The Rogue is in Vogue
Who Pronounces it "Mohg"

"Moog" records are those created to show off the early, analog synthesizer; some related, non-Moog instruments are included here. The sound of the true pop Moog LP is cheesy: the ice-cold, computer reproduction of warm, 1960s hits such as "Spanish Flea" and "Aquarius." The space funk of Sun Ra relied on Moog, and a handful of records by Ananda Shankar, Mort Garson, and others deliver the ultra-bizarre sounds only master musicians achieve.

In the beginning there were electronic organs. Many organ virtuosos, from Korla Pandit to Lenny Dee and Klaus Wunderlich, were tinkerers and customizers, never satisfied with the built-in tones. From the 1960s through the early 1970s, a breed of "super-organs" emerged, and on rare promotional recordings, these "missing-link" instruments often are indistinguishable from the early "true" synthesizers.

The team of Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley had the gretest impact on broad-minded consumers and other musicians. Solo records show that of this pair, Perrey is the creative genius. (Only Kingsley's later projects are interesting.) And Mort Garson, the master of original esoterica, consistently turned out occult/horror masterpieces. Wozard of Iz, the hippest vocal Moog record, and Black Mass Lucifer are rare, heavy classics. Some other Mort Garson records are nearly as wild.

The Moog craze popped onto the airwaves and into the national consciousness with 1972's classic instrumental hit, "Popcorn." This was the period for experimentation, and thankfully a few experiments leaned toward another major develpment of the era: funk. Funky Moog is great, from Moog Indigo and Blues Current to the Zeet Band's Moogie Woogie, featuring guitar-god Mike Bloomfield dodging his contractual identity with Electric Flag. (And the Flag appears on the Moog-inflected "You Are What You Eat" ST.) Finally, there are plenty of European and even Korean Moog LPs!

Buying: Moog albums are relatively plentiful, although many of the better, hipper, funkier ones are quite rare. Production (sound library) LPs are a great source for odd tracks. Some super-organ LPs provide the sound as well.

Pop & Occult Moog LPs

8Art in Space (Nik Raicevic): Head; Buddah BDS-5062; 1970 (drug-themed, essentially occult)
3Tony Back: The World of Elka; Elka SRTX-78-CUS; 1978 (U.K. organ-synthesizer; notable for space jacket & cover of Bee Gees' "Night Fever")
6Sid Bass: Moog Espańa; RCA Victor LSP-4195; 1969
6Andy Bautista Plays; EMI SPMEO-9903 (Yamaha EX-42)
7Les Baxter: Moog Rock--Greatest Classical Hits (w/Paul Beaver); GNP Crescendo GNPS-2053 (Capitol ST-93031)
Pete Bellote: Moog Party
6Alberto Baldan Bembo Sound Orchestra; Star Track TR-1982 (production/Moog/space disco)
7Giampiero Boneschi; Chappell CAL-4004; 1973 (production/Moog)
7Harry Breuer/Jean-Jacques Perrey: The Happy Moog; Pickwick SPC-3160 (also Pat Prilly)
5Caldara-"Stabat Mater"--A Moog Mass; Kama Sutra KSBS-2020; 1970
5Ralph Carmichael/Clark Gassman: The Electric Symphony; Lexicon/Light LS-5541-LP (gospel)
7Claude Denjean: Moog!; London Phase 4 SP-44155; 1970
7Claude Denjean: Open Circuit; London Phase 4 SP-44196
4Claude Denjean: Moods; London Phase 4 SP-44266; 1977
7Martin Denny/Clark Gassman: Exotic Moog; Liberty LST-7621; 1969
6Keith Droste: Big Band Moog; Realistic 50-2022 (Radio Shack cheesy but w/some funkiness; notable for Chicagoans John Frigo & Bobby Christian)
4Eden Electronic Ensemble: Plugged-In Joplin; Pye-12101; 1975
