Soul Jazz Horns

"Horns" means the brass family as well as the extended family: woodwinds. Many horn players double on flute, clarinet, and even bagpipes, so it is pointless to draw severe lines. Part of the reason for this is the natural attraction of trumpets and saxophones, particularly, and the surplus of talented players. The instruments are relatively easy to buy, maintain, and transport, and they have no trouble making themselves heard. Another consideration is marching bands, from high school to the military, which tend to glorify the brass.

In jazz the horns, like the bird elsewhere, represent freedom; freedom is the essence of jazz. While keyboards and stringed instruments tend to have greater ranges of expression (and more easily double as percussion), brass provides the blastoff, the soar, and the dive. The lead horn is a telegram for the artistic statement. Additionally, horns work ensemble (i.e., a horn "section") to provide mid-range ballast and melodic impact. 1960s dance music, the mod sound, depends on brass as its core. Finally, in either case, lead or chorus, the horns substitute for vocals. Most soul jazz is instrumental, after all.

Jazz has long killed itself with internal squabbling and deification of one star at the expense of others. Miles Davis may have been the greatest trumpeter, but Blue Mitchell's funkier records are better for DJs. The Blackbyrds go over better than Ornette Coleman in a club. Then there is Yusef Lateef, whose oriental exoticism makes "out" not only palatable but beautiful. Somewhere in between soul jazz and straight-ahead jazz or bop lie Hank Mobley and others.

Buying: Great soul jazz LPs with horn(s) as the lead are the opposite of soul-jazz organ LPs: difficult to find. Many of the most prolific, top names have been comped and reissued repeatedly, however.

