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Funk for children "of all ages" bloomed in the early 1970s, particularly educational records intended for recently integrated American public schools. Of these, Bruce Haack's Dimension 5 series is among the most fascinating. Other examples include records related to television shows ("Sesame Street," "The Banana Splits") and audio-visual lessons ("Metric Man"). Ghetto Reality is perhaps the best example of the raw potential of school children themselves making a record.

Kid funk naturally includes funky records made by kids themselves, albeit under the direction of adult producers. (Thank the Jackson Five.) Jr. & his Soulettes' Psychodelic Sounds (sic) typifies the musical-family model, where parental producers relive or perpetuate their accomplishments through their children.

The amazing thing about kid funk is how hip, heavy, and even adult it can be. Beneath even inane classroom or academic "message" singing, the music is seriously funky. Breakbeats, deep bass, and covers of such hits as "Funky Broadway" make kid funk a fertile field for the funk-jaded. Even within "grownup" funk children's themes abound. Jimmy Castor's monster-movie tributes, dances such as the "Popcorn," and James Brown's black-power messages all reflected cross-generational unity and new hopes for future generations.

Buying: Apart from the known ones, many other children's records from the early 1970s are candidates, no matter how unlikely they appear. Cautious experimentation pays off.

[Partly] Kid-Funk LPs

8Bilal Abdurahman: Sound, Rhythm, Rhyme, & Mime for Children; Folkways FC-7540S; 1971
7Bilal Abdurahman w/Jack Stubbs & Latif Abdul-Zahir: Innovative Rhythmic & Tonal Textures [for Little Ones]; Folkways FC-7535; 1976
8Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids: Creativity; Kids Stuff
7Muhammad Ali & his Gang: The Adventures of Ali & his Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay Vol. 1; Arther Morrison; 1976 (Ali, Howard Cosell, Frank Sinatra, Richie Havens, Jayne Kennedy, Ossie Davis, Arther Morrison)
7The Banana Splits: We're the Banana Splits; Decca DL-75075; 1969 (TV show; "Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White)
8Berlin Township Elementary School Stage Band Presents "A Rhythm Fiesta"; self-produced, no #; 1977 (move over Kashmere Stage Band, these kids rock)
7Ambrose Brazelton/Edward Shanaphy: And the Beat Goes On & On; Kimbo Educational KIM-5010 (kid funk/sitar; 12 '60s mod-pop-rock hits)
6Ambrose Brazelton: And the Beatles Go On & On; Kimbo Educational KIM-8080 (hits of the Beatles; 1/2 w/exercise narration)
7Bonita Claudian/Bob Goemann: Godzilla--King of the Monsters; Wonderland WLP-312; 1977 (kids tales: "Godzilla vs. the Alien Invasion" & "Godzilla vs. Amphibion")
7Paul Congdon: Fun Dances for Children--Contemporary Music Grade K-6; Kimbo Educational LP-1134; 1974
8The Conti Family: Sounds of America CF-3219 (The Conti Kids: "Little Bongo Boy")
8The Conti Family: Sounds of America CF-3220 (The Conti Kids: "Hey Boogie Mama")
8Floyd Darden: Time for Melodies for the Drum; RKMP/HUB 128 (private press/kid funk/percussion/breakbeats/beatnik/Christmas
8Bob Dorough: Multiplication Rock; Capitol SJA-11174; 1973 (earlier pressings have orange label)
8Nancy Dupree & Schoolkids: Ghetto Reality; Folkways FC-7520; 1970 (esp. "James Brown")
6Jiminy Cricket & Rica Moore: Addition & Subtraction; Disneyland ST-1922; 1963 (not funk but worthy; Cliff Edwards/Ukulele Ike as Jiminy Cricket)
7Jiminy Cricket & Rica Moore: Multiplication & Division; Disneyland ST-1923; 1963 (as above)
7The Electric Company; CRA/CTW CTW-22052; 1974 (Sesame Street)
7Wayne & Marin Foster: To-Get-It Together; Happynest SLP-007 (lounge act/funk/Mexicali/kid funk "Brotherhood Medley"/Christmas)
6Derrie Frost/Michael Hurley: Zippity Zoo Day; Melody House MH-52 (worth it for '80s rap "The Elephant Rap")
8Tom Glazer/Dottie Evans/Tony Mottola: Space Songs; Argosy/Library of Science/Science Material Center 101; 1959 (w/lyric booklet; comp. Lou Singer & Hy Zaret; reissued as Argosy/Motivation MR-0312)
8Tom Glazer/Dottie Evans/Tony Mottola: Energy & Motion Songs; Argosy/Motivation MR-0314 (w/lyric booklet; comp. Lou Singer & Hy Zaret)
7Sue Gwinner (arr.): African Heritage Dances; Educational Activities AR-36; 1969 (Adrica/kids; partly spoken)
-Bruce Haack -- see Odd Pop/Moog
8Norman Habel/Richard Koehneke: For Mature Adults Only..; Fortress Records/MosAnn Enterprises/Bob Mosley BM-768; 1968 (spoken w/music; w/Corky Hale--harp & voice, Joe Newman, Eric Gale, Chuck Rainey, Martin Luther High School Choir..; soul-jazz vocal, funky gospel, harp, kid funk, sex ed, strange religion)
-Ella Jenkins (some) -- see African for LPs on Folkways
7Bob Keeshan & the Honeydreamers: A Child's Introduction to Jazz; Golden GLP-29; 1958 (Captain Kangaroo w/Don Elliott, Dick Hyman, Allen Hanlon, Mundell Lowe, Hal McKusick, Sonny Igoe, Teddy Sommers, Sonny Russo, George Duvivia, Jack Zimmerman)
