Production Music

Production (also called "sound library") music generally is canned background for visual-media applications. Whether used with an advertising company's presentation or a home-movie screening, production music has the generic qualities presumed suitable for industrial applications. A single theme may be restated in various ways and lengths; timings often are under a minute. Vocals are very rare, and the composers and performers are unrecognizable from anything other than production music.

Production music from the 1960s and early 1970s includes spacey keyboards, funk, bongo bop, and many other desirable instrumental idioms. Library cuts are extremely useful for effects and transitions between styles (as segues between regular records). The anonymity of the composers, tight pop arrangements, and latterday discoveries of these "lost," funky tracks make them very attractive. But when played consecutively --to excess-- their ersatz origins reveal themselves. And post-1975 or so, as with most regular music, production music generally becomes unbearable.

Closely associated are vanity-published records, particularly records made by companies offering to arrange, perform, record, and press on vinyl any song one wished to send in. These were unavailable both commercially and to anyone seeking a one-time license to use them. But vanity-published records are another type of published music made just by studio musicians (though amateurs composed the lyrics).

Buying: Production albums generally are highly desirable because they were never commercially released. Still, some library LPs are better than others; later ones particularly may lack interesting or desirable music (or sounds). Other than date, the jacket and liner notess may give no clues. Because it can be difficult to judge on sight which are good, it is wise to buy from a reliable source, such as a professional dealer.

BBC Records

7Various: BBC Radiophonic Music; BBC Records REC 25M; 1968 (space-electronic; 31 cuts by John Baker/David Cain/Delia Derbyshire)
7Various: Out of This World; BBC Records & Tapes REC 225; 1976 (space-electronic; 58 cuts)
5Various: BBC Space Themes; BBC Records & Tapes REH 324; 1978 (space-electronic; compilation)

The Big Sound

The Big Sound: Big Sound Themes/Non-Tailored Jingles; The Big Sound BST-2R-J
The Big Sound: Commercial Frames/Commercial Separators; The Big Sound MF-1A-R
The Big Sound: You've Been Lookin' All Around/You Really Should; The Big Sound MCB-11-R
The Big Sound: Produced Commercial Intros; The Big Sound PCI-3-R

Bosworth Backgrounds 10"

The Harold Geller Sound; Bosworth BLP-103
7Heinz Hoetter/Andrew Maxwell: The Tijuana Sound/Atonal Jazz Structures (Avant Garde); Bosworth BLP-104; 1969
[Bernard] Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The Ebbinghouse Sound/In a Swingin' Mood; Bosworth BLP-105; 1969
7Various: Modern Rhythm; Bosworth BLP-109; 1969 (w/Jonny Teupen & his Swinging Harp Group)
7Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra: Miscellanea; Bosworth BLP-121

Bosworth [Background Sounds] 12"

6Various: Henry's Happy Sound (Heinz Hötter)/Links Electronic (The Leo Hassler Synthesizer)/Easy Listening/Modern Movement (Erwin Lehn); Bosworth BLP-131
8Frank Gartner: Dramatics Electronic; Bosworth BLP-133; 1973
7[Bernard] Ebbinghouse Orchestra: Dramatic Diversions/Romantic Relaxation & Gentle Movement; Bosworth BLP-134; 1973
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The Big Band Sound/Orchestral Sounds/Rhythmic Moods/In a Quiet Mood; Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-147; 1976 (production/mod)
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The '77 Sound/The Paolo Zavallone Group: Musical Cocktail (No. 3); Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-149; 1977 (production; e-piano/Moog funk/Moog/space-electronic/mod soul/guitar)
7Lew Howard & the "All Stars": America '76 Parts 1 & 2; Bosworth BLP-141; 1975 (final cut by the Gary Pacific Group)
8The Seven Shadows directed by Derrick Vaughan: Seven Shades of Sound; Bosworth BLP-139; 1975 (production; funk/calypso jazz/soul-jazz organ/Latin jazz/mod soul/Moog funk)
8Felix Morton: Big & Brassy/Peter Gordon: Light & Easy; Bosworth BLP-140; 1975 (soul-jazz horns, mod funk, mexicali)
9Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth; Trunk Barked 1; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)
8Various: Trunk Presents the Super Sounds of Bosworth Vol. 2; Trunk Barked 2; 1996 (production; reissue-compilation)

