Hapa-Haole Hawaiian & Hula Jazz

Hundreds of famous mainland singers, actors, pop singers, guitarists, and many others made Hawaiian albums. These are the blue-eyed Hawaiians, the haoles (caucasians) and other malihinis (newcomers). Some, such as Jon Hall, Marty Robbins, and Roy Smeck, made reverent, artful recordings on a par with the best of authentic Hawaiian music. Many other hapa-haole or hapa-Hawaiian (halfway Hawaiian) records are at least good curiosities. The European version of Hawaiian music (generally pop with a heavy dependence on steel guitar) is both fairly respectable and definitely a different animal.

Some of the following records could pass for those of kamaainas (natives). And, some on the "authentic" list actually are mainlanders passing for Hawaiians. But birthplace does not matter, only the spirit of aloha. Hawaiian music can be "so bad it's good," too. Belgium's The Waikikis had a worldwide smash with their crazed, Farfisa-organ-led "Hawaii Tattoo." But Hawaii's own Society of Seven, a long-haired, oldies-revival band, was even cheesier.

Hula jazz (like hula rock) is a fascinating hybrid. On antique recordings (78 era) as well as modern, sometimes you find the odd track or several in the jazz idiom (but with steel or uke or other Hawaiian elements). Both authentic and inauthentic groups made this kind of record. Even mainstream jazz groups were known to tackle "Hawaiian War Chant" (the "Caravan" of Hawaiian tunes).

