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Music has always been part of my life. I was born in Springfield, Missouri on August 12, 1937. At an early age I learned to play the violin; later I took up the guitar and soon began writing songs. I established "The Corillions Music Publishing and Recording Company" in Springfield, Missouri on November 9, 1973.


The reds have been stealing my music and ideas for years. It began over twenty years ago when I first started writing songs. After I heard numerous imitations of my material, it became apparent to me that my ideas and parts of my music were coming out in songs that were being played on radio and TV. It happened on such a regular basis that I knew it was no "coincidence". I deducted that everything I wrote was being "eavesdropped" from the supposed privacy of my ownhome. Later, when I began registering and copyrighting my material, the reds changed just enough notes and words to legally get away with it.

I began tracing down the writers of certain songs which had the imitations in them. One of the-writers was a TV staff writer in Los Angeles, California. In another instance, there were three writers in New York who had written other imitations. These writers were doubtlessly part of the secret communist spy system, involving data gathering agencies which illegally pilfers and stores information on American citizens.

I had several ways of double checking my suspicions of red plagiarism. One method I used was simply to write a number of "original" themes and then listen for them to be duplicated in music on radio and TV--which invariably did occur. I later learned that the reds were not only making money on my music and ideas, but they were also using this very tactic as a method of harassing me.

The true facts about communist plagiarism are so much worse than what I had discovered in those earlier years. The reds are not only stealing ideas from my conscious mind, but they are also pilfering information from my subconscious mind when I am asleep. As a method of harassing me, the reds are "mimicking" both my conscious thoughts and my dreams. This red mimicry is usually revealed to me by what communist agitators are instructed to say around me. I am "positive" the reds are reading my thoughts, and I believe this is being done with mind reading computers on communist satellites.


My mother was against communism, but she was badly deceived by concealed communists around her. When she died of heart trouble in 1977, I attributed her death to the red conspiracy. For two years while I had stayed at her house, the reds had tortured me with invisible radiation attacks. There was nothing to prevent the reds from using lasers and microwaves on my mother.

For over ten years I've lived under almost constant red torture. I never know at what moment in the day or night that a laser is going to hit me, causing excruciating pain. There is no place I can go to get away from these attacks--lasers can penetrate ordinary buildings without leaving a trace. There is no "legal" protection--neither the police nor FBI will investigate my charges of communist persecution and torture.

The reds began using lasers on me as far back as 1961. For a period of many years, I never knew what was causing the attacks I was having. These attacks came only during the night when I was asleep and felt like a bolt of electricity hitting me in the head. Because of the violent impact of the attacks, I sometimes suffered injuries when I jumped out of bed. I never had a history of epilepsy or any other kinds of attacks, and after much study and investigation, I began to suspect that I was being victimized by the reds.

In 1970 the reds changed their tactics; they began increasing the attacks and began hitting more areas of my body. No longer did they wait for me to go to sleep at night, but began torturing me during the daytime as well. In 1972 I went to a number of doctors to find out if there was a medical reason for the attacks. All the doctors I contacted, including a physician, bone specialist, nerve specialist, and a psychiatrist said they could find no reason for the attacks. I took a "brainwave" test which showed no brain damage.

It was not until the latter part of 1972 that I confirmed my earlier suspicion that the reds were using lasers on me. I had good reason to believe these lasers were being fired from communist satellites. After experimenting with different materials, I discovered that I could stop some kinds of laser attacks with a piece of ceramic.

The reds are concentrating their vicious torture in the areas of my body that cause the greatest amount of agitation and pain. My sex organs, rectum, head, and liver have been consistently hit with different kinds of lasers. The pain from these attacks can be almost unbearable. There are lasers that feel like knives piercing my body; others cause severe burning pains and numbing effects.

The fact that I'm alive today does not mean that I haven't suffered permanent damage from laser attacks. The effects many kinds of radiation attacks can be "accumulative" and may take years to maim and kill. Depending on how they are used, lasers can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancers, and numerous other disorders.


