand Bahama Hotel or Jack Tar--both credited; 2 jacket faces: 1 of him on boat, other of him waterskiing)
5Teddy Greaves & his Groovy Group: Here's Teddy Greaves; Art ALP-76 (live at the Turtle Walk)
6Duke Hanna & his Caribbeans: Small Hope Bay Carnival; Carib LP-92026/2026; 1963
6Duke Hanna & his Caribbeans: A Perfect Day at Small Hope Bay with; Elite LP-OE-6
6The Happy Smilers: Plantation Inn; Kalypso 5274
Ed Harpers Quartette; Vita Disc TC/L 56
8Al Harris & his Calypso Band [Your Souvenir of Bermuda] 10"; Bermuda Mastertone [no #] (TV-23229/TV-23230; six tracks)
4Duke Harris: Jump & Sway Jamica Way; Federal 202
7Lance Haven/Tony Mottola: Caribbean Calypso; Que FLS 103
8Russ Henderson & his Caribbean Boys: Caribbean Calypso; Allegro ALL-817; 1966 (UK/Jamaica; calypso/mod soul "Walking the Dog"/caribbeat-Latin jazz "West Indian Drums")
4Danny Hill & the Rose Hall Players: Rose Hall Carnival; Que FLS 103
6The Hiltonaires: Seven Bells (no label or #; Jamaica)
6The Hiltonaires: Big Bamboo; Island Music 1041 (Jamaica; Hilary ILP-1041 or CoxSone)
4The Hiltonaires: Ska-Motion in Ska-Lip-So; WIRL 1027 (Jamaica)
7Frank Holder: Calypso Time with Frank Holder 10"; PYE/Nixa NPT-19007 (UK; British Guiana-born vocalist w/Johnny Dankworth)
8Frank Holder w/Kenny Graham & his Orchestra: Frank Holder Sings Calypso; Decca/London LL-1712 (abridged & lacking notes as Calypso Cavalcade; London Richmond B-20030)
7Frank Holder w/Kenny Graham & his Orchestra: Calypso Cavalcade; Decca/London/Richmond B-20030 (10 of the 14 songs on Frank Holder Sings Calypso; London LL-1712 & none of the liner notes)
Wilmouth Houdini & his Calypso Orchestra: Calypso (The World-Famous Topical Song of Trinidad) 10" Album; Decca 78 (3-disc 78 album)
Wilmouth Houdini & his Royal Calypso Orchestra: Harlem Seen Through Calypso Eyes 10" Album; Decca 198; 1941 (3-disc 78 album w/booklet)
8Wilmouth Houdini w/Gerald Clark's Night Owls: Songs of Trinidad; Decca/Brunswick BL-58007; 1943/1931 (all reissued on Arhoolie)
8Wilmouth Houdini w/Gerald Clark's Night Owls: Calypso Classics from Trinidad; Arhoolie/Folklyric FL-9040; 1984/1928-40 (compilation)
7Wilmouth Houdini/Bert McLean's Jazz Hounds: Calypso; RCA Camden CAL-360 (reissues 78s; 7 Houdini songs, 5 calypso-jazz instrumentals)
6Lord Hummingbird (Albert Riberio) Salutes James Brown with his Caribbean Music; Hummingbird 421 (instrumental; identical to Salutes Duke Ellington LP)
5The Igniters Steel Band: Jump Up; ISB 20078; 1978
6Lord Invader: Calypso; Audio Fidelity AFLP-1808; 1956
7Lord Invader & his Calypso Group: Calypso Travels; Folkways FW-8733; 1959
6Lord Invader: There's a Brown Boy in the Ring 10"; Folkways FC-7262; 1960/1959
6Lord Invader: West Indian Folksongs for Children; Folkways FC-7744; 1961/1960
6The Island Boys (Herbie/Ronnie/Johnnie): Go Calypso; Kapp KL-1057