Bruton Music

7George Fenton/John Leach: India/Arabia; Bruton Music BRR-7 (43)
3Francis Monkman: Energism; Bruton Music BRI-4; 1978
5Uncredited: Medieval Suite/Rustic Folktunes; Bruton Music BRO-5; 1979
6Various: Rhythm Stick; Bruton Music BRH-8 (102); 1979

Capitol Custom/Hi-"Q" Series

6Erik Markman: [no title]; Capitol Hi-"Q" Series X-209/X-210 (Moog cues)
6Reel D-95/96; Capitol Hi-"Q" Series D-95/96 (spy themes)
Popular Photography Presents Sound for a Picture Evening--Music & Sound Effects; SRB-568; 1965

Capitol Custom Media Music

7Glindemann: Media Music Release No. 1 Record 7--Media Music '68; Capitol Custom (production; space-electronic/oddpop)
8Glindemann: Media Music Release No. 1 Record 9--International Jazz--Rock & Roll; Capitol Custom (production; dance rock/mod soul/mod twist/soul rock/jazz)
7Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 2--Bossa Nova/Rock Themes; Capitol (funky rock/bossa; 12 1-minute themes)
7Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 5--Latin Jazz/Cocktail Combos; Capitol (Latin jazz/jazz; jacket & label may say it's release #2, but it's #5)
8Henrik Nielsen: Media Music Release No. 9 Record 6--Contemporary Life Styles; Capitol MEJS-6
6Robert Ascot: Media Music Release No. 11--Then & Now/Here & There; Capitol MM-11 (mod)
Erik Markman: Media Music Release No. 14--Commercials/Signatures; Capitol MEQS-9
Jack Mayborn: Media Music the Professional--Video Concepts (No. 5); Capitol MERS-1
Robert Ascot: Media Music the Professional--Country Music (No. 8); Capitol MEPS-2
5Wolfgang Städele: Media Music the Professional--Trends (No. 14); Capitol MMSE-24
4Wolfgang Käfer: Media Music the Professional--Prestige Themes (No. 16); Capitol MMSE-14
4Wolfgang Städele: Media Music the Professional--Dimensions (No. 33); Capitol MMSE-25
Various (Classical Composers): Media Music the Professional--Class & Dignity (No. 40); Capitol PSE-40

CBS Records EZ Cue ["Golden Minutes"]

7Oskar Sala/Gerhard Trede/Konrad Elfers/Conny Schumann: Electronical Music; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-167 (production; space-electronic)
7Peter Thomas/E.A. Quelle/R. Wilhelm: Crime Backgrounds; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-165 (production; crime/bongo)
8Gerhard Trede/Peter Schirmann/Martin Bottcher: Dance-Latin & Twenties/Rock 'n Roll; CBS Records EZ Cue EZQ-174 (production; mod soul/dance rock/Latin/psyche)
6Uncredited/Various: City Background; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-928 (production; crime/Mexicali)
6Uncredited/Various: Jazz/Main Titles; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-929 (production; crime)
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly [Jean Jacques Perrey])
Popular Photography Presents Sound for a Picture Evening--Music & Sound Effects; SRB-568; 1965

Chappell Recorded Music (UK)

7Giampiero Boneschi; Chappell CAL-4004; 1973 (production/Moog)
6Paul Bonneau et son Gran Orchestre: Telecineradio Volume 6; Chappell Mood Music [no # or date] (production/exotica "Foret Tropicale"; France)
6John Cacavas & his Orchestra: Music for Drama (Orchestral); Chappell International CAL-4014; 1974 (spy/crime/suspense)
8Mark Duval & his Music; Chappell LPC-1052; 1972 (production/funky rock/harp/Moog/steel guitar)
7David Holland: Zouche Drums; Chappell LPC-1083; 1976 (drums/flute/funk/funky rock)
6Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1028; 1969 (production/soul jazz/vibes/Mexicali)
7Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1034; 1970 (production/space-electronic)
6Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1040; 1971 (production/bongo bop/beatnik/spy/mod/flute/Tibetan)
7Ole Jensen & his Music; Chappell LPC-1044; 1971 (production/mod/funky rock/wordless chorus)
9The Machines: Electronic Music; Chappell LPC-1055; 1973 (Nino Nardini, Leach/Condron)
6Various: [no title]; Chappell LPC 535-540 (Melodi Light Orchestra/Telecast Ensemble/Roger Roger)
6Various: Jazz (Small Group) Vol. 1; Chappell Index Series CIS-5023; 1957-69 (compilation; John Barry, Robert Farnon, Johnny Hawksworth..)
7Various: National Music--Far East Vol. 1; Chappell Index Series CIS-5032; 1960-69 (production/SE Asia; compilation; Robert Farnon, John Leach, Nino Nardini, Roger Roger..)
6Various: Romantic Music (Small Group) Vol. 3; Chappell Index Series CIS-5050; 1975 (compilation; Johnny Hawksworth, Klaus Doldinger, Roger Webb, Jacky Giordano..)

