Mod Soul/Jazz Boogaloo

Mod jazz or soul boogaloo, as typified by the Lou Donaldson classic, "Alligator Boogaloo," differs significantly from Latin-soul boogaloo. Percussion in jazz and soul boogaloo relies on the drum kit, of course, rather than conga or timbales. Also, Latin boogaloo usually is vocal, while instrumentals are the rule in soul and jazz. Jazz boogaloo has more in common with mod pop: the brassy, commercial, "big-beat" sound of the 1960s.

"Crime," another horn-reliant, high-impact idiom of the 1960s, overlaps with mod jazz just as with mod pop. But all boogaloo is about the dance, as in James Brown's "excuse me while I do the boogaloo." Boogaloo (or shing-a-ling) is nothing more or less than the blues at a bright and snappy tempo...with lots of horns. A variation of the soul boogaloo is the short-lived "sock soul" dance fad. The sock part is as in "sock it to me," if not from bobby socks. Soul boogaloo's chief distinction is the funky drum break.

Buying: The chief sound of the 1960s, mod, is found on soul, Latin, jazz, pop, and rock LPs. More than any other musical style, "mod" is where you find it. You know it when you hear it.

Mod Soul/Jazz Boogaloo LPs

Air Force [Reserve Band] -- see military
8Alfred's Jazz-Rock Ensemble: It's Happening-Now!; Alfred Music Records ALM-11070; 1970 (mod soul/mod jazz/funky rock; cond. Dr. Saul Feldstein; Don Sebesky, Manny Albam..)
7Herb Bernstein's New Crusade; Metromedia MD-1003
6Harold Betters at the Encore; Gateway GLP-7001; 1962
6Harold Betters Takes Off; Gateway GLP-7004; 1963
6Harold Betters: Even Better; Gateway GLP-7008; 1963
7Harold Betters: Do Anything You Wanna; Gateway GLP-7014; 1964
7Harold Betters: Swingin' On the Railroad; Gateway GSLP-7015; 1965
Harold Betters: Ram-Bunk-Shush; Reprise RS-6195; 1966
5Harold Betters: Out of Sight & Sound; Reprise RS-6208; 1966
Harold Betters: Funk City Express; Reprise RS-6241; 1966
Harold Betters: Open Pantry Has Betters this Christmas; Gateway GQP-1033; 1967
Harold Betters: The Best of Betters; Gateway GLSP-7017
7Harold Betters: The Big Horn of Harold Betters; H.B. Records; LPS-4588
7Billy Brooks: Windows of the Mind; BBW-903 (mod funk)
->James Brown
9Certain Lions & Tigers: Soul Condor; Polydor 2310-088; 1970 (Germany, rare!; Art Farmer, Peter Herbolzheimer, Herb Geller)
6Charlie Chalmers: Sax & the Single Girl; Cadet Chess LPS-1518; 1967 (mod soul/soul jazz; w/Stax-Memphis backup)
7Convection Section: Confrontation; Munich M-9 (covers "Psychedelic Sally")
8Lou Courtney: Skate Now--Shing-A-Ling; Riverside RS-92000/RM-2000; 1967
6King Curtis: Soul Time; Up Front UPF-157 (mod soul/mod twist)
5King Curtis: Soul Serenade; Capitol ST-2095
7The Cliff Davis Sextet: Discotheque A-Go-Go for the "In" Crowd; Epic LN-24173 (mod soul/twist/bongo)
7Duke Ellington: Latin American Suite; Fantasy 8419; 1972
8Bobby Emmons: Blues with a Beat with an Organ; London/Hi HL-12024; 1965 (organ/mod soul)
7The Emperors: Karate; Philly Archives/Impact F-1001 (collection of 1966-67 recordings)
8Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames: Yeh, Yeh; Liberty/Imperial LP-12282/9282; 1965 (hip blue-eyed mod soul/mod jazz; stereo version has title track in ES, otherwise stereo)
8Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames: Get Away; Liberty/Imperial 12331/9331; 1966 (hip blue-eyed mod soul)
6Georgie Fame: The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde; Epic BN-2638/LN-24368
8Chico O'Farrill: Married Well; Verve V6-5035
7Bobby Freeman: C'mon and S-W-I-M with Bobby Freeman; Autumn 102 (mod soul/dance rock)
6Dizzy Gillespie: Souled Out; GWP ST-2023; 1970
6Chico Hamilton: The Dealer; Impulse A-9130 ("For Mods Only")
7Alan Hawkshaw: Soul Organ Showcase; KPM 1027; 1968 (soul-jazz organ/mod soul)
7Frank Hunter & the Huntsmen: Watermelon Man; Epic LN-24052; 1963
6J.J. Jackson: The Great J.J.; Warner Bros. WS-1797
7J.J. Jackson/The Greatest Little Soul Band in the Land; Kapp/Congress CS-7000
6Milt Jackson & the Hip String Quartet; Verve V6-8761; 1968 ("A Little Too Much")
7Clifford Jordan: Soul Fountain; Atlantic/Atco/Vortex 2010; 1970
->Moe Koffman -- see Flute
7The Larks: The Jerk by the Larks; Money LP-1102; 1965 (definitive comp of early Don Julian group)
->Johnny Lytle -- see Vibes