7The Island Champions: Silver Seas Calypsos; Ritmo RLP-507; 1959 (Jamaican; Eddie Brown, Jellicoe Barker, Hubert Porter, Monte Reynolds, Levi Burke; mostly reissued on Request/SOC SLP-746)
7The Island Champions/Hubert Smith: Conch Ain't Got No Bones & Others; Request/Sounds of the Caribbean SLP-746; 1974/1959 (reissues 10 Island Champions cuts and 2 by Smith: "Conch Ain't Got No Bones" & "Mary Anne")
7[The Black Beret Presents] The Islanders; BB-333 (Haitian/voodoo/calypso/calypso jazz)
Little Joe's Steel Pan at the Royal Victoria
5Little Joe & his Calypsonians at the Royal Victoria; Elite OES-4
5Little Joe & his Calypsonians; Elite OES-17
8Montego Joe: Afro Rhythms; Kimbo Educational KLP-6060; 1970 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria)
7Montego Joe/Marie Brooks: Ethnic Dances of Black People Around the World; Kimbo Educational KLP-9040 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria; 4 treatments of 8 cuts from KLP-6060)
5Lord Jayson & his Limbo Gang: Limbo; Palace PST-730
6Lord Jellicoe & his Calypso Monarchs at the Sheraton; Wirl 1040 (Hilary ILP-1040)
5Lord Jellico: A Man & his Calypso; Hilary ILP-1046
7Lord Jellicoe & his Calypso Monarchs [The Big Bamboo--A Ribald Calypso]; Premiere [no #] (Premiere/Federal [no #])
5Delbon Johnson: Dirty Dick's Presents 10"; Art ALP-9
5Delbon Johnson: Dirty Dick's Presents; Art ALP-9-A (reissues 10", adds a few more; different jacket art)
4Sonny Johnson & the Sunglows: A Night in Paradise; Carib 2037; 1964
4The Junkanoo Three-Plus-One: Sounds of the Junkanoo (Washington DC local); XTV-98945
6Jonathan Kemp w/John Chipman's Confidential Club Orchestra: Confidential Carnival; Island Artists LP-1002; 1956 (lots of percussion)
7Johnny Kemp & the Royal Bahamians: Here's Johnny Mon!; KempAlex 5403 (jacket: Here Comes Johnny Mon!; covers Lord Flea's "Shake Senora")
6[Jonathan Kemp &] The Confidential Club Orchestra: Goombay Carnival; MGM E-3359
5Junkanoo Band--Key West; Folkways FL-4492
6Kenny & the Beach Boys: The Fantastic Music of Kenny & the Beach Boys; Singca 102
5Kenny & the Beach Boys: Good Morning Mr. Walker; Elite OE-36; 1969
7[Nassau Beach Hotel Presents] Kenny & the Beach Boys: Jurisdiction; Elite ER-1029 (caribeat/funk/reggae/calypso; covers James Brown's "The Payback")
6King Kobra & the Venoms: Limbo Carnival; Family SFLP-545/FLP-145 (Request/Sounds of the Caribbean SLP-736; 1972)
Lord Kitchener: Kitch--King of Calypso 10"; Melodisc MLP-500
Lord Kitchener: Kitch--King of Calypso Vol. 2 10"; Melodisc MLP-510 (UK)
8Lord Kitchener: Kitch--King of Kalypso; Melodisc MLP-12-129; ?/1953-61 (UK compilation of 12 cuts)
Lord Kitchener: Kitch--King of Calypso Vol. 2; Melodisc MLP-510 (UK)
8Lord Kitchener: Calypsos Too Hot to Handle; Melodisc MLP-12-200 (UK; 14 cuts; repeats "Drink a Rum" Xmas calypso from MLP-12-129)
