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From surf it wasn't far to go to consider the famous woodies and other vehicles that toted surfers and surfboards. Hot rods, super stocks, dragsters and any other form of California car culture were fair game. Add to that motocross bikes, motorcycles, and in the furthest extention of the gearhead idiom: jet boats and even jets. Anything fast with an engine counted. From the earliest days, back when Gary Usher's Super Stocks were the Hondells, two-wheelers were part of it. By the late 1960s the biker portion picked up steam as a slew of biker-movie soundtracks rolled out; the music in these films rarely moved very far beyond the sound of the hot rod classics, however. Despite other trappings of the later era (mini-skirts and psychedelia), it wouldn't do to have biker gangs coming off as sophisticated!

Most of the same people and ideas went into hot rod as went into surf. With surf it was tried to dub in the sounds of waves crashing, but that was never a widely popular gimmick. With cars, however, engine noises received much more of a welcome. In addition to guitar instrumentals and pop songs, now there could be a third stream: tunes with motor sounds added in anywhere or just tacked on to the ends. And then came records just of the engine sounds or sounds from the dragstrips; these were more like field recordings for engine nuts. And of course budget labels got into the act, as the music and sounds of revving engines carried very little overhead.

Buying: Hot rod is like surf; it's never too late. The competition may be more fierce for certain titles, however, as the jacket photos of some cars are seen as more unusual or desirable than surf scenes, popular as surf photos may be.