Soul-Jazz Horns LPs

8The Cannonball Adderley Quintet: Accent on Africa; Capitol ST-2987
7Cannonball Adderley Presents Love, Sex, & the Zodiac; Fantasy F-9445; 1972 (partly spoken)
8Cannonball Adderley Presents Soul Zodiac, Written & Narrated by Rick Holmes, The Nat Adderley Sextet; Capitol SVBB-11025; 1972 (2-LP; partly spoken; red-label early pressings)
8Cannonball Adderley Presents Soul of the Bible; Capitol SABB-11120; 1972 (2-LP; partly spoken)
7The Cannonball Adderley Quintet: Happy People; Capitol ST-11121; 1972 (free/out/Brasilian; prod. David Axelrod; w/Airto, Flora Purim, George Duke, King Errison, David T. Walker, Olga James..)
8The Cannonball Adderley Quintet: Pyramid; Fantasy F-79455; 1974
7Cannonball Adderley: Phoenix; Fantasy F-79004; 1975 (2-LP; hip updates of Capitol hits)
8The Johnny Almond Music Machine [Patent Pending]; London/Deram DES-18030; 1969 (soul jazz-horns)
7Johnny Almond Music Machine: Hollywood Blues; London/Deram DES-18037; 1970 (soul jazz; w/Charles Kynard, Curis Amy, Leonard Feather..)
6Gary Bartz Ntu Troop: Juju Street Songs; Prestige 10057; 1972
7Gary Bartz Ntu Troop: Follow, the Medicine Man; Prestige 10068; 1973/1972-3
7Randy Brecker: Score; Solid State SS-18051 (mod jazz/funky rock)
8George Braith: Musart; Prestige PRST-7515; 1967
8Rusty Bryant Returns; Prestige PRST-7626; 1969 (alto sax; w/Sonny Phillips, Grant Green..)
7Rusty Bryant: Night Train Now; Prestige PRST-7735; 1969
8Rusty Bryant: Fire Eater; Prestige PRST-10014; 1970
7Rusty Bryant: Soul Liberation; Prestige PRST-10028; 1970 (w/Charles Earland, Melvin Sparks..)
7Rusty Bryant: Wildfire; Prestige PRST-10037; 1972
6Rusty Bryant: For the Good Times; Prestige PRST-10073; 1973
6Rusty Bryant: Until It's Time for You to Go; Prestige; 1974 (w/Horace Ott, Wilbur Bascomb, Bernard Purdie..)
6Charlie Chalmers: Sax & the Single Girl; Cadet Chess LPS-1518; 1967 (mod soul/soul jazz; w/Stax-Memphis backup)
7Sonny Cox: The Wailer; Cadet LPS-765; 1966 (w/Cleveland Eaton)
Hank Crawford: More Soul; Atlantic SD-1372
Hank Crawford: The Soul Clinic; Atlantic SD-1372
Hank Crawford: From the Heart; Atlantic SD-1387
Hank Crawford: Soul of the Ballad; Atlantic SD-1405
Hank Crawford: True Blue; Atlantic SD-1423
Hank Crawford: Dig These Blues; Atlantic SD-1436
5Hank Crawford: After Hours; Atlantic SD-1455; 1967
6Donald Byrd: Up; Verve V6-8609; 1964 (w/Claus Ogerman, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Turrentine
Donald Byrd: Profile; Blue Note BST-84022
Donald Byrd: Tender Feelin's; Blue Note BST-84035
7Donald Byrd: A New Perspective; Blue Note BST-84124 (jazz gospel w/voices)
8Donald Byrd: Ethiopian Knights; Blue Note BST-84380; 1972/1971
7Donald Byrd's Best; Blue Note BN-LA700-G; 1976 (compilation)
Lou Donaldson: Signifyin'; Cadet LP-724
Lou Donaldson: Possum Head; Cadet LP-734
6Lou Donaldson: Cole Slaw; Cadet LP-747
7Lou Donaldson: Rough House Blues; Cadet LP-768; 1965/1964 (w/Oliver Nelson)
6Lou Donaldson: Musty Rusty; Argo LP-759; 1965 (w/Grant Green)
6Lou Donaldson: Blowin' in the Wind; Cadet LP-789; 1966
7Lou Donaldson: At his Best; Cadet LP-815; 1966
6Lou Donaldson: Live--Fried Buzzard; GRT/Cadet LPS-842; 1965 (released later, live w/Bill Hardman)
Lou Donaldson: Swing & Soul; Blue Note BLP-1566
7Lou Donaldson: Takes Off; Blue Note ST-81591
8Lou Donaldson: Blues Walk; Blue Note
7Lou Donaldson: LD+3; Blue Note BST-84012
8Lou Donaldson: The Time is Right; Blue Note BST-84025
7Lou Donaldson: Here 'Tis; Blue Note BST-84066
7Lou Donaldson: Gravy Train; Blue Note BST-84079
8Lou Donaldson: The Natural Soul; Blue Note BST-84108