7Lord Kitchener; RCA Victor LPS-3027 (Aldwyn Roberts; RCA Trinidad)
8Lord Kitchener: Mr. Kitch; RCA Victor LPS-3030 (Trinidad)
8Lord Kitchener: Calypso Kitch; RCA Victor LPS-3038 (Trinidad)
7Lord Kitchener: Kitch '67; RCA Victor LPS-3047; 1967/1966 (Trinidad)
8Lord Kitchener's Greatest Calypso Hits; RCA Victor LPS-3050 (Trinidad)
7Lord Kitchener: Play Mas with Kitch; Tropico TSI/TMI-2004; 1967
6Lord Kitchener: King of the Road; Tropico TSI-2011 (arr. Clive Bradley)
7Lord Kitchener: Curfew Time; Trinidad TRCS-0001
7Lord Kitchener: Hot Pants; Trinidad TRCS-0002
5Lord Kitchener: We Walk 100 Miles with "Kitch"; Trinidad TRCS-0003; 1967
6Lord Kitchener: Tourist in Trinidad; Trinidad TRCS-0004; 1974 (jacket # may be 0003 by mistake)
6Lord Kitchener: Carnival Fever; Trinidad TRCS-4000; 1975 (w/the Sparks & Art de Couteau)
Lord Kitchener Sings Calypsos; Request/Sounds of the Caribbean SLP-729 (reissues Monogram)
7Lord Kitchener: Home for Carnival; KH KDS-2006; 1976
6Lord Kitchener: Hot & Sweet; Charlie's Records CR-137; 1977
6Lord Kitchener: Melodies of the 21st Century; Charlie's Records CR-138; 1978 (jacket: "Melody of the 21st Century")
7Sir Lancelot: Calypso 10"; Mercury MG-25159 (jacket face image may be full 10" or bordered 7")
Sir Lancelot: Calypso; Fiesta FLP-1216
4Lord Lebay Sings Favorite Calypsos; Federal KALYPSO-1000
-Eloise Lewis
Joey Lewis & Orchestra: Ramblin' Rose; RCA Trinidad LPB-3014
7[Clipper Lounge Presents] Lionel [Lotmore] & the Clipper Trio [A Calypso Cruise]; Carib LP-92032-S; 1962 (reissed 1973 with new jacket art; updated, uptempo calypso with Latin & pop)
7MacBeth the Great: Calypso Holiday; Time S-2144
6Vincent Martin/Peanuts Taylor: Bahama Lullaby--A Tribute to Charlie Lofthouse; Island Artists LP-1005; 1957
7Vincent Martin & the Bahamians: Island Woman; Island Artists LP-1007; 1957 (w/Peanuts Taylor)
5Mac McCleverty & Roy Wallace: Virgin Isle Hotel Calypsos 10"; Monogram/Virgin Isle Hotel VLP-405
7Harold McNair: Bahama Bash Featuring the Voice & Saxophone of "Little G"; Top Rank RM-316
9The Fabulous McClevertys; Verve MG V-2034 (The Charmer's band!)
6She She Calypso Band: Calypso Fiesta (jacket: Calypsos from Trinidad Sung by Melody Prince); Vita Disc TC/L 55
Lord Melody: Lord Melody Sings; RCA Victor (Trinidad)
7Lord Melody: The Mighty Lord Melody; RCA Victor LPB-3008/LPS-3008 (Trinidad)
9Lord Melody Sings Calypso; Cook 906 (w/Cyril Diaz, Nat Hepburn, Marjorie Johnson)
Lord Melody Sings Calypso Again; Cook 914
7Lord Melody: Calypso Through the Looking Glass; Cook 927
8Lord Melody/Cyril Diaz: Trinidad Carnival; Vita Disc TC/L 59
7Lord Messam & his Calypsonians/Baba Motta & his Orchestra: Authentic Jamaican Calypsos 10"; Motta MOTL-101 (Stanley Motta's Motta Recording Studio of Jamaica, BWI; made in U.K.)
