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Latin 1

Latin & Cuban: Original LPs

The Word: The best Latin (and Latin soul, -jazz, -rock, -twist) records available anywhere: the great NYC labels, small-label obscurities, and major-label masterpieces; also select Cuban, santero, and percussion LPs. From top classics to fantastic rarities, this is the stuff!

Bargain LPs: Not everything is a collectors item! We have a few of the best Latin records that sold well enough to be still just $15-20. Get top copies --of the real thing-- and work up to the heavier stuff. The frugal (and DJs) also can find bargains among lesser copies where two or more are listed. Why more than one of even rare records? Why run out?

So much Latin:

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Images: accurately represent items but are not always the exact copy listed/purchased

Discount: ALWAYS try to buy more than one item at a time

Grupo Afro-Cubana dir. por Alberto Zayas: Hi-Fi Cuban Drums; Capitol T-10141; c.1957; E+/V+ $60 (or rare Canadian pressing in same jacket E-/V+ $50, specify) -- Afro-Cuban chants/drums; famous, classic, monster session of master hill drummers and singers "recorded spontaneously en la Isla de Cuba"; such an important LP it was reissued as Afro-Frenetic on Panart; surface wear but plays well

Johnny Albino: El Unico; Starbright LPS-164; E+/E+ $20 -- Latin/vocal; super-rare label from Long Island, of all places (notable for having some Latin soul later on); this one is vocal and good, and since it seems to be his fourth for the label, Albino had to be its star act; Mi Nina Bonita, Bravo, El Retrato de Mama, La Primera Piedra, Amor Jibaro, La Pata Pela, Perdamonos, Casualidad, Migajas, Boom Boom Ahora Soy Feliz, Acompaname, Tengo que Esperar

Fernando Albuerne con el Trio Los Cubanitos: Recuerdos de CUBA; Panart LP-3097; black label (heavy vinyl) N-/N- shrink $30 -- Cuban/vocal; rare, good Panart (authentic old Cuban recording), in top shape yet low-priced (a real prize); features guajira, bolero, criolla, son; El son en le montana, Olvido, Ansias-que boca la tuya, Veinte anos, A la mujer cubana, Amorosa guajira, Ausencia, Pensamiento, Alma de roca, Migajas de carino, Yo te ame

Xiomara Alfaro con las Orquestas de Ernesto Duarte y Chico O'Farrill: Siboney; RCA Victor LPM-1533; 1957; 1st N/N shrink $100 -- Cuban/female vocal; rare & fantastic!!!; famous singer w/great range who earlier had done the ST for Silvana Mangano's film "Mambo" (available online) & long after this did a rare funky LP; Chico O'Farrill you know about; great exotic jacket; Luna Rossa, Noche de Ronda/Amor Amor, Lagrimas de Estrellas, Amor de Verano/Mirame Asi, Siboney, Ochun, Angelitos Negros

Xiomara Alfaro con las Orquestas de Ernesto Duarte y Chico O'Farrill: Siboney; RCA International FSP-126(e); 1957 "reissued by request" sealed ES $30 -- Cuban/female vocal; rare & fantastic!!!; famous singer w/great range who earlier had done the ST for Silvana Mangano's film "Mambo" (available online) & long after this did a rare funky LP; Chico O'Farrill you know about; great exotic jacket; Luna Rossa, Noche de Ronda/Amor Amor, Lagrimas de Estrellas, Amor de Verano/Mirame Asi, Siboney, Ochun, Angelitos Negros

Almaden y Juan Martinez: El Alma del Flamenco; SMC Pro-Arte; E-/E+ S $25 -- Flamenco/vocal; top singer and guitarist on super-rare, coveted SMC Pro-Arte!; whether you collect old flamenco records or are (like us) fascinated by the original NYC Latin label, this is a once-in-a-lifetime offering: yes, it's that rare; Seguiriyas, Soleares, Fandangos, Milonga, Malaguena, Aires de Huelva, Saeta, Tientos, Petenera, Tarantas

David Amram & Friends: Latin-Jazz Celebration; Elektra/Asylum Elextra Musician 60195; 1983; sealed cutout S $15 -- Latin jazz/Latin/Brasilian; Paquito d'Rivera, Machito, Machito Jr., Candido, Steve Berrios, David "Fathead" Newman, Joe Wilder, Pepper Adams, George Barrow, etc.; En Memoria de Chano Pozo (get it for this!), New York Charanga, Andes Breeze, Take the "A" Train, Blue Bomba (Bomba Azul), Brazilian Memories, Celebration, Song of the Rain Forest, Interview With David Amram

Antobal's Latin All-Stars under the direction of Obdulio Morales: Pachanga & Other Latin Favorites; Coral/Brunswick BL-54104; 2nd, deep groove E+/N- $50 -- Cuban/Latin/Latin jazz/Afro; top group known also as [Mario] Antobal's Cuban All-Stars and one that all collectors should jump at the chance to own; recorded in Havana, a major record (terrific and rare!) released on a US label but scarcer than many actual Cuban-label records; Alejandro Vivar (El Negro) is the lead trumpet; features bata drums; encompasses several styles (not a crummy "charanga" LP by any means!): Afro, son-montuno, guajira, pachanga, more!; La Pachanga, Nina, El Sopon (Cuban Stew), Campina Cubana (Cuban Countryside), Atardecer Cubano (Cuban Sunset), Por Que? (Why), The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero), Hatuey, Las Claves, Redencion, Yemaya, Fregao! (Washed Up!)

Orquesta Aragon: Cha Cha Cha; RCA Victor Mexicana MKL-1130; N/E+ $30 -- Latin; top Cuban group on a surprise find that's rarer even than their LPs on US Victor, and in top shape, no less; Nosotros, Cachita, Noche Azul, Silencio, Sabrosona, Yo Tengo una Muneca, Cuatro Personas, Cuatro Vidas, El Bodeguero, Calculadora, El Organillero, Los Tamalitos de Olga

Orquesta Aragon: Danzons de Ayer y de Hoy; Discuba LPD-515; black/silver label, deep groove E+/E+ $20 -- Latin; top Cuban group on a surprise find that's rarer even than their LPs on US Victor, and in top shape, no less; Almendra, Isora Club, El Cadete Constitucional, Bodas de Oro, Cero Penas, Osiris, Angoa, Liceo del Pilar, Union Cienfueguera, Mario Nick y Humberto, Tres Lindas Cubanas, Que Bien Estamos

Orquesta Aragon: Mosaicos Tropicales; Discuba LPD-576; deep groove E+/N- $40 -- Cuban; top Cuban group, very influential in the '50s when they recorded for RCA, here on a top Cuban label; Clavelitos, Kilimanjaro, Yo No Baila Con Juana, Tremendo Punto..

Argueso: Cha Cha Cha Tango Mambo Merengue; Fiesta FLPS-1225; yellow E+/E+ S $30 -- stereo!; top star (originally recorded on SMC Pro-Arte!) does classic NY Latin on treasured early label; Rico-Cha, Noche de Estrellas, A La Vuelta Mundo Mambo, Cayetano Baila, Suspense, Violetera, Guapita, Parace Que Va a Llore, Gordita, Un Sueno, Paqueton, Ole Guapa

Argueso: Tangos for Dancing; Fiesta FLP-1243; yellow 1st/deep groove E+/E- $25 -- the grest Argueso in a rare one (whether you collect tango, Argueso, or Fiesta, you need this!); good shape other than seam splits; Caminito, A Media Luz, Tango de la Rosa, Adios Muchachos, Tomo y Obligo, Derecho Viejo, La Cumparsita, Inspiration, Malevaje, Adios Pampa Mia, Por Que

Argueso: Cha Cha Cha Tango Mambo Merengue Vol. III; Fiesta FLPS-1273; red 1st/deep groove N/N S $40 -- impeccable! stereo!; classic NY Latin on treasured early label; ideal copy, and it has a few smokers!; Para Que?, La Comparsita, Si Si Si Senor, Borrachita Cha Cha Cha, Tango de la Rosa, Ay Ay Ay Mi Rumbero, Caminito, Ay Nikolai, Apaga La Vela, Tomo y Obligo

The Harvey Averne Barrio Band; Heavy Duty LP-101; 1971; gatefold; E+/N- S $175 -- Latin soul-jazz/Latin rock/Latin funk; legendary self-produced LP of heavy-duty rare grooves on micro label (rarer even than his 2 Fania LPs); w/arrangement help from Marty Sheller & Steve Monge; Girl from the Mountain, Para Ti (Mongo Santamaria), Heavy Duty, Cucaraca Maraca, Cayuco (Tito Puente), In the Wind; disc & jacket printed "mono" but it's definitely stereo (we suspect there is no mono); partial seam splits but otherwise fine

