Miscellaneous Odd Pop

Three Suns Swingin' on a Star, with King Curtis

"Instrumental pop" means popular music performed without someone singing lyrics (counting vocalese, wordless chorus, and whistling as instrumental). While a featured instrument or family of instruments usually dominates, there are albums which escape classification as anything more specific than "big band." Liner notes sometimes describe a notion of "sound pictures," by which is meant music with canned sound effects. But odd sounds also can be produced with found objects, sculptures, and animals. High-concept sounds have resulted from unusual, even accidental manipulations of such standard equipment as instruments, studio controls, and recording tape.

An album of "sound pictures," or other strange pop, usually stems from a creative arranger. It takes vision to integrate gimmicky sounds successfully into standard music. Most sounds (really "noises") are interesting only once, but music is supposed to bear repeated listenings. As with solos and choruses, the difficulty is to let sounds punctuate but not puncture the otherwise standard tune. Otherwise the result is just "cheese."

For now, this page includes Mamie Eisenhower's favorite band, the Three Suns. This trio of organ, guitar, and accordion (plus rhythm and other accompaniment) lasted for decades on the strength of zippy arrangements and spirited "hi-fi hi-jinks." Their classic Movin' and Groovin' leads the class of both Three Suns albums and the RCA Stereo Action series.

Buying: Avoid standard stereo-demonstration and sound-effects albums. This is only a catch-all category, so please see other sections.