7Milo & the Kings: March of the Continents; Kenellie MK-101
Ted Ming: Bermuda Calypso for Collegians; Edmar LP-1010
5The Montagu Three [Plus One]: Fort Montague; Carib LP-2014-S; 1960 (w/Peanuts Taylor, live at the After Deck)
6Martin Conliffe & his Montagu Three Plus One; Bahamian Rhythms BR-37-S; 1961 (piano-led calypso/calypso rock "When Rock & Roll Came to Nassau Town"/Latin jazz "Poinciana"
The Montagu Three Plus One: Aboard the Afterdeck; Bahamian Rhythms BR-39-H
4The Montagu Three Plus One: Hot 'n' Cool; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-41; 1964
The Montagu Three Plus One: 3+1=The New Sound; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-45; 1964
4The Montagu Three Plus One: 3+1=5; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-53; 1966
7Lord Montego & his Calypsonians: Jamaica Calypso; Audio Fidelity AFLP-1832; 1957 (Leo Montego Stevenson; w/vibes; rare)
7La Motta Brothers & the Virgin Islanders w/Bill Fleming: Modern Calypso; RCA Vik LX-1079; 1957/1956
6Bill La Motta/Dell Anduze: Come Back to the Virgin Isles; Westindy ML-1001
6Bill La Motta/Bill Fleming: Songs the Virgins Love; Westindy ST-1002
6Bill La Motta: St. Thomas After Dark; Westindy ST-1004
7Bill La Motta: Themes from a Sunny Isle; Westindy ST-1008 (calypso jazz/calypso, Latin jazz)
8Freddie Munnings & his Silver Slipper Orchestra: Goombay Rhythms; Bahamian Rhythms Production No. 3 10"; 1955
Freddie Munnings: [?]; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-15; 1956
6Freddie Munnings: Goombay Rhythms; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-17; 1956
7Freddie Munnings: Nassau Holiday [at the Cat & Fiddle Nightclub]; Famo LP-1001 (w/Dudley Capon; calypso/calypso jazz/Latin jazz)
7Nassau Beach [Calypso] Quartet; Carib LPS-92022/LP-2022; 1964 (w/Lionel Lotmore)
4Nassau Beach Quartet: Rum Keg Jump; Elite OE-2; 1965
8Lord Nelson; NRC LP-1
7John L. [Nichols]: Here in the Virgin Islands; Virtu JU-31132; 1970 (Mighty Sparrow soundalike)
7John L. [Nichols]: Stay Up!; Virtu PN-61756
6Count Owen & his Calypsonians: Down Jamaica Way; Kalypso FR-1001
7The Mighty Panther Sings Songs of Dynamite; Drum Boy DBLM-1000 (Vernon Roberts)
7The Mighty Panther & Lad Richards: West Indian Calypso Magic; Art ALP-18
6The Percentie Brothers: Songs in Calypso by the Percentie Brothers; Art LP-8 (comes with lyric sheet insert)
7The Percentie Brothers: Songs in Goombay by the Percentie Brothers; Art ALP-28 (comes with lyric sheet insert)
6The Mighty Power: Calypso by Power; Camille 9026 (w/Ron Berridge Orchestra & the March of Dimes Quartette)
9Josephine Premice: Caribe; Verve MG-V-2067; c.1957
7Josephine Premice Sings Calypso; GNP GNP-24; c.1958
8[Lord] Relator Sings Again; Pan 3148 (w/Art De Coteau)
6Lord Relator: White Heat; Pan 3149; 1973 (w/Art De Coteau & the Sparks)
Robert Roker & the Calypso Playboys; Art/Souvenir SLP-301
Robert Roker & the Calypso Playboys; Art/Souvenir SLP-319
5Pat Rolle Sings Calypso; Carib LP-92014; 1973 (best for a piano instrumental)
6Calypso Rose (w/Ed Watson); Recording Artist RA-1008
5Calypso Rose: Her Majesty; Charlie's Records CR-444; 1978 (w/Charlie's Roots)
4Calypso Rose: Stepping Out; Strakers GS-2265
6Lord Saint's Calypso Group: Come Sailing in; Art Souvenir SLP-302
7Stan Seymour (Lord Necktie): Everybody Loves Bermuda; Edmar ELP-1020
6Stan Seymour: Our Man in Bermuda; Edmar ELPS-1070
6Stan Seymour: Calypso Carnival; Edmar ELPS-1116
8Stan Seymour: Party Album-Oh Yeah; Edmar ELPS-1135
6Stan Seymour Sings Songs of Bermuda; Edmar ELPS-1161
6Tony Seymour & the Nightbeaters: [Let's Go Native, Over the Hill with] Tony Seymour & the Nightbeaters; Elite LP-OE-5 (covers "Twine Time")
5Tony Seymour & the Nightbeaters: [I'm Over You] More of Tony Seymour & the Nightbeaters; Elite LP-OE-15
6She She Calypso Band: Calypso Fiesta (jacket: Calypsos from Trinidad Sung by Melody Prince); Vita Disc TC/L 55
Roy Shurland/Cecil Lloyd Orchestra: Caribbean Carnival; Carib LP-2001; 1958
