Commercial, Industrial, Product-Promotional & PSA

While all records are commercial products and many are "promotional" (advance copies), only some records are purely advertising vehicles for non-record products. Records produced to help the Waffle House chain sell more waffles, for instance, are supposed to have no commercial appeal [as musical recordings] themselves. The Waffle House regular who hears the same jingles every morning probably loves or hates them.

It is tempting to believe that more attractive products will have better records, but that is not always the case. Often the joy is in discovering how absurdly overly enthusiastic the shill is about the most mundane of products. Some interesting records are of tours of factories that make extremely tedious parts. The various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces made quite a lot of records for recruitment purposes (see separate page). Most are totally square and dated, some are interesting and timeless, and a handful are on the wantlists of funk deejays.

Commerce records sometimes overlap with documentary and field-production records. Major historic events, for instance, may involve an invention or exploratory milestone (such as a nuclear submarine crossing the polar ice cap for the first time). And there are many records devoted to train sounds. While there is no commodity to buy, a consumer market for such intangibles as travel or train enthusiasm (or even model railroading) is being served. Recordings of "sounds of nature" may promote environmental awareness or relaxation. And there is even "music to grow plants by."

The "PSA" (Public Service Announcement) is a special form of advertisement deemed non-profit and in the public interest. Federal Government agencies, for instance, issue advice on preventing forest fires, not littering, hiring the handicapped, etc. The relationship between PSAs and product promos is close, with much overlap in content and style. Both are "filler" between sets of music or talk, and both typically use the same formats (usually compact-33 but also 45). Like the product promo, the groovier PSA will try to appeal to its target audience through use of trendy background music (e.g., "School House Rock").

Buying: Product-promo and PSA vinyl is not for the faint of heart. Most examples predictably are rare. Some can be found only where bottom-of-the-barrel records are sold. The price will be right.