Lou Donaldson: Good Gracious; Blue Note BST-84125
8Lou Donaldson: Alligator Boogaloo; Blue Note BST-84263 (w/Lonnie Smith)
9Lou Donaldson: Mr. Shing-A-Ling; Blue Note BST-84271 (w/Blue Mitchell)
7Lou Donaldson: Midnight Creeper; Blue Note BST-84280; 1968 (Applause APBL-2309
9Lou Donaldson: Say it Loud!; Blue Note BST-84299; 1969 (w/Blue Mitchell, Charles Earland)
7Lou Donaldson: Hot Dog; Blue Note BST-84318; 1969 (w/Melvin Sparks, Charles Earland)
8Lou Donaldson: Everything I Play is Funky; Liberty/Blue Note BST-84337; 1970 (w/Blue Mitchell, Lonnie Smith, Melvin Sparks, Charles Earland)
Lou Donaldson: Pretty Things; Blue Note BST-84359
6Lou Donaldson: Cosmos; Blue Note BST-84370; 1971
7Lou Donaldson: Sassy Soul Strut; UA/Blue Note BN-LA-109-F; 1973 (w/Horace Ott)
7Lou Donaldson: Sweet Lou; UA/Blue Note BN-LA-259-G; 1974 (w/Horace Ott)
7Lou Donaldson: The Scorpion--Live at the Cadillac Club; Capitol/Blue Note B1-7243-8-31876-1-4; 1995/1970 (w/Melvin Sparks; live version of "Alligator Boogaloo")
6Lou Donaldson: Color as a Way of Life; Atlantic/Cotillion SD-9915; 1977
7Don Ellis: Electric Bath; Columbia CS-9585 (mod)
7Don Ellis: Shock Treatment; Columbia CS-9668 (mod)
8Booker Ervin: Exultation!; Prestige PRST-7293; 1963 (PRST-7844; 1970 reissue adds 2 alternates from a 45)
Booker Ervin: The Freedom Book; Prestige PRST-7295; 1963
7Booker Ervin: The Space Book; Prestige PRST-7386; 1965 (out, not soul jazz)
7Leonard Feather: The Night Blooming Jazzmen; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-348 (w/Blue Mitchell, Ernie Watts)
7Wilton Felder: Bullitt; Liberty/World Pacific ST-20152
7The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson: People Get Ready; Atlantic SD-1492; 1967
8The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson: Soul Sound System; Atlantic SD-1512; 1968
7Dizzy Gillespie & the Big Band w/Lalo Schifrin: New Continent; Limelight LM-82022; 1965 (w/Emil Richards, Francisco Aguabella, Frank Rololino..)
6Dizzy Gillespie: Cornucopia; Solid State SS-18061; 1970 (mod)
7Dizzy Gillespie: Dizzy's Big 4; Pablo OJC-443 (2310-719); 1990/1975/1974 (with Ray Brown, Joe Pass, Mickey Roker)
7Dizzy Gillespie Meets the Phil Woods Quintet; Timeless SJP-250; 1987
6Bunky Green: Transformations; Vanguard VSD-79387; 1977 (w/Billy Butler, Bad Bascomb, Clark Terry..)
7Al Grey/Jimmy Forrest: O.D. (Out 'Dere); GreyForrest GF-1001; 1980
->Rufus Harley
7Eddie Harris: Mean Greens; Atlantic SD-1453; 1966
7Eddie Harris: Listen Here; Atlantic SD-1495; 1967
7Eddie Harris: Plug Me In; Atlantic SD-1506; 1968
Eddie Harris: High Voltage; Atlantic SD-1529; 1969
7Woody Herman: The Raven Speaks; Fantasy 9416; 1972 (2 funky cuts)
6Monk Higgins: Extra Soul Perception; Solid State SS-18046; 1969 (great except strings)
6Monk Higgins: Monk Higgins in Mac Arthur Park; ABC Dunhill DS-50036
7Monk Higgins: Little Mama; United Artists UA-LA005-F; 1972
7Johnny Houston: Makin' Bacon is a Family Affair; Passion LP-5001; 1973 (ex James Brown, etc. player; soul jazz/funk/funky rock)
7Willis Jackson: Star Bag; Prestige PRST-7571; 1968 (w/Trudy Pitts, Wild Bill Jennings..)
7Willis Jackson: Swivelhips; Prestige PRST-7602; 1969
7Willis Jackson: Gator's Groove; Prestige PRST-7648; 1969 ("Brother Ray" [Barretto] the mod-soul boogaloo)
7The Jazz Crusaders: Powerhouse; Liberty/World Pacific Jazz ST-20136
8Roland Kirk: Slightly Latin; Philips/Limelight LS-86033/LM-82033; 1966/1965; (exotic/out/bagpipes/mod/Mexicali; w/Montego Joe, Manuel Ramos, Horace Parlan..)
7Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Bright Moments; Atlantic SD-2-907; 1973 (2-LP; live)