8Roy Shurland/Big Bamboo Orchestra: The Big Bamboo; Carib LP-2015-S; 1961
7The Silver Seas Calypso Band: Silver Seas Calypsos; Ritmo RLP-507 (Jamaican; Eddie Brown, Jellicoe Barker, Hubert Porter, Monty Reynolds, Levi Burke)
6Lloyd Simmons/Esso Steel Band: Bermuda Honeymoon; Cook 904 (Bermuda)
5Lloyd Simmons (w/Stan Seymour): Calypso Party; Bandstand BLP-102; 1961 (Bermuda)
5Lloyd Simmons: This is Lloyd Simmons; Edmar LP-1068 (Bermuda)
4Neville Simmons Sings Caribbean Holiday Favorites; Art/Souvenir SLP-303
6Neville Simmons: Songs of the Sea & Sun; Art/Souvenir SLP-314
4Dudley Smith & his New Katzenjammer Band: Buena Vista Steel Band; Carib LP-2002; 1958 (w/Peanuts Taylor)
Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Calypso Holiday 10"; Bermuda BLP-2003 (1st LP; group includes Stan Seymour)
7Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Calypso from Bermuda 10"; Bermuda BLP-2006 (jacket: "Calypso Varieties"; Mighty Skipper guest vocalist, Side 2)
6Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Bermuda Calypso; Bermuda BLP-4002 (w/Stan Seymour)
6Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: In Bermuda; Bermuda BLP-4003 (w/King Trott)
5Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Bermuda 350 Years; Bermuda BLP-4004; 1959
5Hubert Smith, the Coral Islanders, & Steel Band: Island Women; Bermuda BLP-4005 (4 w/King Trott on bongos; 2 steel-drum instrumentals; 2 w/vocal group the Viscounts)
7Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Don't You Hurry Worry Me; Bermuda BLP/BST-4006 (w/King Trott)
5Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: An Evening at the Princess; Bermuda BLP/BST-4007 (live)
6Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: At his Best; Bermuda BLP-4009
6Hubert Smith & his Coral Islanders: Destination Bermuda; Bermuda BLP-4013
6Hubert Smith & Coral Islanders featuring George Smith: It Doesn't Hurt to be Friendly; Edmar ELPS-1154
6Hubert Smith & Sydney Bean: Calypso Holiday in Bermuda; Bermuda BLP-2003 (subsidiary of Monogram; jacket back may be printed or blank)
5Little Sparrow & his Singing Steel Pan; Carib LP-2027-S
-Mighty Sparrow
7Gene & Pinky Steede: Step Through a Moongate with Gene & Pinky Steede; GG-2 (calypso/torch/lounge act; Hugo Pedell Orchestra dir. George Cort, James Gregory; prod. Don Gibson)
4Gene & Pinky Steede: You're Gonna Hear from Us; BDA 6710 (lounge act/calypso)
Keith Stewart: Yellow Bird
5Keith Stewart: Take Me Back to Jamaica; Federal/Kalypso HKO-102
8George Symonette & his Calypso Sextette 10"; Art ALP-10 (jacket: George Symonette, Bahamian Troubadour: "Calypso" & Native Bahamian Rhythms)
8George Symonette & his Goombay Sextette: Calypso & Goombay Rhythms 10"; Bahama 4; 1955 (w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette & his Calypso Sextette 10"; Art/Bahama Records ALP-14; 1956 (jacket: George Symonette, Bahamian Troubadour: "Calypso" & Native Bahamian Rhythms; w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette & his Calypso Sextette: "Goombay"--The Folk Songs of the Bahamas; Art/Bahama Records ALP-14A; 1957 (reissues 10" ALP-14 & adds 4 more; w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette & his Goombay Sextette: Calypso & Goombay Rhythms; Bahama BLP-16; 19??/1955 (reissues Bahama 4 10" & adds 4 more)
8George Symonette & his Goombay Sextette: Goombay Rhythms--Songs & Rhythms of Nassau; Bahama BLP-18; 1956 (w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette: Calypso & Goombay Rhythms; Bahama BR-26; (c)1957 (w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette in Stereo--Nassau's Foremost Goombay Artist; Bahama BR-28-S; (c)1959 (w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
8George Symonette in Stereo; Bahama BR-34; 1961 (w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor)
7George Symonette Plays & Sings Calypso; Bahama BR-36; 1964 (jazzy remakes of his hits, plus some new songs; w/Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor, Harold McNair..)
