Thai (Siamese) Music

As in most countries, the heart of Thai music and culture is in the north. The city of Chiang Mai (or Chieng Mai) is a melting pot of Indian, Chinese, Khmer, Mon, and other influences. Traditional music can be heard in the night market, where troups of adults and children perform for tourists. The Piphat orchestra, similar to gamelan, is a highly percussive, gong and metallphone ensemble tied to rustic theatre. And further south in Bangkok you can find everything from ceremonial music to pop blends.

Buying: LPs of Thai music are scarce but diverse. Presumably many more recordings should have been released. The classic Thai pop LP is by Sondi Sodsai.

Thai/Siamese LPs

9Caravan: Thailand--Songs for Life; Paredon P-1042; 1978
7The Duriyapraneet Ensemble: Authentic Thailand; Gema/Sonoton SAS-008 (production/Thai)
7Sondi Sodsai & Hal Johnson: Sondi; Liberty LST-7110 (prod. Martin Denny, party covers Les Baxter & Denny songs)
7Christobel Weerasinghe: Thailand--Its Music & its People; Desto D-502 (narrated UNICEF guide)
7Unesco Collection Musical Atlas: Thailand--The Music of Chien Mai; EMI/Odeon 3C-064-18080; 1975/1971
8Unknown [Thai]; Somchai SPC-3016 (Thai rock; English songs "San Francisco," "Shake Baby Shake," "This is My Song")
8Uncredited/Various: Thailand--Lao Music of the Northeast; Lyrichord LLST-7357; 1973-74 (includes mouth organ & jaw harp)
9Various: Drums of Thailand; Folkways FE-4215; 1974 (compiled by Princess Chumbot of Nagor Svarga)
7Various: Music of Thailand; Folkways FE-4463; 1960 (rec. by Howard K. Kaufman)

Partly Thai/Siamese LPs

6Leopoldo Silos: Toragee--The Romantic Music of Asia; CBS/Epic LF-18042; 1966 (exotica/Japan/Korea/Philippines/China/Thailand/Malaysia/strings)

Thai/Siamese EPs & 45s

7The Isn't: The Isn't '78 [EP]; Apples SRT-106 (Thailand/exotic rock; 4 songs; covers the Beatles' "Love Me Do" in Thai!)
8[untranslated Thai picture-sleeve EP] [possibly Johnny Guitar]; Rosana [no #] (Thailand/exotic rock/psyche; Sad Chatree, Jawa, Pama Ramkwan, Toen Borates)
8[untranslated Thai picture-sleeve EP]: Johnny Guitar; Rosana [no #] (Thailand/exotic rock/psyche; Sie Noul, Mon Kla, Supamahong, Nang Nak)
8[untranslated Thai picture-sleeve EP]: Johnny Guitar; Lucky Bamboo PE-251 (Thailand/exotic rock/psyche; 4 instrumentals)
7[untranslated Thai picture-sleeve EP]: [Elvis impersonator]; MK-444 (Thailand/exotic rock; Thai covers of Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Crying in the Chapel, Blueberry Hill!)

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