8Montego Joe: Afro Rhythms; Kimbo Educational KLP-6060; 1970 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria)
7Montego Joe/Marie Brooks: Ethnic Dances of Black People Around the World; Kimbo Educational KLP-9040 (kid funk/African/Afro-Cuban/Brasilian/Calypso/Haitian/Santeria; 4 treatments of 8 cuts from KLP-6060)
8Yvonne Creek Johnson, Betty Mosley, Joella Mosley: Moving Makes Me Magic!; Folkways FC-7518; 1979/1978 (hip/spoken/jazz; w/Tom Bergeron & David Mason)
7Quincy Jones: The Lost Man ST; Uni 73060; 1970/1969
8Jr. & his Soulettes: Psychodelic Sounds; HMM
7Del Kacher: Disco & Soul Dances; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-569; 1976 (kid funk/Moog funk/disco; gatefold w/book)
7Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii: Christmas Time with Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 4004; 1978 (Hawaii/Christmas/kids featuring the Honolulu Boy Choir)
8Sam Kapu [Recorded Live at Queens Surf Hotel...Waikiki Beach, Honolulu]; Hana Ho HS-6702; 1965 or '66 (Hawaii/mod/kid funk "He Ono La"/lounge act; in the Don Ho/Aliis mod vein)
6Kentucky Fried Chicken: Have a Barrel of Fun; 1974 (16 radio spots; music w/spoken messages)
7Kid Power ST; MGM/Pride PRD-0010; 1972 (partly spoken, w/music; Rankin/Bass prod. ABC-TV animated series)
8Richard Koehneke: For Adults Only; Mosann Enterprises/Fortress BM-768; 1968 ("Debbie's Song"; Christian/spoken with music/soul jazz/sex-ed/drugs/kids/harp/bossa; w/Joe Newman, Chuck Rainey, Eric Gale, Corky Hale..)
7[Songs of] The Letter People (1): Alpha Time; Arista Corporation 81-10-11; 1981 (2-LP tie-in to alphabet-teaching TV series; kid funk, funky rock, Moog, disco..)
7Sharron L. Lucky: Carpet Square; Melody House MH-31
6Bob McAllister of Wonderama; Buddah BDS-5030 (kids/beatnik/mod twist)
6Hap Palmer: Modern Tunes for Rhythm & Instruments; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-523; 1969 (kid funk/guitar/exotica)
6Hap Palmer: Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vol. III--Health & Safety; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-526; 1970 (w/lyrics insert; covers "Alice's Restaurant")
6Hap Palmer: Creative Movement & Rhythmic Exploration; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-533; 1971 (w/Teacher's Guide)
7Hap Palmer: Movin'; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-546; 1973 (kid funk/Moog/sitar)
7Pat Patrick: ABC's in Bubbaville; Kimbo Upbeat Basics KUB-0002; 1986/1981 (kid funk/beatnik/disco/truck/crime/exotica/DJ; 28 career choices)
7The Pop Singers & Orchestra: Themes from Hit TV Shows; Peter Pan 8185 (kid funk/crime/disco; Kotter, SWAT, Rockford Files, Baretta, MASH, Chico & the Man, Kojak, Good Times..)
7The Pop Singers & Orchestra: Themes from Hit TV Shows Vol. 2; Peter Pan 8197; 1977 (kid funk/crime/disco; 6 Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Sanford & Son, Hawaii 5-0, Charlie's Angels, Police Woman..)
6The Portable Flower Factory; Scholastic Records CC-1638; 1972 (Don't Look Now, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Country Road, Across the Universe)
7Selah/Edith Hill/The Children: Symposium; The Peppered Snowfall PS-1; 1972 ("In Old L.A.")
7Tony Schwartz/Various: New York 19; Folkways FD-5558; 1954 (w/Moondog)
6Edward Shanaphy: And the Beat Goes On for Physical Education--High School--College; Kimbo Educational KIM-5020 (kid funk/mod soul/Mexicali; 12 '60s mod-pop-rock hits)
9Angela Simpson: Angela; Laurie/Spectrum 5001 (spoken w/music; "Rapping" epitomizes kid funk)
5Lois Skiera-Zucek: Save the Animals, Save the Earth; Kimbo Educational KIM-9124; 1991 ("Save the Animals Rap")
8E. Richard Sorenson (ed.): Street & Gangland Rhythms; Folkways FD-5589; 1959 (kid funk/percussion/primordial rap)
6Georgiana Liccione Stewart: Walk Like the Animals; Kimbo Educational KIM-7040; 1976 (kid funk/Moog; w/book; Side 1 spoken w/music; Side 2 music only)
6Georgiana Liccione Stewart: Fun Activities for Perceptual Motor Skills; Kimbo Educational KIM-9071; 1976 (w/book; Side 1 spoken w/music; Side 2 music only)
6Georgiana Liccione Stewart: Simple Stunts for Children with Graded Progressions and Variations; Kimbo Educational KIM-9073; 1976 (Side 1 spoken w/music; Side 2 music only)
6Rufus Thomas: [Do the] Funky Chicken; Stax STS-2028 (funk/kid funk; "Old McDonald Had a Farm Part 2")
5All This and Ginny Tiu; Era ERA-EL101 (kid funk/Chinese/piano/exotic rock; "Inka Dinka Doo")
5The Ginny Tiu Revue; Monument MLP-8030 (kid funk/Chinese/piano/exotic rock; "The Tiu Rock")
7Jimmy Vann & George Greer: Songs of Metric Man; Orsatti/Metric MR-1-51; 1976
7Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes; Wonderland WLP-301; 1975
7Uncredited: Happy Monsters; Happy House C-36 (kid funk/space funk; famous rare/strange cover of James Brown "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" here titled "Clap Your Tenacles"-sic)