The reds are trying to "frame" me by creating the false impression that I am "mentally incompetent". In 1953 I was deceptively committed to a red asylum for three months. At the time, I was fifteen years old and was having trouble with my stepdad. At my stepdad's insistence, I saw a "subversive" psychiatrist who lied about the hospital and told me all I needed was a "short rest". After I was committed, electroshock treatments were forced on me against my will.

I've been free of the red asylum for over twenty seven years, but the reds are still trying to use this as a "coverup" for the vicious torture they are forcing on me. For years I've been using every method I know to expose what the reds are doing to me, but no one has come to my aid. The people I should be able to count on are not around. I have long believed that some of my relatives are communist traitors, and this has served as a reminder to me of how easily people can be deceived by the false doctrine of communism.


The red conspiracy of "mental incapacitation" is an ominous threat to the spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical development of mankind. Already, millions of intellectuals throughout the world have been in capacitated and eliminated. In every country that falls to the reds there is a concentrated effort by the reds to purge the land of intellectuals.

No one will ever know how many people have been locked up in red asylums where their minds have been deliberately incapacitated. Victims in these disreputable institutions have often been rendered like zombies through brain surgery and poisonous injections. Communist officials in Russia have long used mental hospitals for incarcerating intellectuals, philosophers, writers, and other original thinkers. Red asylums first emerged in Russia shortly after the Russian Revolution in 1917 and later became secretly incorporated in many nations of the free world.

Here in the United States, red asylums exist behind the legitimate front of conventional mental hospitals. Far from being hospitals where only the mentally ill are incarcerated and treated, these institutions have served the reds with the facilities with which to incapacitate and brainwash people. The "Communist Party USA" was established in America in 1919, and this subversive organization has played a decided and disastrous role in the field of psychiatry.

The majority of people who have been committed to red asylums needed neither psychiatric treatment nor rehabilitation, but were locked up strictly because of their nonconforming ideas. Red asylums have always been used more for political purposes than for the care and maintenance of the mentally ill. For decades now, the reds have used shock treatments and drugs to nullify and confuse nonconforming individuals so that they could be easier controlled and brainwashed.

Psychiatry is a subject where deceptive practices can be; easily perpetrated without apparent discovery. If a psychiatrist states someone is mentally ill many people will be inclined to believe him simply because he is supposed to know about illnesses of the mind. The possibility that a psychiatrist is a concealed communist does not enter the minds of most people.

In a communist document titled "The Naked Communist" the reds have openly stated as one of their major objectives:

"Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to, social agencies. Treat all behavioural problems as Psychiatric disorders which no one "but Psychiatrists can understand."

The oppression of communist mind control is being subconsciously forced upon unsuspecting people. Intricate mind-reading computers and subliminal control have brought a new form of mental slavery to mankind. This new mental slavery is being secretly and systematically forced upon people in their own homes without obvious detection.

Most people never conceive that their opinions and judgements can be affected by an outside force which can be applied to their subconscious mind while they are asleep. The process of dreaming is a natural phenomenon, but through outside interference and inference, the reds are using dreams to help change the opinions and judgments of people.

Many victims of communist persecution never learn that there is a conspiracy, involving many different people, being directed against them. The "CPUSA" regularly assigns communist agitators to harass and intimidate certain designated individuals, but this is usually conducted in such a way so as to conceal any communist motivation or connection. If any normal person is constantly persecuted or tortured that person will suffer from the symptoms of mental illness, and this is one method the reds are using to cause many people to become mentally ill.

In the realm of organic mental disorders, there is evidence, the reds are using lasers to cause subtle brain damage in people. Depending on how it is executed, this form of mental incapacitation does not necessarily cause conspicuous behavioural changes. A people whose reasoning power has been substantially diminished are easily deceived and reprogramed, and this is the ultimate purpose behind the red conspiracy of mental incapacitation.

Red asylums and mental slavery will not disappear from the world until men realize and acknowledge that the spirit of freedom must be permitted to reign in the minds of all men equally, the intellectual, the philosopher, and the humble peasant alike. Freedom will not come through deceptive indoctrination, but by people accepting the universal truth that, indeed, all God's creatures, including mankind, have the right to think for themselves: This is the law of nature and this is how it was meant to be.

(c) 1981 by The Corillions

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