Hapa-Haole Hawaiian LPs

8Annette: Hawaiiannette; Buena Vista BV-3303; 1960
8Georgie Auld & his Hula-gans: Hawaii on the Rocks; Jaro JAS-8003 (Hawaii rock; J. Arthur Rank's label)
6Big Ben Hawaiian Band: On the Beach at Waikiki; EMI/Drum 8055; 1969/1963 (Australian press of UK schlock by Norrie Paramor)
Big Ben Hawaiian Band: Hawaiian Styled; EMI Studio 2 TWO-205
6Big Ben Hawaiian Band: Blue Hawaiian Skies; Fiesta FLPS-1763 (US import of UK group)
6Teresa Brewer w/Dick Jacobs: Aloha from Teresa; Coral 757374
-Jerry Byrd -- see Odd Pop/steel guitar
6Jo Ann Castle: Hawaiian Ragtime; Dot DLP-25635
6Phil Corso & the Maui Islanders: Weekend in Hawaii; Glo GLP-656 (steel guitar by Connecticut player; w/Irene Kuepo, Jack Wright)
6Bing Crosby: Blue Hawaii; Decca DL-8269
5Charles Bud Dant: The Isle of Enchantment; Coral CRL-757249
6Charles Bud Dant: The 50th State; Coral CRL-757270
6Jack La Forge: Hawaii & I; Purpletone P-715
7George de Fretes & his Royal Hawaiian Minstrels: Aloha Keakua; Omega 333.075 (Dutch steel guitar)
6Connie Francis: Hawaii Connie (w/Herb Ohta, Harold Chang, Mary Mayo, Vincent Bell..); MGM SE-4522
6Arthur Godfrey's Golden Hits; United Artists/Contempo CTS-6900
7The Hawaiian Islanders: Enchantment from Hawaii; Cameo SC-1035 (w/some Tahitian tunes, a Ted Auletta original, & a hula-jazz treatment of "On the Beach at Waikiki")
5The Hawaiian Troubadors: Hawaiian Memories; Mercury MG-20217 (French recording of 14 standard instrumentals--steel-guitar plus celeste)
6Basil Henriques & the Waikiki Islanders: Shades of Hawaii; EMI Studio 2 TWO-177; 1967
7Harry Hougass[ian]: Guitare Hawaiienne; DOM 2008 (Hawaii/steel/Tahiti/exotic rock; 2-LP; France)
5Burl Ives: On the Beach at Waikiki; Decca DL-74668
Merrell Fankhauser [& the Maui Band] -- see Odd Pop/psyche
5Oono Kalana & the Troubadores: 15 Hawaiian Favorites; Scrapbook 4882; 1978 (organ & steel instrumentals)
7Patty Kanuha: The Spirit of Christmas with--Me oe mau aku ke aloha; R.P. Kanuha RPK-1001
6William Kealoha: Hawaiian Luau; Roulette SR-25066 (partly Hula jazz)
7Hawaii's Own David Kelii--The Supreme Genius of the Steel Guitar; Maple MA-1004 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 4"; arrangements & notes by Jerry Byrd; guest vocal Nina Kealiiwahamana)
5The Kilima Hawaiians: Farewell Hawaii; Columbia CS-9086
7The King Sisters: Aloha; Capitol T-808 (with Alvino Rey)
6The Leilani Beach Group: Heavenly Hawaii; Polydor 2489.534; 1973 (U.K. or other European)
3The Mills Bros.: Great Hawaiian Hits; Dot DLP-25368
5Les Paul & Mary Ford: Lovers' Luau; Columbia CS-8086
5Alvino Rey: As I Remember Hawaii; Dot DLP-3448
6Marty Robbins: Song of the Islands; Columbia CL-1087
6Marty Robbins: Hawaii's Calling Me; Columbia CS-2040
Joe Maize & his Cordsmen: Hawaiian Dreams; Decca DL-78817
7Joe Maize & his Cordsmen: Isle of Dreams: Instrumental Favorites of Hawaii; Decca DL-74555
6Pacific Serenaders: Hits from Hawaii; Haddon/Gold Award GA-11 (standard/budget-label steel-guitar instrumentals; D.L. Miller)
7Coy Pereira with the Kilima Hawaiians; Maple MA-1009; 1981 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 9")
6Bill Sevesi & his Islanders: Song of Old Hawaii; Viking (Fiesta FLPS-1800)
Roy Smeck -- see Odd Pop/steel guitar
6Hank Snow: Snow in Hawaii; RCA Victor LSP-3737; 1967 (produced by Chet Atkins; notable for Rex Allen's "Hawaiian Cowboy" song)
Wout Steenhuis -- see Odd Pop/steel guitar
4Art & Dotty Todd: Hawaii is Waiting for You; Reprise R-6152
7Ken Ufton & his Harmony Hawaiians with Ohulani & the Crosstowners: Maui Magic; Maple MA-1000 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 1" -- number later listed as MA-1001)
6The Waikiki Beach Boys: South Sea Island Magic; EMI/MFP 1080; 1966 (steel guitar)
6The Waikiki Beach Boys: Hawaiian Wedding Song; EMI/MFP 5217
The Waikiki Beach Boys: Hawaii; EMI Studio 2 (steel guitar)
7The Waikiki Beach Boys: Breeze of Hawaii; EMI (Fiesta FLPS-1629)
The Waikiki Beach Boys: Aloha Hawaii; EMI (Fiesta FLPS-1623)
6The Waikiki Beach Boys: Songs of the Islands; Fiesta FLPS-1734 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
7The Waikikis: Hawaii Tattoo; UK/Pye GGL-0198 (in US as Kapp KS-3366)
The Waikikis: Christmas in Hawaii; Pye GGL-0296 ("White Christmas" is the only Christmas tune!)
5The Waikikis: Hawaii Beach Party; Pye NPL-28060 (Kapp KS-3437)
6The Waikikis: Merry Christmas in Hawaii; Pye NPL-28063 (Kapp KS-3444)
The Waikikis: Hawaii Honeymoon; Kapp
6The Waikikis: A Taste of Hawaii; Pye NPL-28081; 1966 (Kapp KS-3484)
6The Waikikis: Lollipops & Roses from Hawaii; Pye NPL-28072 (Kapp KS-3473)
5The Waikikis: Pearly Shells from Hawaii; Kapp KS-3555
5The Waikikis: Midnight Luau; Kapp KS-3575
5The Waikikis: Moonlight on Diamond Head; Kapp KS-3593 (Palette series)
Rudy Wairata & his Mena Moeria Minstrels: The Mena Moeria Minstrels; Gemini GM-2020 (UK; steel guitar)
Rudy Wairata & his Mena Moeria Minstrels: Waikiki Welcome; Gemini GMX-5036 (UK)
9Rudy Wairata & his Mena Moeria Minstrels: Beautiful Hawaii; 1962; Gemini GM-2023 (UK)
7Rudy Wairata with his Mena Moeria Minstrels: Lovely Hula Girl; Maple MA-1003 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 3")
6Daphne Walker/George Tumahai/Bill Sevesi & his Islanders: Sea Breeze; Viking (Fiesta FLPS-1722)
7Bill Wolfgramme & his Islanders: Hawaiian Wedding Song; Fiesta FLPS-1657 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
6Bill Wolfgramme & his Islanders: Hawaiian Sunset; Fiesta FLPS-1687 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
6Bill Wolfgramme & his Islanders: Sounds of Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1701 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
5Bill Wolfgramme & his Islanders/Daphne Walker: Melodies from Maoriland in South Pacific; 49th State LP-3419
8Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: Polynesian Love Song; Fiesta FLPS-1782 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
6Nani Wolfgramme & the South Pacific Strings: Hawaiian Cocktail; Fiesta FLPS-1886; 1980 (US import from New Zealand's Viking)
Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: 20 Golden Hits of Hawaii; Monitor MFS-804 (probably from New Zealand's Viking)
Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: The Sound of Hawaii; Monitor MFS-819 (probably from New Zealand's Viking)
8Nani Wolfgramm & his Islanders: Polynesian Girl; Monitor MFS-826; 1986 (probably from New Zealand's Viking)
6George Wyle Orchestra & Chorus: Hawaiian Holiday; Imperial LP-9109 (notable for Matson Lines jacket photo, rarity, & effects)
5Billy Ward: Pagan Love Song; Liberty LST-7113
7Speedy West: West of Hawaii; Capitol T-956 (steel guitar/Hawaiian; w/Sam Koki & the Seven Seas Serenaders, featuring Sylvia Zara)
5George Wyle Orchestra & Chorus: Hawaiian Holiday; Imperial LP-9109 (notable for Matson Lines jacket photo, rarity, & a couple of spoken intros/effects)

