Indian Music

The name of the first family in Indian music is of course, "Shankar." From a Bengalese courtesan, an accomplished and wordly musician himself, sprang the famous classical sitarist Ravi and his older brother Uday. Uday was an arranger and choreographer whose scores could include the gamut of instruments available in India, including conch-shell trumpets, gongs, and great, clashing cymbals. Ravi played the esraj in Uday's dance company, which toured the U.S. and recorded in 1937 the first major performance of Indian music abroad. Uday's son Ananda brought Indian music into the hip, international scene of the 1970s.

Buying: Apart from Ananda Shankar and soundtracks (see separate pages on them), many ephemeral LPs (spoken, promotional, regional) are well worth exploring.

Indian LPs

7Timir Baran: Dance Music of India--Charming Instrumentals Conducted by Timir Baran; Capitol of the World T-10263 (Baran composed for Uday Shankar)
7The Bauls of Bengal: Indian Street Music; Nonesuch Explorer H-72035
7Jon Higgins Bhagavatar: Carnatic Music of India Sung by; Capitol of the World ST-10501
7Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta: Krishna Consciousness; Happening CA-2210 (partly spoken)
7Bhaskar & his Orchestra: Dances & Chants of India; Request SRLP-10095
7Deben Bhattacharya (rec.): India--Treasures in Sound; United Artists/UA International UNS-15532; 1967
6F. Gartner [Demeter Music Library]; Sam Fox/Demeter Music Library D-3/D-4 (production; "Oriental, Barbaric, Native"--exotic percussion; solo tabla w/some flute)
7Pannalal Ghosh: The Magic Flute of; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone MOAE-5006; 1968
7J.P. Gosh: Drums of India; EMI/Odeon/India Gramophone ECSD-2362; 1968
7Bismillah Khan: Shenai Recital by--Ragas Lalit & Madhmat-Sarang; EMI/Gramophone/Odeon MOAE-113
8Bismillah Khan & Party: Shenai Nawaz; EMI/Gramophone/Regal D/ELRZ-4; 1969
7Ramnad Krishnan: Vidwan--Songs of the Carnatic Tradition; Nonesuch Explorer HB-72023; 1973/72 (2-LP)
7Drs. F.V. Lamsweerde (rec.): Folk Music of India (Orissa); Lyrichord LLST-7183; 1963-4 (Dutch-recorded survey; w/conch shells & other odd instruments)
6Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; World Pacific WPS-21446 (spoken; w/Amiya Das Gupta, sitar)
7Yvette Mimieux/Ustad Ali Akbar Khan/Pandit Mahapurush Misra: Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil; Connoisseur Society CS-2007; 1968 (spoken)
8Mahapurush Misra: Indian Drums; Connoisseur Society CS-1466; 1966 (tabla w/sarod & tamboura)
8K.V. Narayanaswamy et al: Dhyanam/Meditation--South Indian Vocal Music; Nonesuch Explorer H-72018
7Vijay Raghav Rao: Moods (A Souvenir of Enchanting Musical Miscellany); Polydor 2392-893; 1979 ("Enchanting Indian Melodies" on jacket)
7Vijay Raghav Rao: Festival Time; Polydor 2392-549; 1981
8Ustad Alla Rakha: Rhythm of the Indian Drums; Polydor 2480-117
7Alla Rakha w/Vasant Rai & Collin Walcott: Tabla Solo; Vanguard VSD-79385; 1977
8Mrinalini Sarabhai w/Chathunni Panicker & the Southern India Darpana Co. of Dancers & Musicians: India Today; Period PRST-2750; c.1959 (Wondrous Music of India; Request SRLP-8076)
8Utpala Sen & Shyamal Mitra: Songs of India; Capitol of the World T-10246 (1 mouth harp song)
-Ananda Shankar
7Ravi Shankar: Improvisations & theme from Pather Panchali; World Pacific ST-1416; 1962 (features Harihar Rao on "Fire Night" instead of Shankar)
8Ravi Shankar: Transmigration Macabre ("Viola" ST); Spark SPA-06; 1973/1969
8The Original Uday Shankar Company: Indian Music: Ragas & Dances; RCA Victrola VIC-1361; 1968/1937 (reissues famous 1938 release)
7Uday Shankar: Hindu Dancers & Musicians; Columbia MS-7205 (first stereo recording of Uday Shankar)
7Rosalind Solomon (rec.): Indian Love Rites--Durga Puja & Kali Puja in Calcutta; Folkways FE-4349; 1985 (w/some bagpipes)
8Yasotha Somadundram Ensemble: Authentic India Vol. 1; Sonoton SAS-001 (production)
7Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa & Ustad Amir Hussain Khan: Rhythms of India--Tabla Recital; EMI/Gramophone EASD-1335; 1969
5Christobel Weerasinghe: India--Its Music & Its People; Desto D-500 (partly spoken; w/Ravi Shankar, Chatur Lal..)
7Various: Drums of North & South India; World Pacific WP-1437 (partly spoken--intros)
6Various: Master Drummers of India; Everest/Olympic 6180

Partly Indian LPs

7George Fenton/John Leach: India/Arabia; Bruton Music BRR-7 (43) (production/Indian/Mid-East)
7H. Aram Gulezyan & his Instrumental Group: Exotic Music for the Oud; Lyrichord LLST-7303 (oud, sultania, sarod; "Dance Kartikeyya")
9Shri Ben Hayeem: Song of Kama--the Hindu Rites of Love (Kama Sutra); Jubilee/Jay-Gee/Festival M-6701; 1966 (spoken)
8Saeed Jaffrey: The Art of Love (Kama Sutra); Vanguard VSD-79228; 1966 (spoken)
9Uncredited 10"; Audio/Background Music Publishers BMP-134; 1968 (production; "Rhythmic Variations")
7Various: Exotic Dances; Folkways FOLL-52; 1950
8Various: Songs & Sounds of Faraway Places; Philips PCC-201 (3 Indian cuts)

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