7Machito: Machito Goes Memphis; RCA Victor LSP-3944; 1968 (mod Latin soul/mod soul/boogaloo; w/Mario Bauza, Bert DeCoteaux, Joe Medlin, Richard Marin)
7Henry Mancini: Combo!; RCA Victor LSP-2258; 1961
->Hank Marr -- see Organ
->Freddie McCoy -- see Vibes
->The Miracles: Mickey's Monkey; Motown M5-217V1; 1963
7Willie Mitchell Live; Hi SHL-32042 (especially "I'll Be in Trouble")
7Willie Mitchell: Robbin's Nest; London/Hi SHL-32058 (covers "Sing a Simple Song")
6Les McCann Ltd.: Bucket O'Grease; Limelight LS-86043 (live)
7Art Jerry Miller: Rated X--Suggested for Mature Souls; Stax/Enterprise ENS-1007 (instrumental mod soul/mod funk)
7Marty Paich: The Rock-Jazz Incident; Warner Bros./Reprise R-6206
The Page 7: An Explosion in Pop Music; RCA Victor LSP-2734
6The Page 7: Impact at Basin Street East; RCA Victor LSP-2810; 1964
7Perry & the Harmonics: Intrigue with Soul; Mercury SR-61037/MG-21037 (mod soul jazz on a Bond theme)
8Houston Person: Goodness!; Prestige PRST-7678; 1969 (w/Sonny Phillips; "Hey Driver")
7Pretty Purdie: Soul Drums; Date TES-4006; 1967
8Emil Richards: New Time Element; MCA/Uni 73003
Rocky Roberts & the Airedales; Durium MS-A-77155
6Rocky Roberts & the Airedales: Sabato Sera; Durium MS-A-77163
8The Seven Shadows directed by Derrick Vaughan: Seven Shades of Sound; Bosworth BLP-139; 1975 (production; funk/calypso jazz/soul-jazz organ/Latin jazz/mod soul/Moog funk; "Microwave")
->Horace Silver -- see piano
6The Soul Finders: Sweet Soul Music; RCA Camden CAS-2170; 1967 (w/Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Eric Gale, Seldon Powell..)
6The Soul Sisters: I Can't Stand It; Sue LP-1022
7The Soul Society: Satisfaction; Dot DLP-25842 (credits "George Cates & Jack Plies for Mod Productions")
7Spontaneous Combustion: Come & Stick Your Head In; Flying Dutchman FDS-102; 1969 (mod jazz-rock; ex-Zappa Gary Coleman, Mike Melvoin, Tom Scott, Jim Horn, other studio stalwarts)
7St. Tropez Jazz Octet: Jazz Goes Swinging; Europa E-363 (German)
6Buddy Terry: Electric Soul!; Prestige PRST-7525; 1967 ("Hey Nellie")
6Buddy Terry: Natural Soul; Prestige PRST-7541; 1968 ("Don't Be So Mean": w/Larry Young, Wally Richardson, Joe Thomas..)
7Clark Terry: Mumbles; Mainstream S-6066 (arr. Joe Cain)
7Bob Thiele Emergency: Head Start; Flying Dutchman FDS-104; 1969 (2-LP)
7Joe Thomas: Comin' Home; Buddah/Cobblestone CBS-7001
8Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm: A Black Man's Soul; Atlantic/Pompeii SD-6003; 1969 (funk, mod soul/mod jazz)
7T.V. & the Tribesmen/Huey P. Meaux: Barefootin'; Hanna-Barbera HST-9507/HLP-8507; 1966 (mod soul from New Orleans/Texas)
9Phil Upchurch: The Big Hit Dances; United Artists UAS-6175 (mod-soul dance rock (twist, watusi, etc.)/guitar)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars Play Shotgun; Motown/Soul SS-701; 1965 (mod soul-funk)
Junior Walker & the All Stars: Soul Session; Motown/Soul SS-702; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars: Road Runner; Motown/Soul SS-703; 1966 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: Home Cookin'; Motown/Soul SS-710; 1968 (mod soul-funk)
8Junior Walker & the All Stars: Greatest Hits; Motown/Soul SS-718; 1969 (mod soul-funk)
7Junior Walker & the All Stars: A Gasssss; Motown/Soul SS-726; 1970 (mod soul-funk)
Jiggs Whigham: Values; MPS 15.311; 1971
5Ernie Wilkins: Hard Mother Blues; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-305
7Andre Williams with the El Dorados: Greasy; Norton ED-248; 1996/95 (r&b in 1950s Fortune-label style)
7Uncredited: More Soul Sauce; Alshire/Someret SF-34800
8Various: Think Smart...(stupid title); Kent 064 (compilation/reissue of Old Town/Barry singles; notable only for Hector Rivera)

Partly Mod-Soul/-Jazz LPs

8Los Adolescentes: Instrumentales par los Adolescentes--Los Sonidos de FM Mexico '68; RCA Victor MKS-1757; 1967
6Jeff Afdem & the Springfield Flute; Capitol/Burdette ST-5162
8Alfredito: Guajira con Boogaloo; Cotique CS-1003 ("Get it Right")
7The Animated Egg; Alshire S-5104 (psyche, funky rock, organ, mod soul "Inside Looking Out")
6Big Black: Elements of Now!; MCA/Uni 73018 ("La De Da")
8George Braith: Musart; Prestige PRST-7515; 1967 ("Evelyn Anita")
8Les Brown, Jr.: Wildest Drums Yet!; GNP Crescendo GNP-79 (drums/surf/mod soul; breaks)