Desi Arnaz y su Orquesta; RCA Spain 3L-10040; deep groove, 1st press E+/E+ $30 -- Latin, classic; rare import; excellent compilation well produced--some tunes are not easily found on US RCA releases; Siboney, Straw Hat Song, Green Eyes, You Can in Yucatan, La Cumparsita, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Tia Juana (Raymond Scott!), El Cumbanchero

Vitin Aviles y su Orquesta; Ansonia ALP-1218; deep groove E+/E+ $30 -- Latin (cha cha cha, mambo, merengue); Aviles was one of the very best and most accomplished of the top singers (like Miguelito Valdes) who starred with all the top orchestras of the late '50s and early '60s: Pupi Campo, Tito Puente, Noro Morales, Tito Rodriguez, La Playa Sextet, etc; on his own he wrote some major songs and did very well as a bandleader, as this very scarce item shows; Mi Nuevo Ritmo, Nina, Echale Talquito, Cuidado si te Cae, Te Traigo un cha cha cha, Me Gusta el Merengue, Merengue Mezclao, Me Acuesto Pensando en ti, Cha Cha Cha Mi Baby (Paquitin Lara's classic), Aqui No Me Quedo Yo, ABC Cha Cha Cha, Perdiendo la Cabeza

Justi Barretos y sus Santeros: Lovi Ocha; Echu EC-307; 1987/1986; N/E- shrink; S $25 -- Santeria; "Album para coleccionistas"; sealed when we got it but most likely a rewrapped return (spindle marks on label/some noise in places); nice jacket, good music (especially for the late date); you can count on never seeing this rare Bronx curio again

Ray Barretto subpage

Joe Bataan subpage

Francis Bay & the Big Dance Band: Viva; CBS/Epic BN-561 (Columbia Special Products Archives Series CSRP-561); sealed S $20 -- Latin/samba; apart from a tribute to Perez Prado, there are three essential Latin LPs by Belgium's reknowned bandleader, Francis Bay; of the two on Epic, this is the only one that turns up in stereo; yes, there is a good, well-known Latin exponent in Europe other than Edmundo Ros, and this is the best-selling, best record by him; O Cangaceiro, Mambo No. 5, Rico Vacillon, Andalucia, Tico-Tico, El Millonario, Nicolasa, Anna, Brazil, Rumba Negra, Mambo No. 8, Cachito

Belmonte & his Afro-American Music: Mambo at Midnight; Columbia CL-598; 1st press E/E- $20 -- Latin; rareish early Columbia LP with dramatic jacket and an exciting '50s answer to labelmate/counterpart/rival Cugat (if you like Cugat, you'll love Belmonte, and there are only a handful of records by Belmonte); Mambo Belmonte, Sophisticated Lady, Palladium Mambo, Cuban Love Song, Stompin' at the Savoy, It's Mambo Time, Johnson Rag, A Ghost of a Chance, Baby Doll Mambo, That's My Desire, Caravan, Goodnight Sweetheart

Belmonte: Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bolero, & Mambo; Columbia CL-802; black 6-eye/deep groove E/E- $20 -- second of a pair for the label by the nearest rival to Cugat (on Columbia anyway); great stuff, including some jazzy elements here and there; In the Hall of the Cha-Cha King, The Lonely One, Ol' Solo Mambo, Unfair, Bambuco Hat Dance, Cha-Cha for a Ballerina, 12 St. Rag Mambo, Cha-Cha Lament, Mambomania, Shy, Learnin' the Blues, Mucho Merengue

Rene Bloch & his Big Latin Band: Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha; HIFI SR-819; E/N- S $30 -- Latin; partly vocal; w/Hector Rivera, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, and a host of West Coast jazz stars; historic and valuable for the insight it gives into his Andex and other later work; notable also for the jacket (including cartoon sketch on the back); Gema Luis Ciseron, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Adios Muchachos, Mi China, Always in My Heart, E' Cha Cha, Harlem Nocturne, Corrazon de Melon, Cielito Lindo, Glow Worm, Las Chiquillas, Gillette Cha Cha

René Bloch: The Latin Moods of Rene Bloch; Famous F-507; E/E+ $25 -- Latin/Latin jazz; from California, a superb, smoking work (his best), featuring an 18-piece group w/Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Modesto Duran..; originally released on Andex w/5 more cuts as "Mucho Rock with Rene Bloch" (rare, as is this LP!); grossly underpriced just to see if anyone's paying attention (evidently not); Stop When Swinging, Magitos, Rene's Mambo, Wa Pa Cha, Paul's Mambo, One More, Harry's at One..

Willie Bobo: Bobo! Do That Thing; Roulette/Tico LP-1108; 1963; sealed $150 -- mod Latin soul/mod Latin jazz; one of his two rare, sensational, killer/rare groove/dance-floor-packer LPs for the label (also has some high-integrity Latin jazz, but no need to look beyond the fun stuff); if you haven't heard this one and Let's Go Bobo, you don't know Bobo!; YOU NEED IT!!!; Bobo! Do That Thing, Diferente, He's That Way, Un Solo Favor, Azulito, Grab Your Hat, Chickadee, Guajira, Rigor Mortis, Latin Interlude, A la Bobita, Ritmo Timbale

Willie Bobo: Let's Go Bobo; Roulette SR-25272; E/E+ S $150 (jacket edged neatly w/colored tape) -- mod Latin soul/mod Latin jazz; one of his two rare, sensational, killer/rare groove/dance-floor-packer LPs; if you haven't heard this one and Bobo! Do That Thing, you don't know Bobo!; YOU NEED IT!!!; Let's Go Bobo, Twist the Monkey's Tail, Tell it Like it Is, Get Crackin', The Hip Monkey, Trinidad, Timbale Groove, Go Go Go, Be's the Other Way, Ala Bobo

Willie Bobo: Let's Go Bobo; Roulette R-25272; E/N $100 -- mod Latin soul/mod Latin jazz; one of his two rare, sensational, killer/rare groove/dance-floor-packer LPs; if you haven't heard this one and Bobo! Do That Thing, you don't know Bobo!; YOU NEED IT!!!; Let's Go Bobo, Twist the Monkey's Tail, Tell it Like it Is, Get Crackin', The Hip Monkey, Trinidad, Timbale Groove, Go Go Go, Be's the Other Way, Ala Bobo

Cachao: Descarga con Cachao y su Combo; Maype US-168; E-/N $100 -- Afro-Cuban/descarga; terrific, rare set; not a 1st press (even says "stereo" but isn't) but top shape!; jacket has colored tape on the edges

Cachao y su Ritmo Caliente: Cuban Jam Sessions in Miniature "Descargas"; Panart 2092; 1972 (pressing date); black label, deep groove E-/E $60 -- one of Israel Lopez' finest & most exciting records!

Cachao y su Tipica: Camina Juan Pescao; Duher DHS-1603; 1974/1958; E/N- $35 -- w/strings & flute, it's 12 instrumentals in the charanga-pachanga vein; rec. in Havana

Cachao y su Tipica Volumen 2; Duher DHS-1611; 197?/1959; V+/V+ S $20 -- rec. in Cuba; better than vol. 1, it includes "Social Club Buenavista"; priced low for some wear/noise

Joe Cain: Latin Explosion; Time S-2123; N/N- shrink S $100 -- mod Latin jazz/Latin soul; hip collectors item with all stars Cachao, Clark Terry, Jerome Richardson, Jose Mangual, [drummer] Chocolate, Chino Valdes..; great, unique LP; Tanga Pa Katanga, Chunga Uhuruh Chunga, A Bailar Guajira, Wild Horses, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mambo Parts 1 & 2, Que Paso, Pa-Pa Bajo (amazing Cachao bass!), Listen-Dos Trompetas, Kenyatta, Rio Muni, Mungo Mungo Baby

Joe Cain: Latin Au Go Go Discotheque; Mainstream S-6051 (reissues Latin Explosion; Time S-2123) N/E shrink S $100 -- mod Latin jazz/Latin soul; hip collectors item with all stars Cachao, Clark Terry, Jerome Richardson, Jose Mangual, [drummer] Chocolate, Chino Valdes..; great, unique LP; Tanga Pa Katanga, Chunga Uhuruh Chunga, A Bailar Guajira, Wild Horses, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mambo Parts 1 & 2, Que Paso, Pa-Pa Bajo (amazing Cachao bass!), Listen-Dos Trompetas, Kenyatta, Rio Muni, Mungo Mungo Baby; rarer than the Time version with different jacket art and a few other slight changes

Antonia Calderon y Jose Jorda con Alfredo Mendez al organo: El Folklore Espanol; SMC/Pro-Arte SMC-1023; deep groove N-/E- S $40 -- Latin; this may be the first SMC in stereo and top shape (graded for just a little noise that isn't from wear) we've ever seen

