Psyche & Garage Rock

Disclaimer: There's heaps more to psyche, garage, 1960s punk, fuzz guitar, and sitar rock than listed here. Generally Hip Wax leaves "core" rock lore to the many others who stick closer to rock. It's listed it here really only for cross-referencing purposes and to signify some choice and/or random morsels. Throughout Hip Wax there are so many related idioms that it became necessary to cross-reference the odd psyche tracks as well as make a distinction between this and acid rock (late-'60s classics).

It's worth pointing out the bizarre Merrell Fankhauser story (well documented elsewhere). From a start in primordial surf guitar he created a legendary garage-psyche group or two that next led to him being chased around madly by Captain Beefheart, who was obsessed with having him in the Magic Band. After escaping the Captain, Fankhauser's Maui-made "MU" LPs perfectly captured the hippies-in-Hawaii phenomenon. Subsequently his wild, all-the-right-places-at-the-right-time legend has surpassed even those of the heavy San Francisco groups who started out "garage."

Buying: Original garage/psyche is extremely competitive (the most, perhaps, in rock), so it does not hurt to start with reissues and compilations. The Nuggets series is a classic starting point. Best-selling original singles are still easy to find and good values, while most of the rare stuff is deservedly so and perhaps better discovered first in reissue/comp form. Finally, don't rule out the performances captured in then-contemporary (1960s) movies!