7Mickey O'Bryan Quartet: Jamaica's Gift to the World; Ivanhoe IV-12345 (Caribeat, calypso jazz, mod soul, twist, calypso, bossa)
7The Capitols: Dance the Cool Jerk with the Capitols; Atlantic/Atco/Karen 33-190; 1966
6The Capitols: We Got a Thing; Atlantic/Atco/Karen 33-201; 1966
7The Challengers: 25 Greatest Instrumental Hits; GNP Crescendo GNP-609 (2-LP part-compilation)
8The Chantays: Pipeline; Dot DLP-25516/DLP-3516; 1963 ("The Lonesome Road")
6James Clarke/Johnny Pearson/David Lindup/Syd Dale: A Light Jazz Feeling; KPM 1021; 1967 (production; mod/jazz/bossa)
8The Coasters: What is the Secret of Your Success?; MRB R&B-102; ?/1957-64 ("Teach Me How to Shimmy"--mod twist; singles compilation)
9King Coleman: It's Dance Time!; Norton ED-298; 2003 (compilation of 18 singles from various labels)
7Lou Colombo & Dick Johnson featuring Dave McKenna "The Magnificent Seven": An Evening at Johnny Yee's; Rik Tinory RFT-1001 (lounge act/mod soul jazz at a tiki Chinese restaurant, Cape Cod)
7Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Wiggle Wobble Dance Party; Everlast ELP-202
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Rinky Dink; Chess LP-1473 (mod-soul organ)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez & his Happy Organ; Mercury/Clock SR-60647-C
6Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Happy Organ; RCA Victor LSP-2099; 1959 (part reissue/duplicate)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Rinky-Dink; Premier/Coronet CXS-223 (side one mostly duplicates Clock and RCA)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: The Fabulous Organ; MGM/Metro MS-550
Dave "Baby" Cortez: [title unknown]; Sound Pak 1005
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Organ Shindig; Roulette SR-25298 (mod soul/organ)
7Dave "Baby" Cortez: Tweetie Pie; Roulette R-25315 (mod soul/organ; reissues SR-25298 with two cuts changed/new--better!)
7Syd Dale/Andrew Arvin: Modern Beat Music/Period Music with a Beat; Sam Fox SF-1015 (production; mod soul/crime/bongo/mid-east)
6Frank David Selection: Blues & Electronics; BASF 21150; 1972
7Frank DeVol: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ST; Colgems COS-108 ("Groovy Delivery Boy"--w/sitar)
8Mark Duval & his Music; Chappell LPC-1052; 1972 (production)
8The Dynatones: The Fife Piper; Hanna-Barbera HST-9509/HLP-8509; 1966 (soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/mod soul "Touch Talk")
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The '77 Sound/The Paolo Zavallone Group: Musical Cocktail (No. 3); Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-149; 1977 (production; e-piano/Moog funk/Moog/space-electronic/mod soul/guitar)
7Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra: Miscellanea 10"; Bosworth BLP-121 (mod soul w/strings; production)
6Duke Ellington: Far East Suite; RCA Victor LSP-3782; 1967 ("Blue Pepper")
6Duke Ellington: Latin American Suite; Fantasy 8419; 1972 ("Chico Cuadradino")
6Panama Francis" Exploding Drums!; CBS/Epic BN-629/LN-3839 (breakbeat drums/mod soul/dance rock)
7Ernie Freeman: Twistin' Time; Imperial LP-12081 (soul-jazz organ/dance rock/breakbeat)
8Glindemann: Media Music Release No. 1 Record 9--International Jazz--Rock & Roll; Capitol Custom (production; dance rock/mod soul/mod twist/soul rock/jazz)
7Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers: Tighten Up; Capitol/Hot Biscuit Disc Company ST-9100 (funk/mod soul "Don't Bother Me"; covers James Brown's "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"))
7Grant Green: His Majesty King Funk; Verve V6-8627; 1965 ("Cantaloupe Woman")
6Chico Hamilton: The Dealer; Impulse A-9130 ("For Mods Only")
6Lionel Hampton: The Many Sides of Hamp; Glad LP-1001 ("Railroad #1")
7Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones: Discotheque Dance a Go Go; Sonet SLP-50/Grand Prix GP-9978; 1970 (organ/mod-soul hits live at the Esquire Club)
6Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968
8Russ Henderson & his Caribbean Boys: Caribbean Calypso; Allegro ALL-817; 1966 (UK/Jamaica; calypso/mod soul "Walking the Dog"/caribbeat-Latin jazz "West Indian Drums")
7Lena Horne: Lena Soul; United Artists UAS-6496 (partly mod soul)
8The Howlers/D'Howlers; RCA Victor International FLS-008 (Philippine soul-funk covers; rare!)