Juan Campolargo: Cha Cha Chas!; SOC/Request SLP-742; 1973; N-/N S $25 -- Latin; rare, nice jacket, top shape perfect opportunity for anyone trying to complete the label (these one-offs are TOUGH!!!); Clases de Cha-Cha-Cha, Me Lo Dijo Adela, El Cha-Cha-Cha De Los Cariños, CHA CHA CHA, Minerva, Tengo Ahora Una Chiquita, Yo Se Que Siempre Me Has Querido, Caballito de Siete Colores, El Bombom-Cha, Tan Sabrosona, Cojelle Bien el Compas, Bailando Cha-Cha-Cha

Eddie Cano: The Best of Eddie Cano, His Piano & Rhythm; RCA Victor LSP-2636; 1962; E-/N S $50 (or E-/E+ S $40, specify) -- Latin jazz; "The nation's overnight best-selling sensation at his best!"; rare collectors item (he only did a couple for the label, tributes to Cole Porter (which we've never seen apart from what's represented in this collection) and Duke Ellington--these are extremely uncommon Victor LPs!; first-rate Latin jazz (Cano's best work), far better than even the best stuff he was doing in the later P.J.s/Reprise years (this is the Eddie Cano that explains his success); Love for Sale, Honey, Love Is a Wonderful Thing, Cuban Love Song, What Is This Thing Called Love, I Could Have Danced All Night, Cotton Candy, The Continental, Yesterdays, I Can Groove You, Till There Was You, Lida Rose

Randy Carlos: Hot Cha Cha; Fiesta FLP-1245; yellow/deep groove E-/E $30 -- Latin; Latin/Latin jazz; great sound always distinguishes the best on this label, and this is one to play loud!; thick vinyl, some very smokin' cuts (jazz mambos), worth putting up with a little masking tape on the top right edge; Chucky Cha Cha, Quantito, Light Green, Ping Pong Merengue, TNT Cha Cha, Boomerang, Makin' Cha Cha, Mulata se Fue, Cave, A Chevere Comae, Satellite USA

Randy Carlos: Swingin' with Randy; Fiesta FLP-1252; deep groove N-/N- $75 -- Latin/Latin jazz; not just a classic, swinging jacket and title, this standout LP on the venerable Fiesta label features some of his very finest work; some of the mambos can be considered Latin jazz ("jazz mambos," anyway); Fiesta is scarce enough generally (even in NYC Latin circles), but a hot title in collector-worthy shape is a true find; the only flaw is a little very minor seam wear (and that's nothing); More Smoke (a fast mambo that updates his earlier smash hit, "Smoke"), Fantasmas, Cha Cha in Hawaii, Vampire (mambo), Mark 1, Comet (mambo), Tabarin, Rockville, Honey Cha, Comanche (mambo)

Al Castellanos: Cha-Cha-Cha at the Harem; Mardi Gras LP-5011; deep groove N-/E- $30 -- Latin; highly desirable for the jacket and title tune, both of which are wonderful even by the standards of the old Mardi Gras label (along with Fiesta one of the prized lost treasures of progressive 1950s-60s New York Latin); the 10 tracks neither repeat earlier material nor were reissued later; Merengara, Waiters Cha Cha Cha, Tango of Romance, Go Away Mambo, Matrimonial Cha Cha Cha, Mambo in Coruna, Merci Beaucoup, Mrs. Plito, Time on my Hands

Jimmy Castor: Hey Leroy, You're Mama's Calling You/Tu mama te llama; Mercury/Smash MGS-27091; 1967; 1st/deep groove N/N shrink $75 (or 1st/deep groove N-/N shrink $70, specify) -- Latin soul/boogaloo; awesome!; prod. Luchi de Jesus(!), featuring vibes, Latin percussion (several breaks), and his crazy callouts & screams, it's his debut LATIN-SOUL LP, years before the formation of the Bunch & his unique brand of horror-funk but much, much better for DJs; hit singles, covers, jams, more--FUN, FUN, FUN!!! (even the less likely tunes); Hey Leroy, Bang Bang (Joe Cuba), Ham Hocks Espanol, How Beautiful You Are, Hey Willie ("git up outta bed...you need education"), Our Day Will Come, Oh Yeh (Jimmie Sabater!), Winchester Cathedral, Southern Fried Frijoles, Ol' Man River (major drum-solo descarga!)

Jimmy Castor: Hey Leroy, You're Mama's Calling You/Tu mama te llama; Mercury/Smash SRS-67091; 1967; 1st/deep groove cutout N/N- S $100 (rare stereo!) -- Latin soul/boogaloo; awesome!; prod. Luchi de Jesus(!), featuring vibes, Latin percussion (several breaks), and his crazy callouts & screams, it's his debut LATIN-SOUL LP, years before the formation of the Bunch & his unique brand of horror-funk but much, much better for DJs; hit singles, covers, jams, more--FUN, FUN, FUN!!! (even the less likely tunes); Hey Leroy, Bang Bang (Joe Cuba), Ham Hocks Espanol, How Beautiful You Are, Hey Willie ("git up outta bed...you need education"), Our Day Will Come, Oh Yeh (Jimmie Sabater!), Winchester Cathedral, Southern Fried Frijoles, Ol' Man River (major drum-solo descarga!)

Celia & Johnny: Tremendo Cache; Vaya VS-37; 1975; Venezuelan pressing N/N shrink S $20 -- salsa; Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco, the legends; good pressing (as good as a US); with many strong tracks and a couple of standouts, it's a good one for the salsa DJ (Louie Ramirez and Bobby Valentin are among the arrangers, not to mention the all-star players); Cucala, Orizah Eh, Tres Dias de Carnaval, No Me Hables de Amor, Dime Si Llegue a Tiempo, La Sopa en Botella, De La Verdegue, Ni Hablar, Rico Changi, No Aguanto Mas

The CESTA All-Stars: Live Jam Session; Coco/CESTA CLP-110; 1974; 1st/brown label N/N shrink S $60 (or blue N/N S $50, specify) (or blue N-/E S $35, specify) -- live; CESTA had the GREATEST ALL-STAR jam sessions, even better than the more famous Panart, Alegre, & Fania sets; led by Charlie Palmieri w/a who's who of Latin stars (Cheo, Yayo, Sabater, Willie Torres, Dioris Valladares, Paz, Roy Roman, Kako, Chombo, Mario Rivera, Louie Ramirez, Williw Rosario, Barry Rodgers, Orlando Marin..) & of course Joe Quijano, who's CESTA label was distributed by Coco at this point; No Hace Falta Papel (salsa con tres), Si a tu Lado no Estoy, Soneros en una Cesta, Jala-Jala con Aquardiente (descarga), Echame a mi La Culpa, El Rinconcito/Descarga con Tres

Los Chavales De España: Los Chavales de Espana Presente Those Kids from Spain; Tico LP-1104; orange label E+/E+ $30 -- Latin/folkloric; rare and historic (they were on SMC too) in a fine old Tico whose liners are already nostalgic for Los Chavales' heyday in Havana (shortly after the revolution); Piel Morena, A tu Vera, La Comparsa, Al di la, Core' n Grato, Que Bonita es Barcelona, Islas Canarias, Que Sabes Tu, My Yiddische Momma/Hava Nagilah, Tango Italiano, Preciosa, Canto a Sevilla

El Chicano: Celebration; Kapp KS-3663; 1972; E-/N S $20 -- Latin soul/funk/rock/jazz; one of their best, both for outstanding covers and some of their strongest originals; Viva Tirado Otra Vez, Satisfy Me Woman (a GREAT stone-funky groove that, even if a little un-pc, DJs can use today to great effect), El Grito, Senor Blues (Horace Silver!), In a Silent Way (Miles Davis!), I'm Free (Cream!), Juntos, Maszacate, La Cucaracha, Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)!