5[Uncredited but probably Electric Coconut]: Popcorn--The Discotheque Sound on Moog; Music for Pleasure MFP-5660; 1972 (France)
5Electric Coconut: Popcorn & Other Switched-On Smash Hits; EMI/Axis 6060; 1973/1972 (also as Electrik Cokernut: Go-Moog!; EMI/MFP 50071)
7The Electric Hair: Electric Hair; Evolution 2013 (Robert Byrne)
4Electric Moog Orchestra: Music from Star Wars; Springboard/Musicor MUS-8801; 1977
3Electric Moog Orchestra: Music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Springboard/Musicor MUS-8803; 1977
8The Electrifying Sounds of E.M.F. (Derek Scott & Jack Parnell): Way In--Way Out; Berry/Conroy BMLP-113; 1974 (production/Moog)
5Electronic Concept Orchestra: Moog Groove; Mercury/Limelight LS-86070
3Electronic Concept Orchestra: Electric Love; Mercury/Limelight LS-86072
5Electronic Concept Orchestra: Cinemoog; Mercury SR-61279
Mort Garson
7Marty Gold/Walter Sear: Moog Plays the Beatles; Avco Embassy Ave-33003
8Bruce Haack: Dance Sing & Listen [with Miss Nelson & Bruce Haack]; Dimension 5 D-101; 1963 (1st press: jacket w/blue type, gold label; Chambers CD-1008; 1983)
8Bruce Haack: Dance Sing & Listen Again (Vol. 2); Dimension 5 D-111 (1st press: gold label; Chambers CD-1009; 1983)
7Bruce Haack: Dance Sing & Listen Again & Again! (Vol. 3); Dimension 5 D-121; 1966 (1st press: gold label; Chambers CD-1010; 1983)
9Bruce Haack: The Way-Out Record for Children; Dimension 5 D-131; 1968 (1st press: gold label; Chambers CD-1005; 1983)
9Bruce Haack: The Electronic Record for Children; Dimension 5 D-141; 1969 (1st press probably gold label; Chambers CD-1006; 1983)
8[Bruce Haack credited as] Jackpine Savage: Together; Dimension 5 D-151; 1971 (1st press: silver label; Chambers CD-1007; 1983)
7Bruce Haack: Dance to the Music; Dimension 5 D-161; 1972 (1st press: silver label; Chambers CD-1004; 1983)
5Bruce Haack: Electric Lucifer; Columbia CS-9991; 1973/1969 (not like the Dimension 5 records)
8Bruce Haack: Captain Entropy; Dimension 5 D-171; 1974 (Chambers CD-1002; 1983)
6Bruce Haack: This Old Man; Dimension 5 D-181; 1975 (Chambers CD-1003; 1983)
7Bruce Haack: Funky Doodle; Dimension 5 D-191; 1976 (Chambers CD-1001; 1983)
7Bruce Haack: Ebenezer Electric; Dimension 5 D-201; 1976 (partly reissued on Tiny Tim: Zoot Zoot Zoot--Here Comes Santa in his New Space Suit)
4Bruce Haack: Electric Lucifer Book 2; Normal/ODK Media LP-037; 2000?/1979 (gratuitous posthumous sequel)
7Bruce Haack w/Ed Harvey: Bite; Dimension 5/Bite B-50-13; 1981 (dark robot disco)
5Bruce Haack: Hush Little Robot; QDK Media LP-032; 1998 (unlicensed compilation; mainly post-Dimension 5)
7Bruce Haack: Listen Compute Rock Home--The Best of Dimension 5; Emperor Norton; 1999 (licensed compilation)
5Jeff Haskell: Switched-On Buck; Capitol ST-679
7Alan Hawkshaw: Arp Odyssey; KPM 1169; 1975 (production)
7Richard Hayman: Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine; ABC/Command 947-S; 1969
8Pierre Henry: Mass for the Present Time; Philips Four Point 4FE8004; 1968 (in France as Messe Pour le Temps Present; 6510.014; in U.S. as Mass for Today/The Green Queen; Mercury/Limelight LS-86065)
7Bill Horn [& Double Image]: Wizard of Arp; Baldwin CS-8114; 1977 (space synth)
7Hosono & Yokoo w/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Cochin Moon; King SKS-28; 1978 (Japan; Bollywood filmi theme)
7Hot Butter (Stan Free): Popcorn; Musicor MS-3242; 1972
6Hot Butter: Popcorn--Version Originale; Barclay 920-399 (licensed from Musicor, similar to MS-3242 but w/3 new tunes)