7Ed Hurst: The Dance Album!-- 22 Greatest All-Time Dance Hits; Post 673 (compilation; various artists)
7Jan & Dean: Surf City & Other Swingin' Citis; Liberty LST-7314 ("Soul City")
7The Jazz Crusaders: Chile Con Soul; Pacific Jazz T-90598; 1966 (w/Clare Fischer, Hubert Laws, Carlos Vidal...)
8Montego Joe: Wild & Warm; Prestige PRST-7413; 1965
8Montego Joe: Arriba! Con Montego Joe; Prestige PRST-7336; 1964 ("Fat Man")
8Quincy Jones: Big Band Bossa Nova; Mercury SR-60751 ("Soul Bossa Nova")
6Roland Kirk: Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith; Verve V6-8709 ("Fallout")
7Moe Koffman: Tales of Koffman; United Artists Jazz 15029; 1962 (flute/mod jazz/breakbeat; mod jazz "Jazz Merengue" like "Soul Bossa Nova")
7Yusef Lateef: The Golden Flute; Impulse A-9125; 1966 ("Head Hunters")
8Yusef Lateef: The Blue Yusef Lateef; Atlantic SD-1508; 1968
6Michel Legrand: The Thomas Crown Affair; United Artists UAS-5182; 1968 ("The Boston Wrangler")
8Lightfire: Pop Drops; Maritim 47-567-NT; 1974 (funky rock/funk/mod funk "Crazy Soul"/soul-jazz flute/space funk/soul jazz/soul-jazz piano; Germany)
7Carlos Malcolm: Don't Walk, Dance!; Roulette SR-25359; c.1964 (mod/Latin/calypso soul/jazz)
7Johnny Mandel: Harper ST; Mainstream S-6078 (crime/mod soul; "Harper Does it Better")
6Bob McAllister of Wonderama; Buddah BDS-5030 (kids/beatnik/mod twist; "A Go Go")
7Jimmy McGriff: I've Got a Woman; Sue STLP-1012; 1963
6Jimmy McGriff: One of Mine; Sue STLP-1013
6Jimmy McGriff: At the Apollo; Sue STLP-1017
7Jimmy McGriff: Christmas with McGriff; Sue STLP-1018 (Springboard International/Mistletoe MLP-1205)
6Jimmy McGriff: McGriff at the Organ; Sue STLP-1020
6Jimmy McGriff: Topkapi; Sue STLP-1033
7Jimmy McGriff: Blues for Mister Jimmy; Sue STLP-1039
7Jimmy McGriff: A Toast to Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Hits; Sue STLP-1043 (compilation; reissued as Jimmy McGriff's Greatest Organ Hits; Veep VPS-16522/VP-13522)
6Pete Moore: Exciting Sounds of Tomorrow; Chappell/Rediffusion RIM ZS-35; 1969 (England; mostly mush but 2 nice originals)
7Joe Morello: Another Step Forward; Ovation OV-1402; 1969 (ex-Brubeck, with Les Hooper, Buddy Terry..; soul-jazz drums/breakbeats/mod soul)
7Oliver Nelson: Skull Session; Flying Dutchman BDL1-0825; 1975 (space funk/mod funk "125th St. & 7th Ave."/soul-jazz horns/Moog funk)
7The New Dimensions: "Soul" with The New Dimensions; Sutton SSU-336 (surf/mod soul)
6The New London Rhythm & Blues Band: Soul Cookin'; MCA/Decca/Vocalion VL-73880 (funky rock/funk/mod soul)
7New Trier [High School] Jazz Ensembles: So High Above the Clouds; ARK Custom MC-20501; 1984 (stage; 2-LP with mod soul jazz and breakbeats)
6Ninapinta & his Bongos & Congas: The Downtown Scene--Hits for the Hip; Decca DL-74711 (w/Willie Rodriguez)
8The NORAD Commanders: Ballads & Brass ("Hot Pants" & more!)