[Partly] Kid-Funk 45s & EPs

7Keola & Kapono Beamer: Be My Day; Thank You, Mayor; Tantalus T-103; 1977 (Hawaiian; B-side with kids)
8King Coleman: The Boo Boo Song Parts 1 & 2; King 6085 (mod soul/kid funk)
6The Fat Albert Orchestra & Chorus: Fat Albert (Hey, Hey, Hey)/Cosbyianna; Tetragrammaton T-1500 (kid funk/jazz; arr. Jack Elliott, prod. Roy Silver, written by Elliott, Bill Cosby, Persky, Denoff)
7Five Stairsteps & Cubie: Don't Change Your Love/New Dance Craze; Buddah/Curtom CR-1913 (Curtis Mayfield-produced A-side starts w/a breakbeat & should be "Don't Change Your Ways"; B-side baby-hollerin' kid-funk)
9The Greer Brothers: We Don't Dig No Busing (The Busing Song)/Let Me Stay a Part of You; Duke 474 (5 kids aged 9-14 from Houston, TX)
7Kellogg's Presents the Banana Splits EP; Hanna-Barbera 34579; 1969 ("Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White; 3 others)
9Patrizia & Jimmy [Robins]: Trust Your Child Parts 1 & 2; ALA ALA-1174
7Lucky Peterson Blues Band: 1-2-3-4/Good Old Candy; Today T-1503
6Pixanne Presents Bloop or Blink; Pixanne S-3775; 1975 (Philadelphia kids TV show host; not funky but good, w/Moog)
9The Rhodes Kids: Voo-Doo Magic/I Need Your Lovin'; GRC 2033; 1974
6Wolfmoon: God Bless/My Kinda People; Fungus F-15118; 1973

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