Conroy Music Library & Berry

8The Electrifying Sounds of E.M.F. (Derek Scott & Jack Parnell): Way In--Way Out; Berry/Conroy BMLP-113; 1974 (production/Moog)
5Kai Rautenberg Electronic Sounds/Kai Rautenberg Organ Sounds; Berry/Conroy BMLP-123; 1975 (production)
7S. Sklair: Musical Topograhy Vol. 1--African; Berry/Conroy BMLP-136; 1975 (African/production; some breakbeats)
7The Klaus Weiss Sounds & Percussion; Berry/Conroy BMLP-117; 1975 (production/funky rock)
7L. Paul-Phillips: London's Underground; Berry/Conroy BMLP-092; 1972 (production/funky rock)
9Various: [no title]; Berry/Conroy BMLP-097; 1972 (production; Afro-Beat B-side by W. Farley; A-side by Power/Walter/Hawsworth/Graham)
7Uncredited: Jingles; Berry/Conroy BMLP-109; 1974 (some of everything)
6Various: Presentations/Sounds Industrial; Berry/Conroy BMLP-110; 1974 (production/mod; R. Owens & others)
9Various: On the Road; Berry/Conroy BMLP-131; 1975 (funky rock/whistling/funk)
7Various: Far West/Far East; Berry/Conroy BMLP-155; 1976 (Western/Japanese-exotica)

Sam Fox/Synchro-Fox

F. Gartner [Demeter Music Library]; Sam Fox/Demeter Music Library D-1/D-2 (presumed antecedent to D-3/D-4)
6F. Gartner [Demeter Music Library]; Sam Fox/Demeter Music Library D-3/D-4 ("Oriental, Barbaric, Native"--exotic percussion; solo tabla w/some flute)
7Syd Dale/Andrew Arvin: Modern Beat Music/Period Music with a Beat; Sam Fox SF-1015 (mod soul/crime/bongo/mid-east)
9Jean-Michael Jarre: [Synchro Fox Music Library]; Sam Fox SF-1029; 1973 (Moog/space-electronic)
6Alex O. Kulaks: [no title]; Sam Fox SF-1027; 1973 (mexicali/mod/wordless chorus)
8Robert Mersey: Synchro Fox Golden Group; Sam Fox SF-2002 (crime/beatnik/rock; compilation)
9Steve Wittmack/Reynold Weidenaar/David Peelle: [Synchro Fox Music Library]; Sam Fox SF-1028; 1973
6Various: [no title]; Sam Fox SF-1030; 1974


5Uncredited: Fly Me to the Sun; Gema/Coloursound CS-38
6The PR TV Band: Colours--Contemporary Orchestral Funk; Gema/Coloursound CS-45
7Al Sigmund: Culmination--Dramatic Drums; Gema/Coloursound CS-66 (production/drums)

Robert C. Hall Productions (USA)

7Uncredited: Sound Effects; Robert Hall RH-1/2 (space-electronic/gong/horror)
7Uncredited: Sound Effects/Musical Sounds; Robert Hall RH-7/8 (space-electronic/industrial)
8Uncredited: [Untitled]; Robert Hall/New World RH-78/79 (1/2 Moog/space-electronic)
8Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall RH-104/105 (mod soul/mod jazz/crime jazz/bongo bop)
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall RH-204/205 (jazz/variety)
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall/New World W-259 (Moog)
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall/New World W-294/295 (funky Moog/disco/drums)
6Uncredited: [Commercial Music] Robert Hall/New World W-304
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall W-400/401 (Moog)
6Uncredited: [Production Music]; Robert Hall/New World W-402/403 (disco-funk)
6Uncredited: [Theme Music]; Robert Hall RH-200/201 (bongo bop/surf/guitar)
6Uncredited: Commercial Music/Money Maker --7" 45--; Robert Hall Audition Record (Christmas/jingle services)
7Uncredited: Thematic Music/Thematic Music --7" 45--; Robert Hall Audition Record (Moog w/Christmas, mod, Brasil)