7The Now Generation: Sock it to Me!; Alshire/Somerset SF-30800 (partly organ)
7Marty Paich: The Rock-Jazz Incident; Reprise R-6206 (mod/mod soul)
8Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader; Tico LPS-88806
7Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader: El Sonido Nuevo: The New Soul Sound; Verve V6-8651; 1966 (Claus Ogerman co-arranged)
8Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader: Bamboleate; Tico SLP-1150; 1966
8Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw/Joe Haider; KPM 1080; 1972 ("Hot Pants"; production; flute/mod soul-jazz/funky rock/bass)
8Johnny Pate: Outrageous; MGM SE-4701 (w/Cornel Dupree & Joe Beck)
7Armando Peraza: Wild Thing; Skye SK-5D; 1968 (w/Cal Tjader, Pacheco..; Gryphon G-923)
7Wilson Pickett: Great Wilson Pickett Hits; Scepter 672 (soul/mod soul "Roberts Monkey Beat")
8Dave Pike: Jazz for the Jet Set; Atlantic SD-1457; 1966
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Saffron & Soul; Prestige PR-7502; 1967
7The Rainy Daze: That Acapulco Gold; MCA/Uni 3002 (psyche/mod soul)
7Wally Richardson: Soul Guru; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7569; 1968 (guitar/mod jazz; reissued as BGPD-1113)
8Shorty Rogers/Kelly Gordon: Gordon 'n' Rogers Inter-Urban Electric A&E Pit Crew and Rhythm Band: Bug-In; Capitol STAO-276 (mod/hot rod/funky rock)
8Jimmy Salcedo y su Onda Tres; Famos ELDF-1054 (mod Latin soul; Columbian rare groove)
8Lalo Schifrin: Gone with the Wave ST; Colpix SCP-492; 1965
8Lalo Schifrin: The Liquidator ST; MGM SE-4413 ("The Bird")
8Lalo Schifrin: Once a Thief & Other Themes; Verve V6-8624; 1965
8Lalo Schifrin: More Music from Mission Impossible; ABC-Paramount PAS-5002
7Don Sebesky: The Distant Galaxy; Verve V6-5063 ("Soul Lady")
7Randy Seol & the Goldtones: Teenbeat Time with Randy Seol & the Goldtones; Apex/La Brea LS-8011 ("Midnight in Vegas"--mod-soul-rock-vibes; live; could be considered garage/lounge act; 1962-started Las Vegas club first in US for teens; jacket: The Goldtones, featuring Randy Seol: Live at the Teenbeat A Go Go; La Brea L-8011)
6Edward Shanaphy: And the Beat Goes On for Physical Education--High School--College; Kimbo Educational KIM-5020 (kid funk/mod soul/Mexicali; 12 '60s mod-pop-rock hits)
8Gene Shaw: Carnival Sketches; Argo LP-743; 1964 (jazz w/Latin/bossa theme)
7The Cool World of Jack Sheldon; Dot DLP-25950 (arr. & prod. Don Sebesky; highlight is Sebesky's "Meet a Cheetah")
7Ruby Short & his Dragsters: Hot Rodders Battle Rock & Roll; Palace M-776 ("Hot Rod")
7The Shut Downs: The Deuce Coupes; Crown CST-393 (hot rod/mod soul twist "Deuce Coupes")
8The Silhouettes: Conversations with the Silhouettes; Segue 1001
7Sounds Incorporated; EMI/Columbia SCX-3531; 1964 (UK; dance rock/mod twist)
6Johnny "Hammond" Smith: Gettin' Up; Prestige PR-7494; 1967 (soul-jazz guitar; "The Sin-In")
7Emil Stern: Marry Me! Marry Me! ST; RCA Victor LSO-1160; 1969 ("Don' the Jerk")
8Morton Stevens: Hawaii Five-O--Original CBS Television Sound Track; Capitol ST-410 (reissue SM-410 also stereo)
6The Sunglows [The Original Peanuts]; Sunglow SLP-103 (Latin rock/mod soul "Happy Hippo")
8The T-Bones: Boss Drag at the Beach; Liberty LST-7363/LRP-3363 (hot rod/surf "White Water Wipe-Out"/mod soul "Haulin' Henry"/breakbeats)
7Dan Terry Orchestra & Chorus: Lonely Place; Happy Tiger HT-1005 (mod/chorus/mod jazz "Vampire Bat")
8Tip of the Iceberg; Project 3 PR-5091-SD; 1975
8Gerhard Trede/Peter Schirmann/Martin Bottcher: Dance-Latin & Twenties/Rock 'n Roll; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-174 (production; mod soul/dance rock/Latin/psyche)
7The United States Air Force Academy Falconaires (military; covers Dennis Coffey, Joe Tex, Lalo Schifrin..)
