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To Mainlanders living far distant from the hypnotic shores of Hawaii, the word "Surrender" will have a meaning different from that found in The Islands. In those romantic isles, "Surrender" can mean only Romance. And Romance conquers all, or so the Hawaiians will have you believe.

In this album, Romance is a musical word, and again it conquers all...including the listener. That is the purpose of The fashion twelve favorite Hawaiian melodies, each designed to make you...and your mate...Surrender.

The spell of this music becomes irresistibly enchanting to those unfortunates living hundreds of miles front the center of the Blue Pacific. The Outriggers' gentle steel and rhythm guitars, their joyful ukuleles, their warm rhythmic instruments, and the heady persuasiveness of their Hammond organ...all merge into a lush sound, one perfect to dance to, dream to, and Surrender to.

For those far from The Islands, this is the true music of Romance, the provocative music that lures you closer to Hawaii...and to "Surrender."

The Outriggers: Surrender! LP © 1960 Warner Bros. Records, Inc. WS 1376

Also by the The Outriggers: Golden Hits of Hawaii

If this is your kind of music, friend, you should be too lazy to read all this. But, just in case you're the curious type...

The picture on the cover depicts, better than any ol' million words can, the mood that is in this album. Those soft winds, gushing through the palms. The lingering warmth from the larger-than-really-decent sun that's taking its nightly dip in the Big Pool. All a part of Fantasyland come true.

Capture that State of Bliss in music? If at all possible, it is possible in Hawaiian music. (Actually, it really isn't possible at all. But you can never admit to such heresy on album jackets. So let's forge ahead, pretending for the moment that music can tan.)

Practitioners of the Hawaiian style in music --a kind of lazy style, with a lope-a-long melody, played with a casual strumming of strings at a tempo taught by the waves-- are The Outriggers. This sextet of young men, with their guitars, vibes, Hammond organ and exotic percussion, were born with the "Wake-me-when-I'm-done" beach boy attitude. They took up the ukulele only when they discovered shinnying up cocoanut palms was tough on the thighs. They abhor vigor (or would, if abhoring weren't such tough work these days).

The Outriggers play with eyelids at half mast.

In other words, you shouldn't expect any tremendous big crashes and bangy loud noisy sounds in this album. The Outriggers don't know how to work that hard. They...(YAWN)... well! the mood's kinda catchy.

Just put on the album and relax, like a good guy.

The Outriggers: Golden Hits of Hawaii LP © Warner Bros. Records, Inc. WS 1549
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