8Hot Butter: More Hot Butter; Musicor MS-3254; 1973
6Rod Hunter: Soul Makossa; Decca 210037; 1973/1972
6Dick Hyman (w/Walter Sear): Moog-The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman; ABC/Command RS-938-SD; 1968 (1/2 of The Synthesizer; Command RSSD-968-2; 1973)
7Dick Hyman (w/Walter Sear): The Age of Electronicus; ABC/Command RS-946-SD; 1969 (1/2 of The Synthesizer; Command RSSD-968-2; 1973)
8Dick Hyman: Fantomfingers; Project 3 PR-5057-SD; 1971 (funky!; plays a Baldwin; title cut companion piece to "The Minotaur")
Dick Hyman: Funk Moog; GNP Crescendo (track info wanted)
9Jean-Michael Jarre: [Synchro Fox Music Library]; Sam Fox SF-1029; 1973 (production/Moog/space-electronic)
9Frederick Judd/Cliff Johns/James Harpham/Andre Jacquemin: Electronic Age; Studio G Mood Music Library LSPG-1009 Vol.1; 1970 (production)
5John Keating Incorporated: Hits in Hi-Fi 1; EMI Studio 2 (U.K.) TWOX-1018; 1974 (see also space-electronic)
7Gershon Kingsley: Music to Moog By; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6226 (may come with "The Book of Moog" insert)
7Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6234; 1970 (w/Stan Free)
6Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet: Popcorn; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6254; 1972
6Gershon Kingsley/Leonid Hambro: Switched-On Gershwin (Porgy & Bess); Avco AV-11004-598; 1970 (Gershwin Alive & Well & Underground; Avco Embassy AVE-33021)
Gershon Kingsley: Anima
Gershon Kingsley: Cristobal Colon
5Gershon Kingsley: Shabbat for Today--A Shabbat Service for the Reformed Liturgy; KNL LP-GK-2686 (w/Moog)
5Gershon Kingsley & Norman Simon w/Theodore Bikel: The Fifth Cup--A Spirit Explosion; 1974 (partly spoken; contemporary Passover Seder)
Gershon Kingsley: Popcorn Machine
Gershon Kingsley: Tierra
3Gershon Kingsley: Much Silence; Relativity TR-8061; 1986
6Ramal Lamarr: Omens, Oracles, & Mysticisms of Dance; Lotus L-1001; 1983 (Moog/mideast)
5Douglas Leedy: A Very Merry Electric Christmas to You; Capitol ST-339
5Tony Luisi & Joe Renzetti: Electric Tommy--The world's first rock opera; Viva V-36025
9The Machines: Electronic Music; Chappell LPC-1055; 1973 (production; Nino Nardini, Leach/Condron)
6Henry Mancini: The Mancini Generation; RCA Victor LSP-4689; 1972 (Arp soul jazz/mod/crime--"Charade"; from TV series "The Mancini Generation")
7[Sy Mann w/Jean-Jacques Perrey:] Switched On Santa--The Moog Synthesizer Plays the Merriest of Christmas Favorites; Pickwick SPCX-1007; 1970
4The Many Moods of Killer Watts: Golden Hour of Golden Instrumental Hits; Pye GH-578; 1974 (UK cheese)
7Mike Melvoin: The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog; Dot DLP-25961 (jazz keyboardist does Moog covers of rock hits; hall-of-fame jacket/title)
6Fred Miller/Uncredited: The Sounds of Love A to Zzzz [Sensuously SINthesized]; Yorkshire 27021; 1972
6Mister K. "The Synthesizer": Pop Arp; Barclay 80175; 1973 (Mat Camison; in Sweden as Arp 2600; Four Leaf EFG-7342)
7Hugo Montenegro, his Orchestra & Chorus: Moog Power; RCA Victor LSP-4170; 1969 (w/Paul Beaver)
5Hugo Montenegro: Mammy Blue; RCA Victor LSP-4631; 1971 (ARP synthesizer)
7Hugo Montenegro: Love Theme from The Godfather; RCA Victor APD1-0001; 1972 (ARP)
6Hugo Montenegro: Neil's Diamonds; RCA Victor APD1-0132; 1973 (ARP)
7Hugo Montenegro: Hugo in [Stevie] Wonder-Land; RCA Victor APL1-0413; 1974 (ARP; great cover of "Superstition")
6Hugo Montenegro: Rocket Man--A Tribute to Elton John; RCA Victor APL1-1024; 1975 (ARP; two originals))
