Jazz Espagnole

Alegre LPA-802; 1960

Intro - :25
(Gem; Sabu)
The Oracle - 4:47
(Descarga; Louie Ramirez)
Remember Carmen - 4:42
(Samba; Louie Ramirez)
Delilah - 4:15
(Afro; Victor Young)
Breakin' it in - 4:07
(Descarga; Marty Sheller)
Flipping - :21
(Gem; Sabu)

Otra Vez - :18
(Gem; Sabu)
Flamenco Ain't Bad - 4:17
(Son Montuno; Louie Ramirez)
Woody'n You - 4:57
(Descarga; Dizzy Gillespie)
Enchantment - 4:15
(Bolero Cha Cha Cha; Horace Silver)
Nica's Dream - 6:28
(Mambo Ninigo; Horace Silver)
Coda - :15
(Gem; Sabu)

Quite apart from the fact that it is difficult, if not impossible to please everyone, the music contained in this LP will not be appreciated by some. This, due to the mild controversy existing over the adaptation of Latin rhythms to jazz. Up to now, we have seen many attempts in this direction with some good ... and many unfortunate results. To this controversy Sabu Martinez brings his own solution, i.e., not adapting Latin rhythms to jazz or vice versa, but allowing each to retain its individual form. The results, as this LP illustrates, is a parallel flow of musical ideas, at times fusing and at others providing exciting divergent patterns.

Sabu is well schooled to accomplish his goal, having an extensive background in both the Latin and jazz idioms. He has contributed his talents to such big Latin bands as Noro Morales, Miguelito Valdes and the Lecuona Cuban Boys. His deep comprehension of jazz was gained through his association with Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, and the late Charlie Parker.

Sabu's reply, when questioned about his objective in presenting JAZZ-ESPAGNOLE to the public was, "... to play the music that I like and know best; with the hope that it will also be enjoyed by the public."

We trust that you feel, as we do, that this goal he has definitely achieved.


Sabu Martinez: leader, conga
Louie Ramirez: percussion
Ernie Newsum: percussion
Marty Sheller: trumpet
Bobby Porcelli: alto sax
Arty Jenkins: piano
Bill Salter: bass

Produced by Al Santiago

Notes: Tom Rosado
Cover: Israel Sanabria
Jacket: Belair
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