El Chicano; MCA 312; 1973; promo E/E S $15) -- Latin soul/funk/rock; radio station copy letters on jacket; essential for their smash hit, "Tell Her She's Lovely"--a major California Latin-soul funk bomb w/wah-wah guitar; also a hip cover of "What's Going On" & other juicy cuts

El Chicano: Cinco; MCA 401; 1974; sealed S $20 -- Latin soul/funk/rock; another fine mix of originals & covers; El Cayuco (terrific cover of Tito Puente's smash hit), Children, You've Been Wrong So Long, The Latin One, What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You, Ahora Si (Ray Barretto!), Gringo en Mexico, Little Sunflower (Freddie Hubbard)

El Chicano: Pyramid (of Love and Friends); MCA 2150; 1975; cutout N-/N- shrink S $150 -- Latin soul/funk/rock; their last essential LP has 10 cuts, of which the title instrumental (which sounds a lot like War) and Baretta are the chief picks for DJs; Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow), Michael's Theme, I Love You Anyway, A Love Song's Not a Love Song, Lake Aquabi, When You Got a Heartache, Can't Get it Out Without You (Babe), Such a Good Life, All I Can Remember, Pyramid (of Love and Friends)

Chihuahua Martinez: Descarga Chihuahua (Descarga Cubana--El Ritmo de Chihuahua); Fonseca 1110; 1966; deep groove black label E/E S $150 -- stereo, great shape as these go; vocals by Goody Oswaldo; charanga does great, swinging stuff (Descarga Chihuahua, Guajiro Son, Ritmo Ideal, Me Voy Pa Moron..); with Pupi Legarreta on flute and violin; Chihuahua and Chivirico sing; the jacket back has thumbnails of six previous titles, which is pretty cool considering how rare Fonseca is

William Clauson: Canciones de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Carols) 10"--specify; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-556 10"; deep groove E/N- $50 -- Latin/Christmas/organ; famous tenor with Alfredo Mendez pipe organ & Al Valenti, guitar; eleven wonderful, moving, first-rate songs on the holiest of Latin labels (and the first one of any significance)

William Clauson: Canciones de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Carols) (12"--specify)); SMC Pro-Arte SMC-1061, N-/N- $50 (or E/N- $40, specify) -- Latin/Christmas/organ; famous tenor with Alfredo Mendez pipe organ & Al Valenti, guitar; eleven wonderful, moving, first-rate songs on the holiest of Latin labels (and the first one of any significance)

Santos Colon: Santitos; Fania SLP-387; 1969; cutout E/N S $35 -- Latin; ballads except a couple are uptempo; "Tu Me Haces Muy Feliz/You've Made Me So Very Happy" is ok Latin soul; arranged & conducted by Tito Puente; writing on jacket back; Negro Naci, Sacrifico, Nina-Mujer, Te Ame, Roberta, Siempre por Siempre, Huellas de Amor/Traces..

Santos Colon: Brindis de Navidad; Fania SLP-434; cutout E+/E+ S $20 -- Latin/Christmas; great price on a NY original, clean, stereo!; Johnny Pacheco led the session

Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: Magic Trumpet; RCA Victor Mexicana MKL-1634; 1965; sealed promo $50 -- Latin rock/Latin twist/Mexicali/mod/exotic rock; Mexico City debut LP of a great 9-piece outfit from Torreon University in Mexico; thrilled by our own copy of this title, we've since landed a couple of others by them, and the fact that the LPs made it to the US at all tells you they had some [deserved] success; the tunes are always a mix of top '60s fun, including hip stuff like surf music, Latin rock, crime jazz, and their own more authentic take on the Mexicali/Acapulco beat; Magic Trumpet, Sospecha, Amor Indio, Surf Universitario, Peter Gunn, Mas Alla de Mombasa, Zoologico Negro (terrific mod exotic rock!), Java, Misty, El Aguila, Quiereme Mucho, El Marcianito

Johnny Conquet: Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha & Merengues; RCA Victor LPM-1789; 1958; 1st press N-/N- S $25 -- classic, creative, lively Latin entirely on a Jewish theme (one of only a handful of such albums), which means clarinet and suchlike sometime take the place of the usual horns as lead instruments (to great effect); it's cute, unusual, on Victor, and by one of the great names in Latin (composer as well as bandleader); Raisins & Almonds Cha Cha Cha, Freilach Merengue, Shein vi di Lavone Cha Cha Cha, Merengue Mania (Roumania, Roumania), Searching, Mambo a Bisel, Sher Cha Cha Cha, Mazel-Tov Merengue, Dates & Figs, Meanwhile Back at the Harem, Matzoh Ball Merengue, Sirocco

Johnny Conquet & his Band: Latin Dance Party; Premier/Coronet CX-194; E-/E $25 -- Latin/bongo bop/Latin twist; when we do fool with budget-label Latin, you better believe it's worth the exception; all Conquet is great, but the killer track here is a long, uptempo, swinging, Latin-jazz tune, misleadingly titled "Latin Twist"--w/lotsa bongos and solos (piano, horns) it's as much bongo bop as Latin twist; the rest of the LP has some great Conquet piano and more; ignore it at your peril!

Jack Costanzo (Afro-Cuban, Latin, bongo, Latin funk) ... Drum/Bongo/Percussion (under Rock-Pop)

Celia Cruz: Homenaje a los Santos; Seeco SCLP-9269; 1981 pressing E-/N- S $30 -- Santero/Afro-Cuban; classic LP of its kind (first of 3 volumes) featuring hall-of-fame jacket art & of course great singing & music

Celia Cruz & Willie Colon: Only They Could Have Made This Album; Vaya VS-66; 1977; N/E- shrink S $15 -- Latin; nice record (what on Vaya isn't?), uptempo, scarce; some marks but nice at the price; Jose Mangual & Louie Ramirez in the credits

Joe Cuba Sextet: Steppin' Out; Seeco SCLP-9248; 1963 (1989 REISSUE) N/E shrink S $25 -- 12 early tunes; forget about finding a 1963 press as clean as this, inside and out!

Joe Cuba Sextet: I Tried to Dance All Night; Mardi Gras LP-5017; deep groove silver E+/V+ S $40 -- collectors item; very rare, the more so now that both jacket collectors & a new generation of Joe Cuba fans are after it; stereo pressing, which is inferior (pops/noise), but great jacket!; San Luisera, Soy Pilongo, Los Pasos, Joe Cuba's Mambo, Temptation, Pregon Cha Cha, Swinging Mambo, Picando Cha Cha, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, Stormy Weather

Joe Cuba Sextet: Red Hot & Cha Cha Cha; Mardi Gras LP-5023; deep groove blue E+/N- $60 -- collectors item; reliable mono as you probably want in this third LP for the label (all highly desired as cheesecake jackets, as if being early Mardi Gras and Joe Cuba weren't enough!); with Jimmy Sabater, of course; Componte Condunga, Macorina, Black Beauty, Rica Pachanga, The Cracker Song, Brava Pachanga, Te la Volo, Jimmie's Jump, Ya es Tiempo, Caminando

Joe Cuba Sextet: El Alma del Barrio/The Soul of Spanish Harlem; Tico SLP-1119; 1964; V+/E+ S $30 -- Latin; Guaguanco del Jibarito, You're Gone, Ven Baila Conmigo, Solo Por Ti, Y Sigue, Galan Galan, La Fuga Pal Monte, Dime Corazon, Una Nenita, En La Carretera, El Tapon, Si Me Paro

Joe Cuba Sextet: Estamos Haciendo Algo Bien!/We Must Be Doing Something Right!; Roulette/Tico LP-1133; E+/V $20 -- Latin/Latin soul; uncut mono original features some smoking tunes, the best-known of which is El Pito (I'll Never Go Back to Georgia), which the Blues Magoos covered; Clave Mambo, Pruebalo OK?, Arecibo, Si Te Dicen, My Wonderful You, Incomparable..; priced low for spots of disc wear/noise

Joe Cuba Sextet: My Man Speedy; Roulette/Tico SLP-1161; original pressing V+/E- S $30 -- Latin soul; fantastic, super fun & dynamite for DJs, it's his reputation maker & usually his toughest Latin-soul LP to find; worth it for Psychedelic Baby alone; My Man Speedy!, I'm Insane, Gimme Some Love, Psychedelic Baby (You're Psychin' Up My Mind), Hey Joe Hey Joe, Talk About Luv (Love is the Thing), You Better Believe It, It's Love, TCOB, Wakini

Joe Cuba Sextet: The Best of/Lo Mejor de; Roulette/Tico SLP-1197; flexi N-/N S $30 -- definitive comp makes a great one-stop shop, very handy for DJs; much drawn from the fantastic "My Man Speedy" LP!; Bang Bang, El Pito (Never Go Back to Georgia), Psychedelic Baby, I'm Insane..

