Mod Pop

The sound of the high 1960s, permeating pop, jazz, soul, rock, film, television, and advertising, was "mod." Known variously as "now sound," "big beat," "in sound," "music for the jet set," and "au go go," the mod sound's defining characteristic was the ensemble brass riff. "Brass" is the keyword. Think of the horns in the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme, Joe Tex's "Show Me," and Quincy Jones' "Soul Bossa Nova." Secondary elements include amplified electric bass (a major development in pop), wordless chorus, fuzz-tone guitar, and other period effects such as Vinnie Bell's "water" sound or Kai Winding's use of ondioline.

Mod is not just any music from the mid-1960s, although it overlaps strongly with spy and European soundtrack music as well as Mexicali brass (e.g., "Casino Royale"). "Sock soul" is mod, discotheque soul. And mod jazz places more emphasis on blues and has its own overlappings with bossa nova and jazz boogaloo. Brasilian organist Walter Wanderley's hit remake of "Summer Samba" ranks among the great mod tunes. But if it is not tightly arranged pop (played by jazz men), with a blaring horn section, it probably is not mod. Mod icons include Nancy Sinatra's go-go boots, psychedelic miniskirts, and the Dodge Dart Swinger.

Chief exponents include Kai Winding and Claus Ogerman (separately or together) and Dick Hyman, who plays Lowrey organ on many mod albums. Quincy Jones, Enoch Light, Henry Mancini, Bob Crewe, Pat Williams, Hugo Montenegro, Warren Kime, Billy May, Buddy Morrow, and Les & Larry Elgart are others. Most of the old masters of brass and many top composers got into the act.

What's hip about mod? The big beat made it accessible to rock fans, the horns to jazzbos, and the pop construction to oldsters. These qualities of near-universal appeal were not lost on Madison Avenue. The "Batman" television series theme, one of the most annoying riffs covered at least a thousand times, clings to indelible hipness after periodic waves of hype.

Buying: Look for covers of such upbeat classics as "Music to Watch Girls By," "One Mint Julep," "A Man & a Woman," and "Baby Elephant Walk." On the softer side: "Love is Blue," "The Look of Love," "I Say a Little Prayer," and "Goin' Out of My Head."

Mod LPs

6Robert Ascot: Media Music Release No. 11--Then & Now/Here & There; Capitol MM-11 (Capitol Custom production LP)
6Burt Bacharach: Casino Royale ST; Colgems COSO-5005/COMO-5005; 1967 (w/Herb Alpert, Dusty Springfield)
5John Barry: The Knack ST; United Artists UAS-5129; 1965
Les Baxter (GNP)
5Vincent Bell: Airport Love Theme; Decca DL-75212; 1970
8Elmer Bernstein: Baby the Rain Must Fall ST; Mainstream S6056/56056 (mod/mod twist; arr. Shorty Rogers, vocals by Jim & Johnny, the We Three Trio; Steve McQueen vehicle)
5Harold Betters: Out of Sight & Sound; Reprise R9-6208
5The Brass Hat: Themes in Brass; Kapp KS-3588
3The Brass Ring: Lara's Theme; ABC/Dunhill DS-50012
3The Brass Ring: Sunday Night at the Movies; ABC/Dunhill DS-50015
4The Brass Ring: The Disadvantages of You; ABC/Dunhill DS-50017
4The Brass Ring: The Now Sound of the Brass Ring; ABC/Dunhill DS-50023
4The Brass Ring: Gazpacho; ABC/Dunhill DS-50034
5The Brass Ring: Only Love; ABC/Dunhill DS-50044
5The Brass Ring: The Best of; ABC/Dunhill DS-50051 (compilation)
3The Brass Ring; Project 3 PR5067-QD
4Uwe Buschkotter & his Party Players: If I Were a Rich Bossa Nova Man; Gema/Decca (Germany) ND-445
5The Button-Down Brass Featuring the Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies; Mercury/Fontana SRF-67580
5The Button-Down Brass Featuring the Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies; Phonodisc/PYE QUAD-1004; 1972
6Bobby Byrne: Shades of Brass; Evolution 3003 (mod/Moog; with Chico O'Farrill)
4John Cacavas: Velvet is the Beat; Gallery GS-6201; 1966
7Al Caiola: The Power of Brass; United Artists UAS-6666; 1968
4Pete Candoli: Moscow Mule & Many More Kicks; Decca DL-74761
4Ray Charles Singers: A Special Something; Command RS-914-SD (whistling/wordless chorus "Music to Watch Girls By")
4The Coral Reef: Hits with a Hawaiian Punch; Epic BN-26234 (arr. Chico O'Farrill!)