8Syd Dale: The Sounds of Syd Dale; KPM 1002; 1966 (crime/bongo bop/mod/biker)
6Armand Migiani/The Backgrounds; KPM 1003; 1966
6Various: Light Intimations Vol. 1; KPM 1006; 1966
7Various: Light Intimations Vol. 2; KPM 1007; 1966
4Various [Music Specially Recorded for Film, Radio, & Television series]; KPM 1015; 1967 (psyche/rock)
6James Clarke/Johnny Pearson/David Lindup/Syd Dale: A Light Jazz Feeling; KPM 1021; 1967 (mod/jazz/bossa)
7Alan Hawkshaw: Soul Organ Showcase; KPM 1027; 1968 (soul-jazz organ/mod soul)
8Group Thirty Orchestra: Popp Around the World; KPM INT 06; 1968 (all composed by Andre Popp!)
4Various: Happy Novelties; KPM 1064; 1970 (mod/novelty)
6Various: Progress & Prestige/Fourth Dimension; KPM 1066; 1970 (Keith Mansfield/Derrick Mason/Neil Richardson)
7Neil Ardley/John Leach: Mediterranean Intrigue/Martenot; KPM 1084; 1971 (oriental jazz/ondes martenot)
8Alan Parker/Alan Hawkshaw/Joe Haider; KPM 1080; 1972 (flute/mod soul-jazz/funky rock/bass)
7Mike Vickers: A Moog for All Reasons; KPM 1101; 1972 (Moog)
7Ron Geesin: Electrosound; KPM 1102; 1972 (space-electronic)
6Lewis Stern/John Leach: Medieval Music; KPM 1105; 1972
7Mike Vickers: Brass Plus Moog; KPM 1111; 1972 (mod/crime/Moog/bongo)
5Various: Fusion; KPM 1121; 1973 (funky rock/electric sitar)
3Various: Great Expectations; KPM 1137; 1974
7Various: Jingles; KPM 1145; 1974
7Mike Vickers: A Moog for More Reasons; KPM 1155; 1975 (Moog)
7Alan Hawkshaw: Arp Odyssey; KPM 1169; 1975 (Moog)
7Various: Middle East Suite/India; KPM 1183; 1976 (oriental/sitar)
5Richard Harvey: Pipes, Flutes, & Whistles; KPM 1227; 1979
Various: Predictions Part One; KPM 1233; 1979
6Various: Predictions Part Two; KPM 1234; 1979 (electronic/space; F. Monkman/M. Ironton/P. Cox/J. Devereaux)
6Keith Mansfield/T. Cox: Technology & Movement; KPM 1241; 1980 (synth/drum)
8Dave Vorhaus: The Vorhaus Sound Experiments; KPM 1243; 1980 (electronic/space/Moog)
4Dick Walter: The Editor's Companion Vol. 1; KPM 1317; 1985
2Richard Myhill: Out Front; KPM 1339; 1985
7Various: Music for Dancefloors--The Cream of the KPM Green-Label Sessions; Strut LP-005; 2000 (2-LP compilation)
8Various: Setting the Scene--From the Vaults of KPM; Groove Attack GAP-029-DLP; 1997 (2-LP compilation; soul jazz)

Network Whisperdisc

One-Sided Demo LP; Network Whisperdisc; 1981
Specialty (country); Network Whisperdisc Vol. 14; 1981
3Specialty (sports); Network Whisperdisc Vol. 15; 1981
Specialty (Christmas); Network Whisperdisc Vol. 16; 1981
3Medium Tempo; Network Whisperdisc Vol. 18; 1981
3Industrial; Network Whisperdisc Vol. 21; 1982
3Medium Tempo; Network Whisperdisc Vol. 28; 1982
3Industrial; Network Whisperdisc Vol. 29; 1982