Joe Cuba Sextet: Cocinando La Salsa/Cookin' the Sauce; Fania/Tico TSLP-1405; 1976; E+/N- S $40 -- Latin soul; his last great LP, aided by a "supergroup" of all-star arrangers (Hector Rivera, Sonny Bravo, Mary Sheller, Joe Cuba, Louie Ramirez..), most of whom also play on it, along w/Alphonse Mouzon & other guests; not just a who's who but also stacked with good tunes; the pick (essential for DJs): "Joe Cuba's Latin Hustle" w/hip Moog, narrated bit, & chorus

El Cubanito & his Cha Cha Orchestra: Hot; Musidisc MS-16007; N/E+ shrink S $100 (or N/E- S $75, specify) -- Latin; "Super Sound System"; one of the highlights of a favorite label known to the collecting world now, "Hot" is certainly that--blazing!; from the great jacket to the sound/recording; it's seriously rare, has been in high demand for at least as long as the many years we've known it, and well worth having if you like cha cha cha (classic to fun); Blue Moon, Babalu (terrific version, will make you think of Screaming Jay Hawkins), Quiereme Mucho, Ave Maria Lola, Aperta-me em Teus Bravos, Aby, Sabrosito Asi, Maria Elena, Puerta Cerrada, Perfume de Gardenia, Yo Espero Por Ti, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Xavier Cugat subpage

Miguelito Cuni y Septeto: Sones de Ayer--sones de bienvenido Julian Gutierrez; Rumba LPR-55508; deep groove E/V+ $75 -- Cuban, top Cuban label; classic collectors item (Cuni was with Arsenio Rodriguez); gorgeous hall-of-fame jacket depicts painted bongos on red velvet

Jose Curbelo Quintet [Cha Cha Cha in Blue]; Fiesta FLP-1204; 1955; yellow deep groove N-/E $30 -- Latin; top classic of mid-'50s progressive NYC Latin by a major figure on a still-underrated label; Cha Cha Cha in Blue, Ardent Night, La Familia, Copacabana, Where or When, Mambo Sensation, Easy Does It, Enchanted, Carioca, Cha Cha Me Baby, I Only Have Eyes for You, Flamingo

Eduardo Davidson: Le Frisson; United Artists UAL-3581; 1967; sealed $50 -- Latin twist/Latin soul; 1st of a nice, rare pair on the label by a wacky guy most famous for penning the definitive "Pachanga" tune; 12 tracks, some great: Le Frisson, Ting-Tiling, From Cuba With Love, Yo Soy, Winchester Cathedral, Tennessee..

Esquivel .... odd pop

Bienvenido Fabian & his Group: Merengue Fiesta; Starbright SLP-997; E/N- S? $90 -- merengue; anything on this tiny, rare Howard Beach, NY label turning up is cause for excitement; this is a really exciting, uptempo, great record in top shape

José Fajardo y sus Estrellas: Una Noche en Montmartre; Panart PLP-3030; V+/E+ 1st/black deep groove $40 (or 2nd/blue deep groove N-/N- $40, specify) -- Cuban; "A Night at the Montmartre with Fajardo & his All Stars"; top charanga cha cha cha; desirable also for its famous jacket scene (the band & patrons at the venue); classic all the way

Fajardo & his All Stars: Cuban Jam Session Vol. 5; Panart 102-28038; 1986 Venezuelan pressing N/N $50 -- Cuban; 1 of the best in the famous series as well as by Fajardo; yes, it's a later pressing but impeccable (neither the crappy sound of '70s Venezuelan imports nor worn as you expect with earlier pressings); a great opportunity for the collector!

Fajardo: Sus Estrellas del 75; Coco CLP-115XX; 1975; cutout N/N $35 -- top modern charanga, scarce; hot tunes/tempos: descarga, guajira, son montuno, & jazz-charanga; La Muerte de Taca Taca, Guaguanco con Salsa, El Nino de Napoleon, Cuba Cubera, Tocala, Vamonos P'Al Uno, No Me Lo Pidas Mas, La Calle Esta Durisma, Cabo Es

Clare Fischer--Salsa Picante: Machaca; Trend/Discovery DS-835; 1981/1979; N-/N- S $25 -- Latin jazz/piano, etc.; a followup to "Salsa Picante" on MPS, it features Pancho Sanchez, Alex Acuna...; African Flutes, Gaviota, Suddenly, Clavo, Machaca, Cositas, Novios, Gentle Breeze

Gilberto Sextet: Yes I Will; Tico LP-1204; 1969; E/E+ $60 -- Latin soul/Latin jazz/Latin; rare, super-hot group, with something for everyone (Latin, Latin soul, Latin jazz, descarga); Yes I Will (Parts 1 & 2), Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero, El Mar, Incertidumbre, Jet My Love (Micaela), Trata de Querer, Ven Donde Mi, El Barrio, Agapito, Mozambique

Manuel Godinez, Jr.: Holiday in "Les Violins"; Kubaney MT-228 deep groove E+/E+ $40 -- Cuban; rare; house attraction at Florida supper club w/famous "singing waiters"--all top Cuban musicians; jacket shows all 12 of them piled on a red 1959 Catalina; some pop covers (Moon River, Exodus, Hava Nagilah) but the star is "Charanga"

Manuel Godinez, Jr.: An Unforgettable Night at Les Violins; Discuba LPD-610 deep groove E+/E+ $40 -- Cuban; rare; house attraction at Florida supper club w/famous "singing waiters"; all top Cuban musicians (15 in jacket photo); some pop covers (A Man & a Woman, Sound of Music, Meditacion, Dr. Zhivago) & some not; recorded live

Kent Gomez & his Orchestra: My Ghetto; Mio International MCS-1002; warp* E+/E- partial shrink $100-firm -- Latin soul/Latin jazz; one of the heavy rarities on Pete Terrace's little short-lived label; this mono may be preferable because of the rather severe separation on the stereo; *disc looks perfect but isn't quite flawless, plays despite warp; Kay Gee, My Ghetto, Your Thigh, Mi Puerto Rico, No Hay Remedio, Think It Over, Mi Son, Yemaya, Alegrese Senor, Los Molestosos

Kent Gomez & his Orchestra: My Ghetto; Mio International MCS-1002 (US disc in Venezuelan import jacket); E/V S $65 -- Latin soul/Latin jazz; one of the heavy rarities on Pete Terrace's label; yes, it's a little weird to find the original disc (some wear, some noise in places but not bad) in an import jacket (same artwork), but that's how we bought it and that's how it is; Kay Gee, My Ghetto, Your Thigh, Mi Puerto Rico, No Hay Remedio, Think It Over, Mi Son, Yemaya, Alegrese Senor, Los Molestosos

El Gran Combo: Boogaloos con [STEREO]; Gema LPG-3044; Puerto Rican pressing; RARE STEREO import V+/E+ S $50 -- Latin soul/Latin; first of at least three (there's also "Latin Power") boogaloo LPs by the seminal Puerto Rican supergroup, recorded here on one of the top small/short-lived NYC Latin labels (it's not the later German Polydor Gema label); sure, the Gran Combo's later LPs are everywhere but this is the good stuff that made them famous and keeps them current in Latin-soul circles; hip, excellent, exciting, and half boogaloo--original tunes!: Shake it Baby, Combolu, Chua Chua Boogaloo, Clap Your Hands, Gran Combo's Boogaloo..

El Gran Combo: Tu Querias Boogaloo?--Toma Boogaloo!/You Wanted Boogaloo?--Take boogaloo!; Gema LPG-3052; N/N shrink $40 (or E+/E $30, specify) -- Latin soul/Latin; second of three classic boogaloo LPs by the seminal Puerto Rican supergroup; hip, good, and over half boogaloo!: Tu Querias Boogaloo?--Toma Boogaloo!, Baila Mi Shing a Ling, Navidades a Go Go (Xmas), Se Quedo el Boogaloo, Sabor a Guaguanco, Boogaloo con Bajo, Sway to and Fro, Shing a Ling for My Baby, Ven, Eso No Es Dificil Na, Aqui lo Traigo, Chiquita

El Gran Combo: Pata Pata--Jala Jala--Boogaloo; Gema LPG-3057; sealed $50 (or V+/E- $20, specify) -- Latin soul/Latin; last of three wonderful boogaloo LPs by the seminal Puerto Rican supergroup; this one has the grooviest jacket --of nightclub dancers in mod/psychedelic mini dresses()!-- and is strong as ever on the tunes, too; Going Out of My Head, El Jala Jala Llego, Voy, Love is Blue, Pata Pata, Kiss My Nose..

Julio Gutierrez: Cuban Jam Session Vol. 2; Panart LP-3055; 1960; 2nd/black deep groove V+/E- $75 -- classic Cuban/descarga by the master, with Perruchin and other all-stars; considered best of the series; 17-min Jam Session/Descarga Caliente(!!!), Rhumba Theme, Listen to the Rhythm of the Cha Cha Cha, Bata Rhythm(!!!)

Julio Gutierrez and los Guajiros; Gema LPG-3040; black N-/E shrink $75 -- boogaloo/Cuban/mod; partly vocal (Leonela Gonzalez/La India de Oriente/Norma Schary/Gil Sevil); one track significantly included on a "Cuban Rare Grooves" compilation recently but here's the real thing in its entirety; Quimbombo con Mofongo, Oooh! It's Happening Baby (and it is!), Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, That's You and That's Me, Guantanamera, El Guajiro, A Man and a Woman, Dance Go-Go Girl (hot), Mi Ranchito, Guiro, Music to Watch Girls By (wild!)