6Phares Corder: Mixing It Up; Americana AR-LPMS-2052 (Louisiana brass band w/Les Hooper, perhaps his first appearance on LP)
7The Corporation: A "Sound" Contemporary Musical Investment; Command RS-929-SD (mod/sitar dir. Loren Becker & Robert Byrne; w/Vinnie Bell, Dick Hyman..)
6The Bob Crewe Generation: Music to Watch Girls By; Bell SLP-9003
4The Bob Crewe Generation: Music to Watch Birds By; Dynavoice DY-31902; 1967
6Bob Crewe Generation/Charles Fox/The Glitterhouse: Barbarella ST; Dynovoice DY-31908
Xavier Cugat (Decca)
8Syd Dale: The Sounds of Syd Dale; KPM 1002; 1966 (production; crime/bongo bop/mod/biker)
5John Dankworth: Salt & Pepper ST; United Artists UAS-5287; 1967 (w/Sammy Davis, Jr.)
Lenny Dee
5The Doodletown Pipers: Sing-Along '67; Columbia/Epic BN-26307; 1967 (lyrics for "Music to Watch Girls By" & "Spanish Flea")
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The Big Band Sound/Orchestral Sounds/Rhythmic Moods/In a Quiet Mood; Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-147; 1976 (production/mod)
6Les & Larry Elgart: The New Elgart Touch; Columbia CS-9101
6Les & Larry Elgart: Elgart Au Go-Go; Columbia CS-9155
6Les & Larry Elgart: Sound of the Times; Columbia CS-9311
4Jerry Fielding: Hollywood Brass; ABC-Paramount ABCS-542
3Ron Frangipane: Rated X for Excitement; Mainstream MRL-300
4The Galaxy Generation: Windmills of Your Mind...; Pickwick/Design SDLP-304
6Benny Golson: Tune In Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties; Verve V6-8710 (commerce/mod)
5Urbie Green: Twenty-One Trombones; Project 3 PR-5024-SD; 1973
4Joe Harnell: Bossa Nova Pops; Kapp
4Joe Harnell: More Bossa Nova Pops; Kapp KS-3325; 1963
4Joe Harnell: Hud; Kapp KS-3339; 1963
4Joe Harnell: The Rhythm & the Fire; Kapp KS-3416
4Joe Harnell: Bossa Now!--A Total Sound Experience; Columbia CS-9499
7The Hawaiians: From the Famous Beach Hotel; London/Deram DES-18015 (steel guitar/mod/exotic rock)
6Neal Hefti/The Wild Ones: Lord Love a Duck ST; United Artists UAS-5137; 1966
6Al Hirt: The Horn Meets "The Hornet"; RCA Victor LSP-3716; 1966 (TV themes; arranged by Frank Hunter)
6LeRoy Holmes: Themes from the New Provocative Films; United Artists UAS-6742; 1970
5Paul Horn Quintet: Monday, Monday; RCA Victor LSP-3613; 1966
6The Jankowski Singers: For Night People Only; MPS/BASF 20824; 1972 (mod chorus; "Light My Fire" cover)
7Quincy Jones: Big Band Bossa Nova; Mercury SR-60751
5Quincy Jones Plays Hip Hits; Mercury SR-60799
6Quincy Jones: Quincy Plays for Pussy Cats; Mercury SR-61050
6Quincy Jones: [Plays the Music of Henry Mancini]; Mercury
7Quincy Jones Showcase; Pickwick PTP-2091; 1977 (2-LP compilation
6Quincy Jones: Walk, Don't Run ST; Mainstream S-6080; 1968
