Afro Temple

Grammofonverket EFG-7341; 1973

Martin Cohen Loves Latin Percussion
Wounded Knee
Afro Temple
All Camels Hump

Hotel Alyssa-Sousse, Tunisia
Para Ti, Tito Rodriquez
My Son Johnny and Me
My Christina

All compositions Sabu Martinez; "Wounded Knee": Sabu and Red Mitchell

How come Sabu Martinez lives in Sweden? Oh, you know, old story, chick named Lill Lindfors sent for him from Puerto Rico where he was doing the Big Show, saying, Sabu darling how about you coming to Sweden and help me with a new show? Because I am in a desperate need of a Conga player.

So sweet Sabu what shall I do?

Now you know! Sabu can't see no women suffer. Never could! So he packed his suitcase and took a flight to Sweden and now he's here.

Sabu Martinez was born in Harlem and is a Puerto Rican and very proud of it.

He has been in Sweden for 6 years now. He has married a Swedish girl from Dalarma and that's actually where he lives right now. Country life and all that. He has started a Conga school in the town where he's living. You can hear him and his pupils on this record together with Red Mitchell and two Swedish jazzmen named Bernt Rosengren and Christer Boustedt.

This record is an all-drum record. That's Sabu; he's crazy about those drums of his. I gather you can hear that.

He's a great conga brother Sabu Martinez. Best there is, says: Cornelis Vreesijk


Stephen Moller - drums
Ali Lundbohm - drums
Johnny Martinez - congas
Per Arne Almeflo - congas
Bo Osten Svensson - congas
Conny Lundstrom - congas
Peter Perlowsky - extra percussion
Margarita Martinez - added chorus
Christina Martinez - added chorus
Bernt Rosengren - tenor sax, piccolo flute
Christer Boustedt - alto sax, flute
Red Mitchell - bass
Sabu Martinez - bongos, congas, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong, all sound and percussion effects
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