[Larry Harlow] Orchestra Harlow: Heavy Smokin'; Fania LP-331; cloud E/N- shrink $125 -- Latin; terrific primordial salsa, a great rare Fania heavy smoker, and the hard-working debut LP of master Fania producer Harlow; Felo Brito sings and is joined by such heavyweights as Marc Weinstein, Chocolate Armenteros, Monguito, Chivirico...; La Juventud, Tu Tu Ratan, Maria La O, Anoche Aprendi, Chez Jose, Rica Combinacion, Mi Guaguanco, Orchestra Harlow, Chancletas, Solo Tu, Adios Mama, El Lorito y El Carbon

[Larry Harlow] Orchestra Harlow: Gettin' Off/Bajandote; Fania LP-334; 1967; GOLD! N/E+ shrink $100 -- Latin soul/salsa; rare, smokin' classic [for real collectors] features some of the heaviest horn riffs on Fania (by Mark Weinstein, Jack Hitchcock, Chocolate Armenteros, Ralph Castrella); Bajandote, Guarachita, Tu No Lo Creas, I Dreamed Alone, Meta y Guaguanco, Coco May May, Winchester Cathedral, Those Days Are Gone Forever, Almas Olvidadas, Cienfuegos

[Larry Harlow] Orchestra Harlow: Hommy, A Latin Opera; Fania SLP-425; 1973; gatefold E+/E+ S $50 -- w/Celia Cruz, Junior Gonzalez, Justo, Cheo, Pete "Conde" Rodriguez, Adalberto Santiago..

[Larry Harlow] Orchestra Harlow: Live in Quad; Fania QXSLP-472; 1974; 2-LP gatefold E+/E S $40 -- mainly great tributes to Arsenio Rodriguez; great LP at a bargain price!

[Larry Harlow] Orchestra Harlow: El Judio Maravilloso/The Marvelous Jew; Fania SLP-490; 1975/1974; E+/N- S $25 -- like Willie Colon, Harlow continued to make great records well into the '70s & this is one of his best (overlooked, underrated, and underpriced); worth it just for the longer end cut "Latin Roots," which has great funky drums throughout as well as Moog; arrangers include Harlow, Sonny Bravo, Louie Ramirez, Charlie Camilieri..

Los Incaicos: Cancionero Incaico 10"; SMC Pro-Arte 518; deep groove N-/N $150 -- "Ecos de Los Andes--the music of Bolivia, Ecuador, & Peru"; terrific early version of El Condor Pasa; deeply affecting, beautiful record; rare as the dickens & here in impeccable shape; SMC collectors should not miss

The Jazz Crusaders: Chile Con Soul; Pacific Jazz ST-20092; 1966; 1st/blue E+/E- [shrink] S $40 (or Liberty/Capitol ST-90598 E+/N- S $50, specify) -- Latin jazz/Latin soul; w/all stars Joe Sample, Wayne Henderson, Wilton Felder, Hubert Laws, Carlos Vidal, Clare Fischer..; though often taken for granted given the prolific group (we might even suggest it's the ONE Jazz Crusaders LP to have), it's nevertheless one of the VERY BEST Latin-jazz LPs ever, & we mean ALL of it; top sound w/both the original PJ pressing and the Capitol pressing (made long ago when Capitol reissued much of the Liberty catalog); ALL LATIN-JAZZ FANS & DJs NEED THIS!!!; Aqua Dulce, Soul Bourgeoisie, Ontem a Note, Tough Talk, Tacos, Latin Bit, The Breeze & I, Dulzura

Kako & his Orchestra: Live It Up; Musicor MS-6036; 1968; V+/N- S $90 -- Latin soul; jacket wear is the only strike against this terrific offering--a great, swinging rarity and one of his two best (most good Musicor is rare, and top Latin titles are off the chain); this famous bandleader/percussionist (w/All Stars, Arsenio, Mongo, etc.) is known for the Tribute to Noro LP on Alegre but the ones on Musicor are the grooviest; prod. by Al Santiago and featuring other great stars (Louie Ramirez, vocalists Azuquita, Bobby Marin); Live It Up (boogaloo), Shingaling Shingaling, Panama's Boogaloo, Cool Jerk(!!!), Ritmo Melon, El Guapo (mambo), A Golpe de Timbal (jala jala)..

Kako & his Orchestra: Sock it to Me Latino; Musicor MM-4049; 1968; N/N- shrink $150 -- Latin soul/Latin; fantastic!; second of a pair for the label, this time with Panamanian superstar Menique on vocals (plus others), it's hip as can be and worth it just for the killer "Kako's Boogaloo" (which should be on most people's top ten list of Latin-soul movers for DJs), and there are other great ones!; prod. by Al Santiago and featuring all stars--serious all stars; given the content, rarity, and superb condition, this should be at least $300 but we're giving into the downward price pressure of the moment--don't let it slip by; 1-2-3-4 Jala Jala, Descarga Panama, Amor Ajeno, Kako's Boogaloo, Bomba Sabrosa, Guajira en Carnival, Puerto Rico, Negro Soy, Guajison

[Franc Peri &] The Roper Dance Orchestra: American & Latin Ballroom; Roper RRLPS-1006; 1972 (jacket: The Dancing Strings & Brass & the Latin All Stars: American & Latin for Dancing--Swingin' Happy); E-/N S $15 -- looks like the second LP in the series; Guajira Sabrosa, Mama Yo Quiero Mambo, Bossa Nova Stomp, El Negrito del Batey..

The Latin All Stars: A-More Cha-Cha & Merengue; Roper RRLPS-1040; 1973; N/N shrink S $25 -- dance-instruction series highly desired for arrangements & playing by Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, & Alfredito; Mi China, Mi Hevita, La Pura, Tipica..

The Latin All Stars & the Dancing Strings: A Latin Happening; Roper RRLPS-1041; 1973; N-/E+ S $20 -- dance-instruction series highly desired for arrangements & playing by Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, & Alfredito; 13 tunes; Adelita, Agua, Carnival, Siboney..

The Latin All Stars: Latin Jam Boree; Roper RRLPS-1021; 1973; sealed S $50 -- dance-instruction series highly desired for arrangements & playing by Tito Puente & Charlie Palmieri; Soul Bossa Nova(!), Sambo do Jet, Fermin, Historia de un Amor, Franciqua (Machito), Chui Chui, Ring a Ding..

Latin Percussion Ventures, Inc.: Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. II--Down to Basics; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-422; 1977; w/booklet & order form N/N S $40 (or N-/N- S $30, specify) -- another fine Martin Cohen production (others listed below, by artist)--the leading instructional records for serious students of Latin percussion; conga, bongo, timbale, ensemble

The Latin Souls: Boo-Ga-Loo & Shing-A-Ling; Kapp KS-3524; 1st N-/N S $90 (or cutout 1st N-/N- S $80, specify) -- Latin soul/boogaloo; unlike their other LP (there are only two!), this first outing is backed by Pete Rodriguez and band!; generally considered the better and more desirable of the pair, where the emphasis is more on music (solos, descarga) than on singing, although you do get both (it sounds more like a great Pete Rodriguez album than it does their harmony-laden second LP, in other words); produced by Pancho Cristal for the always enigmatic and scarce Kapp label; The Party is Over, Guajira Controversial, Hey Lulu!, Fly Me to the Moon, A Place in the Sun, Que Va, In the Midnight Hour, La Banda, Latin Souls Descarga

The Latin Souls: Boo-Ga-Loo & Shing-A-Ling; Kapp KL-1524 white-label promo E+/E+ $50 -- mono

Lebron Brothers Orchestra: Psychedelic Goes Latin; Cotique C-1008; 1966; E+/E+ shrink (partial) $200 -- Latin soul; super rare, especially in top shape like this, and of course it's a major Lebron piece, early/prime Cotique, and finally one of the hippest "Goes Latin" titles; Summertime Blues, Suena, Tall Tale, Mi Mambo, Mary Mary, My Cool Boogaloo, Mala Suerte, Descarga Lebron

Lebron Brothers: Distinto y Diferente; Cotique CS-1088; 1976; E-/E- S $20 -- salsa/Latin disco; better for the salsa, as the last two tracks are on the disco side (the second one being the better), but you know you're getting something good with the Lebrons, as always (their LPs before and after are all pretty essential); some writing on the jacket and labels, but it plays fine; En Las Nubes Trepao, Al Impulso, Macho Cimarron, Un Mono No Para Un Show, Como Camina Mi China, Vamos a Romper, My Cherie Amour, Lookin' Good

Lecuona Cuban Boys w/Candido: Dance Along with; ABC-Paramount ABCS-230; deep groove N/N S $75 (or w/jacket stickered rather than bannered "stereo" N-/N S $50, specify) -- rare, great LP w/the big-band sound augmented by Candido's conga; group founded by Ernesto Lecuona famous on 78 but scarce in modern hi-fi; Creed Taylor prod.; rare in stereo/top shape; Siboney, Jungle Drums, High in Sierra, Malaguena, Say Si Si, Always in My Heart..