[Peer-]Southern & Selected Sound

7Colin Beaton Trio/Peter Dennis Big Band; Southern MQLP-9019; 1973 (production/soul-jazz bass)
6Leonhardt Combo; Southern 9010; 1971 (chief comp. Bernard Ebbinghouse)
8Roger Roger/Nino Nardini: Jazz Dramatic/Jazz; Southern MQ/LP-32 (crime, flute, exotica)
8Johnny Scott/Westway Studio Orchestra: Jazz-Beat-Bossa Nova; Southern SLLP-25 (soul jazz: vibes, bass, organ, guitar, mod)
7Synthesizers Unlimited: Electric Bazaar; Southern MQLP-9027; 1974 (Moog funk/Moog pop/Moog rock; comp. Anthony King)
7Jonny Teupen & his Group: Never Gonna Be a Sky-Scraper/Waltzing Harp; Selected Sound 9013 (harp; A-side w/J.A. Rettenbacher on organ & bass)
9Gerard Trede & his Electronic Instruments: Electronic Sounds/Joe Ufer & his Drums: Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds; Gema/Southern Selected Sound 9031 (#31) (Moog/space/drums)
7Westway Studio Orchestra: Southern SLLP-1 (partly Moog/space)
Unknown: France; Selected Sound 139
Unknown: USA; Selected Sound 140
Unknown: The Balkans; Selected Sound 141 (Yugoslavia/Hungary/Rumania)
Unknown: Greece; Selected Sound 142
Unknown: Russia; Selected Sound 143
Unknown: Japan; Selected Sound 144
Unknown: China/Tibet/Afghanistan; Selected Sound 145
Unknown: India; Selected Sound 146
Unknown: Spain Vol. 1; Selected Sound 147
Unknown: Italy Vol. 1; Selected Sound 148
Unknown: Germany Vol. 1; Selected Sound 149
Unknown: Brazil/Argentina; Selected Sound 150
Unknown: Spain Vol. 2; Selected Sound 151
Unknown: Italy Vol. 2; Selected Sound 152
Unknown: Middle East; Selected Sound 153 (Arabia/Israel/Iran)
Unknown: Turkey; Selected Sound 154
Unknown: Germany Vol. 2; Selected Sound 155
Unknown: Africa Vol. 1; Selected Sound 156
7Various: South East Asia; Selected Sound 157; 1983 (Bali/Java/Malaysia/Philippines/Thailand; Deutsche Austrophon LC-2292)
Unknown: England/Ireland/Scotland; Selected Sound 158

Don Voegeli/Electrosonic Studio

8Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 1; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
7Don Voegeli: Four Notes in Search of a Tune Volume 2; University of Wisconsin-Extension/Corporation for Public Broadcasting; 1974 (production; Moog/space-electronic)
5Instant Production Music--Theme with Production Variations (Volume 1); University of Wisconsin-Extension; 1975
Instant Production Music--Shorties; University of Wisconsin-Extension/National Public Radio
Instant Production Music, Volume 15--Shorties II; University of Wisconsin-Extension/National Public Radio; 1979

De Wolfe (UK)

Adrian Bonsel: Music for Wind Quartet 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2968; 1966
Basil Kirchin & John Coleman: Mind on the Run 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2966; 1966
7The London Studio Group: T.V. Suite; De Wolfe DWLP-3164; 1970
The London Studio Orchestra: Z Patrol; De Wolfe DWLP-3049; 1967
5The London Studio Orchestra: Driving Force; De Wolfe DWLP-3055; 1967 (industry/suspense)
Keith Papworth: Journey Into Sound 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2968; 1966
7Alan Parker: Hot Ice; De Wolfe DWS/LP-3278; 1974 (funk/funky Moog/soul-jazz flute)
7The Studio Group: Quartet of Modern Jazz; De Wolfe DWLP-3107; 1969 (jazz)
7Superstrings Plus: Cult & Colour; De Wolfe DWLP-3215; 1971 (production; soul jazz/soul-jazz flute/Mexicali; mainly Lee Mason)
7Reg Tilsley/Tilsley Orchestral No. 8: Theme and Variation; De Wolfe DWLP-3174; 1970 (production/crime/spy; short cues)
7Jack Trombey & the International Studio Group: Living Power 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2970; 1966 (spy/crime)
5Jack Trombey & London Studio Orchestra: There's a World Going On 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-3039; 1967 (industry/suspense)
Jack Trombey & John Reids: Eye for an Eye 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2969; 1966 (presumably spy/crime)
6Jack Trombey: Disco Queen--Modern Orchestral Rock Sounds; De Wolfe DWS LP-3336; 1976 (disco-funk/funky rock)
7Willsher/Chesher/Hawksworth: Electroshake No. 2--Electronic Sounds; De Wolfe DWLP-3135; 1969
7Uncredited: Cuts for Commercials Vol. 5; De Wolfe DWS-LP-3484; 1982
Uncredited/Unknown: Marching Highlights 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2972; 1966
Uncredited/Unknown: Rhythmical Roundabout 10"; De Wolfe DWLP-2971; 1966
8Various: De Wolfe Music Library--Sound Book Part One; Irma la Douce 812-LP; 1998 (2-LP compilation)

