The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda

The Talbot Brothers --Archie (leader, guitar, harmonica), Austin (guitar, harmonica), Roy (bass), Bryan ("Dick," tipple), Ross ("Blackie," electric guitar), and cousin Cromwell Mandres ("Mandy," accordion) -- are the world's most famous calypso group, ambassadors of calypso for countless tourists visiting Bermuda. The mother and father were a church organist and dancer, respectively, which accounts for a very musical upbringing.

They started part-time in 1941, and by 1947 were playing the hotel circuit regularly. The Talbots toured the U.S. in 1953, and by 1957 were appearing on television with Ed Sullivan. Archie, who began his musical career in 1922, composed "Bermuda Affair" for the movie of the same name. Almost more famous even than the band is Roy's "dog house," the group's string bass. Made from a meat-packing crate with a single fishing-line string, it bears the signatures of Babe Ruth, Bing Crosby, Tommy Dorsey, William Holden, Eddie Duchin, and many other celebrities. Their last album together was recorded in 1961, with outside help on the writing.

Buying: The Talman reissues (given away or sold at performances in the 1960s and 1970s) are a good start, particularly if in top shape; two offer material not previously released on LP. Most of the original 10" & 12" LPs are classics.

Talbot Brothers 10" 78 Albums

8Bermuda; Bermuda 1001 (3 records)

Talbot Brothers 10" LPs

8Bermuda (Talbot Brothers in their Favorite Selections); Bermuda (or Bermuda Islands or Jay); c.1955 My Buddy's Chick, Out the Fire, Razor Razor, Man Smart, Bermuda Buggy Ride, Freckles
7Songs Dedicated to You; Bermuda Islands; c.1956 Atomic Nightmare, Memories, [Tattooed Woman] She Sits Down to Me, I Dream of Bermuda, Pay Pay Pay, Jane Jane Jane, Mandolin Jive, You Made Me a Fool
7The Talbot Brothers Calypso; Audio Fidelity AFLP-903; c.1956 (jacket: "Bermuda Vol. 2" indicating licensed from Bermuda Islands) Last Train, You Don't Need Glasses to See, Ebb Tide, Pound Your Plaintain in the Mortar, Goombay Dance, Bachelor Life, I Talk to the Trees, Fast Company

Talbot Brothers 12" LPs

7Talbot Brothers: The Talbot Brothers Bermuda Calypso Party (Bermuda, Vol. 3); Audio Fidelity AFLP-1807; c.1957 Dorothy, Wine & Malina, Bloodshot Eyes, Myra Myra, My Heart Sings, Hundred Thousand Years--Saloon, Make it Do, Pum-Pa-Lum, Nature Boy, Marianne--Sly Mongoose, Shiek of Araby, Blue Skies
8Talbot Brothers: Calypsos; ABC-Paramount ABC-156; 1957 (reissued as "Volume 156" by the group with revised liners/rear-jacket photo) Atomic Nightmare, Scratch Scratch Me Back, Bermuda's Still Paradise, Is She Is or Is She Ain't, Back to Back, Calypso Cha-Cha, You Can Go, The Soldier Song, Bermuda Affair, Gonna Cut You with the Razor, Nora Nora, Sager Boy, Give an Ugly Woman Matrimony
7Talbot Brothers of Bermuda; ABC-Paramount ABC-214; 1958 Old Uncle Joe, It's My Destiny, See What You Do, Out'a Me, Sunset in Bermuda, Ol' Ti' Cat-o'-Nine, Don't You Call Me Boo Boo, When We Married Be, You Can't Tell the Old from the Young, So Near So Far, The Riddle Song, Bermudian Blues
6Talbot Brothers of Bermuda: Bermuda Holiday; Strand/Polyphonic FLP-2001; 1961 (their only stereo LP) Run Fast, Loose Me Now, De Mongrel, 13 Kids, De Penalty, Waiting for Mary Jane, The Marriage of Melda, Too Much of the R. & R., 'T Was a Woman, Oh My Son, San Domingo Gal
7Ross Talbot: Bermuda is Paradise; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6125; 1964/1961-64 (reissued by Ross on On the Green Records) Bermuda is Paradise, I Found a Home, It's My Destiny, Golf Time in Bermuda, Calypso-Cha Cha Cha, Scotch & Soda, Sunset in Bermuda, Cognito at Midnight, Castro-Twist, Child Don't You Call Me Boo Boo, Short Skirts & Polly Pants, This is Bermuda
8The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda Vol. 1; Talman (reissues both Bermuda Islands 10" LPs except "Memories are Made of This" & "Pay Pay Pay")
7The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda Vol. 2; Talman (reissues the Audio Fidelity 10" except "Gombay Dance"; plus Dorothy, Wine & Malina, Bloodshot Eyes, Nature Boy, Marianne, Blue Skies from AF 12"; adds "Yellow Bird")
6The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda Vol. 3; Talman; 1961 (monaural reissue of Bermuda Holiday; adds "Going Back to Bermuda")
7Calypso Featuring the Talbot Brothers; Sutton SU-271 (reissues 1st Bermuda 10" & adds 4 more by another artist)

Talbot Brothers 45s

7Ross Talbot: Christmas in Bermuda/Bermuda Farewell; 1962? (picture sleeve, non-LP; A-side original)

Talbot Brothers 78s

8Bermuda Buggy Ride/Freckles; Bermuda 21
8Freckles/Man Smart; Bermuda 22
8Freckles/Bermuda Buggy Ride; Bermuda 23
7My Buddy's Chick/Out the Fire; Bermuda 1002?
7Out the Fire/Razor Razor; Bermuda 1002?
7Razor Razor/Bermuda Buggy Ride; Bermuda 1003
7My Buddy's Chick/Man Smart; Bermuda 10018

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