John Keating's Space Experience

Just as science fiction in film and literature matured rapidly during the Space Age, so did space-themed music. Movie soundtracks of the 1960s, such as Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still, prompted wider use of the theremin and other electronic instruments and sounds. Nearly all of the great space albums emerged in this period: works by the Electrosoniks (the first modern, best, and hippest of all electronic/pop-space artists), Frank Comstock, and John Keating. Richard Marino and Dick Hyman with Mary Mayo developed use of the abstract, ethereal, female vocals previously associated with terrestrial exotica. Even our man in Bermuda, Stan Seymour, had something to say about "Woman in Space."

With the exception of quadrophonic sound, musical space was conquered by the early 1970s. John Keating's glorious Space Experience revels in its post-2001 knowledge of space, synthesizers, and mankind. Carole King's "I Feel the Earth Move" launches a blast through the stratosphere. Other, equally unlikely hits are combusted in tandem with such spectacular compositions as "The Unknown Planet" and "Space Agent." This is the final frontier on the pop side. In "out" jazz, Sun Ra's incredible Space is the Place on Blue Thumb is the sound of space madness, while Jack McDuff's Moon Rappin' is a space-themed, soul-jazz groover. Space is also the place in Freddie McCoy's cover of "Light My Fire."

The "sounds of space" have even been harnessed naturally on earth rather than recorded on location or invented using machines. The "Wind Harp" is a homemade instrument about 20' tall constructed by hippies and recorded in the early 1970s. The colossal sculpture yields the absolute eeriest sounds (scarier even than horror and space music performed on synthesizer) and is featured on a wonderfully terrifying double album.

Buying: The best space LPs are from the hipper mid-1960s-and-later period. Production (sound-library) LPs are a great source for more of the same sounds.

Space--Electronic & Electronica LPs

8Forrest J. Ackerman Presents Music for Robots; Science Fiction MFR-1001A (Side 1 spoken by the science-fiction/horror impressario; Side 2 original space-electronica by Frank Coe)
8Jon Appleton: Appleton Syntonic Menagerie; Flying Dutchman FDS-103; 1969 (avant-garde/out but w/pop interest/elements)
6Louis & Bebe Barron: Forbidden Planet ST; MGM (Planet PR-001); 1956
7Frank Comstock: Project Comstock--Music from Outer Space; Warner Bros. WS-1463; 1962 (orchestral w/theremin)
9The Electrosoniks: Electronic Music; Philips PHS-600-047 (The Sonic Vibrations of Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan: Song of the Second Moon; Limelight LS-86050)
9[The Electrosoniks] Tom Dissevelt: Fantasy in Orbit; Philips PHS-600-189/PHM 200-189
7Felice Fucazza con Fabio Fabor: MegaMoog; World WLP-1092 (production/space-electronic)
->Mort Garson -- see Moog
8Frank Gartner: Dramatics Electronic; Bosworth BLP-133; 1973
7Ron Geesin: Electrosound; KPM 1102; 1972 (production/space-electronic)
->Bruce Haack -- see Moog
7Don Harper: Live-Neutral-Earth; Impress IA-406; 1975/1974 (production; funky Moog/space-electronic)
7Jimmie Haskell: Countdown; Imperial LP-9068 (early space rock w/electronic effects)
8Dick Hyman/Mary Mayo: Moon Gas; MGM SE-4119
9Jean-Michael Jarre: [Synchro Fox Music Library]; Sam Fox SF-1029; 1973 (production/Moog/space-electronic)
7Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1034; 1970 (production/space-electronic)
9Frederick Judd/Cliff Johns/James Harpham/Andre Jacquemin: Electronic Age; Studio G Mood Music Library LSPG-1009 Vol.1; 1970 (production)
7T.A. Benham (rec.): Voices of the Satellites!; Folkways FX-6200; 1958 (narration & sounds of Sputnik, Explorer, Vanguard)
7Mel Kaiser (rec.): Science Fiction Sounds Effects Record; Folkways FX-6250; 1958 (production/electronic cues)
8John Keating: Space Experience; EMI Studio 2 (U.K.) TWO-393; 1972 (Columbia CQ-32382)
6John Keating: Space Experience 2; EMI Studio 2 (U.K.) TWOX-1044; 1975
9The Machines: Electronic Music; Chappell LPC-1055; 1973 (production; Nino Nardini, Leach/Condron)
7Marty Manning & his Orchestra: The Twilight Zone; Columbia CS-8386; 1961/1960 (orchestral w/ondioline & electronic effects)
7Attileo Mineo: Man in Space With Sounds; [Seattle] World's Fair LP-666666; 1962
5Andre Montero & his Orchestra: Music for Heavenly Bodies; Omega OSL-4 (Paul Tanner, electro-theremin; arr. Warren Baker)
6Neil Norman: Not of this Earth; GNPS-2111
6Neil Norman & his Cosmic Orchestra: Greatest Science Fiction Hits; GNPS-2128; 1980 (w/Les Baxter)
5Neil Norman & his Cosmic Orchestra: Greatest Science Fiction Hits 2; GNPS-2133; 1981/1980-81 (w/Les Baxter)
5Neil Norman & his Cosmic Orchestra: Greatest Science Fiction Hits 3; GNPS-2163; 1984 (w/Les Baxter)
->Jean-Jacques Perrey/Pat Prilly -- see Moog & below
6Eric Peters: Music for Synthesizers; Studio G Mood Music Library LSPG-3009 Vol.3; 1978
7Oskar Sala/Gerhard Trede/Konrad Elfers/Conny Schumann: Electronical Music; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-167 (production; space-electronic)
5Saturne EA1: Magic Fly; Barclay 45016; 1977 (disco Moog)
8William Strickland: An Electronic Visit to the Zoo/Sound Hypnosis; Spectrum SR-118; 1979 (experimental Moog)
[Sun Ra]
8Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 1; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
7Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 2; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
8Vortex: Highlights of "Vortex"; Folkways FSS-6301; 1959 (avant-garde/tape/space; recorded in San Francisco Planetarium dome)
8Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes; Wonderland WLP-301; 1975
7Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds; CBS PC2-35290; 1978 (space/spoken/funky; 2-LP w/book)
8The Wind Harp: Song from the Hill; United Artists UAS-9963; 1972 (acoustic but electronic-sounding)
8Uncredited: Sound Effects/Space Age Sounds; World Broadcasting System, Inc. D-46 (electronic short cues; Philadelphia)
6Uncredited: Space Invaders--Sound Effects from a Fantasy Space Mission; Gateway GSLP-4611; 1982 (production)
7Various: BBC Radiophonic Music; BBC Records REC 25M; 1968 (space-electronic; 31 cuts by John Baker/David Cain/Delia Derbyshire)
7Various: Out of This World; BBC Records & Tapes REC 225; 1976 (space-electronic; 58 cuts)
5Various: BBC Space Themes; BBC Records & Tapes REH 324; 1978 (space-electronic; compilation)