7Hugo Montenegro: Others By Brothers; RCA Victor APL1-0784; 1975 (ARP)
5The Moog Machine: Switched-On Rock; Columbia CS-9921
5The Moog Machine: Christmas Becomes Electric; Columbia CS-9959
8John Murtaugh: Blues Current; Polydor 24-4016 (w/Herbie Hancock, Bernard Purdie)
4New World Electronic Chamber Ensemble: Switched On Beatles; Island ILPS-9300; 1974
8Koichi Oki: Yamaha Superstar!; Universal Summit Ad-Rhythm SRA-250.099 (Yamaha EX-42)
7The Peppers; Event EV-6901; 1974 (partly funky)
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean-Jacques Perrey; Vanguard VSD-79286; 1968 (1st press "Stereolab")
9Jean-Jacques Perrey: Moog Indigo; Vanguard VSD-6549; 1970
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: Musique Electronique du Cosmos--Electronic Music from Outer Space; MusiCues MC-11686-R (space/production)
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: Moog Sensations; Montparnasse 2000 MP-25 (production)
[Jean-Jacques Perrey &] Pat Prilly: Moog Expressions; Montparnasse 2000 MP-26 (production)
5[Jean-Jacques Perrey &] Pat Prilly: Moog Generation; Montparnasse 2000 Mon-27 (production; w/Harry Breuer; original jacket b/w w/photo of Prilly on reverse)
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: Dynamoog; Montparnasse 2000 Mon-33 (production)
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: Moog Mig Mag Moog; Montparnasse 2000 MP-35 (production)
Jean-Jacques Perrey: Mister Ondioline; Montparnasse 2000 (production)
Jean-Jacques Perrey: Moog Vibrations; Montparnasse 2000 MP-71 (production)
5[Jean-Jacques Perrey &] Pat Prilly: Moog is Moog; Montparnasse 2000 MP-106 (production; w/Harry Breuer)
6Jean-Jacques Perrey: Kartoonery; Montparnasse 2000 MP-131 (production; partly disco)
6Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam: Eclektronics--The New Electro-Pop Album; Basenotic BATC-001; 1998 (1990s dance music)
7Perrey & Kingsley: The In Sound from Way Out!; Vanguard VSD-79222; 1966 (also on 2-LP reissue)
7Perrey & Kingsley: Spotlight on the Moog--Kaleidoscopic Vibrations; Vanguard VSD-6525; 1967 (VSD-79264; also on 2-LP reissue)
7Rick Powell: Switched-On Country; RCA Camden CAS-2398; 1970 (in Canada as Country Electronique; 1974)
Roger Powell: [title unknown]; Bearsville; 1978
5Grupo Raudales: Paloma Blanca; Mate 056; 1976 (Guatemalan; probably the last Moog LP you'll ever find; not great but notable for the jacket)
5Saturne EA1: Magic Fly; Barclay 45016; 1977 (disco Moog)
6Sir Christopher Scott: Switched-On Bacharach; MCA/Decca DL-75141; 1969
7Sir Christopher Scott: More Switched-On Bacharach; MCA/Decca DL-75243; 1970
7Walter Sear: The Copper-Plated Integrated Circuit--Plugged-In Pop; ABC/Command 947-S; 1969
6StarDrive w/Robert Mason: Intergalactic Trot; Elektra EKS-75058; 1973(Mason claims his is the first multi-voiced/fully chorded synthesizer; covers Sly & the Family Stone's "I Want to Take You Higher" & Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever")
8William Strickland: An Electronic Visit to the Zoo/Sound Hypnosis; Spectrum SR-118; 1979 (experimental)
6[Jerry Styner & Larry Brown:] Orbit III; Beverly Hills BHS-38 (Beatles & other rock covers & a funky original)
7Synthesizers Unlimited: Electric Bazaar; Southern MQLP-9027; 1974 (Moog funk/Moog pop/Moog rock/production; comp. Anthony King)
4Larry Taylor: Taylor-Made Moog; Cozy PL-1008
6Tonto's Expanding Head Band: Zero Time; Embryo SD-732 (Robert Margouleff & Malcolm Cecil: Tonto's Expanding Head Band; Atlantic SD-18123; 1975)