7Rahsaan Roland Kirk: The Case of the 3-Sided Dream in Audio Color; Atlantic SD-1674; 1975 (2-LP but 3-sided; w/Pat Patrick)
7Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Kirkatron; Warner Bros. BS-2982; 1977 (partly live; features the Lyricon; w/Trudy Pitts, Billy Butler, Hilton Ruiz, Steve Turre..)
8Yusef Lateef: Eastern Sounds; Prestige PR-7319; 1961 (Bill Evans)
8Yusef Lateef Quintet: Other Sounds; Prestige/New Jazz 8218 (Expressions; Prestige PR-7658)
7Yusef Lateef: Cry! Tender; Prestige/New Jazz 8234 (Prestige PR-7748)
6Yusef Lateef: Into Something; Prestige/New Jazz 8272 (Prestige PR-7637)
Yusef Lateef: Jazz Around the World; ABC/Impulse AS-56; 1963
Yusef Lateef: Live at Pep's; ABC/Impulse AS-69; 1964
Yusef Lateef: 1984; ABC/Impulse AS-84; 1965
Yusef Lateef: Psychicemotus; ABC/Impulse AS-92; 1965
Yusef Lateef: A Flat, G Flat, & C; ABC/Impulse AS-9117; 1966
6Yusef Lateef: The Golden Flute; ABC/Impulse AS-9125; 1966
8Yusef Lateef: The Blue Yusef Lateef; Atlantic SD-1508; 1968
6Yusef Lateef's Detroit--Latitude 42 30' Longitude 83; Atlantic SD-1525; 1969
6Yusef Lateef: The Gentle Giant; Atlantic SD-1602; 1972
8Yusef Lateef; Prestige PR-24007 (2-LP compilation)
8Yusef Lateef: Reevaluations--The Impulse Years; ABC/Impulse AS-9259-2 (2-LP compilation)
4Yusef Lateef: In a Temple Garden; CTI 7088; 1979
7Arnie Lawrence, his Saxophone, & Strings: You're Gonna Hear from Me; Project 3 PR-5011-SD; 1966 (mod/exotic w/quica)
8Arnie Lawrence: Look Toward a Dream; Project 3 PR-5028-SD; 1968 (w/Larry Coryell)
7Dave Liebman: Drum Ode; ECM 1046-ST; 1975/1974 (w/Patato Valdez..; soul-jazz horns/drums/Indo-jazz)
8Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q; Kent KST-540 (w/Shuggie Otis)
8Duke Lumumba: Jungle Funk; Capitol ST-284 (soul-jazz horns/Afro-jazz)
7LVC Jazz Band: Unreel; Trutone LP-5205011979 (Lebanon Valley College, NJ-PA; school-stage band/soul-jazz horns/funk)
6Hugh Masekela's Latest; MCA/Uni 73010/3010 (w/Emil Richards, Big Black, Wayne Henderson, Red Mitchell, Roy Gaines, Barney Kessel..)
Hugh Masekela: Alive & Well at the Whisky; MCA/Uni 73015
6Hugh Masekela: The Promise of a Future; MCA/Uni 73028
5Hugh Masekela: Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz; Blue Thumb BTS-62; 1973
7Jackie McClean & Gary Bartz: Ode to Super; SteepleChase SCS-1009; 1973 (Denmark)
6Charles McPherson; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-329; 1971
8Blue Mitchell: The Thing to Do; Blue Note BST-84178
7The Blue Mitchell Quintet: Down With It!; Blue Note BST-84214
7Blue Mitchell: Bring it Home to Me; Blue Note BST-84228
8Blue Mitchell: Collision in Black; Blue Note BST-84300; 1969 (arr. Monk Higgins)
9Blue Mitchell: Bantu Village; Blue Note BST-84324; 1969 (comp./arr. Monk Higgins)
8Blue Mitchell; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-315; 1971
8Blue Mitchell: Graffiti Blues; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-400; 1973
8Blue Mitchell: Many Shades of Blue; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-402; 1974
8Blue Mitchell/Charles Kynard/Roy Haynes/Charles Williams: Booty; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-413; 1974
Hank Mobley Sextet; Blue Note BLP-1540
Hank Mobley All Stars [Reunion]; Blue Note BLP-1544
Hank Mobley Quintet [Funk in Deep Freeze]; Blue Note BLP-1550
Hank Mobley: Hank; Blue Note BLP-1560
Hank Mobley: Peckin' Time; Blue Note BST-81574; 1958
Hank Mobley: Soul Station; Blue Note BST-84031
Hank Mobley: Roll Call; Blue Note BST-84058
Hank Mobley: Workout; Blue Note BST-84080
7Hank Mobley: No Room for Squares; Blue Note BST-84149