6Bob Jung & his Orchestra: Jung!--The Big Band Syndrome; ABC/Command COM-944-S; 1969
4Sammy Kaye: Swing & Sway Au Go Go; Decca DL-74687
6[The Brass Choir Conducted by] Warren Kime: Brass Impact; Command RS-910-SD
6Warren Kime & his Brass Impact Orchestra: Explosive Brass Impact; Command RS-919-SD
6Warren Kime & his Brass Impact Orchestra: Goin' Someplace!; Command RS-935-SD
5Warren Kime: Dynamic Brass Impact; Command RS-SD-961-2; 1973 (2-LP reissue)
4Francis Lai: Live for Life (Vivre Pour Vivre); United Artists UAS-5165; 1967
5Francis Lai: A Man & a Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme); United Artists UAS-5184; 1968 (English language version)
2Lester Lanin: Narrowing the Generation Gap; Metromedia MD-1006
3Enoch Light & the Brass Menagerie; Project 3 PR-5036-SD; 1969
5Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Spaced Out; Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5043-QD; 1969
5Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Permissive Polyphonics: Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5048-QD; 1971
5Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: Brass Menagerie 1973; Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5060-QD; 1972
3Enoch Light: 4-Channel (Quadraphonic) Dynamite; Total Sound/Project 3 PR-5068-QD; 1972
5Bill Loose: Vixen ST; Beverly Hills BHS-22 (first film rated "X")
6Bill Loose: Cherry, Harry, & Raquel ST; Beverly Hills BHS-23
6The Marketts: Sun Power; World Pacific WPS-21870/WP-1870 (mod rather than a guitar act at this stage)
6Jack Marshall: Tuff Jack; Capitol ST-1727
7Ray Martin: Comic Strip Favorites; RCA Camden CAS-2102; 1966 (mod/Batman/crime/exotic rock; w/Dick Hyman)
7Gary McFarland: The In Sound; Verve V6-8632; 1965
[military records] -- see Soul Patch/Military Recruitment
5Vic Mizzy: The Caper of the Golden Bulls ST; Tower ST-5086
6Buddy Morrow: New Blues Scene; United Artists UAS-6639; 1967
6Now Brass; Murbo MCS-6018
7Claus Ogerman: Soul Searchin'; RCA Victor LSP-3366; 1965
8Claus Ogerman: Watusi Trumpets; RCA Victor LSP-3455; 1965
7Claus Ogerman: Saxes Mexicanos; RCA Victor LSP-3640; 1966
7Claus Ogerman: Latin Rock; RCA Victor LSP-3813; 1967
7Bill Page: The Sonic Sounds of the Sixties; Capitol/Tower ST-5084
7Marty Paich: The Rock-Jazz Incident; Reprise R-6206 (mod/mod soul)
7The Dave Pell Singers: Mah-Na-Mah-Na; Liberty LST-7631
Powers of Blue: Flipout; MTA MTS-5002 (rock covers but likely mod)
Perez Prado (United Artists/UA Latino)
7Teddy Randazzo: The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.; MGM SE-4410 (comp. Dave Grusin)
6The Joe Rene Complex: Music to Read the Pretenders By; Philips PHS-600-327; 1969 (mod/funky rock/wordless chorus/Mexicali; soundtrack to a book!)