9Gerard Trede & his Electronic Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Joe Ufer & his Drums: Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds; Gema/Southern Selected Sound 9031 (#31) (production/Moog/space/drums)
7Gil Trythall/Rick Powell: Country Moog; Athena 6003
6Gil Trythall/Rick Powell: Nashville Gold; Athena 6004
7Mike Vickers: A Moog for All Reasons; KPM 1101; 1972 (production)
7Mike Vickers: Brass Plus Moog; KPM 1111; 1972 (mod/crime/Moog/bongo)
8Mike Vickers: A Moog for More Reasons; KPM 1155; 1975 (production/Moog/funk)
8Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 1; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
7Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 2; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
8Dave Vorhaus: The Vorhaus Sound Experiments; KPM 1243; 1980 (electronic/space/Moog)
8Fred Weinberg: The Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock; Anvil 1003
8Ruth White: 7 Trumps from the Tarot Cards & Pinions; Mercury/Limelight LS-86058 (occult Moog)
8Ruth White: Flowers of Evil; Mercury/Limelight LS-86066; 1969 (occult Moog; "an electronic setting of the poems of Charles Baudelaire")
Klaus Wunderlich
8The Zeet Band: Moogie Woogie; Chess LPS-1545 (w/Paul Beaver, Mike Bloomfield, Phil UpChurch)
6Uncredited: Moog Party Time; Contour 2870-197; 1973 (U.K.)

Partly Pop Moog LPs

6American Forces Radio: Shockwave; AFRTS (production)
7American Forces Radio: Moog Logos; AFRTS (2-LP, production)
8The Frank Barber Percussion: Deep Percussion; Polydor 24-4508; 1970
6John Barry/Nilsson/Elephant's Memory/Groop: Midnight Cowboy ST; United Artists UAS-5198; 1969 ("Florida Fantasy")
4Vinnie Bell: Good Morning Starshine; Decca DL-75138
8Hal Blaine: Psychedelic Percussion; ABC/Dunhill D-50019
7Giampiero Boneschi: A New Sensation in Sound; Campi CML-057; 1974 (production)
6Bobby Byrne: Shades of Brass; Evolution 3003 (mod/Moog; with Chico O'Farrill)
6Walter Carlos: By Request; CBS Masterworks M-32088; 1975 (compilation)
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The '77 Sound/The Paolo Zavallone Group: Musical Cocktail (No. 3); Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-149; 1977 (production; e-piano/Moog funk/Moog/space-electronic/mod soul/guitar)
7Bernard Estardy: Electro Sounds Volume 2; Telemusic TM-3033; 1973 (production/Moog/space-electronic/Moog funk/flute; France)
6Frank David Selection: Blues & Electronics; BASF 21150; 1972
3Ron Frangipane: Rated X for Excitement; Mainstream MRL-300
7Marvin Gaye: Trouble Man ST; Motown/Tamla T-3221; 1972
7John Gregory Orchestra: TV's Greatest Detective Hits; Mercury SRM-1-1089; 1976 ("Columbo" theme)
6Jerry Goldsmith: Logan's Run ST; MGM MG-1-5302; 1976
7Enrique Guzman y el grupo Nahuatl: Los Grandes Anos del Rock and Roll; RAFF 9001 (Latin rock with Moog)
6Herbie Hancock: Crossings ("Quasar"); Warner Bros. BS-2617; 1972
4Richard Hayman: Cinemagic Sounds; ABC/Command 941-S
8Tom Hazelton/Gene Ciszek: Explorer Orbits the World; EXP-100; 1967 (Explorer II, a proto-synthesizer & Allen Electronic Organ)
7The Hellers: Singers, Talkers, Players, Swingers, & Doers; Command RS-934-SD
7Merit Hemmingson: Trollskog (Troll Forest); Columbia E-062-34604; 1972 (with Sabu Martínez)
6King Henry & the Showmen Vol. VIII; KHP 376 (lounge act from Easton, PA; spy/Moog-ondioline/disco/trucker/novelty)
4David Hoy: ESP According to Hoy (spoken w/effects); Royal American RAS-1002
8Johnson & Judd: The Yamaha EX-42; Sun, Moon, & Stars SMS-10042 (partly narrated funky promo for Moog competitor)