7Hank Mobley: The Turnaround!; Blue Note BST-84186
7Hank Mobley: Dippin'; Blue Note BST-84209
Hank Mobley: A Caddy for Daddy; Blue Note BST-84230
8Hank Mobley: Hi Voltage; Blue Note BST-84273
7Hank Mobley: The Flip; Blue Note BST-84329; 1969
7James Moody: Don't Look Away Now!; Prestige PRST-7625; 1969 (w/Eddie Jefferson)
7James Moody: Sax & Flute Man; Paula LPS-4003; 1973
Lee Morgan: Delightfullee; Blue Note BST-84243
7Lee Morgan: The Gigolo; Blue Note BST-84212
7Jesse Morrison: The Versatility of Jesse Morrison; Abet 408; 1975 (ex-Jimmy McGriff group from NJ; soul-jazz tenor, funk, moog funk)
8Oliver Nelson: Skull Session; Flying Dutchman BDL1-0825; 1975 (horns/Moog)
8The NORAD Commanders: Ballads & Brass ("Hot Pants" cover & more!)
7Houston Person: Underground Soul; Prestige PRST-7491; 1966 (tenor sax)
6Houston Person: Chocomotive; Prestige PRST-7517; 1967
7Houston Person: Trust in Me; Prestige PRST-7548; 1968
6Houston Person: Blue Odyssey; Prestige PRST-7566; 1968
7Houston Person: Soul Dance; Prestige PRST-7621; 1969 (w/Boogaloo Joe Jones)
8Houston Person: Goodness!; Prestige PRST-7678; 1969 (w/Sonny Phillips, Billy Butler)
7Houston Person: Truth!; Prestige PRST-7767; 1970
8Houston Person: The Best of Houston Person; Prestige PRST-7779 (compilation; 1 cut each from 1st 6 LPs!)
7Houston Person: The Houston Express; Prestige PRST-10017; 1971 (arranged and conducted by Horace Ott)
5Houston Person: Broken Windows, Empty Hallways; Prestige PRT-10044; 1972
8Houston Person: Sweet Buns & Barbeque; Prestige PRT-10075; 1973/1972
8Houston Person: The Real Thing; Eastbound 2EB-9010; 1973 (2-LP; live)
6Houston Person: Houston Person '75; Westbound WESTBW-205; 1975
5Houston Person: Get Outa My Way; Westbound WESTBW-213; 1975
Pryde: Pipe Dreams; Polydor 2384-086; 1976 (bagpipes)
8Phil Ranelin: Vibes from the Tribe; Tribe TRCD-4008; 1976/1975 (soul-jazz horns/spiritual soul jazz/Indo-jazz;; Hefty; 2001)
7Buddy Rich: The Roar of '74; Groove Merchant GM-528; 1974/1973 (12-piece horn section; NOT your typical Buddy Rich record)
9Charles Rouse: Two is One; Strata-East SES-19746; 1974
8San Francisco Express: Getting It Together by; Reynolds PR-712; 1979
7Shirley Scott & the Soul Saxes (King Curtis, Hank Crawford, David Newman; Atlantic SD-1532; 1969 (arr./cond. Marty Sheller)
8Gene Shaw Sextet: Carnival Sketches; Argo LP-743; 1964
8Jack Sheldon: Out!; Capitol [Dimensions in Jazz] ST-1851; 1962 (soul-jazz horns/beatnik/guitar)
7The Eddie Stack Quartet; Demco DRS-1002
7Sonny Stitt: Shangri-La; Prestige PRST-7332; 1964 (w/Don Patterson)
7Sonny Stitt: Stomp Off Let's Go; Flying Dutchman BDL1-1538; 1976
8Hal Singer: Paris Soul Food; Polydor [France] (King KSD-1075)
6Buddy Terry: Electric Soul!; Prestige PRST-7525; 1967
6Buddy Terry: Natural Soul; Prestige PRST-7541; 1968 (w/Larry Young, Wally Richardson, Joe Thomas..)
6Buddy Terry: Awareness; Mainstream/Red Lion MRL-336
8Fats Theus: Black Out; CTI 1005; 1970 (w/Grant Green; Eddie Moore plays saw on "Bed of Nails")
7The Three Souls: Dangerous Dan Express; Cadet/Argo LPS-4036; 1964 (w/Sonny Cox)
8The Three Souls: Soul Sounds; Cadet/Argo LP-4044; 1965 (w/Sonny Cox; note: "Black Nile" may be titled "Astronaut" on disc label)
8Chester Thompson: Powerhouse; Black Jazz
5Stanley Turrentine: Always Something There; Blue Note BST-84298
8Stanley Turrentine: Common Touch; Blue Note BST-84315; 1969/1968
7Jiggs Whigham: Values; MPS 21-20883-4; 1971
5Tommy Wills: [Soulful Moods of] Man with a Horn; Airtown/Terry-Gregory TG-1005
7Gerald Wilson: Feelin' Kinda Blues; Pacific Jazz ST-20099