Miscellaneous Production LPs

7Costantino Albini e Daniela Casa: I Sentieri del Mondo--Dall'Alasca Alla Terra del Fuoco; Panda PL-1004 (production; Haitian/voodoo/Santeria/Brasil cult/drum music)
6American Forces Radio: Shockwave; AFRTS (Moog)
7American Forces Radio: Moog Logos; AFRTS (2-LP, Moog)
6Alberto Baldan Bembo Sound Orchestra; Star Track TR-1982 (production/Moog/space disco)
7Giampiero Boneschi: A New Sensation in Sound; Campi CML-057; 1974
6John Bread/Richard Eldwyn: Modern Beat, Modern Dances; Patchwork MC-46 (disco; France)
7The Duriyapraneet Ensemble: Authentic Thailand; Gema/Sonoton SAS-008 (production/Thai)
7Bernard Estardy: Electro Sounds Volume 2; Telemusic TM-3033; 1973 (production/Moog/space-electronic/Moog funk/flute; France)
7Felice Fucazza con Fabio Fabor: MegaMoog; World WLP-1092 (production/space-electronic)
7Don Harper: Live-Neutral-Earth; Impress IA-406; 1975/1974 (funky Moog/space-electronic)
7Don Harper: Strings Go Pop/Brass & String Bag; Josef Winberger/Theme Music JW-406; 1971
5Bobby Heath/Eric Peters/Robert Hunter: [News/Features with Preview Tracks]; Spectrum Mood Library 14
6The International Studio Orchestra: Zenith--Music for Space & Oceanographic Science by Eric Towren; Sylvester Music Company SMC 505; 1967
9Frederick Judd/Cliff Johns/James Harpham/Andre Jacquemin: Electronic Age; Studio G Mood Music Library LSPG-1009 Vol.1; 1970
6Multi-Track Sound Enterprises: Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette Record Game; 1974 (turntable roulette; narr. Bill Beach)
Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number One; Muzak
6Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number Two; Muzak SAAB-270 (production/mod/organ/Mexicali)
5Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number Three (Christmas); Muzak S-2563
5Muzak: Stimulus Progression Number Four; Muzak SLP-8980; 1972
4Muzak: More than Music. An Environment.; Muzak AA1-81
8Nino Nardini & Pop Riviera Group: No. 7-- Pop, Soul, & Rock Psychadelique; Rotunde Musique RM-7
9Nino Nardini: Jungle Obsession; Re-Joint; 2000
Norman Paris: The Perfect Background Music for Your Home Movies; MGM PM4; 1964
6Eric Peters: Music for Synthesizers; Studio G Mood Music Library LSPG-3009 Vol.3; 1978
6Frank Ricotti/Tony Hymas/Stan Sulzmann/Les Hurdle: Have Sounds Will Travel; Themes TIM-1031; 1978
8Yasotha Somadundram Ensemble: Authentic India Vol. 1; Sonoton SAS-001
6Joel Vandroogenbroeck: South East Asia; Gema/Coloursound CS-46 (Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Cambodia)
7G. Wilden: Rockin' Soul/H. Posegga: Swingers 10"; Harmonic 630; 1970 (UK production/soul-jazz vibes/mod soul/funky sitar)
9Uncredited 10"; Audio/Background Music Publishers BMP-134; 1968 (exotic percussion, Mid-East jazz, tabla, bongo bop, crime, guitar)
8Uncredited: Sound Effects/Space Age Sounds; World Broadcasting System, Inc. D-46 (electronic short cues; Philadelphia)
6Uncredited: Space Invaders--Sound Effects from a Fantasy Space Mission; Gateway GSLP-4611; 1982
Various: Background Music for Home Movies; Folkways
Various: Background Music for Home Movies Vol. 2; Folkways FX-6111; 1965
7Various: Light & Easy; NFL Music Library NFL-101; 1977 (mexicali/funky rock/space-electronic)
7Various: Flamboyant Themes; NFL Music Library NFL-106; 1978 (Western/funky rock/funk/disco)
7Various: Nuggets--Luke Vibert's Selection; LO LLP-23; 2001 (2-LP compilation)
7Various: Rock Opus 171/172; MusiCues MCS-171/172 (2-LP; instrumental guitar/acid rock/rock; Kaiser, Kaye, Venitsky, Rubinstein)
5Various: Tom Ardolino Presents the Beat of the Traps: MSR Madness, Vol. 1, featuring Rod Rogers; Carnage Press CP-714

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