6King Richard's Fluegel Knights: Sign of the Times; MTS-5001 (directed by Dick Behrke & produced by Bob Thompson)
6King Richard's Fluegel Knights: Cabaret; MTS-5003
5King Richard's Fluegel Knights: Something Super!; MTS-5005
5King Richard's Fluegel Knights: Knights on Broadway; MTS-5008
5King Richard's Fluegel Knights: Just Some of Those Songs Mrs. Robinson; MTS-5011
7[King Richard &] The Fluegel Knights: One of Those Songs; MTS-5014
7Howard Roberts: Out of Sight (but "in" sound); Capitol ST-2901
8Shorty Rogers/Kelly Gordon: Gordon 'n' Rogers Inter-Urban Electric A&E Pit Crew and Rhythm Band: Bug-In; Capitol STAO-276 (mod/hot rod/funky rock)
6Vic Schoen & his Corcovado Trumpets & the Girls from Ipanema: Girls with Brass; Mainstream MMS-705
4Jimmy Sedlar: Movie Hits of '66; Kapp KS-3467; 1966
5Joe Sherman & the Arena Brass: Promise Her Anything; CBS/Epic BN-26219/LN-24219 (good, rare breakbeat intro)
6Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'; Reprise RS-6202
4The Sounds Spectacular Play Great Motion Picture Themes; Musicor MS-3133; 1967
7Dan Terry Orchestra & Chorus: Lonely Place; Happy Tiger HT-1005 (mod/chorus/mod jazz)
5Bob Thiele & his New Happy Times Orchestra, featuring the Sunflower Singers & Steve Allen: Do the Love; ABC ABCS-615
6The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Organic; Polydor 184171 (mod/organ/funky rock; "Jumpin' Jack Flash")
5Mel Torme: Right Now; Columbia CS-9335 ("Secret Agent Man"; Mort Garson arranged)
Trombones Unlimited: These Bones Are Made for Walkin'; Liberty LST-7449 (dir. Tommy Oliver)
Trombones Unlimited: You're Gonna Hear from Me (Us!); Liberty LST-7472
Trombones Unlimited: Big Boss Bones; Liberty LST-7494
Trombones Unlimited: Holiday for Trombones; Liberty LST-7527
Trombones Unlimited: One of Those Songs; Liberty LST-7549
6Trombones Unlimited: Grazing in the Grass; Liberty LST-7591
6Albert Van Dam: The Crazy Horse Saloon of Paris; United Artists UNS-15503/UN-14503; 1966 (mod/bongo)
->Walter Wanderley
8Johnny Williams: Not With My Wife You Don't ST; Warner Bros. WS-1668 (mod/mod-organ-breakbeat "Trumpet Discotheque"/mod jazz "Main Title (Big Beautiful Ball"/wordless chorus "Hey Julietta"/guitar "Hungarian Jungle Music")
5Johnny Williams: Penelope ST; MGM SE-4426-ST (mod/mod jazz/odd pop/golden throat)
6Pat Williams: Shades of Today; Verve V6-5052
6Pat Williams: Think; Verve V6-5056
5Kai Winding: Kai Olé; Verve V6-8427
7Kai Winding: More (theme from Mondo Cane); Verve V6-8551 (w/ondioline & Kenny Burrell)
4Kai Winding; Verve V6-8556 (w/ondioline)
8Kai Winding: Mondo Cane #2; Verve V6-8573 (w/ondioline)
4Kai Winding: Rainy Day; Verve V6-8620; 1965/1964
3Kai Winding: The In Instrumentals; Verve V6-8639
5Kai Winding: Penny Lane & Time; Verve V6-8691; 1967
6Si Zentner: Right Here! Right Now! (The Big Mod Sound of); Liberty LST-7531

Partly Mod LPs

8Los Adolescentes: Instrumentales par los Adolescentes--Los Sonidos de FM Mexico '68; RCA Victor MKS-1757; 1967 (mod Latin)
6Warren Barker: 77 Sunset Strip; Warner Bros. WS-1289; 1959 ("77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha")
4Harry Bendler: San Remo Festival 1969; United Artists International UNS-15560; 1969
7Elmer Bernstein: The Silencers ST; RCA Victor LSO-1120; 1966 ("Early to Bed")