Hot Rod & Biker LPs

7Annette: Muscle Beach Party [ST]; Buena Vista BV-3314; 1964 (hot rod/surf/torch)
7The Astronauts: Competition Coupe; RCA Victor LSP-2858; 1964
7Johnny Bond: Famous Hot Rodders I Have Known; Starday SLP-354; 1965 (reissue/compilation)
9The Beach Boys: Surfer Girl; Capitol ST-1981 (surf/hot rod)
8The Beach Boys: Little Deuce Coupe; Capitol ST-1998 (reissues two cuts, including the title track)
The Beach Boys: Shut Down Volume 2; Capitol ST-2027
8The Beach Boys: All Summer Long; Capitol ST-2110 (hot rod/surf)
8William Beasley (producer): Draggin' & Surfin' (Vol. I); Modern Sound MS-525 (hot rod/surf)
7William Beasley (producer): Draggin' & Surfin' Vol. II; Modern Sound MS-536 (hot rod/surf)
7Hal Blaine & the Young Cougars: Dueces, "T's", Roadsters, & Drums; RCA Victor LSP-2834; 1963
6Tony Bruno: Hell's Angels '69 ST; Capitol SKAO-303; ("Chase of Death"; biker/conga/flute/country funk)
7The Buddies: Go Go with the Buddies; Mercury Wing MGW-12306; 1965 (hot rod/biker/surf)
7The Buddies & the Compacts; Mercury Wing MGW-12293; 1965 (hot rod/biker)
7The Challengers' Hot Rod Album; Triumph SLP-5529 (Sundazed LP-5520; 2015)
7The Challengers: Sidewalk Surfing; GNP Crescendo GNPS-2093; 1975
8Jerry Cole & his Spacemen: Hot Rod Dance Party; Capitol ST-2061
8Jerry Kole & the Strokers (sic): Hot Rod Alley; Crown CST-385
7Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Checkered Flag; Capitol ST-2002
8Dick Dale & his Del-Tones: Mr. Eliminator; Capitol ST-2053
7Dick Dale; Wild Hot Rod Wails; Diplomat DS-2304
5The Darts: Hollywood Drag; Del-Fi DFLP-1244
6The De-Fenders: Drag Beat; Del-Fi DFLP-1242
6The Deuce Coupes: Hotrodders' Choice; Del-Fi DFLP-1243
7Tommy Dugan & the Hot Rodders/Charlie Ryan: Hot Rod Music; Pickwick/Grand Prix Series KS-417 (9 cuts and Ryan's "Hot Rod Lincoln")
7Jim Helms/Randy Sparks: Angel Unchained ST; AIP/AIR A-1037; 1970 (biker/breakbeats)
8The Hondells: Go Little Honda; Mercury SR-60940/MG-20940 (biker; became The Super Stocks)
7The Hondells; Mercury SR-60982/MG-20982; 1964 (biker)
7The Hornets: Motorcycle USA; Liberty LST-7348 (biker)
7Jan & Dean: Drag City; Liberty LST-7339 (hot rod/surf)
7Jan & Dean: Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl in School; Liberty LST-7361/LRP-3361
7Jan & Dean: The Little Old Lady from Pasadena; Liberty LST-7377 (hot rod/surf)
7Jan & Dean: Command Performance--Live in Person; Liberty LST-7377 (hot rod/surf; live)
6The Kustom Kings: Kustom City U.S.A.; Mercury/Smash SRS-67051; 1964 (Steve Douglas, Roger Christian, B. Johnson; best for George Barris story; reissued 2013 by Sundazed)
8Lonesome Valley Singers: Songs of the Dragsters; Diplomat DS-2622
7The Marketts: Take to Wheels; Warner Bros WS-1509; 1963)
6The Rip Chords: Hey Little Cobra & Other Hot Rod Hits; Columbia CS-8951
7The Rip Chords: Three Window Coupe; Columbia CS-9016 (hot rod/surf/bongo rock)
7Charlie Ryan/Tommy Dugan & the Hot Rodders: Hot Rod Lincoln; Pickwick/Grand Prix KS-417 (Charlie Ryan hit + 9 originals)
7Charlie Ryan: Hot Rod Lincoln Drags Again!; Pickwick/Hilltop JM-6006 (remake)
7The Sandells: Scrambler: Liberty/World-Pacific WP-1818 (biker/surf/dance rock/organ; first LP release of "The Endless Summer" theme)
7The Scramblers: Little Honda; Wyncote SW-9048 (biker/hot rod)
7The Scramblers: Cycle Psychos; Crown CST-384 (biker/hot rod)
6The Scramblers: Motorcycle Scramble; Diplomat DS-2316 (biker/hot rod)
7Ruby Short & his Dragsters: Hot Rodders Battle Rock & Roll; Palace M-776
7The Shut Downs: The Deuce Coupes; Crown CST-393 (hot rod/mod soul twist "Deuce Coupes")
7Jeffrey Simmons/Randy Steirling: Naked Angels ST; Bizarre/Straight STS-1056; 1969 (biker/psyche/funky rock)
7The Super Stocks: Thunder Road; Capitol ST-2060 (formerly The Hondells; Gary Usher)
7The Super Stocks: School is a Drag; Capitol ST-2190; 1964 (Gary Usher)
8The Surfaris: Hit City 64; Decca DL-74487 (hot rod/surf)
8The Surfaris: Fun City, U.S.A.; Decca DL-74560 (hot rod)
8The T-Bones: Boss Drag at the Beach; Liberty LST-7363/LRP-3363 (hot rod/surf "White Water Wipe-Out"/mod soul "Haulin' Henry"/breakbeats)
6The Tokens: Wheels; RCA Victor LSP-2886; 1964
6The Tokens (& the Wheelers): Kings of the Hot Rods; Diplomat DS-2308 (mostly instrumentals by Hal Jones & the Wheelers)
9The Weirdos, featuring Mr. Gasser: Hot Rod Hootenanny; Capitol ST-2010; 1963
8The Weirdos, featuring Mr. Gasser; Rods n' Ratfinks; Capitol LP-5383; 1964
8The Wierd-Ohs (sic) [New! The Sounds of the Weird-Ohs]; Mercury MG-20976; 1964 (hot rod/commerce; one-off promo for Hawk Model Company featuring "rat fink" hot-rod artwork; vocals by the group & Shari Richards; music by Roger Christian, Jimmie Haskell, Gary Usher, Dave Weiss)
7Larry Wilcox & his Orchestra: Hot Rod Jazz--Tuff Saxes & Twangy Guitars; CBS/Columbia CS-8947 (hot rod/mod/Mexicali/bongo/spy/samba/jazz)
6The Winners: Checkered Flag; Crown CST-394
6The Woofers: Dragsville; Wyncote W-9011
7The Zip-Codes: Mustang; Liberty LST-7367/LRP-3367
Various: Big Hot Rod Hits!; Capitol ST-2024
6Various: Boss Drag '64; Hot Rod 1 (much from Del-Fi)
7Various: Hot Rod Drag Races; Almor AS-109/A-109 (hot rod/Latin rock/bongos/mod soul twist/guitar; Dick Dale, Surfaris, Fireballs)
8Various: Hot Rod Rally; Capitol ST-1997; 1963 (The Super Stocks/Hot Rod Rog/Shutdown Douglas)
7Various: Outlaw Riders ST; MGM SE-26-ST; 1971 (Simon Stokes & the Nighthawks, Lenny McDaniel, The Horsemen, Bob Correll)
8Various: Rockin' The Bop Vol. 2; Out of Time 8012 (rockabilly/hot rod Doug Harden: "Dig That Ford")
8Various: Shut Down; Capitol ST-1918 (Beach Boys, The Cheers with Les Baxter, Super Stocks, Piltdown Men, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Dolan, Eligibles)
7Various: A Swingin' Summer ST; Hanna-Barbera HST-9500/HLP-8500