Miscellaneous Odd-Pop LPs

7[Ross Bagdasarian as] David Seville: The Music of David Seville; Liberty LRP-3073 (Ross Bagdasarian's 1st LP; partly whistling)
7Ross Bagdasarian: The Mixed-Up World of Ross Bagdasarian; Liberty LST-7451; 1961 (odd pop/mod Mid-East rock-jazz)
6Sid Bass: Sound & Fury; RCA/Vik LX-1084; 1957 (covers "Powerhouse")
7The John Buzon Trio: Inferno!; Liberty LST-7108
5The John Buzon Trio: Cha Cha on the Rocks; Liberty LST-7124
7The Dew Drops w/Stuart Foster & Fifi Barton: Rain; 20th Fox SFX-3028
9Dean Elliott: Zounds! What Sounds!; Capitol ST-1818
7Jack Fascinato Arranges Things; Stepheny MF-4004 (w/Doris Drew & the Mellowmen)
3Jack Fascinato: Palm Springs Suite; Capitol ST-1157
8Jack Fascinato: Music from a Surplus Store; Capitol ST-1225
7Johan Dalgas Frisch: Symphony of the Birds; [Brasil] (MGM SE-4442)
5Johan Dalgas Frisch: A ave, a selva, a melodia/Birds, Jungle, Melody; Sabia SOLP-40379; 1967 (Brasil)
3The Gozoo Band: Sounds That Are Happening!; Go Go 22-17-0003 (arr. Jimmie Haskell)
7The Four Amigos Live at the Hungry I; RIC M-1007; 1964 (Latinate harmony vocal)
The Four Amigos; Capitol ST-1617
The Four Amigos: The Amigos "Goes Latin"; Capitol ST-2626
6The Four Amigos: The Amigos "Live" at the Ilikai Hotel, Hawaii; Capitol ST-2860
7The Four Bees (4Bs) w/Aidan McNally & his Aidanaires: A Taste of Honey; Edmar ELP-1036 (exotica/calypso/lounge act/odd pop)
7Glindemann: Media Music Release No. 1 Record 7--Media Music '68; Capitol Custom (production/space-electronic/oddpop)
8Dave Harris & the Powerhouse Five: Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals; Decca DL-4113 (Raymond Scott Quintet tribute by ex-Quintet soloist; sensational)
7The Hellers: Singers, Talkers, Players, Swingers, & Doers; Command RS-934-SD
7Mel Henke: Dynamic Adventures in Sound; Warner Bros. Workshop Series WB-1447; 1962
8Mel Henke: La Dolce Henke; Warner Bros. WS-1472; 1962
6Herb Jeffries: Passion; Brunswick BL-54028
Jacques Larry: Hypnotic Music of Sculptures that Sound
7Aidan McNally & his Aidanaires at the Bermudiana Hotel; Edmar ELP-1037 (exotica/calypso/lounge act/odd pop)
4The Medallion Concert Band: The Sound of Musical Pictures; Kapp Medallion MS-7501
6The Monn-Keys, arranged & conducted by Allyn Ferguson: Dreamsville; Omega OSL-56 (soul-jazz vocal/beatnik/odd pop)
Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and his Orchestra: Dancing On a Rainbow; Decca DL-8556
6Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and his Orchestra: Just Mozian Along; Decca DL-8700 (title track originally for Clef)
7Bill Page: The Sonic Sounds of the Sixties; Capitol/Tower ST-5084
7Malcolm Peters/Ron Goodwin: Imagination; Time 70007
-Andre Popp/Elsa Popping -- see Adventures in Sound
4Robert C. Pritikin: There's a Song in My Saw; Pritikin & Gibbons P&G 108 (disco era)
7Chaquito & the Quedo Brass: El Bandido; Fontana SRF-67604 (altar ego of John Gregory)
6Chaquito: The Big, Big Sound of Chaquito; Contour 6870.598; 1970 (compilation)
7Alvino Rey: Swingin' Fling; Capitol ST-1085
7Alvino Rey: Ping Pong; Capitol ST-1262
Pete Rugolo & his Orchestra; Philips B-07076-R
6Pete Rugolo: Adventures in Rhythm; Philips B-07049-L
6Vic Schoen: Corcovado Trumpets; Mainstream S6036 (big band bossa nova)
8Raymond Scott's Drawing Room 10"; Columbia CL-6083
7Raymond Scott & The Secret 7: The Unexpected; Top Rank RM-335; 1962 (w/Elvin Jones, Milt Hinton, Kenny Burrell, Eddie Costa, Sam "the Man" Taylor, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Wild Bill Davis, and Toots Thielemans)
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 1 (1 to 6 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24083 (space-electronic/Moog; prod. by Sonny Lester; w/booklet)
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 2 (6 to 12 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24084
6Raymond Scott: Soothing Sounds for Baby, Volume 3 (12 to 18 Months); CBS/Epic LN-24085
7The Complete Raymond Scott Volume 1; AJAZ 293 (Feb 20, 1937-Jun 12, 1939)
7The Complete Raymond Scott Volume 2; AJAZ 300 (Jun 12, 1939-Dec 21, 1939)