The World Famous Lecuona Cuban Boys Play for Dancing; ABC-Paramount ABCS-316; deep groove N/N S $75 -- arr. by the great Rene Hernandez, takes mambo-cha-cha-cha-merengue-bolero to new heights; some vocals but mainly notable for the many riffs & solos in the style of Machito's Afro-Cuban jazz; Creed Taylor prod.; rare in stereo/top shape; Nicolasa, Corazon De Melon, Noche De Ronda, Mambo Sevillano (Prado), Compadre Pedro Juan, Granada..

Ernesto Lecuona al piano con orquesta y sus interpretes; Puchito MLP-511; deep groove E/E $15 -- Cuban, rare!; w/singers Maria de los Angeles Santana, Sarita Escarpenter, Tomasita Nunez, Zoraida Marrero, Rosa Elena Miro, Hector Fernandez Ramos

Joe Loco & his Quintet: Mambo Fantasy; Tico LP-1012; 1st/black N/E- shrink $50 -- a little noise at the start but otherwise as ideal a collectors item as can be; Bei Mir Bist du Schoen, Serenade in Blue, Mucho Swing, Love for Sale, Talk of the Town, Blue Moon, September in the Rain, Lover, Cuban Nightingale, Body and Soul, Darktown Strutter's Ball, Over the Rainbow

Joe Loco & his Quintet: Viva Mambo; Tico LP-1013; orange N/E+ shrink $75 -- wow! what a jacket! (very colorful in '50s poster style--impeccable; plus, heavy vinyl disc in top shape gives you the best possible combination of clean sound and the real thing from the lost, original NYC master; definitely a prize for the collector

Joe Loco: Puerto Rico '68; Liberty/Sunset SUS-5219; 1968; N/N- S $150 (or E/E+ S $100, specify) (or E-/E+ S $80, specify) or V+/E+ S $60, specify) (or V+/E- S $50, specify) -- mod Latin soul/Latin jazz; we LOVE this--a totally unexpected West Coast treasure that SWINGS!; on Sunset but definitely NOT a Liberty comp or reissue; rather it's a scarce, fresh recording in unique, upbeat, California style (including mod female chorus) --similar to Al Romero's Onda Nueva-- of original boogaloos as well as righteous interpretations of hits by Joe Cuba, Perez Prado, etc.; strongest recommendation for the serious Latin-soul collector and Latin-playing DJ alike; Puerto Rico '68 (Camel Hop), Besos de Caramelos, Oh Yeah (Jimmy Sabater), Chua Chua Boogaloo, Shing-Ah-Ling, Bang Bang (Sabater-Cuba), Isla Verde, Clap Hands (Perez Prado!), Runnin' Six, Mis Amores

Johnny "El Bravo" Lopez & his Super Combo [at the Bronx Casino in New York]; Maseda LP-511-M; V+/V+ $25 -- Latin/Latin soul; it's rare and on a tiny Bronx label (essentially private press) with a couple of Latin-soul cuts (one an original, so you should want it for that, at least); great low price for some condition issues but solid enough for your collection or airplay; El Melon, Cuca Puruca, Ansias, Me Cole, La Barola, Johnny "El Bravo" Shing-a-Ling, Pata Pata, Yo Soy de los Bravos, Mayomba, Langosta Langostin, Original, La Paila

Lupo: Lupo El Fantastico; Cotique C-1028; sealed cutout $30 -- Latin/Latin soul; top original available at a great price only because it was one of the last Cotiques to turn up regularly in NYC several years ago (was not considered rare then), which is a bit surprising since it's a very worthy one-off by Lupo (Hiram Velasquez) in a groovy jacket; Boogaloopo (you need it for this!), Pata Caliente, Corazon Salvaje, Alma y Corazon, El Gitano Anton, Te Lo Juro Yo..

Machito y sus Afro Cubans; Decca DL-74505; promo E+/E- ES $40 -- this rare 12" LP actually reissues a very early set (10" LP and probably 78 album), and you should want it for the hi-fidelity, clean sound and the addition of four new tracks (you get twelve instead of the earlier eight); it can't possibly be true stereo, but the electronic monkeying isn't bad here at all, in fact you don't even have to select "mono" on your amp to enjoy very close to the mono sound--so worth it for such a rarity in top shape (just a tick at the start, only seconds worth); also it's early enough to be the real deal (Afros and rumbas, not later cha cha cha) and chockablock with his greatest hits, so compare it to SMC or Tico rather than anything later; Sopa de Pichon, Chacumbele, La Rumbantela, Nague, Parabola Negra, El Muerte se Fue de Rumba, Tingo Talango, Yambu, Rascando Siempre Rascando, Intermezzo, Paella, Que Vengan los Rumberos

Machito Inspired (Machito is inspired by Darryl F. Zanuck's production of Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises"); Tico LP-1045; 1st/black/deep groove E/N- $40 -- Latin; top shape!: rare and great collectors item on pre-Roulette Tico (there may be no later pressing); the band with Graciela is at the height of its power (high-impact horn section, uptempo) in an unusual setting/task/concept; great photo of Machito on the jacket back; Malanga, Sabrosona, Chug-a-lig, In Havana, Cha Cha & Guaguanco, Cha Cha Blues, The Orchestra, Bom Bon Cha, Pineiro, 6 Beautiful Girls, Tumbao, The Herb Vendor

Machito: Soul of Machito; Cotique C-1019; 1968 sealed $200 (or N/E+ shrink $150, specify) (or cutout E-/V+ $50, specify) -- Latin/Latin soul/Latin jazz; long known as a true holy grail for both Machito and Cotique collectors if in top shape (or stereo, or both), this record has loads to offer; Graciela shares the singing, as always (there's great playing too!); Ahora Si (the LP's hit single and the only Latin-soul cut), Jammin' with Machito, Ritmo Melon, Mango, El Santa en Nueva York, Cuatro Patas..

Machito: Soul of Machito; Cotique CS-1019; 1968; E/E- S $125 -- conservatively graded for some marks but plays fine, great value (much rarer than mono)

Machito & his Afro-Cubans with Graciela: Lo Mejor De/The Best of; Tico CLP-1328; 1974 (but older recordings) E/E- $25 -- compilation; with help from the great Hector Rivera, Joe Cain produced this welcome retrospective of the ground-breaking Afro-Cubans (Mario Bauza, Rene Hernandez, Chico O'Farrill, Jose Mangual, Louis Miranda..); scarce enough itself, the LP finally brings together the classic cuts that now are prized, super-rare recordings (particularly the Tico versions!); Sopa de Pichon, Si Si No No, Piniero Tenia Razon, Caso Perdido, Noche de Farra, El As De La Rumba, Tibiri Tabara, Quimbombo, Carambola, Adoracion, Asia Minor, La Paella; some marks but plays fine

Macondo; Atlantic SD-7234; 1972; stickered promo E+/N- S $30 (or cutout E/E+ S $25, specify) -- Latin rock/Latin funk; hip, funky (drum breaks galore!), YOU NEED THIS!!!; one-off legend prod. by Sergio Mendes and featuring Max Uballez (earlier leader of guitar band The Romancers on surf label Del-Fi, etc.), not that you'll be thinking of Brasil 66 when you hear this monster!; all great (and one of our favorites) with several great tracks for DJs hip to funky rock and harder, Latin funk (think Malo or El Chicano but far better, harder, sharper); blasting it through JBLs is recommended; Do It to Me (starts with awesome clean drum solo), Why, Sneakin' in the Back Door, Wishes, Can't Make Love Alone, Cayuco (the Tito Puente smash!), Battery, Almendra (best version of the classic!), Get it On Girl -- GET IT ON!!!

Malon--Juan Carlos Caceres: "El Camino" "Dale Negro"; London/Fontana 6444-505; 1972; cutout V+/V S $100 -- Latin soul/Latin rock/Latin jazz/Latin funk; significant audible scratch in one cut & a few lesser flaws, such as jacket rub wear, & it's nearly 3x the price some lucky person paid on eBay recently, but it's the BOMB, from Quebec & super rare in the US, so don't expect it to come up again, at least not very often or clean and cheap; terrific!