Partly Haole-Hawaiian LPs

6The Bonaires: Polynesian Sunset; Dot DLP-25585 (vocal group similar to the Invitations, w/orch. led by Sam Kaapuni)
6Grace Chang: Hong Kong's Grace Chang; Capitol [of the World] T-10272 ("A Night at Sea")
8Charlie Cline: Country Dobro; Adelphi AD-2001; 1974 (guitar/country funk-rock "Memphis Dobro"; hip, funky, breakbeat; "Hawaiian Guitar Blues")
8Tony Crombie: Man from Interpol--Soundtrak from the NBC-TV Series; Top Rank RM-327 (partly Latin jazz, bongo bop, exotica, Hawaiian)
7The Dew Drops w/Stuart Foster & Fifi Barton: Rain; 20th Fox SFX-3028 ("Legend of the Rain")
7Duane Eddy: $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Vol. 2; Jamie JLP-70-3021 ("Gidget Goes Hawaiian")
4Bill Haley & his Comets: Rockin'; MCA/Coral CB-20015 ("Me Rock a Hula")
9Dean Hightower: Guitar Twangy--with a Beat; ABC-Paramount ABCS-312 (heavy contributions by George Barnes; "Hawaiian Hop")
4Kenyon Hopkins: Sound Tour--Hawaii; Verve V6-50003
7Lew Howard & the "All Stars": America '76 Parts 1 & 2; Bosworth BLP-141; 1975 (production/funk/Moog funk/exotic funk; "Hula Rock"--funk!: final cut by the Gary Pacific Group)
8Eddie Kamae Presents The Sons of Hawaii; Hawaii Sons 3003; 1977 (Hawaiian jazz: "She's So Sad & Blue")
8Dorothy Lamour with Dick McIntyre & his Harmony Hawaiians: A Collection of Famous Hawaiian Songs 10"; Decca DL-5115
5Dorothy Lamour: The Road to Romance; Design DLP-45
6Glenn Osser: In My Merry Oldsmobile; Dajon DJ-88-98 (commerce/jazz/Latin/bagpipes/dance rock/Hawaiian/themes; 26 versions of the title tune)
8Lyle Ritz: How About Uke?; Verve MGV-2087 (jazz ukulele; Don Shelton flute, Gene Estes drums, Red Mitchell bass)
8Lyle Ritz & his Jazz Ukulele: 50th State Jazz; Verve MG-V-8333
Marty Robbins: Don't Let Me Touch You; Columbia KC-35040; 1977 ("Harbor Lights" at least)
6Mike "Malihini" Scott: Blue Blue Islands; Maple MA-1006 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 6"; partly Hawaiian jazz)
7Axel Stordahl & Orchestra: Guitars Around the World; Decca DL-74337 ("Lovely Hula Hands"; with Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Laurindo Almeida, Fred Tavares, Allan Reuss)
6Axel Stordahl & Gene Rains: The Magic Islands Revisited; Decca DL-79096
6Irving Taylor: The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills; Warner Bros. WS-1254; 1959 ("Hawaiian Worm Raiser")
6Irving Taylor: The Whimsical World of; Warner Bros. WS-1352; 1959 (compilation, "Hawaiian Worm Raiser")
Don Tiare: Strings Over the South Seas; Dot DLP-12483
7Ernie Warren & the Hula Rhythm Boys: A Latin from Manhattan in Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1248 (w/Hal Aloma, Sam Makia..)
7Speedy West: West of Hawaii; Capitol T-956 (w/Sam Koki & the Seven Seas Serenaders, featuring Sylvia Zara)
7Little Roy Wiggins: The Fabulous Steel Guitar Artistry of Little Roy Wiggins; Starday SLP-259 (Hawaiian songs!)
7Warner Bros. Stars: We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Warner Brothers WS-1337 (Poncie Ponce: "Mele Kalikimaka")
7Uncredited: Japan Song 10"; [no label] J-102 ("Aloha Boogie"; "'A Night of China' & other G.I. Favorite Songs"
9Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth; Barked 1; 1996 (production; "Hula Rock")

[Haole-]Hawaiian 45s

8Andy Cummings & his Hawaiian Serenaders: My Waikiki Girl/I'm a [Down-Hearted] Tahitian Cowboy; Decca 9-29773
6Reg Owen & his Orchestra: The Hula Twist/Swing-A-Ling-Ling; Palette PZ-5086 (steel guitar)
6Various: Columbi EP AE7-1151; 1977 (promo w/Marty Robbins: "Harbor Lights")

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