6Wedgwood Middle School: Wedgwood Music 1972-1973; Wedgwood Music 7301-2 1973/1972-3 (stage band/mod/mod soul "Easy Mover")
6The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children Presents Spring Concert '71; Engle Associates Recording EAR-10177; 1971 ("Soul/Booz"; dirs. Joan Cimino, Walter C. Iacobucci)
7G. Wilden: Rockin' Soul/H. Posegga: Swingers 10"; Harmonic 630; 1970 (UK production/soul-jazz vibes/mod soul/funky sitar)
8Johnny Williams: Not With My Wife You Don't ST; Warner Bros. WS-1668 (mod/mod-organ-breakbeat "Trumpet Discotheque"/mod jazz "Main Title (Big Beautiful Ball"/wordless chorus "Hey Julietta"/guitar "Hungarian Jungle Music")
5Johnny Williams: Penelope ST; MGM SE-4426-ST (mod/mod jazz "Girl Chase"/odd pop/golden throat)
7Joni Wilson & the Exciting Debonaires; Gateway GLP-3002
8Uncredited; Robert Hall RH-104/105 (production; mod jazz/crime jazz)
5Uncredited: Bob & Betty Go to the Moon; Happy House C-20 ("Papa's Gotta Brand New Bag")
7Uncredited: Jazz Power; Statler/Avant AVLP-123 (jazz class/conga/disco/mod jazz/mod twist)
7Various: The Best of Chess Soul; MCA/Sugar Hill/Chess CH-9119; 1984 (funk-soul/soul-jazz piano (Ramsey Lewis Trio); mod soul Tony Clarke: "Landslide"; also Checker, Cadet)
8Various: Drum Star; Music Minus One MMO-4074; 1972/1971 (deluxe box w/book; features Dee Dee Bridgewater; Kenny Smith Quartet, Mauricio Smith Quintet, Mike Abeni Trio)
8Various: Drumpadstickskin; Music Minus One MMO-4075; 1972/1971 (deluxe box w/book; features Dee Dee Bridgewater; Kenny Smith Quartet, Mauricio Smith Quintet, Mike Abeni Trio)
7Various: Dusty Fingers Volume 8; Strictly Break DF-9078; 2000 (compilation; funk/Moog/mod/funky rock/soul jazz)
8Various: Heading in the Right Direction--Soul Jazz from Australia 1973-1977; Ubiquity URLP-023; 1995 (soul jazz/Australia/mod funk "Buckingham Palace"/space funk; partly live)
7Various: Hot Rod Drag Races; Almor AS-109/A-109 (hot rod/Latin rock/bongos/mod soul twist/guitar; Dick Dale, Surfaris, Fireballs)
8Various: Look Who's Surfing Now; King 882; 1964 (rare!; Little Willie John: "High Tide"; also a super-rare James Brown instrumental)
9Various: Original Surfin' Hits; GNP Crescendo GNP-84 (esp. "Pachuko Soul")
6Various: A Swingin' Summer ST; Hanna-Barbera HST-9500; 1965 (dance rock/hot rod/mod soul/surf/golden throat; Swingers/Donnie Brooks/Carol Connors/Righteous Bros./Rip Chords/Raquel Welch)
8Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth Vol. 2; Trunk Barked 2; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)

[Partly] Mod-Soul 45s

7Billy Anderson & The Apollos: Church, Parts 1 & 2; Soul House (blistering
7Arnie & his Soul Brothers: Tenderloin/Dream Theme; Emmes 1217 (Indiana)
->Skip August -- see James Brown's People/King Funk
7Pete Bennett & the Embers: Fever/Soft; Jay & Gee/Sunset 1002 (mod twist/organ; arr. Bobby Martin)
7Harold Betters: Do Anything You Wanna Parts 1 & 2; Gateway 45-747; 1964 (LP track)
8James Booker: Cool Turkey/Gonzo; Peacock 1697
7The Buena Vistas: Here Come Da Judge/Big Red; Marquee MQ-443; 1966 (Popcorn Wylie!)
7The Buena Vistas: Soul Clappin/Rappin; Marquee MQ-445 (Popcorn Wylie!; says there's an LP but looks like not; B-side breakbeat)
8Judy Carne: Right, Said Fred/Sock it to Me; Reprise 0680 (Laugh-In star)
9Al Casey Combo: Doin' It/Monte Carlo; Stacy 956
9Ray Charles & his Orchestra: What'd I Say Parts 1 & 2; Atlantic 45-2031
8The Chicago Cubs: Pennant Fever/Chicago Cubs Clark St. Band: Slide; Chess 2075
9King Coleman: The Boo Boo Song Parts 1 & 2; King 6085 (mod soul/kid funk)
9Carlton "King" Coleman: The Boo Boo Song Part 1/Rock Gospel Mash King 6365; 1970
5Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Wiggle Wobble/Dig Yourself; Everlast 5019 (soul rock)
8Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Let's do the Boston Monkey/Owee Baby; Enjoy 2024 (soul rock)
8Les Cooper & the Soul Rockers: Stay Loose/Hallelujah; Enjoy 2029 (soul rock)
7Les Cooper & the Soulrockers: Garbage Can/Bossa Nova Dance; Everlast 5023 (mod soul rock)