Partly Hot Rod & Biker LPs

6Davie Allan & the Arrows/Various: The Wild Angels ST; Tower T-5043; 1966 (biker/bongo rock/psyche; Mike Curb, Arrows, Hands of Time, the Visitors)
6Davie Allan & the Arrows/Various: The Wild Angels Vol. 2 ST; Tower T-5056 (biker/psyche; Mike Curb, Arrows, Hands of Time, Joe Leahy)
6Davie Allan & the Arrows: Blues Theme; Tower T-5078
7Davie Allan & the Arrows: Cycle-delic Sounds; Tower T-5094 (psyche/biker/breakbeats; at least partly compilation)
8The Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari; Capitol T-4572 ("409" & "The Shift")
8The Beach Boys: Surfin' USA; Capitol ST-1890 ("Shut Down")
6Johnny Bond ["Hot Rod Lincoln, Three Sheets in the Wind, & Other Favorites of"]; Starday SLP-298
7Jan & Dean: Filet of Soul; Liberty LST-7441 ("Dead Man's Curve")
7The Jan & Dean Story; Imperial House NU-9550; 1980 (surf/hot rod; some remixes)
8The Pyramids: Penetration; Sundazed LP-5012; 1995/1962-5 (definitive 14-cut comp)
8The Raybeats: Guitar Beat; Passport PVC-8904; 1981 ('80s/guitar/surf "The Calhoun Surf/hot rod "B-Gas Rickshaw"/space-rock "Big Black Sneakers"/crime "Big Black Sneakers"/spy "International Operator")
8The Sandals: The Endless Summer ST; World-Pacific ST-1832 (note the name change from "The Sandells")
8The Trashmen: Surfin' Bird; Soma LPGA-200 ("Sleeper")
8Various: 20 Great Guitar Instrumentals; Cascade DROP-1006 (compilation; Link Wray, Meteors, etc.; partly hot rod)
8Various: The Big Itch [Vol. 1]; Mr. Manicotti MM-328 (surf/hot rod/rock/rockabilly/exotic rock/garage rock)
8Various: Get a Board!; Satan 1007; (16 rarities of surf/hot rod)
8Various: Outlaw Riders ST; MGM SE-26; 1971 (biker/rock produced by Michael Lloyd; Lenny McDaniel, Simon Stokes & the Nighthawks, The Horsemen, Bob Correll)/TD>
7Various: Soundsville!; Design Spotlight DLP-187; 1962 (hot rod/biker/surf/garage/soul/CW; Lou Reed & the Beachnuts, Roughnecks, Hollywoods, Hi-Lites, J Brothers, Connie Carson, Liberty Men, Jeannie Latimore)
9Various: Surf & Drag; Columbia Special Products P-14429; 1978 (20 classics of surf/hot rod)
8Various: Surf Beat; Underground ULP-T-50003; 1983 (surf/hot rod/guitar)
Various: Wail on the Beach; Satan 1004; (rarities of surf/hot rod)

Hot Rod & Biker 45s

9Don Carson & the Whirlaways: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (that Cigarette)/Three Carburetors; Crest 45-1051 (beatnik/hot rod)
8The Chordettes: A Girl's Work is Never Done/The Chordettes with Jeff Kron & Jackie Ertel: No Wheels; Cadence (beatnik/hot rod; B-side also a music video!)
8The Exports: Car Hop/Seat Belts Please; King 45-5917
8Arch Hall, Jr.: Konga Joe/Monkey in My Hat Band; Signature 12014 (exotic rock/hot rod/bongo rock)
8Oscar McLollie: Roll Hot Rod Roll/Convicted; Modern 45x970
8Dennis Penna: Battle of the Duals/Betty; Musitron M-105
8Ronny & the Daytonas: G.T.O./Hot Rod Baby; Flashback FLB-19
7Billy Sherrill: Tipsy/Drag Race; ABC-Paramount 45-10465 (hot rod/R&B/mod soul)
7[uncredited]: Hot Rods & Dragsters in Hi-FI Parts 1 & 2; Lesco LE-1 (sound effects on one, good, brief disc)

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