Psyche & Garage Rock LPs

8The 13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators
8The 13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere
7The Amboy Dukes; Mainstream S-6104/56105 (psyche; with sitar)
7The Amboy Dukes: Journey to the Center of the Mind; Mainstream S-6112
7The Amboy Dukes: Marriage on the Rocks--Rock Bottom; Polydor 24-4012; 1970/1969
7The Animated Egg; Alshire S-5104 (psyche, funky rock, organ, mod soul)
7Davie Allan & the Arrows: Cycle-delic Sounds; Tower T-5094 (psyche/biker/breakbeats; at least partly compilation)
6Blues Magoos: Electric Comic Book; Mercury SR-61104/MG-21104
7The Brogues; Line Records LMS-3012; 1981/1965 (4-cut EP of Quicksilver Messenger Service "prequel" group)
5The California Poppy Pickers: Sounds of '69; Alshire S-5152 (psyche-ploitation)
5The California Poppy Pickers: Hair/Aquarius; Alshire S-5153
6The California Poppy Pickers Present Today's Chart Busters; Alshire S-5163
8Chocolate Watch Band: No Way Out; Capitol/Tower ST-5096; 1967 (with sitar)
8Chocolate Watch Band: The Inner Mystique; Capitol (with sitar; covers The Brogues' "I Ain't No Miracle Worker")
8Chocolate Watch Band: The Best of; Rhino RNLP-108; 1983
8Jerry Cole: Psychedelic Guitars; Custom CS-1078 (uncredited; guitar/psyche)
8Count Five: Psychotic Reaction; Double Shot LP-DSM-1001; 1966
7The Cynics: Learn to Lose; Get Hip GH-1008; 1993 (neo-psyche)
8Deviled Ham: I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night; Buddah/Super K SKS-6003 (unique, funny madness with Doors, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Poe, and Prunes elements)
6The Electric Prunes: Underground; Reprise RS-6262
8The Electric Prunes: Mass in F Minor; Reprise RS-6275
7The Electric Prunes: Release of an Oath; Reprise RS-6316
6The Electric Underground: Guitar Explosion; Premier PS-9060 (R&B with 1 rockabilly cut)
7Merrell [Fankhauser] & the Exiles/Fapardokly: Fapardokly; Glenn/UIP 2250; 1967/1964-7 (historic collectors item psyche; reissued as Psycho 5; 1983)
8[Merrell Fankhauser &] Mu; United Artists UAG-29709; 1974/1971 (Reckless Records Reck 4; 1988)
8[Merrell Fankhauser &] Mu: End of an Era....; Reckless Records Reck-7; 1988/1973-4
7Merrell Fankhauser & the Maui Band: A Day in Paradise; Source 2; 1985 (self-produced Mu followup on a Vermont label; presumably not connected to "The Source" cult!; credits/likely includes Quicksilver Messenger Service's beloved John Cippolina)
6Merrell Fankhauser: Doctor Fankhauser; D-town D6-33808; 1986 (interesting return-to-rock with Quicksilver Messenger Service's beloved John Cippolina)
6Merrell Fankhauser: Message to the Universe; One Big Guitar OBGLP-9002; 1986 (psyche/space funk/Hawaiian)
7The Fire Birds (Firebirds): Light My Fire; Crown CST-589 (decent psycheploitation)
8The Freak Scene: Psychedelic Psoul; Columbia CS-9546; 1967 (psyche/funky rock)
6Frijid Pink; Parrot PAS-71933 (fuzz tone galore)
7The Human Beinz: Nobody But Me; Capitol
7The Kaleidoscope: Side Trips; CBS; 1967 (psyche/mideast rock; Demon/Edsel ED-284; 1988)
7The Knickerbockers: Lies; (reissued as Line LLP-5056-AS; 1982)
9The Music Machine [Featuring Talk Talk]; Original Sound OSR LPS-8875/LPM-5015; 1967/1966
6Nazz; SGC SD-5001; 1968
7Pink Floyd: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn; Tower ST-5093; 1967
8Pink Floyd: Relics; Capitol/Harvest SW-759 (compilation)
8Plan 9: Frustration; Voxx VXS-200.007; 1982/1981
7Question Mark & the Mysterians: 96 Tears; Cameo/Parkway Cameo CS-2004
7The Racket Squad; Jubilee JGS-8026 (psyche/funky rock/breakbeats)
7The Rainy Daze: That Acapulco Gold; MCA/Uni 3002 (psyche/mod soul)
8The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request; London NPS-2
7The Seeds [Raw & Alive-Merlin's Music Box-The Seeds in Concert]; GNP Crescendo GNPS-2043; 1968 (live)
8The Shadows of Knight: Gloria; Atlantic/Atco/Dunwich S-666; 1966
7The Shadows of Knight: Back Door Men; Atlantic/Atco/Dunwich S-667; 1966 (reissued by Sundazed with bonus cuts)
8The Standells: Try It; Capitol/Tower ST-5098
8The Standells: The Best of; Rhino RNLP-70176; 1986/1966-8 (compilation)
7Strawberry Alarm Clock: Best of Strawberry Alarm Clock; Universal City 73074
8The Troggs: Wild Thing; Atco 33-193; 1966
7The Troggs: The Trogg Tapes; Private Stock PS-2008; 1976
6The Troggs Live at Max's Kansas City; 1980/1979
8The Troggs: Contrasts; DJM DJML-009 (compilation of 1966-70 recordings, UK)
7The Unfolding: How to Blow Your Mind and Have a Freak-Out Party; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6184/AFLP-2184; 1967
6The Uniques: Uniquely Yours; Jewel/Paula LP-2190 (garage)
6Various: Marijuana Unknowns; Stoned THC-001
9Various: Mindrocker Vol 1; Line LLP-5115; 1981/1965-7
9Various: Mindrocker Vol 2; Line; 1984/1965-9 (Line/Impact IMLP-4.00022-J; 1986; Shadows of Knight, The Family..)
7Various: Mindrocker Vol 3; Line LLP-5140; 1982 (Charlatans, Balloon Farm..)
8Various: Mindrocker Vol 6; Line OLLP-5212; 1983
8Various: Nuggets--Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedlic Era; Sire/Electra SASH-3716-2; 1976/1972 (2-LP classic psyche/garage comp, spawned many later volumes)
8Various: Pebbles Vol. 8; BFD 5025; 1980 (skip the obnoxious liner notes)
Various: [Pebbles Presents:] The Best of Pebbles Vol. 1; Ubik Take 1
9Various: [Pebbles Presents:] The Best of Pebbles Vol. 2; Ubik Take 2; 1987/'65-8)
7Various: The Sound of "Pop"; KPM 1015; 1967
7Various; Relics LSD-1; 1980
Various: Riot on Sunset Strip ST; Tower T-5065; 1967 (Chocolate Watch Band, Standells, Mugwumps..; Mike Curb)
8Various: The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Vol. 3; VRCA 001; 1983/1966-72 (compilation of rare singles with booklet)
Various: The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Vol. 2; VRCA 002; (compilation of rare singles with booklet)
8Various: The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Vol. 1; VRCA 003; 1987/? (compilation of rare singles with booklet; '50s not psyche)
8Various: San Francisco Roots; Vault LP-119 (rare singles by Great Society, Beau Brummels, Mojo Men, Vejtables, Tikis)