5Bill Black's Combo: Jukebox Favorites; Mega M31-1014; 1972 ("One Mint Julep")
4Bill Black's Combo: Sensational Sounds of the '50's; Mega MLPS-600; 1973 ("Tequila"--Latin rock, breakbeat)
7Hal Blaine: Have Fun!!! Play Drums!!!--The Drum Lessons; ABC/Dunhill DS-50035 (drums/breakbeats/instruction/spy/mod "The Swinger"/space-electronic)
4British Lion Orchestra: The Girl on a Motorcycle ST; Ovation OV-14-06; 1970 (arr. Les Reed)
7Al Caiola: All Strung Out; United Artists UAS-6553; 1966
7Al Caiola: Blockbuster Movie/TV Themes; United Artists/Two Worlds TW-9102 ("Mod Squad Theme"; also as Theme from the "Magnificent 7 Ride" '73; United Artists/Avalanche AV-LA058-F; 1973)
4Camarata: Think Young; Coliseum DS-51001 ("Little Things")
7The Challengers: 25 Greatest Instrumental Hits; GNP Crescendo GNP-609 (2-LP part-compilation)
6Bobby Christian: Stop! It's Time for Bobby Christian; Soundsational M.A.L. 897M9898/897M9896
6Bobby Christian: Vibe-brations; Ovation OV-14-06; 1970 ("Boogaloo")
7Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: Magic Trumpet; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-1634/MKL-1634; 1965 (Latin rock/Latin twist/Mexicali/mod/exotic rock; "Zoologico Negro")
7Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: On la Onda de la Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-3004/MKL-3004 (Latin/Latin rock/Latin soul/mod)
4Floyd Cramer Plays the Big Hits; RCA Camden ADL2-0128; 1973 (2-LP)
7Cliff Davis Sextet: Discotheque A-Go-Go; Epic LN-24173 ("Percolatin'")
7Rick Davis/Raoul Romero Orchestra: Meditations on the Zodiac; Desert DR-3 (zodiac-themed soul-jazz; narrated by Joe Cervelloni; breakbeats)
6Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings the Complete "Dr. Doolitte"; Warner Bros./Reprise RS-6264; 1967 (w/Marty Paich; "Talk to the Animals")
5Derek & Ray: The Keyboard Sounds of Today!; RCA Victor LSP-3665; 1966
8Frank DeVol: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ST; Colgems COS-108 ("Groovy Delivery Boy"--w/sitar)
7Troy Donahue/Connie Stevens/Ty Hardin/Stefanie Powers/Robert Conrad: Palm Springs Weekend ST; Warner Bros. WS-1519 ("Live Young")
7The Fireballs: Come On React!; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-275; 1969 ('60s psyche/New Orlean "Get Out of My Life Woman"/mod "Little Bitty Bucket")
6Panama Francis: The Beat Behind the Million Sellers; ABC-Paramount ABCS-333 (drums/crime/mod "Lil' Liza Jane"/exotic rock)
6Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers: Tighten Up; Capitol/Hot Biscuit Disc Co. ST-9100 ("Don't Bother Me")
7The Reg Guest Syndicate: Underworld; Philips/Fontana SRF-67565/MGF-27565 (spy/crime/mod; English covers & 2 originals)
5Jimmie Haskell & "By" Dunham: I'll Take Sweden ST; United Artists UAS-5121 (Frankie Avalon, Tuesday Weld, Bob Hope)
7Jimmie Haskell: From Russia with Love Theme; Capitol ST-2075
6Neal Hefti, his Orchestra & Chorus: Hefti in Gotham City; RCA Victor LSP-3621; 1966
6Neal Hefti: Sex & the Single Girl ST; Warner Bros. WS-1572
6Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1040; 1970 (production/bongo bop/beatnik/spy/mod "Night Patrol"/flute/Tibetan)
7Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1044; 1971 (production/mod/funky rock/wordless chorus)
