Indian Soundtrack Music -- Bollywood!

Modern Indian music is tied inexorably to filmi, the glorious products of the huge Indian motion picture industry. Indian movies often are excessive, psychedelic, and exploitative beyond the wildest imaginings of Oz. Huge gods fill the sky with fuscia arms -- like a Ray Harryheusen flick gone [more] beserk. The many dance sequences are incredible, and the music matches the action in craziness and intensity.

The majority of older Indian STs feature the voice of Lata Mangeshkar, who maintained the ability to sound like a romantic teenager throughout her long life. Some of the more unusual and fascinating films of the 1950s and especially 1960s flirted with such Western menaces as rock and the Beatles. Soundtracks in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s took a harder turn. Gangster films with funky disco (and drug) scenes have left a legacy of some very hip soundtracks. Rahul Dev Burman is the chief exponent of hard-edged music featuring Moog, funky tabla, and [in English] female solicitations to dance.

Buying: R.D. Burman is the first name to seek in hipper soundtracks. Look also for clues to decadent Western influences. Soundtracks with Lata Mangeshkar are always popular.

Filmi/Bollywood ST LPs

6Kalyanji Anandji: Purab aur Pachim ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4024; 1971 (1st jacket features girl in mini-skirt; 2nd jacket op-art w/film strips)
8Kalyanji Anandji: Muqaddar Ka Sikandar ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone PEALP-2016; 1978
6Kalyanji Anandji: Qurbani ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone; 1979 (some breakbeat drums & Moog-funk break)
7R.D. Burman: Kati Patang ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4003; 1970
7Rahul Dev (R.D.) Burman: Haré Rama Haré Krishna ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4102; 1971
7Rahul Dev Burman: Hits Hits Hits--Songs from Hindi Films; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4184; 1973 (compilation)
9Rahul Dev Burman: Krishna Shah's Shalimar ST; Polydor 2392-147; 1978 (fantastic!; deluxe jacket)
5Rahul Dev Burman: Gol Maal ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone 45-NLP-1085; 1979 (12" 45rpm EP)
4S.D. Burman: Aradhana ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-1186; 1969
5S.D. Burman: Abhimaan ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4183; 1973
7S.D. Burman: Gambler ST; Polydor H-2392-008
6Shankar Jaikishan: Sangam ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone 3AEX-5036; 1964
7Shankar Jaikishan: Kahin Aur Chal ST/Janwar ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone 3AEX-5059; 1965 (notable for "Dekho Abto"--Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand")
8Sapan Jagmohan/Naqsh Lyallpuri: Call Girl ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone; 1973 (EP version is EMOE-2352)
5Kamal Kant: Kaun Hai Woh? ST; Super Hits SH-25; 1983 (w/disco & synth)
7Kishore Kumar; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone EALP-4001; 1974 (compilation of ST songs w/R.D. Burman, Laxmikant Pyarelal..)
6Lata Mangeshkar: Haunting Melodies of Lata Mangeshkar; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone 3AEX-5131; 1967
6Lata Mangeshkar: Live at Royal Albert Hall, London; EMI/Odeon PEASD-2014; 1978/1974 (2-LP; live)
6Lata Mangeshkar & Hemant Kumar: Modern Motion Picture Music of India; Capitol T-10090
6S. Mohinder: Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone 3AEX-5303; 1970
5Naushad: Deedar ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone EALP-4066; 1975
6Sonik Omi: Ladki Pasand Hai ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOCE-4152
6Laxmikant Pyarelal: Ram Balram ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone PEASD-2035; 1980
6Rajesh Roshan: Julie ST; Polydor 2392-063; 1975
6Sharma/Chaurasia/Kabra: Call of the Valley ST; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone ECLP-2382; 1968
9Charanjit Singh: Laxmikant Pyarelal Present LP of Hindi Film Songs; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone S/MOCE-4219; 1978 (funky bass, steel guitar, transicord--electronic accordion)
7Various: Bollywood Breaks; Outcaste CASTE-19-LP; 2001 (2-LP remix compilation)
9Various: Bollywood Funk; Outcaste; 1995 (2-LP compilation)
8Various: The Bombay Connection; Bombay Connection BC-001; 2006/1977-84 (2-LP compilation)
8Various: Bombshell Baby of Bombay; Bombay Connection BC-002; 2006/1954-72 (2-LP compilation)
7Various: Doob Doob O'Rama--Filmsongs from Bollywood; QDL Media LP-033
Various: Doob Doob O'Rama Vol. 2; QDL Media
7Various: Golden Voices from the Silver Screen Volumes 1 & 2; ACE/Globe Style ORBAD-054 & -6; 1990

Indian ST 45s & EPs

8Sapan Jagmohan/Naqsh Lyallpuri: Call Girl ST EP; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone EMOE-2352; 1973 (Ulfat Men, Zamane Ki, Dil Jale, Ham Hain Jahan)

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