Commercial/Promotional LPs

7Lou Adessa & Vince Benay: Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving & You; Columbia Special Products CSM-838 (fake folk!)
7The Banana Splits: We're the Banana Splits; Decca DL-75075; 1969 (TV show)
5Les Baxter: The Sounds of Selling; [Reprise] (promo for GM's AC Spark Plugs; 3 Baxter commercials, 3 others; Side 2 is 1/2 of R-6036)
7Jack Brokensha Quartet/Lenore Paxton Trio: Steel Blue & Other Hit Tunes; Columbia Special Products CSS-836; 1968 (commerce/jazz-vibes/bongos/jazz-piano; made for United States Steel; Jack Brokensha Quartet started in Canada as the Australian Jazz Quintet)
7Jack Brokensha Quartet/Lenore Paxton Trio: Holiday Innovations; Columbia Special Products CSS-487; 1966 (Christmas/commerce/jazz-vibes/bongos/jazz-piano; made for United States Steel; Jack Brokensha Quartet started in Canada as the Australian Jazz Quintet)
6Sandra Brookover: How to Buy Meat (PSAs from the Consumer Meat Specialist, USDA)
6John Carradine: What's Next? (spoken w/music & sound effects; one-sided; right-wing screed/promo for Intercontinent Engineering Company)
7Citizens Mutual Automobile Insurance Company: Challenge of the Cosmos 10" LP; (spoken w/background music & effects; "A radio broadcast of the first American-manned Space Flight")
6Art Coates: Whistling Like the Birds; Dot DLP-25781 (rare bird-like whistling by head of Illinois' Coates Steel Products Company)
5Bill Cosby/Tom Smothers: Mom Brings Del Monte Home; Del Monte; 1975 (spoken radio spots, one-sided, gatefold)
7Mort Crim: One Moment Please, Vol. 11; Alcare [no #]; (20 1-min. radio commentaries; Philadelphia)
6Custom Fidelity Record Promotions--A Short Presentation; Custom Fidelity Special Products CFS-3281 (CA custom label promoting their albums of canned radio programming; 1-sided LP of record-related sales pitches over hit songs)
6Gardex: Snow Giant 10" LP; [no label] SS-2562 (1-sided; 6 versions of radio spots for a snow blower)
6General Electric: G-E TropiCruise; GE 9887-55 ("TropiCruise in Music & Sound"--spoken w/sounds/"Themes from Your TropiCruise Ports of Call"--music)
8The Going Thing 1970; Ford Motor Co. Ford Division (folk-rock group does; covers "Dance to the Music")
6Benny Golson: Tune In Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties; Verve V6-8710 (commerce/mod; issued commercially)
7Hear-N-Drive Inc. Presents: Learn to Drive; H-N-D 1001; 1966 (commerce/instruction/spoken; 2-LP)
7Inland Ti-Co Galvanized Steel: Commercials You'll Get a Bang Out of/The Making of the Campaign; Edward H. Weiss AR-1385 (spoken)
6Kentucky Fried Chicken: Have a Barrel of Fun; 1974 (16 radio spots; music w/spoken messages)
6Alexander Lazlo: This World-Tomorrow; Capitol Custom/Guild Publications of California GP-6258/6256l; 1965 (spoken w/music/space-orchestral/space-electronic; narrated by Vincent Price; w/State Symphony of Hamburg, Pacific Male Choir)
4Jim Levesque/Denny Hinman at the Yamaha Electone Model 415: Yamaha Goes Pop; Yamaha YR-5008
6Muzzy Marcellino/Eddie Cantor: The Veterans Administration Presents "Here's to Veterans"; Veterans Administration Program 721-2 (Tips for GI Trainees/Hire Older Persons; spoken w/music; whistling)
6[Mercedes-Benz:] A Pictorial & Sound History of Mercedes-Benz; Riverside RLP-5025/26 (2-LP gatefold w/inner leaves; racing & sports engine photos & sounds; prod. Bill Grauer for the 75th anniversary)
-Military Recruitment -- see Hyp Records/Soul Patch/military
5Tony Mottola/Ray Charles: Cinema '76; Continental Insurance Companies CILP-500; 1965 (originally presented at the New York World's Fair; inner leaves of strange bicentennial/colonial/patriotic motifs)
7National Wildlife Federation: A Place to Live...; Ads Audio Visual Productions AAVP-23107 (spoken w/music; PSAs by 22 stars, incl. Tiny Tim, Tom Smothers, Glen Campbell, James Garner, Dan Blocker..)
7Ohio Brass: The Sounds of EHV; Ohio Brass 1578-H; 1963 (one-sided LP; insulator-factory sounds w/narrator)
8David Ommanney/Winchester-Western: Proved on Safari! (jacket: "Sounds of Safari!"); Winchester-Western N-PS-2527; 1964/1963 (interview w/hunter David Ommanney & music/sounds of Africa)
6Glenn Osser: In My Merry Oldsmobile; Dajon DJ-88-98 (commerce/jazz/Latin/bagpipes/dance rock/Hawaiian/themes; 26 versions of the title tune)
6Pepsi: Sepcial Convention Disc 1977 Radio Commercials; SDC-1780; 1976 (1-sided)
6President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped: Sound Advice--About Hiring Handicapped People; President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped AAVP-81275 (PSAs w/Moog)
6Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc.: The Space Age/The Age of Reliability--A Documentary in Sound; RM [no #] (narrated by John Charles Daly; montage of space & modern sounds--asbestos in space!)
7Hale Rood: Music to Make Automobiles By; Marathon International [no #] (mod/jazz; ST from "Right Hand of Plenty"; 2nd 1/2 w/Volkswagen auto-factory sounds)
6Small Business Administration: Radio Announcements & Programs; SBA AAVP 20457-8 (spoken w/music; features cast of the Mission Impossible TV show)
7Dee Stocks: The Lady Look Charm Course; Lady Look Productions/Art 802; 1968 (spoken w/music; instructional; w/booklet)
7Tastee: Music to Sell Bread By...Taystee That Is!; Tastee
7Dimitri Tiomkin/Pittsburgh Symphony/Gary Merrill: Rhapsody of Steel ST; United States Steel; 1959 ("Music from the Motion Picture"; illustrated inner leaves)
6TM Productions: The Spirit of America (gatefold; radio promotional tools from Dallas--the city that shoots presidents (and the people who shoot presidents))
7Toyota, the Challenge of the 70's: The Making of a Precedent; 1970 (spoken w/sounds/effects; Toyota's 1970 State of the Union message in the form of a mock presidential campaign)
6Uneeda Doll Co., Inc.: Meet the Moon-A-Tiks; Little World LW-910; 1966 (commerce/kids/space/fairy tales)
5Denny Wright & the Hustlers: Non Stop Pepsi Party; EMI/MFP 50098; 1974 (commerce/breakbeats/Mexicali; rec. at KPM studios)
[singles compilation]; Waffle House (endorsed by Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton!)
4Westinghouse 6th Future Power Forum February 1969: Perspectives for the '70s; RCA Custom X4RS-0747/X4RS-0748
7[Young & Rubicam:] Buy Buy Baby; 1966 (mod remakes of hit commercial themes; Dick Hyman, Phil Woods, ondioline, etc.)