8Lou Courtney: You Ain't Ready/I've Got Just the Thing; Riverside 4591 (A-side not on "Skate Now")
9D.C. Ramblers: Hangin' in There/Steppin' in There; Keynote 45-503
7The Deacons: Sock it to Me Parts 1 & 2; Shama S-100 (organ)
8Earl Van Dyke: Soul Stomp/Hot 'n' Tot; Motown/Soul S-35006; 1964 (smokin' mod soul/organ)
7Earl Van Dyke & the Soul Brothers: The Flick Parts 1 & 2; Motown/Soul S-35018; 1965 (organ funk/conga)
9The Earthworms: Fishtail/Mo' Taters; Bobbin 136 (mod-soul-twist-guitar)
7Nate Edmonds [at the organ]: I Don't Need No Forty-Five (My Twenty-Two Will Do)/I Don't Need No 45 (instrumental); Armar 45-122 (mod soul)
8Chuck Edwards: Bullfight/Chuck Roast; Rene 7001 (mod soul)
9Betty Everett: Hands Off/The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in his Kiss); Vee-Jay VJ-585
8Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames: Yeh, Yeh/Preach & Teach; Imperial 66086 (hip blue-eyed mod soul)
6Albert Jones: It's Going to Be a Lovely Summer/Monkey Boogaloo; Kapp K-2100
8Nathaniel Kelly & the Trevinos: Do the Jerk with Me/Always Means Goodbye; Jubilee 5501; 1967
->Nat Kendrick & the Swans -- see James Brown's People/King Funk
9[Billy Larkin &] The Delegates: Pygmy Parts 1 & 2; Aura 4504 (bongo-mod-soul)
8Preston Epps Trio: Say Yeah/My Lost Love; Polo 214 (A-side mod boogaloo; singer Andre Franklin)
8Ernie Fields: In the Mood/Christopher Columbus; Rendezvous 110
8The Five Du-Tones/The Exciters Orchestra: The Chicken Astronaut/The Cool Bird; One-derful 3002; 1963 (space funk/mod soul: uptempo R&B)
8Earl Forest: Memphis Twist/Beale Street Popeye; Duke 349 (mod-soul twist/organ)
8Roosevelt Fountain & Pens of Rhythm: Red Pepper Parts 1 & 2; Prince-Adams 447 (mod-soul twist/organ)
8Bobby Freeman: Big Fat Woman/Do You Wanna Dance; Josie 835 (really rockabilly but notable early hit)
7Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes/Starlight; Josie 841 (mod soul-rock)
6Bobby Freeman: You Don't Understand/(I Do the) Shimmy Shimmy; King 45-5373 (B-side soul-twist)
7Bobby Freeman: Fever/What Can I Do; King 45-5953 (A-side soul-twist)
6Bobby Freeman: C'mon & Swim Parts 1 & 2; Autumn 2
->Bobby Freeman -- see also funk 45s
8The Johnny Frigo Sextet: Big Noise from Winnetka/Birmingham; Orion 1058 (prod. Gus Giordano; B-side)
8Bobby Gregg & his Friends: Sweet Georgia Brown/Potato Peeler; Cotton 1006 (mod twist/organ)
9Chuck Handy: Let's Go Get Stoned/Hot Tacos; Contact 1348
7Charles Hodges: Charlie's Shing-a-ling/You Were Using Me; Alto 2024
8Monk Higgins: Who-Dun-It?/These Days Are Filled with You; St. Lawrence 1013 (funky A-side)
8Monk Higgins: What Fah/Ceatrix Did It; St. Lawrence 1022 (B-side earlier version of "Diggin' in the Dirt")
8Monk Higgins: Arkansas Yard Bird/I'll Still Be There; Sundi 317
8Monk Higgins & the Satellites: Mister Luckee/Ain't that Hateful; Satellite 2010
8Red Holloway: Monkey Sho' Can Talk/Crib Theme #4; Prestige PR 45-287
7The In Crowd: Cat Dance/Grapevine; Brent 7046
7Hugh & the Madmen: Popcorn Pop Pop/I'm the Fat Boy; Shurfine 0012 (Hugh J. Rodgers)
7Mississippi Joe: The Funky Blues/Soul Power; Midas 9010
8J.J. Johnson: Nancy's Theme/Seven Days to Tahiti; RCA Victor 47-8436 (A side from "The New Interns"; B-side mod twist)
7Fred Karlin: Up the Down Stair Case ST; United Artists UAS-5169; 1967
8Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Wobble Wobble Parts 1 & 2; Dade 5003 (James Brown production)
8Nat Kendrick & the Swans: Dish Rag Parts 1 & 2; Dade 1808 (5004)
8Anna King/Bobby Byrd: Baby Baby Baby/instrumental; Smash S-1884
8Freddie King: Surf Monkey/Monkey Donkey; Federal 45-12509 (mod soul/guitar)
9Leonard King & The Soul Messengers: The Barracuda/I've Been Saved; Inferno 2003 (mod funk/soul-jazz piano/e-piano/gospel)
8Moe Koffman Quartet: Little Pixie/Koko-Mamey; Jubilee 5324
8Charles Kynard: Where It's At/Here Now; World-Pacific X-385 (mod-soul twist)
7Jackie Lee: The Duck/Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide; Mirwood 5502