4Bill Justis: More Instrumental Hits By; Mercury SRS-67065 ("Lazy River")
8Sam Kapu [Recorded Live at Queens Surf Hotel...Waikiki Beach, Honolulu]; Hana Ho HS-6702; 1965 or '66 (Hawaii/mod/kid funk/lounge act; in the Don Ho/Aliis mod vein)
7Fred Karlin: Up the Down Stair Case ST; United Artists UAS-5169; 1967
5Pete King/Frank Rossi: Music from the Score "The Last of the Secret Agents?"; Dot DLP-25714
5Jonathan Knight/Lonely Harpsichord: Rainy Night in Shangri-La; Dot/Viva V-36011
3Jonathan Knight/Lonely Harpsichord on a Rainy Night; Viva V-36006
3Jonathan Knight/Lonely Harpsichord: Memories of that Rainy Night; Viva V-36016
6Alex O. Kulaks: [no title]; Sam Fox SF-1027; 1973 (production; mexicali/mod/wordless chorus; "Hot Pants")
4Michel Legrand: The Thomas Crown Affair ST; United Artists UAS-5182; 1968 ("The Boston Wrangler")
5Living Brass (Ray Martin) Play Moods of Mancini; RCA Camden CAS-2162; 1967
7Phil Kraus/Living Percussion: The Beat Goes On; RCA Camden CAS-2255; 1969 (w/Dick Hyman)
5Luke Leilani: Hawaiian Delights; Premier 1010 ("Hawaii 5-0")
7Machito Goes Memphis; RCA Victor LSP-3944; 1968
7Johnny Mandel: Harper ST; Mainstream S-6078
8Jack Marshall: Tuff Jack; Capitol ST-1727
4Tino Martin y su orquesta; RCA Mexicana Camden CAMS-372; 1968
8Billy May Today!; Capitol ST-2560; 1966
6Hugo Montenegro: Cha Chas for Dancing; Time S-2018 ("Boo Qui Woo Qui")
6Hugo Montenegro: Lady in Cement ST; 20th Century Fox S-4204; 1968
6Hugo Montenegro: This is Hugo Montenegro; RCA Victor VPS-6036; 1971 (2-LP compilation)
4Hugo Montenegro: Scenes & Themes; RCA Victor APD1-0025; 1972
5Jerry Murad's Harmonicats: Great Themes from TV & Motion Pictures; Columbia/Harmony HS-11223 ("Baby Elephant Walk")
6Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number Two; Muzak SAAB-270 (production/mod/organ/Mexicali)
6Stanley Myers: Kaleidoscope ST; Warner Bros. WS-1663; 1966? (w/John Mayer, Diwan Motihar, Keshave Sathe)
5Riz Ortolani: The Biggest Bundle of Them All; MGM SE-4446-ST (w/Eric Burdon & Johnny Mathis)
9Die Peanuts: Souvenirs Aus Tokio; EMI/Odeon SMC-74-106
8La Playa Sextet: Papas Fritas; Musicor MS-3103 (mod Latin rock)
8Sid Ramin: Stiletto ST; Columbia OS-3360 ("Main Title")
7Nelson Riddle/Various: Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album; 20th Century-Fox TFS-4180; 1966
6Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus: Hot Line for Sound; Project 3 PR-5002-SD; 1966 ("Musical Explorations in Beats...Bongos...Boffs")
6Pete Rugolo: The Sweet Ride ST; 20th Century Fox S-4198; 1968
Santo & Johnny (Imperial)
8Lalo Schifrin: Once a Thief & Other Themes; Verve V6-8624; 1965
8Lalo Schifrin: Gone with the Wave ST; Colpix SCP-492; 1965
8Lalo Schifrin: The Liquidator ST; MGM SE-4413 ("The Bird")
8Lalo Schifrin: Bullitt; Warner Bros. 1777; 1968
8Lalo Schifrin: Mannix; Paramount PAS-5004
4Joe Scott: Motion Pictures--the Now Generation; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-301 (for waka version of "Born to be Wild")
8Johnny Scott/Westway Studio Orchestra: Jazz-Beat-Bossa Nova; Southern SLLP-25 (production; soul jazz: vibes, bass, organ, guitar, mod)
8The Seven Players: West Digs East--Dig? Audio Fidelity AFST-2166