Commercial/Promotional 7" (45s & noted EP/33/78)

7The American Sportsman: The Leopard Hunt Parts 1 & 2 EP; (hunting; spoken w/natural sounds rec. in Kenya w/John Saxon & pro. hunters Bill Ryan & John Dugmore)
8The Casuals: Moonbound/A Trip to the Moon; Liberty/Trans International Airlines; c.1969 (hip narrated hypothetical moon flight; picture sleeve)
6Chicken Delight: Ring-A-Ding (1-sided cardboard compact 33)
8Jerry Clower: You're in Luck/Jerry Clower from Yazoo City EP; McCulloch Corporation ADV-260009; 1973 (chainsaw ad)
3Conn [Organ] Show-Chord & Automatic Rhythm: Caprice Capers II
8Delta C&S Air Lines: Let's Play Pilot/Let's Play Stewardess on the Speedy Convair 340; [no label or #] (spoken w/sound effects; 7" 78 picture sleeve)
5Glenn Gould: So You Want to Write a Fugue; Columbia 164; 1964/1963 (w/Anita Darian; cardboard 7"/33 for "HiFi/Stereo Review")
5Hartz Mountain: Parakeet Training Record EP; Hartz Mountain
7Hutzler's Theme (Something Wonderful Happens...when you put a little Hutzler's in you life!)/same; Hutzler's (department store chain; commerce/mod/flute)
3Kellogg's Snap Crackle Pop; Kellogg SCP83; 1983
[Pet]: Training Your Dog; Pet Productions
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of Tropical Fish; Pet Productions
6[Pet]: The Fun & Care of a Gerbil; Pet Productions; 1970
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of a Kitten; Pet Productions
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of Goldfish; Pet Productions
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of Guinea Pigs & Hamsters; Pet Productions
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of a Puppy; Pet Productions
[Pet]: The Fun & Care of Birds; Pet Productions
Kellogg's Presents the Banana Splits; Hanna-Barbera 34578; 1969 EP
7Kellogg's Presents the Banana Splits; Hanna-Barbera 34579; 1969 EP
8The Nilsmen: The Sand Step/Le Winston; N.V. Philips/RJR 6805-003 (funky breakbeat mod soul from Sweden)
8Mary Welch Rogers: Waffle House Family 1/Waffle House Family 2; Waffle U-12939M/852512 (country)
3Mary Welch Rogers: Waffle House Christmas/Heading Home for the Holidays; Waffle U-20562M (country Christmas)
8[Unknown]: I'm Cooking/Billy Dee Cox: Special Lady; Waffle U-21866M/881404 (country rock/ballad)
5Joe Rogers, Jr.: The Flag/Eddie Middleton: Waffle House Spirit; Waffle U-26215M (country patriotic; A-side spoken)
7Gary Garcia: We're Gonna Push/Walter Carter, Jr.: What Can We Do; Waffle U-26215M (rock/soul crossover; A-side based on Contours' "Do You Love Me")
6Mary Welch Rogers: Overdoing/It's Waffle House Time; Waffle U-34052M (boogie woogie/torch)
8Billy Strange w/the Johnny Mann Singers: The Swingin' Sounds of Billy Strange; Abbott Laboratories; 1966 (mod/wordless chorus; picture sleeve; B-side w/narration advertising chemical sweetener by Gary Owens)
8Thom McAnn Shoes: The Great Sound of Swingin' Thom: Soho; Thom McAnn (mod UK adverts a la Austin Powers)
6United Artists: Clean Up & March Into Spring; United Artists ZTSP-101 (pic sleeve: "And Exciting Message for You, Mr. Dealer!")
7The United States Army [sponsor]: Feminine Focus; Program #381-400; 1975 (spoken/instructional/commerce/military; 2-LP; 20 radio spots by "Nightbird" Alison Steele on New York City's WNEW-FM; some w/guests)
8Uncredited: Devil's Angels (3 versions); American International Pictures AIP-6705 (promo spots for AIP biker film)
8Uncredited: Helga (4 versions) & Telephone Rotary/Intermission Lobby (2 versions each); American International Pictures 6807 (promo spots for AIP film "Helga")
8Uncredited: The Last House on the Left (2 versions; promo spots for film)
8Uncredited: Come Back Charleston Blue (3 versions); Warner Bros. W-Blue (promo spots for film)

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