5Bill Kehr: Many Moods of the Candyman; GRT/Sunnyvale 9330-318; 1977 (4 organs & 4 synthesizers)
->Omar Khorshid & his Magic Guitar & related -- see Vinyl Safari/Mid-East
8Dr. Timothy Leary: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out ST; Mercury MG-21131 (sitar/veena, Moog, voice; Performance PERF-389; film never released)
6Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Spaced Out; Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5043-SD; 1969
6Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Permissive Polyphonics: Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5048-SD; 1970
7Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Brass Menagerie 1973; Total Sound/Project 3 PRSD-5060; 1972 ("Explorations for Moog"; Dick Hyman)
8Lothar & the Hand People; Capitol ST-2997 (SM-2997)
6Lothar & the Hand People: Space Hymn; Capitol ST-247
[Mandingo] -- see Soul Patch/Afro-Beat-Drum-Funk
8Claudio Medeiros/Victor Meshkovsky & Friends: Rotation; Nucleus Keyboard Series KS-221 (Brasilian jazz/funky Moog/piano)
6Fred Miller/Warp Productions: The Sounds of Love...A to Zzzz--Seriously SINthesized; Yorkshire 27021; 1972
3Hugo Montenegro: Colours of Love; RCA Victor LSP-4273; 1970
6Hugo Montenegro: This is Hugo Montenegro; RCA Victor VPS-6036; 1971 (2-LP compilation)
4Hugo Montenegro: Scenes & Themes; RCA Victor APD1-0025; 1972 (some ARP)
Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Vol. 1; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars
8Ihsan Al-Munzer: Disco Belly Dance Vol. 2; Sonodisc/Voice of Stars VOS-10-045; 1979 (oriental disco w/Moog)
8The Musical Theatre: A Revolutionary Revelation; Metromedia MD-1015 (Christian rock/funky rock/Moog/crime; "Computer World")
2The Mystic Moods Orchestra: Emotions; Mercury/Philips PHS-600-277 (Paul Beaver)
7Hap Palmer: Movin'; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-546; 1973 (kid funk/Moog/sitar; "Funky Penguin")
4Claude Papesch: Hammond Electrique; EMI/Drum 8186; 1974 (Australia)
6Pixanne Presents Bloop or Blink; Pixanne S-3775; 1975 (Philadelphia kids TV show)
7Polyphony: Without Introduction; Eleventh Hour EH-1003-S; 1973 (progressive rock)
9Emil Richards: New Sound Element: "Stones"; MCA/Uni 73008 (Moog/percussion; Dick Beavers, Moog)
7Randy Rosa at his Custom X-66 Hammond with Synthesizer: Computerized, Synthesized, Organized; R&R Productions 60742 (Virgina private press; organ/Moog)
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 1 (1 to 6 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24083 (space-electronic/Moog; prod. by Sonny Lester; w/booklet)
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 2 (6 to 12 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24084
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 3 (12 to 18 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24085
7Don Sebesky: The Distant Galaxy; Verve V6-5063
5Tommy Seebach with the Magic of the Moog: Wheels; EMI/Columbia/Drum 8175/SOEX-10283; 1975 (rec. in Copenhagen; w/Mads Winding, bass)
Ananda Shankar
6Georgiana Liccione Stewart: Walk Like the Animals; Kimbo Educational KIM-7040; 1976 (kid funk/Moog; w/book; Side 1 spoken w/music; Side 2 music only)
7Rory Thomas: Sensational Yamaha Performs Popcorn & Other Hits Yamaha Style; Axis 6081 (Yamaha EX-42)
7[Shay] Torrent & [Axel] Alexander: Akaka Falls; Capitol Custom/R Own OCR-1101 (Hammond & Arp)
9Özel Türkbas: Dance Into Your Sultan's Heart; El-Ay 2877 (1/2 of Music for Belly Dancing; Murray Hill 944332)