Partly Psyche & Garage Rock LPs

6Davie Allan & the Arrows/Various: The Wild Angels ST; Tower T-5043; 1966 (biker/bongo rock/psyche; Mike Curb, Arrows, Hands of Time, the Visitors)
6Davie Allan & the Arrows/Various: The Wild Angels Vol. 2 ST; Tower T-5056 (biker/psyche; Mike Curb, Arrows, Hands of Time, Joe Leahy)
6Davie Allan & the Arrows: Blues Theme; Tower T-5078 (bike ST music)
7The Banana Splits: We're the Banana Splits; Decca DL-75075; 1969 (psyche/funk/TV show; "Doin' the Banana Split" by Barry White)
6The Blues Project: Live at Town Hall; Verve Forecast FTS-3025; 1967 ("No Time Like the Right Time")
8The Fireballs: Sensational Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs; Crown CLP-5387 (guitar/Latin rock/psyche-blues "Good Soul"/surf "Let It All Out")
7The Fireballs featuring Jimmy Gilmer: Bottle of Wine; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-239; 1968 ('60s psyche/electric sitar "Groovy Motions")
7The Fireballs: Come On React!; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-275; 1969 ('60s psyche/New Orlean "Get Out of My Life Woman"/mod "Little Bitty Bucket")
7The Kingsmen: Up & Away; Wand WDS-675
7The Now Generation; Spar 3015 (psyche "Sideroad"--fuzz!/Mexicali "Making a Fool of Myself"/Nashville folk-act covers of rock hits; with young Jimmy Buffett)
7Jeffrey Simmons/Randy Steirling: Naked Angels ST; Bizarre/Straight STS-1056; 1969 (biker/psyche/funky rock "Naked Angels Theme")
8Down and Wired 4; PTR PTR0462; 2014 (funk/psyche/soul-jazz guitar/rock guitar/soul-jazz organ; German compilation)
8Various: Exitos A Go Go--60s Teenbeat from South of the Border; Archive International Productions AIP-1061; 1998/[1960s] (Latin rock/psyche)
7Various: Soundsville!; Design Spotlight DLP-187; 1962 (hot rod/biker/surf/garage/soul/CW; Lou Reed & the Beachnuts, Roughnecks, Hollywoods, Hi-Lites, J Brothers, Connie Carson, Liberty Men, Jeannie Latimore)

Psyche & Garage Rock 45s

9? (Question Mark) & the Mysterians: 96 Tears/Midnight Hour; Cameo C-428; 1963
6? (Question Mark) & the Mysterians: I Need Somebady/"8" Teen; Cameo C-441; 1963
6The American Breed: Bend Me, Shape Me/Mindrocker; ACTA 45-811
8The Avant-Garde: Naturally Stoned/Honey and Gall; Columbia 4-44590
7Blues Magoos: (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet/Gotta Get Away; Mercury 72622
9The Castaways: Liar, Liar/Sam; Soma 1433 (see also live performance in a beach movie)
8The Chords: White Rabbit/Kathy Shannon: Ode to Billy Joe; Hit 303 (nice old knockoff)
9Count Five: "Psychotic Reaction"/They're Gonna Get You; Double Shot 104
8Crazy Elephant: Dark Part of My Mind/Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'; Bell 763
9The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much to Dream/Luvin; Reprise 0532
6Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty: I'm Flying Home/Girl (I'm Waiting for You); Shamley S-44008
7Future: The Shape of Things to Come/52%; UNI 55082
6Giant Crab: Hot Line Conversation/E.S.P.; Uni 55155
7Symon Grace & Tuesday Blues: Out Of Sight/You Won't Get Me Workin'; Round 45-1004
6Jimi Hendrix: No Such Animal Part 1/No Such Animal Part 2; Audio Fidelity AF-167
8The Hombres: Go Girl, Go/ Let It Out; Verve Forecast KF5058
7The Hombres: Take My Overwhelming Love (and Cram It Up Your Heart)/Pumkin Man; Verve Forecast KF-5093
7The Human Beinz: Nobody But Me/Sueno; Capitol 5990
7Jon & Robin and The In Crowd: Love Me Baby/I Want Some More; Abnak AB-124
8Lothar & the Hand People: Rose-Colored Glasses/L-O-V-E; Capitol 5874 (non-LP cuts)
8The Magic Mushrooms: It's-A-Happening/Never More; A&M 815
7Magic Swirling Shirt: Love In Your Eyes/He's Comin' Part II; Cadet 5642
8Manfred Mann: By Request - Edwin Garvey/The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo); Mercury 72770
7Raga & the Talas: My Group And Me/For Old Times Sake; Liberty/World Pacific 77847
8The Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard/Try To Understand; Crescendo GNP 372x
7Shadows of Knight: Shake/From Way Out To Way Under; Team TM-620
9The Status Quo: Pictures of Matchstick Men/Gentlemen Joe's Sidewalk Cafe; Cadet 7001

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