Partly Space--Electronic LPs

7Neil Ardley/John Leach: Mediterranean Intrigue/Martenot; KPM 1084; 1971 (oriental jazz/ondes martenot)
7The John Barry Seven & Orchestra: Best of; EMI; 1979 (clavioline on "Human Jungle" & "Like Waltz"; Hit & Miss; Charly CM-110; 1982)
7Les Baxter: Cry of the Banshee/Edgar Allan Poe Suite; Citadel CTV-7013; 1980/1972
8Les Baxter: The Dunwich Horror ST; AIR ST-A-1028; 1970
8Hal Blaine: Psychedelic Percussion; ABC/Dunhill DS-50019
7Hal Blaine: Have Fun!!! Play Drums!!!--The Drum Lessons; ABC/Dunhill DS-50035 (drums/breakbeats/instruction/spy/mod/space-electronic "The Invaders")
7Giampiero Boneschi: A New Sensation in Sound; Campi CML-057; 1974 (production)
7Bonita Claudian/Bob Goemann: Godzilla--King of the Monsters; Wonderland WLP-312; 1977 (kids tales: "Godzilla vs. the Alien Invasion" & "Godzilla vs. Amphibion")
5Bob Crewe Generation & The Glitterhouse: Barbarella ST; Dot/Dynovoice DY-31908
4Milton & Anne Delugg: Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon ST; Mainstream S54001
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The '77 Sound/The Paolo Zavallone Group: Musical Cocktail (No. 3); Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-149; 1977 (production; e-piano/Moog funk/Moog/space-electronic/mod soul/guitar)
7Don Ellis: Shock Treatment; Columbia CS-9668 ("Star Children")
7Bernard Estardy: Electro Sounds Volume 2; Telemusic TM-3033; 1973 (production/Moog/space-electronic/Moog funk/flute; France)
8Elliott Fisher: Bang! Bang! Bang!; Capitol ST-2455
7Glindemann: Media Music Release No. 1 Record 7--Media Music '68; Capitol Custom (production/space-electronic/oddpop)
8Mel Henke: La Dolce Henke; Warner Bros. WS-1472; 1962 ("Woman in Space")
7Louise Huebner's Seduction Through Witchcraft; Warner Bros. WS-1819 (occult; spoken w/music; "cybernetic music by Louis & Bebe Barron")
6Dick Jacobs: The Electro-Sonic Orchestra; Coral CRL-757381; (early pop touting "transducers" as electronica, but there is ondioline and a slick jacket image)
6Craig Kupka: Modern Dance Technique Environments 3; Hoctor HLPS-4384; 1983 (exotic soul-jazz percussion; production/dance-instruction)
6Alexander Lazlo: This World-Tomorrow; Capitol Custom/Guild Publications of California GP-6258/6256l; 1965 (spoken w/music/space-orchestral/space-electronic; narrated by Vincent Price; w/State Symphony of Hamburg, Pacific Male Choir)
7Leon & Malia: Mokulana; Banyan BR-700; 1979 (bizarre Hawaiian spoken/kids LP mainly about menehune, w/Sol K. Bright, Sr.)
3London Philharmonic: Stereo Space Odyssey; Stereo Gold Award MER-372; 1973/1972
3Ray Martin: The Sound of Sight; London Phase 4 SP-44040
8Freddie McCoy: Gimme Some!; Buddah/Cobblestone CST-9004 ("Light My Fire")
5The Gil Mellé Quartet: Tome VI (The Jazz Electronauts); Verve V6-8744
6Buddy Morrow: Double Impact; RCA Victor LSP-2180; 1960
4The Mystic Moods Orchestra: Extensions; Philips PHS-600-301 ("There's a Good Earth Out Tonight")
6Leonard Nimoy: Mr's Spock's Music from Outer Space; Dot DLP-25794
4Leonard Nimoy: Space Odyssey; Pickwick SPC-3199 (compilation from Dot LPs)
7Flo Price: Christmas 2001; Lexicon/Light LS-5761; 1979 (Christian/Christmas/space-electronic)
6Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc.: The Space Age/The Age of Reliability--A Documentary in Sound; RM [no #] (commerce; narrated by John Charles Daly; montage of space & modern sounds--asbestos in space!)
5Kai Rautenberg Electronic Sounds/Kai Rautenberg Organ Sounds; Berry/Conroy BMLP-123; 1975 (production)
8Conjunto Edner Roberto; Gravacao Especial NAC-1296 (organ; incredible space version of "Tabu")
6Raymond Scott & The Secret 7: The Unexpected; Top Rank RM-335 ("And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon")
7Don Sebesky: The Distant Galaxy; Verve V6-5063
8The Silhouettes: Conversations with; Segue 1001
6Sounds Galactic: An Astromusical Odyssey; Decca/London SP-44154 (John Keating)
6Sounds Galactic: Nova; London Phase 4 SP-44199; 1974 (Roland Shaw; Decca PFS-4306)
7"Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited" (Maeschi & Diblitz): The Spacesound Effect; 2000 (guitar/surf/space-electronic "Section 5")
4The Creed Taylor Orchestra (Kenyon Hopkins): Panic--the Son of Shock; ABC-Paramount ABCS-314 ("Out of This World")
9Gerard Trede & his Electronic Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Joe Ufer & his Drums: Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds; Gema/Southern Selected Sound 9031 (#31) (production/Moog/space/drums)
6The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Chariots of the Gods ST; Polydor PD-6504; 1970
8Tipsy: "Trip Tease"--The Seductive Sounds of Tipsy; Asphodel 0967; 1996 (2-LP neo-odd-pop/space-electronic; loops w/Esquivellian effects)
6Uneeda Doll Co., Inc.: Meet the Moon-A-Tiks; Little World LW-910; 1966 (commerce/kids/space/fairy tales)
6The Ventures: The Ventures in Space; Dolton BST-8027; 1964 ("Fear")
4The Ventures: NASA's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album; Allegiance ST-72873; 1984 (guitar/space/disco; J.J. Perrey's "Skylab")
7Westway Studio Orchestra: Southern SLLP-1 (production)
8Kai Winding: Mondo Cane #2; Verve V6-8573 (his best use of ondioline)
7Uncredited: Sound Effects; Robert Hall RH-1/2 (space-electronic/gong/horror)
7Uncredited: Sound Effects/Musical Sounds; Robert Hall RH-7/8 (space-electronic/industrial)
8Uncredited: [Untitled]; Robert Hall/New World RH-78/79 (1/2 Moog/space-electronic)
6Various: Henry's Happy Sound (Heinz Hötter)/Links Electronic (The Leo Hassler Synthesizer)/Easy Listening/Modern Movement (Erwin Lehn); Bosworth BLP-131 (production/Moog/Mexicali)
7Various: Light & Easy; NFL Music Library NFL-101; 1977 (mexicali/funky rock/space-electronic)
Various: Predictions Part One; KPM 1233; 1979
7Various: Predictions Part Two; KPM 1234; 1979 (electronic/space)
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly [Jean Jacques Perrey])

Space--Electronic 45s

8The Electrosoniks: Electronic Popular Music (picture sleeve); Philips 315-538-NF (credits only Kid Baltan as author of "Song of the Second Moon"; B-side is the non-LP cut "Colonel Bogey"; sleeve features extensive liner notes)
7CD-4 Test Record; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. SPR-123 (The Carmets/Moog electric sound: "Come September" + 3 test space-electronic test sounds for testing quadrophonic gear; made by Victor Japan)

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