7Piero Umiliani: El Corpo ST; Easy Tempo ET-933; 1999/1974 (exotic funk/percussion/Moog funk/Moog/flute)
6[United States Navy] Port Authority: Dance the Night Away; 1977? (military/disco/funk/Moog rock/Moog funk/space funk)
7Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes; Wonderland WLP-301; 1975
7Fred Wesley & the J.B.s: Damn Right I Am Somebody; Polydor/People PE-6602; 1974
7Westway Studio Orchestra: Southern SLLP-1 (production)
8Uncredited; Robert Hall RH-79 (1/2 Moog/space)
6Uncredited: Production Music; Robert Hall W-400/401 (Moog)
8Uncredited: Jingles; Berry/Conroy BMLP-109; 1974 (production)
4Uncredited: The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World; Disneyland/Vista 2510; 1980 ("Main Street Electrical Parade")
6Various: Henry's Happy Sound (Heinz Hötter)/Links Electronic (The Leo Hassler Synthesizer)/Easy Listening/Modern Movement (Erwin Lehn); Bosworth BLP-131 (production/Moog/Mexicali)
8Various: M.O.O.T.--Music of Our Time, A Guide to the Electronic Revolution in Music; Columbia Masterworks MT-1 (compact-33 sampler/demo narrated by John McClure)
5Various: Quadraphonic Demonstration Album--Program 2; Vanguard VSQ-2X; 1972 (Perrey's "Frere Jean Jacques" & "Gypsy in Rio")
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly [Jean Jacques Perrey])
9Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth; Trunk Barked 1; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)
8Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth Vol. 2; Trunk Barked 2; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)
6Various: You Are What You Eat ST; Columbia OS-3240 (funky rock/Moog/folk; Rosko, Peter Yarrow, Tiny Tim, Eleanor Baruchian, John Herold, Hamsa El Din, John Simon, Paul Butterfield, Electric Flag)

Moog 45s & EPs

8Abaco Dream: Life & Death in G&A/Cat Woman; A&M 1081
7The Boomtang boys: Popcorn/Time After Time; VBB1; 1998 (Moog/dance promo 12" EP)
5Walter Carlos: What's New Pussycat?/mono; Columbia/CBS 4-45741; 1972
7CD-4 Test Record; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. SPR-123 (The Carmets/Moog electric sound: "Come September" + 3 test space-electronic test sounds for testing quadrophonic gear; made by Victor Japan)
6Claude Denjean: El Cumbanchero/Another Day, Another Way; London L-2593; 1977 (disco era; Canadian pressing from the Moods LP)
8The Hip Sound: Far Out/Too Much; Mercury/Limelight L-3802 (Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier's psyche-Moog from Mass for Today period)
8Lothar & the Hand People: Rose Colored Glasses/L-O-V-E; Capitol 5874; 1967 (non-LP; B-side psychedelia has electronic sounds)
7Sy Mann (w/Jean-Jacques Perrey): EP from Switched-On Santa; Pickwick 8912 (Tijuana Christmas/Jingle Bells/Christmas Bells/When Christmas Comes)
6Don Muro: Let's Go Down to PJ's/Jump for Joy; Double M DM-55; 1975 (rock/Moog rock; B-side in the Edgar Winter "Frankenstein" style; stereo)
8Jean-Jacques Perrey: Berceuse pour un Bebe Robot/La Panthere Cosmique; Montparnasse 2000 MPS-507 (production; also on Moog Sensations)
7The Pop-Corn Makers: Pop-Corn/Toad in the Hole; GEMA/Riviera MR-28.072; 1972 (German; A-side emulates the Hot Butter hit)
5Roger Powell: Pipeline '78/March of the Dragon Slayers; Bearsville BSS-0323; 1978
7Doc Severinsen: Knowing When to Leave/Barbarella; Command 45-4125 (w/Don Sebesky)
5Hot Property: Boopie A/Boopie B; Educator DM-4667; 1976
7Uncredited: Thematic Music/Thematic Music; Robert Hall Audition Record (Moog w/Christmas, mod, Brasil)

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