8Van Lee's Cruisers: My Goose is Picked/Booga Loo; Vantone 101 (Ohio; B-side by James Brown & Nat Jones)
8Gene Ludwig: Soul Mountain/My Blue Heaven; Travis TR-038 (mod soul-jazz organ)
8Hank Marr: The Twist Serenade/Your Magic Touch; King/Federal 12451 (organ twist; B-side partly vocal)
8The Martinis: Hung Over/Late Late Party; Bar 101
8The Martinis: Holiday Cheer/Bullseye; USA 893
8The Merced Blue Notes; Thompin'/Rufus, Jr.; Galaxy 738
8The Mohawks: The Champ/Sound of the Witch Doctors; Atlantic/Cotillion 45-44002
8The Moon Man: The Moon Man is Back/Moon Walk In; Good Sounds 4 (space soul twist)
8Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces: Hey Mr. D.J./Searching for My Love; Chess/Checker 1129 (on LP 3000)
5Floyd Morris: The ConSoul of Floyd Morris; Select SSL-1109 (organ/mod soul/mod twist)
7The Naked Truth: The Stripper/The Shing-A-Ling Thing; RCA Victor 47-9327 (probably not Owen Marshall's Naked Truth)
8Panic Button: Hitch it to the Mule/Lovin' Horns; Anita/Chalom 101
7The Parkays: Green Monkeys/Purple Tigers; ABC-Paramount 45-10285
8Johnny Pate: Bluesette/Deeno Dantay; Argo 5468
5The Phoenix Authority: Blood, Sweat, & Tears; Mainstream MRL-303
7Red Prysock: I Heard it Through the Grapevine/Groovy Sax; Junior 1040
8Redemption Singers: Black is Beautiful/Honey in the Bee-Bo; One-Derful! 4853; 1963 (mod soul/vibes/soul rock)
7Googie Rene & his Band: Midnight/Big Time; Class 205 (R&B)
7Googie Rene & his Band: Beautiful Weekend/Rock-A-Boogie; Class 212 (R&B)
6Googie Rene & his Band: At the Break of Dawn/Twilight Walk; Class C-214 (R&B)
7Googie Rene: Wiggle Tail Parts 1 & 2; Class 221 (R&B)
6Googie Rene & his Band: Swingin' Summer Love/Shine on Harvest Moon; Class 227 (R&B)
6Googie Rene: Rock-A-Bye Baby/Skumbo; Class 248 (R&B)
8Googie René: Caesar's Pad/Serenade in the Night; Class 262; 1959 (abridged versions of cuts on Romesville; Class CSLP-5003)
6Googie Rene & his Combo: Flapjacks Parts 1 & 2; Class 305 (w/Clifford Scott, Art Wright)
6Googie Rene & his Combo: Jazzberry Jam/Country Walk; Class 307 (w/Clifford Scott, Art Wright)
7Googie Rene Combo: Smokey Joe's La La/Needing You; Class C-1517
8Googie Rene Combo: Chica-Boo/Mercy-Mercy (Too Much for the Soul); Atco/Class 1518
9Googie Rene Presents the Slide; Rendezvous 134; 1960
8David Rockingham Trio: That's All/Dawn; Josie 913 (B-side mod-soul twist)
5Bird Rollins: Here He Comes Drunk Again/Do It to It; Calla C-178 ("featuring the New Jersey Burners")
8Oliver Sain: Jerk Loose/Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure: Don't Mess Up a Good Thing; Checker 1097
8Big Sambo & the House Wreckers: At the Party/The Rains Came; London/Eric 7003
8Clifford Scott: The Kangaroo/Skee' Dattle to Seattle; King 5662 (see also Googie Rene & Billy Larkin)
8Clifford Scott + 6 Stars: Lavendar Sax/Beach Bunny; Omega 501/502 (fast vibes boogaloo that Dave Pike picked up on)
8Freddy Scott's Orchestra: Hangin' Out/First Things First; London/Marlin 16003 (mod soul/funk)
Freddy Scott & Orchestra: Pow City/Quiet Time; London/Marlin 16004 (mod soul/funk)
7Billy Sherrill: Tipsy/Drag Race; ABC-Paramount 45-10465 (hot rod/R&B/mod soul)
8The Silhouettes: Oh What A Day/Red Snow; Western World WW-5503 (mod vocal/mod soul-jazz flute instrumental; Carnegie PA)
9Maurice Simon & the Pie Men: Sweet Potato Gravy/The Git-Go; Carnival CAR-525
8The Stokes: Young Man Old Man/One Mint Julep; Alon (arr. Alan Toussaint)
7The TKO's: Dancing With My Baby/Getting Into Something; Ten Star 106 (mod soul instrumental
8Tom & Jerrio: Boo-Ga-Loo/Boomerang; ABC-Paramount 45-10638; 1965 (see funk 45s for more)
8Lionel Torrence: Moscow Twist/Rooty Tooty; Zynn 1023 (mod-soul twist)
7The Triumphs: Turn Out the Light/Walkin' the Duck; MGM/Verve VK-10422 (mod soul/guitar)
8Fred Wesley & the JBs: Back Stabbers/J.B. Shout; People PE-614; 1972 (B-side soul boogaloo)
6Tommy Wills: Born to Lose--I Can't Stop Loving You/Funky Sax; Airtown JB-2-004

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