It is our privilege to introduce to you, through the medium of recordings, some of the World's most unusual music; composed and performed by a young man who was born a genius, and in the years to follow, continued to develop in skills and aptitudes until today, without doubt he has emerged into being, the nucleus of a new conception of Philosophical music.

Having appeared on Paramount Television for a year and a half, he has never spoken a single word except through the profound expression of his personality and music. He terms it "The Universal Language of Music." He won the Televiews magazine award for the outstanding male personality and musical instrumentalist on west coast television. Thousands of testimonial letters have been sent to him, all telling a similar story of how this program has had a tremendous influence on their personal outlook on life. "An island of Peace, and Solitude, in the midst of tumult, and confusion." Perhaps you too will find some such satisfaction in these selections of enchantment at any rate, you will find them to be of unique, and dynamic entertainment value. Ducovdray says "Oriental music may provide Western musicians with fresh resources of expression, and with colours hitherto unknown to the palate of the musician.

Korla Pandit, was discovered duplicating songs at the early age of two years and four months. His father, a Brahman and a member of one of India's first families, decided to send him to English tutors when he reached five years of age. Here, his uncanny natural ability was confirmed. (He immediately reproduced any composition that the Masters performed on the keyboard of their grand piano, an instrument for which he had no previous training.) He was limited only by the reach of his small hands. His abilities waxed stronger with age. After a tour of Europe, and a brief stay in England, he journeyed to America, where under special tutors and a guardianship he continued his studies until he entered the University of Chicago. Many more paragraphs totaling into a full-length book, could possibly be written about Mr. Pandit's life and still only brush the surface of Romance, Intrigue, Mystery And Spiritual factors which it undoubtedly contains, However, time and space does not permit it here. Our chief objective, here, is to declare his musical genius.

The Unique enchantment of this music is absorbing beyond words. In addition to many new and exciting sounds, you'll hear the subtle, insistant rhymic patterns of the Tablas, and Mrdanga DRUMS, of India, all simulated on the two great instruments of Mr. Pandit at one time.

Selections From
By Korla Pandit

Based on the legends of the fabulous Moghul Empires, this work, a blend of ancient and modern ragas, scales and rhythmic patterns, is The Significant Preview of the Music of The Future, Exemplified by this creative genius, who while born in The East, (New Delhi India) and educated in the West, (U.S.A.) has through the medium of soulful and inspiring music risen above the petty and commonplace worldly struggles, to a higher plane of reality, Imparting to all within hearing distance of him a new sense of peace, harmony, and beauty plus an inner feeling of security and well being.

It has been suggested that the entire universe, and all the great forces therein revolve around Magnetism. If one can absorb some of this great cosmic force to any degree, he can also to that same degree have great influence over all manner of things about him. This theme captures the spirit of Magnetism to the point of having some curative power over those who listen with an open mind.

A DANCING GIRL IN THE COURT OF THE GRAND MOGHUL. This dance has a sensual rhythmic beat, inciting rapturous, ravishing madness of love in the human heart, bringing forth visions of wild ectasy.

Moving into the still enchantment of the Desert, the nuances of this melody are singularly sweet. In the starlight calm of Celestial harmony, we hear an ode, an Ode to an Ethereal Emotion. Its Haunting Intensity, symbolizing a delicate kiss of Love, Love in its purest form.

Elephant trains, heavily laden with gold and silver, spectacular pageantry, fabulous beauty far beyond the most lavish imaginational conception are depicted by the musical artist, in this Dramatic, dignified, and jubilant march of the supreme sovereign on parade.

Along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa at nightfall, lonely travellers bring back this legend of the Underwater Worshipers; of how on the top of the wind the strange tones of the worshipers' song is heard accompanied by a strong insistant beat not unlike that of the human heart. The legend still persists to this day, more, and more people attest to its devotional attraction toward serene surrendering of the soul to the ritual of the sea.

AICHA was Mohammed's favorite wife. He loved her dearly. When she was sixteen years of age, they were crossing the desert in a great camel caravan when a violent sand storm fell upon them. During the course of this storm, Aicha and her male camel guide were separated from the group, and were not found for many days. Upon her return to the desert camp, Mohammed's devout followers claimed her to be unchaste, and under the law demanded her to be put to death. Whereupon Mohammed retired into his tent for prayer. When he emerged he stated that ALLAH had revealed unto him her innocence, and Aicha was set free. Here we depict her dance of Exultation and Freedom.

The subtle melody of this strain may come as a surprise to the more flamboyant, but greatness is by nature refined; for time and experience teach the lesson of simplicity, and concentration. The true hypnotist is a highly spiritual person with power of thought and physical control over his subjects.

Throughout many Asiatic villages the most interesting feature to the uninitiated world traveler is the young Virgin Trance dancers, who in time of famine or community crisis are called upon to dance until they have driven off all evil forces. These dances gather in motion and intoxicated fervor as they progress.

IN INDIA We believe that music never dies, but it ever materializes into beautiful form.

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