-The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda
7Berkley "Peanuts" Taylor [Presents]/Various: Bacchanal at Chez Paul Meeres; Carib LP-2004; 1958 (compilation; "Bacchanal at the Confidential Club"; w/Guy DuRosier, Richie Delamore, Harold McNair, Vincent Martin, Andre Toussaint, Count Desire)
7Berkley "Peanuts" Taylor & his Goombay Drums; Bahamian Rhythms BRH-31; 1960
6Peanuts Taylor: The Various Moods of Peanuts; Tropical LP-2740
8Lloyd "Prince" Thomas & Caylpso Troubadours: Calypso from Trinidad; Que FLS-101 (reissues Bacchanal; Lloyd Thomas also featured on Monogram records)
8Lloyd "Prince" Thomas & Calypso Troubadours: Calypso from Jamaica; Que FLS-102 (reissues Bacchanal)
7Wesley Thomas Combo: Calypso Session at Carlton; Tarco AT-901 (jacket: Wesley Thomas Plays at...Carlton")
7Wesley Thomas Combo: Tropical Rhythm; Stella T-503
6Wesley Thomas Combo: Calypso Holiday in the Virgin Islands; Stella 0159
5Roy Thompson & the Cocoanut Vendors: Ambassador of Calypso; Request RLP-8029
Jimmie Thurston/George Moxie: Calypso Carnival at the Montague Beach Hotel; Island Artists LP-1006
7Jimmie Thurston/George Moxey/Lord Rad: On a Caribbean Cruise; Decca DL-8601
7The Jimmy Thurston Quintet at the Balmoral Club; Elite LPOES-16 (calypso, Latin jazz, calypso jazz; Bahamas)
7Andre Toussaint and the Caribbeans; Bahama Records Ltd. 20; 1956 (calypso/Haitian-voodoo/Latin; reissued as "Treasured Moments with Andre Toussaint"; Bahama Records BR-49)
6The Tower Islanders: Calypso 10"; Fiesta FLP-33003 (Jamaican group on NYC Latin label)
6The Tower Islanders: Calypso as Played by the Tower Islanders, Vol. 1; Fiesta FLP-1206 (reissues singles and the 10" and adds more)
6The Tower Islanders: Calypso as Played by the Tower Islanders, Vol. 2; Fiesta FLP-1212
6The Tower Islanders: Calypso Featuring The Tower Islanders; Fiesta/Rico RLP-3008 (reissues Fiesta FLP-1206 with different jacket art)
8Maureen Du Valiera w/Lad Richards Calypso Orchestra: A Calypso Mama Sings; Art ALP-17 (a.k.a. Calypso Mama)
5Olive Walke's La Petite Musical--Folk Songs of Trinidad & Tobago; RCA Victor Trinidad LPB-3001 (folkloric only)
We Three: Bermuda is Another World; Edmar ELPS-1025
7Luther Williams: Tropical Dance Party at the Arawak; Limbo 201 (Latin/calypso; Hubert Porter sings on the calypsos/mentos; has cha cha cha version of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender")
7The Wrigglers Sing Calypsos at the Arawak; Kalypso KLP-200
7[Denzil Laing &] The Wrigglers Sing Again; Kalypso/Federal FR-1002 (jacket: "Jamaica--Fabulous Island in the Sun")
8The Mighty Zebra with the La Motta Brothers: Calypso from the Virgin Islands; RCA Victor LPM-169; 1956 (also as Calypsos; The Virgin Isle Hotel; RCA Victor Custom)
Erskine Zuill: Calypso on the Carlton Beach; Edmar LP-0001
Uncredited: Calypsoes from Down Town; Vita Disc TC/L 54
-Various-Artist Calypso Compilations

Calypso 45s & EPs

7Charlie Binger & his Quintet: Jamaica is the Place to Go/Country Gal; MRS 45-DSM-53 (Stanley Motta's Motta Recording Studio of Jamaica, BWI; made in U.K.)