Jose Mangual, Sr.: Buyu; Turnstyle 1433; 1977; E+/N- shrink S $30 -- Latin percussion/Latin funk; one of the best Martin Cohen productions, from the all-star players (Luis Ortiz, William Eaton, Carlos Patato Valdez, Ralph McDonald, Barry Rogers, Victor Paz..) to the strong tunes; DJs need it for "Black & Brown Boogie" at least; Tito Puente collectors should note that he arranged "Chinatown" & "Bomba a Puerto Rico"

Jose Mangual, Jr.: Tribute to Chano Pozo; True Ventures TV-1001; 1977; N-/N S $50 -- tremendous!; mandatory for all students & fans of Latin percussion (not instructional tho on the Martin Cohen label); also certainly one of the best-ever Afro-Cuban (Latin, Latin-jazz, descarga) or even Latin tribute LPs!; Manteca '77, Down to Basics, Cuero Na'ma, Sonando con Puerto Rico, Guaganco Chano, Sambala, True Venture Theme, Bombe Caribe, Campanero

Jose Mangual & Carlos "Patato" Valdez: Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. I; Latin Percussion Ventures LPV-337; 1974; gatefold V+/V+ S $15 -- Latin; prod. Martin Cohen; Los Mangual present an excellent introduction to Latin rhythms; anyone learning basic salsa steps (or learning to play an instrument) would do well to use this

Los Mangual: Una Dinastia; Caiman LP-9024; 1986; sealed S $20 -- Latin percussion GODS!: Jose Mangual Sr., Jose Mangual Jr., Luis Mangual, Louie Ramirez..; Hippi Hai, Okere, Bolero Medley (arr. Louie Ramirez), Mazacote, No Hay Salvacion, Guajira y Son, Bomba Mangual

Orlando Marin: Out of My Mind; Decca/Brunswick BL-754159; cutout V+/N S $60 (or promo V/E- S $40, specify) -- Latin soul; not only was Orlando Marin one of the great early salseros (always very progressive stuff, and famous for rarity Saxophobia) and a Spanish Harlem neighbor of Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, but here he is as part of the treasured, hip, scarce Decca series (Brunswick being even rarer, generally); this album swings, and while it turns up in stereo, we never find it in a clean jacket, but hey, it's good!; Sugarfoot Baby, Out of My Mind, La Luenga, Palo Monte, Eenie Meenie Chow Chow, Lo Que Sea, No Puede Ser, Te Conoci Ayer, The Hustler (Orlando Marin sings this one), Chickie's Cookie

Orlando Marin: Se Te Quemo La Casa; Alegre JMAS-6015; 1978/1962 (1980 Musica Latina "Special Projects" REISSUE) N-/N S $40 -- salsa; "the one with the firemen on the jacket"; legendary smoker w/Chivirico Davila singing

Ramon Marquez & his Orchestra Play Along with Bongos; Fiesta FLP-1285; no book deep groove E+/E+ $50 -- Latin instrumental; rare compilation of some of the best on the label, by Mexican superstar (fully embraced by the NYC Latin community) Marquez w/Damiron & Chapuseaux; should come with the Chico Arnez/Sam Ulano bongo-instruction book "Bongo Made Easy" but we have yet to see that treasure; the good news, besides dramatic bongo jacket art & condition, is that it reissues (CLEAN!!!) 5 classic tunes from FLP-1201 & 7 more: Fiesta Tropical, Mambo USA, Chivirico Rhythm, Mambo India, Cha Cha Cha, Rhythm, Sabrosa Peril, Adorable, Principe Cha Cha Cha, A Little Bit of Mambo, Cha Cha Andalucia, Chivirico, Mamboo!

Sabu Martinez .... jazz (search "sabu")

Orquesta Melodias del 40: Me Voy Pa' Moron; Antilla AP-5; white-label, deep groove N/N- shrink $40 (or same but E-/E $25, specify) -- Cuban; classic collectors item by one of the top groups; definitely one to have if you want top Cuban

Monchito & his Mambo Royals; Fiesta FLP-1202; 1955; deep groove V+/E- $30 -- classic Latin; the bright orange jacket face is faded, plus some tape tears, but the disc is good (minor wear, minimal noise) especially for this, the rare 2nd LP on the label and a great one; hot stuff, very desirable, a real score; Pedro-Pablo Cha Cha Cha, Talk to Me, Me Gusto, The Merry Merengue, You're Driving Me Crazy, Mambo Shmambo, Suavecito Cha Cha Cha, The Merengue Glide, Take It Away, Bailando el Cha Cha Cha, Que Me Voy, You Never Say Yes-No

Monchito: Viva! Cha Cha Cha; Fiesta FLP-1233; 1st/deep groove E/E $25 -- classic Latin; seriously gorgeous fishnets-&-conga jacket (face is fine, top seam split, dingy white back); disc in great shape (particularly for a 1st press) but there's a press bump that does sound; besides his smash hit Pao Pao (vocal, terrific, covered by Edmundo Ros, sold as a single for more than the price of the whole LP!), many unusual tunes that stretch way beyond cha cha cha: Guajira, Pru Cu Tun (calypso?), Las Secretarias, No Tequila, Yo Arriba, Mantecadito, Tapate, La Ultima Noche, Una a la Vez, Pancho, Santa Marta

Gilberto Monroig [with Tito Puente]: The Best of Gilberto Monroig; Roulette/Tico LP-1117; 1964; N-/N- $30 -- 12 songs, several uptempo, prod. Pancho Cristal; one of the scarcest Puente LPs but sweetly priced for the collector--snap it up!

Bobby Montez: Hollywood Themes in Cha Cha Cha by Montez; GNP/Crescendo GNP-38; 1959; deep groove V+/N- $90 -- Latin jazz; one of five LPs (all but Jungle Fantastique devilishly scarce--among the most elusive in Latin jazz) by the great West Coast composer/vibist Montez (comparable to Tjader & Touzet at their best); terrific despite the unsexy title (CA never did market Latin or jazz well), from the exotic "Invitation" to the smoking mambo "Picnic"; that the disc is/plays in heroically top shape is just icing on the cake; this is a find!

Bobby Montez & his Orchestra: Viva!; World Pacific WP-1404; 1961; deep groove E/E $100 -- Latin jazz/vibes; top West Coast Latin-jazz figure famous for "Jungle Fantastique"; with Carlos Avelar piano, Ray Rivera conga, Mike Gutierrez timbales, Ruben Provencio bass; one of the most desired of his five LPs (all great), it's one of only two on the jazz label and what a killer it is--100% original compositions!!!; Guajira Josephina, My, Tremendo Cha-Cha, Garden of Allah, Jungle Stars, Brazilian, But Heaven Knows (best cut!), Holiday in Havana

Noro Morales: Lecuona's Afro-Cuban Suite; RCA Vik LX-1100; 1957; deep groove N-/E $40 (or 1st press N-/E- $30, specify) -- Latin/piano; arranged by George Siravo; famous for its gorgeous, hall-of-fame jacket in soft focus (similar to that for "Safari with Sabu" on the same label); it's top work by the [Cuban] father of Latin music, Lecuona, and probably Morales' best for RCA--his second LP on the adventurous Vik sub-label; awesome decor outside, solid music inside

Monte Moya & the Surfers: Percussionata; Everest 5212; 1963/1962; purple mountain (Belock era) E+/N- $200 (or E-/E+ $150, specify) -- Latin jazz/vibes/exotica; believed to be someone like Bobby Montez dodging contract, as often happened, and in any case definitely worthy of Montez or any other great LA Latin-jazz vibist; recorded on 35mm film, it's a spectacular one-off (no relation to The Surfers group) serious rarity from Melrose, LA, CA; if and when it does turn up, it gets overlooked (easy mistake, given the misleading packaging) but definitely shouldn't be missed!; beautiful exotica jacket; highlights are a couple of smokin' uptempo mambo-jazz vibes tunes, and the rest is mellower Latin-jazz [exotica] but every bit as compelling; and of course it's yet further proof that exotica is a subset of Latin; I Waited So Long, Black Orchid, Lucero, Masa Coti, Mose's Mamba, Mint Julip Run, Summer Time, Ayre's Mamba

Roger King Mozian & his Latin Twisteros: El Twist; Columbia EX-5076; 1962 (year of the twist); black 6-eye E-/E- $20 -- Latin twist; the great composer famous for oriental-Latin jazz (on Clef and other labels) has his rare, and good(!) entry in the slight Latin-twist idiom; we love it!; Mama Inez, Linda Mujer, La Runidera, El Manisero (Peanut Vendor), Moliendo Cafe, Twisting Shepherd, Renegade, Capullito de Aleli, Caravan, Negra Consentida, Mack the Knife, Desert Dance

Alfredo Munar w/Candido: Ernesto Lecuona; Montilla FMS-2097; E/N- S $25 -- Cuban; top, rare interpretation of the great man's work by accomplished, Havana-born concert pianist; Cuban Medley, Siboney, That Afternoon, Dust on the Moon, Palmtree Lullaby, Breeze & I, Lucumi Dance, La Comparsa..

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