7Carl Stevens: African Sounds; Mercury PPS-6030 ("King Kong"; African/exotic rock/exotica/mod twist; partly on Various: Hit Motion Picture Themes; Mercury SR-60810)
6Georgiana Liccione Stewart: Simple Stunts for Children with Graded Progressions and Variations; Kimbo Educational KIM-9073; 1976 (kid funk/mod "Head Stands, Variations, Elbow Stands"; Side 1 spoken w/music; Side 2 music only)
3Billy Strange: Goldfinger; GNP Crescendo GNPS-2006 ("Theme from the Munsters")
6Irving Taylor: Drink Along with Irving; Warner Bros. WS-1323; 1959 (odd pop/mod twist "Typsy #3")
7Mel Taylor & the Magics In Action!; Warner Bros. WS-1624 (drums/bongo rock/guitar/spy/mod/mod Latin)
7Rene Touzet, his Piano, & Orchestra: Touzet Goes to the Movies; GNP-81 ("Baby Elephant Walk")
Pierre Umiliani: Sweden Heaven & Hell ST; Musicor/Ariel
7Pierre Umiliani: Svezia Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden Heaven & Hell); Right Tempo ET-900-DLP; 1997 (2-LP remade version)
7Mike Vickers: Brass Plus Moog; KPM 1111; 1972 (production; mod/crime/Moog/bongo)
6Wedgwood Middle School: Wedgwood Music 1972-1973; Wedgwood Music 7301-2 1973/1972-3 (stage band/mod "Back to the Jungle"/mod soul)
7Larry Wilcox & his Orchestra: Hot Rod Jazz--Tuff Saxes & Twangy Guitars; CBS/Columbia CS-8947 (hot rod/mod/Mexicali/bongo/spy/samba/jazz)
6The Yokohama Knights; GRT-10002 (mod Japanese)
4Various: Dr. Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs ST; Capitol/Tower ST-5053 ("The Mad Mad Doctor")
4Various: Happy Novelties; KPM-1064; 1970 (production; mod/novelty)
6Various: Presentations/Sounds Industrial; Berry/Conroy BMLP-110; 1974 (production/mod; R. Owens & others)
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly)
6Various: Stereo for the Swinging Season [boxed set]; RCA Victor PRS-238 (Claus Ogerman)

[Partly] Mod 45s

6Pete Bennett & the Embers: Fever/Soft; Sunset 1002 (twist/mod/organ)
7Hutzler's Theme (Something Wonderful Happens...when you put a little Hutzler's in you life!)/same; Hutzler's (department store chain; commerce/mod/flute)
8J.J. Johnson: Nancy's Theme/Seven Days to Tahiti; RCA Victor 47-8436; 1964 (A-side from "The New Interns"; B-side mod-twist)
9Peter Laine & his Musical Sound: Tiger Walk/Casa Feliz; Soul Vista 1006; 1973 (A-side funky exotica/B-side mod)
7Malcolm Lockyer: The Drummond Theme/Gambit (theme); Decca (mod/crime; rec. UK; A-side from "Deadlier than the Male"; B-side from "Gambit")
8Lee Merril & the Golden Horns: Ballad of the Green Hornet/Off the Wall; ABC-Paramount/Boom 45-60,013 (mod/spy/drums; Shorty Allen)
8Giorgio Moroder/Marks/Arabella: Mah-Na Mah-Na/Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo; Gema/Ariola 14431
7Claus Ogerman: Zorba!/No Boom Boom; Capitol 2313 (mod/bossa; both cuts from the Broadway musical)
6Claus Ogerman: Yambo/Lotar's Theme; RCA Victor 47-9064; 1967 (from "Latin Rock" sessions; B-side w/ondioline not on LP)
7Doc Severinsen: Knowing When to Leave/Barbarella; Command 45-4125 (w/Don Sebesky)
8Pierre Umiliani: Mah-Na-Mah-Na/You Tried to Warn Me; Musicor/Ariel AR-500 (hit version of "Mah-Na-Mah-Na" not on LP)
7Uncredited: Thematic Music/Thematic Music --7" 45--; Robert Hall Audition Record (Moog w/Christmas, mod, Brasil)

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