6The Complete Raymond Scott Volume 3; AJAZ 311 (Dec 21, 1939-Sep 10, 1940)
5The Complete Raymond Scott Volume 4; AJAZ 314 (Sep 10, 1940-Apr 7, 1941)
4The Complete Raymond Scott Volume 5; AJAZ 407 (Apr 7, 1941-May 4, 1942)
6Raymond Scott & his Orchestra: Get Happy; Swing Era LP-1013
7Raymond Scott & his Orchestra: On the Swinging Side; Sounds of Swing LP-107; rec. c.1950 ("Twilight Zone"; red vinyl; jacket green or white)
7One Night Stand with Raymond Scott; Joyce 1095 (1940)
6One Night Stand with the Swingin' Raymond Scott; Joyce 1123 (featuring Dorothy Collins, 1944)
5The Uncollected Raymond Scott & his Orchestra; Hindsight HSR-201; 1984 (1940, live at the Panther Room Hotel Sherman, Chicago)
6David Swift: New Perspectives in Piano Sound; Warner Bros. Workshop Series BS-1441; 1962 (piano; w/Rene Hall orch.; Andre Previn's "Like Young"; piano in short-lived, 4-title audiophile series)
6The Creed Taylor Orchestra/Kenyon Hopkins: The Sound of New York--A Music-Sound Portrait; ABC-Paramount Aristocrat Series ABCS-2269; 1958
7Irving Taylor: Terribly Sophisticated Songs--A Collection of Unpopular Songs for Popular People; Warner Bros. WS-1210; 1958
7Irving Taylor: The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills; Warner Bros. WS-1254; 1959
6Irving Taylor: Drink Along with Irving; Warner Bros. WS-1323; 1959
7Irving Taylor: The Whimsical World of; Warner Bros. WS-1352; 1959 (compilation)
3The Three Suns/Royale Cocktail Group: Cocktail Hour; Allegro 1443; 1956
3The Three Suns: Midnight for Two; RCA Victor LPM-1333; 1957
3The Three Suns: The Things I Love in Hi-Fi; RCA Victor LSP-1543; 1958 (w/Alfredo Mendez, pipe organ)
2The Three Suns: Let's Dance With the Three Suns; RCA Victor LSP-1578; 1958
4The Three Suns: Love in the Afternoon; RCA Victor LSP-1669; 1957
2The Three Suns: Having a Ball with the Three Suns; RCA Victor LSP-1734; 1958
7The Three Suns: Swingin' On a Star; RCA Victor LSP-1964; 1959 (w/King Curtis, tenor sax)
7The Three Suns: A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!; RCA Victor LSP-2054; 1959
2The Three Suns: Twilight Memories; RCA Victor LSP-2120; 1959
5The Three Suns: On a Magic Carpet; RCA Victor LSP-2235; 1959
4The Three Suns: Dancing on a Cloud; RCA Victor LSP-2307; 1960
7The Three Suns: Fever & Smoke; RCA Victor LSP-2310; 1961
5The Three Suns: Fun in the Sun; RCA Victor LSP-2437; 1961
8The Three Suns: Movin' 'n' Groovin'; RCA Victor LSA-2532; 1962
2The Three Suns: Warm & Tender; RCA Victor LSP-2617; 1962
5The Three Suns: A Swingin' Thing; RCA Victor LSP-2963; 1964
3The Three Suns: Everything Under the Sun; RCA Victor LSP-2715; 1964
3The Three Suns: One Enchanted Evening; RCA Victor LSP-2904; 1965
8Tipsy: "Trip Tease"--The Seductive Sounds of Tipsy; Asphodel 0967; 1996 (2-LP neo-odd-pop/space-electronic; loops w/Esquivellian effects)
5Johnny Williams: Penelope ST; MGM SE-4426-ST (mod/mod jazz/odd pop "The Mad Professor"/golden throat)
7Various: XX-3; Cook XX-3 (compilation; jaw harp/calypso jazz/odd pop/Latin jazz; w/Rupert Clemendore, Willy Rodriguez, Red Camp, Bill Floyd..)

Odd-Pop 45s & EPs

7George Cates: Ka-Lu-A/Take Five; Dot 45-1627
8The Fortune Tellers: Song of the Nairobi Trio/Camel Train; Music Makers 45-105; NYC 1961
7Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and Orchestra: Limbo/Fire Down Below; Decca 9-30349 (blue-eyed calypso/Latin/oddpop; A-side vocal by El Boy & his Calypsonians; both cuts from the film Fire Down Below)
6Roger King Mozian, his Trumpet, and Orchestra: Rockin' the Old Grey Mare/Rumba Rhapsody; Decca 9-30491 (Latin/oddpop; A-side on LP DL-8556)
8Raymond Scott: Spotlite; Columbia B-1655 (Toy Trumpet, Powerhouse, In an 18th Century Drawing Room, Twilight in Turkey)
8Raymond Scott Quintet: In an 18th Century Drawing Room/The Toy Trumpet; Columbia Hall of Fame Series 4-50013
6Theophile & Bernard, the Exciting Good Guys: Sweet Georgia Brown/Quiet Village '67; Raydin RY-102; 1967

Odd-Pop 78s

6Raymond Scott & his New Orchestra: Just a Gigolo/Huckleberry Duck; Columbia Columbia 35363

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