7Blind Blake; Art AEP-4
8The Charmer w/Johnny McCleverty Calypso Boys: Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't/Back to Back (Zombie Jamboree); Monogram M-205
9Richie Delamore: Big Bamboo/Monkey Song; Carib 1002; 1962 (in mailable picture sleeve: "a calypso souvenir of the Bahamas")
7Calypso Crazy w/Art De'Coteau: Tight Mass/Satan Coming; Mam 004; 1976
5Calypso Eddie: Limbo-Rak Dance/History & Instructions; Art
8Dot Evans w/Rupert Clemendore: Kiss Me for Christmas/Nat Hepburn & March of Dimes Quartette: Christmas Calypso; Cook 30822
8Lord Hummingbird: Beloved Kennedy/Teenage Bossa Nova Girl; Hummingbird 79489-90
8Lord Invincible & the Tropical Spades: The 12 Days of Christmas/Sleigh Ride; Charmur ANT-1001
6Jamaica Boy & the Jamaica Calypso Orchestra: Man Smart Woman Smarter/Mary Anne--Brown Skin Gal; Ritmo 312
5Vincent Martin & his Bahamians: Island Woman/Basket on Head; Island Artists
7Merchant w/Ed Watson: Norman/Come and Take It; Kalinda KD-543; 1977
7Lord Nelson: Calamity/Twilight Zone; Camille EP-108
7Lord Nelson: Moonlight Shining Bright/Till (sic) Foreday Morning; Camille EP-141 (from Lord Nelson Again LP; Camille 9028)
6Ralf Paulsen/Buddy Jones/Wolf Gabbe/Jo Plee: Jolly-Joy hat einen Boy EP; Opera 4168 (Hejo Hejo Gin und Rum--a.k.a. Marianne--calypso, Kleines Madel aus Cremona, Jolly-Joy hat einen Boy, Susi Rock--exotic rock)
5Ronnie & the Ramblers: Burma Road Medley/Midnight Cowboy; R And R 9104 (Ronnie Butler)
7Lord Shorty w/Ed Watson Brass Circle: Calypso is Ours/Indrani; Shorty S-002; 1973 (G. Blackman)
7Lord Superior w/"Fats" Green Orch.: Calypso Twist/Meet Me in Trinidad; CAB 2012
6Berkeley "Peanuts" Taylor: Maryanne; Caribbean Folk Music, Ltd. (comapct 33 rpm; 1-sided Reco-Card picture postcard)
-[See also calypso compilations for more EPs.]

Calypso 78s

8Count Bernardino & his Calypso Knights: Red Shoes/Stoop Down Grandma; Falcon 102
8Marie Bryant: Tomato/Rhumboogie Anna; Lyragon J-701 (U.K.; w/Mike McKenzie Quintet featuring Bertie King, alto sax)
9The Charmer with Johnny McCleverty Calypso Boys: Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't/Back to Back, Belly to Belly (Zombie Jamboree); Monogram M-930
7Lord Kitchener: Kitch/Food from the West Indies; Melodisc 1160 (UK; with the Vincent Street Six)
7Sir Lancelot & the Caribbean Serenaders: Calypso; Mercury Album 46 (reissued as 10" LP MG-25159)
7The Lion: Out the Fire/The Attila: Roosevelt in Trinidad; Decca 17302 (w/Gerald Clark & his Caribbean Serenaders)
7Kingsley Swan: Hold 'im Joe/Celeste Robinson: Brown Skin Gal; Bermuda 2012 (w/the Calypso Islanders)
8Lloyd Thomas & Calypso Troubadours: Foolish Man/Ten Rum Bottles; Bacchanal 2006

Calypso Movies

Bop Girl Goes Calypso -- Lord Flea, others (Les Baxter ST)
Calypso Island; United Artists -- Vincent Martin & his Bahamians
Calypso Joe; Allied Artists; color; 1957? -- Herb Jeffries & his Calypsomaniacs, Duke of Iron, Lord Flea, Terry Gilkyson, Lady T, Lester Horn Dancers; Angie Dickinson, Edward Kemmer, Laurie Mitchell
I Walked with a Zombie; b/w; 1958
Island in the Sun; color -- Harry Belafonte, The Island Boys

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