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Mohammed El-Bakkar: Original LPs

Mohammed El-Bakkar
The Word: Mohammed El-Bakkar & his Oriental Ensemble's historic recordings, released on the Audio Fidelity label as a single set, Music of the Middle East Vols. 1-6, are quintessential Arabic house-party LPs: must-haves for belly dancers, serious fans of Mid-East music, and jacket collectors alike; gorgeous, hall-of-fame jackets and Audio Fidelity's hi-fi/audiophile production; all recorded in one historic 1957 recording session, released in 1958 (final two volumes in 1962) in several pressings. Vol. 1, Port Said, is the classic best-seller but all are equally great.

Note that "AFSD" is stereo (silver, blue, yellow, or black label); "AFLP" is mono (always gold label). Released in 1958, volumes 1-4 in silver-label stereo with gatefold jackets are collectors items, very hard to find. Volumes 5 and 6 were released in 1962, which was after the company stopped producing gatefold versions (so don't expect any). Specify copy where multiples are listed. Discounts for full sets or multiples.

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Vol. 1: Port Said (Nejla Ates on jacket)
a. AFSD-5833; silver N-/E+ S $15 (1962 stereo)

Vol. 2: Sultan of Bagdad
a. AFSD-5834; silver GATEFOLD N-/N S $60 (1958 stereo collectors item)
b. AFSD-5834; silver N/N- S $35 (1962 stereo)
c. AFSD-5834; black N-/N shrink S $25 (stereo)

Vol. 3: Music of the African Arab
a. AFSD-5858; silver GATEFOLD E/N S $50 (1958 stereo collectors item)
b. AFSD-5858; sealed S $30
c. AFSD-5858; silver E/N S $30 (1962 stereo)
d. AFSD-5858; black E+/N- S $20 (stereo)

Vol. 4: The Magic Carpet
a. AFSD-5895; silver GATEFOLD E/N- S $50 (1958 stereo collectors item)
b. AFSD-5895; silver E+/V+ S $30 (last "stereodisc" parallelogram)
c. AFLP-1895; gold with inserts N-/N- S $20 (1958 mono)

Vol. 5: Dances of Port Said
a. AFSD-5922; black E+/N S $20 (second "Naval Maneuvers" disc in regular jacket)

Vol. 6: Exotic Music of the Belly Dancer
a. AFSD-6154; black N/N shrink S $30 (first press)
b. AFSD-6154; black E+/N- [shrink] S $25
c. AFSD-6154; black E+/E+ S $20

What's this? A super-rare "seventh" volume released in 1979. We've had it to sell once, and if we can get it again, we will!

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