Partly Soul-Jazz Horns LPs

8The Dynatones: The Fife Piper; Hanna-Barbera HST-9509/HLP-8509; 1966 (soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/mod soul)
8Felix Morton: Big & Brassy/Peter Gordon: Light & Easy; Bosworth BLP-140; 1975 (soul-jazz horns, mod funk, mexicali)
7Oliver Nelson: Skull Session; Flying Dutchman BDL1-0825; 1975 (space funk/mod funk/soul-jazz horns/Moog funk)
8Various: [Black Power Presents:] Suono Libero--A Trip Through Obscure '70s Jazz-Funk Tracks from Italian Music Library (sic); IRMA/La Douce 806; 1997/1968-84 (funk/soul-jazz organ/soul-jazz vibes/soul-jazz piano/soul-jazz flute/soul-jazz horns/soul-jazz conga/Brasil)

Partly Soul-Jazz Bagpipes LPs

6Roberto Leydi (rec.): African Rhythms & Instruments Vol. 3; Albatros; 1969 (live at Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria; Lyrichord LLST-7339; features the African bagpipe-equivalent)
6Glenn Osser: In My Merry Oldsmobile; Dajon DJ-88-98 (commerce/jazz/Latin/bagpipes/dance rock/Hawaiian/themes; 26 versions of the title tune)

Soul-Jazz Horns 45s

6Sonny Cox: Chocolate Candy/The Choking Kind; Bell B-790
7Eddie Harris: Movin' On Out/Funky Doo; Atlantic (from High Voltage LP)
8Monk Higgins: Who-Dun-It?/These Days Are Filled with You; St. Lawrence 1013 (funky A-side)
8Monk Higgins: What Fah/Ceatrix Did It; St. Lawrence 1022 (B-side earlier version of "Diggin' in the Dirt")
8Monk Higgins: Arkansas Yard Bird/I'll Still Be There; Sundi 317
8Monk Higgins & the Satellites: Mister Luckee/Ain't that Hateful; Satellite 2010
7Monk Higgins & the Specialties: Big Water Bed/Gotta Be Funky; United Artists 50897; 1972 (from "Heavyweight" LP)
8Terumasa Hino Quintet: Snake Hip/Hakuchu No Shugeki Theme; Columbia LL-10111-J (Japan; picture sleeve)
8Jesse Morrison: Loving You/Shakey Pudding; Abet 9462; 1975 (B-side with synth; both on LP Abet 408)
7Specialties Unltd: You Save'd Me (sic)/Hold on to Your Man; Sack 709 (Monk Higgins w/female vocalists)
8The Three Souls featuring Sonny Cox: You're No Good/Chittlins Con Carne; Chess/Argo 5514; 1965 (also on rare Soul Sounds LP)
6Lonnie Youngblood: All Platinum/Turbo 29; 1972

Soul-Jazz Bagpipes 45s

8Ernie Fields, Jr.: Watch Your Step/Funky Pipes; Kent KS-4554 (flute/bagpipes)
8Pryde: The Funky Beggarman/The Green Hills; Polydor 2058-793; 1976 (from "Pipe Dreams" LP)
8Gary Sherman: The Journey/Wee Gary & his Piper Cubs: Bagpipe Bomp; London XAM-4501V (guitar/bagpipes)

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